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Homecoming Part 4

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Chapter 398


Gibson Residence- Yabbie creek

Nick smiled to himself as he parked the car. He pulled down the sun visor and opened the mirror to fix his hair. He then closed the sun visor and picked up the bunch of flowers on the seat next to him. He called a few times but each time he called, he was told that Julie was busy so he decided to come and surprise her instead. Nick got out of the car and walked to the front door of the house. He had such a great day planned as soon as they got back to Summer Bay. Nick was excited and had a big smile on his face as he knocked on the door and waited. Joanne, Julie’s mum opened the door


Emotional background music


“Hello Mrs Gibson, I’m here to see Julie” Nick said

“She doesn’t want to see you” Joanne said which confused Nick

“I don’t understand” Nick said

“Look, why don’t you just go away…its been nothing but heartache for my daughter since she met you” Joanne said

“I haven’t done anything…please just let me speak to her, this must be a misunderstanding or something” Nick said

“No you can’t speak to her…go away or I’ll call the police” Joanne said then she slammed the door shut. Nick sighed. He couldn’t understand what he had done. He thought that everything was going well between himself and Julie….they loved each other. Nick sighed again and turned around and was just about to walk to his car when he saw Mr Gibson parking his car. Nick smiled because he knew that Mr Gibson wasn’t as bad as his wife

“G’day Mr Gibson, I’m here to see Julie, but for some reason, your wife won’t let me see her” Nick said and smiled as Mr Gibson got out of his car

“Stay away from my daughter” Mr Gibson said which shocked Nick and he walked towards the house,

“Mr Gibson, what have I done?” Nick said as he walked behind Mr Gibson

“STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER” Mr Gibson said then he opened the door and slammed it behind him.

Nick couldn’t understand what was going on, or why Julies dad was being this way. He looked around and saw a rubbish container and threw the flowers into it then he got into his car and drove away as Julie opened her bedroom curtain wiped the tear from her eye, closed the curtain and rolled herself away from the window


Background music ends


Caravan park- Summer Bay


Background music- Carly’s theme




Matt- I’m really happy that I came back

Carly- yeah me too

Matt- I wasn’t sure..well when I first came back, I thought maybe you had met someone else and you didn’t want to see me

Carly- I would always want to see you

Matt- We said that if we were ever going to try again…it would be for keeps

Carly- I know

Matt- So

Carly- I think I might need some convincing


Flashback ends


“What are you doing?” Ben said that interrupted Carly’s thoughts

“Nothing, I just wanted to tidy up the van a bit” Carly said as Ben closed the van door

“I hope you wasn’t thinking about that drop kick who was at the diner” Ben said

“Who Matt? No…why should I think about him, when I am married to you” Carly said and put her arms around Ben who removed her arms

“Because of you, I need to go and fix that leaking sink in van number three for your annoying foster mum” Ben said annoyed

“Thanks for helping out” Carly said as she watched Ben leave the caravan and walk away. For a split second she did think about Matt, but then she realized how happy she is with Ben and knew that this is the life she wanted. Carly smiled to herself and continued to tidy the van….

Background music ends


Two days later

Blaxland house- Summer Bay

“It’s a big house for one person, will you be moving in with your family?” Alf said as she watched Dr Ian Routledge sign the leasing document

“I’m a widower” Dr Ian Routledge said

“Oh right…sorry..I know how you feel. My wife died a few years ago” Alf said

“My daughter Shannon, is in boarding school, but will be staying here with me during the holidays” Ian said

“Ok, well all the documents are signed, here is my number if you ever need anything” Alf said

“Thanks Alf” Dr Ian Routledge said

“So how long have you been working at the general?” Alf said

“Not long, I started teaching there a year ago, but the travelling was becoming a bit much, so I thought it would be easier to find somewhere closer..Im also thinking about starting up private practice…that’s why I needed a bigger space” Dr Ian Routledge

“Well I think you have found a perfect place doc..I’ll leave you to it” Alf said and smiled then he began to walk to the door

 “Thanks Alf…oh by the way, do you know a Philippa Fletcher?” Dr Ian Routledge

“Oh Pippa? Yeah she runs the caravan park on McClymonts Road..is there a problem?” Alf said

“Oh no, its just that she is going to be one of my students” Dr Ian Routledge

“Students?” Alf said confused

“Shes undertaking the accelerated nursing programme to recertify as a nurse” Dr Ian Routledge

“Oh that's right, she used to be a nurse in the city…well Pippa is a good person, so if anyone is going to top the class and be a perfect nurse, its going to be her” Alf said and Dr Ian Routledge smiled

“See you later” Alf said and he walked towards the door and opened it

“Bye” Dr Ian Routledge said as Alf closed the door behind him…


Two days later


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Steve put some cereal in his mouth as he read the last few lines of a book he was reading for class


Knock at the door


“I’ll get it” Steve said and he put his book and spoon down and opened the door to a beautiful girl standing in front of him smiling

“Hi, I’m Finlay…I’m the new nanny” Finlay said as Steve stared at her

“Steve who’s at the door” Pippa said from the kitchen

“Oh..right…come in..sorry…what is your name again?” Steve said as Finlay came into the house and put her bag down

“Finlay” Finlay said and smiled.

“Its Finlay” Steve said

“I’m Steve by the way” Steve said and Finlay smiled. She thought Steve was really good looking

“I’m Sally” Sally said as she looked at Finlay

“Hi Sally” Finlay said and smiled as Pippa came out of the kitchen

“Hello Finlay, I see you have met some of the family” Pippa said and smiled

“How about I show you to your van so you can put your things away, then I can show you were everything is” Pippa said

“Ok, thanks” Finlay

“Come on you too, off to school” Pippa said as she walked out of the house

“Have a good day” Finlay said and smiled then she picked up her bag and followed Pippa out of the house

“Yeah…you too” Steve said as he watched Finlay walk away

“She’s pretty” Sally said

“I know” Steve said

“Buts she's too big for you” Sally said

“Mind your own business and go and get your school bag” Steve said as Sally rolled her eyes and ran towards the steps as Steve smiled to himself…


Waldorf Creek court- Waldorf Creek

Background music- Stewart family theme

“Karen Lawrence please stand” The court clerk said and Karen got up feeling nervous. She looked around the room and saw her mother, father and brother. Karen also noticed Mrs Ross, the one she ran over in the court too. As she made eye contact with her father, she noticed from the corner of her eye that the door was opening and someone was coming in. Karen noticed that it was Alf Stewart stepping quietly into the courtroom. Karen watched as Alf took a seat in the back and made eye contact with him. Alf sighed as he looked at Karen in the stand. He couldn’t believe that she was his little girl. Maybe if he knew who she was, things would be different right now.

“for the part you played in the death of Craig Barnett and the attempted murder of Celia Ross I hope you feel embarrassed with your behaviour” The judge said as Karen sighed and put her head down

“A young man lost his life because of your bullying and a woman almost lost hers due to your careless behaviour to which you have shown no remorse” the judge said and Karen looked up with tears in her eyes to notice that Craig’s father was looking directly at her.

“And for this you will be sentenced to a period of three years at the Orana Juvenile Justice Centre and I will make sure that you serve every single last day of that sentence…take her away” the judge said and Debra sighed. According to the solicitor, he was hoping she would get maybe two years

“Tears ran down Karen’s cheeks as the sentence was read. Before they came into court, the barrister said she was only going to get two years, but he lied.

