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Life At Summer Bay

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Thank you so much for the reviews, Helena and Suzza101, Kristen :D 

Contains swearing and language, mild violence e.g. someone about to get slapped and someone getting punched. You had been warned.


Suddenly, Ash and Phoebe walked into the Diner and there is silence when everyone stared at them.

“Ohhh look, everyone! The deceivers are here!” chortled someone and a few people sniggered.

“Ignore them. Let’s sit over there.” said Ash when he and Phoebe went to sit down in a corner far away from everyone who were still staring at them as they whispered and muttered, smirked to one each other

Since their love affair was exposed becoming public knowledge, Ash and Phoebe had been dealing with dirty stares and taunting, gossiping and whispering, pointing and etc... from the whole town...

“So are you and Kyle over for good?” said Ash.

“Yeah.” sighed Phoebe.

“I am so sorry.” said Ash quietly.

“Me too.” said Phoebe.

Suddenly, Darcy walked in followed by Mila and Sean, Josh and Spencer, Maddy, Matt and Oscar, Evelyn and Sasha, VJ when she saw Phoebe and Ash sitting down at the table in the corner of the Diner so she scowled at the sight of them.

She was upset and confused, struggling to take in what had occurred earlier today since reading the newspaper as she didn’t understand how and why Phoebe would ever do such a horrible thing like that breaking her uncle’s heart.

“I am going over there to talk to them.” said Darcy stiffly.

“No, Darcy. Leave it.” said Sean trying to stop his friend but Darcy pushed him aside storming over to where Phoebe and Ash were sitting.

“You are both so pathetic and selfish! How could you both ever do this to Uncle Kyle?! Why did you do it?! He is a good guy and he doesn’t deserve this at all! You made me so sick! I hope you both rot in hell!!” spat Darcy.

“Hey just do us a favour and get lost, you little stupid brat!! Now **** off!!” spat Phoebe.

“Make me, you stupid cow!!” snarled Darcy.

“Oh you little bitch! You are going to regret this!!” snarled Phoebe leaping up from her seat and raising her hand about to slap Darcy across the face but Ash leapt between them in front of Darcy holding Phoebe back.

Darcy stood here looking shocked that Phoebe was about to slap her so she walked backwards with fear showing in her brown eyes and then ran off back to her friends who comforted her and asked if she was alright so she gave them a brief nod in reply

Josh suggested to them that they should get out of here and they all agreed with him so they all left the Diner.

“What the ****, Ash?!” snarled Phoebe pushing Ash away.

“Calm down!” said Ash.

“CALM DOWN?! I won’t calm down!! That little stupid bitch had no right to go off at us like that in public!! I just thought a smack across the face would shut her little pathetic mouth up!!” spat Phoebe.

“Hey can’t you blame her?! She is really close to her uncle. So she was probably upset and angry considering what had happened! Do you think it’s necessary to threaten her with a smack across the face and call her these names as she was just defending her uncle?!” said Ash who was fond of Darcy and he had been part of her life as ‘Uncle Ash’ since she was born.

“Oh screw you, Ash!” snarled Phoebe so she stormed out of the Diner pushing customers aside.

“Phoebe, wait up!” said Ash catching up with Phoebe near the Surf Club ten minutes later so he grabbed her by the shoulder and whirled her around to face him but she pushed him away.

“I don’t give a ****, alright?! I am no longer part of the Braxton clan anymore, ok?! Kyle and I are no engaged anymore!! We are no longer together anymore!! You know what?! I never wanted the baby!! I never wanted to get married neither wanted to be a mum!! I didn’t want to be a part of the Braxton clan as Mrs Braxton! It’s not the ****ing life I wanted!! All I wanted to focus on my musical career!! I wasn’t keen on marriage including settling down and having kids because it’s not my thing!! I DIDN’T WANT TO GET MARRIED NEITHER WANT TO HAVE KIDS!! I should have turned Kyle down when he proposed to me!! I should have got a ****ing termination when I got pregnant!! It was so pathetic to see Kyle beginning so happy because he was looking forwards to get married and have kids with me!! I never wanted that at all!! I can’t bring myself to break his heart by telling him that I never wanted to get married neither have kids with him!!” screamed Phoebe breathing heavily.

“Phoebe...” said Ash rubbing his neck awkwardly.

“What?” said Phoebe noticing that Ash is staring at someone or something behind her so she whirled to see Kyle standing there staring at her in stunned silence as he looked angry and hurt.

