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One thing is when Amber hit Ziggy, how shocked Mackenzie looked.  She did push Amber when she was quite drunk.

Interesting seeing Dean being the voice of reason to Colby re Bella/Nikau.  I liked the way Bella said "Bite me" to Colby (It reminded me when Max said it from Dark Angel).  When Colby called Nikau out about him stealing Tori's car, Bella didn't even flinch.  I didn't realise Nikau had actually admitted to her that he did it.  Unless she had already guessed in which case I'm surprised she hasn't brought up the fact that Grace was in the car.  I did laugh when Colby said to Nikau "What happened that day was stupid and irresponsible and you could have ruined lives".

Ari's in a difficult predicament as Dean said to Mackenzie - "No one wants to hear that their girlfriend thinks their brother's hot."  The fact that she's attracted to Tane should be a red flag given that she didn't tell Ari what happened with Amber/Ziggy.  However as Ari admitted to Dean, given his background and I would also add, given they live in a small town, he's not going to have many opportunities to meet any women that may be interested.  I would personally go as far as saying he's punching above his weight.  I think that's why he saw things as casual from the start because presumably he didn't think it would last.  I do hope things actually work out as think Ari is a lot better when he's happy with her.  Not sure how Mackenzie is going to continue working with Tane though.

I have to admit I did like the way John was watching when Amber had another go at Colby.  I have a lot of respect for care workers but I'm not sure it's wise Amber going out and getting wasted almost every night when she has a client the next morning as she has a duty of care.  Bella put across a pretty convincing argument as to why Colby left Jai to die.  You could argue that it's good for Amber that she doesn't continue hating Colby but I can't help thinking her saying that they are never going to be like they were before that they could end up together.

I appreciate Marilyn telling John that she thought the writing was on the wall after the siege but I can't help think that she was unhappy before but as she signed a contract felt she had a duty to remain loyal, then after the siege decided that she wanted out and couldn't tell him so expressed her disdain at being stuck in the marriage, passive aggressively.


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Constable Risotto Mk II I'd like to think her name is Angela. Certainly not the first time they're reused the name badges - we had a Constable P Corelli pop up in recent years too 😛

2020 season begins, six weeks after it did in Australia, but vagaries of Oz broadcasts means we're only 26 episodes behind at the moment. Well. Okay, seriously, what was the hospital siege a

This Week on Parata Wars: Ari: You're a tool! Tane: You're a tool! Gemma: Knock it off! Nikau: I'm outta here! *Australian voiceover* "Brought to you by Gala Bingo."

Thanks Red, I wasn't sure about Roo what with her comings and goings. 

You are never going to be a Colby fan are you Red?  Bella, it appears, didn't know about what occurred that night, well she wouldn't she was only a kid but blames herself for it when no way was it.  She was telling Amber how it was from her side and a good question what would Amber have done in Colby's position, yes it was a very slim chance Colby could have rescued Bella but he had to take it.  Amber is never going to forgive him but she has accepted why he did what he did.  Dean, Ziggy and Willow were certainly surprised when she arrived with Colby and Bella.  

I've wondered that about Amber and her capacity to bounce back so quick from a heavy night out, not just the occasional one, but every night, maybe she's become hardened  to it. Still a risk though seeing as some of her patients may be more vulnerable than John.  Another 'it's a small town, so we are going to bump into each other' comment. :wink:

She can be discreet as we saw when she noticed John and Marilyn needed to have a quite talk.  I think it needed to be said, they do still care for each other that was obvious, but I think something happened to Marilyn inside when she was caught up in the siege,  John tired his best to help her through it but it wasn't enough.   But as Irene said she'll know when she is on the right path again, she'll get a sign.  In the same way that Maz likes to look after people Alf likes to take charge, hence his insisting she move in with him, Roo and Ryder and as Maz doesn't like upsetting people she lets him. Even when/if she finds a place to rent she'll not want to upset them by saying she's moving out so they won't thinks she's ungrateful. 

