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Characters that should return

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Jean Chambers...

Maybe she could return to try and patch things up with Marilyn (maybe she could be dying or suddenly realizing how badly she treated Marilyn over the years), quite liked seeing an iconic face from Prisoner stepping into the Bayside Diner.

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Joel Nash

Gypsy Nash

Ben Astoni 

Sally Fletcher

Brad Armstrong

Cassie Turner

Ric Dalby 

Jade Sutherland

Matilda Hunter

Lucas Holden

Nicole Franklin

Aden Jefferies

Pippa Ross 

Don Fisher

Hayley Smith

Scott Hunter

Carly Morris

Matt Wilson

Sophie Simpson 

Brody Morgan

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I'm actually curious about Sam Marshall as an adult.  When he left at the end of 2000/beginning of 2001, yes he suddenly decided to be responsible and take care of Sandy and Bella, but this happened really quickly after he was involved with drugs and persuading Hayley to sleep with him because he'd failed in competitive surfing.  In 2002, he was getting help from Alf in a sense of career direction, and apart from mentioning that Bella was starting school, I don't remember Sam saying much otherwise when he returned in 2005 for Alf's 60th birthday.

I want to know about Sam as a responsible adult and what he'd be like as a dad.  Bella would have grown up and be the same age as Ryder now (and you can't really have two Bellas at the same time), but did Sam and Sandy have any children together? - If it had to be after 2005, they'd be about 15 now.


Unlikely to have them back in Summer Bay, but I've been wondering if Steven and Selina could have become foster parents themselves?  They both loved their foster mothers (Pippa and Irene), and from the clip I've seen of them reuniting in England in 1998, I got the impression that Steven wanted a big family.  If they had any children of their own, they could be about 12 now (post-Steven returning for Sally's 2008 departure).

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Finlay Roberts, to give Irene a decent storyline.

Alison Patterson, would have to be a lookalike actress as Kathryn Ridley works for the NSW government now. She has been gone over 32 years so a recast could work, Alison could befriend Leah, seeing as Leah was once wed to Vinnie, Alison's cousin. Alison could be a businesswoman who causes trouble for Justin Morgan and the Parata's, bring them down a peg or two.

Celia Stewart for another guest stint.



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