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Life At Summer Bay

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Great chapter

Ash caught Phoebe with Dom!

Glad Ash is going to find Billie.

Glad Bianca set Phoebe straight and slapped her for saying mean things about Darcy.

Update again soon :)


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Great chapter!

Wow! Ash caught Phoebe and Dom, I’m also glad that Dom found out about Phoebe because she shouldn’t get to just hide away, she has to face her mistakes. I’m glad that Ash is going to find Billie because he has acknowledged his mistakes and is now moving on with his life. I hope he can do this with Billie. 

 Bianca slapped Phoebe, I think her deserved it especially after all the mean things she was saying about Darcy! She has hurt Kyle and is now calling his niece horrible names! Doesn’t she see what she is doing is wrong? Glad that Kyle’s brothers didn’t let Phoebe talk to him, it will only make him sadder and he’s struggling enough as it is. 

Looking forward to reading more. :) 


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Thank you so much for the comments, @Suzza101 and @Kristen and @Helena

Sorry this is a short chapter. I had been trying to figure out what to write next for this chapter, lol. 

Today marks four weeks since I posted this fanfiction :D 

Contains swearing and language, violence e.g. two people getting into a fight and someone getting headbutted. You had been warned!


Later on this mid-evening at Yabbie Creek Pub...

Draining down her fourth glass of wine, Phoebe saw a man sitting alone all by himself so she got up from her seat stumbling over to him and he got the surprise of his life when she settled herself on his lap wrapping herself around him.

“Hey handsome. Want to have fun?” said Phoebe in a flirty tone.

“Um....” said the man when Phoebe kissed him on the lips and then they began to make out passionately for a few minutes until they were confronted by the man’s girlfriend who just had walked in to find her boyfriend kissing a strange woman.

“What the ****...?!” exclaimed the man’s girlfriend angrily.

“Oh ****! Babe, it’s not what it looks like! She just threw herself on me!” said the man.

“Oh this is your handsome guy? I am sure you don’t mind sharing him with me!” smirked Phoebe.

“Get off my boyfriend, you ****ing cow! Oh I do know who you are! You were in yesterday’s newspaper! Phoebe Nicholson and her little dirty secret, right?! You are a skank!” spat the woman.

“Your boyfriend told me I am better at sex more than you!” sniggered Phoebe.

“What?! No! I didn’t say that, honestly!” said the man.

The whole pub had gone quiet so they were witnessing the scene in silence and muttering to one each other.

“Why can’t you get off him and **** off, yeah?! Go and find another guy to make out with!” spat the woman breathing heavily.

“Oh make me, you pathetic cow! I don’t give a ****!! Whatever!!” said Phoebe flashing a rude finger gesture at the woman.

“Oh you ****ing bitch!!” snarled the woman.

She stormed over and dragged Phoebe off the man by the hair.

And then they got into a scuffle-shouting and scratching, hitting one each other, pulling one each other’s hair.

Everyone all got out of the way scurrying away to another corner not wanting to get caught in middle of what was going on while one of the bartenders hurried off to ring up the police to tell them there has been a fight at the pub.

A hour and a half later...

The police had been called to the pub and taking statements from the whole pub who had witnessed what had happened earlier from the beginning to the end. 

The police had broken up the fight handcuffing both the women and putting them in separate corners away from one each other.

“She started it first!” spat Phoebe who is in a dishevelled state with her hair all messy and finger-mark scratches on her face. She has a few bruises and a bloody lip.

“That ****ing bitch deserved it! She threw herself on my boyfriend and was all over him!” spat the woman breathing heavily as she is in the same dishevelled state like Phoebe too.

“Oh what a pathetic ****ing cry-baby you are!! Go and **** your tits!” sneered Phoebe.

“Oh you little bitch!” said the woman.

“That’s enough! Both of you!” said Kat in a stern tone.

“Fine! Whatever! I will shut up then! ****ing bitch.” said Phoebe and then she sat there in silence.

After another hour, Phoebe is unhand-cuffed after beginning told that she can go and that she was to stay out of trouble next time, and not get into any more catfights.

“Babe, come on.” said the man reaching out his hand to his girlfriend who got up looking sullen-faced.

Suddenly, the woman kicked the man straight into the groin with her knee causing him to let out a groan of pain so she headbutted him straight into the face breaking his nose.

“****ing asshole!” spat the woman.

And then she turned to face Phoebe who stared at her stonily.

"Hey you know what?! You are always welcome to my boyfriend anytime! You can have him whatever you like to! You are a ****ing slut just because you can't keep your legs closed, right?! How many guys had you screwed over and over behind your ex-fiancé's back, eh?!" snarled the woman.

And then she stormed off from the pub so her boyfriend hurried after her calling out her name and pleading with her to let him explain.

“Come on. I will take you back to the motel.” Kat said to Phoebe so they both left the pub making their way to Kat’s car and off they went driving on the way to the motel in silence.

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Great chapter 

oh dear Phoebe got herself in trouble it’s some woman wonder who though 

I look forward to the next chapter 

Update again soon :) 


Edited by Kristen

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Oh no I don't like Phoebe in this story, she is horrible flirting and kissing other people's boyfriends and starting fights.  Can't wait to read more.

SPAG and Capital letters for names.

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Great chapter! Oh no more trouble caused by Phoebe. I don’t like her in this fanfic she doesn’t really seem to realise the difference between what is right and wrong! You can not flirt and kiss other peoples boyfriends and start fights. Looking forward to seeing what happens next. 

Edited by Suzza101

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