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Homecoming Part 4

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Chapter 389



Two days later


Macklin Corporation- New York

Frank felt his heart beat as he watched the numbers go up in the elevator. Eventually the elevator doors opened on the ninth floor and with the air of his walking stick he began to walk to his office. Everything felt strange yet familiar at the same time. As Frank walked to his office nobody looked up from their computers. They probably didn’t even notice that he was gone. Frank opened his office door. It looked just like he left it. He walked over to the chair and took his bag off and put it on the floor

“Frank” Frank looked up to see Terry Greyson his manager standing by the door

“Great to see you” Terry said and he walked into the office and shook Franks hand

“Thanks” Frank said and he sat down

“So how is everything?” Terry said

“Great, happy to be back to work” Frank said trying to sound positive.

“Fantastic. Do the police have any updates on the people that attached you?” Terry said

“No, nothing” Frank said

“You gotta be careful out here” Terry said and Frank smiled

“Looks likeyou came back just at the right time, we will be having a phone conference with the London team, so speak to Andy and he will get you up to speed on where we are” Terry said and he got walked towards the door

“Frank…if you ever want to talk about anything…my door is always open” Terry said. Frank wished he could tell Terry the real reason why he was attacked and the fact that he was in debt

“Thanks” Frank said and Terry smiled and he walked out of the office. He had to face this problem alone, and he had to be the only one to find a way to get out…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Ben turned around to see Carly securing Christopher into a car seat. She didn’t know where they were going, but Ben told her to dress nicely saw she wore a nice top and shirt.

“I thought I told you to get a babysitter” Ben said and rolled his eyes

“Mrs Stewart said he will look after him” Carly said

“Shes the one whose husband was having the affair” Ben said

“Yeah, it’s a shame because they were really good together” Carly said and she got into the car and closed the door

“She looks like a groan a minute” Ben said and laughed

“Mrs Stewart isn’t bad” Carly said

“Shes just as bad as that drop kick bobby” Ben said and he started the car engine and drove away as Carly sighed…


High School- Summer Bay


Background music- Fishers theme

“Alright alright settle down” Donald said as he stood by the podium. The students sitting in front of him stopped talking and looked at him

“As you all probably know by now, an arrest was made late Friday evening in connection with the untimely death of Craig Barnett. Karen Lawrence has been charged with manslaughter as Karen confessed that she bullied Craig for a number of weeks leading up to his death. Now this school takes bullying very seriously and it will not be tolerated. As you leave the assembly, there are leaflets on the table with a free number you can call if you are experiencing bullying. I have We have a new school counselor starting in a few weeks who will also be available for you to speak to” Donald said. Steve looked over at Sandra who was looking at Donald. Sandra could feel someone looking and she turned to see Steve looking at her then she turned away. Steve turned and looked at Blake who had his head down. Blake looked up to see Steve looking at him then he looked away…


Waldorf Creek Court- Waldorf Creek

The guard removed Karens handcuffs and she walked into the cell. The guard closed the door and Karen walked over to the bed and sat down. She was happy that she quickly got to see her parents and her brother but sad that she couldn’t go with them. Her dad told her that Mrs Stewart was going to be fine so maybe the court would reduce some of the charges. This was some good news but since Criags father was a police man, he was going to make sure that the manslaughter charges stuck. Karen sighed. The lawyer she spoke to said she was facing up to five years in prison. Which meant she would be out when she was 21. Karen sighed. That meant she would miss all the school formals and being with her friends. Karen sighed again. Some times the reality of the situation hit her, sometimes it didn’t. but now it was. Karen raised her knees up to her chest and hugged her legs as tears ran down her cheeks


Sands Resort- Summer Bay

Bob Barnett exhaled as he made the walk along the corridor of the hotel to the reception

“G’day im looking for Jonathan the banquet manager” Bob said to the receptionist

“His office is straight down the hall, and it’s the first office on the right” The receptionist said

“Thank you” Bob said and smiled and he walked in the direction that he was given. Every step he took he felt his heart beating faster. Eventually he got to the door and knocked on it

“Come in” He heard a voice said and he opened the door

“Sgt Barnett, what can I do for you?” Bobby said as she stopped writing and looked up. Jonathan also looked up and noticed that it was Craigs dad

“I just wanted to ask few questions..do you mind if I sit down” Bob said

“No, go for your life” Bobby said confused by the visit

“Im sure you know by now that Karen Lawrence has been arrested in connection with the death of my son” Bob said

“Yeah..really sorry about that” Bobby said sympathetically

“There are a few things that didn’t add up, I wanted to know if maybe some of the workers here knew something” Bob said staring at Jonathan

“Well, I didn’t really work with him, so I am not really sure how much I can help..He worked more with Jonathan” Bobby said

“Ok..do you mind if I speak to Jonathan alone?” Bob Barnet said

“No of course not..I have to go, I have a meeting with a social working in 15 minutes” Bobby said and she smiled and walked out of the office. When the door closed Bob looked at Jonathan. “Im not really sure how much I can help you with Mr…umm Sgt Barnett. I told the police everything I know “ Jonathan said

“Yes you didn’t didn’t you…I saw the notes. However you failed to mention that you were having sex with my underaged son and promising him that you were going to run away together” Bob said and Jonathans heart sank….


Highschool- Summer Bay

“Come in” Donald said as he heard the knock on the door

“You requested to see me Mr Fisher upon my return ” Debra said

“Yes, come in and have a seat” Donald said as he looked at Debra sit down. He was very surprised that even bothered to come back to school today considering what her daughter did.

“I wont beat about the bush..I wanted to discuss your future here at this school” Donald said

“Excuse me?” Debra said confused

“Under the circumstances” Donald was interrupted

“With respect Mr Fisher, what goes on in my private life has nothing to do with my job” Debra said

“Ms Lawrence, your daughter was involved in the death of one of the students here. This is a very small town and the residents here care a lot for each other” Donald said. What he wished he could say was that he cared a lot for Ailsa, and she was a good friend who didn’t deserve the betrayal.

“So what are you trying to say Mr Fisher?” Debra said

“That you should think very hard about if you want to be here” Donald said and stared at Debra.

“I will take your concerns into consideration..please excuse me I have a class to teach” Debra said then she got up from the chair, walked out of the office and closed the door behind her.


Background music ends


Summer Bay

Alf stopped the car and stared as he watched Ailsa and Duncan at the park. Duncan laughed as Ailsa pushed him on the swing. Alf smiled as he listened to Duncan giggling. He just wanted to be a part of his family again. Alf exhaled and got out of the car and walked towards the swings

“Daddy daddy” Ailsa stopped smiling and she turned around to see Alf walking towards her. She grabbed ahold of the swing and it began to slow down

“Ails..I just want to talk love” Alf said

“There is nothing to talk about..you will be hearing from my solicitor” Ailsa said and she lifted Duncan out of the swing

“I made a big mistake..please just listen to me…we don’t need solicitors..please” Alf said as he walked behind Ailsa

“Ails I miss you love..I’m really sorry..ill do anything…please” Alf said as Ailsa walked towards her car and opened the back door. She put Duncan in his seat and strapped him in and closed the door

“Please love im begging you..I just want to talk to you....please” Alf said as Ailsa ignored him and got into the car and drove away. Alf watched as she drove away and tears ran down his cheeks…


Sands Resort- Summer Bay

Jonathan typed the letter as quickly as he could then he took the paper out of the typewriter. He quickly read the letter and shoved it into an envelope. He looked around the office and saw an empty box in the corner. He quickly threw all his belongings into the box then he stopped and sighed. He looked around the office and suddenly he felt guilty. What he had been doing for so many years had finally caught up to him and Sgt Barnett gave him an ultimatum. Either stay and he would make sure he would tell everyone what he was doing, or he had to leave and leave right now. Jonathan picked the second option. There was no way he could risk his wife and family finding it. He felt sorry for what he did to Craig, but he just couldn’t stop. Out of all of them, he really did like Craig, but not enough to risk his own life. Jonathan looked at the time then he picked up the box of his things and the envelope. He looked around the office one more time, turned the light off and closed the door….


High School- Summer Bay

Sandra took the folder out of her bag

“Hi” Sandra looked to see Adam standing by her locker

“Hi” Sandra said. She knew that he was the one that told the police about Karen because she knew that he had seen what was going on with her and Karen

“How are you?” Adam said

“Ok” Sandra said

“Im sorry that I you know..told Fisher..but I had to…do you understand?” Adam said and Sandra nodded and smiled

“Good…ill see you later” Adam said and he turned around

“Mr Cameron” Sandra said and Adam turned around

“Thanks” Sandra said and Adam smiled and he walked away

“What did he want?” Sandra turned around to see Steve standing behind her

“Nothing, I dropped my pencil case that’s all” Sandra said and Steve looked at her suspiciously.

