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You favourite Characters development.

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What’s you favourite character developments over years?.

Sally-Sally was emotional young girl into strong independent women.

Carly-Selfish young girl into younger version  Pippa as she help Pippa out so much after Tom death. 

Bobby-Troubled teenager into respectful young women. 

Roo-Troubled marker teenager into respectful first class women. 

Morag- Nasty and somewhat unstable women into women that everyone could go to for help and can put anyone in there place. 


Marilyn-Scatty and poor socialism and slowly becomes into person anyone can go  to for advice.

Irene-Abusive  mother to respectful member of community. 

Matilda-Spoilt child into mature young girl who help troubled teenager Ric. 

Shane-Wild trouble child into mature father and husband. 

Heath-Wild gangster surfer to mature young father. 

Ric-Troubled bullied into nice thoughtful young man. 

Kyle-Damaged and mess up  attempted  murder into man that risk his life to save anyone form love one to stranger. 

Matt-Troubled rebellion young man into caring young man taking his troubled sister under his wig. 

Hunter-Generally become very nice guy  and try his best to fix up his life. 

Dean-Wild young man with no responsibility bone in his body into man that can take responsibility and can look out for those around him. 

Colby -Riverboy into respectful cop . 

You thoughts on what’s been you favourite character developments?. 

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Tug - rebellious youngster to a responsible young man.

Fisher - nasty and offensive deputy head at the start who mellowed by the end of the first season but still retained a hard edge.

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Sally - all grown up with her own foster children and one biological child, hope lil Pip's OK. Plus found out her imaginary friend is actually her biological twin brother.

Bella seems to have matured lately.

I also like how Amanda and Belle developed, however Aden seemed to go backwards to square one at the end

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Honestly, I'd have to say that my favourite, most memorable character development in recent years were that of Jett James and Evie Maguire. At the same time I felt both characters were at times not utilised to their most potential (we could have explored more of Jett's recovery and struggle last year, same way we could have explored depression and mental health recovery with Evie back in 2016, which would have been really, really investing to watch). However, despite that, I still really loved their development into two investing and honestly great characters. 

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