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Who is most the smartest regular cop in recent years?.

Who is most smartest regular cop in recent years?.  

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1. Colby

2. Angelo

3. Jack 

4. Kat 


I didn't include Joe Nash and Nick Parrish as both were in H&A when the show was less dramatic and crime focused and didn't include Xavier as he was not on show long enough as a police officer. 

I know none them have showed great intelligence due to the plot needed it to fit with storylines but my choice is Colby. At least Colby does seem to read people better. Kat, I have to say, was the most naive police officer ever. Yes there were moments where they tried making Kat look smart. She was right about Brax having plans to leave town when was not supposed to happen but Kat too easily fell for Ricky's fake story to hold her up while Brax was making his getaway. Kat might be able to see through  Gunno and Charlotte's fake story about being lovers but Kat made it far too obvious she was on to Charlotte. Someone like Colby and Charlie would not of made obvious that they were on to her.    


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Tbh I didn't find any of them smart or professional. It all depends on the storyline, all of them at some stage were bias, unprofessional and corrupt. 

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I was going to say Joel would be up there thats for sure but as not on here chose jack 

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Jack was literally the worst cop ever, he flouted the rules whenever it suited his personal desires, yet used the law to assert moral high ground over others at every opportunity. What a hypocrite.

I agree about Joel, if he had been on the list.

Peter should have been included as the show was plenty dramatic during his era. And he was actually smart and not corrupt (for the most part, compared to most others!)

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2 hours ago, Trudy Heine said:

What about Fitzty and Watson? The other female cops from Jack and Charlie's times in the bay?

They were not regulars or otherwise there were too many to add. 


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