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For anyone who wants to hear Evan's song for Ryder again, it's been released by Cameron Daddo as a single and on a new EP

Links to stream/buy, and to watch the music video featuring Cameron and Lukas, are in the article below:


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Constable Risotto Mk II I'd like to think her name is Angela. Certainly not the first time they're reused the name badges - we had a Constable P Corelli pop up in recent years too 😛

2020 season begins, six weeks after it did in Australia, but vagaries of Oz broadcasts means we're only 26 episodes behind at the moment. Well. Okay, seriously, what was the hospital siege a

This Week on Parata Wars: Ari: You're a tool! Tane: You're a tool! Gemma: Knock it off! Nikau: I'm outta here! *Australian voiceover* "Brought to you by Gala Bingo."

I don't think Bella is leaving, the letters were just, as she said, a way of telling people things it might be difficult to say face to face.I imagine she intends to give the letter to Irene once she gets back: She was probably intending to go to the Diner and give it to her straightaway until she found out she wasn't in town.I think there wasn't one for Ryder because there wasn't any need for one: As I've said before, he's one of the few people whose effect on her has been almost completely positive, and when she has had a problem with him they've sorted it out pretty quickly.

Alf's episode count this week:Four, and he was credited on Wednesday for no appearance.

I found it difficult to have sympathy for either Maggie or Nikau here. Maggie was being pretty ridiculous again, acting as though Ben spending the night talking with another woman when they're not together is a massive betrayal.(She doesn't even know that they kissed.Actually, I'm not sure anyone does except them.)She had a few good points buried in there, about him not fighting for their marriage and about the fact she was bound to find out, but her whole "Were you just looking for a way out?" interrogation was so out of step with reality it was hard to give any credit to them.Meanwhile Nikau...well, Tane's right that he's his own worst enemy but frankly it feels like it goes deeper than that.He just seems to be angry almost all the time, at almost everyone, and nothing anyone says to him sinks in.Maybe they should pack him off to the equestrian training centre as well.

That was a real rabbit-caught-in-headlights moment from Evan when he realised Alf had seen the oxygen tank.Alf handled it well by not saying anything about it and just getting him to the gig.After all Ryder's flustering, things went well and Evan's song was moving, showing he really did think about Ryder even though he wasn't there for him.

And after being absent all episode, Leah turns up at the end just in time to get clobbered.At this rate, everyone will be in counselling for life.

And yep, the smoke during that beach scene was more than a little scary...

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AFI award nominee perhaps?

On 17/07/2020 at 15:22, Homeandawayfan. said:

I agree, too much sinister music being played. No need for it. I bet Jasmine was annoyed when she was asked what she was looking up on computer. It is like reading someone's personal letters when you look at what people are searching online and then asking very annoying questions.

Lucky it's not the 60s... They'd be playing the bejesus out of the Organ (the go-to instrument for Rock Bands and horror movies of that era! 🤣🤣)

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Well we know Nik won't be following Bella's wishes whatever they were, let's hope Colby does, so easy to slip back into bad habits, Colby is still her big brother and will still want to look out  for her. 

Was Bella at the gig?

Not the best way for Maggie to find out about Gemma and Ben's platonic night together, only the two of them and how many millions of us viewers know they kissed.:wink:   Yep maybe he could have said something to her, more so she didn't find out the way she did, rather than because they are still a couple.  Could there be a hint of truth in that Ben did it get back at her, even if was an unconscious thought on his behalf? :unsure: Fingers and everything else crossed Maggie doesn't find out Ziggy knew and didn't say anything.

Nearly touch and go Evan would be able to perform and as he told Alf he was nervous because although he'd performed in front of thousands playing in front of his son was so very different.  Evan's condition has to be real serious if he's got an oxygen tank with him.   Well done Alf for just carrying on as normal, see he can do discreet.   Laughed seeing him all fidgety  when filing in for Evan in the lighting test.:D Loved Martha's oriental top. 

Ryder pulled it off, gig was a great success. Even if the TAFE  hospitality assignment was  a ruse to pull all that together in few days was quite an achievement. Oh that song, agree very moving, had Roo, Ryder, it really floored him (and me) crying.:cryingsmiley:  So tender and loving, poignant  how the song was written 19 years, six months and 23 days ago so had been thinking of Quinn even if he wasn't there and he's had it with him for all that time.  Good on you Justin taking the camera off Ryder, would have been very shaky film otherwise. 

Tane, to give him his due, did try and get though to Nikau but sadly to no avail, Alf even generously offered him his  job back which he turned down.  

