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Constable Risotto Mk II I'd like to think her name is Angela. Certainly not the first time they're reused the name badges - we had a Constable P Corelli pop up in recent years too ūüėõ

2020 season begins, six weeks after it did in Australia, but vagaries of Oz broadcasts means we're only 26 episodes behind at the moment. Well. Okay, seriously, what was the hospital siege a

This Week on Parata Wars: Ari: You're a tool! Tane: You're a tool! Gemma: Knock it off! Nikau: I'm outta here! *Australian voiceover* "Brought to you by Gala Bingo."

Jasmine is NOT crazy Slade, I've said before she just isn't very mentally and emotionally well.  There is a part of her that knows what she is doing isn't right but her fixation/obsession with Grace is overriding everything.  She's had a rough couple of years and she just hasn't dealt with it, I notice she does what Robbo did when he was upset or bothered goes running.  In her current state of mind what she is doing is perfectly logical.  Still PRINTING in her notebook though Willow is under the impression she's writing calming things.  I can't remember if we heard the discussion about who's photo, as in Tori and Grace or Grace and Jas, photo was gong to be on the gym website and Willow obviously wasn't present so it is Jas' word against Tori's.  I've said before but out of everyone involved with the car snatch the only one not getting bent out of shape was Grace. Tori has know realised what game Jas is playing though not the full extent yet, she's been very generous in letting Jas' behaviour go, but now she's putting all those little incidents  together. Of course she is always going to be grateful to Jasmine for looking after Grace so well for the three months she was unable to, but Jasmine has to hold it over her head every time, in her mind, she's crossed.  Jas had got the huff earlier when Tori calmly turned down her offer to look after Grace as Tori had just come off a shift and was tired, without it being said Tori must have had worries then.  Hence Jasmine's entrance in her journal about Tori being wrong about not taking her offer of help when she was so obviously tired.  Seems Willow finds one of Jasmines' me and 'my' baby entries.  So glad Justin didn't say "I told you so".  He has been very diplomatic around Jasmine of late as his previous attitude was just upsetting everyone. Jasmine approached Colby about the fact Tori had 'abandoned' Grace in the car so maybe as English Invader said Tori wants to ask his advice.  We all saw how that ended.  Now definitely a police matter. 

Irene was certainly getting bombarded by some dramatic news, Ben & Maggie's departure just getting skipped over. First Grace getting 'kidnapped' then Marilyn with her news. Btw Willow, did you return to your client that you just left sitting there?   There would never have been a good time for John to have said what he did but it wasn't doing either of them any good  carrying on as they were.  As long as Marilyn refused to come out and say she didn't love John anymore it could mean it wasn't true in her mind anyway.  I'm sure she still cares for him, they've been married for six years and have known each other quite awhile  before that.  It may, strange as it sounds, be easier now the truth is out there, they can stop pussyfooting round each other  and relax. Didn't get john's comment about Marilyn cooking and washing for him, wasn't she doing that before anyway?:unsure:  Seems John is already making plans.

Oh Ryder you lovely young man,:wub: instead of throwing a strop when you overheard Grumps telling Martha he'd feel better staying to keep an eye on you, you kept quiet then later just dropped it into the conversation, then persuaded him to go to be with his wife.   Did Alf and Irene actually see each this time round or was it a revolving doors thing?

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23 hours ago, Jamie2811 said:

It feels like Irene and Alf haven’t been around at the same time for ages. Alf had his long honeymoon then Irene went away just after he came back, now she’s back and Alf’s off again. 

I said a while back that I was starting to wonder if we'd ever get a week where all the regulars were there...and we didn't! Leah was gone at the beginning of the season, then Alf was gone, then Bella, then Irene, and now Roo's gone, Ben and Maggie have gone for good, and apparently Alf's gone too.Maybe we'll get a week where the revised regular cast, with the Paratas replacing the Astoni parents, are all there but I'm starting to doubt it!

8 hours ago, Helena said:

I remember the conversation between tori and Jasmine and Jasmine said that it would be tori and Grace in the photos .

I remember it too. What I remember is that Jasmine said she wanted Grace in the photos, Tori said she and Grace would both be happy to take part, and Jasmine gave her a look as if to say "Who said anything about you?" but didn't correct her.

Alf's episode count this week:Four.

I must admit I'd forgotten about the stuff Jas had stolen.She well and truly went off the deep end here.I must admit I got a slight sense of "That's for the Paratas" satisfaction when Jasmine scratched Colby: If any of them did anything to him, he'd be down on them like a ton of bricks, but Jasmine's more likely to get away with it. It's at the point where I find it pretty much impossible to judge whether she's sincere or not. She seemed pretty shell-shocked when she turned up at the Diner, but it's hard to shake the feeling that she was still trying to turn the situation to her advantage, as with her behaving contrite when Tori and Colby turned up.I really didn't want it to get to this point but I'm not sure Tori's got a choice.

Okay, they're taking the mick now. Bella was actually in the Diner today and still didn't manage to cross paths with Irene, who was there whenever someone else came in. Does Bella even know Irene's back? Does Irene even know Bella's back, given that Leah and co have been incredibly lax in keeping her updated? We're back to Ryder playing gooseberry: I guess it's only fair after all those years of there being two girls, one of whom was usually dating him, but I'm not sure why the show doesn't just have four youngsters instead of always structuring it as a couple and a third wheel. As I've said before, I wasn't keen on Bella and Nikau as a couple before and I'm even less keen now. I think they'd work better as friends: Her dragging him to the Diner worked better than her planting a rather sparkless kiss on him.At least he's finally worked out that, while they don't exactly seem to be rushing to their defence, the rest of the town aren't going to turn on his family just because Colby has.

