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Well, if ever I need a job, I'm just going to rock up in Summer Bay because nobody there ever seems to have a problem getting employment. 

Good news for Gemma but strange that Mac needs more help, as Salt usually has more staff than customers.

Ari had a point.  Nik does need something more reliable than the bait shop.  Do the Parata's solve every disagreement by butting heads?

Ziggy has finally realised that it is NOT all about her.

Marilyn seems more concerned that she is going to be left on her own.  She and John had been getting on alright lately but she suddenly has an about-face.

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Constable Risotto Mk II I'd like to think her name is Angela. Certainly not the first time they're reused the name badges - we had a Constable P Corelli pop up in recent years too 😛

2020 season begins, six weeks after it did in Australia, but vagaries of Oz broadcasts means we're only 26 episodes behind at the moment. Well. Okay, seriously, what was the hospital siege a

This Week on Parata Wars: Ari: You're a tool! Tane: You're a tool! Gemma: Knock it off! Nikau: I'm outta here! *Australian voiceover* "Brought to you by Gala Bingo."

I found Colby chucking Dean and Ziggy's stuff over the balcony funny, it was necessary and nothing else was getting through to them and they found it funny and they got the point he was trying to make. I :rolleyes: when Ziggy put the empty milk bottle back in the fridge, she would never have dared to do that at home!.  Ben, has then, according to the phone calls taken himself off up the coast to do some surfing. Rein it in Ziggy, Dean has been nothing but supportive of you so no need to bite his head off when he made the completely genuine suggestion she talk to Maggie instead of just ignoring her calls.   Though Maggie should back off and let Ziggy wonder why you've stopped calling, texting, sending carrier pigeons.  

I think that is where the problem over Grace will arise Jasmine had looked after her from when she was practically a new born through no fault of Tori's of course.  She found it hard to hand Grace back to Tori once she was ready but then she had Robbo for support and would see her with him. But now that part of the link has gone so understandable she'd want to be a lot closer now she's 'lost' Robbo's baby.  Plus of course she kept coming out with "I'm fine" lie, she in no way could have got over what she's just been through that quick. Jasmine was very quick to offer to look after Grace longer and seemed disappointed when Justin and Leah turned her down.  

Just as Gemma was looking to the future she gets another kick back,  she did know her shifts may be cut back once  Leah came back, she didn't think it would be that soon. As she was the last one to be taken on it was inevitable she'd be the one to lose out, that is the way a business like Irene and Leah's work.  Bad luck she overheard Marilyn offer to give her her shifts, would sound like charity even pity because of her situation. I think the news Gemma was looking for a place for her, Ari and Nik came as a shock to Marilyn as it would mean she'd be on her own with no-one to look after which is Marilyn's thing after all.  

Leah and Justin really do seem to getting it on with gusto.  Her stretching out like a  femme fatale was amusing as was the look on Justin's face.   



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Good that Mackenzie took Gemma on, I wonder if the fact it would help Ari played into the process.Her not getting the resume before is another reason to hate Jade (and another reason why Mackenzie was crazy to leave her working on her own).Ari did have a point about Nikau needing something permanent but there didn't seem to be any rush and I'd have thought he'd have realised by now that playing head of the family just puts Nikau's back up.If it was just Ari, I wouldn't blame Nikau for wanting out but he doesn't seem to be giving Gemma much thought.Marilyn just seemed to be looking for an excuse to bite John's head off.

Whilst I'm definitely glad that Ben spoke to Ziggy and stressed again that the problem is between him and Maggie, there was a touch of "Do as I say, not as I do" about it.He told Ziggy that this doesn't change who Maggie is but he seems to be having a hard time recognising that himself.

Good for Ryder that he passed his driving test.It seems a long time ago that he and Coco were planning to learn together...

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It took me a bit to remember why Mac hadn't seen Gemma's previous CV, then I remembered Jade took it upon herself to take it and hide it and just  dismissed Gemma as a nobody, when Nik pointed out Gemma was his mum she turned on the waterworks and did her poor little me act.  Daft question but no news on her I suppose - no of course not silly me.:D:wink:  Gemma certainly does seem to have had quite a bit of bar/restaurant experience and I'm sure she meant it in the best possible way that the Diner was a bit on the quite side to what she is normally used to.   Gemma is one hard grafter, but I imagine she always has been. 

