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Sursok Shakes Sooks

Guest Andy

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Sursok shakes sooks

The Newcastle Herald

12 April 2005

TAMMIN Sursok is finally able to stop crying.

The former Home and Away star reckons once the soapie producers realised she could shed tears on cue her character Dani "was always crying".

She said unlike Dani, she is "a very positive person" who considers life a journey.

This journey has taken Sursok away from the popular Aussie soap into the music industry.

Her new album Whatever Will Be, which features five songs she has co-written, will be out on May 23.

Sursok was in Newcastle yesterday promoting the album and her latest single of the same name.

"The aim is for people to believe the words I'm singing and understanding where you're coming from," she said of her album.

While she has been able to dry her tears since leaving Home and Away, Sursok is still exposing herself emotionally.

She said she is most inspired to write music when she is not at her happiest and that leaves her open to listeners.

"You have to have a tough skin. I wear my heart on my sleeve and sometimes you can get hurt," she said. "But I would rather be myself than someone I'm not."

Two years in the making, Whatever Will Be is about relationships, family, love, growing up and finding your way.

Sursok admits that at just 21 she hasn't had a terrible lot of heartache and has also drawn on the life experiences of those close to her.

"I'm very much an observer. I like to watch other people," she said.

"I'm only 21 now. When you're 18 you think you know everything and you know nothing."

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