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Characters with beef!

Jamie C

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Hi all,

Hoping you can help me. I'm researching characters on the show who famously don't/didn't get along, and it's been a long time since I was an avid viewer. Do any particular pairs spring to mind? Perhaps it's a villain and someone he/she tormented, or just two characters who were always clashing for whatever reason.

Any suggestions, past or present, would be greatly appreciated.


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Irene mostly had a beef with Steven.  She took Dodge's side over Steven's and seemed to be suspicious of him even before he got together with Selina.   Steven and Irene got along after she accepted he and Selina were getting married.  They were fine in England and seem to have got along when Steven has returned to Summer Bay since then.

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27 minutes ago, chair said:

Irene mostly had a beef with Steven.

True true!

Lets not forget though that Irene also had beef with Pippa when she first came to the bay as she didn't want Pippa to take her kids away from her. Irene also had major beef with Angie Russell too and slapped her for her inappropriate act with her stepson Nick Smith. In recent years Irene also had some beef with Charlotte and also with Leah about the custody of Luc. 

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9 hours ago, j.laur5 said:

I think it got very old and boring after while!. 

They basically fighting over nothing  and was same augment again and again. 

But it reached a great crescendo at the Musical.

You could feel the hate emanating off one another. They eventually squashed the beef by '94 as they probably realised they were too much alike in certain ways.

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