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OTP Pairings

christine king

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I feel like home and Away haven’t really had any OTP/Golden couples pairings in so long. Every couple either ends up broken up or half of them dead. So I was just thinking out of all the current characters on home and Away and couples do you think have OTP satus and/or hope they end up together or who would you of liked to end up together?


Tori - Riley, Duncan, Nate, Ash, Christian

Justin - Phoebe, Scarlett, Willow, Leah

Willow - Justin, Dean, Alex

Colby - Jasmine, Chelsea, Mackenzie, Taylor

Dean - Willow, Ziggy, Amber

Ziggy - Jarrod, Brody, Dean

Roo - Frank, Harvey, James #1, James #2, Owen

Ryder - Coco, Raffy, Jade

Bella - Nikau

Nikau - Jade, Bella

Mackenzie - Jason, Colby, Ari

Ari - Mackenzie

Tane - Amber

Jasmine - Colby, Robbo

John - Gina, Marilyn

Marilyn - Donald, John

Irene - Barry, Ken

Alf - Alisa, Martha

Leah - Vinnie, Dan, Elijah, Miles, Zac, Justin

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I wouldn't say that Ziggy and Dean are golden couple, but I think it's pretty close. They have pretty big fan base on FB/Instagram fan pages. I would like to see them leave the Bay together.

I think that that Christian and Tori have potential of becoming popular couple (judging by fan comments online), so I would like them to stay together. I like Leah and Justin, but it will end when James leaves the show (if not before).

Nik and Bella are good together, but teenage couples never last long. IMO Mac doesn't suit neither Ari nor Tane, so I would like to see her with someone new, or single for a while. 


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Heres my list 

Tori -  Christian or Ash

Justin - Leah

Willow -  Dean or  Alex

Colby - Jasmine

Dean - Willow

Ziggy - Brody

Roo - Frank

Ryder - Coco or Raffy also him and Bella

Bella - Nikau but dont like them but only choice love her and Ryder

Nikau - Bella

Mackenzie -  Colby

Ari - Mackenzie dont like them but only choice would love him and Maz

Tane - not sure yet but maybe zig 

Jasmine -  Robbo

John - Gina

Marilyn - Donald

Irene -  Ken

Alf - Alisa

Leah - Vinnie


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Well to be honest, there are some current characters who I can't find any OTP. Here are the ones I could think of:

Tori- Duncan or Christian. 

Justin- Leah. 

Willow- Alex. 

Roo- Frank. 

Jasmine- Robbo. 

Ryder- Raffy.


Marilyn- John. 


Leah- Zac or Justin. 

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Tori - I did like her with Nate, but I guess at this point Christian

Justin - Scarlett

Willow - Alex

Colby - Jasmine, although now no one

Dean - Ziggy

Ziggy - Dean

Roo - Frank

Ryder - Raffy

Bella - Nikau

Nikau - Bella

Mackenzie - Ari (although I'm not overly invested yet)

Ari - Mackenzie

Tane - None yet

Jasmine - Colby for the past, although I'm interested to see future love interests

John - Gina

Marilyn - Donald

Irene - Ken

Alf - Alisa

Leah - Zac

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