“Put your arms out” Karen heard from behind her as the prison guard took his handcuffs from his pocket. He secured them around Karen’s wrists as she looked up to see Craigs dad smirk at her. Karen looked around to see her parents looking in shock, and Alf Stewart was looking at her too.

“Move” the prison guard said and Karen followed another guard who was standing near the stand and she followed him out of a door and out of the court.

“I thought you said she was only going to get two years?” Dennis Lawrence said

“That is what I thought, but for some reason, this judge is very harsh” the barrister said

“What can we do?” Dennis said

“we can appeal the decision” the barrister said

“Yes yes, let’s do that” Dennis said

“But the likelihood of the decision changing is unlikely considering the judges comments” the barrister said and Dennis sighed

“I’m really sorry..I wish I had better news for you…please excuse me I need to speak to the court clerk” the barrister said then he walked away as Debra, Blake and Dennis walked to the exit

“Err g’day” Alf said as they approached where he was standing

“Thanks for coming” Debra said and smiled and leaned forward and kissed Alf’s cheek which annoyed Dennis

“Is there anything we can do…maybe an appeal?” Alf said

“No, the barrister said considering the judge’s comments, the likelihood of any reversal of the deicison will be unlikely” Debra said

“We can fight it, ill pay for a better legal team” Alf was interrupted

“I am more than capable of paying for MY daughters legal expenses” Dennis said

“I was just trying to help” Alf was interupted

“Your help is not needed. It has not been needed for the last sixteen years and it is not needed now” Dennis said then he walked out of the court room

“I’m going to go with dad” Blake said and smiled breifly at Alf who nodded

“I know Karen really appreciates that you came here” Debra said and she hugged Alf

“Alfred, if you wouldn’t mind, I would like a lift home” Debra turned around to see Celia standing behind her.

“Glad to see that you are on the mend Celia” Debra said

“No thanks to your daughter…Alfred Ill be waiting outside” Celia said and she slowly hobbled out of the court room

“Do you want to come over for dinner tonight…we can have a quiet night in…you can bring over a bottle of wine” Debra said as she hugged Alf

“G’day Bob” Alf said and Debra turned around to see Bob walking towards him. She felt guilty when she saw him, mainly because of the feelings he had for her

“I know there is nothing I can say” Alf was interrupted

“Then don’t” Bob said and he looked at Alf and Debra and he walked out of the court room as Alf sighed. He felt bad because Bob was a mate…not a best mate like Tom was, but still a good friend he had known for many years

“Listen err Deb, I don’t think I can make dinner tonight” Alf said

“Why?” Debra said confused

“I have to look after Duncan” Alf lied

“Ok….well bring him along..you know that isn’t going to be a problem” Debra said

“He’s got a bit of a cold and I don’t want it to get worse…ill phone you..I better go, Celia is waiting”  Alf said and he smiled

“Ok…I love you” Debra said as Alf was walking out of the courtroom. He closed his eyes and sighed because right now, he wasn’t sure if he really felt the same.



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Finlay closed the caravan door behind her and sat on the chair and smiled. She was really happy that she got the job here because so far she really enjoyed being in Summer Bay and Christopher was the cutest little boy. Finlay got up and opened her bag and began to unpack her things when she heard a knock on the door. She opened the curtain to see Steve standing there

“Hi” Finlay said when she opened the door

“Hi…umm we are about to have dinner, and Pippa said you can join us if you want….that’s if you don’t have any other plans” Steve said

“That would be great, thanks…ill be there in a minute” Finlay said

“Ok..we’ll wait for you” Steve said and turned around, and smiled as he began to walk away



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“Ill get it” Sandra said as she came out of her bedroom and walked towards the door

“G’day Sandra how are you?” Alf said when Sandra opened the door. Even though she wasn’t his biogical daughter, he had grown very fond of her

“Hi Mr Stewart, fine thank you” Sandra said and smiled. Even though they were divorcing, Sandra really did love Mr Stewart, he had become like a dad to her. He taught her how to drive, and always gave her extra pocket money

“Is err Ails around?” Alf said

“Shes in the kitchen…ill just go and get her” Sandra said leaving Alf at the door. Afew moments later Ailsa came to the door

“What do you want?” Ailsa said

“I left my tool kit here, and was wondering if I could get it..its in the kitchen” Alf said and Ailsa sighed and walked away as Alf closed the door behind her and followed her to the kitchen

“Daddy daddy” Duncan said from his high chair

“Hello mate” Alf said as he picked Duncan out of the highchair

“Put him back, we’re just going to have dinner” Ailsa said and sat down

“Oh right…Ill just get my tools then and leave” Alf said putting Duncan back in the high chair/ He walked around to the back of the fridge and picked up his tools

“Here they are…I better be going then” Alf said as Ailsa chewed some of her lamb

“Ok…bye” Alf said and he looked at Ailsa, smiled at Sandra and walked out of the house. When Ailsa heard the front door close she got up

“I nearly forgot, I need to make a quick phonecall” Ailsa said and smiled then got up from the table. Instead of going to the phone she went to her bedroom and quietly closed the door just in time for a tear to rn down her cheek…


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Nick looked at the slice of pizza on his plate. He was supposed to be helping his uncle celebrate the jailing of Karen Lawrence but he just didn’t feel like it

“If you don’t eat that, I will” Bob said and Nick looked up and smiled

“I know it wasn’t the full five years, but at least she’s being held responsible for what she did” Bob said

“Yeah, I know” Nick said

“And the judge said he was going to make sure she serves the entire sentence…you should’ve seen the look on her face” Bob said and Nick smiled

“Its never going to bring Craig back, but at least…well at least they have both paid the price” Bob said

“Hmm?” Nick said

“Nothing” Bob said and sighed as the phone rang. Nick jumped up out of his chair and rushed to the phone

“Hello….no, I think you have the wrong number….ok..bye” Nick said disappointed then he walked back to the kitchen

“Was you expecting a phonecall?” Bob said

“No…well yes” Nick said

“Julie still hasn’t called you?” Bob said

“No, and if I knew what I did, I would be alright with it, but I didn’t do anything wrong” Bob said

“Why don’t you call her?” Bob said

“I did but her folks have threatened to call the police if I keep calling…Uncle Bob, what do I do?” Nick said

“Sounds like you really like this girl?” Bob said

“Yeah, I do” Nick said

“And you are sure you haven’t done anything?” Bob said

“I mean yeah, the only thing is I cancelled our dates because of this Karen case…but that isn’t a reason for her to not want to see me when she told me she was fine about it.” Nick said

“Well since she wont see you, there is only one thing to do…write her a letter” Bob said and a light bulb went off in Nicks mind and he smiled

“I want to make a toast” Bob said and he stood up and grabbed his can of beer

“To Craig” Bob said and Nick stood up and grabbed his beer to

“To Craig: Nick said and they touched beer cans as Bob smiled…maybe now he would finally get closure…


Orana Juvenile Justice Centre- Dubbo Australia

“MOVE IT NOW” Karen jumped as the prison guard gave her orders. She quickly followed the other prisoner in front of her as they walked swiftly

“RIGHT WHEN I SAY YOU NAME YOU WILL STEP INTO THE ROOM TO BE SEARCHED” the prison guard said AS Karen looked at her. Her mind drifted as she looked around at the place that she would be calling home for the next three years

“I SAID LAWRENCE” Karen jumped when she heard her name and stepped in the room to find two other prison guard waiting to search her. Karen followed their instructions as they searched her to make sure she wasn’t carrying anything illegal into the justice centre.

