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When have you felt characters have become too obsessed in their relationships.

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When has there been moments when you thought characters have become too unhealthily obsessed in their relationships. 

Melody - Melody was far too boy crazy over Geoff.  It’s no wonder Geoff didn’t want a bar of her. 

Maddy- Trying to win Josh back from Evie after the way Josh treated her. 

Kyle- Taking a fall for Isla a girl he just met after promising Brax would he look after Ricky and Baby Casey.

Phoebe- She got far too obsessed with Justin and the rest of the Morgan’s in her last 12 months. And there was episode  when other characters noticed her obsession with the Morgan family as Kat said to Phoebe I you just going sit there all day and think about Morgan family all day and Ash saying what are  you going to do now cut Morgans family out of you life and Phoebe said  to Matt and Evie I have no hobbies and  I can’t go a day without  thinking of Justin and the Morgan family  and this  was someone that complained about having to be involved in the Braxton  family for two years and when she finally got officially together with Justin it wasn’t long before she left town at first given opportunity and given she soon found new boyfriend soon after she move to LA and it  really questions weather if Phoebe really loved Justin and  only involved  herself in Justin and Morgan’s because she didn’t have anything in her life. 

Mason- When Mason was falling head over heals with Beth, a sick girl in hospital. He didn’t stop to think he would be crossing a professional  line when Mason was on thin ice as it was. 

Kat - Kat's obsession over Robbo could not only have her sent to jail but got her killed. 

Olivia- Sleeping with a guy just to move her business status up and ruining things with a great guy like Hunter, a great boyfriend, and  one  that stand by her and had helped her through her child abuse.

Simone- Simone dropped everything and came from God knows where to try and hook up with Brody after falling head over heals for him after seeing photo of Brody  on his cooking website .




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Ruby - She was obsessed with Romeo, even though he was with Indi at the time, and then the whole pretending to be pregnant thing so he'd stay with her.

Indi - Not as bad as Ruby, but I do think Romeo/Indi were too co-dependent and her entire time on the show pretty much revolved around him (at least when the Walkers came back after the guest stint)

Chris - With Hannah. He got back with her after she cheated and ranted on that date about her to a new girl.

Evie - With Josh. I liked them together, but the fact that her first thought after he admitted killing Charlotte was that he couldn't turn himself in...I get she didn't want to lose him, but how many people (including her uncle) almost went down instead?

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