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The Beginning


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I'm so glad that baby Ruby is getting better and I can't believe that the nurse was rude and that both she and the doctor apologised.  I really enjoy reading this story every time you update looking forward to reading more.

SPAG and capital letters for people's names!
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Thanks for the comments, @Helena and @Kristen :)

Sorry it had been a long time since I last updated this fanfiction because I was suffering from writer's block for a while lately, lol. 😆

This chapter will contain a mention of a older storyline from 1993 which involves Michael and Pippa's baby son Dale's death from SIDs. All I had been searching for older episodes to find the numbers of when he was born and when was his last appearance on the show. He was born in Episode 1176 (22nd February 1993) and died in Episode 1221 (26th April 1993) aged 2 months and nine weeks old. Considering he was born a week before Charlie's daughter Ruby who is one month and eight weeks old in this chapter. 


26th of April 1993, Monday...

Charlie is pushing baby Ruby in her pram as they went out for a stroll to the beach. Charlie took baby Ruby into her arms and inhaled in the fresh air.

“Can you smell the air, Ruby? Hear the waves crashing and the seagulls crying out. It’s so beautiful around here. You are going to love growing up here in Summer Bay, darling. This is where Mummy, Grandad and Grandma were born and grew up.” said Charlie.

Ruby made some cute sounds, as she started up at her mother with her wide green eyes when Charlie pecked her baby’s forehead gently and placed her back into the pram.

Charlie smiled down at her little baby girl proudly as she felt always proud to be her mother. 

Charlie remembered how she used to be sick of being talked and gossiped about behind her back because of everything e.g. what Grant did to her and her pregnancy, how it almost had ripped her family apart and that she would use to attract dirty and disappointed looks from someone people because of her baby bump, because they didn’t know the whole story, or doubt about what happened to her. 

But now, Charlie never let it get to her anymore as she no longer cared that some people choose to judge her thinking that she is a little silly girl who got knocked up the duff when they find out that she is a young mother; because they don’t know anything about her or about what happened to her.

The only way she was able to ignore the dirty stares and taunting, whispering from half of the town because of her beginning a young mother to a little baby considering she is a kid herself, Charlie would walk tall with her head high in the air while juggling between her schoolwork and social life, motherhood.

But she was glad to have her family and friends on her side to stand up for her no matter whatever happens. 

“Come on, sweet pea. Time to go to Aunty Pippa’s house for our playdate. I bet you are so excited and looking forwards to meet your best buddy Dale, eh, sweetie?” said Charlie as she walked off pushing the pram.

At the main house...

Pippa and Charlie were sitting on the floor and talking, whilst their babies are lying on their playmats surrounded by their toys.

“Guess what? Dale smiled for the first time today at me and his daddy.” said Pippa.

“Oh, really? Ruby hasn’t cracked her first smile yet. Well when are you going to smile for Mummy, eh, darling?” Charlie asked, cooing at baby Ruby, who gurgled and waved her chubby fists.

“Witnessing your baby’s first smile is a amazing milestone.” said Pippa.

“I can image. I can’t wait to see her first smile so I can write it down in my baby record book.” said Charlie.

“So how’s teen motherhood treating you at the moment?” said Pippa.

“Well it’s the hardest job beginning a young mum in the world but I am loving every moment of it really. Ruby is a good baby and she does sleep well through the night. She is such a happy and beautiful baby who takes her feeds regularly like a little well-behaved missy.  My parents had been both great helping me out with her really and they always dote on their little favourite baby granddaughter all the time. It wasn’t that easy at first trying to find a way to juggle between motherhood and my social life, school but we are doing okay at the moment right now. But I do always have the support of my parents which is really good and I am glad they are still always there for me no matter what.” said Charlie.

“That’s good to hear. How’s it going at school at the moment?” said Pippa.

“Not bad at all. Everyone at school always rarely talk to me since what happened with Grant and then my pregnancy, and well everything, you know, whatever. I think it’s because they don’t know what to say to me or something like that but it doesn’t bother me at all. At least I have Miles and Sally, Blake and Damian, Finaly on my side for support when we are at school.” said Charlie.

