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Roo has moved back into annoying mode, leave it alone woman!!:angry:  So what Ryder still wanted to spend time with Evan, shock, horror, Alf was right, as he so often is,  Ryder is an adult and doesn't need her fussing around him. I did have the thought Evan may have picked up on Ryder's mood but he didn't and Ryder got away with it.  Was a tad awkward at first Ryder sudden blurting out about Nik' s dad dying, that happens so often in real life though you see a parent/partner off as usual, Nik said he didn't really say goodbye to his dad, not knowing that will be the last time you see them alive.  Though in Mikaere's case he did get shot in a bank raid.  Made Ryder think about just enjoying the time he is having with Evan, then Nik had his inadvertent brainwave.  Can see why Evan would be unsure about singing, what with his condition affecting his lungs.  

Um, Maggie getting her knickers in a twist about what relationship between Ben and Gemma?  Only putting ideas into his head there love. If it has only been a year so of course Nik would be concerned about any man getting too friendly with his mum, she's still vulnerable too.   What's the old saying "Do as I say, not as I do", not long ago she was tearing Nik off a strip because he didn't tell her where he was so what's she doing, not letting him know where she is, OK she's the adult but pot, kettle, black.  Ben and Gemma where getting a bit cosy at the end at that motel, but are either of them ready for the next step? 

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Constable Risotto Mk II I'd like to think her name is Angela. Certainly not the first time they're reused the name badges - we had a Constable P Corelli pop up in recent years too 😛

2020 season begins, six weeks after it did in Australia, but vagaries of Oz broadcasts means we're only 26 episodes behind at the moment. Well. Okay, seriously, what was the hospital siege a

This Week on Parata Wars: Ari: You're a tool! Tane: You're a tool! Gemma: Knock it off! Nikau: I'm outta here! *Australian voiceover* "Brought to you by Gala Bingo."

Ben and Gemma's chat was interesting and fills in a few significant gaps in Gemma's past life. Apart from the criminal bit, it actually all sounds very similar to Ben's history, in that she got married and had a child young and stayed with that person all the time as a young adult.And we got a bit more of an insight into how she put up with that lifestyle for so long, and still seems willing to turn a blind eye every now and again.I have a bit of a sympathy for Nikau, but on the whole he was still being a bit of a brat, and dragging Ziggy into it seemed rather childish.It was interesting to see Ari and Tane on the same page pretty much throughout: Both of them miss Mikaere and are slightly uncomfortable with the idea of Gemma moving on but know they can't stand in her way.For once, Ari handled things well with Nikau.I like that Tane didn't have a clue which one was Ben: All too often new characters come in and it's like they've read the show's website and know everything about everyone.

Roo really is keeping everyone's secrets, not telling Evan the real reason why Ryder wants to have the gig and not telling Ryder the full extent of Evan's health problems.Alf is in the know, but since Evan still doesn't know he knows, he has to keep his distance.All I'll say is I hope Ryder's cleared all this with Mackenzie...

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That was very revealing, Gemma like Maggie got hooked up with someone their mother had warned them against - more on that later  btw-  fell pregnant young and married them.  In Maggie's case it worked out well but not so for Gemma, who loved Mikaere but not his criminal lifestyle.  Part of her wanted to leave and give Nik a better life, buts she loved him and she was sacred how she'd manage.  Would he just have let her leave anyway? When Ben commented Gemma must have been young are we to suppose she was around Maggie's age or younger even?  Very tentative kiss, but I'm glad they didn't take it any further,  neither are in the right place, too soon for both of them, if Miakaere was supposed to have only died a year ago and Ben's still hurting over Maggie, despite his protests.  True Nik is acting like a kid, but he  loved his dad, faults and all, and like any child, young or old, sometimes harder if the child is older, it hurts and confuses them when the other parent seems to have moved on, be it if the other parent died or they were divorced. Ari and Tane understood that at least.  Typical of Tane, he only took notice Gemma wasn't around when he wanted his breakfast.  At least Nik now knows how Gemma felt when he didn't ring home,  but no excuse on her part really if she wants to set an example.  Maybe it wasn't  a wise decision on Gemma's part to go back the motel, but this is soapland.  A whole episode without Ari and Tane not locking horns and tearing strips off each other, because they were on a united mission looking out for Nik.👍  It shocked the life out of him when Gemma threw him out and I'm glad Ari caught up with him and told him like it is and Nik apologised to Gemma.  Mind you Ari and Tane will be vetting Ben even if he isn't a suitor.  Now Gemma will have Ziggy on her tail.  Talking about mothers warning their daughters - and sometimes sons - about their unsuitable partners, does Diana know about Maggie and Ben splitting up?