John is getting better, criticising  Alf's ability to run the place without hm. :D

Warning bells should have started ringing the way it was going so good for Dean, Colby and Bella.  Ziggy gets her divorce certificate, still can't get my head around they get a certificate in Australia, all we get is a degree absolute, so her and Dean were making plans to go on surfing comps working around her job at the garage, he can promote the board shop and classes.  Bella is in a really good place, not only being with Nik but her and Colby are good too.   All about to celebrate Ziggy's divorce, sans drunken dancing. But then there is that phone call from Yabby Creek cop shop asking Colby and Bella to go in right away.  Sgt Cooper, what's happened to McCarthy, has to break the news, not Angelo as I previously thought, that they have found Ross' body and I had forgotten Dean and Colby buried it in the woods.  I'm guessing they did other checks to make sure it was him and didn't just rely on the premise because they found a driving licence with the body it was his and didn't belong to someone else.  Bella and Colby did well to act suitably shocked. 

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Naturally, they'd have given Nixon the full auto to confirm ID. Dental records, hair and that. Plus his accounts would have been untouched.

Onto today's..  4-way panic time. Also, they live above the flamin' diner and they're yelling w/ the door open... I'll take logic breaks for 600, Bob😁

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Well, as everyone else realised, Bella's plan to run away would just send them to the top of the suspect list, Colby's plan of "ignore it and hope it goes away" isn't much better.I think this is why Bella doesn't seem bothered about the possibility of Nikau stealing Tori's car, because it would take some effort to have found a boyfriend who'd done worse than the people she lives with have.This is, sadly, normal to her which is why I'd have preferred her to have a boyfriend a bit less dodgy.Amber was rather blunt about it all: Understandable with Mackenzie and Ari who really have no idea how bad Ross was, but what she said to Bella would have been pretty off if the situation was what she thinks it is.But at least it's honest, unlike Bella playing the grieving daughter when she's known Ross is dead for over a year and protected his killer. I hope Ari and/or Mackenzie filled Nikau in on what happened when they got home!

Elsewhere, I guess that's one way for Tane to handle things, and Mackenzie too for that matter.I'm hoping nothing happens between them because it would be nice to see people actually resist temptation for once. Nikau's initial reaction to realising how Tane felt was amusing, but seems he touched a bit too much of a nerve.Typical that a player like Tane ends up falling for the one woman that's off limits!

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Knee jerk reaction from Bella about doing a runner, though Colby's solution doesn't sit well with them.  He will be in the right place to find things out even if he can't be involved in the investigation though when has that stopped any cop sticking his/her nose in.  No further checks, yet, to confirm it was Ross then, just going by the paperwork -  should do dental checks, DNA before informing the family in this case Bella and Colby, he could have been a much loved dad/stepdad.  Plus no mention how long he'd been in the grave, a pathologist would need to do an autopsy before that was established, all a bit sloppy imo.   Still a shock for Bella now it's actually out in the open and the others don't know what he was really like.  Colby reckoned he could handle it but he still looked pretty shaken when he was going over Ross's details. 

Dean's understandably panicked because of him returning to the body when he was having his hallucinations when he was taking those drugs, Colby was right though as the body was in the open any evidence after all this time would be lost/spoilt.   As long as they can all manage to keep their cool, hopefully, not that I'm condoning murder, the police will look at Ross's other enemies.  I like how Nik was there for Bella, something else in common both their dads dying only a year ago and by being shot, he was a bit put out when Ziggy called him but understood once he knew why she'd cancelled. Really good to see Ari and Nik getting on so well.

I wasn't aware Mac knew much about Ross apart from what Dean had told her so yes I agree with Amber's reaction, she didn't know anything about him or what he was really like. As for what she said to Bella she doesn't know what went down a year ago, glad we had the 'reminder'.    

Some rather raunchy goings on in the pool with Ari and Mac:blush::whistling:   wonder the water didn't start boiling. Very awkward for Tane who couldn't not look, Nik was only doing what Tane would have but then he realised Tane did like Mac.  