“Viv is meeting with the social worker today..I hope they let her and Tammy stay

“Yeah, I know” Steve said as he looked at Sandra as she closed her locker and walked away


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“I don’t want to go” Tammy said and she got up and walked over to Bobby and hugged her. Bobby sighed as she looked at Mrs Malloy

“There is enough space for them to stay here” Bobby said

“I appreciate that Bobby but there is a lot of things to be taken into consideration. You are a young foster parent I am not sure if it would be responsible of me to assign another two children when you already have a heavy work load with work and university” Mrs Malloy said and Bobby sighed.

“So what are you suggesting?” Bobby said and Mrs Malloy looked at Viv. I have been in contact with your father and well first of all, he has moved out of the home and is currently living at the vicarage” Mrs Malloy said and Tammy and Viv looked at each other

“He says that now, but he is going to go back home to her” Viv said and Tammy nodded

“Well he said he is waiting to be assigned to another parrish…and he wants you and Tammy to come and live with him” Mrs Malloy said and Viv and Tammy looked at each other. Viv sighed, she really wanted to believe her father, bu the was always under their mothers spell and never said anything

“That’s what he says now” Viv said

“I know you really want to stay here but if your father really does make the move, then Im afraid you both will need to be with him.

“I want to stay here” Tammy said hugging Bobby

“I know you do sweetheart” Mrs Malloy said

“Here, your father gave me the number of the place he is staying. He said you should call him whenyou are ready. I believe you already know Reverend Jones?” Mrs Malloy said and Viv said

“Well your father is staying at the same parrish” Mrs Malloy said

“So whats going to happen in the mean time?” Bobby said

“Ill allow the girls to stay here at least for the next week. Hopefully Reverend Newton wouldve made arrangements by then” Mrs Malloy said

“What about school?” Bobby said

“To be honest I don’t see the pont of reenrolling if its only going to be for a week or so. I will speak to Mr Fisher and Mrs Crawford to see if I can arrange for some homework for the girls in the meantime” Mrs Malloy said and she stood up

“Anyway, I have a meeting to go to, so ill be in touch..oh by the way, its great news about Jackie Nicholls doing well on her program. Its always nice to hear a success story for a change” Mrs Malloy said and Bobbys heart sank

“Do you know when Sam will be going to his mother?” Bobby said as she walked behind Mrs Malloy

“Andrew will be picking him up from here on Frday, but I am sure he will confirm the time…ill be in touch..bye” Mrs Malloy said

“Yeah, bye” Bobby said as she watched Mrs Malloy walk towards her car, get in and drive off….


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

Alf tried to count the cans on the shelf but his mind was elsewhere. He didn’t even know why he bothered to open the shop. The customers that did come in gave him funny looks, and he knew why. Not like he didn’t deserve it after the mess he made. Alf heard the bell above the door then he turned around to see Celia slowly walking into the shop

“You’ve got some nerve showing your face around here” Alf said

“Alfred, I  promise you…it wasn’t me” Celia said

“I don’t even know how I thought I could trust you” Alf said

“You can trust, me I didn’t tell a soul” Celia said.

“Well it doesn’t matter anymore anyway..I give up…Ailsa is not coming back” Alf said dejected

“Oh Alfred…you cant give up” Celia said

“She told me ill be hearing from her solicitor” Alf said

“Oh Alfred..you have to talk to her…make her understand that it was mistake” Celia said

“She doesn’t want to talk to me…my marriage is over” Alf said

“Its not over Alfred, don’t say that” Celia said

“Look do you want something, im closing up early, I want to go home” Alf said

“I just came to see if you are alright…do you want to come and have dinner with us?” Celia said

“No thanks, I probably wont be good company” Alf said

“Alright..but incase you change your mind” Celia said looking at Alf

“Don’t give up Alf..if you love her…don’t give up” Celia said and Alf looked at her and sighed then she walked towards the door as Alf watched her walk away…


Next day


City University- The City

“I hope Christopher hasn’t been too much trouble” Bobby said

“No he’s been fine. I think Duncan has really enjoyed having the company of someone who is his age” Ailsa said

“Carly should’ve been back by now,she didn’t say she was going to be out all day, I’m just going to head to the airport and pick Pippa up then ill be home” Bobby said

“Oh I nearly forgot. Colleen called from the diner, Pippa called there because her flight arrived here early, so she’s just going to take a taxi home” Ailsa said

“Oh, alright, well ill just head home and pick up Christopher then head over to the caravan park..ill see you later” Bobbby said and she put the phone down, and walked to the creche to pick up Sam…


High school- Summer Bay

“Hey” Steve turned around to see Blake standing behind him. Blake knew that the other kids were whispering and talking about him behind his back, but Steven was the only one who was sort of still talking to him

“Do you want to come over to my place and finish the project?” Blake said

“I cant, we have a family dinner tonight” Steve said

“Look…I know that Craig was your friend…and Im sorry about what Karen did” Blake said

“She should be the one saying sorry” Steve

“She cant, that’s why im saying it..she really is sorry” Blake said

“I got to go..see you tomorrow” Steve said

“Yeah, bye” Blake said and sighed.



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Background music- Fletcher family theme

Pippa looked at the house as the taxi driver took her suitcase out of the boot.

“Thank you” Pippa said and smiled then she picked up the suitcase and walked to the door. She took her key out of  her bag and opened the front door. She closed the door behind her and put the suitcase at the foot of the stairs. The house was quiet. She walked into the living room. It was nice and clean. Pippa loked around the room as she remembered when they first came to look at the house. She walked to the back door and unlocked it then looked at the time. Steve and Sally would be home from school soon. Pippa walked over to the phone and sat down at the desk. She opened the draw and took a calling card out. She picked up the receiver and took the address book from the drawer. She dialled the numbers of the car then she dialled the numbers of Franks phone. She smiled as she waited for the answering machine

“Frank love its me..I just wanted to let you know that I got home safely..I miss you already..anyway..I hope to get a letter from you soon..take care love..bye bye” Pippa said then as she put the phone down she heard the door open and she turned around

“PIPPA!” Sally said and she ran over to Pippa and hugged her

“Hello sweatheart…did you miss me?” Pippa said

“Yes I did” Sally said and smiled

“Hi Pippa” Steve said and he walked over to Pippa and gave  Pippa a kiss and a hug

“Hello love, how are you? How is school?” Pippa said

“Good” Steve said then the door opened and Christopher ran in

“Hello my sweetheart” Pippa said and she got up and walked over to Christopher and picked him up.

“Pippa welcome home” Bobby said and smiled

“Hello sweetheart” Pippa said and she put one arm around Bobby

“Why didn’t you let me pick you up” Bobby said

“The flight was early and I didn’t want to bother you” Pippa said

“Anyway, I want to introduce you to someone” Bobby said and she walked outside and she walked back in holding Sams hand

“This is Sam…my foster son..Sam this is your grandma Pippa” Bobby said and smiled. Pippa looked at Bobby excited then she bent down and put Christopher down and smiled at Sam

“Hello sweetheart, how are you?” Pippa said

“Fine thank you grandma pippa” Sam said and smiled and Bobby smiled at Pippa


“Im going up to do my homework, call me when dinner is ready” Steve said and Pippa looked at Bobby and shook her head

“Looks like some things never change” Pippa said and laughed


Background music ends


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Ailsa watched as Sandra and Viv set the table. She hadn’t really spoken to Sandra about what was gong on with Alf. She didn’t know what she wanted to say about it yet. Sandra was a sweet girl, and she never brought up the subject


Knock at the door


“Ill get it” Viv said and she walked to the door

“Hello Viv, can I see Ailsa please” Celia said

“Oh..Ill just see if she is available” Viv said and she closed the door to Celia's surprise. A few moments later the door opened

“What can I do for you Celia” Ailsa said

“Hello Ailsa…I was wondering if we could have a talk” Celia said

“Not now, we are about to have dinner” Ailsa said

“It wont take long” Celia said

“Maybe some other time Celia” Ailsa sid and she shut the door. Celia sighed. Unlike Alfred, she wasn’t going to give up. She looked through the window and noticed Ailsa walk to the kitchen and made a note to come back tomorrow



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Background music- Fletcher family theme


Pippa sat at the table holding Christopher and watched as Sally and Sam set the table. She was trying to process the information that Bobby told her about Alf and Ailsa.  Bobby walked out of the kitchen and put the dish of lasagna on the table

“This looks wonderful Bobby” Pippa said

“One of the perks of working at the hotel..dinner in an instant” Bobby said and Pippa smiled as Bobby walked back into the kitchen

Pippa looked around when she heard the door open

“Pippa, your home” Carly said

“Hello sweetheart..how are you?” Pippa said

“Fine, how is frank? Did you bring us anything back?” Carly said and Pippa smiled

“Carly where have you been? You told Ailsa you wouldn’t be long” Bobby said andn she put a bowl of salad on the table

“Hello Mrs Fletcher” Ben said as he came into the house after Pippa

“Hi Ben” Pippa said and smiled as Bobby rolled her eyes

“Ben and I have some news” Carly said excited then she looked at Ben

"What news sweetheart?" Pippa said confused

“Ben and I got married today” Carly said and she wiggled her hand to show off her ring as Bobby and Pippa looked at each other shocked…


Background music ends

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Chapter 390





Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Stewart family theme


Ailsa looked around the table and smiled. Viv, Tammy, Duncan and Sandra were eating the dinner she prepared for them. Ailsa put some of the spaghetti in her mouth but if she was honest, she wasn’t really hungry she was still trying to process everything…telling Alf that he would be hearing from her solicitor soon. Ailsa looked at Duncan and smiled at him, He looked so innocent, not knowing what was going on with his parents, or the fact that he might not see his dad again. Ailsa then looked at Sandra and felt guilty. She had made up her mind that she wanted to leave Summer Bay, but Sandra was happy here which made Ailsa feel torn about her decision. However, what she did know is that she couldn’t stay in Summer Bay anymore….