Roo, although sticking her nose in, was more sympathetic this time.  I had a real gulp moment when Ryder explained to Alf and Roo why he wanted Evan to play a gig, it was because he wanted to be a small part of what his dad's life was like and what Evan enjoyed.  Maybe Even needn't play such strong songs which would be easier on his voice and lungs.  Ryder doesn't want to let his dad he knows or the real reason he wants him to play the gig because it would change the dynamics of their relationship. 

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I am slightly disappointed that Ben and Gemma put a stop to things, especially when it seemed to be as much about pleasing other people as what they wanted.Whatever Nikau has, Ziggy's caught it as well, being unnecessarily bratty, and I'm not sure Dean had the right to stick his oar in either.Ben getting the heavy word put on him by Ari probably left him thinking "Isn't it me that's supposed to do that?" At what point are Tane and Nikau meant to have gone up the coast? Nikau was clearly still in the Bay at the end of the previous episode and this one seems to open mere minutes later.

I was a bit annoyed at Martha encouraging Alf to put pressure on John to see Marilyn, perhaps even more so than I would have been if Alf had done it off his own bat since at least he's got form for acting like Marilyn's self-appointed protector.Marilyn is not the most important person in this.I wondered if she'd just turned up at the end but turns out John had called her.

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I'm relieved Ben and Gemma called it a day, neither of them are in the right place, although it may have given Gemma a boost to know she is still attractive to other men.  Whether there is a touch of tit for tat with Ben, it's not fair on Gemma, both in rebound mode at the moment.  That was a quick departure by Tane and Nik, I just thought they weren't about.  Dean was right about Ziggy not telling Maggie, there was nothing to tell and anyway it, whatever it was, is over now so she would have been upsetting her needlessly.   If Ben wants to tell her he will. 

Martha doesn't know John like Alf and we do.  Alf did get through to him though, he is just being stubborn without giving Marilyn a chance, if that was the other way round, he'd be there for her.  Shane Withington is playing the part of a stroke survivor quite well, luckily he has his speech which is a good advantage, would be easy to overplay it or even underplay it.  As Tori, who knows first hand, explained every case and person is different, so there is no definitive answer as to how long it will take. and how much use of his arm and leg he'll get back. Marilyn also has to learn not to fuss too much. Alf will be a god contrast and not let him wallow too much.  A lot depends on the person themselves and how they handle it and  a good support team helps too, Jett should know, maybe not much he could do on a practical basis but he'd could give John mental backup.  John did, wisely I think, bring up the matter of their marriage having been in trouble before this so I hope Marilyn isn't doing this to prove herself a good wife/carer.  May be nothing but she hasn't told John she loves him. 

OK, Jasmine looking up remedies to ease  babies teething is fine and dandy, Tori may well be a doctor,  Jasmine is a nurse,  but as Jas told Willow when it comes to your own baby it's a different matter and all the medical stuff out there isn't a one size fits all, so she's helping out,  but then posting on the forum as Jasmine????(can't remember the digits)  asking about 'her' baby now that is worrying.   Looks like she gets into trouble tonight in public, by feeding Grace a carrot to suck on, she should have checked with Tori, Grace could have swallowed it. 

Bella is back then and avoiding Colby, she seemed a lot brighter, Colby didn't take the news too well and had be reined in Dean, rather a hesitant meeting between them.  What's with the notes, to Colby Nik and Willow?- nothing for Ryder?  Is she going away?