“Why don’t you take Ruby to school and show her off to your classmates? You can talk to them about teen motherhood and how it had changed your life. Like e.g. answer their questions when they ask you what it was like beginning a young mum and whatever. But you don’t have to do it though, it’s just a suggestion.” said Pippa.

“No, I think it’s a good idea-I will take that into mind. Thanks, Pippa.” said Charlie. 

After talking for a while longer, Charlie and Pippa changed their babies’ nappies.

“Ok, let’s put them on their tummies facing one each other.” said Pippa.

“Okay.” said Charlie.

Dale and Ruby both made cute baby sounds while lying on their tummies as their mothers took a few photos of them.

“I think Dale and Ruby are going to be best friends when they grow up. Don’t you, think, eh, Charlie?” said Pippa.

“Absolutely!” smiled Charlie.

After ten minutes, the babies began to cry loudly, almost if to let their mothers know that they are hungry. 

Charlie took her baby daughter into her arms and sat down on the sofa so she began to feed Ruby while Pippa sat down on the end of the couch, and began to feed baby Dale. 

“Motherhood can be scary and challenging, eh? Having a baby changes your life a lot. But every precious moment we spend with our babies is amazing and will be unforgotten.” said Pippa.

“So true that is.” said Charlie stroking Ruby’s ear gently.

A few hours later... 

“Well looks like it’s time for me and Ruby to get going now. But thanks for the playdate and lunch, Pippa. We should do it again sometime,” said Charlie.

“You are always welcome, Charlie. I had enjoyed myself today with you. Say bye-bye to Aunty Charlie and Ruby, Dale.” said Pippa, waving Dale’s tiny chubby fist at Charlie and Ruby. 

“Bye, bye. Dale. Say bye-bye to your little friend, Rubes,” said Charlie, waving Ruby’s tiny chubby fist at Dale. 

“Come on, little man. It’s time for your nap. See you later, Charlie.” said Pippa.

“Yeah see ya.” said Charlie placing baby Ruby into her pram when Pippa left the room with baby Dale.

Suddenly, Sally and Damian, Finaly and Miles walked so they greeted Charlie who greeted them back.

“Hey, Charlie. We were just wondering if you would like to come with us to the movies tonight. We are going to watch ‘The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn’ movie at the cinemas. Bobby had watched it with Greg and Sam a few nights ago and she said it was a good film. It starts at 5pm.” said Sally.

“But we understand if you are unable to come because of Ruby.” said Finaly staring down at baby Ruby who is sleeping in her pram.

"But it would be cool if you are able to come with us. Your parents can look after Ruby while you are out with us for a couple of hours." said Blake.

“Well I will see what I can do. I will talk to my parents about it but I am sure they won’t mind looking after Ruby for me just for a few hours. But if I am unable to make it tonight, don’t cancel the movie so just go without me. Make sure to tell me everything about the movie tomorrow if I can’t make it.” said Charlie.

“We will.” said her friends together.

At the Buckton household...

“Dad, Mum. Um...there’s something I have to tell you, guys. I just thought I should check with you both first. So I was just wondering if it’s okay if you can be able to babysit Ruby for me. It’s just for a couple of hours. It’s just that Sally and Finaly, Blake and Miles, Damian had invited me to the cinemas to watch the ‘The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn’ movie today. It starts at 5pm.” said Charlie when she stood before her parents who are sitting on the couch.

“Okay. You can go to the movies with your friends. We both think you do deserve a night out with your friends to the cinemas. We would be happy to babysit our favourite little cute baby granddaughter. Right, Ross?” said Elise.

“Absolutely. Your mother’s right. We are more than happy to babysit Ruby for a couple of hours when you go out and enjoy your night out with your friends at the cinemas.” said Ross.

“Thank you, guys! So I will go and let Sally know that I am going to the movies with her and the others.” said Charlie.

She scurried off to ring up Sally to let her know what is happening and that her parents are able to let her go with her friends to the movies. 

“I can’t believe our little girl is growing up too fast, eh?” said Elise.