Summer Bay

Blake slowed down his peddling and the bike stopped. He looked ahead at the shop he had been working at since he arrived in Summer Bay. He thought about all the good times with Mr Stewart. Blake saw Mr Stewart come out of the shop and he quickly hit behind a tree and exhaled. He watched as Alf took some boxes out of the boot of his car and carry them inside. That was usually his job, Alf would let Blake do that, then park the car around the corner. Now things were different. Blake didn’t know how to feel…he felt torn. He loved his dad...but he also had a strong connection to Mr Stewart. He wanted to know if Mr Stewart felt the same..but he didn’t want to betray his father. Blake inhaled then exhaled then turned his bike around and rode home..


Ross/Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Celia watched as Haydn and Michael ate pizza for the second night. She could see them talking but wasn’t listening to what they were saying. She was miles away trying to think of a way to get Alf and Ailsa back together…she owed it to them, after promising to keep their secret a secret. Celia sighed, she had to find a way for them to get back together and she wasn’t going to give up..


Background music ends


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Well aren’t you going to say congratulations?” Carly said smiling

“Sweetheart…how..when did you decide all this ? Pippa said

“Today, Ben said he was taking me out today to spoil me and we ended up getting married” Carly said 


“I just need to get something from my van..ill be back” Ben said and smiled then he kissed Carly on the cheek and walked out of the house


Background music- Fletcher family theme


Carly isn’t this a bit sudden?”Pippa said

“We’ve been together for a year, how does that make it sudden?” Carly said

“I know sweetheart…but” Pippa was interrupted

“But nothing? You and Tom had no problem agreeing to Frank and Bobby getting married but now its me getting married it’s a big deal? Carly said and she sat on the chair and crossed her arms as Bobby walked into the kitchen

“That was different sweetheart” Pippa said

“How was that different? That’s what I hate about this family..one rule for one person, another rule for everyone else” Carly said

“That is not what I am saying Carly. I just would’ve liked to be there” Pippa said

“But you’ve already seen Frank and Bobby get married..if you’ve seen one wedding you’ve seen them all” Carly said and Pippa sighed. At this moment she didn’t even recognize Carly. It was as if she was a complete stranger. Carly looked at Pippa and could see the hurt in her eyes.

“Pippa.. im sorry I didn’t do things properly, but this is what I want. I feel like i've waited my whole life for Ben, he is everything to me…please say you are happy for me” Carly said and Pippa smiled. In her heart this is not what she wanted, but Carly was an adult now. Pippa smiled

“Congratulations” Pippa said and smiled

“Thank you” Carly said and she hugged Pippa. Over Pippa's shoulder she saw Bobby leaning on the wall looking at her and shaking her head. Carly closed her eyes and smiled, she was Mrs Lucini and her life was going to be perfect…




Frank- Are you alright?

Steve- Yeah, why?

Frank- I dunno, you’ve been really quiet

Steve- I just wish you didn’t have to go that’s all

Frank- Steve what do you want me to do? America is my home…where I work..where my wife is

Steve- I know but with my Uncle Phillip gone and Tom gone..I wish you were here

Frank- I’m just a phonecall away

Steve- Its not the same

Frank- I promise, ill try and come back when I can

Steve- You’re just saying that

Frank- I’m not. Ive really enjoyed being back home..I will come back and visit again..I promise

Flashback ends


Steve stared at his homework. He hadn’t even done any. He was happy that Pippa was home but he didn’t want to hear about Frank. Not because he didn’t miss him, because he missed him so much but because of the guilt he felt.


“Hey Steve guess what” Steve turned around to see Sally at the door

“Can you knock next time?” Steve said

“Carly and Ben got married” Sally said and she sat on the bed

“When?” Steve said surprised

“Today..anyway dinner is ready” Sally said then she got off the bed and ran downstairs. Steve sighed. Carly was always making stupid mistakes, and this was probably the worst. Steve didn’t really like Ben…well he didn’t really know him well, but he didn’t like how he was always trying to be friends with him when he wasn’t interested. Steve sighed then he put his pen down and walked towards the door. He knew that when he went downstairs, he had to pretend to be happy for Carly but he didn’t really care. Lately she had been really up herself and making him do more chores than he needed to.

Steve grab the bread from the kitchen please” Bobby said and Steve walked into the kitchen, and shortly after Carly walked in behind him

“Did Sally tell you about me and Ben getting married” Carly said with a big smile

“Yeah..Congratulations” Steve said

“Well say it like you mean it” Carly said annoyed and she walked out of the kitchen. Steve sighed

“Ah right…since the family is all here, I was hoping I could say a few words” Ben said and Steve walked out of the kitchen and to his shock, Ben was seated at the head of the dinner table 

“I just want to say that” Ben was interrupted

“Why are you sitting there?” Steve said

“Excuse me?” Ben said and Carly sat down next to him

“You heard, I said why are you sitting there?” Steve said

“Steven” Carly said

“He cant sit there” Steve said

“Its just a chair” Ben said and Bobby looked at him


“He is my husband, and if he wants to sit there he can" Carly said annoyed

“HE IS NOT THE HEAD OF THIS FAMILY…” Steve said as he pointed to Ben

“I can just move…its no big deal” Ben said annoyed

“No you will not move…Pippa tell him, he’s behaving like a spoilt brat” Carly said


“Pippa say something” Carly said looking at Pippa who didn’t know what to say. She knew how Steve felt, and she didn’t want to make him feel any worse

“Look its no big deal…ill just move…” Ben said and he got up

“No you wont, if Steve doesn’t like it he can go and eat dinner somewhere else” Carly said then Steve stared at her then he dropped the bowl of bread on the floor. The crash startled Bobby then she turned around to see Steve storming off upstairs then she turned around to look at Carly who gave her a sarcastic smile and looked at Ben and smiled..


Background music ends



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

Nick yawned as he parked the car outside the diner. He was working overtime tonight and was hungry, so he decided to go and get something to take away at the diner. As Nick got out of the car he heard someone shouting. When he turned around it looked like a woman was being robbed. Nick ran over to her as fast as he could but the attacker ran off. As Nick got closer he noticed that it was Lucinda

“Are you alright?” Nick said as he put his hand on Lucinda’s shoulder. She tried to catch her breath and nodded

“What happened?” Nick said

“.I am working at the diner tonight, and I am on my way there.. He was trying to grab my bag. ” Lucinda said

“Did you get a look at who it was?” Nick said looking around to see if he could see the direction the attacker went in

“No..its fine, he didn’t get the bag” Lucinda said.