“Oh, ****.” muttered Phoebe realising Kyle had overheard everything as she stood on the spot petrified and she wanted to say something when she opened her mouth but no words come out.

Exhaling deeply, Kyle nodded his head briefly  with pursed up lips as he clenched his fists struggling to keep control of his anger and hurt when he felt tears stinging his eyes. Ash stood here in a awkward position staring from Phoebe to Kyle.

Kyle shook his head and then turned on his heel so he walked off without back exhaling deeply as he felt tears fill his eyes-struggling to take in what he had overheard Phoebe telling Ash how she felt about marriage and having kids.

“Kyle, I am so sorry! I didn’t meant what I said!” Phoebe called out when she ran after Kyle.

“Wow. That’s nice to hear how you feel about marriage and having kids, eh?” said Kyle coldly.

“I didn’t meant of anything I had said. I was just...” stammered Phoebe. 

“You know what? Just do me a favour! Go to hell, you ****ing stupid slut! Get out of my ****ing sight! I don’t ever want to talk to you neither look at your pathetic face again ever! You disgust me!!” spat Kyle.

Phoebe’s lip trembled so she burst into loud cries and then she ran off bawling her eyes out.

Kyle stormed over to Ash staring at him stony-faced.

“You were supposed to be my ****ing mate! I trusted you all with my life!! We were friends for a long time since we were boys!! But you go and throw our friendship like that by sleeping with her behind my back, you pathetic son of a bitch!! How could you ever do this to me?! I hope you and Phoebe, the little brat of yours rot in hell!! How many women had you been shagging with behind their fiancés’ backs, eh?!” Kyle yelled at Ash.

“I am so sorry...” said Ash.


Kyle lashed out punching Ash hard straight into the mouth.

“You are so pathetic! I thought we were friends because we would always have one each other’s backs. How am I ever going to forgive and trust you again after this? Stay the hell away from me. I don’t ever want to know you anymore at all. I hope you and Phoebe including your little bastard are happy!” said Kyle.

He turned away and stormed off breathing heavily leaving Ash standing there in silence so he has lost his friendship with Kyle for good so he sighed deeply and stared at the waves in silence.

Ash felt filled with feelings of regret and remorse for betraying Kyle like that and throwing away their friendship like trash when he slept with Phoebe and got her pregnant behind Kyle’s back. 

“He will come around. Give him sometime.” said a voice behind Ash who whirled around to see Ruby standing there as she had been witnessing the whole scene while she was standing nearby them. 

“I don’t think he will, Rubes. He had made it clear that he will never forgive me neither trust me again. He was right. I am such a ****ing idiot. I can’t believe I threw our friendship away like that just because I slept with his ex-fiancée.” said Ash.

“Well take it from someone who had been there before. It took a while for everyone including my family and friends to forgive me for what I did in the past. Best to give Kyle and everyone sometime. I am sure it will blow over soon so it will be all forgotten and forgiven. Believe me. Because you destroyed Kyle’s trust he placed in you and you lied to him for the last three months, and slept with his ex-fiancée. He was just hurting and angry, struggling to deal with what had happened right now at the moment. It’s best to give Kyle some space for now. It will take him sometime to forgive you one day and then hopefully you both will be able to repair your friendship somehow.” said Ruby.

Ash nodded at her in reply. 

“Yeah you are right. I will give Kyle some space for now until everything calms down.” said Ash.

“I am glad to hear it.” said Ruby.

“Thanks for the advice, Rubes. See you later.” said Ash so he walked off.

Outside the Braxtons’ house...

“Hey Ricky.” said John when he and Marilyn walked over to where Ricky was walking outside to the mailbox.

“Hey guys.” said Ricky.

Almost 16 years ago, Marilyn had a son named Byron Vincent Fisher with her ex-husband Donald born on the 16th of February 1999 but sadly, Byron died of cancer at the age of nine months on the 24th of November 1990.

Marilyn had been a great support but a good and close friend to Brax and Ricky when she helped them come to terms with the loss of their baby daughter as she knew what it was like to go through it too after losing a child. 

Brax and Ricky had been always grateful and appreciating of Marilyn’s friendship and her support including how she had helped them come to terms with their loss over their daughter.

“How’s Kyle coping?” asked John.