She and Ross were sad to notice that Charlie was no longer a kid herself anymore-she had long since become a responsible and mature, doting mother to her daughter for the last month since Ruby was born; however Charlie told her parents she will be always their little girl. 

“I know. But she will be always our little girl no matter what.” said Ross hugging his wife around the shoulders. 

“That’s good. We are happy to hear that you are coming with us to the cinemas. Michael had offered to drop us off at the cinemas and then picking us later on. Do you want to pop over anyway? He can drive us down there, and then he will drop you off at your house when he picks us afterwards up from the movies.” said Sally.

“Yeah that’s a good idea. I will come over then anyway. See you soon then. Bye!” said Charlie.

A few hours later...

At the main house, Bobby walked downstairs after checking on baby Dale who was still asleep and she told Pippa that Dale was still asleep which Pippa found it weird wondering why her baby son had not woken up, crying out for his mother.

Pippa thanked Bobby for her help and then she went upstairs to check on Dale.

Suddenly, Bobby bumped into Finaly outside on the way to her so they greeted one each other and then they chatted for a while. 

“I heard from Pippa that you and Sally, Miles and Blake, Damian and Charlie are going to the cinemas today to watch the movie ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.’ Well it’s a good movie considering I and Greg, Sam went to see it a few nights ago. I am sure you will all enjoy it.” said Bobby.

“Yeah we will. Thanks, Bobby. We are glad Charlie is coming with us as her parents will be looking after Ruby for her. It’s just a couple of hours.” said Finaly.

“Well it’s a good thing she deserves to have sometime out with her friends today considering what she had been through in the last year.” said Bobby.

“I agree.” said Finaly.

“So I better get going. Hope you all enjoy the movies! Will see you around soon, yeah?” said Bobby.

“Yeah. Ciao.” said Finaly.

When Bobby was about to get into the car, Pippa’s voice can be heard screaming out her name out of the window upstairs causing Bobby and Finaly to look up in a flash and then they threw panicked glances at one each other before they ran straight into the house to find out what is going on...

A few hours later...

Charlie is getting ready to get out when she put on a pair of nice jeans and a flowery top as baby Ruby made some cute baby sounds failing her chubby fists and legs popped against some pillows on her mother’s bed.

“Well what do you think, Rubes? Do I look good with the top on?” said Charlie when baby Ruby cooed and gurgled quietly if to agree with what her mother said.

“Yeah it does look great on me. Thank you for your opinion, Sweet Pea.” said Charlie as her parents walked in.

“Hey guys! I am ready to go.” said Charlie lifting her baby daughter from the bed and then she whirled around to face her parents but she stopped in her tracks when she saw their solemn expressions on their faces.

“What’s wrong, guys? Did something happen? Mum, had you been crying?” said Charlie looking concerned when she saw her mother’s tear-stained face.

"I don't think it will be a good time for you and your friends to go the movies today right now." said Elise.

"What? Why not?" said Charlie staring at her parents and then her father placed a hand on her shoulder as Elise gently took baby Ruby from her mother’s arms.

“Charlie, sweetie, we have some sad news to tell you. Bobby called in earlier when you were getting ready.” said Ross quietly.

“What? Is it Sally and any of the others? Are they okay?!” squeaked Charlie feeling a bit scared and panicky fearing the worst for her friends thinking something or whatever it is had happened to any of them. 

“No. Sally and the others are fine. It’s about Michael and Pippa’s baby son Dale.” said Elise quietly.

“Um, Charlie sweetie, Dale passed away a few hours ago. What we heard from Bobby that Pippa went upstairs to check on him so she found him lifeless in his crib.” said Ross exhaling deeply.

“What?! No!” squeaked Charlie as her eyes filled with tears of grief for the poor little boy, who had been snatched away from his family and the world, after only two months of life as she exhaled deeply shedding tears of sympathy for his family, unable to imagine what they are going through right now.

Ross hugged his daughter tightly as the Buckton family stood here in silent grief as they thought of baby Dale and his family.

And Summer Bay will be rocked by the sad news about baby Dale's death that would be spreading around town like wildfire...