“Put your clothes in that clear back and change into that uniform” one of the prison guards said and watched Karen as she took off her clothes. She felt embarrassed taking her clothes in from of the guard who wasn’t even bothered by it. Karen put on the sweatshirt and tracksuit bottoms which were a bit big for her. She carefully folded her clothes and put them in the plastic bag and began to walk out of the room

“Leave the bag here” the prison guard said to which Karen put the bag on the floor. The guard picked up the bag and put a tag on it as Karen walked out of the room not before turning around one last time to see that she as leaving behind the last connection she had to the outside world….


Five days later


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Pippa smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror. It had been a long time since she had worn a nurses unform, but the programme required that all trainee and recertifying nurses wear a white uniform.. Pippa took the hair band from her wrist and held her hair back out of her face. Pippa grabbed a cardigan from the chair and made her way down stairs. As she got near to the bottom of the stairs she heard a lot of noise.

“What is all this?” Pippa said as she noticed that Bobby was there

“We couldn’t let you have your first day of school without a good breakfast..so have a seat” Bobby said and Pippa smiled. She walked over to the table and sat down as Sally pureed orange juice into her glass

“Thank you sweetheart” Pippa said as she was on the verge of tears. She felt extremely lucky and blessed

“Oh, Reverend Jones asked me to give you this” Steve said and he gave Pippa an envelope. Pippa opened the envelope and pulled out the card


Wishing you all the best on the first day of this new journey.

 I am very proud of you and pray that God will guild all the steps to your success

love Alex

Pippa smiled  and put the card back in the envelope as her family sat down at the table to have breakfast


Carly opened her eyes and looked at the clock

“Oh no…Bobby’s going to kill me” Carly said as she got out of bed

:Ben wake up” Carly said and she gently pushed Ben

“What?” Ben said

“Come on we have to get up, its Pippa’s first day..the family breakfast remember” Carly said

“She's your foster mum not mine” Ben said then he turned over and went back to sleep as Carly sighed and tried to find her dressing gown


“Oh Bobby, you shouldn’t have” Pippa said as Bobby helped her put her books and school supplies into a new school bag

“Oh and before I forget…I made you a packed lunch” Bobby said and she walked into the kitchen and came back with an insulated bag with a packed lunch as the door swung open

“Sorry, im late, the alarm clock didn’t go off” Carly said as she walked into the house as Bobby looked at her disappointed

“It’s alright…anyway, I better get going, I don’t want to be late on my first day” Pippa said and she kissed Christopher who was being held by Finlay then she picked up her new school bag and her packed lunch and walked out of the house as her children followed he to the car. Pippa put her things into the car and got it=n

“Well, this is it..wish me luck” Pippa said

“Good luck” Sally said

"You don't need it, you'll be fine" Bobby said

“Good luck” Steve said

"Bye mama" Christopher said and waved

“Yeah, good luck” Carly said

“thank you for the lovely send off… Ill see you all later..” Pippa said and she started the engine and drove away as everyone waved. Pippa smiled as she looked at them in her rear view mirror. She was both frightened and excited that this was the first day of her new life…and she couldn’t wait


Background music ends

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Chapter 399



Two weeks later


Sands Resort- Summer Bay

Background music- Frank and Bobbys theme

Bobby put some files into a box and watched as the movers moved the two tables and chairs out of the office and replaced it with a brand new table and chair. They also moved in a small couch into the corner by the window. Bobby thanked them and watched as they closed the door. Since she wasn’t going anywhere, she decided to take on the new job role and was now the catering and banquet director. Bobby sighed as she put the box she was holding onto the table and walked towards the window. She could hear the children in the creche playing and she sighed because she missed Sam..but anyway none of that mattered now, because once again shew as alone..


Nicholls residence- Goulburn

“Jackie you were supposed to be here an hour ago” Jackie’s neighbour Lisa said as she heard he door close

“I’m really sorry Lisa, they didn’t let us out of work early” Jackie said as she saw Sam sitting by the kitchen table drawing

“Well next time you have to find someone else to look after him” Lisa said

“Lisa please, Im really in a jam right now..I need your help” Jackie said

“Jackie, its your kid, you got to figure it out…I cant keep doing this, I have my own life” Lisa said and she walked out of the house and closed the door. Jackie sighed and placed her hand on her forehead. She walked into the kitchen and Sam looked up at her

“Hello mummy” Sam said as he looked up then he looked back down at his drawing

“Hello sport” Jackie said and smiled then her smile disappeared…



Brisbane- Australia

“Hello yes, can I speak to Jackie Nicholls..she doesn’t live there anymore?...do you know where she moved to?..i’m a friend of hers…ok let me just get a pen to write that down…..yep yep….got that….thank you” Greg said and put the phone down. He looked at the address he just wrote down on the back of the envelope then he took out the photo of the little blond boy smiling then he smiled and put the photo back in the envelope, and walked to his truck. He got into the truck, started the engine and drove away


Morgan Residence- Summer Bay

Frank closed his eyes when he heard Roo close the door. He didn’t know what time it was but he knew it was late. He listened as she quietly moved around taking her clothes off, and putting her pyjamas on. Frank lay still as Roo got into the bed next to him. Roo exhaled as she put the cover over her as her reality set in. Frank opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling as Roo stared at the wall in front of her…


General Hospital- Summer Bay

Pippa and the other students gathered around the hospital bed and listened attentively as Dr Routledge explained the patients chart to them. Dr Routledge said something that Pippa needed to read up on so she quickly took her pen from her pocket and made a note in her notebook and put her pen in her pocket. As Dr Routledge continued, Pippa smiled to herself because she was proud that she was on a new journey..


Gibson Residence- Summer Bay

“Try the draw by the bedside table” Joanne Gibson said as Julie asked for some hair pins as she stood by her parents bedroom door. Joanne smiled as she walked towards the kitchen. The relationship with Julie was much better in the last two weeks. Joanne walked into the kitchen and picked up her cup of tea then she remembered something. She put the cup down and rushed to the bedroom and sighed when she realized it was too late. Julie had found the letter from Nick that was in the drawer, and was reading it….


Bistro- The City

Matt looked at the rota he was writing then he stopped and sighed




Matt- Husband?

Ben- Yeah we got married last week..show him your ring sweetheart

Matt- Congratulations…I’m happy for you both

Ben- Thanks…anyway we better get going


Flashback ends


Matt was still in shock, he knew that Carly had moved on, but he never expected that she would get married. If he was hones with himself, he always thought that he would be the one to get married to Carly…but now it was too late….


