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Constable Risotto Mk II I'd like to think her name is Angela. Certainly not the first time they're reused the name badges - we had a Constable P Corelli pop up in recent years too 😛

2020 season begins, six weeks after it did in Australia, but vagaries of Oz broadcasts means we're only 26 episodes behind at the moment. Well. Okay, seriously, what was the hospital siege a

Marilyn is a total nightmare!   Ugh she is so fake, awful and irritating, now she'll have her latest pity party now she and John have split up, word will get around the Bay and John will get the blame

5 hours ago, Dan F said:

Thanks, Dan, but colour me suspicious.It's well known that last year Channel 5 cut most of the scene of Irene beating Tommy (again, despite it being included in adverts).Not long after, a similar scene in Neighbours had a similar cut, with a character who in the Oz version hit someone repeatedly instead being dragged off straightaway.When it got a lot of publicity, Channel 5 hastily put the uncut version up on My5.I suspect this may have become their default response when someone calls them out on their snipping.But hey, well done in getting a response out of them, both in terms of the statement and the full version being made available to (some) UK viewers! Power to the forums!

Alf's episode count this week:Three.

So, after glimpses across the last week and a bit, we finally get to see the Paratas as a unit.Marilyn seems to be throwing herself into befriending them in order to take her mind off other things.It was odd that Ari made no mention of Mason, who was probably the person he had most to do with during the siege after Marilyn.A lot of tension between him and Nikau.I'm not sure why Marilyn seemed to assume that Gemma had lost her husband recently (I think Ari just said he was dead) but turns out she was right.Nikau's comment about Ari leaving people behind makes me wonder if that's what happened to his father.

Meanwhile, Alf steps up and gives Ryder some gentle advice that puts him on the right track, and it's nice that Ryder was pleased for him and Martha despite everything.I hadn't even stopped to think why Jade was still staying at the caravan park, although Roo's explanation felt a bit pat...as with a lot of the ways she carries on getting what she wants.

I seriously felt for Justin here.Whilst I do think he waited too long to tell Tori about Robbo, he made a call during a difficult time with good intentions, and really didn't deserve being kicked out like that.It's basically just the two of them left: He's lost Mason, he's possibly lost Leah, he nearly lost Tori and now that she's back she doesn't want him around.No wonder he's at breaking point.

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Obvious the Parata family  have a 'history'.  Did smile when Ari said to Gemma "this looks like a good place".  If only he knew,:rolleyes:  Alex said when she came the bay looked like a nice quiet place.  Wonder how long they have been in the bay? Nikau definitely has issues with his uncle, but he did have the good grace to apologise to Marilyn the next day. Marilyn is finding it hard being back in the bay, she's not looking her usual smart self, no lippy, hair not as immaculate as it normally is, wearing black and coming out with the now usual lie of "I'm fine". Luckily Roo seemed to have picked  up on it and Alf agreed and saying he'll look out for her.  I don't think she should be on her own right now. Marilyn clearly feels a connection to Ari because he was so good to her during the siege, she didn't feel so comfortable talking to Justin, would be painful for both of them.  It was very sweet of Ari to go to the trouble of tracking down  Grace's memory book and a relief Marilyn didn't say anything to Tori about Robbo, she wouldn't have known she didn't know. 

Ryder also apologised to Alf and Martha about his behaviour but Alf understood and he and Martha announced they were fully behind him, as Morag wasn't mentioned as a possible lawyer he must have someone else in mind,  must be really frustrating not to kick Jade out, but Roo was right they don't want to antagonise her any further.  Ryder had the sense to keep his distance when he next saw her with Nikau and just told him he was welcome to her. 

I'm with you Red, Justin kept the news about Robbo from Tori with the best intentions but telling  her while they were on the way to Brody's would not have been the best time, she'd only just come out of a coma, reconnected with her  daughter and lost her brother that was  enough to cope with.  That scene of him collapsing in the surf and crying was so sad:cryingsmiley:, he's trying to his big brother thing of being strong, but he really needs Leah right now. 

Going to be emotional next week with Robbo's and I guess Mason's funerals, but on the lighter side Alf and Martha get wed, is that possible in a week? 