“Are you hurt?” Nick said and Lucinda shook her head no

“Just a bit shaken up”  Lucinda said

“Lets get you in the diner” Nick said and he put his arm around Lucinda and they walked towards the diner….as Julie’s father drove by and watched…




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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 391



Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Stewart family theme


Debra ate her food and looked at Blake as he played with his food on his plate

“You’re not hungry?” Debra said and Blake looked up at her

“Why didn’t you tell us that Alf Stewart was our real dad” Blake said and Debra sighed

“Its too difficult to explain” Debra said

“Is that why we moved here to Summer Bay?” Blake said

“No, its not. I didn’t even know that Alf lived here” Debra said

“Im going to my room” Blake said and he got up from the table. Debra sighed as she watched him close his bedroom door


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Alf smiled as he looked at the photos of him and Martha when they first got married then he picked up more photos of Marth pregnant with Ruth and when Ruth was a baby



Alf- Deb you should’ve told me

Debra- How could I Alf? You just told me you wanted to make things work with your wife. How could I tell you that I was pregnant

Alf- I wouldve done the right thing

Debra- What is the right thing Alf? Leaving your wife? I didn’t want you to end up hating me for that

Alf- That wouldve been my decision, not yours

Debra- I did what I thought was best Alf…and for what its worth, I really am sorry..I’m sorry Alf


Flashback ends

Alf drank his beer and he picked up one of the last photos that they took as a family. They had a nice day in the city and stopped by the sign to Summer Bay to take some photos. Suddenly guilt came over Alf. Guilt of not being there for his twins..but most of all, lying to Martha..just like he did to Ailsa. Suddenly tears filled Alfs eyes

“I’m sorry Martha..I’m sorry” Alf said and he put the photo on his chest and cried


Background music ends


Bayside diner after dark- Summer Bay

“Here you go” Nick said as he put a cup of tea in front of Lucinda

“Thanks” Lucinda said and smiled. She picked up the cup and drank some as Nick took a notepad from out of his back pocket

“If you don’t mind, can I take some details from you..if you remember anything” Nick said

“Well there is not really much to tell. I was walking to the diner and I felt someone grab my arm then he reached for my bag and started pulling it” Lucinda said

“Did you get a look at him at all?” Nick said

“Not really, he was wearing a hood over his head and a hat” Lucinda said

“You sure you didn’t recognize him?” Nick said and Lucinda shook her head no

“No, I've never seen him before” Lucinda said and she drank some of her tea as she watched Nick write some notes. This was the first time they had spoken to each other since Nick broke things off with her

“Ok…well ill file a report but i'm afraid there isn’t much to go on at the moment” Nick said

“Its ok, I'm fine and luckily he never got my bag” Lucinda said

“Ill arrange for some patrol around here for the next couple of night..hopefully that will ward off anyone trying to do this again” Nick said

“Why were you walking..where is your car?” Nick said

“Oh, I just felt like walking today, its parked outside the house” Lucinda said

“How will you get home?” Nick said

“Ill walk..i'm not too far” Lucinda said

“No, Ill take a break around closing time and give you a life back home” Nick said

“Honestly its ok, ill ask Lance “ Lucinda said

“I insist” Nick said and he got up “Ill see you later” Nick said and walked out of the diner as Lucinda smiled to herself



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Background music- Fletcher family theme-



Tom- My two boys looking fantastic

Steve- I hope this is the last time Frank getting married I don’t think I can stand to wear this suite again

Frank- Behave or I won’t ask you to the next wedding

Tom- Come on you two get a move on or we’re going to be late

Frank- Have you got the ring

Steve- Yes how many times are you going to ask me

Tom- Do you mind taking a picture of me and my two boys

Nev- Of course. You all scrub up very nicely

Tom- I love you both and I am very proud of you

Steve- Love you too Tom

Flashback ends


Steve sighed and looked at the door as he heard it knock

“Steve its me..can  come in?” Bobby said from behind the door

“Ok” Steve said and watched as Bobby walked into the room holding a tray. She balanced the tray on one hand and closed the door behind her

“I thought you might want to have some dinner up here” Bobby said and smiled then she put the tray on the desk. Steve was starving and the food smelled so good

“Thanks” Steve said

“Are you alright?” Bobby said and she sat on the end of the bed as Steve balanced himself on his arm

“I just got really mad seeing him sitting in that chair” Steve said

“Its ok..you're allowed to feel that way” Bobby said

“Carly can be such a jerk sometimes…and Pippa..why didn’t she say anything?” Steve said

“I don’t know…maybe she just didn’t want to make it a big deal…anyway Ben got the message, he switched places with Pippa and you know Carly, shes still in a strop “ Bobby sad started laughing and Steve smiled

“Anyway, I;m going to help clean up then I have to get going” Bobby said and she stood up

“Bobby” Steve said

“Yeah?” Bobby said

“Do you miss him…Frank?” Steve said and Bobby exhaled

“All the time” Bobby said

“Yeah…me too…listen do you think Reverend Jones will mind if I go up there for the weekend? I just want to get away from here” Steve said

“Of course not…give him a ring in the morning” Bobby said

“Ok Steve said

“ I would come with you but I’ve already got plans, i'm going to go up the coast with Sam ” Bobby said and smiled

“Ok” Steve said

“Anyway, ill be round tomorrow” Bobby said and she walked toward the door

“Bobby” Steve said and Bobby turned around

“Thanks” Steve said and Bobby smiled and winked then she walked out of the room and closed the door as Steve sighed


Background music ends


Manhattan- New York

On days like this when he worked a long day, Frank was very grateful that he lived near the train station. The weather was beginning to get a little cooler in the night time. Frank stepped out of the station and began to make the five minute walk to the apartment he shared with Roo. As Frank walked he could feel someone following him.


Dramatic background music


Frank stopped and turned around. There was nobody there. Frank tried to walk as fast as he could with the walking stick. He soon started hearing footsteps behind him and his heart started beating fast. He could see the entrance to his apartment, it was very near. Frank tried to walk faster and the faster he walked he could hear the footsteps behind him speeding up. Frank put his hands in his back and tried to search around for the key, he wanted it in his hand for quick access to get in. Frank was a few feet from the apartment building when he heard a car driving slowly next to him. He started to panic…he knew who it was. Frank walked as fast as he could and got to his front door. He fumbled with his key and eventually opened the door. He breathed a sigh of relief and hid around the corner. He noticed the car stop and he saw someone get inside and close the door. Frank waited for the car to drive off and he made his way up the stairs.

Background music ends

When he got the front door everything was quiet. Maybe Roo was asleep. Frank let himself into the house quietly and turned on the bathroom light. He noticed that Roo was not in the bed, she was not home. Frank turned the lamp on and put his bag on the floor. He was just about to turn around to go and take his shirt off when he noticed the light flashing on the answering machine. Frank leaned forward and pressed the play button

You have one new message beep

“Hi Frank…its me…sorry, I wont be home until later, Helen has asked me to meet with a client and I’m on my way there. Anyway, I hope you had a good day at work..ill try not to way you when I get in..ok..I love you…beep

Frank sighed then he deleted the message and walked away from the phone..


Gibson Residence- Yabbie Creek

Julie put some different outfit choices on the bed. She was probably being to ambitious but she thought she would get something ready in case Nick wanted to get together at the weekend

Knock on the door

“Julie love can I come in? Alec said behind the door

“Ok” Julie said and she put the blouse on the bed

“What are you doing?” Alec said as he noticed that Julie had put clothes on the bed

“Just trying to find something to wear. Nick has been doing a lot of overtime, so I thought I would get something ready incase he wants to go out at the weekend. What do you think of this?” Julie said as she held a dress up to her chest

“That’s really nice love” Alec said and smiled

“Love..about Nick” Alec was interrupted


Emotional background music


“I can’t believe that I’m actually going out with him, its like a dream come true” Julie said and smiled at her dad. She noticed that her dad sighed and put his head down

“Is there something wrong?” Julie said confused

“Love..I don’t think you should get your hopes up to high about Nick..youve only known him for a short while” Alec said

“Did mum tell you to come in here and say this?” Julie said annoyed

“No love” Alec said

“I thought you were on my side” Julie said and she threw the dress on the bed

“I am love” Alec said

“So why are you saying this?” Julie said looking at her dad who sighed

“I saw Nick today in Summer Bay” Alec said and Julies face lit up and she was just about to say something then Alec started speaking again

“Love, he was hugging another woman and they were walking into the diner” Alec said and in slow motion he watched as the smile disappeared from Julies face

“Im sorry love” Alec said. He felt really bad for breaking his daughters heart

“I want to be alone” Julie said and she wheeled herself over to her bedroom window

“Julie love…I’m really sorry” Alec said and Julie didn’t respond. Alec sighed then he walked out of the room and closed the door. Julie stared out of the window not blinking until tears ran down her cheeks


Background music ends


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“I appreciate you coming around Donald..thank you for being a friend” Ailsa said

“You're very welcome..I still cant believe that Alf would do that” Donald said and sighed. He had known Alf for so many years and even though they had their ups and down they always remained friends

“Well he did” Ailsa said and Bobby opened the front door and walked into the house with Sam

“Dad, I didn’t know you were coming around” Bobby said

“Oh I just thought I would pop buy and visit with your new house guest Donald said and Ailsa smiled

“Hello Sam how are you?” Donald said and he walked over to Sam and patted him on his head

“Ok” Sam said and smiled

‘Sam go upstairs and get ready for bed” Bobby said

“Ok” Sam said and rushed up the stairs

“I cant believe he has to go on Monday..ive gotten used to him being around” Donald said

“Yes, but you know fostering its only temporary..anyway, I’m taking him up to the cost this weekend. He said he wants to visit the zoo” Bobby said and smiled

“Oh that will be nice for him” Ailsa said

“Yeah I think so too” Bobby said and smiled


Fisher Residence- Summer Bay

Emotional background music


Nick put the car into park and turned the engine off

“Thank you for the lift” Lucinda said and smiled

“Your'e welcome..don't forget, if you remember anything, please let me know” Nick said and Lucinda said and she placed her hand on Nicks. Nick slid his hand away

“Lucinda..” Nick was interrupted

“I wanted to just thank you for being kind” Lucinda said

“Its my job” Nick said

“But you coming back to get me.i just thought” Lucinda was interrupted

“I have a girlfriend…I already told you how I feel..I just wanted to make sure you got home safely..that’s all” Nick said

“I better go before I continue to make a fool out of myself..goodnight” Lucinda said and she got out of the car. Nick sighed as he waited for her to get into the house and closed the door. He felt bad for giving Lucinda the wrong impression but he thought they had already talked things through. Nick started the car engine and smiled. He asked to have the weekend off and he got it, he was going to spend as much time with Julie and he couldn’t wait..