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Well come out and see it” Ben said as he opened the caravan door. Carly put the magazine she was reading down and walked out of the caravan to see a new car

“Ben, its really nice” Carly said and smiled

“Yeah, the guy gave it to me for a good price too” Ben said then he got into the car and started the engine

“Listen to that engine, its so smooth” Ben said excited

“Ben, it’s a bit loud” Carly said plugging her ears with her fingers

“These cars are supposed to be loud” Ben said as he revved the engine a bit more then he stopped

“What about the other car..I thought we were going to keep that, so I can drive it?” Carly said

“Nah, I got rid of it…gave it to the bloke as part of the deal” Ben said

“Ok so we can use the rest of the money to get a place…good idea” Carly said and smiled

“No, I need a few more bits for the car” Ben said

“Ben, we are supposed to be saving, that’s why we are living in the caravan park. I told you my inheritance is for emergencies..I don’t want to touch that money” Carly said and she marched into the van and slammed the door. Shortly after Ben walked in behind her

“Why did you slam the door in my face” Ben said

“I was just annoyed that’s all, I don’t want to be living in a caravan forever, we could’ve used that car money for the deposit on a flat

“Why are you making the decisions and telling me what to do with my money?” Ben said

“Ben, it was my money that paid for that car” Carly said annoyed and before she knew it, Ben had his arms wrapped around her neck

“You don’t make decisions in this relationship, do you understand?” Ben said

“Ben,,,,you're hurting me” Carly struggled to say

“Do you understand?” Ben said

“Yes” Carly squeaked and eventually Ben let go and walked out of the van and slammed the door. Carly coughed and put her arm around her throat. She knew she was in the wrong, and she should’ve never said what she said to Ben. He was right, since he was her husband, he had to make the deicisions not her. Carly sighed she was annoyed with herself for making Ben angry. She had to find a way to make it up to him instead of constantly trying to ruin their relationship….



Bayside diner- Summer Bay

“And that is a three bedroom?” Ailsa said as she wrote some notes down while speaking to the estate agent

“Well i'm hoping in the next few weeks…the deposit is fine, I can take care of that…ok well ill call if I have any more questions….thank you” Ailsa said and she put the phone down and looked through her notepad then she looked up to see Grant standing at the door

“So, you’re really going to go?” Grant said and Ailsa nodded

“There is nothing left here for me..my marriage is over and there is no point in staying around…looks like we’re getting busy” Ailsa said and smiled then she got up from the office desk and walked out into the diner as Grant watched her

High School- Summer Bay

Sandra sat on the grass and stared at the other students in the yard. She still hadn’t told Mrs Stewart what she wanted to do. She wished she could stay, but she also wanted to be with Mrs Stewart. She knew that if she left..she was also going miss Steve. Sandra sighed…she really didn’t know what she was going to do…


Background music ends..

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 400



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“Ill be in the room if you need me” Grant said and smiled as he looked at Viv then he walked into his bedroom and closed the door

“Looks like you have really settled in here” Rev Newton said


Emotional background music


“Yeah, we like it” Viv said to her father as Tammy sat at the table doing some homework given to her from school

“Look, Viv…I am really sorry about what happened at home…with your mum” Rev Newton said  and Viv didn’t respond

“I know I should have done more…there are no excuses..I am also to blame” Rev Newton said  as Viv looked at him

“I know that I promised that things would be better..I prayed and hoped that things would be better…but the truth is, they will never be better..and I let you down” Rev Newton said

“What I’m trying to say is…I want my family back…I want you and me and Tammy to start again” Rev Newton said

“That’s what you said last time” Viv said

“Yes I know, and I was wrong, and I am sorry for that..but things are different now…I got a place..a home for me you and Tammy in Wollongong..I was appointed the clergy of the local church…and I want you and Tammy to come and live with me” Rev Newton said and Viv looked at Tammy

“I know you have friends here…you can still see them..they can come and visit…but you and Tammy belong with me…please give me another chance” Rev Newton said as Viv sighed. She felt torn. She really liked being in Summer Bay, but she also felt that her dad was being sincere….her and Tammy had a decision to make and it wasn’t going to be an easy one



Gibson Residence- Yabbie Creek


“Julie…please I did it for you” Joanne pleaded behind the door as Julie put some clothes in an overnight bag

“Julie please open the door” Joanne said and she knocked the door. Shortly after Alec Gibson opened the door

“Whats going on?” Alec said as he closed the door

“Julie found the letter from Nick and now she has locked herself in the room and wont talk to me” Joanne said and Alec sighed. He knew it was a bad idea to hide the letter, but he wanted to protect his daughter

“Julie love its me…open the door will ya” Alec said and he knocked on the door. After a few more attempts at knocking the door Julie finally opened it

“ Sweetheart” Alec was interrupted

“I’ve phoned a taxi” Julie said as she tried to roll herself out of the room with her suitcase on her lap

“What is all this, where are you going?” Alec said

“Away from this house. I'm sick of being treated like a child. I’m not a baby just because I sit in a wheelchair” Julie said as she wheeled herself forward the suitcase fell on the floor

“Come on love we can talk about it” Alec said and he moved the suitcase out of the way

“There is nothing to talk about, as long as I keep living in this house you are going to keep treating me like my feelings don’t matter

“Sweetheart if this is because of Nick, I know what I saw…he just wants to hurt you” Alec was interrupted

“All he wanted to know was why I stopped speaking to him..because of you, I never even gave him a chance to explain” Julie said as the taxi horn blew outside


“Julie wait love, where are you going to go? You cant cope on your own..I was just trying to protect you that’s all” Joanne said as Julie picked up her suitcase and put it on her lap and rolled herself to the front door

“Can you please put this case into the car” Julie said to the taxi driver who  got out of the car and picked up the suitacase and took it to his car

“Julie you are making a big mistake…YOU CANT SURVIVE WITHOUT US AND THIS HOUSE” Joanne said as Julie wheeled herself to the Taxi

“The only mistake I made was believing you had my best interest at heart” Julie said and she wheeled herself to the taxi

“Do you need some help getting in?” The taxi driver said

“No thanks” Julie said and she managed to move herself from her wheelchair into the taxi.

“Ill put the chair in the back” The taxi driver said as he closed the passenger door. He wheeled the chair to the boot but was struggling to close it, so Alec rushed forward and helped him

“Julie..please..we’re sorry…we’ll do anything…just come back inside love” Alec said and Julie didn’t look at him. The taxi driver got into the car and started the engine as Alec sighed and moved away from the taxi

“Where to?” the taxi driver said as he indicated and began to drive off

“Summer Bay” Julie said and exhaled and smiled to herself as a tear ran down her cheek.