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Posted (edited)

Hey guys! I am back! Sorry it had been a long time since I last updated this fanfiction because I was struggling with writers' block for a while. Thank you for the comments, @Helena and @Kristen, @Trudy Heine:)


Everyone are coming to terms with the news of baby Dale’s death slowly and they would rally around the Fletcher/Ross family for support, and they would help out a lot if needed.

It turned out Dale had died of cot death which was a heartbreaking tragedy for his parents and siblings, godparents Bobby and Greg including the whole Bay.

The word ‘cot death’ seemed to have filled Charlie with fear and panic, thinking how she could lost her precious Ruby to the same fate anytime. Her little beloved Ruby meant a lot to her than anything in the world, and she would never be able to bear her life without little Ruby in it. 

Affected by little Dale’s death, Charlie had poured out her fears into her diary about what would happen if she lost Ruby to the same fate Dale had succumbed to, and how she would never be able to bear her life without her beloved little daughter in it.

One night, Charlie broke down in tears in front of her parents confiding in them of her fears over losing Ruby anytime considering what had happened to Dale. And they both comforted her and had a long talk with her reassuring her that Ruby is not going anywhere.

Charlie felt comforted but a bit better after her long talk with her parents but she will be always grateful for their support.

14th May 1993, Friday...

At lunch-time, Charlie arrived back with baby Ruby in tow. It was mufti day at school, which meant it was bound to be a fun day today. Especially as Charlie had decided to do Pippa’s suggestion of taking Ruby to school, and showing her off to classmates. She had talked about it with her parents and they had agreed that she could take Ruby to school, to show her off to her classmates.

Pushing baby Ruby in front of her in the pram, Charlie walked into the lunch canteen when she saw her friends sitting at a table, so she walked over and joined them, and then they greeted one each other.

“Hey, guys. Mind looking after Ruby for me please? I am going to get some lunch.” said Charlie, as she put the pram brakes on.

“We will do,” replied Damien.

“Thanks.” said Charlie. 

And she went off to get some lunch and then after a minute, baby Ruby began to cry quietly making a fuss so Sally got up to tend to the baby.

“Hey, hey. It’s okay, sweetie. Mummy had gone to get lunch. She will be back soon in a few minutes. Do you want your pacifier? Here you go, cutie.” said Sally placing the pacifier into baby Ruby’s mouth. 

And then Ruby shushed down so she cooed and gurgled suckling on her pacifier when Charlie returned with her lunch.

“She had a little cry but she’s okay now. So I gave her pacifier to her.” said Sally.

“Thanks, Sal.” smiled Charlie peeking into the pram so she sat down at the table and began to eat her lunch. 

“So, Charlie, are you looking forwards to tell the whole school about motherhood and having Ruby, and how it had changed you already?” said Finaly.

“Yeah I am. I am just a bit nervous. But I am looking forwards to it.” said Charlie.

Suddenly, a couple of girls stopped as they walked past, and peeked into the pram.

“Aww! She’s so cute!” squealed of the girls when she stroked baby Ruby’s tiny fist gently.

“She’s so beautiful, Charlie.” agreed the girl.

“Thank you.” smiled Charlie. 

As lunch-time came to a end, Charlie stood in the middle of the lunch canteen facing everyone with the pram beside her. She noticed Damian and Finaly, Blake and Miles and Sally giving her encouraging nods and smiles.

Taking a deep breath, Charlie began to tell the whole school about what Grant did to her, and how the rape had affected her and her family which almost torn them apart. 

And then Charlie moved onto telling them about her pregnancy and actually having her baby daughter, and how motherhood had changed her life in the last two months.

Charlie took baby Ruby from the pram into her arms and stared down at her little baby girl with a smile on her face before looking up to face everyone again.

“As you know that I never regretted having Ruby, as she is the best thing that ever happened to me. I would never swap her for anything, because she’s my world. And I would never resent her for what happened to me last year because none of it wasn’t her fault. I would do anything to make sure she will have a happy and loving, stable life growing up here in Summer Bay where she would feel loved and wanted, happy and cared for. She will be known as Ruby Buckton because there is no way she will ever have her father’s surname. She will be always my little girl no matter what. Born of my blood and flesh, and no one’s else. I had a lot of love and support from my family and friends because they were always there for me in the last year considering what happened to me, my pregnancy and having Ruby. Ruby’s arrival was a blessing to me and my parents because we were brought together as a family again.” said Charlie.

