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I do not want this to end with a lot of "I told you so"s from Justin.Because I do not want him to be right and I definitely do not want this to end with Jasmine being shut out of Grace's life for good.I'm concerned though. Jasmine did apologise to Tori and Marilyn in the end, but it did feel a bit like she was telling them what they wanted to hear.But there's got to be a solution other than encouraging Jasmine to go away and never come back.Tori did do a decent job of standing her ground with Jasmine, even if I'm not sure it went in.And to be honest, I think she'd have been just as upset if Robbo had decided he didn't like her choice of babysitter and had steamed in and taken Grace away.Sure, if he was around they'd have discussed things, possibly more than she feels she needs to with Jasmine, but there'd still have been times when Tori would need to pull rank as the primary carer. Irene recalls fostering children and giving them back to their parents.That's not really something that happened to her that often, except with short stays like Kit or Ruby. It's like someone's not quite sure of her history and thinks she's Pippa.

I'm glad that Leah and Justin talked things over and she recognises that he respects her opinions even if he doesn't share them.Flexible Diner hours at work again, as Leah's able to leave for a chat seconds after arriving for her shift.

Ziggy is well and truly stuck in the middle now.I think we're kind of past right and wrong with Ben and Maggie, it's a case of whether or not they can pull themselves together.Their behaviour in the Diner was excruciating and we seem to be back to Ziggy acting like the parent after her brat-like behaviour of the past few weeks.

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Constable Risotto Mk II I'd like to think her name is Angela. Certainly not the first time they're reused the name badges - we had a Constable P Corelli pop up in recent years too ūüėõ

2020 season begins, six weeks after it did in Australia, but vagaries of Oz broadcasts means we're only 26 episodes behind at the moment. Well. Okay, seriously, what was the hospital siege a

This Week on Parata Wars: Ari: You're a tool! Tane: You're a tool! Gemma: Knock it off! Nikau: I'm outta here! *Australian voiceover* "Brought to you by Gala Bingo."

I did :rolleyes:  when Justin said that, but if Robbo was still alive the situation wouldn't have arisen, it had been decided between him and Tori they would share child care, with Jasmine helping Robbo,  so Marilyn looking after Grace wouldn't have come into it.  Also if Robbo still been single and still been killed, again the Marilyn situation wouldn't have arisen  would it? Good for her putting her foot down with Justin and telling him she was Grace's mum so her decision was final. Jasmine's comment to Grace worried me, it was like all that had been said before never happened, Leah also overheard it so now not just Justin overreacting. Tori explained as best as she could and very well I thought that she had the final say, she had trusted Marilyn when she said there was no danger and Jasmine should respect that.  Robbo, of course, would have been cautious after what happened to his first family but he knew Marilyn well enough to know she wouldn't have put Grace in an unpleasant situation.   Jasmine just seemed to come across as so stubborn, she couldn't understand why she as Grace's stepmother could be regarded as untrustworthy, normally no, but it was the fact she lied to Marilyn and didn't let Tori know what she had done and lied again to others about it. Jas still maintained she was being shut out of Grace's life when all Tori wanted was some time alone with her daughter.  Jasmine's apology didn't come across as sincere as it should have.  True it was only two months she was to all effects Grace's mum, she and Robbo got her into the routine she has got used to, but it doesn't take long for that bond to grow.  Now Robbo has gone and Grace is the only reminder of him.  

One small thing why was Grace covered up in her stroller when they were in Salt, poor little kid wouldn't have any air - and yes I know there probably wasn't anyone in it - but it was unnecessary. 

Ben and Maggie - really - sitting at separate tables like a couple of spoilt teenagers, no wonder Ziggy walked away, though her ultimatum did backfire on her as they've made the decision to separate which wasn't the result she wanted. Dean being the wise one again telling her to let them sort themselves out but of course Ziggy being Ziggy won't take any notice.  Mention, if brief, that Coco is aware of what is going on.  Sad thing about it all of course is Ben and Maggie do still love each other, that's why it's hurting them so much.  Well done Ziggy on passing your  mechanics exam, yes you haven't had the final confirmation, but you're bound to have done it.   





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The best thing about that episode was Mac¬†ūüôā.¬† Please give her more screen time.

Ben is an idiot, throwing his marriage away like that.  Maggie is sadly resigned to the situation.  At least they weren't arguing about it.

Tane is a bit too fly for me.  There's something off about him.  Are the Parata's all going to play happy families in the house he's renting, or will Ari stay at the caravan park? 

If Ari does move in, John won't be too happy about him living just across the street.  If he ever moves back in, that is.  I say that partly in jest, as John seems to have come to terms with Marilyn's friendship with Ari and knows deep down that there's nothing more to it.

I get that Ari has concerns about Tane, given everything that has happened (although it's still quite sketchy what did and when it took place).  I thought it was nice of Ari to offer the olive branch to Nik.

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Where to start? Well, the phone conversation with Coco was a nice touch: I think her absence has left a bit of a hole in the family. Maggie seems to have hope that this is only temporary.I don't see Ben as the bad guy, I think if it was as simple as just getting over it he would.Dean snapping at Justin seemed unnecessary but bad timing, I guess.The show needs a better way of differentiating between locations: I wondered what Dean and Ziggy were doing at Salt until I realised they were outside the Diner flat.

