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There was talk of a storyline like this going down in EastEnders during its mid-2000s decline and general beating from the press where The Ferreira family would have offed their abusive father and buridx him in shallow grave ala Colby to Ross. But was scorched when the actor was deported for working W/O a UK work permit so they had to hastily had to rewrite as Dan going AWOL and leaving the family £12k in the s***.

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Constable Risotto Mk II I'd like to think her name is Angela. Certainly not the first time they're reused the name badges - we had a Constable P Corelli pop up in recent years too 😛

2020 season begins, six weeks after it did in Australia, but vagaries of Oz broadcasts means we're only 26 episodes behind at the moment. Well. Okay, seriously, what was the hospital siege a

This Week on Parata Wars: Ari: You're a tool! Tane: You're a tool! Gemma: Knock it off! Nikau: I'm outta here! *Australian voiceover* "Brought to you by Gala Bingo."

On 01/02/2021 at 13:55, UK_fan said:

Team Willow.     What Colby did had to come out in the end and also the cover up, plus the fact that more people were finding out Ziggy, lies catch up with you in the end and Colby, Dean, Bella and Willow are all facing the consequences for their actions.

Willow isn't a snake or traitor, she can see that it's a vicious circle of destruction, lies and misery that needs to end for everyones sakes if they are to move on with their lives even if it means Colby having to do serious jail time, yes they were once close friends, but as the saying goes... You do the crime, you do the time.

I'm guessing you didn't approve when crazy Jasmine forked out for Colby's bail.

I did like the way the Channel 5 announcer asked before the episode whether this was Colby's last surf.

It was quite amusing how Willow the traitor tried to get Bella to wait outside because she didn't want Bella to see her stick the knife into Colby's back when she was giving evidence.  Notice how during the whole thing she couldn't even look at Colby.  Ironically she helps the prosecution convict the person who killed the individual who tried to kill her (Perhaps Colby wished she had died when Ross shot her now).  The problem is, she has lied in court so it calls into question the credibility of her evidence.  It will be interesting to see whether that will come back to bite her.

I do have to admit, I had a wry smile at Angelo's smug victorious expressions.  Colby didn't know what hit him.  This must be one of Angelo's sweetest triumphs.  And I did quite enjoy Dean and Bella's reactions to Willow's betrayal.  She appears to have committed the cardinal sin as far as their code of conduct goes.  Not sure what advantage there is throwing Colby to the wolves for Dean as opposed to letting Colby take his chances with the evidence Angelo had amounted previously, although I can kind of understand with Bella.

Was glad Irene gave Marilyn a serve.

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Wasn't just Dean and Colby who were oblivious about what Willow had done, Bella was in the dark too, how did Willow hold it together when Bella was talking about Colby going to prison and she was assuring her Dean and her would be there for her.  What have you got against Dean and Bella all of a sudden Red?   Well by the way Alf and Irene were talking to Colby it didn't seem they had any doubts as to his innocence, no mixed messages, like you seem to think there is Red.  

Dean and Willow know what Ross was like and what he was capable of.  He killed Colby's dad and his mum, kidnapped Bella,  was ready to kill her or Chelsea or both, shot Willow. So Ross was a bad guy and would never have changed.  Killing him was wrong but Colby wasn't a serial killer or a violent thug.  

Jasmine's 'investment' was perfectly safe the moment he walked into court. 🙄

Taylor wasn't even a  witness then, no surprise really as she had nothing to contribute, all Colby asked her was about how the case was going. Maybe the tension would have worked a lot better if we hadn't found out who witness X was, that is how it is normally played, not just the people involved not knowing but us too.  Willow approached Rosetta then according to him and no real reason to doubt him.  She just wanted to put an end to it all.   Are we forgetting Willow has been part of it from the beginning too. Why would Colby put Bella through the pain of seeing Ross's body when there was no need to, despite your hatred of him Red, he does love Bella and no loving family member would want a young girl to see that, especially after it had been in the ground for a year. 

Colby would have known as soon as he heard the tape who he'd said it to and only the night before which was cutting it fine.  I repeat what if he hadn't said those exact words, there'd be no case as there was only circumstantial evidence to link Colby to the crime.  There was certainly an audible gasp from the court room and odd there was no-one from the Bay there.  Willow very cleverly kept Dean's involvement of his part in the murder out of it, but no cross examination? 

Last we saw Colby was taking the stand and though we haven't heard the verdict seeing him  in a cell does give it away somewhat, that and Dean and Bella's reaction towards Willow. 

Said that ring tone would soon be annoying.😄😠  Marilyn can have it on in the house if she wants but NOT at work, she's well old enough to know better, not just Irene and the other staff having to put up with but there's the customers to think of.  Even if it was on silent she'd be looking at at every time it vibrated, stopping her working which she what's she paid to do.  It may have started as a competition so see if she got more calls than John but she's liking it now. 


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45 minutes ago, Slade said:

It was quite amusing how Willow the traitor tried to get Bella to wait outside because she didn't want Bella to see her stick the knife into Colby's back when she was giving evidence.

It was more the case that with Willow not being allowed into the public gallery, being a witness, she had to think of an excuse to stay outside for the first part of the proceedings. She then excused herself with that phone call to Reenie whilst Bella went in.

41 minutes ago, H&Alover said:

Colby would have known as soon as he heard the tape who he'd said it to and only the night before which was cutting it fine.