Suddenly, everyone got up from their tables and began clapping their approval, surprising Charlie who looked at her friends, who smiled at her, causing her to grin back.

“Thank you, everyone.” said Charlie happily.

“Bravo, Charlie!” called out a few people.

The whole school including the students and teachers all congratulated her, and thanked her for telling them the whole story about everything she had been through. And then later on, Charlie answered a few students from some students and allowed a few people to give Ruby some cuddles.

“Charlie, you did great! I know it must not be easy talking about what happened to you. But you did it. I think Ruby will be so proud as punch of her mother.” said Finaly clapping Charlie on the shoulder.

“Thanks, Finaly.” said Charlie feeling proud of herself for facing the whole school and telling them everything about what she had gone through last year and how motherhood had changed her life.

Suddenly, baby Ruby began to let out a loud high-pitched shriek, so a girl who was holding her quickly handed her over to Charlie who shushed her gently. 

“Sounds like it’s time for someone’s feed.” chuckled Charlie pecking her baby daughter’s temple gently. 

“You are always welcome to use the staffroom if you need to feed her. Just in case you want some privacy,” offered one of the teachers to Charlie, who thanked her.

“I will see you later, guys. I need to get Ruby fed and put her down for a sleep,” said Charlie to her friends.

“Okay.” said Sally.

Charlie placed her baby daughter into the pram and then she thanked everyone for listening to her story before she followed the teacher to the staffroom, and then they went inside.

“You can sit over there on the couch and make yourself comfortable.” said the teacher.

“Thanks.” said Charlie as baby Ruby’s cries grew louder.

“Shush, shush. There, there. It’s okay, darling. Yes I know you are hungry. Mummy will feed you in a minute.” said Charlie.

She parked the pram in a corner of the room and then took Ruby out of the pram before she sat down on the couch and making herself comfortable so she began to feed her baby daughter, who suckled hungrily on her mother’s breast.

“All right there?” said the teacher.

“Yeah. All good here.” smiled Charlie as she leant against the couch watching her baby daughter suckling hungrily.

At the Buckton household...

Elise had been feeling queasy over the last few days, and she was wondering if she may be pregnant again. She and Ross had been trying to give Charlie a sibling for years so she felt both nervous and excited when as she brought a pregnancy test packet from the chemist. Elise wanted to be a mother again with a new baby, and she had watched her daughter become a young mother herself.

But then again, she and Ross had been always proud of how Charlie had grown up and matured a lot in the last two months since Ruby was born.

Elise went to the bathroom to take the pregnancy test and then after a few minutes, she was overjoyed to see two lines on the pregnancy stick, telling her she is pregnant again.

After leaving the bathroom, Elise walked into the lounge room at the same time when Ross walked in from the hallway after getting home from work.

“Hey, sweetheart.” said Ross pecking his wife on the lips.

“Hey, Ross. Um...I have something to tell you.” said Elise looking at her husband.

“What is it?” said Ross.

“I am pregnant again.” said Elise with a smile on her face. 

Ross stared at his wife in stunned silence not knowing what to say next. 

“Ross? Say something.” said Elise. 

“Are you serious?” said Ross breaking the silence a few seconds later.

“Yes I am. We are having another baby. As you know we had been trying to give Charlie a sibling for years.” said Elise.

“That is just....um...wow! We are having another baby! We are both going to be parents again!” exclaimed Ross. 

He lifted his wife into his arms whirling her around for joy as they both laughed overjoyed with the news that they are expecting another baby again.

They both sat down on the couch snuggled in one each other’s arms. 

“If it’s a boy, we will name him Hamish or John after our fathers.” said Ross.

“Sounds perfect. If it’s a another girl, we will name her Rachel after my mum. We had given your mum’s name to Charlie.” said Elise.

“Good choice for these names.” said Ross.

Later on this afternoon...