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4 hours ago, c120701 said:

Were these episodes filmed during the bushfires or was it just a really misty day?

Yes they were right in the thick of it in these eps.

Although Kawa shared it more recently, when masks became even more topical, this pic was taken when they were filming for the ep airing tomorrow on C5.

The scene in question:



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Well, I wouldn’t want to see Colby again, but Bella loves him for some reason. I guess her reason made sense but then the minute they bump into each other she goes home anyway so..? Anyway, good to have her back and I still wish her therapy had actually been shown on screen rather than handwaved like that. Colby suddenly talking about her in every breath after barely mentioning her for weeks was rather egregious. And of course he makes it about him… At least he eventually acknowledged he hadn’t been a good brother. Ryder and Bella’s hug made me think “Aww, I’ve missed this”: The fact he confided in her and not the increasingly sulky Nikau showed that he really has been in need of a friend. I should probably feel sorry for Nikau, he has lost his dad recently although not as recently as he makes out (they’ve been in Summer Bay about six months and there must have been a gap for their old neighbours to turn against them), but he barely seems to move beyond petulant these days. A shame Irene’s away, meaning we still haven’t seen all the regulars in one week this season! I wonder if Bella’s letter will be along the lines of “It was nice of you to make me your latest project but the last thing I need is yet another adult trying to control me”?

And again it feels like there was a bit too much emphasis on Marilyn and how John’s still supposed to be pussyfooting around her feelings when he’s in a hospital bed. She hasn’t shown much sign of caring about being his wife recently. Bit too late to start quoting the wedding vows and pretending she’s stuck to them.

Jasmine pretending to be Grace’s mother on forums is of course worrying, but possibly not enough to justify sinister music playing whenever she’s on screen. I guess she’s got that forum bookmarked on the work computer: At least she didn’t stay logged in! I can see both sides in her falling out with Tori: Jasmine was trying to help and Grace probably wasn’t in any danger, but Tori’s the mother and Jasmine can’t just do things off her own bat. Of course, after another case of telling someone what they want to hear, she’s back on the internet looking for justification.

Justin becomes I think the first person this season to mention Buddy! No mention of where he is though…

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Re-watching it the letters were for Colby, Nikau and Irene.:blush:   Bella's not doing a runner then as she left Colby's on his bed, gave Nik his and put Irene's in her drawer, I suppose so Colby can give it to her when she gest back? :unsure:   I liked that we 'heard' what she wrote to Colby, it certainly gave him pause for thought.  It was very well written and articulate, must have been plenty of screwed up sheets of paper lying around at the farm.  I'm getting the feeling she's not sticking around but is going off to do her own thing,  understand why she's included Irene and Nikau at a stretch, it was him who inadvertently tipped her over the edge, but nothing for Ryder who has been a good mate to her.   Lovely seeing them greet each other like that and that he confided in her about Even, but added he didn't know he knew he was dying so to keep it quiet.  When she met up with Nik it still seemed awkward between them and what could she have put in his letter that made him throw his toys out of the pram? Going out on  a limb here  but maybe it's because he's losing someone else as in Bella is leaving the bay.   Luckily it was just cardboard boxes he was taking his frustration out on but Alf got a mouthful.

One point - did Colby really not know what mucking out meant?:o  I'm  a townie and I know.

Music isn't necessary we can see perfectly well what is going on and don't need any prompts.   It would have spooked Tori even if Jasmine reassured her she was holding the carrot, but it said in the forum for a teething baby to chew on a carrot, but Grace hasn't got any teeth yet so can't chew it.     Not  a big ask for Jasmine to run it by Tori first, Tori may have already tried it and Grace didn't like it, why can't they work together on it?  Back to the forum and my 'sister-in-law' keeps telling me what to do with 'my baby'.   What's the betting Tori won't mention it to Justin.:wink:  Buddy, being a dog, would I imagine, have to follow the same rules as young children, not have too much screen time. :unsure:

Those scenes do look scary, hope TPTB didn't keep the cast and crew outside any longer than they needed to. 😷

Cat out of bag tonight re Ben and Gemma.:whistling:



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