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Finlay put Christopher down in the spare room. Pippa thought it would be easier for her to put him down of a nap instead of going up and down the stairs.  Finlay quetly shut the door and was about to turn around when she almost bumped into Sally

“Sorry Finlay” Sally said and ran up the stairs

“Its alright” Finlay said and smiled then she walked into the living room to see Steve putting ghis school bag down

“Hi..how was school?” Finlay said as she bent down to pick up some of Cristopher’s toys

“Ok” Steve said as he opened the fridge and took out a can of coke

“So, do you like living here?” Steve said

“Yeah, its really nice being near the beach” Finlay said and smiled as Steve watched her. He thought she was really good looking and mature. She reminded him a bit of Narelle, who was also older. He liked older woman

“If you want we could” Steve was interrupted by the door opening

“G’day, Pippa asked me to fix the leak in the showers” Ben said and smiled

“The outside showers” Steve said looking at Ben annoyed

“Oh right…I better get to it then” Ben said and smiled again and winked at Finlay then he walked out of the house and his smile disappeared. He noticed two bikes outside, one must have belonged to Steve. Ben looked around and when he didn’t see anyone coming, he took his pen knife for his pocket, and pierced the tires of all the bikes. He smiled to himself as he heard the air escaping and whistled as he walked away…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

Bobby yawned and sighed as she walked into the kitchen

“Has Grant come back yet?” Bobby said to Ailsa

“No he hasn’t” Ailsa aside as she read some papers

“What is that?” Bobby said

“Just some houses for rent in the city” Ailsa said

“For who?” Bobby said as she picked up a banana and started to peel it

“For me, Duncan and possible Sandra” Ailsa said

“I thought you wasn’t going to make any decisions yet” Bobby said

“Bobby, any time I walk into the butchers, I can see people talking behind my back” Ailsa said

“Stuff all those people” Bobby said and Ailsa smiled

“Anytime I see Alf it hurts.. I cant live like this” Ailsa said and sighed. Bobby felt sad that she was losing a friend, but she understood

“Remember what you said to me a long time ago when I wanted to leave Summer Bay?” Bobby said

“That was different” Ailsa said

“How was it different?” Bobby said

“It just was” Ailsa said

“I know what Alf did was wrong, I know how you feel, but I want you to really be sure about what you are doing before you make the decision” Bobby said

“I am pretty sure i've made a decision…my solicitor sent Alf the divorce papers a few days ago…its time for me to move on” Ailsa said and Bobby sighed

“I guess there is nothing else to say then…Ill see you later” Bobby said then she walked out of the diner. She knows that she should be supporting Ailsa but she was being selfish…she just didn’t want another person leaving her life. As Bobby walked towards the car she noticed a taxi driver put a suitcase next to a woman in a wheelchair


“Hi” Bobby said as she walked closer

“Hi Bobby” Julie said with a red face

“Are you alright?” Bobby said concerned

“No” Julie said

“Come on, lets go to the diner and have some tea” Bobby said and Julie nodded her head. Bobby picked up the suitcase and Julie followed behind her…


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On 29/09/2020 at 12:01, CaptainHulk said:

Ben's just being childish on top of being Spiteful now.

You got Bobby to a tee, she'll go the extra mile for a mate.

Alec and Joanne pushed too hard and now they've caught it in the arse.

So in this Universe Fin's older than Steven? 






Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 401




Bayside diner- Summer Bay

“So what do you think they are going to do?” Bobby said

“I think they want to go and live with their dad…hes their dad, but they don’t trust him” Grant said as he put the apron on

“But you said he moved to his own place Wollongong and he’s the reverend at the church” Bobby said as she made the sandwich

“Yeah I know…I would hate to see them go, but they do need to give him a chance” Grant said

“Yeah..sometimes second chances come around to give a second chance” Bobby said and Grant smiled


Police Station- Summer Bay

Nick looked at the calendar on his desk, it had been two weeks since he followed his uncles advice and sent Julie a letter. A letter which she didn’t respond to

“Nick, come in here a minute” Nick looked up to see his uncle looking at him and he got up and followed his uncle to the office and closed the door

“I wanted to talk to you about something” Bob said as Nick closed the door and sat on the chair

“Is there something wrong?” Nick said confused


Emotional background music


“Well…Ive been doing some thinking and…Summer Bay isn’t home for me anymore…not with Craig gone..so I’ve decided to take a lieutenants position in Brisbane..Ill be starting next week ”  Bob said

“Oh…I guess I have to start looking for a place to live” Nick said and sighed

“Why?” Bob said

“Well you’re going to be selling the house” Nick said

“Well I haven’t even thought about it yet…you can stay there if you want, as long as you can cover the mortgage…maybe get some room mates or something” Bob said

“That will be great, thanks…I’m going to miss you” Nick said

“You can always come and visit” Bob said and smiled

“With your lady friend” Bob said and winked and Nick sighed

“She never wrote me back” Nick said

“Sorry mate..i thought it was a good idea…you know, the letter” Bob said

“Its not your fault…” Nick said

“I tell you what, take the rest of the day off” Bob said

“Are you sure?” Nick said excited

“Yeah, you’ve been working so hard lately…go to the beach or something” Bob said

“Thanks Uncle Bob” Nick said and smiled and walked out of the office. Bob picked up the photo of himself and Craig on his desk and smiled then he put the photo back on the desk and walked out of his office


Bayside diner- Summer Bay

“Thanks” Julie said as Bobby put a sandwich and some tea in front of her

“No worries…so do you know what you are going to do?” Bobby said as she sat down. Julie drank some of the tea and shook her head no

“I suppose I wasn’t thinking, I was just so angry you know, I packed my things and came straight here

“Well, I have a spare bed if you want it” Bobby said and Julies face lit up

“Oh sorry..its upstairs” Bobby said and Julie sighed as reality hit her about the decision she made.


“Bobby, I’m going to head off, the babysitter just called and said that Duncan is still running a temperature, so I’m going to pick him up” Ailsa said

“Righto” Bobby said as she watched Ailsa rush out of the diner

“oh hell, I should’ve asked her” Bobby said

“Hmm?” Julie said

“Ailsa, she lives on one floor and she has a spare room, I can ask her if she wouldn’t mind you staying at her place for a while” Bobby

“That would be great if you would” Julie said

“Yeah, no worries…hey by the way, the resort is looking for a receptionist if youre interested” Bobby said and Julies eyes lit up

“Oh yeah…thanks Bobby” Julie said

“No worries…ill put a good word in for you” Bobby said”

“Thanks Bobby…for everything” Julie said and she sighed

“Whats the matter?” Bobby said

“Well..its great being here…but I wonder if Nick is going to want to see me…hes going to think I ignored his letter” Julie said

“Well, why don’t you ask him” Bobby said she pointed at the door. Julie turned around and Nick got a shock when he saw her

“Julie” Nick said and he rushed over to the table

“I have to head over to the resort” Bobby said and she took a pen from her pocket and wrote her office number on a napkin” Here is my number…ask Grant or Colleen to let you use the phone so you can call me. Ill call Ailsa and see what she says” Bobby said

“Thanks Bobby” Julie said

“No worries…Ill see you later” Bobby said and she walked out of the diner as Nick sat down

“Hi” Nick said and smiled…he couldn’t believe it, Julie was actually here

“I’m sorry I just turned up here…I had no other place to go” Nick said and he saw tears fill Julies eyes

“What happened?” Nick said and he gently reached for Julies hand

“Your letter..I only saw it today….well my parents hid it because Dad said he saw you with another girl” Julie said as Nick looked confused

“What other girl…I told you that I loved you” Nick said

“Well dad was driving by a few weeks ago and said he saw you hugging a girl.coming into here” Julie said as Nick tried to remember

“Oh, I remember, Lucinda was almost mugged and she was shaken, and I was helping her into the diner that’s all…its you I want” Nick said and Julie exhaled and smiled

“deep down, I knew that it was innocent, but my parents made me believe that you could never really love me” Julie said and a tear ran down her cheek. Nick gently wiped  the tear away from Julie’s cheek

“I do really love you” Nick said

“Good…because I love you too” Julie said and smiled

“I have the rest of the day off…It’s a bit chilly but do you fancy going to the beach..we can  share your sandwich” Nick said and pointed and Julie laughed and nodded

“Ill just get some dessert and we can go” Nick said and he kissed Julies nose and  winked. Julie felt butterflies in her stomach, she was so happy…finally she was so happy


Background music ends


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Ailsa rushed around and put the things in the overnight bag as Duncan cried. She heard the knock at the door and rushed to open it

“Hello Ailsa, I was just passing” Celia was interrupted

“Not now Celia” Ailsa said

“Whatever is the matter?” Celia said as she hobbled on the crutched into the house

“I need to get Duncan to the hospital, hes been running a temperature all day and now he wont stop crying” Ailsa sid as she reached for her bag

“I need to go…please just lock up behind you” Ailsa said and she picked up the bag and rushed out of the house without closing the door. Celia looked at the door concerned then she hobbled over to the phone and picked up the receiver and began to dial….


