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Tuesday 11 April 2005 - "Peter's PSYCHO Suggestion!"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Peter?s PSYCHO Suggestion !!!?

Police station - Clare gets of the phone and tells peter that they are getting 4 uniform officers from Mangrove River within the hour. A male calls out to peter & Clare, and when they go into the main area of the station, the male uniform officer tells peter that an envelope has just arrived. Clare suggests that the person may have licked the envelope (meaning that they could get a DNA sample), but peter insist the staler isn?t THAT clumsy. When peter opens envelope (with gloves on) he unfolds not - which says ?get in my way - and other will pay?. Peter tells Clare that this proves the stalker is responsible for injury to fertiliser dude.

Josie?s flat - Josie is packing her things, and Tash is trying to convince her to stay, but Josie insists that Tash should come with her - and be with family. Josie continues by guilt tripping Tash - by saying that she?s not seen Dylan in months. Josie inists that Tash can attend any school that she wants to, and when Tash says that she needs time to think, Josie insists that she?s leaving town (with or without Tash) TODAY.

Diner - Colleen is in her usual state of MGP fastidiousness when she insists that Dan should arrange for the stage etc to be same dimensions as MGP always has been. Talk turns to the judging panel - colleen say that Hyde & alf have already agreed to, and she?s after a 3-rd judge. Hyde surprises Irene by suggesting Beth. Colleen is sceptical about Beth?s bias - because Tilly is in the comp, but they all agree that Beth is bound to be impartial enough. Meanwhile, Robbie enters, and Kimmy goes over to talk to him. Kimmy insist that Robbie is a BIG idiot for this ?going out with Samantha to make Tash jealous? plan. Samantha then arrives, and Kimmy moves away when Samantha says that he?s in her seat.

Police station - Peter is trying to arrange the letters of Wal Harrise (the name that the stalker gave to the storage facility owner) to see if its an anagram of another person?s name (peter even says Rhys?? name during this time). Peter is MEGA frustrated by all this - so he gets up and goes over to the whiteboard that has all the evidence about the stalker. Peter then has flashbacks of that fateful night that Sarah killed Noah (and put peter in a coma) after peter sees that the stalker has hand drawn a noose around the neck of a pic of peter in the newspaper.

Beach house - Kimmy is mega surprised that Tash is thinking of leaving the bay, and takes offence to Tash saying that, without Robbie & Josie, she has no one in the bay. Kimmy insists that this thing with Robbie is a stupid fight that?s got out of hand - and that Robbie tried to apologise to Tash but she wouldn?t listen. Kimmy insists that Tash is going to have to be the ?bigger? person about all this.

Diner - colleen tells Leah &dan that the MC for the MGP can?t do the gig (the politician in question has broken his ankle). Colleen then suggest that Dan can be the MC - esp. after his performance of the concert for Noah last year. The rail roaded dan agrees to do it. Meanwhile, Robbie & Samantha are physically close to each other when Tash enters the diner, Tash immediately leaves in disgust - and Robbie is REALLY annoyed that his plan isn?t working (and that tash has been further hurt by him)

Police station - Clare frightens peter when she wakes him out. Clare orders peter to go home, but he insists that he?s waiting for further forensic tests on knife found in Marc?s house. Clare insists that she?ll remain at station and call marc when results are through. Peter exits the station and we see this from the stalkers? perspective. As peter gets beside his car he drops the key and the stalker rushes towards peter and attacked him. The stalker however flees when peter is knocked against the car - setting off the alarm. The approaching Clare is another reason why stalker bails.

After ad break - back inside the station, Clare says that several uniform officers are scouring area, but peter insists the stalker is LONG gone by now. Clare insist that they call it a night, but peter suggests he couldn?t sleep if he tried, Clare suggest they go for a drink.

Noah?s - Clare is surprise that peter isn't that BIG drinker he used to go (when he orders an OJ. Dan enters the room, and introduces Clare to dan. When dan & alf have gone into other room (MGP stuff), Clare suggest that dan must be reason why peter agreed to come to the Bay. Peter however tells her than dan arrived months after peter did, and insist that he wanted to get away from the excitement of big city, but he?s encountered some weird stuff (Felix, Sarah, Stalker) since he?s transferred to this small town post.

Diner - Robbie uses all kind of excuses to Samantha (?I have to be home by certain time on school nights? etc) but Samantha isn?t taking heed, so Robbie tells her that he still has feelings for Tash. Samantha bails from diner immediately

Noah?s - next day, Robbie & Tash encounter each other, and when asked Robbie say that he and Samantha are going well. Robbie immediately regrets this, but neither Robbie & Tash are prepared to make 1-st move to mend their relationship - and Tash bails.

Josie?s flat - Tash arrives, and tells Josie that she?s made a decision.

Beach house - Irene is shocked/furious when Tash tells her that she?s leaving the bay TODAY. Irene is partic annoyed because she thinks Josie has manipulated Tash into going.

Police station - peter enters, and Clare comments that it looks like peter has NO sleep last night. Clare says that there?s no known record of a Wal Harrise, but peter insists that it MUST be anagram. Peter then tries once more to see if he can rearrange letters to find the stalker?s name - and he comes to a SHOCKING conclusion, the name SARAH LEWIS. When peter suggests this to Clare, she insists that he?s clutching at straws but perter insists that they must check out the medical records etc for what happened after Sarah shot herself on that fateful night.

Beach house - Tash denies Irene?s suggestion it?s purely because of this spat with Robbie that she?s leaving. When Tash exits, Irene tells Hyde that she will attack this problem from another angle.

Josie?s flat - Irene arrives, with a full head of steam. Irene is convinced that Josie has manipulated Tash. Irene wonders how Josie will pay for Tassie?s new school etc - and hopes Josie doesn?t go back to her former employment in the ?hospitality? industry to do so. A furious Irene also wonders what will happen when Josie gets bored of living with a teenager.

Police station - Peter is MEGA suspicious when he & Clare couldn?t get their hands on any of the medical etc documentation that was done post Sarah Lewis? death. Peter insists that Sarah is alive - and is the stalker. Clare disagrees - but then peter receives an e-mail. It says ?see you at miss groper? - and it?s from Tick Tock (note 1 - end of ep note 2 - is Sarah alive? or is someone trying to use Sarah?s catchphrase to divert attention to who the stalker REALLY is?)


It?s the day of the MGP (Tilly looks partic DDG) and the stalker is poised to strike again, whilst Tash tells Irene that she?s selling the caravan park - but will Robbie be able to stop Tash from leaving?

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