“Well he is struggling to cope with everything, you know. He had ransacked his bedroom so we are all tidying up the mess in his bedroom. He had gone out for a walk needing some fresh air.” said Ricky.

“Oh poor guy! He doesn’t deserve this at all. I hope he will be alright.” said Marilyn sadly.

“He told me he was so pumped to be marrying the true love of his life and having kids with her. He told me he was looking forwards to teach his kid how to play music and stuff, and etc...whatever you know.” said John shaking his head.

“He will be alright considering he got his family and friends to support him through this. said Ricky when Kyle walked over.

“Hey mate. How are you doing? Sorry if it sounds stupid. But you know we are so sorry to hear about you and Phoebe. But if there is anything we can do to help you or whatever, let us know.” said John.

“Yeah thanks.” said Kyle so he walked into the house.

“Don’t worry, John. I am sure he does appreciate the offer.” said Ricky.

“Well we will leave you to it.” said Marilyn.

“Ok thank you.” smiled Ricky.

“Bye.” said John and Marilyn so they walked off. 

In the Surf Club...

“Darcy, are you okay?” said Sean when he saw his friend sitting at a table in silence while the others are playing pool.

“What? Yeah I am fine.” said Darcy.

“I can’t believe Phoebe threatened to slap you.” said Sean quietly.

“I know. She scared me there for a minute.” said Darcy shuddering when she remembered the anger in Phoebe's dark brown eyes and her hand raising about to slap her...

“It’s okay. You need to tell your dad and Bianca what happened.” said Sean hugging Darcy around the shoulders.

“No! I don’t want to worry them. They got enough things on their plate looking after Uncle Kyle and trying to help him through it. I don’t want to tell them because it will make things worse. Can we drop it please?” said Darcy.

“Fair enough.” said Sean.

“Thank you for beginning a good friend to me.” said Darcy.

“That’s what friends are for. Come on. Let’s go back to the game.” smiled Sean so Darcy nodded briefly at him and went with him to join the others into playing pool.

In the motel room...

Phoebe was crying silently on her bed while Ash was comforting her.

And then suddenly, Phoebe felt a stabbing pain in her stomach when she groaned quietly so she got up clutching at her rounded belly.

“Phoebe, are you okay?” said Ash looking concerned when he saw her pained expression on her face.

“Yeah I am fine. I think I need to go to the loo.” said Phoebe grunting as she rubbed her rounded belly gently when she walked off.

And after a few seconds, Phoebe let out a loud cry of pain when she felt another stabbing pain rip across her belly so she collapsed onto the ground squirming and writhing in pain.

"Where does it hurt?" said Ash rushing to her side.

"Oh my god! It's my tummy! ARGH!" Phoebe cried out in pain.

"Ok let's get you to the hospital." said Ash scooping Phoebe up into his arms so he left the motel room carrying her all the way to his car and then put her in the passenger's seat so he ran around the car to the driver's seat leaping in and then driving off to the hospital.

Hours later...

Ash drove Phoebe back to the motel from the hospital and it turned out she had lost the baby. She had gone into the operating theatre to have a little operation to remove the contents of her miscarriage from her uterus and she was allowed to leave the hospital so she was discharged. 

Phoebe hardly spoke a word since she left the hospital.

“Are you okay?” said Ash moments later after they had arrived back to Phoebe's motel room.

“Yeah I am fine. I just want to be left alone on my own.” said Phoebe.

“I can stay here and keep you company.” said Ash.

“Please, Ash! I just want to be left alone on my own! I don’t need your ****ing company! Can you get out and leave me alone?!" spat Phoebe.

“Phoebe...” began Ash.

“Didn’t you hear what I said?! GET OUT!! Please just go!! I don’t want to talk to you right now!! And I don't want to be with you anymore!! NOW GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!!!” yelled Phoebe breathing heavily.

Ash walked backwards holding up his hands in defense.

“Okay I am leaving.” said Ash so he turned around and left the motel room.

Phoebe closed and locked the door behind her so she walked over to her bed and picked up her mobile so she sent a tearful voicemail to her father;

‘Dad, you should know that the engagement is off. Kyle and I had broke up today And I lost the baby today. I am all alone on my own. There is not going to be a wedding. Please call me back when you get this. I love you. I just need you.’

Phoebe threw her mobile onto the bed so she curled up hugging a pillow to her close when tears rolled down her cheeks as she is beginning to realise how the consequences of her actions had cost her everything e.g. her future with Kyle and her friends, losing the baby...