Charlie and baby Ruby arrived home from school to find Ross and Elise settling the bench with three glasses including one bottle of champagne and one bottle of fizzy soda. 

“Whoa, ok. Are we celebrating something? It looks like a occasion.” said Charlie putting her school bag on one of the chairs and then lifting her baby daughter out of the pram.

“Well we are. I and your mother got some good news to tell you. We just both had found out today.” said Ross.

Elise handed over a envelope to Charlie who took it staring at it curiously. 

“Here let me take Ruby while you open it.” said Elise taking her baby granddaughter from Charlie who unsealed the envelope and took out a card so she opened it to see a ultrasound sonogram with some writing on the card which says; ‘Hey big sister. I can’t wait to meet you. Love from your new little brother or sister.’

A stunned Charlie stared at her parents and then back at the card with wide eyes and open mouth.

“No way! You can’t be serious?! Are you both having another baby?” exclaimed Charlie.

“Yes we are.” said Elise.

“You are going to be a big sister, Charlie. Your mum is three months pregnant. Baby will be due sometime this year in November.” smiled Ross.

“That’s so fantastic! I can’t believe I am going to be a big sister!” said Charlie when she hugged her parents feeling thrilled that she is going to be a big sister. 

“Look, Jewel. See this little peanut? Grandad and Grandma are going to have another baby. Your mummy is going to be a big sister. You are going to be a niece. Yes that’s right. Your little new baby aunty or uncle is inside Grandma’s tummy.” said Ross showing his granddaughter the ultrasound scan. 

Ruby gurgled and cooed in reply showing off a cute toothless grin.

“I think she’s excited and looking forwards to be a niece.” said Charlie chuckling quietly.

“Let’s celebrate our news, eh?” said Ross gesturing forwards the glasses and bottles of champagne and fizzy soda.

Elise placed Ruby into a baby rocker with some toys hanging above the baby on a bar. Charlie lifted up the baby rocker and placed it on the bench. 

“Oh! Can I have some champagne too please?” said Charlie reaching for the bottle of champagne but Ross took it from her whacking her hand away gently. 

“In your dreams, sweetpea!” said Ross wriggling a finger at Charlie who rolled her eyes when her parents chuckled quietly. 

Ross poured some fizzy soda into a glass for Charlie, and then he poured some champagne into two glasses for himself and Elise.

“How did it go today at school, Charlie? When you took Ruby to show her off to your classmates.” said Ross.

“It went really well. But it wasn’t easy telling them about Grant and what happened to me last year but I got there in the end. And I told them how having Ruby in my life had meant a lot to me. Answered some questions and some of them took turns holding Ruby.” said Charlie sipping her soda.

“We are so glad to hear that. Your dad and I are so proud of you for how you had come to terms with everything. We both know last year wasn’t easy for you but you got there in the end. Whatever happened had made you become a good and confident, strong and mature, responsible mum to Ruby. And you would do anything to give her a happy and loving, stable life growing up here in Summer Bay like we did with you in the last 13 years.” said Elise.

“Thanks, guys. It’s because of you, your support and everything you had done for me in the last year. Beginning there for me all through what happened with Grant, my pregnancy and Ruby. I don’t know what I would done next without you really. And I love you both. And of course, I love Ruby too. And I am looking forwards to be a big sister.” said Charlie.

“Aw, we both love you too and of course, our little precious granddaughter. And including little Peanut.” said Ross patting Elise’s tummy gently.

“So let’s make a toast, yeah? To new beginnings for the Bucktons!” said Charlie raising her glass.

Her parents both raised their glasses saying; “To new beginnings!” at the same time. And they enjoyed theirselves talking and laughing, cooing over baby Ruby. 

But, surprisingly, little did they know there will be tragedy coming around the corner soon that would rip the Bucktons apart including it would shake up the whole Bay and lives would never be the same again ever ...

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Thank you for the mention I really enjoyed Charlie telling the whole school about the rape and pregnancy and Ross and elise are having another baby looking forward to reading more

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Great chapter

glad Charlie told the school about the rape and pregnancy that was very brave.

Elise and Ross having a baby.

Intrigued about the end of chapter...

Update again soon  :)


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