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I'm trying to think about  another time Bella got drunk, she wasn't that bad at Ryder's just normal teen behaviour, but I'm sure there was another time  or I don't think she would have mentioned it. 

I've noticed reviews for that days events in the papers and TV mags don't always match up with what is happening on screen.  

:offtopic:I think a whole scene was missing from a recent episode of Corrie last week.  Supposedly we were meant to see Daniel  asking Adam for an advance on his wages but we didn't see it and  this was before the Covid-19 scenes were shot.

Tori does seem at her best when she is being Dr. Tori.  That was a great idea and it did John the world of good, Maz backed off and just helped John when he asked for it.  I was glad to see he apologised for his behaviour the night before and seemed to have come round more to the realisation he's going to have to accept help when he needs it.  Though if I remember right he tried to take over with Jett and impose his help when Jett didn't need it, how soon we forget eh John and Jett had use of both of his arms. Be a big boost to his recovery to go home and I guess they still have all the aids that were there when Jett had need of them, Marilyn mentioned it was wheelchair friendly.  More than likely  she'll have help, John is a big man so she couldn't manage to lift him on her own, be in danger of hurting him and herself.  John is a fit man for his age, runs the Surf Club,  juice bar, life saving classes and is always on the go so that is going to go in his favour as long as he doesn't expect miracles overnight. 

Shame Tori had to give her day with Grace up, though it was only meant to be a half day.  She's back to trusting Jasmine and Jasmine to give her her due didn't whisk Grace off somewhere without saying anything. Justin hid any doubts he may have had well and they both got on well feeding Grace.  But then Jasmine was alone with Grace and posting about 'her and her' baby.  Definitely not good signs.  Let's hope Leah does cope with being back at work and it's not  a front she's putting on. 

Alf doing his wise, old man bit, no offence Alf,  got through to Ben where Ziggy failed, but then Alf is able to be more dispassionate about it and it worked.  Don't suppose you had to be a rocket scientist to work out which road Maggie would be taking to get to the airport.  Not only  a good emergency stop, but showed Maggie's brakes were in excellent order. :D  She did appear to take what Ben said on board but of course it won't be easy, but if they both want to stay together they've got to fight for it.  Good point that Red about what happened or rather didn't happen with Ben and Gemma giving Maggie some idea of what Ben was going through when she admitted of what actually happened between her and Marco.  

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Constable Risotto Mk II I'd like to think her name is Angela. Certainly not the first time they're reused the name badges - we had a Constable P Corelli pop up in recent years too 😛

2020 season begins, six weeks after it did in Australia, but vagaries of Oz broadcasts means we're only 26 episodes behind at the moment. Well. Okay, seriously, what was the hospital siege a

This Week on Parata Wars: Ari: You're a tool! Tane: You're a tool! Gemma: Knock it off! Nikau: I'm outta here! *Australian voiceover* "Brought to you by Gala Bingo."

It feels like we've gone back to Ben and Maggie having the same conversations.What happened or didn't happen with Gemma seems to have been forgotten about and instead we're right back to whether or not Ben can forgive her for what happened with Marco.I don't know, maybe he's open to listening this time? Wise words from just about everyone involved (Leah, Justin, Ziggy). I would still rather have Ben and Maggie back together than not, but their reputation has taken a big hit with this storyline.

Okay, Jasmine's behaviour is now approaching dangerous levels.Taking mementos and trophies of Grace is bordering on stalkerish behaviour.I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not but she has enough self-awareness to realise that other people wouldn't approve, looking worried when Tori nearly catches her with her hoard and when one of the forum mums recognises where she is.Her banter with Willow would be quite promising if taken in itself but it's hard to tell to what extent she's going through the motions.

Alf tried to talk to Marilyn but she's in tunnel vision mode, refusing to think things through or acknowledge the problems with what she's doing.

