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Dan F

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On 03/07/2020 at 03:26, christine king said:

Hey that’s an insult to Nikau who is his friend and he could talk to him (granted Nikau is kind of busy with his own stuff though).

Don't forget Dean, he would know all about absent dads remember.  Would be a bit insensitive for Ryder  moaning about his 'long lost' dad turning up to Nik when he has lost his. 

Wow that was one serious meltdown from Jasmine, a real nose to nose confrontation with Willow who I could easily see would have been ready to thump her.  Agree it was a total overaction on Jas' part when Colby let slip he'd been talking to Willow.  As has been said everyone isn't gossiping about her,  they are worried as friends, she'd be the same if someone was in the situation she is, wonder how she'll behave when she knows Irene has been in on the 'gossip'? Be a bit tricky her, Jasmine,  and Willow staying out of each others way seeing as they live together. 

Justin and Leah had just seen that blow up so understandably he worried when he found Jasmine alone with Grace, Leah did keep switching from one side of the argument to the other which confused me.  Was Justin afraid Jasmine would have sneaked out of the house with Grace while Tori was asleep?  He could have been more discreet the way he talked but that isn't Justin's thing, speaks first, thinks later.   Leah can absolutely can understand Tori being so tired, she was a single mum herself and wanting to do everything.  I've noticed Jasmine has  been doing what Robbo always did when he had things on his mind, goes for a Iong  hard run.  I found the fact she had bought that album titled My Family and was sticking photos of her, Robbo and Grace in it, including the last one rather disturbing. Isn't the baby/babies who play Grace are gorgeous, she's got a lovely smile. 

Leah did look stunning in that dress, sadly Leah and Justin didn't get to get to dessert.:wink::blush:

Where did that 'you stay in your part of town and I'll stay in mine' challenge from Maggie come from? No why could that have worked.  Did like Ben's quick "I work here" when she came into the juice bar.:lol:  He probably thought he was being helpful when he offered to come and mow the lawn, but if she really needed help she could call on Ziggy, Dean, Alf or John.  Will Roo be stepping up as substitute head while Maggie is away?

I guess we are all meant to assume Bella is doing OK, has been quiet without her.  

I may be being a tad critical/picky here, but  the Roo we knew back then blonde so why was Roo dark haired in that drawing? 




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I hope John will be ok.

Well, it didn't take Ari & Tane long to square up to each other.  Tane is a player and isn't used to being told "no" but Mac isn't really helping.  She should look like she means it if she says she's not interested.

The cultural start to the hangi was a nice touch.

Nik didn't seem to like Gemma being friendly with Ben.

I really respect Justin for putting aside his feelings to let Jasmine be a part of Grace's life.  I don't think there's any suggestion that Jasmine would ever hurt her but my skin is starting to crawl whenever they are on screen together now. 

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So it looks like John has suffered a stroke! It's awful, and I can see Marilyn not coping well here, she's been seeing herself as on her own and the marriage over recently, even confiding in Alf and Martha about it. Is this about to change that I wonder??

The Paratas seem to have settled in really well and the party confirmed this.

Warning, love triangle inbound with Mac

I mean, Mac and Tane will be hot and I'm sure but Ari doesn't deserve a brother who doesn't give a rat's behind for his feelings.

Jasmine, from one day to the next seems to be up and down. Really unstable. She's going to let Tori down for sure

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Alf's episode count this week:Four. It's like he's never been away.

Well, the hangi mostly went well. Actually, thinking about it, "mostly" might be pushing it, but it achieved the main aim of introducing themselves to the community (ie four regulars and a garden full of extras) and showing them a good time.Ari and Tane's truce seemed to be well and truly broken, although they did work together without thinking when John was taken ill.Up until now, Mackenzie has been firm if polite in rebuffing Tane's advances but here it didn't seem quite so certain.Which is a shame.I'm not sure why Nikau seemed to be giving Ben death glares: I don't recall them having anything to do with each other in the past and there didn't seem anything particularly incendiary about his interaction with Gemma.It makes sense that Gemma would invite him given that she and Ari went along to his birthday party but she missed out on a lot of the gossip.Oh, and we learn for the first time that Mikaere was the oldest brother: I kind of assumed he was the middle one.

