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Best and Worst Characters from 1988-1996


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Who are the best and worst characters from the 7TWO repeat?

I would say Matt Wilson is the worst. Viv is one of the worst too. Greg, Sam, Nick, Lucinda.

Apart from the longstanding cast, I'd say the best were Jack, Shane, Angel, Carly, probably more.


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Alf: Goes without saying
Donald Fisher. A great character whose downfall only started when he got together with Marilyn. I loved how he started out hating Bobby and went on to develop a lovely warm father/daughter relationship with her.
Pippa: Both iterations of the character were a fine centre-piece for the show. Even as an adult, I'd love to have Pippa take me under her wing.
Tom: The dad we all wished we had. Maybe he was a bit too perfect but his death was pretty shocking at the time.
Michael: A character who gets a bad rap by not being Tom and perhaps, by being on the show for longer so we got to see more of the warts.
Marilyn: Who wouldn't like to have Maz as a friend? She might be dizzy at times but she has a heart of gold and she'd stand on her head for you.
Bobby: She came a long way from the vagabond at the start of the series. I still think the powers that be made a huge mistake in killing her off. Even if she left the Bay and never came back, it would've been a better ending than what she got.
Jack: A lad who continued to be a handful for the Rosses
Damian: A shout-out for one of the normal kids. He might've been overshadowed by Shane and Jack but there was an endearing everyman quality to him. Damo - if you hadn't opted for the priesthood you'd have had woman queuing up to date you once they grew up and stopped having their heads turned by bad boys.
Carly: One of the original foster kids. Re-watching the Early Years reminded me of the warmth and spark that Sharyn Hodgson brought to the character.
Morag: Legend


Sophie. She was fine at the start but by the time she moved to Perth she was insufferable. The part didn't do Rebekah Elmaloglou any favours either because most of her lines were delivered by a grunt, followed by shrieking. She's lucky she found a new home on Neighbours.
Adam. The joke wore thin after a while and he really outstayed his welcome
Lucinda:  Any potential the character had was lost once she got embroiled in the tiresome Lou/Nick/Ryan love triangle. Though I have to say, as a straight female, I wouldn't have thrown either of her admirers out on a cold night 🤣
Angel: Not a likeable character in her own right. She also turned Shane into a bore. By the time he was killed off, the programme was dedicating too much airtime to Shane and Angel and their soap opera within a soap opera.
Roxanne/Donna: At this point, it's hard to remember what exactly they did apart from be annoying when it came to their relationships with men. Lucinda falls into this category too.
Rob: Mostly wore a vest, had a tiresome on-off relationship with Roxy and mysteriously vanished overnight, taking the Boat Shed with him.
Viv: Unless you re-watched those Early Years episodes, you'd forget that she was on the show.
Greg: Would Bobby really have married him if she wasn't at risk of losing Sam? He was little more than a chubby, self-centred, not too bright lad who had zero chemistry with Bobby.





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David was the most contemptible of all (causing Sophie to get pregnant as a schoolgirl, and being made to look like the victim in death), followed not too far behind by Ben, whose relationship with Carly developed unrealistically quickly and was the classic "tall, dark and handsome" ****** of a guy that girls find attractive

Alf will always be a flamin' legend. Dodge was the subject of the most exciting storyline in the show's history

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Grant Mitchell - I couldn't stand the character. He seemed really arrogant and disrespectful challenging Don Fisher in those early days.

Neville and Floss - I know they had their fans, but they got really repetitive after a while. In fact, I found them more annoying than anything else

Karen Dean

Matt Wilson



Steven Matheson (original stint) - he was by favourite of the original foster children and I think the most complex

Ailsa Stewart - surprised no one has mentioned her yet, since she was a staple of the 1988-1996 era. 

Donald, Marilyn, Bobby, Morag - I know they've been mentioned above, but they deserve another shout out :)

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19 hours ago, adam436 said:


Neville and Floss - I know they had their fans, but they got really repetitive after a while. In fact, I found them more annoying than anything else

I think they could be better  characters if producers did more with them as both were played by fine actors and same can  be said about Celia as only reason why Celia had run her course is because producers wouldn’t do anything with her character. 


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