Gibson Residence- Summer Bay

Julie laid in her bed and cried. She felt like such a fool. Her mum was right all along

“Julie love…can I come in” Joanne Gibson said as she opened the door

“Oh love” Joanne said and rushed over to the bed and hugged her daughter

“Why would he do this to me..he told me he loved me” Julie said

“He told me he loved me” Julie said as she cried into her mums arms…


Background music ends


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Donald sighed as he banged on the front door. He knew that Alf was awake because the light in the living room was on. Donald banged on the door then he turned the door handle and it opened


Background music- Stewart family theme

“Alf” Donald said as he stepped into the house. He heard no response. He walked into the sitting room and noticed that Alf was sitting on the couch holding a bottle of whiskey with pictures scattered everywhere. Donald looked at him and bent down and picked up the photos. He noticed they were photos of Martha, Ruth and also some of Duncan and Ailsa. Donald picked all the photos up and put them in the box and put them on the table. He then walked over to Alf and prized the whiskey bottle out of his hand. This startled Alf and he opened his eyes

“Donald…come….and…have…a…drink..with..me” Alf said drunk and slurred

“It appears as though you have already had more than enough to drink

“No..i’m…just….getting..started..wheres…my whisky” Alf said trying to reach for the bottle. Donald grabbed the bottle and put it on the whet bar.

“Why….did…you..do..that..for….i’m celebrating..” Alf said

“Let me help you get to bed” Donald said and he pulled Alf up from the couch. He wasn’t sure if that was a good idea when he felt how heavy he was. They both struggled and eventually Donald got him into the room and dropped him on the bed

“Don…you're….still….my friend..aren't you” Alf said as Donald kneeled down to take Alf's shoes off

“Nobody….is….talking…to me….Don” Alf said

“Are you really surprised after what you did to Ailsa” Donald said

“Ails….shes left…..me Don….shes gone…and shes not coming back…shes not coming back” Alf said and he started crying. Donald came here with the intention of giving Alf a piece of his mind…now he just felt sorry for him

“Get some rest, you'll be alright in the morning” Donald said and he walked towards the door

“Please Don…don’t go…you're my friend……please stay” Alf said as he wiped his face

“Just get into bed” Donald said and he helped Alf into the bed and covered him with a blanket.

Alf closed his eyes “You're…my…friend Don…you're…my friend” Alf said and he closed his eyes. Donald sighed and looked at the door then he walked over to the chair in the room and made himself comfortable for the night…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“So its been quite the eventful homecoming” Pippa said

“I wish you would've told me, I would've picked you up from the airport” Rev Jones said

“Its ok, Bobby was going to pick me up but my flight got in early” Pippa said

“I’m sure Frank was sad to see you go” Rev Jones said

“It was really nice spending some time with him..it was a shame that it had to be under these conditions” Pippa said

“Well im glad that he is on the mend” Rev Jones said

“Yes” Pippa said and sighed

“Phillippa is there something wrong?” Rev Jones said

“Its just this Carly getting married situation” Pippa said

“Well she is an adult” Rev Jones said

“I know but I just wish things would've been different that’s all” Pippa said

“I know, but its done..we just have to make the best of the situation…as long as she is happy” Rev Jones said

“I must admit, being with Ben is the happiest I have seen Carly..so maybe its not bad after all” Pippa said


Background music- Carly’s theme


“Ben..I said I’m sorry…I can’t breathe..Ben..please..I’m sorry” Carly said and eventually Ben removed his hands from her neck. Carl grabbed onto her neck with both hands and started to cough

“Shut up” Ben said through clenched teeth and stood up. Carly began to cough in her mouth to lessen the noise


“I’m really sorry, I don’t know why Steven made such a fuss…I promise it wont happen again” Carly said and she stood up and stood next to Ben

“Its our first night as husband and wife.” Carly said and coughed inside her mouth and smiled

“Do you think I’m stupid, you don’t think I know that?” Ben said

“I didn’t think that, I was just saying that we are husband and wife and I am really happy” Carly said and held the back of her neck and coughed inside her mouth again then she looked up at Ben who had a look of anger on his face. Carly attempted to kiss his neck and he slapped her across the face and she fell on the floor hitting her head on the side of the bed. Bed walked out of the caravan and slammed the door.  Carly lifted her hand up and felt her face she looked at her hand and saw blood and sighed. She had to do better as a wife..it was her fault for always making Ben angry and she was going to find a a way to make it up to him...


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 392


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Alf opened his eyes and immediately closed them again. He immediately started feeling his head pound then he sighed and opened his eyes again. He heard some noise in the kitchen

“Ails” Alf said and began to get up from the bed. He suddenly felt dizzy and fell back down on the bed. He put his hand on his forehead and tried again. He slowly walked to the bedroom door and opened it and made his way to the kitchen

“Good, you're awake” Donald said as he turned around to see Alf walking towards him

“I made you some coffee. Black and strong” Donald said and he put the cup on the dining table. Alf sat down and put his hand on his forehead and closed his eyes. Donald sat down opposite him and looked at him

“I must have drank a bit too much last night” Alf said and he picked up the cup and drank some of the coffee. He closed his eyes and swallowed and felt the liquid running down the back of his throat and into his stomach. When he opened his eyes Donald was staring at him

“Go on…say it” Alf said

“Say what?” Donald said

“What everyone else in this bleeding town is saying..” Alf said and he drank some more of his coffee

“If you already know then I don’t need to tell you again” Donald said and Alf sighed then he smirked

“I bet Ailsa wishes that she married you instead of me…I bet you wouldn’t have sacrificed your marriage to have an affair…oh but you did didn’t you” Alf said and Donald sighed and got up

“I’m going home to get ready for school” Donald said and he began to walk to the door

“Don..I’m sorry…please…please don’t go” Alf said as he walked behind Donald. Donald sighed and he stopped walking then he turned around and shook his head

“How could you do that to Ailsa? She already forgive you once for behaving like a neanderthal” Donald said

“I didn’t mean to…it just happened..it wasn’t even supposed to happen in the first place..I was just confused..she wont even talk to me…I tried to apologize” Alf said

“You’ve really broken her heart this time” Donald said

“What do I do…please help me Don” Alf said and Donald sighed

“At this point I don’t think there is anything that can be done..I have to go” Donald said and he walked to the front door, opened it and closed it behind him. Alf sighed as he watched Donald leave the house. He was now alone…and it was quiet….


Caravan Park – Summer Bay

Carly yawned as she walked into the house. She was waiting for Ben to come home but she must;ve fallen asleep. When she opened her eyes he was asleep so she left the van quietly so she wouldn’t wake him up

“Good morning…the water is still warm if you want a cup of tea” Pippa said as she walked out of the kitchen

“What happened to your head?” Pippa said as she noticed the plaster on the side of Carly’s face and the blood on her here

“Its nothing..I opened one of the cupboards in the van and a plate fell out and hit my head” Carly said.

“Do you want me to take a look at it for you? Pippa said tried to reach forward to look at Carlys cut but Carly pulled back.