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Great chapter

Whoa Kyle punched Ash

Phoebe almsot slapping Darcy poor girl

Phoebe lost her baby can't say I feel sorry for her after everything she has done.

Update again soon  :)





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Poor Kyle I can't believe that he overheard the whole outburst from Phoebe.  I also can't believe that Phoebe threatened to hit Darcy and that she miscarried.  Can't wait to read more.

SPAG and capital letters for names.

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Great chapter! Poor Kyle, hearing the whole outburst from Phoebe. I can’t believe that Phoebe nearly slapped Darcy! That’s disgusting. All Darcy was trying to do was tell them how much they hurt her uncle. Woah Kyle punched Ash. Can’t say I feel sorry for Ash, he and Phoebe really hurt Kyle. Well Phoebes let her dad know. I wonder what he will do when he comes to the bay, as he never liked Kyle. Looking forward to reading more. 

Edited by Suzza101

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Thank you so much for the reviews, Helena and Suzza101, Kristen  

Contains adult themes that involves a sex scene between a couple. You had been warned!


At the caravan park...

Ash is sitting all by himself in front of a bonfire as he sipped a bottle of beer feeling lonely and alone, miserable and isolated from everyone as they including his friends had all turned against him since his love affair with Phoebe was exposed. He had texted Phoebe and called her a few times to check on if she was alright but she didn’t reply back to him so he guessed she had dumped him somehow since she told him she didn’t want to be with him anymore but he can’t blame her. 

Ash exhaled deeply staring at the photo of himself and Billie so he knew he had to make a decision about what he would do next now by planning to take a road trip away from Summer Bay for a while in a attempt to find his sister and explain his side of the story to her about what happened and that he never laid a hand on her boyfriend.

At the Braxtons’ house...

“Darcy, why didn’t you tell us that Phoebe almost slapped you?” said Heath when Josh told him and Bianca, Brax and Ricky, Casey and Denny, Kyle what happened earlier in the Diner so they were disgusted and furious at what Phoebe was about to do to their daughter and niece.

“It’s no deal. I was just upset and angry that she hurt Uncle Kyle. I am so sorry, Daddy. I didn’t meant to make things worse.” sniffled Darcy as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Hey, hey. It’s okay, kiddo. Come here.” said Heath hugging his distressed daughter so she cried quietly in her father’s embrace.

“It’s not fair, Dad. Why did she have to go and hurt Uncle Kyle like that? I don’t understand.” said Darcy.

“We know, kiddo.” said Heath.

Darcy pulled back from her father’s arms and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“Are you okay?” said Kyle when he sat down on the couch.

“Yeah. What about you?” said Darcy.

“I dunno but I will be. It will take some time for me to get over it.” said Kyle.

“I am so sorry she hurt you, Uncle Kyle.” said Darcy.

“Yeah me too.” said Kyle when Darcy hugged her uncle around the neck.

“I love you, Uncle Kyle.” said Darcy.

“Love you too, kiddo.” said Kyle hugging his niece tightly in his arms.

Rocco walked over to the couch holding up his short chubby arms blabbing; "Uncle Kyle! Me want cuddle Uncle Kyle!" so a smile crept across Kyle's face.

"Come here, little guy." said Kyle lifting his little nephew up placing the little boy onto his lap.

The others all smiled when they watched Kyle interacting with his niece and nephew.

“You would have been a great dad, Kyle. You are a natural with kids.” said Ricky.

“Yeah I know.” said Kyle giving Ricky and the others a small smile.

But he is glad he got his family and friends around him for support and that they would be always there for him no matter whatever happens to help him through it.

At Yabbie Creek Pub...

Phoebe is drowning her sorrows in her fourth glass of white wine when a man-by the name of Dom Loneragan walked over so they introduced one each other. And then they got talking and laughing while sipping their drinks.

Later on, Phoebe invited Dom back to her motel room for more drinks.

Phoebe was glad Dom had no idea of her situation she was in at the moment so she guessed he didn’t probably read the newspapers so she has to make up a story why she was alone on her own when she told Dom that she liked to go out drinking and enjoy herself, and look for a bit of fun so he believed her and he offered to keep her company which she accepted gratefully.

Suddenly, after a few hours later of drinking, Phoebe and Dom moved closer so they looked into one each other’s eyes before leaning in for a passionate kiss so they pulled apart a few second later.