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I caught up with the show abit today Is it me or do all the three guys in the new family sound the same?  Their voices Very shouty and loud and  I think I'm getting quickly bored of their story Gemma in those blue shorts though yes please  haha

Colby self wallowing about his divorce please I liked the underlined home truth about Ross that Dean gave him just because of what is to come 

I'm not a fan of Ryders story just because I have read what happens there 

Jasmine's story is OK but I'm after over the top sillynes not all these sad stories lol

Ben and Maggie story is quite dull to go out on but I guess it's good it can bring up Ben's depression again but really something should have happened to Coco instead of this brother story 


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Jasmine didn't exactly say yes or no then to Tori, hence the 'misunderstanding'.:unsure:  I'd forgotten about Jas' stash, so had she apparently the way she just got it out in front of Irene, she had kept it well hidden before.   That was some spectacular unravelling by Jasmine, I'm not sure if even she knows if she is being sincere when she apologises for her outbursts, promises she'll calm down and she'll be 'OK'.  Tori has been so, so patient and understanding so far, but has finally come to realise it can't go on, no way would Jasmine ever hurt Grace, if anyone is going to get hurt and I mean emotionally, it's Jasmine.  Tori's doctor half knows Jasmine isn't in control, but the mother half just wants to keep Jas away from Grace.

Willow, though reluctant, had to tell Colby what was on that mummies forum and he had to tell Tori, now it is her choice what she decides to do about it.    I'm not a big fan of people saying about a deceased, be in it in a TV show or real life "If so-and-so were here they wouldn't want this/that for you" or "they'd want you to do this/that" how would they know unless said someone had told them.  But in this case I think Robbo would be horrified by what Jasmine is doing.  Jasmine has been very good at fobbing people off, convincing them she's OK, it's not her, it's others who have it wrong, but she needs help before she self destructs. 

It is getting like a¬† Whitehall farce, ask your gran,¬† with people not connecting with other people, this time as you said Red, Bella and Irene.¬† Rather sweet Bella coaxing Nikau to 'brave' the Diner saying no-one blames you, well Marilyn seemed perfectly OK with him and she's not that good at acting casual if she's nervous round someone. Were Ryder's backwards looks because he is the spare wheel or he's worried Bella could end up in¬† a tricky situation again or Nik could get it wrong again. ¬† I could actually 'hear' what Nik was getting up the courage to say to Bella before she read his mind and kissed him. ¬†¬† What's wrong with them having a little romance, he knows the boundaries now.¬† Good to hear him say, in an aside, he wants to contribute towards the rent, also a brief mention of Tane having gone awol. ¬† Who btw is back this week with a wad of dosh.ūüíĶ

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Wasn't sure when Irene said to Marilyn that if the pressure is taken off her and John's relationship, some of her feelings towards him might come back.  Marilyn has been out of love with John for some time.  Something has fundamentally changed with her and the problem is once that happens it's unlikely that she will feel the same.

Not really sure what to make of Bella now.  When she and Nikau got intimate she understandably freaked out.  Even when she came back from having her treatment and he was still quite into her she made it clear that she didn't want a relationship.  Then in less than a couple of weeks she's hanging round him like a lost puppy and laying on his bed with him holding his hand.  Now she clearly wants something.  Always a golden rule is if you've been in treatment for something, you should avoid anything romantic.

It's funny how crazy Jasmine claimed that Tori wasn't acting like a friend because she sure as hell hasn't.  If she really wanted to do the right thing and she thought there was an issue she would try to help Tori rather than attempting to get her hands on Tori's baby.  I don't really think it helped Willow knowing about Jasmine slating Tori on the online forum and pretending to be Grace's mother and keeping quiet for as long as she did.  Although putting myself in her position, I can see that she thought it was best to not say anything, be there as a friend and simply monitor the situation.  Jasmine really shot herself in the foot at the Surf Club.  Completely oblivious to how irrational she was, attacking Colby (Although there's an argument he deserves it) and making a scene in front of everybody.  There's now even less of a reason for Tori to want Jasmine around Grace when she's acting like that especially after reading her comments on the Forum (Justin's reaction to that made me laugh) and finding out she took several of Grace's items.  After still trying to be diplomatic and nice about it, Tori is now putting her foot down, which I guess will effectively end her friendship with Jasmine.

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Jasmine almost seems to have a split personality at this point. I think her remorse after her meltdowns is mostly genuine, and yet it doesn't seem to be enough to stop her going off the deep end and behaving in an intense manner again soon after.Sadly, whilst I fully understand her regrets, I think Tori doesn't have any other choice than to serve Jasmine with an AVO at this point: Simply telling her to stay away obviously isn't working. While I hope she's right, Irene constantly telling Jasmine that the ban's only temporary isn't really helping, because it leaves her convinced it's going to end straightaway.Ironically, Jasmine came in with a stalker and now she's the stalker.

As much as it goes against the grain, I think Colby does have more than a bit of a point.Bella pushed ahead with this before and ended up distressed, and Nikau doesn't seem to have got any better at reading the situation, as he interpreted her discomfort at being alone in the house with him as being entirely down to Colby's influence.And yes, he's on very shaky ground with regards his pleas of innocence, as we know he was involved with the carjacking.

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