Again, Tane's behaviour around Mackenzie just made him look like a sleaze who's not used to people saying no to him.I shared John's eye roll at Ari and Tane's latest squaring up.Ari may well have a point about Tane, but constantly playing bad cop is just alienating himself from Nikau even further, so I'm glad he finally realised that...although Tane's offer and Nikau's apparent willingness to accept it (judging by the promo) may put them back to square one.Tane kind of has does what Ari failed to do, but maybe it's easier when you're not trying to earn money honestly.

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I think in Ben and Maggie's eyes now they have made that decision it has taken a weight off their shoulders and they can move forward wherever that may lead. Seems I got ahead of myself, but I thought I heard them mention Coco the day before.  Ziggy seemed quick  to write off her parents marriage, but maybe as Dean was trying to explain to her maybe  this time  apart, proper time apart,  will give them the time they need.  Ziggy has them divorced already! Typical of Maggie that despite what she is going through she was still concerned that Ziggy wasn't being fair on Dean and that she shouldn't shut him out. 

The Diner's flat balcony and Salt's balcony do look alike from certain angles.  Isn't the same set is it? 

Ben seemed happy that Ziggy is now  fully qualified mechanic.  Well with all the work Justin has coming into the garage he'll need another mechanic. :wink:

I don't trust Tane despite his good looks and sometimes dubious charm and I'm not being influenced by Ari's feelings towards him.  He did come out with one of the standard soap clichés "trust me" when we, the viewers  know that is the last thing the person they are saying it to shouldn't.  I wouldn't have thought renting one of those bungalows would be  cheap either so where is the money coming from,  is he calling in a favour or doing someone else a favour?  Unclear yet if  Tane is going to be living there or if Ari will be moving in which I can't really see him doing as Tane would in effect be his landlord.  Ari and Nik were always clashing when they were living under the same roof so maybe better he stays at the caravan park.  I think John has more to worry about with Tane being  so close to Marilyn.  Even with Ari and Gemma both working they couldn't have afforded to rent that bungalow. 

He may be a sleaze and very outdated in his 'chat up' lines but Mac can look after herself.  Was Nikau ducking out of working in the bait shop again?   From what we can gather from what we've heard about his history, he's not the most reliable guy, tends to do a runner when things get tough whereas Ari sticks around and puts the family back together.  A hint, maybe,  Ari did eight years inside because of him. In Nik's eyes Ari is the stern, unfun uncle who wants him to toe the line and shock, horror wants you to do actual work.  Tane is the opposite, buys you drinks, mucks about with you, has a seemingly  endless supply of money.  But would Tane be there for you if you really needed him, we know Ari would be.   We never knew Mikaere but I'm thinking maybe he was a mixture of Ari and Tane.  Gemma is still determined they should still be a family. How long ago was it Mikaere died?  

Liked the way Ari approached Nik so maybe he has worked out you get further using honey rather than vinegar, though it does look like it's too late as Tane has trumped him, seems Nikau can't wait to move in, Gemma however is more cautious. 

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Ari & Nik carried on being civil, which was nice.

Ben seemed happier.  Maggie was putting a brave face on it.  I'm glad she had some support from Roo.

Marilyn was quick to get in contact with John once the nest was empty.  Still, it was good for them to spend some time together.

I liked Mac & Ari's scenes.  She gave him a different perspective on the situation.  It's a shame the writers only seem to use her as a second fiddle (like Willow). 

Gemma thanking Marilyn for what she'd done for them was nice.

It's understandable that Gemma wants a proper home for her and Nik.  I hope she doesn't come to regret it.

We're still none the wiser where Tane got the money from to rent the house.  I'm surprised he's prepared to give up his playboy lifestyle so easily.  He said he wants to be there for Nik but Nik is now of an age where this shouldn't really be necessary.

Ari is only reluctantly moving in to keep on eye on Tane.  I guess he's lucky Tane will let him, given how hostile Ari has been towards him.  I get that Ari feels responsible but I hope it's not going to be endless conflict between them.

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The Parata house is really confusing me, I thought the door near the kitchen was the back door as Nik used that door to check out the pool, but then there’s been scenes of people entering that door from the front exterior and exiting via that door to go elsewhere.

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Ari did his best to make headway with Nikau but he needs to learn to compromise: If the guy wants to be a DJ, then for goodness sake help him do it! But it all went out the window once Tane trumped him by providing them a house.From then on, he was fighting a losing battle.Nikau was never going to agree to refuse Tane's offer and Gemma was never going to let him go without her.I think that Tane's not as bad as Ari thinks he is but not as good as Nikau wants him to be.I think he does care about Gemma and Nikau (and maybe, a little bit, Ari): I think he stayed away because he thought Ari was looking after them, and now that he's found out how they've been living he's decided to step in. Which is all well and good, except that Ari's been trying to do things the slow and steady legal way and now Tane's steamed in with his ill-gotten gains playing the hero. I take the point about John's "Deja Braxton" comment, and it is easy to see the three Parata boys as Brax-Heath-Casey 4.0 (Ricky would probably be the closest analogy to Gemma), but there are differences too. Perhaps for the first time I can see how Gemma stayed married to Mikaere for so long, as she's willing to turn a blind eye to where the money's coming from so long as it benefits Nikau.

Elsewhere, tale of two separated couples.Marilyn has found herself in a lose-lose situation and is left turning to John. Meanwhile, Ben and Maggie are mostly just making up their episode count but I think they're both putting on a brave face in a way: As Ziggy pointed out yesterday, they have no idea what they're like without each other.

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