And then they began to kiss again-breathing heavily as they tugged at one each other’s clothes. And then the clothes began to fly across the room so Phoebe and Dom fell into bed making love-panting heavily as they cried and moaned out with pleasure.....

AUTHOR'S NOTE: You need to add more in your reviews about what you think of the other characters and their interaction with one each other like e.g. Phoebe's chat with Ruby on the beach in Chapter 5, Ricky talking to John and Marilyn, Sean and Darcy's interaction including Ruby's chat with Ash on the beach and etc...

Please keep in mind this fanfiction is about the Summer Bay residents based around their lives and dramas, and etc...like I mentioned in the main characters and summary for my fanfiction.

Thank you :) 

What would you like to see what would happen next in Chapter 11?? What would you like me to write next for Chapter 11?? :D 

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Great chapter!

i hope that Ash can find Billie and that she will believe him when he says that he did nothing to Dean as he will need someone there for him and that obviously is not going to be Phoebe.

Glad that Darcy told the family what happened and I’m glad that she is okay. I loved how much she cares for her Uncle Kyle and it was so cute how he got a hug from both Darcy and Rocco. He really would have made a great dad. He has all of his family and I’m sure he will be able to make it through this heartbreak with their help. 

So Phoebes meet a new man. That was fast! I would think that after hurting Kyle so badly and then dumping Ash she would take a break, but no. She is straight into the next man and I am interested to see where this new relationship will go. 

Looking forward to reading more.

In the next chapter I would like to see more scenes with Kyle and his family. Maybe his brothers take him out for a fun night out but only to run into Phoebe and Dom. Kyle who was previously really happy goes quiet and distant but his brothers tell Phoebe to get lost as she hurt their brother. Just an idea. 

Edited by Suzza101

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Great chapter 

I really hope Ash finds Billie.

Glad Darcy’s family knows about what happened with Phoebe 

cute moment between Kyle,Darcy and Rocco

Phoebe and Dom? Interested to see what happens there.
Update again soon  :)




Edited by Kristen

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I would like Ash to find Billie.  Loved the interaction with Kyle and his niece and nephew.  It didn't take Phoebe long to move on.  Looking forward to more chapters.

SPAG and capital letters for names.

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Thank you so much for the comments, Suzza101 and Helena, Kristen :) 

Contains language and swearing including someone getting slapped. You had been warned.

4th of January 2015...


At the motel...

Phoebe woke up with a throttling headache when she groaned quietly and turned onto her back to find Dom sleeping in bed next to her.

“Oh, ****!” moaned Phoebe so she remembered what happened the night e.g. getting drunk and meeting a stranger at the pub, and ending up in bed with him...

Dom stirred sleepily and then opened his eyes.

“Morning.” said Dom.

“Hi good morning.” muttered Phoebe.

Suddenly, the door burst open and then there walked in Ash who got a shock to see who is lying in bed with Phoebe who leapt up and then let out a shriek pulling up the blankets to her chest to cover her breasts.

Dom sat up in a flash looking curious and confused at the same time wondering who that man was standing in the doorway.

Phoebe just sat there red in the face feeling embarrassed and horrified that she had been caught in a compromising position with no way to get out of it so there is a awkward silence when Ash stared from a red-faced Phoebe to a confused Dom blankly...

At the Braxtons’ house...

The Braxtons brothers and Ricky, Denny, Bianca, Darcy and Rocco, Josh all gathered together for a breakfast BBQ in the backyard joined by John and Marilyn, Jett, Alf and Roo, Maddy, Ruby, Irene and Mila, Sean, Sasha and Chris, Spencer, Zac and Leah, Oscar and Evelyn, Matt and VJ, Nate and Kat, Andy and Hannah. 

Kyle was grateful for the support he was receiving from his family and friends.

Everyone all told him they were really sorry to hear what happened with him and Phoebe. 

“Roo, I wanted to apologize for the way I spoke to you yesterday at the caravan park.” said Kyle feeling guilty when he remembered how he spoke to Roo like that yesterday at the caravan park.

“It’s fine, Kyle. I don’t blame you. Apology accepted.” said Roo giving him a small smile.

“How are you coping now, love?” said Irene giving Kyle a sympathetic smile so Kyle shrugged silently.

“Well I am okay. Just trying my best to get there. I just found out two days and it’s a lot to get my head around to everything, you know. But I will be alright.” said Kyle.