Beach-Summer Bay

“I would like to make a toast” Nick said

“A toast to what?” Julie said and giggled

“I dunno” Nick said and he and Julie both laughed

“Ok, ill be serious..i’d like to make a toast to sitting on the beach in chilly weather with the woman I love” Nick said and he raised his styrofoam coffee cup

“Cheers” Julie said and smiled then she sipped some of her tea and Nick leaned forward and kissed her


General Hospital- Summer Bay


Background music- Stewart family theme

“Ails” Ailsa turned around to see Alf rushing towards her

“What happened…I came as soon as Celia called me?” Alf said concerned

“”Duncan had a bit of a temperature this morning, I thought it was just because he was teething, but the sitter said he wouldn’t settle and his body was getting hotter. I picked him up and knew something wasn’t right..they minute I got here, they rushed him away” Ailsa said and she put her hand up to her mouth

“This is all my fault…I never should’ve taken him to the sitter…I should’ve taken him to the doctor this morning” Ailsa said as Alf sighed

“What if something happens to him Alf…Ill never forgive myself…ill never forgive myself” Ailsa said and she started crying then instinctively Alf put his arms around Ailsa and she rested her head on his chest…and for the first time, in a long time they called a truce and were bonded.

Alf closed his eyes and silently exhaled, praying for his son and fthat this is the first step back into his wifes life...


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)



Chapter 402



High School- Summer Bay

“Yes come in” Donald said as the door to his office opened and Deborah walked in

“Uncle Donald I just wanted to remind you that the new school guidance counselor is coming in on Friday for orientation, and will be starting on Monday” Lucinda said

“Right, thank you Lucinda ” Donald said

“Oh by the way, is everything alright?” Donald said

“Yes fine…why?” Lucinda said

“I don’t know…with you splitting up from Nick and almost being mugged..I just wanted to make sure that you are alright” Donald said

“Im fine” Lucinda said

“Good” Donald said and Lucinda smiled and walked out of the office. She walked towards her desk and sat down and sighed. She wasn’t fine…she wasn’t sure if Summer Bay is where she wanted to be. Even though she loved her job, her dating life had been a disaster. Lucinda sighed and hoped that soon this would change.


General Hospital- Summer Bay

Pippa sat quietly in the corner of the canteen as she ate her sandwich and looked over the notes she made. She had a test in the afternoon and even though she was prepared, she still wanted to make sure that there was nothing she had forgotten

“Some last minute cramming for the test?” Pippa looked up to see one of her teachers, Dr Ian Routledge holding a sandwich and an apple

“No, just making sure I haven’t forgotten anything” Pippa said and smiled

“If you ever need any extra help, i'm always available..when Im not unpacking” Dr Ian Routledge

“Oh yes that’s right, you moved into the Blaxland house” Pippa said

“How did you know?” Dr Ian Routledge said curiously

“One of the perks of living in such a small town, you know the comings and goings of all the town folk” Pippa said as she began to pack up her notes

“Have you lived here long?” Dr Ian Routledge said

“A few years, I used to live in the city until my husband’s company downsized, and we decided to move our family here” Pippa said

What does your husband do for a living?” Dr Ian Routledge said

“He passed away two years ago” Pippa said

“Oh, Im sorry…my wife passed away several years ago too” Dr Ian Routledge said

“Sorry to hear that” Pippa said as Dr Ian Routledge stared into her eyes which made Pippa feel weird

“Anyway, I better get going, I don’t want to be late for the test” Pippa said and she got up

“Good luck” Dr Ian Routledge said

“Thanks” Pippa said and left as Dr Ian Routledge watched her walk away…



Pizza Palace- Summer Bay

Grant walked over to the table with the pizza where Viv and Tammy were waiting for him

“Here you go, we better eat it all before it gets cold” Grant said and Tammy giggled


Emotional background music


“So…have you made a decision about what you want to do?” Grant said as he picked up a slice of pizza. Tammy and Viv looked at each other

“We…well we have really enjoyed being here in Summer Bay…living with you..and Bobby ad Mrs Fletcher” Viv said

“But you want to go and live with your dad?” Grant said trying not to sound disappointed and Viv nodded

“So if you want to go, why the sad face?” Grant said

“We don’t want to leave you…because we love you” Viv said

“I love you both too..but I understand the importance of second chances…you can always come and visit…Summer Bay will always be your home” Grant said and Tammy got up from her chair and went to Grant and hugged him

Grant smiled trying not be emotional

“Will you come and visit us?” Tammy said

“Of course I will…try and stop me” Grant said and he tickled her cheek

“Come on, we better get stuck into this pizza” Grant said and winked and Viv smiles as she wiped away the tear running down her cheek.



Lithgow- Australia

Greg knocked the door a few more time until a neighboured opened th”ere door

“Nobody lives there” The neighbour said

“Are you sure? I’m looking for a girl and her son, Jackie. I was told she lives here” Greg said

“No, she moved a few months ago” the neighbour said

“Do you know where she moved to?” Greg said

“I don’t know..but if you ask me, its that poor little boy I feel sorry for” the neighbour said and Greg looked at her concerned

“Why is there something wrong?” Greg said

“Its not really my place to say” The neighbour said and walked back towards her door

“To say about what?” Greg said as he followed her

“Maybe you should try social services” the neighbour said and she closed the door leaving Greg feeling confused by what he just heard then he walked back to his truck, got in and drove away


Background music ends



General hospital- Summer Bay


Background music- Stewart family theme


Alf gently nudged Ailsa and gave her a cup of coffee and sat down next to her

“Thanks” Ailsa said and drank some of the coffee

“Did the doc come out?” Alf said and Ailsa shook her head no

“He’s a little fighter Ails, hes going to be just fine” Alf said

“This is still my fault..I should’ve known that there was something wrong with him” Ailsa said

“It’s a rough time for all of us…no one is blaming you” Alf said suddenly feeling guilty. He knew that the rough time was due to what he did


“Mr and Mrs Stewart” Ailsa looked up as the doctor walked over then her and Alf both stood up

“Doc whats the matter with my son?” Alf said

“Well we ran some tests, and unfortunately Duncan has bacterial meningitis” the doctor said

“oh no” Ailsa said and put her hand over her mouth

“How bad is it doc?” Alf said and he put his arm around Ailsa

“Well we have started him on a strong course of antibiotics. Its good that you came in when you did because he was getting worse” the doctor said