“Its alright..its only a small cut. I’m fine” Carly said and smiled

“Ok..well I’m going to see Ailsa then do a few things in town…ill be home later”  Pippa said

“Ok” Carly said

“I want to ask you, have you and Ben decided on where you want to live? You are more than welcome to live here in the house” Pippa said

“Thanks, but if its alright with you, I was going to ask if we can stay in the van until we save up some money to get a flat. We’ll pay our way” Carly said

“You know you don’t have to do that” Pippa said

“I want to..I don’t think Ben would be too happy living here rent free” Carly said

“As long as you are sure” Pippa said and Carly nodded her head

“Alright” Pippa said and smiled

“Come on Christopher” Pippa said and Christopher ran over to her

“ill see you later” Pippa said

“Bye Cally” Christopher said and wave. Carly smiled at him and watched then walk out of the house. She waited until she heard Pippa drive off then she went into the kitchen and reached up to the top shelf and grabbed the bottle of whiskey. She opened it and poured some into her mouth. She closed her eyes as the liquid burned the back of her throat. She poured some more into her mouth and closed the bottle. She reached up and put it back on the top shelf and sighed. Today was the beginning of her new life as a wife and everything was going to be perfect…


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Nick drank all the water in his bottle and wiped his brow. He inhaled and exhaled deeply and closed the fridge. He usually went for a run when he got home from working overnight for some reason it helped him get to sleep. This morning he felt extra energetic because he was going to be off the weekend. With his Uncle back he knew he would make sure that he would get the time. Nick smiled to himself as he planned in his mind what he and Julie were going to do. He was thinking of dinner and a movie, or maybe a picnic on the beach but it was a bit chilly out. Nick looked at his watch then he walked over to the phone and picked up the receiver. He dialled Julies number and waited

“G’day Mrs Gibson, can I speak to Julie please” Nick said trying to sound happy even though he didn’t like Mrs Gibson for what she did

“Julie is not here” Joanne said and she put the phone done

Nick looked at the receiver and sighed. He was expecting that to happen. He would have a nap and call Julie at work. Nick smiled to himself and skipped to the bathroom to take a shower….

Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Pippa gently reached for Ailsa’s hand as she used the tissue in her other hand to wipe her cheek

“Look at me a blubbering idiot” Ailsa said and laughed

“No, youre not an idiot..you have every right to be upset. What has happened is awful” Pippa said

“The betrayal is not the only thng that hurts… I would see Debra practically every day and knowing that she was an old friend of Alfs I would always try to encourage her to be a part of our family. I was even trying to encourage her to be with Bob but that didn’t waork out..now I know why” Ailsa said

“What do you plan on doing?” Pippa said

“Ive already been in touch with my solicitor to start the divorce proceedings” Ailsa said

“The sooner this is all over with the better it will be for everyone” Ailsa said

“Why do I get the impression that you will be leaving Summer Bay” Pippa said and Ailsa looked at her

“I cant stay here Pippa..seeing her…seeing him..being reminded of all the hurt” Ailsa said and Pippa sighed. She felt so sorry for her friend

“What about Duncan and Sandra?” Pippa said

“Duncan is too young to know anything and Sandra..well I will give her the choice..Alf is still her foster father so she can either go with me, or stay with him” Ailsa said

“What if she wants to be with you but stay in Summer Bay” Ailsa said

“That is not an option” Ailsa and Pippa sighed….

“Anyway, less about me..I want to hear about New York..how are Frank and Roo?” Ailsa said

“Yes, doing well. Frank still has to use a walking stick but he is back at work. Roo is working really hard” Pippa said

“I am glad that they are making it work..you know after what happened here..at least them leaving together wasn’t in vain” Ailsa said and Pippa smiled


Morgan Residence- New York

Frank bit into his toast and watched the news as Roo came out of the bathroom

“Sorry about yesterday, I didn’t know I was going to be late home” Roo said as she walked into the kitchen

“No worries” Frank said then he put the last bit of toast into his mouth and drank his tea. He got up and walked slowly into the kitchen and put the cup in the sink.

Both of them could feel the awkwardness in the apartment but neither wanted to say anything. With Pippa around it made it easy to ignore but now she was gone, it was like a big elephant in the room. Frank walked slowly back to the couch and picked up his bag and the walking stick

“I better get going…ill see you later” Frank said and smiled

“Ok, have a good day” Roo said

“You too” Frank said and he slowly walked out of the apartment and closed the door. Roo sighed. She remembered the times that they would spend ages kissing each other and not wanting to go to work now they were like two strangers. Roo sighed again she knew this was her fault, she shouldn’t have stayed out last night but her work was important too. She was going to make it up to Frank…and they were going to be like how they were before…


Sands Resort- Summer Bay

“Come in Roberta, sorry to keep you waiting” Mr Handcock the general manager of the resort said when he opened his office door. Bobby went inside and closed the door behind her

“Is alright” Bobby said

“Please have a seat” Mr Handcock said pointing to the chair, and Bobby sat down

“So, how is everything going?” Mr Handcock said

“Good. Chef and I just went over some new ideas, so hopefully we will get that going soon” Bobby said

“Excellent. You know Roberta, I am really glad you came on board. The board of directors are very pleased with how well the hotel dining is doing” Mr Handcock said and Bobby smiled

“Thanks” Bobby said

“It brings me to the reason why I asked to meet with you today” Mr Handcock said

“I know that you have other commitments, but the banquet manager position has now become available,  and I would like to offer you that position” Mr Handcock said which surprised Bobby.

She was grateful that she even had the catering director position to begin with

“But that is Jonathan's job” Bobby said

“Jonathan gave in his immediate resignation and is now gone” Mr Handcock said as Bobby thought about the position and what it meant

“Did he say why?” Bobby said

“No, just that he had some personal problems that were getting in the way of his work” Mr Handcock said as Bobby sighed

“Mr Handcock, thank you for considering me for the opportunity..but I also have a son to consider and” Bobby was interrupted

“Before you say no….I will double your salary and you don’t have to work more hours than you already are. I will just combine the role into the catering and banquet director and you can have an assistant or as much support as you need” Mr Handcock said

“Mr Handcock that is a very generous offer” Bobby was interrupted

“Please think about it…the directors will be really mad at me if I tell them that you at least didn’t consider the position” Mr Handcock said and Bobby smiled

“How about we meet again on Monday…and you can tell me your decision…hopefully a decision that makes me happy” Mr Handcock said and Bobby smiled

“Ok” Bobby said

“Thanks Roberta” Mr Handcock said as the phone started ringing

“I hope you don’t mind, I have to get that” Mr Handcock said

“No worries…I better get going” Bobby said and Mr Handcock waved at her then picked up the phone receiver. Bobby opened the door and closed it behind her and leaned on the door. A few years ago, she didn’t have the money to buy new clothes, now she had more money than she ever thought possible. As Bobby walked towards the elevator, she thought about what Mr Handcock said about giving him a a decision that would make him happy then smiled to herself…it didn’t matter what she was going to say to him..she wouldn’t be here on Monday anyway. Bobby pressed the elevator and the door opened. She pressed the ground floor and smiled to herself as the door closed….

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 393




High School- Summer Bay

Donald signed the report that he was writing then he heard the knock at the door

“yes come in” Donald said without looking up

“The attendance records you requested Mr Fisher” Debra said and Donald lifted his head up and looked at her

“Just leave them over there” Donald said and pointed to the end of the desk and continued reading the report he was signing. He noticed that Debra was still standing in his office so he looked up

“Is there something else that you wanted?” Donald said

“I just wanted to inform you that Karen’s trial is being held next week” Debra said

“So I assume you want to take some time off” Donald said without looking up

“Yes, I do have some holiday dates, I would like to use those please” Debra said

“Fine, submit your form and I will approve it” Donald said again without looking up

“Right..thank you” Debra said and she walked out of the office and closed the door. Donald signed and he threw the pen on the desk. He shook his head and started laughing. He had some nerve to be angry at Alf and Debra, when he did the same thing. He had no right to judge either of them for what they did. Donald sighed then he picked up the phone and began to dial

“Barba Stewart please..thank you” Donald said and smiled to himself


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Nick yawned as buttoned his shirt. He walked into the kitchen and was trying to figure out if he wanted to get something to eat at home or get something at the diner when he heard his uncle closing the front door. Bob walked into the kitchen and took off his hat

“Now you haven’t forgotten that im off for the entire weekend” Nick said

“Yes..i think you’ve told me a thousand times” Bob said and he rolled is eyes and smiled

“Its good to see you smiling again” Nick said

“well…life goes on” Bob said

“Karen Lawrence trial is set for next week” Bob said

“That was quick” Nick said

“Well she confessed so there wasn’t much to investigate…I realy hope they throw the book at her” Bob said

“Five years..it isn’t much” Nick said

“Well its better than nothing. Shes going to feel what its like to have her life taken away from her” Bob said and he sighed

“Do me a favor, please make sure Sandra Barlow is still testifying next week” Bob said

“Yeah, ill go around there when I start my shift” Nick said

“Thanks…oh by the way, when do I get to meet your new lady friend?” Bob said

“This weekend if your lucky” Nick said and he winked and walked out of the kitchen as Bob smiled at him and shook his head


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“That is wonderful Bobby” Pippa said as Bobby made a salad

“I know I cant believe it” Bobby said

“So when do you start?” Pippa said

“Well I said I would give my answer on Monday” Bobby said

“Why Monday?” Pippa said confused

“I just want to think about it..its a huge responsibility..and ive got the diner, my business and Sam to think about” Bobby said

