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13 hours ago, Razabaza said:

Why is this show so obsessed with the relationships between brothers?  

I don't know if it's been mentioned before, but the surname Parata actually translates from Maori into English as brother.

Seems like the only type of characters they can write Even though Ari is a uncle I don't know what Tane is really is he Aris brother? 

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Constable Risotto Mk II I'd like to think her name is Angela. Certainly not the first time they're reused the name badges - we had a Constable P Corelli pop up in recent years too 😛

2020 season begins, six weeks after it did in Australia, but vagaries of Oz broadcasts means we're only 26 episodes behind at the moment. Well. Okay, seriously, what was the hospital siege a

This Week on Parata Wars: Ari: You're a tool! Tane: You're a tool! Gemma: Knock it off! Nikau: I'm outta here! *Australian voiceover* "Brought to you by Gala Bingo."

I do feel so sorry for Jasmine as she is fixating on Grace as she is the only reminder of Robbo she has, but she is risking not actually 'losing' her, but Tori and Justin being very wary of letting her look after her in the future.  Marilyn took Jasmine at her word that Tori was in surgery, but she could have left a message and it would possibly  been a lot sooner that the Morgan's found out.  Marilyn did consider ringing Tori but changed her mind so some part of her doubted Jas' story, it was only after talking it over with Irene and Roo she took the plunge and rung her, she in turn rang Justin who dashed off to the Diner.  On one hand they all know Jas would never hurt her but it was the fact Jas was devious about the way she took Grace and where she was.  I think it was Irene who said Marilyn would lay down her life for Grace rather than let her be hurt.  I noticed Irene was defending Jasmine when all the accusations were going on saying there had to be an explanation, there must have been a misunderstanding until Jasmine had that outburst right in front of her about how ungrateful the Morgan's were after all she had done for them.  She had also lied to Colby and Irene - I think - correct me if I got that wrong - about getting her shift wrong.  The scene that showed her mind really wasn't in the present was when she said to Colby "That's the deal" and when he looked confused said it was the deal between her and Robbo one fed Grace the other made the drinks. Sam is playing the role so well, she really knows how to wring the emotions.  Jasmine does need help, she's not mourned the baby that wasn't but instead shifted all her emotions onto Grace.  She like many others is using that well worn lie "I'm fine". 

Totally out there but did Grace's hat change from her lovely little red one to that grey one from scene to the next?

I feel the opposite I think Justin had to be firm and tell Jasmine Tori needed time with her daughter, he wasn't banning her forever.   Even Colby didn't agree with the way she was acting over Grace.  Talking of whom - do they really get Divorce Certificates in Australia?  All we, in Blighty, get is a decree nisi  followed by a decree absolute.  What are the recipients meant to do with it hang it on the wall?  In Colby's case this would  be alongside his firearms and passing out as a cop certificates.  

No, 'oops I'm sorry, I got it all wrong' from Irene when Leah admitted her shame of rejecting Justin's non proposal.   Leah is actually way behind in the number of times she's got married  in the soap world if  not the real.  Her comment  made me chuckle too ter06:lol:.  It was total embarrassment as to why she was avoiding him.  It is a wonder the garage is still doing any business let alone him thinking of expanding it. There's just him and Ziggy who isn't fully qualified yet and another one who is hardly there. All I can say is he has very patient customers.  

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To be fair, Leah is the most married person on the show: I don't think anyone else has had three on-screen weddings to different people!

Colby and Jasmine were indeed like watching a slow motion train wreck. I do feel sorry for Jasmine, who does seem to realise on one level that she's behaved wrongly, trying to smooth things over with Tori yesterday and succeeding with Irene today. Leah seems to keep changing her mind with how sympathetic she is but I think she recognises that they need to make some allowances, as does Irene. No sympathy for Colby and his pity party: He's got off very very lightly given that he murdered a man the day after his wedding, Chelsea should have reported him and had done with it, yet he's still here. Dean was absolutely right that he's got no-one to blame but himself and Mackenzie is better off without him. I'm glad he didn't apologise despite Willow wanting him to. The kiss was a bit confusing: The dialogue implies that Jasmine kissed Colby, yet he was the one that moved towards her.Even if she pulled him towards her, it must have been done very gently, certainly not in a way that he was taken by surprise or couldn't have pulled away before they kissed.

Ben and Maggie was another slow motion train wreck. Whether Ben's being reasonable or not, Maggie hanging around indulging in forced jollity was never going to make things better. But of course, actually trying to talk about things doesn't go down well either.Ziggy has clearly decided she wants them back together but isn't going to be putting pressure on Ben. Wasn't she meant to have moved back home though? What's with the moody shots of Maggie on her own again? Anyway, whilst it could backfire badly on her, in a sense Maggie doesn't have any choice but to issue ultimatums.

