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Thanks for the reminder Dan F. ¬†ūüĎć

Ziggy is living  with Dean and Colby, I think it was because she didn't want to be around Maggie at the time, she and Dean are sharing a room.  He is one understanding boyfriend,  went along with Ziggy saying she wasn't in the mood for surfing after seeing how down Maggie was and saying how about going  for a coffee putting off their original plan of  surfing together.  Then later being fine about her wanting to move back in with Maggie as she didn't want her to be alone.  Ziggy is blaming herself too much about Ben & Maggie's decision to separate, it just moved things forward, I have the feeling it would have happened anyway and there may have been more resentment built up.  They still care about each other which may not have been the case. 

Alf demanding from Roo that she tell him everything - that'll take a while!   Sheriff John has become the deputy now  Sheriff Alf is back.   How happy would Alf have been if Roo had kept phoning with all the local news, still no mention that  he knows Leah is back.   Evan has only been in the bay for a week at most so why the hurry to tell Alf - Ryder was pleased to see his Grumps and had to smile when he went to hug him and Alf backed off a tad so shook hands instead.   He can't go flinging his weight about, these are family matters and should only offer his opinion if asked, not that stops Roo. 

Marilyn had implied to Gemma (or was it Irene)  things  hadn't been OK between her and John before Gemma and Nik moved in.  But apart from their normal spats things appeared to be OK, perhaps things went deeper than we saw.    Very telling she wasn't able to give a yes or no the Alf's question.   Thinking back Marilyn has lived alone at various times, when John was in prison and when  he was in hospital, when he was staying with Jett. 

Interesting first meeting between Evan  and Alf, who had been influenced by Ryder's opinion of him  so was  bound to be frosty on Alf's part.  

I'm on Evan's side, about not wanting Ryder to know he's dying, I refer you to  my earlier post about him wanting to know Ryder and for Ryder to know him on equal terms for want of a better  way of pointing it and for it to be normal  and once he has reached a good place with him  leave and let him know the truth at a later date when his condition has got worse.  That way he'll know it was a genuine reconciliation and not because Ryder felt he ought to be kind to him.   Him telling him now would be manipulative,  Ryder is a good guy so would feel obliged to be good to Evan in his last days which isn't the way it should happen.  Roo gave her word she wouldn't tell Ryder so she can't go back on it.

Thank goodness TPTB didn't use the usual ploy  of someone  saying  to someone else so and so has told me everything  so that person falls into the trap and reveals  something they shouldn't have.  Roo used her instincts and got Ryder to speak up first.   Ryder and Evan's night seemingly went OK. 

:offtopic: Have I missed seeing that drawing of Duncan on the wall before or is it a new addition? :unsure:  


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Constable Risotto Mk II I'd like to think her name is Angela. Certainly not the first time they're reused the name badges - we had a Constable P Corelli pop up in recent years too ūüėõ

2020 season begins, six weeks after it did in Australia, but vagaries of Oz broadcasts means we're only 26 episodes behind at the moment. Well. Okay, seriously, what was the hospital siege a

This Week on Parata Wars: Ari: You're a tool! Tane: You're a tool! Gemma: Knock it off! Nikau: I'm outta here! *Australian voiceover* "Brought to you by Gala Bingo."

Alf criticised Roo for not telling him what had been going on in the Bay re Marilyn & John and Ben & Maggie, saying he would have come back, yet he knew that Leah had been found after a traumatic event but stayed away.  ??  It was nice to see Alf & Leah in a scene though.

I'm not sure why Dean was so off about Ziggy moving home, as she hadn't officially moved in with him and he was the one who has been encouraging her to support Maggie. 

Ben did his best to make Maggie feel guilty about Ziggy moving back. 

Justin must have had a knock on the head that we don't know about entrusting the garage to Ziggy for a few days¬†ūüôĄ

Colby, change the record.  At least it looks like he's going to attempt to put things right with Jasmine (who I found very annoying in that episode). 

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13 minutes ago, H&Alover said:

:offtopic: Have I missed seeing that drawing of Duncan on the wall before or is it a new addition? :unsure:  

Not off-topic at all ūüėČ Do you mean this one?


It's actually supposed to be Roo, and it's one of Martha's. Roo brought it back with her after her first trip to see Martha in her hometown back in 2018. Not sure if it immediately made it onto the wall, but it's been there a fair while.

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I found Colby and Willow infuriating in that episode, especially in the first half. Why did everyone keep saying Ziggy was moving out? She never moved in (even though a couple of suitcases had magically appeared), she was just spending time there to avoid Maggie and now there was no reason for that.So why were Colby and Willow being such terrible friends and acting like Dean must have done something wrong? Why was Ben acting as though this was a massive game changer when he's previously been encouraging Ziggy to make things up with Maggie, which would naturally involve her spending more time at home? They kind of got it right in the second half, when it became about Ziggy realising that what she really wanted was to move in with Dean properly and Maggie being supportive of that, although even that feels like a contrived 180 to prop up the show's new golden couple.

And that was just one of the storylines, they were just as bad with Jasmine. I mean, I'm not in favour of Jasmine wallowing in her pyjamas either, but why was Willow acting as though her whole recovery is dependant on Colby? Why was she encouraging Jasmine to go and see him, even though he was sticking to his "We should stay away from each other" standpoint? Wouldn't he just send her away again? Anyway, looks like the nagging paid off given Colby rang Jasmine at the end.