“Will he be ok?” Alf said

“Well at the moment, I’m afraid I cant say since we just started the antibiotics. We are also giving him an antipyretic to reduce the fever”  the doctor said

“Can we see him?” Ailsa said

“Yes of course, hes in room 18” the doctor said and pointed

“Thanks doc” Alf said and he and Ailsa rushed to the room. Ailsa out her hand up to her mouth when she saw Duncan lying on the bed with iv tubes sticking out of him and the beeping of the heart monitor

“Oh sweetheart, im so sorry” Ailsa said as she gently touched his hands and began to cry

“Ails, its not your fault..its not your fault” Alf said then Ailsa turned around and hhugged him and cried into his chest…


Background music ends


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“I wish I had known, I would've stayed…alright then..please give me a call when you get back…I want to know how Duncan is…alright love…bye” Pippa said and she put the phone down

“Is there something wrong?” Steve said as he set the dinner table

“Duncan Stewart is in hospital…apparently he had a really bad temperature and Ailsa took him in. Bobby said she is on her way there” Pippa said as she stood by the dining table

“Are you going to the hospital?” Steve said

“Not tonight, ill wait and see what Bobby says when she gets back…I’m just going to change…dinner smells good” Pippa said and smiled then she walked towards the stairs as Ben walked into the house

“I’m just going to quickly tidy up the toys in the spare room before dinner” Finlay said and smiled

“Tell Sal dinner is ready” Steve said as Finlay walked away as Ben watched her

Steve walked into the kitchen and turned off the fire. Bobby taught him how to make the pasta and this was the first time he was doing it. He drained the pasta and put it into a bowl and took it out of the kitchen and sat the bowl on the table

“Didn’t you hear me the last time, you cant sit there” Steve said annoyed

“What are you going to do to stop me?” Ben said and stood up and smirked. Steve could feel himself getting annoyed. He really wanted to punch Ben in the mouth

“What is going on?” Pippa said as she walked back into the living room

“Nothing, I was just telling Steve that dinner smells great, ill just get the glasses” Ben said and walked away

“Steve what is the matter?” Pippa said

“That guy is a jerk” Steve said

“Steve” Pippa said

“But he is” Steve said

“He's Carlys husband” Pippa said

“and she's been up herself since she married him” Steve said and Pippa sighed

“Its been a long day, lets just have dinner…with no arguments…please” Pippa said and Steve sighed

“Ok” Steve said and Pippa smiled and hugged him. He looked up to see Ben leaning on the wall and smirking at him…


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

“Hold on let me just move this able over so your chair will pass through” Nick said as he rearranged some of the furniture in the living room as Julie looked around the house

“Are you sure your uncle wont mind me staying here….its just until I can get my own place” Julie said

“Of course not, we have two spare rooms” Nick said

“Besides..I will get to see you everyday” Nick said and he winked at Julie

“Let me just take your suitcase into the room, and ill be right back” Nick said and he disappeared down the hallway. Julie inhaled and exhaled. She couldn’t believe that this was happening to her. Even though this wasn’t her own place, she was out on her own…and she had a man who loved her

“So” Nick said and he bent down next to Julie and kissed her cheek. How about I make us dinner” Nick said and kissed Julie’s cheek again and she nodded

“Im  really happy that you’re here” Nick said then he got up and pushed Julie towards the kitchen as the butterflies did summersaults in her stomach…


General hospital- Summer Bay

“He’s going to be fine…I know it” Bobby said and she put her hand gently on Ailsa’s arm

“I should’ve known that there was something wrong..that temperature he had…I should’ve known” Ailsa said

“Here you go Ails” Bobby turned around to see Alf walking into the hospital room and handed Ailsa a cup

“Oh g’day Bobby, I didn’t know that you were here” Alf said and Bobby looked at him then at Ailsa

“I better go..”Bobby said to Ailsa

“Thanks for coming by” Ailsa said

“No worries, did the docs say when Duncan can go home?” Bobby said

“They don’t know yet so I guess he will be here for a few more days” Ailsa said

“Alright, ill let Pippa know…I think she will come tomorrow when she comes to school” Bobby said

“Call if you need anything” Bobby said as she walked to the door

“Hes going to be fine” Bobby said as she turned and looked at Ailsa

“Thanks” Ailsa said and Bobby smiled and walked away

“Shes right you know…we Stewarts are fighters…Duncan is going to be right as rain” Alf said then he sat down next to Ailsa who exhaled. Alf rested his hand on Ailsa’s and she wrapped her fingers around his. Alf looked at their hands entwined and smiled to himself…this was definitely a blessing in disguise


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme

Bobby sighed as she walked along the corridor..she was not much of a fan of hospitals, she had lots of bad memories here. As Bobby walked towards the exit she turned right and noticed a room full of babies. She stopped and looked through the window. Some of the babies were sleeping, some were moving around and a couple were crying. Bobby watched as the nurse walked into the room and picked up the crying baby and held the baby to her chest. Bobby watched as the baby stopped crying and began to settle. Bobby put her head down as she was reminded of what didn’t happen for her

“Which one is yours”  Bobby looked up to see a man standing next to her

“Oh, I’m not” Bobby was interrupted

“Mine is the one in the blue and white stripped hat” He pointed excitedly

“He’s beautiful” Bobby said and smiled as she looked at the little boy then she walked away from the window towards the elevator. She pressed the button and the doors open. She got in and pressed ground and as the door closed the tears fell down her cheeks…reminding her once again that she was alone…


Goulburn- Australia

“What are you doing out here on your own mate?” Sam turned around to see a policeman standing behind him

“Where is your mummy?” the policeman said

“I don’t know” Sam said

“Come on, lets see if we can find her” The policeman said and he picked up Sam and waled away..




Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

The toothpaste dropped on the floor and Julie struggled to reach it and sighed. Julie struggled and eventually she was able to grab the top and pick it up. She was her face and brushed her teeth, but when she tried to reach the towel on the railing it was too high and she nearly fell out of her chair. That is when reality began to set in. At home she never had any of these problems because her parents house was modified for her. Julie pulled some toilet paper and used it to wipe her face until it was dry and she wheeled herself out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. The bed was higher than the one she was used to at home and as she struggled, she couldn’t get herself onto the bed. Julie tried one more time but she ended up falling out of the chair and onto the floor then Nick came rushing in

“Are you alright?” Nick said

“Yeah, this bed is a little higher than mine” Julie said and smiled as Nick lifted her up and put her into bed then he bent down and kissed her

“Im really happy” Julie said

“Me too” Nick said and kissed Julie again

“Its been a long day…get some sleep, ill see you in the morning” Nick said

“Not if I see you in my dreams first” Julie said and kissed Nick one more time

“Ill meet you there” Nick said and winked then he walked out of the bedroom and closed the door. Julie smiled and felt the butterflies in her stomach as she looked around the room and again reality hit her. The wardrobe door handles were high, so were the shelves in the room. They were nothing like she was used, it was going to be difficult. The smiled disappeared from Julies face as she wondered if she had made the right decision


Nick walked into his room and closed the door thinking about what just happened. He really like Julie, but now she was his responsibility…he would have to do a lot for her because she wasn’t going to be able to do it for herself…reality hit him and he wondered if he was really ready for this kind of responsibility….