“All right, everyone! Breakfast is ready! So help yourselves to whatever you want to eat!” Brax called out altering everyone’s attention and then they all settled down to breakfast when they helped theirselves to food.

Back at the motel...

“What is the meaning of this?” said Ash coldly.

“Ash, This isn’t what it looks like. Please let me explain.” said Phoebe getting out of bed so she pulled on a T shirt.

“What is going on? Who is this?” said Dom staring from Ash to Phoebe.

“No one! Look why can’t you get changed and go, yeah?” said Phoebe not looking at him so Dom narrowed his eyebrows and got out of bed grabbing his things, and scurrying off to the bathroom.

“Ash, it was a stupid and drunken mistake! I met him at a pub in Yabbie Creek last night. We just got talking and enjoying ourselves, and having drinks, whatever. And then I invited him back to my motel room. So we kissed and then it led to a thing to another thing before we can stop ourselves! But I don’t think he does know about our little dirty secret because I never told him or explained to him about the situation I was in! I am so sorry for kicking you out yesterday because I was just angry and guilty, upset that I had lost everything. Kyle and our future including our engagement beginning called off my friends and the whole town turning against me because of our love affair and how we had lied to Kyle and everyone for the last 3 months, losing the baby!” said Phoebe.

Ash stood here staring at her in silence as he struggled to take in what had occurred.

“Wow okay! How so interesting! We had been having a secret love affair for the last three months and then later it gets out! And you had broken up with Kyle yesterday ending the engagement and then you lost your ****ing **** towards his niece Darcy including me and not to mention the fact how you felt about marriage and having kids! And then you decide to shag someone five minutes after losing our baby and dumping me!” said Ash stiffly.

“It wasn’t like that.” said Phoebe exhaling deeply.

Suddenly, Dom walked out of the bathroom-his face showing mixed expressions of shock and disgust, anger which confirmed he had overheard everything, and he is clutching yesterday’s newspaper.

Phoebe went pale-faced looking horrified so she guessed Dom must had seen the front page which had revealed the full truth about her little dirty secret. 

“Is this true?” said Dom.

“Look this isn’t what it looks like. Please let me explain.” said Phoebe.

“Nah I don’t want to hear it. What happened last night shouldn’t have happened. It was a ****ing stupid and drunken mistake, wasn’t it? That’s what you said, right? You used me and seduced me into your bed five minutes after losing your baby and dumping this Ash guy.” said Dom stiffly.

“Dom...” said Phoebe.

“Go to hell, you stupid slut! I don’t ever want to see you again ever!” spat Dom so he stormed out of the motel room slamming the door hard behind him.

“Ash...” whimpered Phoebe reaching out to Ash but he walked backwards holding up his arms-disgust and anger showing on his face.

“You know what? Screw you, Phoebe! I don’t have time for your **** right now because I don’t want to hear it anyway so you can shove it up your ****ing pathetic ass! You had made it clear it was over between us for good!  All I came here to let you know that I am leaving the Bay for a while to find my sister. I hope you are ****ing happy with whatever you want to do with your life! No wonder you are such a heartless and selfish, tow-timing and manipulative, lying skank who can’t keep her legs closed, eh?! I hope you are happy with yourself! It is what you wanted, isn’t it?!” said Ash.

“Ash, please don’t go!” choked Phoebe trying to grab Ash's arm but he pushed her aside.

“Don't! Don’t ever touch me! I don’t want to talk to you neither look at you! Go and **** yourself, you disgusting stupid bitch!” spat Ash.

He turned on his heel and stormed out of the motel room without looking back so he slammed the door hard behind him.

Phoebe stood here in silence tears rolling down her cheeks-feeling stung and hurt at what Ash had said to her but she can’t blame him as she knew that she deserved it.

Later on...

