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Legendary characters/relationships of recent times

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On 09/09/2020 at 22:38, hapitoby said:

I'm not sure if Roo or Marilyn were considered Legenadary...maybe Marilyn but I feel with them both returning 10 years ago and still on the show, they've definitely reached that...John too. 

I actually think Mariyln's late nineties stint is probably more iconic/legendary than her current one. Her current stint is obviously the longest running of her three regular stints, but for me, most her memorable moments were in her in 1995 - 1999 stint. 

The same for Roo to be honest. Justine Clarke really made the role her own and cemented Roo as a legendary character. It's just a shame Justine played the part too well, which lead to her copping abuse from the public and potentially influenced her decision to leave so soon / not want to return. I like Georgie Parker, but I don't feel like her portrayal of Roo has been that legendary or noteworthy to be honest. Just my opinion.. 


From the last 10ish years, I'd consider the following characters H&A legends: Dexter, John, Jett, Chris, Oscar, Evie, Matt Page and Jett. I also can't ignore the Braxton clan. I wasn't a fan, but I acknowledge they are widely considered H&A legends by many. 

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