To be fair, the amount of conversations he had about the murder whilst standing out on the balcony... or loud slanging matches with the doors wide open... with any number of diner customers only a few feet away.... it could have been anyone 😄


May have been a tad too farcical though - for us to pan down and see Angelo, sipping his latte and demolishing a blueberry muffin, whilst casually holding his dictaphone above his head.

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Well, it's been a long time coming but Colby's finally where he belongs.Now he gets to experience first hand what would have happened to Ross if he'd arrested him and sent him to jail instead of just shooting him.How's that for irony?I'll give him credit for keeping his word and keeping Dean out of it once he was finally convinced the game was up.His lawyer's face said it all: That was a waste of a morning.And Taylor walking out as he tried one last time to look like the noble good guy: How's that for a burn? Angelo's had his smugometer turned up to eleven for days now, but it seemed like he had a comedown when he realised that Willow might have switched sides but that doesn't mean she liked him. I hope that the majority of the town won't blame him for doing his job (and it'd be really nice to see an apology from Jasmine) but they're unlikely to thank him either.

We did at least get to see the moment where Jasmine discovered she'd backed the wrong horse, with her denials crumbling as Taylor told her what had happened: In fact, she seemed to accept it a lot faster than the Diner crowd did.No surprise that Dean and Bella didn't thank Willow for making the hard choice, but honestly, how many times has Bella snarled "I will never forgive you for this!!!" now? (Usually at Colby.) To be honest, Willow's reaping what she sowed as well: How differently would things have played out if she hadn't been so hellbent on stopping Colby turning himself in nearly two years ago, or been so forceful in insisting to Bella that what he did was somehow okay? John added a nice light touch to her departure, with a bemused air of "I have no idea what's going on here, but I'm going to stand here waving and pretending I'm a part of it". It'd be nice to actually see Ryder checking on Bella, especially since we haven't seen them together since she was never forgiving him for calling the police about the Paratas' troubles. I expressed doubt about such a scene once before and we got it, so I'll try and keep an open mind.

A bit of karma for Marilyn as well, as she tries to cover up the fact she's still on Silver Dreams from Alf and Irene, and ends up accidentally propositioning John...

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What's the betting Reenie signs up to Silver Dreams next to get her some or is talked into it?🤣

Angelo was smiling like a cat that just clawed up its own fabrics or did something horrible in their shoe 



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I thought witness X was going to dragged out bit longer maybe today's episode should have been the finale for last year cutting off the John and Marylin dating thing from the end John should have been on the app that would have been amusing as soon as Marylin went on there it got boring 

So Colby's gone to prison for 25 years that's brilliant or so does that mean that Willow has gone too? Two people from that group that I have found total bores since they arrived hopefully gone. But I say all this and I somewhat enjoy Colbys endgame story it's all the stuff in the middle with him I didn't enjoy. Now we are left with silly Tori and Ari and Tane 

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Considering it was only the night before Colby would certainly remember it. Talking of having blazing rows with the doors open they were at it again, but why were the balcony doors open when the place had been unoccupied? 

Everyone has 'snarled' "I'm never forgiving you" at someone amongst that group at sometime.  Not that long ago Bella was preparing to leave for  NZ to get away from Colby, BUT, like the Parata's, when the 💩 hits the fan, family come first and he is Bella's brother.   They all kept stopping Colby from turning himself in, Bella with the most convincing argument she couldn't cope without him. 

There could be a knock on effect though, somehow Amber is bound to find out, that won't do Dean's chance's of seeing Jai anytime soon any good.   Looks like he's totally lost interest in the surf shop. 

Red, Colby's time inside - 25 years with no chance of parole until he's served 20 - will be nothing like what Ross would have gone through, he'd done time before and would have been looked up to and feared in equal measure. Colby's a cop - well ex cop now- and they never have a good time of it - I repeat Dylan Carter - plus of course the screws won't exactly be on his side either, he's one of theirs.  Bit of a dump, that prison, to put it mildly .  Is he going to do the "I don't want anyone visiting me" routine? He did keep his word and left Dean out of it, but then he'd always maintained he would. He also kept Willow and Bella out of it.  She did a very good impression of letting people she was hearing the news for the first time.😉  I know he's a killer and broke the oath he took to maintain the law, but the judge made it sound he was a crazed serial killer.  Was it the fact he'd kept it hidden for so long?  I think Willow did what she did because as she said she was tired of seeing 'the family' tear itself apart, especially since Colby got so obsessed with using Taylor to get info.  They were all coping, just, before the body got found, but that is when it started falling apart. Colby admitted that to Willow. 

Didn't expect to see Willow go so quickly, but it was pleasing that Jasmine didn't seem to blame her, if things had worked our differently Jas could have approached Colby with her proposition. 😉  Loved the bemused look on John's face, he'll miss Willow, though not as much as Irene and Jasmine.  Jas' will be busy finding a replacement manager.

Rosetta's victory wasn't as sweet as he'd thought it would be as it's cost him his marriage - or has it? 🤔  Why would would anyone be thanking him btw?   None of them were in any danger.  

I think it was briefly mentioned by Tane last week that Bella had forgiven Ryder for calling the cops.  No Ryder or Nic at the trial, had they done their three days, but no explanation why. 

Why was Irene apologising to Marilyn for having a go at her for having her phone on when she was supposed to be working?   

I don't know if we'd known before how old John  and Maz were but we do now - 61 and 51 respectively.  That was funny, well I thought so, when Marilyn laughed at John's profile "easy going" then hit match in error - or was it an error?🤔  He got a shock himself when he saw Marilyn's photo come up, then they are a match.❤️

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