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Dan F

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Jasmine really doesn't seem to be learning and also is making things harder for herself. OK no problem with her taking Grace for a walk, but why take her back to Irene's?  Her excuses were pretty flimsy too, she didn't ring Tori as she knew she was working , er Jas, mobiles have this facility called voice mail so you can leave a message, she had turned her phone off so it wouldn't wake Grace, that wasn't true, she ignored one message from Justin, and you didn't take your eyes off Grace once to see if you had any messages.  Another thing you could have left a note at the Morgan's to say where you'd gone.  Irene seemed amazed to see Grace there but wisely didn't want to stir up trouble so just left it.  Justin was indeed a lot more restrained by the way he dealt with Jasmine after his initial knocking the door down, he calmly but firmly insisted he take Grace home.  What will he tell Tori without her thinking he's paranoid?   Then there was that scene of Jasmine checking out the forum where this woman is having problems with her mother-in-law.

That was rather sad Nik admitting to Gemma it felt that his dad had been forgotten, do we have a date for when he died, I loved their dance together.   Maybe Nik is feeling protective towards Gemma about Ben because he's the first guy she's been friendly with and I mean friendly in the normal sense - friends and him being  a man.  Then of course she had to separate Tane and Ari again!:rolleyes:  Two bedrooms accounted for when Ari and Tane went into their respective rooms slamming the doors, very grown up.

What was with Mac acting so coy when Tane came out of the shower with just a towel round him, she has seen him in his swim trunks.

Does seem like sibling rivalry  between Ari and Tane when it comes to Mac, but she's not some toy one has and the other wants, she a human being  so I'm glad she told them so. Ari did at least try and warn Mac about Tane.  I suppose Mac doesn't want to show that much interest in Ari until she knows he feels somewhat the same.  She is so flirting with him though, but soon dashed off after Ari when he walked away after seeing them at Salt, I think Ari could have the edge there. Seems from what Tane said Mikaere and Ari had moved to Australia when he was young but had always looked up to them but then Ari changed, nice to get little insights into the family like that, a bit at a time so we find out more about them gradually. Definitely a reminder of the Braxton's when Tane said when he told his teacher his surname he'd groaned and his face had turned white but no-one gave him any bother once they knew who he was.

I'd forgotten Tori is now the only doctor on duty and the one to be called on when there is an emergency.:wink:

Ari played Good Samaritan again going to the hospital with Marilyn and staying with her until Alf turned up, John may annoy the life out of Alf, but he does care for him. Not looking at all good for John, mention of his heart attack but no mention of his brain tumour though and Tori didn't say anything about it after checking his medical records.  Oh Maz no way are you to blame for it, John was still keeping healthy even though he was staying in  a van.  He'd hate for you to feel guilty, stroke has happened on left side of brain as it's the right side of his body affected.   A stroke can happen to the most healthiest of people. 


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15 minutes ago, H&Alover said:

That was rather sad Nik admitting to Gemma it felt that his dad had been forgotten, do we have a date for when he died

I gather from reading the Aus episode discussion it's been only a year since he died.

Understandable that Willow was annoyed at Colby, who then did his best to put things right (again) and just when it looked like Jasmine was going to apologise, she went off on one again.  Did Jasmine fire Willow off-screen to spare us another meltdown, or was something cut?

John put Alf in a bit of a tricky position but I can see why he feels he doesn't want Marilyn around fussing over him.  I'm sure she is genuinely concerned but part of it will be guilt about the last few months, which makes it more about her than John.

It was nice of Ari to drop in at the hospital again, given his history with John.  I know it's more about supporting Marilyn but he does seem concerned as well.

It looks like Tane has backed off from Mac just to keep the peace with Ari, which is quite noble of him, given that Mac had started to show signs of interest.  So, she gets Ari by default but does she still want him?  I'm not so sure after what she said in the last ep.

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Marilyn was a little bit irritating with regards her fussing over John despite him not wanting her to.Again, I suspect John will be back on his feet sooner or later but he might have a long recovery to go first.Alf coming up with a flimsy excuse to get Marilyn out of there instead of being straight with her wasn't really a solution: She'll just want to go back tomorrow.The promo suggests he's just delayed the inevitable.

What is Irene playing at? It's her house, so why has she apparently just stood by and let Jasmine kick Willow out? Jasmine's paranoia is off the scale now:It's like she's fixated on Willow as the cause of all her problems. Is it jealousy that Colby will only talk to her if Willow asks him? They weren't even gossiping, it was just a brief spat outside the Diner. Given that every time Colby talks to Jasmine he just makes things worse, he should probably do what he said in the first place and keep out of it.I assume Willow's going to bunk down in Bella's room.