Had a sudden thought about Angelo - btw wasn't he fired from the police? - what his reaction will be when he finds out, as he surely will, that Colby and Dean are ex River Boys? He did have his own dealings with them when Brax and Heath were in charge.   He and Brax  were partners in  Angelo's together let's not forget. 

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It's been interesting seeing how close Ari and Nikau have become since Gemma left. Not too long ago, Nikau was seeing Tane as the cool uncle and Ari as the loser. Here, he'd almost flipped round although to be fair to Tane I don't think he meant to leave for good, just get a bit of space.So, after all his worries, Ari finds that being himself worked out just fine with Mackenzie.I did love his increasingly bewildered reaction to her tales of her father's boat.

Ryder doesn't even get to catch up with Bella off screen! I don't know whether to hope that means we'll see the reunion on screen or anticipating them both disappearing and by next week the conversations will have already happened.He did at least get to hang out with Nikau, who pointed that they've now all (officially) got dead fathers. (Bella's actually died first, but she couldn't tell them until now.)

I'm not expecting it to happen and maybe I'm being harsh but it feels like it might be best for Alf to help Marilyn to help herself rather than continuing to treat her like a stray he's taken in.(And he should also know from past experience not to let her do the food shopping.)

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It is an interesting  turn around with Nik's attitude towards Ari and Tane, he's come to realise and appreciate Ari is the one that has put up with him and his moods and not surprising he'd think Tane was living up (or should that be down) to Ari's experience that  when things got tough Tane got going.  I don't think Tane liked Nik having such a go at him which maybe why he stayed.  I'm glad he felt he was able to confide in Nik, rather sad in a way that the first woman he really falls for is his brother's girlfriend and we don't want to go there again so soon.  He said he wouldn't and I'd like to believe him.  To be fair Ari and Mac weren't that serious when the flirting started.  

Mac did say whatever Ari wanted to do for their first date would be fine with her but I can see why Ari would worry that a row boat wouldn't be what she expected.   You played that clever girl, pretending you didn't have a clue about fishing with prawns. I did have  a feeling she was stringing Ari along, his face when she hooked the first prawn on  then cast her line.:D  His face did goggle a bit when she told explained  how big Rick's boat was, he did have his uses then did Rick teaching her to fish. To give Ari tons of credit he didn't throw a man strop when she caught more fish than him, though both Ari and Alf did come across slightly sexist with their initial attitude.   Just because she comes across a  bit of a toff that  proved she isn't.  Wonder what Amber would think about Princess doing something so humble as fishing  from a little row boat.   Cracking idea her returning the favour, well sort of as she didn't actually cook the fish,  serving it as what looked a lovely meal. Ari really scrubs up well.:whistling:

Alf, honestly, Ryder had only just walked through the door so of course he hadn't heard about Bella's dad.    Sounds like she was doing a Ryder by going to TAFE which is why he missed her the first time.  I hope it will be a on screen meeting up, it does lose something when it happens off screen and she has to properly comfort him about Evan.  A very exclusive club for the three of them, as Nik agreed not the best club to be in but hey it is a club.  I still can't see Nik as being in his mid 20's.  Ryder did agree he would have regretted not going to Evan's funeral, the tribute  went well and Evan's pals did fill Ryder in what Evan was like when he was younger - too much info sometimes - according to Ryder. 

Imo Marilyn did the right thing by leaving Ryder, Roo and Alf alone to talk about Evan, it was a family thing, and despite what Alf keeps insisting she isn't, well not at that particular time.    I agree Red, Alf thinks he is being really helpful and repaying back Maz for all the kind things she has done, but I think in her eyes she feels she is going backwards -  living in someone else's house as a guest  - however much she will be wanted and how many times she is told she can stay as long as she likes - it is not her home.   Of course, Maz, being Maz, would never say that out loud she wouldn't want to offend or upset anyone.  Alf, lad, you need to stop mollycoddling her and help  her find a place of her own.    Maz is no longer the young woman she was - not being nasty there, Marilyn is what late 40's early 50's - and she must feel at odds at being treated as a lost waif. 