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So Ziggy managed about five minutes at work before going off to collect Ben and Justin wants her to step up when he expands the business??  Good luck with that one.

Ben may as well have gone straight to the caravan park.  He is such a wet weekend, depression notwithstanding.

I don't think Colby had anything to apologise to Dean for.  Willow seemed to have a foot in both camps but was also harsh with Colby, despite telling Dean she'd gone easier on him.

I enjoyed Mac and Colby's scenes.

Hello Ryder's dad.

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On 18/06/2020 at 14:02, pembie said:

Seems like the only type of characters they can write Even though Ari is a uncle I don't know what Tane is really is he Aris brother? 

Yes, Tane is Ari's and the late Mikaera's younger brother, :wink: do keep up pembie.

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I can't think of anyone else either - may have been some off screen weddings we've forgotten about.:unsure:

That was certainly  a party to remember for all the wrong reasons and it's saying something that even  Dean and Willow were shocked.  I'm not entirely blaming Colby for responding to Jasmine pulling him in for a kiss, he was petty drunk himself, in fact if both of them had been that little more sober it wouldn't have got that far. She was so obviously drinking to forget the last few months/weeks/days. From what I saw he was trying to pull her up and she kept flopping back and pulling him with her and once it had gone beyond a certain point - well!:blush::whistling:  In her well trollied state Jasmine was looking, I feel, for some comfort and it was a comfort snog for both.  If she is embarrassed now wait until she really sobers up.:blush: A few home truths told there as only they could tell each other.  Chelsea could have turned Colby in but she didn't so she is no innocent either.  If Colby is so fed up with his life, OK he can't work as a 'proper' cop, that is out of his control, he ought to do something about it.  I did wonder before who was the more dependant on whom him on Bella or her on him but seeing as she hasn't had a meltdown at the therapy farm, it's looking like it's him on her.    Did chuckle at them all trying to decide what to do with his divorce certificate, both Dean & Jasmine agreed with me frame it and hang it on the wall.:lol:

I did groan when Maggie pitched up at the hospital, Ben was actually sounding optimistic about going away, I guess she's been making her visits off screen.  Was that a change of tactics at the end on her part? I've been thinking and I do have to say his for Marco after his and Maggie's night together he didn't tell Ben about it once he heard they were back together which he could have done so easily.  

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Ari and Tane are both Nikau's uncles. There are other characters who've been married to three different people (John and Marilyn for a start) but at least one of the weddings was off screen.

I don't think Dean knew Colby was there when he made that comment about Mackenzie dodging a bullet...although I guess opinion would differ on whether that makes it better or worse! It was true though. Quite a few people have kept quiet about Colby being a murderer (Dean, Willow, Bella, Karen), it's not a particularly well-kept secret.It's a bit strange that we've gone in the space of two episodes and an in-universe day from Colby being off work for another three weeks to being fine to go back if he gives them a certificate.He hasn't even got Alex there to bend the rules.

Well, at least Ziggy forgave Maggie. It was interesting that she thinks Ben would have got over it for now if not for the depression: It's something to think about anyway when he seems to be being unreasonable.Does Ash still own a share in the garage or are we meant to have forgotten that?

I'll be watching closely for what's actually said about Ryder's father, although I'm not quite sure what's been established. I seem to remember that when Ryder was fairly new and still a bit of a tool, he planned to run off and live with his father after a falling out with Quinn, but Raffy quickly worked out that he didn't really know where his father was and had possibly never even met him.I think he knew something though?

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No Dean didn't know Colby was standing behind him when he made his comment about Mac, she did later refuse being dragged into it. The 'secret' is being kept in the family. Guess it will be Tori who has to sign him off, will it be desk duty for a while?  Not only Dean telling Colby to get real, but Willow too and of course Colby and Dean made up.   Colby was debating whether he should approach Jasmine, but I'd leave it for now if I was him, let it happen naturally. 

Maggie admitting she may have overplayed her hand with the rethinking of their marriage.   It still comes back to the fact it was Marco she slept with and not a random bloke.  Wise words from Dean to let Maggie and Ben sort it out between themselves. 

Standard soap ploy of only seeing the feet and back of a new arrival which is a sure sign they are going to be significant to a current member's life.  I remember that Red, Ryder did say he was going to run off and find his dad.  I think all he knew was he was a musician like Quinn.  Clever of TPTB that they didn't show Evan in the trailer.   Dare say they will let us know how Even knew about the caravan park.  Was that the reason Quinn was trying to get hold of Ryder? 


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41 minutes ago, H&Alover said:


Standard soap ploy of only seeing the feet and back of a new arrival which is a sure sign they are going to be significant to a current member's life.  


Just like Marco Alessi on Neighbours many moons ago. All we see is his back and Faye screams blue murder thinking he's a burglar right before the ep ends 🤣 

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