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We finally, thanks to Justin's careful probing of Ben's reasons for not forgiving Maggie, found out why he was the way he was about it.  It's because he's never felt worthy of Maggie, he's always felt inferior to Marco who it appears was the golden boy who could no wrong.  What's the betting Mama and Papa kept comparing Ben to him asking why he couldn't be more like his brother.  It all makes sense now, well does to me.   He's carried that feeling with him all these years that he has been married to Maggie and that is why he finished with her in the first place because he felt he didn't deserve her.  I agree all involved did a good job in getting through to Ben and Maggie.  Leah didn't say much but what she did say, you may be flying off to Italy but you'll be taking your baggage with you, and she didn't mean her luggage, hit home.  Justin, who was very wise and Leah were attuned in their advice to their respective advisees.   Ziggy did the right thing by taking herself off so Ben & Maggie could talk

I'd say Jasmine's behaviour has passed dangerous and all that collecting items of Grace's clothing  is way not healthy.  She is putting on a good show around Willow and Tori, even seems to have convinced Justin she is OK to be around Grace on her own.   I'd also say a bad thing about her knowing people wouldn't approve, her making light of her non pregnancy when Willow worried about the mum/bubs yoga classes and if Jas would be OK with seeing all the mums and their babies.   Jasmine wasn't as careful as she thought she was being when she posted that photo as that mum recognised where she was so must be local enough as she knew it was the gym.  Oh and doesn't Grace have the cutest  toes.:wub:

As well as all of that going on we had John and Marilyn.  Marilyn still won't (or can't) say if she is helping John because she loves him or doing it out of duty as Alf asked her last week. To keep saying "He's my husband" isn't a good enough an answer.  Neatly avoided Alf's question about what happens if John makes  full, or nearly, full recovery. Alf may have looked a bit askance when Marilyn said John would be in Jett's room as that is where all the equipment was but it does make sense, even if things were OK between them. It would give them both a good nights sleep which they will both need and I can see Marilyn, if they were in the same bed, waking up every five minutes, asking John if he's OK.   I know Jett can't do much physically but he'd liked to be informed.   At least Marilyn hasn't cut herself off completely from the outside world as she'll still be doing shifts at the Diner.  There will be outside help as long as John accepts this is how it will be for the foreseeable. Leah is going to be a busy girl. Don't think Roo will able to help much. 

4 hours ago, CaptainHulk said:


 (Suppose everyone has their dark side 😁)

Is that Maggie or you Caption Hulk?:devil:

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Well, we don't get to see Ben and Maggie's decision.Instead we do, as Maggie noted, see them just going round and round.As they said though, at least they're past the point of being angry and shouting at each other. Dean and Ziggy's getaway left me wondering if that was the same spot he and Ash went to! It feels a bit like the show's trying to turn them into a younger version of Ben and Maggie, with a bit of a class divide and him thinking he's punching above his weight. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Jasmine gets rid of her forum friend by adding a large dollop of truth to the lie. It's kind of tragic in a way: She's pretending Grace is hers and now she's pretending Robbo is still alive. It's like for a bit she can imagine she's living the life she wanted and almost had.Not that that makes it any more comfortable for those caught up in the deception...

Marilyn's playing the dutiful wife but I'm not sure if she can keep it up. John's hoping for the best but she didn't see his face when she told him he'd be staying in Jett's room.

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Very clever the way TPTB has left us dangling as to what decision Ben and Maggie have made, faces were very hard to read and didn't give anything away with what they were saying about telling the 'girls'.   Ben certainly got a lot off his chest.  I don't think Maggie 'chose' Marco specifically, he just happened to be there.  Not wanting to drag up history but depending on how drunk Marco was he could have said no to Maggie's drunken advances. 

Oh Dean I knew there was a reason why I love you.:wub:  Whisking Ziggy off to celebrate your 1st Anniversary - where did that year go!  Resisting  all her attempts to get him to tell her where they were going,  actually remembering it was their anniversary - a bloke and an ex RB! - and buying (I hope) that lovely necklace.  It's just what Ziggy needed, somewhere quiet away from all the stress with her mum and dad.  She did wheedle out of him what RB's women did to prove  their commitment and we found out later on - a tat!  I did like Ziggy's - crossed surfboards. 👍  Not wishing their relationship ill, but if they did break up she wouldn't need to get rid of it or have it covered over.  Of course now Ben and Maggie are stressing because they can't find her.

Wasn't the spot where Dean and Ash went near a river and on lower ground?

Jasmine did have a gulp moment when that woman walked and did a pretty neat job of getting her out of there before Willow could ask any awkward questions.    I had the same thought as you Red about her being more deluded by pretending Robbo is still alive with the  'my husband is an undercover cop' line, but then I  realised it was to stop her, can't remember her name, coming back as Jasmine told Willow she had changed her mind about joining.  Willow did give them a funny look when they walked out of the gym, then just dismissed it. 

