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Characters that should return

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Tasha Andrews

Hugo Austin

Xavier Austin

Rachel Armstrong

Sasha Bezmel

Heath Braxton 

Darryl Braxton

Kyle Braxton

Ruby Buckton 

Geoff Campbell 

Annie Campbell 

Miles Copeland

Ric Dalby

Blake Dean

 Donald Fisher

Sally Fletcher

Nicole Franklin

Chris Harrington 

Tony Holden

Matilda Hunter

Scott Hunter

Emma Jackson

Aden Jefferies

Martha MacKenzie 

Frank Morgan

Liam Murphy

Gypsy Nash

Phoebe Nicholson

Maddy Osborne 

Alex Poulos

Pippa Ross

Ricky Sharpe

Harvey Ryan

April Scott 

Bianca Scott

Colleen Smart

Hayley Smith

Celia Stewart

Duncan Stewart

Kirsty Sutherland 

Dani Sutherland

Sid Walker

Dex Walker

Indi Walker




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There’s so many I want to return but the ones I can come up with now that would make me quite happy if they returned are


Sid Walker (probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone seeing as I’ve had the same profile picture of him for the almost 7 years I’ve been a member here :P)

Martha, i really liked the strong bond between her and Alf

Rick, we already have so many of the Stewart family on the show now that it would be fitting to have Rick return and meet his new relatives (or at least new for him)

Brax, I just miss all the action that came along with a Braxton on the show

Sally, I also really wanna know if her daughter ever got well

Miles, I really grew found of this character, he really fitted in on the show

Donald Fisher, I really want them to bring the actor back before he gets to old or dies 😕 

Colleen and the same as with Norman, I hope they don’t die without having gotten invited back to the show at least once again


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Mark Furze who played Ric Dalby was at Palm Beach today for a swim.

i would like Bec Cartwright back as Hayley Lawson as I reckon a new chapter of Hayley can happen, like teenagers now and she can’t cope with them so she comes to Irene for help. Will Smith also comes back

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2 hours ago, jakeyy. said:

Mark Furze who played Ric Dalby was at Palm Brach today for a swim.

Funny that you mention Rick! Am I correct in saying he’s now completely bald and has a really long beard? I remember he looked like that a couple of years back which came as a surprise! It would be interesting if he came back

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Nicole Franklin

Chris Harrington 

Martha Mackenzie

Celia Stewart

Duncan Stewart

Sasha Bezmel 

VJ Patterson

Luc Ashford

Evie MacGuire

Zac MacGuire

Matt Page

Tony Holden

Rachel Armstrong 

Xavier Austin 


In terms of Martha, Celia and Duncan, I think these characters should return in light of recent events with Alf and Martha, the same with VJ and Luc for Leah. 

All the rest I would like to return due to them being among my favourites. 

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Love this forum!

At this point in time I would be happy to see anyone from former cast return! Weather it be for a special anniversary or event in the bay.

But I personally would like to see Alf's sisters or Irene's children or her former stepchildren return or even her sister Wendy or nephew Nelson. Even a return of someone from Leah's family or her former stepson. As I feel that the older cast are just under-utilised.

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