Ari lad I know you think you are doing what you feel you should by looking out for out for your brothers family but Nik does have a job, not a regular one true, who knows what Alf will decide when he gets back, but it's a job, he's getting paid for it, he seems to enjoy it, let him alone oh a bit of praise for sticking to it wouldn't go amiss. Not surprising Nik decides to persuade Ryder - congrats for getting your P's - to take him to see his uncle Tane in the city.  Can't say I was that impressed by Tane's attitude towards Ryder  and he dissed  his motor.  I hope that beer wasn't too alcoholic or Ryder's just having the one.  Didn't Tane tell Nik he can't keep running to him and he needs to sort out his own problems the other day? 

Marilyn did take John's comment completely the wrong way, for once he didn't mean anything  by it. 

Ben finally got through to Ziggy. The problem is between him and Maggie and how it affects them as husband and wife,  Maggie is still Ziggy's mum, nothing will change that.  Ziggy saying Maggie was first in line to stone Simone making  her now sound hypocritical but it was two completely different situations.  Maggie and Marco were, that rare thing, a one off, Brody and Simone were a full blown affair.  Ziggy did give Maggie a hug, but she didn't look totally on board.  Ziggy also apologised to Dean and so she should have, she's lucky he's a lot more patient than he used to be.   

Not looking good for Ben tonight.




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I basically like Nikau but he does need to grow up.Running away seems to be his default mode.I might not blame him if it was just him and Ari but he was willing to bail on Gemma just because Ari is a jerk (and borderline bully) towards him sometimes.I can't help thinking that if Tane had let him stay then he'd have got tired of that too before too long.I was completely on John's side when he stepped in on Ari intimidating Ryder (Nikau had at least let Gemma know he was staying out this time).Looks like Ari's got someone his own size to pick on now... Ryder definitely looked like a fish out of water. "You're just like Ari!" seems to be Nikau's standard insult: He said the same thing to John.

I feel a bit like John let Marilyn off the hook easily, and it was unfair to Roo to put all the pressure on him to sort things when Marilyn was the one being short with him, but oh well, they talked.And I guess now she could be losing the Paratas she suddenly needs him again.He was right that she helped them out, now she needs to let go.

Maggie's behaviour towards Ben was pretty much the definition of madness.He obviously didn't want to make small talk about his trip yet she kept trying to do exactly that.Either talk to him about something important or, more sensibly, just eat in silence so he can get used to the two of them spending time together again: It's like she's forgotten everything she learned last year.But at least she was on hand when he had his turn.

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On 09/06/2020 at 21:41, H&Alover said:

There was no comparison between Ben and Maggie and what happened or rather didn't between Zac and Bianca.   There were other problems with them anyway.

Um Bianca? I assumed Leah was referring to when Zac had sex with Sam when they were married?! But your right their was other issues it wasn’t just the affair.

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There was nearly a thing between Bianca and  Zak she tried it on with him but he didn't tell Leah about it, but of course she found out about it, but there was the thing with Sam.    

I've said it before but for an intelligent woman Maggie isn't showing much evidence of it, please leave well alone, let Ben have his lunch in please, he made it clear he didn't want to make small talk.  Waste of a good meal.  Not wanting to gloat but he was overdosing on his anti depressant meds and pain killers which is never  a good idea and the fact he was not well was spotted by Dean and John was  sympathetic without pushing it.  Now Alex has gone Tori is again the go to doctor at NDH, ushering Maggie out, she will of course get the blame for what's happened from Ziggy.  

Nik does need to grow up, he ,as Tane said, can't keep running away when things get tough.  Ari is overbearing towards him but he feels responsible for him, though if I was Ari I'd just let him be.  Tane from what has been implied is bad news so that is why Ari is so against them having anything to do with each other.   Tane did persuade Nik to ring Gemma even if he lied about where he actually was and he bring Nik back which does go in his favour but ended up in an eyeball to eyeball confrontation. Ryder found himself in the middle of a war when he was only trying to help a friend.  I liked how John stood up to Ari when he verbally attacked Ryder.  Ryder did fill Tane in how things had been for Nik with Ari.