I found Justin more than a little ridiculous, frankly. I mean, I understand his discomfort but if he's going to try and claim that Jasmine caused Grace to start teething then he's lost me. It continues to be ironic that this started with Jasmine imagining a threat to Grace and now Justin seems to be doing the same.It is curious that she might have lost it at Willow and Colby and been snappy with Irene, but Jasmine seems pretty calm and more like her old self around Tori and Grace. Do they have a good effect on her or is she putting on an act? Anyway, good that Justin's decided to try and get some perspective, but if the promo's anything to go by, it won't last long.

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I agree there baywatcher, her chats with Tani and slapping him down always come across as her flirting with him to me so no wonder he thinks she is into him.  To be fair Mac and Ari aren't an item, unless Ari just doesn't want Mac to get hurt as he knows what Tani is like. Aside from Tani and Ari squaring up to each other the hangi did go well and my god just how much food did Gemma cook, that's apart from what was in the pit?   That was quite moving that opening ceremony, especially as it was spoken in Maori, more impact to it then. That little close has more people in it that we thought.:wink:  Same extras that turn out for weddings and funerals probably Red.  Did we see Ryder there? 

As you said Red, Tani and Ari did put their differences aside to help John.  Could John's stroke/aneurysm  be related to when he had his brain tumour a few years back?  Depending how bad it is would put a lot on Marilyn, will she look after him because she still loves him or because she feels she ought to.  On that subject Tori's sudden call to hospital because there was an emergency couldn't be due to John collapsing he hadn't even been put into the ambulance when she got the call unless H&A got itself out of sync. 

I wondered why Nik was looking daggers at Ben, he was just being friendly with Gemma. Did he not like another man making  her laugh?   Unless it's a few days later how long was Maggie away, we saw her walk into Salt to see Ben chatting/chatting up Gemma and doesn't look happy. 

Justin wasn't being entirely unreasonable Leah had been there when Jasmine lost it with Willow, but yes his 'blaming' Grace's teething on Jasmine was out there.  He's swallowed his doubts, but from what we saw Jasmine does it again, she told Tori she and Grace would be there, meaning the Morgan's, when she got home, but it appears she and Grace go back to Irene's.  Of course she would never hurt Grace, but she can't keep doing what she is doing, wandering off with her without leaving a note so say where' she has gone. 

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It's not looking good for John.

Jasmine is going the right way of being banned from having anything to do with Grace.  What was she thinking??  Justin was remarkably composed.

I really enjoyed Gemma & Nik's scenes.  I'm glad Nik said what he was feeling about his dad.  It sort of explains his reaction to Ben (not that there was really anything going on).

Mac isn't as uninterested in Tane as she made out.  She seems unsure about her feelings for Ari because she doesn't know where he stands?  What difference does that make?  She either likes him or she doesn't.  She doesn't want to be in the middle of their posturing though.

Tane has clearly been added to the cast because his wardrobe allowance is cheap.¬† He has just taken over Robbo's vests¬†ūüėĀ¬†¬† ¬†

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On 03/07/2020 at 22:40, CaptainHulk said:

Please do not let there be a siege resulting in Jasmine being carted off to Arkham...

(Couldn't help it been watching s load of Harley Quinn lately)

Maybe Jasmine becomes Harley and this is her real origin story of how she meets the Joker 

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I found my sympathy shifting from Jasmine to Justin for possibly the first time here. I don't think Jasmine's a threat but at best she's being two-faced.She probably didn't have any plan beyond wanting to spend time with Grace but she did rig it so she was spending as much time with her as possible and not caring that people didn't know where she was. And Justin's obviously learning, as he managed to stay composed and take Grace home without causing a scene.

Nikau did give at least some explanation for his attitude towards Ben, although it feels like he immediately took against him when he hadn't really been hanging off Gemma or indeed done anything except say hello. Ari and Tane both treated Mackenzie pretty poorly here, talking about her as if she wasn't there.Tane's smirk when Ari walked out did suggest he was doing it mostly for his benefit.

I assume the hospital called Tori as soon as they got the 000 call for John, so she'd be there waiting for him, rather than waiting until he arrived at hospital before calling and then making him wait for a doctor.Anyway, it's hard to imagine him being out of action permanently.Alf arrived back just in time to be Marilyn's shoulder.

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