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Why do so many characters move overseas or interstate?.

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Why can’t characters just move to Sydney or somewhere else in NSW  instead of always moving overseas or interstate?..

Nate was last character to had simply just move to Sydney or more commonly called  City  by characters in show. 

After all people can lose contact by still living in same suburb as each other and living hour away is enough reason not to see them in town again. 

Why do you think they don’t want characters  simply have characters move to Sydney or somewhere else in NSW. 

As does get unrealistic for so many characters to move overseas and no word want they going to do once there visa are up. 


I get lot of things are not realistic on show but just saying this is something that I have notched in recent years on characters exits. 

So what are you thoughts on matter? 

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The City (Sydney) was often a dumping ground in the early years but now people flee as far as the UK, US, France, Canada, Italy!

Mind you Neighbours used to pack everyone up North. Currently QLD residents: Scott, Charlene, pretty much any surving Ramsay bar Henry (who lives in NZ), also The Mangel/Bishop/Timmins tribe, Brad and Lauren, Boyd Hoyland and a ton of others!🤣🤣

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12 minutes ago, CaptainHulk said:

The City (Sydney) was often a dumping ground in the early years but now people flee as far as the UK, US, France, Canada, Italy!

It still is intermittently, especially for the younger characters who move to The City for uni. The entire Sutherland clan moved there too, as well as others like Morag and Ruby too

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On 22/08/2020 at 08:53, j.laur5 said:

But even lot of older adult characters move overseas like Ben/Maggie/Celia/Colleen and Judith.

These all make sense for me: 

I couldn't see Colleen suddenly randomly moving to another part of NSW where she has no family and it makes sense she'd want to be closer to her beloved Lancie where she can also be a doting grandma. The only other option would have been death in my opinion. 

The same for Celia - Summer Bay was her home, so she wouldn't just move to another part of the state or country where she had no family. Perhaps she could have gone on another extended holiday but this time never come back, but I doubt fans would have been satisfied with that. 

Judith also took a job overseas where she could be closer to her dying son, which seems reasonable to me. Having said that, Judith Ackyrod was not a significant character, so she could have easily moved to "The City" and not be expected to return for weddings, funerals etc. 

Ben and Maggie - I imagine the writers wanted them on the other side of the world so they had an excuse for them not to return every time Ziggy has a crisis. 


I'm not bothered where characters move to as long as the ending is fitting with their character, which in the above cases, they are. The exits that don't make sense or fit the character bother me more than where the characters move. But I guess 


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