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I continue to sympathise with both Ben and Maggie.I cringed through Maggie's overly-chirpy "Everything's fine" behaviour towards Ben, yet I also felt for her when she got nothing but dismissive monosyllables in response.I continue to think it's not as simple as Ben choosing not to forgive her, he's been pretty shaken by all this. Leah really didn't do her reputation any good here: It was her unforgiving attitude towards Zac that caused a good chunk of the audience to turn against her in the first place.It was also annoying that she was unhappy with Maggie yet it was Justin that got an earful, but at least she apologised and acknowledged he's a good man so she's back in my plus column.

Wendy was supremely overbearing and reminded me of how much I disliked her when she was trying to move Robbo, Jasmine and Grace out to the farm.I'm not sure why she was suddenly being so cold towards Tori given that they seemed to make peace after the funeral, but I'm glad Jasmine had Tori's back...and it's probably a good thing, since she needs someone to have her back now.She should have checked more thoroughly rather than just assuming but sometimes you can convince yourself you're pregnant: If this was a 12 week scan, and her period was 47 days overdue quite some weeks ago, then she mustn't have had one for two months or more.It's a definite kick in the guts anyway.

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Constable Risotto Mk II I'd like to think her name is Angela. Certainly not the first time they're reused the name badges - we had a Constable P Corelli pop up in recent years too 😛

2020 season begins, six weeks after it did in Australia, but vagaries of Oz broadcasts means we're only 26 episodes behind at the moment. Well. Okay, seriously, what was the hospital siege a

This Week on Parata Wars: Ari: You're a tool! Tane: You're a tool! Gemma: Knock it off! Nikau: I'm outta here! *Australian voiceover* "Brought to you by Gala Bingo."

Irene to Leah "Looks like you're back on the horse."  😆

Colby still guilt-tripping about sending Bella away, even though it had to be done.  Nice that Mac was there to lend him a friendly shoulder.  I enjoyed his scenes with Willow too.

Good to hear that things are going well for Bella.

So Jas took a pregnancy test?  I don't recall that happening, whether Irene was there or not.

I think maybe I was a bit harsh yesterday.  Phantom pregnancy is a medical condition (although uncommon) and there's no reason to doubt that Jas had all those symptoms.  It was nice that Wendy took a more sympathetic approach in the end and she got a lot of support from Tori, Willow & Irene.  I hope Jas isn't going to become too reliant on Grace though.

The writers have put Jas through the wringer this year but Sam always delivers a great performance.

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Maggie is trying too hard, she needs to step back and give Ben some space, she's lucky he's still living at the farm.  I shouldn't stereotype but Ben is Italian and their sense of family and pride is very ingrained into their culture.  Ben's collapse - he doesn't od his depression pills does he, either accidentally or maybe subconsciously deliberately?:unsure:  I gave a sigh of relief when Roo just made tentative enquiries about things when she spoke to Ben and hen walked away. 

Just as well Leah didn't get the full story about Ben/Maggie/Marco.  I thought she would have been more understanding, being a woman and all that, it hadn't been a deliberate act and was a one off.  Justin did seem to be defending Maggie  when, again stereotyping, I thought he'd be on Ben's side and slagging her off too.  As usually happens Justin just happened to the one there when she was letting off steam, but it proved she felt comfortable enough with him to do that.  There was no comparison between Ben and Maggie and what happened or rather didn't between Zac and Bianca.   There were other problems with them anyway.   Justin was actually chuffed that  the old feisty Leah was still there.  Leah took a few more steps, well one big one actually.  Asking Justin if he wanted to go for a walk-  to the bedroom.:wub::blush:  It looked like it went well too and Grace stayed asleep - good girl. 

  I went right off Wendy during that episode, OK she was overjoyed to see Grace and she would have grown a lot since she last saw her so I'll let her off commandeering Grace. Then she started getting bossy, questioning Tori's decision to go back to work so soon , especially as Robbo/Ryan wasn't there to be there when she was working, snide comment about Grace being left with strangers.  The little digs about the lack of photos, which to be fair wouldn't take long to take and send, much easier nowadays.  Her trying to leave Tori out of attending the scan backfired when Jas put her foot down, because as she said Tori is family.  There hadn't been any mention of Jasmine taking a pregnancy test home type or otherwise, confirmation by  a doctor to get dates. All that hype and bon homie and good feeling over Jasmine's pregnancy, Justin bringing the cot Robbo had made over, Grace's baby clothes, did she want a girl of boy,  had to inevitably lead to very bad news.:cryingsmiley:   Tori was the first to realise, you could tell by her face and I think then Jasmine did too.  I wondered how it was 12 weeks already, how long between her reading she was 47 days overdue  and now, assuming Jas had regular periods, she would have thought, then later convinced herself she was pregnant as she had missed a couple.   I suppose there were clues there if you looked for them, she hadn't had any adverse affects, no tender boobs, sickness, or is that too early. She so wanted there to be something good in her life her mind totally fooled her body into thinking she was pregnant because she wanted it so much. It's not an unknown condition and yes baywatcher even someone in the medical profession can get it wrong. She is going to be heart broken and I hope Wendy goes easy on her, though it didn't look she does initially.


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So, hang on, what? They suddenly throw out there, after we find out that Jasmine isn't pregnant, that she did take a test after all? We saw Irene tell her to take one, even had it repeated in a recap so it looked important, then we didn't see her take one so it looked like she'd just assumed she was pregnant because she'd missed a period or two.At a guess, I'd say that moment was there in the recap because she was meant to take a test in that episode but it got cut.In which case, at the very least they should have cut the recap as well, because way to make something like it meant the opposite of what it was meant to, people...