Marilyn did realise she'd taken John's remark the wrong way and John accepted it rather than take umbridge and accepted her apology.  He discreetly walked away when she was talking to Ari and took it for what it appeared.  


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It's occurred to me since that episode that it's a bit odd Leah referred to "my ex-husband" as if Justin didn't know Zac when they were in town at the same time! (I'm struggling to remember them sharing a scene though. Maybe during the plane crash?)

Anyway, the Paratas are still at loggerheads.I'm not quite sure if I truly sympathise with any of them apart from Gemma, who seems to be stuck in the middle of a lot of overgrown schoolboys.Ari's attitude isn't very helpful but there is always the possibility that he's quite right about Tane.Whilst I don't think Tane has caused Nikau's bad attitude, he didn't seem like a particularly good influence on him here: Of course Nikau's going to prefer to hang out with the uncle who gives him unlimited beer rather than the uncle who wants him to get a job.Given Mackenzie appeared out of nowhere and wasn't credited, I'm guessing that last scene was moved from the next episode although goodness knows what we were meant to end on, probably the previous Salt scene with Ari and Tane eyeballing each other.Not too long ago John would have taken more glee in filling Marilyn in on Ari's latest public spat: He's lucky he had Roo with him or Marilyn would probably have still accused him of causing trouble.It was a bit odd that Tane and Nikau seemed to have the same vague conversation about Bella again and that Gemma seemed to have forgotten Nikau told her he was staying the night elsewhere.

Similarly, Maggie took a while to remember Ben taking the headache tablets but they got there in the end.So it seems he's going to be fine with regards the pill cocktail but it doesn't seem to have brought him and Maggie any closer.

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The Jasmine storyline is already very disturbing.  I'm finding it difficult to watch.  I've gone off Marilyn this year but I felt sorry for her.

The Parata stuff is doing nothing for me.  I don't actively dislike any of them but I'm not really engaging with what is going on with them.

Thankfully there were some lighter moments, with Irene putting ideas in Leah's head.  Leah was quite funny today.  So was Justin, getting all tongue-tied.  We didn't actually see what he wanted to say.

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Although Summer Bay is a smallish place it doesn't follow Zac and Justin would have known each other that well.    Not meant in a  snobby  way  but  they may have just moved in different circles.   

Good looking and charming as Tane is I don't trust him, he seems the opposite of Ari who I think is  the eldest, then Mikaera,  then Tane.    Certainly very different life styles, Ari being the one with a good work ethic, Tane being the idler and involved in dodgy dealings, we'd already got a hint of that when we first saw him.   I have to say I was surprised Gemma didn't defend Ari more when Tane was making his sarky comments, she knew the reason there wasn't any money coming in was  because Ari had been laid off due to his accident yet was still looking for anything he could do.  Well the family get together where they could air their differences went well didn't it Gemma!  It did appear all the brothers had been close at one time but their lifestyles changed all that.  Dare say we will find out more in due course.   You could even  feel sorry for Nik, he's just a young man who lost his dad in bad circumstances, Ari is trying to help but of course he would resent it, he loves his mum and wants to the right thing by her.  He admires his younger(?) uncle as he seems so cool and thinks understands him more.    Tane's 'teasing' or taunting of Ryder didn't fit well with me.  

Not sure if Tane's charm offensive worked that well on Marilyn and no offer from her or  any suggestion by him he stay there with Gemma and Nik which would not be a good idea. Good thinking on Roo's part to ring Gemma to alert her as to what was going down,  essentially Tane after being  hit by Ari. :wink:   Gemma isn't exactly Tane's number one fan either. John wisely, for him didn't bang on too much about  Ari to Marilyn his admonishment to Ari if things kicked off outside the surf club is was his business was  nicely put. 

Another emergency hospital dash, another patient at death's door with the medics no clue as why it's happened, then thankfully Ben comes round long enough to tell Tori what he'd been doing so they are able to save him.   So another miracle performed by NDH, seems every soap has it's own miracle hospital. :rolleyes:  Maggie only knew he'd been taking the headache tablets, she didn't know about him over dosing on his anti depressant meds which didn't mix well with the headache tablets which any  layman/woman could have told him.    Did all that with Ben take part over a certain time, because Ziggy is taking her time getting there? 

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