John does seem to have a different idea of what is going to happen once he gets back on his feet to what seems the idea  Marilyn likely has.  Very wisely Alf kept schtum.   John did look disappointed to find he would be sleeping in Jett's room as that is where the equipment is, will it need to be adapted for John as he's heavier than Jett was and taller.  Did hear Marilyn say she'd arranged things so they are easily accessible, I remember Jett having to really stretch something that was in the fridge. Seemed John and Alf had a good chat with Alf appreciating how much John did. 

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So, after all Ziggy's angsting, it's good news from Ben and Maggie.Her reluctance to be wholeheartedly pleased is understandable, since things are potentially fragile, but they did look happy together in their first family meal in months so I think they both want this.

Evan doesn't seem to be in a good way and it's understandable he doesn't want Ryder to have to see any more of it.But at the same time, he needs to come up with a better plan than "Leave town": Ryder is not going to be happy with him dying by the roadside or something.Evan was a member of a band called the Chick Magnets when he was young: Was Vinnie Patterson their manager? (Name of boy band Vinnie managed back in the 90s...)

The show tried its best to make Colby's leap seem reasonable, with Gemma doing her best to look as shady as possible for no particular reason, but it feels a bit like "Round up the usual suspects" mixed in with a personal dislike of Ari.Colby's known for months that Ari's got a record, so I'm not sure why he's suddenly acting like it's new information.He also seems to have overlooked the fact that the Paratas got their new place before the Diner robbery, unless he's suggesting they're on an undetected crime spree. Plus the fact that Ari's got a record actually rules him out of being one of the set of fingerprints they've found, since he'd presumably be in the database. (Tane and Nikau are another matter, of course...)

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Dean was being all wise again and finally got through to Ziggy that she couldn't hide from whatever decision Ben and Maggie had made for ever.  I would have liked to see the waterfall though.  It was a bit tense at the table, but they did seem closer again  and I'm hoping Ben's images of what happened between Maggie and Marco won't spoil their first night together, if you get my gist.

Neat idea that Red, but wouldn't there be a problem age wise?   Lovely moments between Evan and Ryder with the guitar lessons.  As Evan explained to Roo, repeating what he said before, he doesn't want Ryder to watch him die.   It wasn't in his original plan which was to meet up with Ryder get to know him, become a dad and son, then leave while still pretty healthy so Ryder had good and happy memories of him.  You had to feel for Ryder when he was talking to Alf, he's had such a short time with his dad, I noted he'd started calling him that when he stopped him leaving town, and there is still  a lot he doesn't know about him.  Don't want to sound trite but he has been able to spend time with him and get to know him if only a little.   I think maybe Roo will come up with a plan. 

I didn't think the police - or in this case Colby - would jump to the conclusion that just because Ari went from living in a van to a four bed bungalow he's the one renting it, that can easily be found out.  You're right Red, he did know about Ari's record, Dean told him he'd was inside with him, but did he know what it was for? Dean was quick to leap to Ari's defence, probably because he knows what happened to Leah isn't/wasn't Ari's style.  Colby also knows about Tane's history, doesn't appear he's done any time or been charged with anything so no prints anywhere.  What money that may have been in the Diner's till would hardly cover a months rent either so that's another theory out of the window, get away money perhaps.:wink:  I think we got a hint of it being Colby still being sniffy over Mac liking Ari in the trailer. 

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Alf steps up and gives Ryder a talking to, and so he parts from Evan on good terms, possibly for the last time.Ryder telling Evan he was proud of him was a moment to well up.I'm glad we got another brief Ryder/Bella moment before Nikau muscled in.I'm beginning to think we're never going to see all these characters in the same week again. Irene's two week trip is now approaching three (Bella will have finished her TAFE course before she gets to give her that letter) and now Roo's off as well.

I don't like Colby, so that's probably why my sympathies lie more with the Paratas, or some of them anyway. I have to admit though that they don't do themselves any favours at times: Both Ari and Gemma have been unnecessarily antagonistic. Would it have gone this far if Gemma had just let herself be fingerprinted? Maybe, maybe not. This does seem to be at least partly down to Colby simply not liking Ari, which is what Gemma was afraid of when he first got together with Mackenzie: I dismissed her worries at the time, but I guess I underestimated how petty Colby can be. Is there a reason why Tane and Nikau aren't telling Gemma he's worried about the police? Unless he's actually got a reason to be worried, but we don't know that for sure and I don't think Tane does either. Nikau pumping Bella for information was unfair and he's lucky she was discreet.

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