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I was inclined to be a bit sympathetic towards Tori when she initially tried to apologise to Justin and found he wasn't there, then she went and laid in to him as soon as he actually turned up (even though she was the one that told him to get out!) and I was glad when he snapped back at her.At least they made up in the end, these two have always kind of been more than siblings, having been the mum and dad of the family for so long.And he had a friend in Ben.

I'm glad that Ian and Wendy are friendly and supportive towards Jasmine even without Robbo around.We finally get to see them giving Tori the cold shoulder but it feels like we're missing some steps:After all, it's not long ago that they were trying to get Robbo to take Grace away from her.Jasmine "waking up" and finding Robbo in the house felt like someone was trolling anyone who doesn't think he's dead.

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Me too Red,  wasn't as if he'd walked out in a huff, she did throw him out, had he been out all night and did that blokey thing of sleeping on the beach?  Justin did have Ben to talk to, gone a bit Michael Jackson there Red,🐀 I think that's a rat:wink: but Tori didn't have anyone  she could ask advice from, Maz was in no state, Irene and Willow were looking after Jasmine, can only think of Maggie. Ben did 'confess' to Justin he wasn't out of the woods yet. Justin and Tori need each other now and I think she came round to understanding why he did it. 

Been mentioned on the Aus forum but does Ava know about her uncle Mason?   They were quite close last time she was in the bay. 

Looks like Jas has a melt down  at Robbo's funeral.:cryingsmiley:

Is there a reason we don't know about why Mason is getting a memorial service and not a funeral?  

Poor Jasmine, she is so shattered, even the most easiest decision she was finding so hard.  Robbo did look so good in his suit at his wedding and Wendy agreed she'd made the right choice.  Nice thought by Jasmine he's buried with the photos of all his children and Wendy suggesting adding their wedding photo. Lovely story about the rose bush/tree Ryan bought his mum, she'll always have something to remember him by. Colby just got away with that phone call but Jas is already questioning how and why the 'accident' could have happened and why Robbo sent her away before he died.   One reason was he needed to talk to  Colby about Scott and the second was he didn't want her so see him die. Sad seeing Ian holding back his tears.  No mention of Ryan's brother or sister?

Jasmine is still their daughter-in-law  and I'm sure they will always make her feel welcome at the farm. The first time Ian and Wendy have met Tori and it was a tad frosty,  Wendy didn't need to snap at Tori when Tori advised Wendy on how to hold Grace.  I don't think Wendy & Ian were trying to 'take' Grace away from Tori, before, she was in a coma at the time so would have been unaware of where Grace was. It was all put off/cancelled when Tori came round anyway. 

That was sad Jas waking up after 'hearing' then 'seeing' Robbo with Grace, maybe gave her some comfort in an odd way.   Place must feel doubly empty for her now both Robbo and Grace have gone. 

Alex is having trouble adjusting too and good Willow is aware of it. 


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Just to say before I forget, I'm hoping that Colby getting calls on Des and Victor means we'll eventually get an update on them. Since there's no sign of Jasmine testifying, I assume the trial's been delayed, possibly while new charges are added over the deaths of Lance, Dylan and Robbo (and possibly Mason and Scott, although they weren't directly involved in those).

Anyway, I will admit that despite not being Robbo's greatest fan, I was moved by the funeral.Jasmine seemed completely dead throughout, unable to feel any joy in memories of Robbo like the others did, until everything suddenly came bursting out.I'm glad that Ian and Wendy didn't hold it against her, and also had a bit of a rapprochement with Tori.Some odd omissions: Where on earth was Alf, who's usually the first one you'd be guaranteed to see at a Bay funeral? No sign of the Astonis either. Colby's potentially been left in a tricky situation as to what to tell Jasmine: Indeed, it seems no-one outside the police knows the truth, although possibly Scott's family do if they stayed away.Marilyn also stays away.Despite her opening up to Alex, her pushing John away isn't a good sign.

Having a memorial service instead of a funeral does always leave me puzzled as to what's happened to the body.The same goes for Bella's mother, as was said at the time: Sure, the authorities don't know Ross is dead, but Michelle's body was found so what happened to it? Bella speculating that Colby's never been to a funeral before left me scratching my head trying to remember if anyone's died while he's been in the Bay before: He just missed out on Kat, and I don't think there's been any main characters since then.Anyway, it seems her truce with Mackenzie is holding and she's stopped seeing her as the enemy.

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