“But you said Sam is going on Monday…so you will have a bit more time…it’s a great opportunity sweetheart…Sal, tell go and tell Steven to come down and set the table”Pippa said

“Ok” Sally said and she ran up the stairs


“I can start setting the table?” Ben said as he walked into the kitchen

“Thank you but that’s Steven’s chore” Pippa said

“After yesterday, I want to make it up to him…please allow me” Ben said and Pippa smiled

“Ok, thank you” Pippa said and Ben walked out towards the dining table as Bobby rolled her eyes

“Oi you..behave” Pippa said

“I cant help it, he’s a creep” Bobby said

“Come on, be nice, he is Carly’s husband and part of this family” Pippa said as Bobby rolled her

eyes again and Pippa shook her head


 Background music- Fletcher family theme

“Pippa can you sign my school trip form” Steve said when he came downstairs

“School trips used to be my favourite” Ben said and he smiled at Steve who ignored him. Pippa walked out of the kitchen

“Since you are all here…I wanted to have a quick family meeting and talk to you about something” Pippa said and Bobby walked out of the kitchen

“What is it? Carly said from the couch then she got up and walked towards the dining table. She decided to take another day off since things didnt go to well last night, she was hoping that tonight her and Ben can have a mini honeymoon..even though her head still hurt and she had a headache

“I can leave” Ben said

“No Ben its alright, you are part of this family now” Pippa said as Steve stared at Ben

“Pippa whats going on?” Bobby said

“Well…when I went to visit Frank…I spent the first few weeks in the hospital with him..and being around the staff..well I did some thinking and decided that I want to go back to nursing” Pippa said

“That’s great Pippa” Bobby said

“You don’t need a family meeting for that” Carly said

“Well I just wanted to find out what you all thought about it” Pippa said

“Can you just go back like that..I mean you haven’t worked as a nurse for a long time” Steve said

“Well today I went to the hospital, and there is actually a program..its about six months long and its for people like me who want to get back in to nursing without having to do a degree again” Pippa said

“Nurse Pippa Fletcher, that’s really nice” Sally said

“I think so too Sal” Pippa said and smiled

“Something else I wanted to talk about..since you are all busy.and the program is Monday to Friday full time, I want to hire a full time nanny for Christopher” Pippa said

“Why don’t you put him in the hospital creche?” Bobby said

“Its really expensive. I thought I would offer a free van and meals along with a small salary” Pippa said

“Pippa, I can help out if you want to put Chris in the creche..or I can find out if there is space at the resort creche” Bobby said as Ben looked at her. He really didnt like her she was so up herself trying to be miss goodie two shoes and save the day

“No..its ok…you have already done more than enough...i think this way works out better” Pippa said

“So when do you start?” Steve said

“in two weeks..” Pippa said

“How can you afford it?” Carly said and Bobby gave her a mean look

“Carly!” Bobby said

“Its alright, they offer grants so i’ll apply and see if I qualify” Pippa said

“And what if you don’t?” Carly said

“Is there something wrong with you?” Bobby said

“Im just saying…maybe don’t get your hopes up that’s all” Carly said

“Pippa I think you should do it..whatever you want to do, you have my support” Bobby said

“Me too” Steve said

“And me” Sally said

“I think it’s a great idea” Ben said

“You don’t get to vote” Steve said and Ben looked at him

“Carly?” Pippa said

“Yeah I suppose” Carly said and Ben tried to stop himself from laughing

“Thank you. I will go to the hospital and get enrolled. Im also going to put an ad in the paper..hopefully ill get someone soon to look after Mr Christopher” Pippa said and smiled

Carly sighed and she walked into the kitchen as Bobby walked behind her and grabbed her arm

“What the matter with you” Bobby whispered

“You're hurting my arm get off me” Carly whispered  

“Why are you trying to ruin Pippa's day?” Bobby whispered

“Im not..she can hardly afford this place why go and spend money on a stupid course” Carly whispered

“Shut up..say one more word to Pippa and ill stick your head under the tap..got it” Bobby said in a whisper

“Ok ok ok just let go of my arm” Carly said and pulled her arm away from Bobby

“Is everything alright?” Pippa said as she walked into the kitchen

“Fine…im sorry about what I said earlier Pippa..I was just a bit concerned that’s all…I really am happy for you” Carly said

“Thanks sweetheart” Pippa said and Carly hugged her. Over Pippas shoulder Bobby stared at Carly and pointed to the tap in the kitchen sink. Carly closed her eyes as Bobby walked out of the kitchen..


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 394



Police Station- Summer Bay

“Ok, well can you please tell her that I called…she can call me back tomorrow or something” Nick said

“Thanks…bye” Nick said and he put the phone down. He was surprised that Julie had gone to bed early according to her dad. He really wanted to speak to her tonight…tell her how much he missed her but it didn’t matter..they were going to have a nice weekend away…and he couldn’t wait..


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Bobbby smiled as she looked at Sam who was fast asleep. For some reason she never got to the end of the story before he fell asleep. Bobby gently kissed the top of his head, put the book on the shelf and closed the door quietly behind her as she left the room. As she walked past the bedroom she could hear Viv and Sandra quietly giggling and she smiled to herself. She was about to go into her room but felt like having some tea and walked downstairs to see Grant standing in the kitchen

“The kettle is still hot” Grant said

“Thanks. How was the movie?” Bobby said

“Well..the girls enjoyed it” Grant said and Bobby laughed

“Thanks for taking them..at least it keeps all their minds off what is going on right now” Bobby said

“Yeah I know…Sam asleep?” Grant said

“Yeah, for some reason he nods off just before we get to the end of the story..i’m going to need some more recommendations since they appear to do the trick” Bobby said and she put some hot water into a cup and put a tea bag in it

“He probably has some favourites at his home..it was really nice having the little guy here” Grant said as he drank some of his tea

“Yeah…don’t forget I’m away this weekend” Bobby said and smiled

“Hey, were up the coast are you going? I know some great places to visit” Grant said

“Thanks…but we’re just going to figure it out when we get there..you know start at the zoo and go from there” Bobby said

“Well you’re only going for two days…you really should have a plan” Grant said

“Yeah, I got a plan and a few places were I want to go” Bobby said

“Right…well if you need any recommendations” Grant was interrupted

“Thanks..ill think we’ll be fine…anyway I better get to bed…got a long day tomorrow..night” Bobby said and she walked up the stairs

“alright…night” Grant said. Something about the conversation he had with Bobby felt a bit odd but he couldn’t figure it out. Grant sighed then he turned off the light, walked into his room and closed the door


Wilson Residence- The City

Matt yawned as he closed his bedroom door. The day had been really long and he was tired. He made a note to call Narelle tomorrow because she had missed another day of work. What he really wanted was to make sure she would be working at the weekend, because he was burnt out and was going to do what his mum said about going to Waldorf Creek to see his grandparents, then he would stop in Summer Bay to catch a few waves. Matt smiled, he hadn’t surfed in a long time and he really missed the beach…he missed Summer Bay…but most of all..he missed Carly…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Carly and Ben kissed. “Pippa offered for us to stay in the house” Carly said

“I’m not staying in there” Ben said as he kissed Carly’s

“Yeah I don’t want to be in their either, so Pippa said we can stay in the van rent free, but I said no we will pay our way” Carly said and Ben stopped and looked at her

“What did you say that for?” Ben said

“I told you that the caravan park was having some financial issues…its only going to be for a little while until we get our own place” Carly said

“So you make the decisions in this marriage?” Ben said

“No, I just feel bad taking money from the caravan park when Pippa needs it” Carly said

“She can use that grant money for the nursing thing shes going to do…she doesn’t look like shes going to be any good at it anyway” Ben said

“I know that you are having trouble getting your money from your boss..its fine, ill continuing paying for this van” Carly said

“You don’t think I can pay my own way?” Ben said

“Im not saying that. We are a married couple now..we are supposed to share the financial responsibilities” Carly said as she put her arms around Ben and caressed his neck as he stared at her.

“Oh before I forget, the money you wanted to fix your car is on the table” Carly said and smiled

“I love you” Ben said and Carly smiled

 “I love you too” Carly said and she hugged Ben as he smiled to himself


Diner- Summer Bay

“Ailsa…I wasn’t expecting to see you here…how are you love” Colleen said as Ailsa walked through the door

“Fine Colleen” Ailsa said as she walked into the kitchen

“Hello boss” Grant said as he took out the rubbish and Ailsa smiled

“How are you coping love…we’re all on your side” Colleen said

“I’m fine” Ailsa said as she washed her hands

“Well if you need anyone to talk to..you know I’ve been where you are” Colleen was interrupted

“There is a customer” Ailsa said and she pointed and Colleen smiled and walked out of the kitchen

“Nice to see you here” Grant said

“I didn’t want to be couped up in the hosue all day…I think I’ve done enough of that” Ailsa said

“So do I assume you have made a decision to stay?” Grant said and Ailsa sighed and shook her head no

“Well you did promise Bobby that you would think about it” Grant said

“Ive done nothing but think about it” Ailsa said

“I think you should think about it some more…I would hate to see you leave your home and life, but I would understand if you go…I better take the rubbish out” Grant said and smiled. Ailsa smiled back as she watched him walk out of the kitchen and sighed….



