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Wednesday 12 April 2005 - "Last Moments Of Innocence?"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Last Moments Of Innocence ????

Police station - Clare & peter have a heated argument about the MGP. peter wants it to be cancelled - as the risk is too great, but Clare insists that they can catch the stalker at the MGP. Peter is riled when Clare says that he?s taking things too personally, ie peter says that off course things are personal - Sarah put him in a coma for months, and killed Noah. Peter uses accuses Clare of wanting the limelight of catching the stalker.

Beach house - Tash is packing her things - and when she picks up a pic of her & Robbie, She kisses it. When Irene eneters the room, she is shocked when Tash announces that she is going to seel the van park - and let sally & flynn make the 1-st offer, Irene is alos shocked when Tash tells Irene that she is GIVING Irene her share in the diner - as a BIG thank you for everything that Irene has done for Tash.

Noah?s - colleen is distraught when she discovers that the word Groper has been misspelt on the banner for the MGP. Although Hyde says that the dictionary indicates that groper can be spelt with a U (grouper), colleen insists that it MUST be changed. Ric, Tilly & henry tell colleen that they will try to amend it. When the trio get into the games room (with the banner), they encounter Cassie & joy - who isn?t pleased that colleen wants her banner changed. When Tilly & henry have exited the room (with banner), Cassie tells Ric that she was off song recently because it was that time of the mouth (nice excuse).

Van park house - sally & flyyn are shocked when Tash tells them of her plan, they are grateful that Tash gave them 1-st offer on buying the van park, but they can?t afford it. They wish Tash that best in her new life.

Police station - Clare call peter into the main area of the station, and peter complies. Peter & Clare tell the assembled group of police officers (who are dressed in casual attire) that they are to disperse amongst the crowd when they arrive at MGP. All are to be on look out for the stalker, but they are to keep their guns about of sight, and are tho only used radios if they are creation that they?ve spotted something stalker related. Clare says that they must proceed with caution - as the townsfolk not know that stalker is still on the loose.

Noah?s - Tash enters (she?s holding a strawberry shortcake) and she encounters Robbie. He is disheartened by Tash saying that there?s no reason for her to stay in the bay. Colleen (in MGP Nazi mode) insists that Tash has to keep moving - to get her hair done for MGP. Peter & Clare enter, and dan introduces Leah to Clare. Dan is a little suspicious when peter & Clare say that are at MGP on a day off - and we sees part of this conversation from the stalker perspective.

Van park house - Tilly & the others show Flynn the banner that they?ve amended - who thinks it?s great. Tilly & henry exit (with banner). Cassie is then bought to a statue-esq standstill when she hears sally singing THAT mockingbird song to baby pippa. Cassie begins to cry - and this scene is just as powerful as THAT 1-st mockingbird scene last week). Cassie?s "trance" is only broken when Ric throws a piece of paper at her. Cassie tells Ric that she has to go - and says this with a teary voice.

Near beach - Cassie is BALLING her eyes out, and she has an AWESOME (black & white) flashback of herself as (I?d say) a 5 year old. The young Cassie is singing THAT mockingbird son in her room. When she finishes singing, her bedroom door opens. The flashback ends - and Cassie is still crying (young Cassie didn?t look scare when door opened - so maybe the flashback is from just before Cassie was sexually assault for the 1-st time, which is why THAT mockingbird song chills her to the bone, as it was the last moment of innocence she ever knew). Joy then approaches Cassie - and joy (another person, like colleen with ?wacked? priorities) is somewhat furious that Cassie isn?t ready for the MGP.

Outside surf club - lots of ppl have gathered for the MGP and dan gets up on the stage (after a ?suggestion? from colleen) and announces that the MGP shall commence soon. Nearby, Peter is SHOCKED when a female with red hair, and V familiar clothes goes past him. Peter thinks it?s Sarah (and, from the rear, the girl DOES look like Sarah). Peter chases after this woman, and dan sees this and is concerned. Peter finally grabs hold of the woman - but it?s NOT Sarah, and the unknown woman takes offence to peter grabbing her. (I have to say, this woman was dressed EXACTLY the same way that Sarah was On the fateful night that noah was killed - and the woman?s hair was the same shade of red as sarah?s)

Noah?s - dan finds peter and wonders what?s going on. Dan insists that he think something is going on - as he can tell that there are lots of cops around. Peter tells dan that marc was framed - and the stalker is still on the loose. Peter is telling dan about e-mail, various notes etc when colleen once more interrupts something IMPORTANT when she ?suggests? that dan must come aside and begin the MGP.

Outside surf club - dan walks onto the stage and welcomes all to the MGP. Dan informs the gathered crowd that the contestants will be judges in 4 categories - cooking, special talent, swimwear & evening wear. Dan introduces the judges - Beth, alf & Hyde. Dan calls Cassie to the stage -and when she gets on stage, Cassie?s speech - about her Pavlova - sounds V well scripted and rehearsed (with joy mouthing each word as well. Joy is concerned when Cassie stops talking for a bit (I?m guessing because of her TERRIBLE secret) but joy is pleased when Cassie gets back into well-rehearsed speech mode. When Cassie is finished, he takes the Pavlova and places in on the judge?s table. Seconds later, we see many more food items on the table. And the judges are discussing their favourites. A comment from sally leads Irene to (jealously) suggest that beth & Hyde appear to be having too much fun. Dan announces that the special talent section shall begin - with Tasha 1-st up. Tash recites this touching, name dropping poem about the bay. As Tash is reciting this poem, we see Robbie - he looks rather surprised (see below) and colleen is clearly touched by the poem. We also see the stalker seeking around. We aslo see the stalker casually place a leather bag just behind the MGP stage. Dan than congratulates the sponsors as the event - the diner (represented by Leah & Irene) and the Aussie doughnut coy - Robbie seems V disenthuesed when dan says that Robbie has free samples to give away. Dan then commences the eveningwear section (btw, nice and PC that we didn?t see the swimwear bit) and Tilly is the 1-st of the contestant on the catwalk. She?s wearing this AWESOME scarlet dress - with a DDG funky black shawl (I SOOOOOO want a screen of this). We then sees that other contestant, incl. Tash & Cassie on the catwalk. When this is finished, Clare alerts peter to the bag behind the stage. Peter & Clare go over to the bag - and it?s a V dramatic moment when peter opens the bag (the way it was done, you get the impression that a bomb might have gone off) - but, alas, there's ?just? a note inside. Peter takes the note form the bag - it says, ?Kaboom! So close, yet so far, Better luck next time, peter? peter & Clare appear to be WAY frustrated.

Police station - peter & Clare are SO frustrated that the stalker was at the MGP - and he/she evaded them (esp. in light of all those undercover cops being there).

Noah?s - colleen asked dan if the judges have made a decision on who will be crowned Miss Groper. Dan insists that they haven?t yet. Robbie approaches Tash - he can?t believe that Tash could recite such a passionate poem about the bay, yet be leaving. Tash insist that she just can?t forget Robbie?s groupie comment. Robbie the suggests that Tash should go - as it?s clear that she WAY doesn?t care as much about their relationship as he does (note 1 - end of ep / note 2 - all this Robbie/Tash stuff reminds me of the emotional debacle with scott/hayley of late, and is WAY emotional/compelling/annoying)


The like of Scott & Irene try to convince Robbie & Tash to try harder to save their relationship, whilst joy collapses (mid battle with colleen)

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