Anyway, bad storytelling aside, it was heartbreaking seeing Jasmine's world come crashing down.As I said yesterday, I'm glad that Tori was there to put Wendy straight quickly.I don't think Jasmine was trying to harm herself when she walked out into the water: No-one else was wet in the following scene so I assume she came back on her own.That little scene of Jasmine and Willow packing up the baby things was rather poignant, I wonder what they'll do with the cot now? Despite sinister music playing over the scenes, Jasmine focusing on Grace does seem like a decent idea.

Leah was in danger of going backwards here but it seems like they've weathered this particular storm.

It still feels like Colby's making it all about him: Mackenzie spells it out to him but he still nearly put Bella's recovery at risk by blundering in there.Whilst it's nice to get an update, I'd rather we actually saw Bella in therapy than heard about it second or third hand from Colby.

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11 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

 Jasmine focusing on Grace does seem like a decent idea.

I can't see that ending well - probably something along the lines of irreparable damage to her friendship with Tori or even with Tori yelling "Stay away from us, you psycho!"

I can't see her doing a Marilyn and abducting Grace (Jasmine isn't that selfish) but there may be some resentment along the way with something like "Grace should have been mine instead of yours!" and it'll probably end with Jasmine needing to stay away from Grace and Tori for her own sake as well as theirs.

Few things are more divisive between women that having children and not being able to have them.

Edited by English Invader
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Oh Lustin!  😊

Jas looked to be in a better place and it seemed to do her good spending time together with Colby.  They are meant to be together.

Colby has every right to be annoyed with Dean & Ziggy using his home as a doss-house but throwing their stuff onto the beach seemed a bit of an over-reaction (and wasn't funny).

It's understandable that Gemma wants her own place.  Marilyn was trying to help offering to give up some of her shifts but there's a point where it can become too much like interfering.

Ziggy - please get over yourself.  She is back to being super-obnoxious and I'm over it now.

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Oh Irene, you are awful but we like you. :lol: From high horse to back on the horse.  Was Irene implying Justin is a bit of an Italian stallion.:wink:  I think his parents were of Italian extraction. Wonderful that Leah and Justin are back to where they were and what great timing by Grace and for being so considerate by waking up after their reunion.    Loved her little fisherman's/woman's hat she was wearing, Alf would be very jealous, but then it was back to her woolly one. Wouldn't that make her rather hot?  NO NO please no Lustin!:puke:

Ditto Red and baywatcher - not just me then missing Jas actually taking a test but Irene seeing the result, only explanation is it happened off screen!  I must have misheard  Jasmine saying she hadn't had any of the downside stuff of being pregnant as in sore boobs, morning sickness etc. only the good stuff because she had suffered, if that isn't the wrong word, morning sickness and sore boobs.  But those scenes were heart breaking Wendy not helping at all by suggesting Jasmine had made it up about being pregnant.  Thank goodness Tori was able to explain it all to Irene and Wendy who to her credit once she realised what it involved was quick to sympathise with and apologise to Jasmine.  Tori did a good job there in putting the condition of a phantom pregnancy across in a way Irene and Wendy could take in without being patronising and summed up why Jasmine's body was so convinced she was pregnant.    I know it's rare but did Irene and Wendy really never hear of it before?  Now it may be just me but I'm sure I saw in the trailer that Tori actually went into the sea to bring Jasmine back but in last nights episode all we saw was Willow watch jasmine walk into the sea and Tori calling out to her,  Willow looking up then next shot of them Willow and Tori are walking Jasmine up the beach. :unsure:   It was good that Wendy and Jasmine parted like they did, May do Jasmine a lot of good to go and visit them and get away from the bay. I suppose for now the cot will go back to the Morgan's.    Justin and Leah know as does Colby so he won't be putting his foot in it.  Good acting by all concerned with that storyline, not that it's finished yet.  I'm with you English Invader I can see Jasmine getting obsessed with Grace, quitting her job and taking over from Marilyn on babysitting duties  that won't be healthy for either of them. Her words to Irene that she wouldn't want another child if she wasn't able to have Robbo's was a worry. 

I understand Colby would be worried about Bella but as Mac and Willow said if anything untoward had happened like her running away Steve or someone would have let him know.  It made me wonder who is the more dependant on whom.  It did put his mind at ease when he did talk to Steve and heard Bella, who will refusing to join in the group talks. was doing well with Bullet. 

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I can see there being some sort of argument between Tori and Jasmine over Grace at some point, but I hope it won't go as far as "Stay away from us":Jasmine has been a part of Grace's life since she was born and it would be a shame to lose that connection.Apart from being keen to spend as much time with Grace as possible, Jasmine hasn't really done anything to set off alarm bells.She deserves far better than Colby, unfortunately most of the candidates are dead.I was on Colby's side over dumping Dean and Ziggy's mess though and it made the point.Ziggy can't really use Dean's place as a bolt hole and then make out he doesn't have the right to an opinion.

Well, Leah and Justin are getting back on the horse again and again... I wondered if Leah would actually manage to do the roster but she did. As I said a while back, Leah coming back to work is not good news for Gemma.Marilyn annoyed me with the way she initially seemed to want the Paratas to stay with her: It's like she realised that by choosing them over John she could end up with nothing.Fair play to her though, she did offer to give up her shifts so Gemma could still have a decent income.Gemma didn't take it well, and I guess there's an element of Marilyn wanting to fix everything, but I think it came from a good place.

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Well,  Justin was just a bachelor, lookin' for a partner, someone who knew how to ride without even  fallin' off... had to be compatible, take him to his limits...🤣

Got that out my system.

TBFTH, Maz chucking away 6yrs of marriage for relative strangers would make zero sense.

The over-the-balcony stuff was funny. Deano and Zigs were taking liberties.

Are we even READY for a Cuckoo Stepmother storyline right now?

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