Meanwhile, we finally learn that Roo did tell Alf about Leah.Given his later comment that he'd have come home if he'd known how hard things were for her, I assume this was an edited recap along the lines of "We've found Leah and she's fine." (Let's be honest, it makes at least as much sense as him getting engaged and married and going on his honeymoon while she was missing.Probably more.) He finally seems to have got the message that he can be there for people now rather than complaining and went round to see Ben. (Ironically, Ben and Maggie's marriage has lasted longer than any of Alf's!)

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On 30/06/2020 at 16:08, Dan F said:

I think the main question that some will start to ask in coming weeks is "Where's Gemma's bedroom in this four bedroom house...?" ūü§® Again an all too common occurence in the show!

Haha, I did think there were only three bedrooms when I saw that corridor, but it was so quick I couldn’t be sure I hadn’t missed one. 
Gemma obviously has a suite on the opposite side of the house.

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I understand that Jasmine has issues but she seriously over-reacted with Willow.  As was said, people aren't just talking about her for gossip but are genuinely concerned about her well-being.  Her behaviour with Grace is now very disturbing.

Leah looked amazing.  I'm glad she and Justin got to have their date before it all hit the fan.

Maggie and Ben seem to have reached an understanding, after her rather silly suggestion that they stick to their own parts of town.  A few days away visiting Coco will go her good (even though it's odd she can just up and take leave during term-time).

It was funny to hear Alf talking about Roo teething and picturing her as she is now¬†ūüôā

O.T. I know but have to say that I'm not missing Bella at all (but that's no reflection on how well Courtney plays the role).   

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Thanks again Dan F.  Why did I think it would be of Duncan?  :unsure:  I must have been watching with my eyes shut when they showed  that angle of the room. 

Not unlike the bedrooms in the Morgan and Palmer's houses, sometimes you get glimpses of a corridor at the Palmers, how many bedrooms do they have? 

Yes, an unanswered question answered, Roo did let Alf know about Leah, if he had come home he couldn't have done much more than Justin, Irene and the rest were doing, besides she wouldn't have wanted him coming back from his honeymoon.   Alf wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do but he was persuaded Leah would have wanted him to go ahead with the wedding and honeymoon and at the time he was in the dark just as much as everyone else as to where she was. Loved their reunion:wub:   

For a 'temporary' move she had a lot of stuff with her, so what if we didn't see the suitcases first time round, didn't mean she didn't have them, I think that would have been the next step to move the rest of her stuff in. Dean was supportive about her moving back home to Ziggy's face but his real feelings showed when he was talking to Colby and Willow, and yes it was a big assumption on their part that they thought he'd done something wrong.   Ben did guilt trip Maggie into changing her mind about letting Ziggy move back, but her seeing Ziggy and Dean saying goodbye, though it's not as if they wouldn't be seeing each other, decided her Ziggy was sacrificing her happiness to help her.  

Nice talk between Alf and Ben, didn't offer any unwanted advice, just said he was welcome at the house anytime for a beer, meal or a yarn.

Ziggy is now a qualified mechanic so why wouldn't  Justin trust her to look after the place, he did say they were quite straight forward jobs he had booked in, he'd have to do it sometime or another. 

Colby had seemed a bit brighter after his first day back at work but Willow brought him down with banging on about Jasmine.  He did it for a reason, he wanted to be back on track himself before he started looking after Jasmine and not make the same mistake as kissing her in a weak moment.   He finally caved in to  her nagging and phoned Jasmine, so now the ball is in her court.

What excuses is Jasmine making for not working this time? Her hiding away in her bedroom looking at photos of her Grace and Robbo is not good, but neither is getting nagged by Irene and Willow.  Apart from Justin telling Jasmine to back off from seeing Grace, it was Colby saying her couldn't be her friend that triggered her latest meltdown.  Seems she's not seeing much of Grace going by what Irene said and Maz had her that day.  Looks like  a big bust up between Willow and Jasmine tonight. :o

Alf and Martha were married, the first time,  for 16 years and not his fault Alisa died after 12 years so a bit unkind there Red. 

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10 hours ago, H&Alover said:

Alf and Martha were married, the first time,  for 16 years and not his fault Alisa died after 12 years so a bit unkind there Red. 

Just stating the facts, ma'am.(And hey, it was sort of his fault!)

Jasmine did indeed overreact with Willow and was quite paranoid in the way she behaved, but, genuinely this time, I do think she knows it.So I kind of do and don't get why Justin's behaving the way he is.I can understand why seeing Jasmine like that was a bit scary, but she was just behaving normally at the house.Sure, take over looking after Grace now he's there, but stage-whispering "Get rid of her" to Tori, which she clearly heard, just felt cruel and unkind and is unlikely to do her any good.She is getting a bit too attached to Grace, as if seeing her as a substitute for the child she thought she was going to have, but just cutting her off is not a solution.

Ben and Maggie were both being ridiculous.Ben can't leave Maggie and then come back once a week to mow the lawn, and Maggie can't insist Ben stay in a different half of the Bay to her.Anyway, Maggie going to see Coco for a bit might help.

Bella...I must admit, whilst I was disappointed at the lack of follow-through on her therapy, I haven't missed her much either, and I think that's partly down to the fact that I don't tend to enjoy her scenes.I think I miss Mason and Coco more because I think the family dynamic would be better if they were still around.I'm not really missing yet more scenes of Colby being a bad brother.I guess it'd be nice if Ryder had someone that wasn't Roo to talk to though...

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2 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

I guess it'd be nice if Ryder had someone that wasn't Roo to talk to though...

Hey that’s an insult to Nikau who is his friend and he could talk to him (granted Nikau is kind of busy with his own stuff though).

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