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Missed Actor/Actress Opportunities for Home and Away

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Unfortunately, there have been many well-known and well-loved Australian actors and actresses pass on since Home and Away started in 1988. Which late actor or actress do you think should have been in Home and Away before they passed away?

- Wayne Jarratt, however, he passed away in May 1988 from a brain tumor, so he was probably out of show business for a few months.

- Sheila Florance - She would have been a great Madge Wilkins or whichever unseen lady Celia was often mentioning.

- Gerda Nicholson - A wife or love interest for Donald Fisher?

- Billie Hammerberg

- Maurie Fields

- Peter Adams

- Olivia Hamnnett

- Justine Saunders

- Ernie Bourne

- Dame Pat Evison

- Carol Burns

- Ross Higgins

- Val Jellay

- Judith McGrath

- Anne Phelan

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On 03/04/2020 at 19:43, Luigi Severus Fletcher said:

- Ross Higgins

Ross actually auditioned for Alf Stewart. I think he had to turn it down because he was already committed to Richmond Hill.


I've been re-watching A Country Practice on 7Plus and I think Syd Heylen and Penny Cook would have been great too. Syd passed away in 1996 and Penny Cook in December 2018. 

I also think Ruth Cracknell, Terry Gill and Mark Priestley would have been great too :)

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