Background music end




Two days later


Thanks for taking care of the shop” Alf said to Celia

“The most important thing is that Duncan is getting better, and you are spending time with Ailsa” Celia said and Alf smiled

“Yeah, these past two days have been great” Alf said

“I told you not to give up..everything will be fine” Celia said

“Thanks sis..I better get going” Alf said and he smiled and walked out of the shop. Just as he was about to get into his car, Debr’a car pulled up along side. Alf sighed

“Ive been caling you” Debra said

“Yeah sorry about that, Ive been spending time at the hospital, Duncan has meningitis” Alf said

“Sorry to hear…I hope he gets better soon” Debra said

“Thanks…anyway I better go, I need to get back to the hospital” Alf said as he began to start the engine

“Will you call me?” Debra said

“Yeah…ill call you later” Alf said

“Ok..I love you” Debra said and Alf pretended he didn’t hear and drove off as Debra sighed and watched his car until it was out of sight. Just as Debra was about to drive off, she looked over to the shop window and noticed that Celia was looking at her. Debra started her engine and drove off…..



High School- Summer Bay

Donald drank his tea and put the empty cup into the bin just as there was a knock on the door. He walked over to his desk and picked up the folder for the orientation he was just about to do

“Come in” Donald said when he looked up he got a surprise

“David?” Donald said

“Hello Uncle Donald” David Croft said

“What are you doing here?” Donald said as he shook David’s hand

“Are you not happy to see me?” David said

“Yes of course this is a nice surprise..what brings you to Summer Bay?” Donald said as David put his arm around Lucinda

“I am the new school guidance counselor” David Croft said and smiled

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 403



Richmond- Australia

Background music – Bobby and Greg’s theme

Greg put some money into the phone and dialed the number and waited

“Hello…yes…my name is Greg Marshall…I am trying to find out some information about my son and his mum…her name is Jacqueline Nicolls…I don’t know if she is missing, I have just been trying to track her down…no I don’t have a number for her, its just that one of her old neighbours said I should try social services….well is there anyone else who can give me any information…


Goulburn- Australia

Jackie tried not to cry as she packed all of her sons belongings into the suitcase

“Mummy are you coming to Bobby’s house too?” Sam said

“She didn’t know who Bobby was, she assumed that was the name of the foster parent who looked after him last time

“No sweetheart….” Jackie said trying to fight back tears. She had made such a mess of her life again. She was already being watched by social services so when the police brought Sam back to the factory she was working at, that was the last straw. In a way it was a blessing in disguise and made her realize that no matter how hard she tried, she was never going to be able to look after her soon

“Hey come here” Jackie said and she gently pulled Sam towards her and cried

“I want you to know something?” Jackie said as she wiped her eyes

“ok” Sam said as he looked at his mum

“I love you very much…ok” Jackie said

“Ok” Sam said and Jackie grabbed him and held him tight and cried


“I’m afraid we have to get on the road” The social worker said and Jackie sighed  and wiped her face. She was making the hardest decision, but she knew that there was no ending in sight for her current situation. She was behind in the rent, she couldn’t afford anyone to look after Sam and she didn’t have any qualifications to get a better job.

“Here, his things are all packed” Jackie said as she closed the suitcase, zipped it and put it on the floor. The social work picked up the suitcase and began walking toward the door

“Umm, can I ask you something?” Jackie said as she held Sams hand and they walked behind the social worker

“Yes” The social worker said after turning around

“Whoever looked after my son last time…can he please go back there?” Jackie said

“I’m afraid that is not up to me, that is up to the placement officers” the social worker said

“Please…he really liked it there…..please” Jackie said as the social worker sighed

“Ok…ill see what I can do” the social worker said and Jackie smiled

“Thank you” Jackie said. Even though her heart was breaking, she felt that what she was doing was right…and she hoped that the social worker will place Sam where he was before

“Ok…you be a good boy..ok…and remember that I love you” Jackie said as she bent down and looked at Sam

“I love you mummy” Sam said and Jackie hugged him one last time as tears ran down her cheeks

“Come on Sam, we have to go now” the social worker said and Sam held onto her hand. Jackie watched as she picked Sam up and put him into the car seat then she closed the door and got into the car and drove off. Jackie watched until they the car was out of sight then she wiped her face, inhaled deeply, exhaled then went inside the house and closed the door


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Viv and Sandra hugged “I’m really going to miss you” Sandra said trying not to cry. Everything was still in a mess at home, and now her best friend was leaving

“Im not going to be that far away..you can still come and visit” Viv said

“I know…but its not going to be the same” Sandra said

“Everything is going to be alright..ok?” Viv said and Sandra nodded

“Coem on Viv, we have to get going” Reverend Newton said and smield

“When I get there, ill call” Viv said as Steve hugged her

“Good luck with your dad” Steve said

“Thanks Steve…for everything…if it wasn’t for you helping…well im glad that we are friends” Viv said

“You’re welcome” Steve said

“Come on you two, you better head back to school” Grant said

“Ok…don’t forget to call” Sandra said and hugged Viv again and watched as Viv walked towards the car with Grant

“Well I guess this is it” Grant said and Viv hugged him and began to cry

“I thought we agreed no tears” Grant said as Viv wiped a tear from her cheek

“I know..but I’m really going to miss you” Viv said

“Its not forever, you can come and visit” Grant said

“Will you come and visit us?” Viv said

“Of course…try and stop me” Grant said and winked as Viv got into the car

“Here you go, Bobby made the cupcakes you like” Grant said as he waited for Viv to get into the car and gave her the bag of cupcakes.

“Thank you for everything” Reverend Newton said and shook Grants hand

“You’re welcome” Grant said and smiled as Reverend Newton got into the car and started the engine. Grant was happy to see Viv and Tammy going to be with their father, but they had become like his daughters so he was sad they were leaving.

Grant looked at Tammy in the back a she wiped a tear from her face. Grant gently tapped on the window and Tammy looked at him. Grant blew a kiss to Tammy and she blew one back and smiled. Grant winked and waved and Tammy and Viv waved. Grant exhaled as he watched the car drive off then he began walking back to work…


Background music ends


High School- Summer Bay

David drank some of his coffee and looked around the office as Donald finished his phone call

“So, David, when did you get back?” Donald said as he put the phone receiver down

“A few weeks ago” David said

“So how were your travels?” Donald said

“Yeah, good. I spent a lot of time in central and south America, and I settled in Brazil for a while teaching English” David said

“By the way your mother spoke, I  wasn’t expecting you back in Australia” Donald said

“Neither was I but I felt homesick and thought I would come home and put my psychology degree to use” David said

“But I spoke to your mother, she never said anything about you applying here” Donald said

“There were a few options, mum thought I was going to take the opportunity in the city, but I thought I would give Summer Bay a try, its been a long time since I was here” David said and smiled

“Well, I am glad you did” Donald said and David smiled

“Would you mind if I stay with you a few days until I get a place of my own?” David said

“A place of your own? Nonsense, you are more than welcome to stay as long as you want” Donald said

“Are you sure? I don’t want to impose” David said

“Yes of course, I have plenty of room” Donald said

“Thanks Uncle Donald…oh by the way, I’m sorry about Alan…I couldn’t believe it when Mum told me” David said

“Yes…it was a shock for me too” Donald said

“But mum told me we have another addition to the family” David said and winked as Donald smiled and shook his head…





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