Mackenzie tried to play peacemaker between Ari and Tane, but it fell apart. I think she's probably attracted to Tane and likes him as a friend, but I don't think she actually wants a relationship or fling with him.Of course, after the way he's been treating her like his property over the last couple of episodes while refusing to commit to her, Ari isn't exactly coming across as a catch, and Tane backing off for the sake of the family makes him look like the nice brother again.

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Thanks baywatcher. Quite recent then no wonder it's still so raw for Nik.

I don't see how Willow could be angry with Colby wasn't her who encouraged him to make up with Jasmine and be her friend again? Now she's blaming him for doing just that.:rolleyes::unsure:   It seems Willow can't mention Colby and Colby can't mention Willow without Jasmine thinking there's a conspiracy.  What is she up to on that forum?  Is she putting herself in the place of the woman who's being told how to look after her baby as someone who is being told what to do with her life? She really can't grasp they are just concerned about her, if it was the other way round she'd be there for either of them. She's heading for a serious breakdown.  She has been through one heck of a lot - all that on and offing with Robbo, him going off, coming back, getting back together, going through all the trauma with Tori and the baby, hiding from the mob, getting married, then he had to 'vanish' on their Wedding Day, finally getting him back, then he dies, just about getting over that, then she 'loses' their baby. 

Just when it looked like there was going to be an apology  and making up Jasmine turns it on it's head and has another screaming match.  Why did it have to be Willow who left, she's been there longer, though and I'm guessing, it's because Jasmine has nowhere else to go.  Perhaps it's also because Irene can keep an eye on her. It's looking more and more Justin was right and Jasmine should have gone to stay at Robbo's mum and dad's, and she wanted to leave, but everyone else was begging her to stay.  We didn't see Willow being asked to leave Irene's either, bet she feels really awful about it, Irene that is.  Hang on a minute, let me get this right Willow had a right go at Colby for 'dragging' her into the fight between him and Jasmine, now she's asking  to stay at his. :rolleyes:  

Ari and Tane nearly made up then Tane said the wrong thing which set Ari off again. Mac spoke a lot of sense to both of them  them being able to see it from a different prospective, but maybe Ari was right it is too late for them to get back what they lost.  Tane actually seemed really sad about it and wasn't acting his usual cocky self  on the beach later.

I think fussing around like that is Marilyn's way of coping when someone is in hospital, she was the same with Raffy and Jett and the last time John  was in hospital.  Once he was more with it John had had enough.  It'd drive me mad. He does have slight movement on his right side and can speak which is good as he can make himself understood.  John is a proud man, no actually he's just a man,  so can understand why he wouldn't want Marilyn to see him like that, funny how men act like that.  He's said no to letting  Jett know too. Alf was actually doing a good job persuading Marilyn to go back to his and Martha's without telling her the real reason seeing as words aren't his strong points.  Better to tell her when they are away from the hospital and somewhere quiet and he'll have Roo and Martha there. 

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It's reached the point where I'm really not sure what to make of Jasmine.You get scenes where it appears she's back to her old self, and then she regresses again, or it seems to be just an act.So it's hard to be sure how optimistic we should be after this latest round, although Willow's got her job and home back, so that's good.I'm still bewildered that Irene apparently stood there and said nothing while one of her charges threw the other one out of the house.(Jasmine has been there longer though: She was there with Olivia, remember?)Credit where it's due, Colby stuck at it and got Jasmine to be honest about how she was feeling.It does feel like a temporary thing though and she's still pretending to be handling it better than she is.

Alf bit the bullet eventually and told Marilyn what John said.It's hard to take her "I'm his wife, I should be looking after him" stance seriously when that doesn't seem to have mattered to her much recently.Meanwhile, just a week after Dean and Ziggy officially moved in together, he seems to be finding the reality a bit disappointing. (Turns out it doesn't mean constant sex!) And his attempt to recapture the good old days where everything could be solved with a surfing trip didn't really work.

Oh, and Maggie's back.I find  Coco being referred to as an eco warrior just because she was one for a couple of weeks a year before she left rather strange, like it was the best hook they could find to hang her character on.