That attack on Leah is going to put her back in her recovery, pretty much signalled when we saw her leave her phone behind, she'd walk back in at the wrong time.  Was the money taken from the till, surely they don't leave money in it overnight?  Tane, going by the trailer is blamed by Ari for it, but my bet is it's Nik who was planning on doing a runner. 


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There seems to be a visual suggestion that Nikau's behind the robbery, given that the action twice cut to him after someone wondered who was responsible, but if we were meant to know it was him, we'd surely have seen his face at the end of the previous episode, so I guess we're meant to be wondering if it's him or not.He was slightly less objectionable than in the previous episode, since at least he took Mackenzie's serve on the chin.Tane is, oddly, evolving into a good role model, although this was possibly not the best time to be keeping secrets from Ari.

So, it seems to be the psychological effect on Leah that's the problem.I felt for Justin in the scene where he found her gone: It's easy to forget that he's gone through hell these last few months and I can imagine he's terrified of losing her again.Hopefully Leah will be able to get through this.Didn't one of them sleep in Raffy/Ava's room last time they were sleeping apart? Why did Justin need to use the couch this time? (It was Mason's room that became the nursery, so it's not because of that.)

So Ryder tells Evan that he knows, although they don't get a chance to discuss it properly as Evan disappears for the rest of the episode.No, Bella wasn't at the gig: Used up her episodes for the week, I guess!

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If it was Nik why did he go back home afterwards?:unsure:    He was acting shifty though, we've heard enough times Tane has bad guy tendencies, but violence, even accidentally?  Tane admitted to Nik handled things badly after Mikaere died but learnt being on his own isn't easy and he's an adult whereas Nik is still young so would find it harder.   There must have  money left in the till because Justin saw it open and checked it and echoes of the attack on Alf by Dean & Willow.  Leah's description which got Ari's antenna twitching - tall, dark haired could fit many guys in the bay - Ben, Ari, Tane, Nik even Justin!  If he wasn't a pro, be fingerprints about the place.  Before that it looked like Ari and Mac were going to meet up later.:wink:  Her comment about how she was expecting a fireman not a construction worker was cute. She was good at putting Nik straight too.

Leah may not have been physically badly hurt,  maybe bruised when she was knocked down, but definitely more psychological damage for her, just as she was getting back on track, now she's retired into herself again, but Justin is handling it well, well on the surface.  He was very gentle but firm with her. I'm glad he was able to confide in Roo and wasn't trying to be all macho as in 'I can cope with this'.  I feel for Justin too, just as he was thinking all is OK, this happens and is worried it will take longer this time.  Luckily Roo hadn't gone home so was nearby and could help with Leah until the police arrived.    Isn't the other bedroom Tori's?:unsure:

I know the place was empty but the Diner still seemed an odd place to conduct a police interview in, wouldn't have thought Leah would have felt comfortable going back in there so soon. 

Gemma must have done her three days as we just kept missing her on screen.  

Ryder told Evan he knew then but could have phrased it better which he admitted later.  Like I've been saying Evan didn't want Ryder to know right away as he didn't want that hanging over them before they'd got to know each other better.  Looked like it could have been too late and he'd gone, but he's seen being wheelchaired into NDH.   Roo wisely and with advice from Martha let Ryder alone until he approached her. 

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The Paratas really need to get their act together. They think the police are going to pick on them but they're kind of making it a self-fulfilling prophecy: They're acting so cagey that even they think they did it. (Honestly, if Ari assumes it was Tane on no evidence, what hope do they have?) Gemma shutting the door on Colby doesn't exactly scream "Nothing to hide" either. It probably wasn't smart to single her out like that: If Leah had called Gemma in with the other casuals and she'd seen everyone was doing it, she might have been more inclined to go along with it.Nikau does seem on edge but it's hard to tell if we're meant to be reading something into it.I assume Irene's fingerprints are already on the database after last year, but a mention would have been nice.

Leah seems to be improving already, asking Justin to hug her.Even though Justin seemed to want to stop her, it's actually a good sign that she was on top of everything she needed to get organised to get the Diner reopened straightaway.Tori and Raffy lived there at the same time: I've never quite got the geography of the Morgan house and how they manage to fit four or five bedrooms in there straight (which is why I haven't paid much attention to the layout of the Parata house). The room at the end has consistently been portrayed as Justin's (or, for a short time, Tori's) but I suspect the other doors have been used by Tori/Brody/Mason/Raffy depending on who needs to be shown going to their room in that episode.

Alf was right to call Ryder given how much he was worrying.Ryder tried to lay the law down with Evan and it didn't really work, but maybe the second time will be better.

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