Know what you mean about the food shopping, be a lot of good healthy stuff coming in, did she get the milk, seemed plenty later. 

Going back a bit to Maz and John's talk the other day in the Surf Club, quite sad but I'm glad they did, it's clear they both still care for each other and they'll always be there for each other  when needed but sadly they won't get back what they had before the siege.


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Jasmine's counselling didn't seem to be very promising at first, with her still treating it as something she has to go through to see Grace rather than something she needed for herself.But her counsellor was obviously good at the job, as she managed to get her to open up and realise there's a lot of things she hasn't dealt with, and it was perhaps an important moment when she acknowledged that Grace would probably be fine without her.I thought it was a positive step when she initially turned down the chance to spend time with Tori and Grace...so of course Tori tracks her down and makes the offer a second time and she accepts.Justin has a headache.In real life, it would just be a headache.If you're on television, it hardly ever is.

It would have been nice if the show had actually followed through on Marilyn, another one who apparently isn't allowed time to herself without her self-appointed support network tracking her down and telling her what's best for her, noting that she's a grown woman who should be able to stand on her own two feet.But instead we get Alf tracking her down and giving her the same "This house is there for anyone that needs help" speech that he's been giving since at least 2008.We know Alf looks on her as a daughter.We know Roo looks on her as a sister.This is not some big revelation that solves everything.

And the return of Angelo, for about two minutes.Given that when he was in the Bay before he was forced to resign over his latest questionable decision, I hope we get a better explanation for him being a police officer again than "They let you back in then?" It's a bit of a disappointment, since he's about the only officer who resigned and stayed gone.

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Jasmine's last counselling sessions were kind of hijacked by that counsellor - the ex cop:wink: - switching it from her problems to Robbo's and hers were forgotten.  This counsellor - name not yet known - is good, not too pushy, but got Jasmine to see it's not about Grace but her herself and her feelings of abandonment which didn't get resolved last time.  Jasmine did, at first, think a couple of sessions and she'd be OK but was soon put straight.  She admitted she felt that by dying Robbo had abandoned her when he'd promised he'd never leave her, interesting to learn she hadn't visited his grave, he did only die a few months ago.   I did hope we'd see Jasmine visiting Robbo's grave after she took herself off for a walk. If Irene hadn't mentioned it I would have had forgotten that it would have been Robbo and Jasmine's 1st Anniversary, what a day to have her first counselling session and she never mentioned it to anyone.  I think that is why Tori approached her later though still  nothing was said. Is Tori breaking the conditions of her own AVO by approaching Jasmine or it is just that Jasmine can't have solo contact with Grace? 

Marilyn is being jostled into staying at Alf's, though I know it's well meant, and it triggered that well worn "You can stay here as long as you like" line.  Naturally, at the moment, she doesn't want to be on her own, but the longer she stays at Alf's the harder it will for her to make the break and get  a place of her own.    She won't be an idle house guest and will pull her weight, Alf did decline her veggie offering though.:D

That's being ageist Justin - you don't have to be old to need glasses.   Let's hope you're wrong Red, the Morgan's don't need any more trauma, they're just getting back on track.  Has Ava now been forgotten about now she is back with her mum, I thought there were going to be regular visits? 

Alf hadn't forgotten about Angelo being kicked out of the police then.  It was only nine years ago  and he was just an uniformed cop then so he's got back in and been made a detective in that time - that's quick work.  Did his superiors decide to send him to the bay as he knew the place or did he volunteer? 


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Justin Rosniak should have filmed ghost scenes...

"You'll never be free of me *now*, boy!" *distorted laugh, Colby sweating and yelling.

Colby does the whole cool thing but it's obs he's filling his kecks. Also with Chelsea having spoken to Angelo, it's unravelling quicker than he hoped...

Palmer, Alf and Ryder in fine form.

Hmmm... What's wrong with Justin? (Or some of you might say "What's  *right* with him?"


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