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I like to think Jasmine did take notice of Colby, it seems she did.  Hats off to Colby there, he didn't give up on her and finally got her to admit what was really wrong, he didn't buy one of the  biggest lies in soapdom "I'm fine", because he knew she wasn't.  Now all she has to do is convince Justin she won't be running off with Grace without telling anyone where she is.  I did worry when Irene was saying Colby's talking to her  and I hope he's getting through she was, as normally happens, going to be disappointed and he'd appear saying Jas had thrown him out. She's now opened up, properly, to Willow and with her and Colby and Irene of course to be there for her she may be OK,  she just has to admit when she's finding it hard. I liked the big friends type hug Jas and Colby had. I was thinking exactly what Dean voiced about neither one of them, Willow and Jasmine,  had thrown the other off the balcony.:lol: Yes Jasmine was there before Willow, but she had left and moved in with Robbo and only recently moved back, I know it is a bit nit picky.:wink: 

I'm not seeing it like that between Dean and Ziggy, give him a bit more credit, he accepts she's busier but both of them were looking forward to a date night only Willow scuppered it, not like Willow to be wallowing like that though I know losing your home and your job at the same time would be a blow, but the 'you go out, I'll be OK on my own as usual'¬† was so unlike her.¬† It did get a bit chilly when Colby brought Jasmine in.¬†‚ĚĄÔłŹ ¬†

What is the timeline between Maggie going to see Coco and her returning - a week?   The party and John's collapse only happened the day before so doesn't know about that yet, guess she'll soon get filled in. 

Alf had to be a bit cruel to be kind there and Marilyn did seem to accept it, hope she meant the whole "I'm his wife" thing and wasn't just saying because she felt she ought to, beside the hospital are looking after him at the moment, I may be being picky but no mention of the fact she loved John which should come into the equation.  Amazing how Tori found time in her hectic schedule to personally ring Marilyn and let her know how John was doing. 

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On balance, I think Roo did the right thing telling Ryder.In many ways, it wasn't her place, but once it became clear Evan wasn't going to tell him, someone kind of had to step up and do it.Especially with Alf and Martha knowing.It's tough on Ryder but at least it gives him a chance to prepare.

On a similar note, Dean may have been pushing his luck going to Justin but Ziggy wasn't going to.Things didn't quite work out for him though, even if he and Ziggy did end up on the same page, as it turns out she doesn't want to take time off before she's got going.

Leah and Maggie was a bit random: Remember when Leah was all down on Maggie for cheating and insisting there was no excuse? How did she get from there to "Get out there and spread your wings"? I guess the show needed something for Leah to do, plus usual confidante Roo was busy elsewhere...

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I'm still with Evan about not telling Ryder at least not yet.  He wants to get to know his son and for Ryder to get to know him and for them to have normal son and dad time together without the added pressure of Ryder being aware he's dying and being on edge all the time worried he's going to keel over at any moment.   Evan is fine at present and I'd like to think he would tell Ryder when it became necessary.  Ryder's been so happy now he's gelled more with Evan, now Roo has ruined it, the look on his face when she told him.:cryingsmiley:  I'd like to ask what she would have done in if she was in Evan's place and had reunited with Martha after all these years? 

On  a lighter moment, very sneaky way of Ryder's getting Grumps to have a  meal with Evan, proper railroaded him, especially when Alf had refused so strongly about it the day before.  Chuckled when Evan asked if he should call him Grumps and Ryder said it was best to start with Mr. Stewart. Notice Alf initially called Evan Errol again, :lol:until he got speaking to him, he did warm to him and mentioned Ryder was a lot like him. 

Definitely not a  wise move on Dean's part, approaching Justin behind her back, though he did mean well and Justin agreed there needed to be a work/home life balance.  Lovely thought that gift, proving again, Dean can be very sensitive and thoughtful.  Ben was on Ziggy's side, repeating what she said about proving herself at work. 

Leah has done an about turn, Leah had been busy in recent weeks don't forget. Are we meant to infer although Ben had been Maggie's one and only she hadn't been his?  Maggie is assuming Ben has moved on and he may even have convinced himself he has but I'm not that sure.   Maggie 'catches' Ben talking to Gemma and tells someone - forget who - he was chatting to another woman, Gemma was doing her job as barmaid and it looked on the surface anyway,  just doing what barmaids/barmen do chat to their customers.   Though later scenes put a different slant on it. 

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Alf's episode count this week: Five!

Well, Roo had doubts that she's done the right thing.I guess time will tell but at least it gives Ryder the choice.I think she was quite bewildered that the sky hasn't fallen in, with Ryder carrying on spending time with Evan and Alf happy to leave them to it.So Ryder knows but Evan doesn't know that he knows.After a rather indiscreet chat with Nikau, Ryder's decided to have as many special moments with Evan as possible.Evan seemed less than keen however.

Maggie was being ridiculous again, dragging Ben out onto the balcony to interrogate him about the nature of his relationship with Gemma.She really should have listened to Roo and just gone home and put her feet up. And Nikau was being a brat as well, even after getting a pat on the back from Alf.That said, given Gemma told him what time she'd be home, the very least she should have done was send him a text to be later.But the general feeling is that they're both doing this because they feel they've got a point to prove.

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