Everyone were all stunned when they read Ash’s Facebook status;

‘Hello everyone. Look I just wanted to let you all know that I am leaving Summer Bay for a while to go on a road trip to find my sister Billie. I won’t be on my social media accounts for a while.  And by the way, Phoebe had lost our baby yesterday.  I know you don’t want to hear it but I am really sorry for everything that had happened in the last three months. I know saying sorry won’t be enough to make up for it. I do wish I would do anything to go back in time and change things, you know. Things would have been different if I hasn’t slept with Phoebe and got her pregnant including the fact that I had ruined everything between her and Kyle including the fact that I had ruined my friendship with Kyle and destroyed the trust he had placed in me for years since we were boys. I will never forgive myself for how I had ****ed up really. Kyle was right. I shouldn’t have thrown our friendship away like trash by going behind his back and sleeping with his ex-fiancée. I shouldn’t have done that. As you know I and Phoebe are no longer together anymore because she had ended up shagging someone last night five minutes after losing our baby and then dumping me for good. I told her what I thought of her after catching her in bed with the guy she slept with last night. And she told me yesterday that she never wanted to be married neither wanted to have kids because they aren't her thing and that she wanted to focus on her musical career. Again I am really sorry for what happened in the last three months. I promise I would do anything to make up for it and make things right when I come back to the Bay someday. Goodbye, everyone.’

Near the ‘Goodbye Summer Bay’ sign...

Ash sighed deeply looking around at the view of Summer Bay when he looked at a photo of his sister.

“I am coming for you, Billie.” said Ash quietly. And then he walked off to his car and leapt in before driving off away from the Bay straight in the direction to the outback.

A few hours later...

Phoebe walked into the Surf Club so she made her way over to a table ignoring the stares and sniggers, whispering and muttering, pointing from a few people. She was hurt and upset, betrayed and angry since reading Ash’s Facebook status so she assumed everyone would be talking about what she did last night by now.

“OI!” exclaimed out a angry voice and Phoebe whirled around to see the four Braxton brothers standing there with Denny and Bianca, Ricky.

“Is that true, eh?! You ended up ****ing another guy didn’t you?!” spat Heath.

“What I do is none of your ****ing business, Heath Braxton!!” snarled Phoebe.

“Did you try to slap our daughter, didn’t you?!” said Bianca.

“Oh I bet that little pathetic brat ran crying to her parents, didn’t she?! She went off at me like that in public yesterday and I just thought a slap across the mouth should shut her up, that little ****ing bitch!!” spat Phoebe.


Bianca lost her temper after hearing Phoebe insulting her stepdaughter so she lashed out and slapped Phoebe hard across the face. 

"You just watch your mouth! I swear to God I will do it again if you utter another ****ing insult about my daughter!" snarled Bianca pointing at Phoebe.

Phoebe stood here in stunned silence clutching at a red spot on her face.

“What the hell, Phoebe?! How could you ever do this to Kyle?! Lying to him and us including our friends and everyone for the last 3 months and not to mention the fact you lied to us about what the 2 grand was for!! We don’t ever want to know you anymore at all!!” spat Ricky.

“Hear, hear!” said Denny.

Kyle snorted quietly and shook his head so he left the Surf Club.

“Kyle, please!” said Phoebe when she tried to go after him but his three brothers blocked her way.

“Don’t ever think of going after our brother! He doesn’t ever want to talk to you neither want to know you anymore!” said Casey coldly-his voice shaking with anger towards Phoebe for breaking his brother’s heart.

“Yeah just stay the hell away from him and leave him alone, alright? You are no longer part of our family anymore despite what you did to him!” said Heath.

“I am so sorry, guys...” said Phoebe.

“Get lost, Nicholson! We don’t want to hear any more of your ****ing apologizes! And by the way, you are no longer working at Angelo's Restaurant anymore!” said Brax.

"I am fired?" squeaked Phoebe when Brax nodded stiffly at her.

"And stay the hell away from us! And don't ever think of coming over to our house because you are no longer welcome there anymore!" said Ricky coldly.

"Don't ever think of coming anywhere near Darcy or you will regret it if you do!" said Bianca.

"Now get out of our ****ing sight!" spat Denny.

Phoebe exhaled deeply and ran out of the Surf Club crying silently back to the motel to hid herself away from the outside world to get away from the staring and pointing, whispers and muttering, sniggers she had been receiving from the whole town...

And she knew she had to accept the fact somehow that she had lost everything since her little dirty secret is exposed e.g. Kyle and the baby, Ash, her job including her friends and everyone who had turned against her so she now felt alone and lonely, lost and isolated from the outside world...

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So Ash walked in and caught Phoebe out.  I'm glad that he said all those things to Phoebe she deserved it.  I really hope that Ash finds his sister and I'm glad that Bianca confronted and slapped Phoebe.  How dare Phoebe say such mean things about Darcy.  Looking forward to reading more.

SPAG and capital letters for names.

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