Caravan Park

“Good morning Mrs Fletcher” Ben said as he watched Pippa put Christopher into his car seat

“Hello Ben” Pippa said and smiled

“I just wanted to say thanks, Carly said you offered us a place in the house” Ben said

“You are more than welcome to stay, there is enough space” Pippa said

“I appreciate the offer..but we really want to make it on own.. I’m happy that Carly said we would pay our own way in a van” Ben said

“You really don’t need to pay me anything” Pippa said

“Well Carly said you are having some financial difficulties, so we want to do what we can to help out” Ben said and Pippa looked surprised that Carly would tell him that

“Oh..Im sorry…I didn’t know that it was a secret..i promise I wont mention it to anyone else” Ben said

“Thanks…and as my wedding present to you and Carly, you can stay in the van free of charge” Pippa said

“No Mrs Fletcher we cant do that..we cant put you out like that” Ben said

“I insist” Pippa said

“What about Carly?” Ben said

“You leave Carly to me..as long as you don’t tell her we had this conversation” Pippa said

“My lips are sealed” Ben said and he ran his fingers along his mouth as Pippa smiled

“Ok…well ill see you later” Pippa said and she got into the car

“Bye” Ben said as he waved and laughed to himself as Pippa drove away



City University- The City

Bobby looked out of the window as her study group members discussed the project they just finished to figure out if they needed to add anything else.

“Bobby, what do you think…Bobby” Brett said and Bobby turned around

“Sorry, did you say something?” Bobby said

“Youre miles away…do you think we need to add anything else before we hand this in?” Brett said

“I think its fine, but if you lot want to add something, its fine by me” Bobby said and smiled

“Well I think its fine..the sooner we get it in, we can get it back on Monday?” Brett said

“Whatever is fine with me” Bobby said and smiled…what she really wanted to say was it didn’t matter what was added because she wouldn’t be here on Monday to find out what mark they got anyway. Bobby smiled and she turned and looked out of the window thinking about how great life will be…


General Hospital- Summer Bay

“Ok, ill just need your signature here…and here” The administrator said

Pippa picked up the pen on the table and signed in the places that she was instructed to do. She had just finished filling out the application to start the course in two weeks. She was both nervous and excited. It had been a long time, but she was hoping that when she started the course, things would become familiar again.

“That’s great, ill just run the application through to the head of the department. If you would like to take a seat outside…hopefully I should get a decision for you shortly” The administrator said

“Thanks” Pippa said and got up from the chair and pushed a sleeping Christopher in his pushchair outside.

“I wont be long’ The administrator said as Pippa sat down in the waiting area

“Ok thank you” Pippa said as she watched the administrator walk away. Pippa exhaled. She felt butterflies in her stomach. When she gave up nursing she never knew that she would ever return. At first she didn’t even want to consider it when Tom suggested the idea but raising a family had become her priority to her that for a long time she didn’t miss nursing until she went to see Frank. Pippa crossed her fingers, she really needed this grant money for the course then once she requalified, she would be in a better financial position to take care of her family and the caravan park...


Macklin Cooperation- New York

Frank bit into his sandwich and put it down. He picked up the report he was working on and read it to make sure there were no mistakes then the phone began to ring

“Frank Morgan” Frank said when he picked up the phone receiver. He didn’t hear anyone at first but he smiled and waited…maybe it was Sally or Steve calling him.

“Hello” Frank said with a smile on his face then he looked up at the clock and his smile disappeared. Steve and Sally would be in school by now. Frank froze…he knew who it was. His heart began to beat fast then he heard the person on the other end of the line put the phone down. Frank sighed and put the phone down. He had to figure out this problem before he got himself inro trouble again…..


General Hospital- Summer Bay

Pippa looked at her watch, the administrator had been gone for a while. Pippa walked around the waiting room looking at all the photos of happy patients and the cards and letters they wrote to the nursing staff. Pippa smiled as it made her feel excited then she started to feel a little bit sad because if the grant application didn’t go through, there was no way she was going to be able to afford the tuition, and she didn’t want to rely on handouts. Pippa sighed and she continued looking at the cards pinned to the wall. One card stood out and she opened it and read it out loud

“Thank you for making me happy nurse, from Tom” Pippa said and smiled as she felt an unusual feeling of calm come over her

“Pippa Fletcher” Pippa turned around to see the administrator at her office door

“Would you like to come in?” The administrator said and immediately Pippa’s heart sank…she knew it was not good news. Pippa pushed a sleeping Christopher into the office and sat down and waited

“Well first of all, you have been accepted into the programme so congratulations” The administrator said 

“And your grant application of $10,000 was approved” The administrator said and Pippa put her hand on her chest smiled and slowly exhaled in relief  

“Thank you” Pippa said and smiled

So I will give you a list of the materials you will need which include your text books and uniform” The administrator said and Pippas heart sank

“Oh..I thought the grant would cover all of that? Pippa said disappointed. She didn’t have the money to buy any books…maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all

“No, the grant only covers the tuition” The administrator said

“How much will the materials cost?” Pippa said

“Let me just check….the total will be $2000” The administrator said

“Right…I’m not sure if I can afford that..I think I need to postpone starting until I can afford it…Im really sorry to have wasted your time” Pippa said and she began to get up

“Please wait…something interesting just happened” The administrator said

“What is it?” Pippa said dejected and sat down. She didn’t want to hear any more good news

“As I was leaving the finance office, my colleague double checked something and noticed that your tuition has already been paid” The administrator said as Pippa looked at her confused

“There must be a mistake, I cam here yesterday and didn’t fill out any forms” Pippa said confused

“No..no mistake” The administrator said

“I don’t understand..what does that mean?” Pippa said

“Well it means that your tuition for the programme has been paid, and you still get to keep the $10,000 grant money” The administrator said and Pippa looked at her in shock

“I don’t understand…first of all, I don’t know how the tuition wouldve been paid…I just came here yesterday” Pippa said

“The finance department gave me a name..let me just tell you” The administrator said and she opened Pippa’s file and looked through her notes

“Yes, we have a Ms Roberta Simpson….she came in this morning and paid the tuition in full” The administrator said and Pippa closed her eyes and exhaled


“Is that a relative or something?” The administrator said and Pippa nodded

“Yes…my daughter” Pippa said

“You have a wonderful daughter” The administrator said and Pippa smiled

“Thank you” Pippa said

“Well here is all the information you need, your classes, the materials you will need” The administrator said and she handed Pippa a big file

“Thank you” Pippa said. She was still shocked that Bobby paid the tuition

“Oh before I forget, here is your cheque” The administrator said and handed Pippa the check

“Thank you” Pippa said

“If there is nothing else, we will see you in two weeks” The administrator said and smiled

“Thank you…have a good day” Pippa said still in shock as she put the big file under her arm, and pushed Christopher out of the office

“Oh sorry” Pippa looked up when she noticed she had bumped into someone

“That’s ok, it was my fault for not looking where I was going” the man said and smiled as Pippa walked away. He looked behind him and realized that he had seen her before…he always remembered an attractive face

“Dawn, do I have any messages?” The man said as he walked into the office

“Yes doctor” The administrator said and handed the doctor some notes and letters

“By the way, who was that lady?” the doctor  said

“She is one of the new students on the accelerated nursing programme…Philippa Fletcher..she will be in your physiology class” The administrator said

“Right…by the way, can you please have the department correct my details on the listing, for some reason they have my name spelt wrong it should be Dr Ian Routledge…Ian with and I not an E..also I will be moving soon, so here is my new address.. 128 Blaxland houseSummer Bay” Dr Routledge said and smiled

“ill get that taken care of straight away doctor” The administrator said and Dr Ian Routledge  smiled and walked out of the office


Background music Fletcher family theme


Pippa rushed to put Christopher in his seat as it was going to rain soon. She strapped him in and closed the car door and exhaled. She felt so overwhelmed by what she happened. She couldn’t believe that Bobby would pay the tuition and she also got money for the materials she needed and some left over to take care of the bills at the caravan park. She would have to find a away to pay Bobby back as soon as she started nursing. Pippa closed her eyes and exhaled then she felt a single raindrop on her face. She opened her eyes and looked up at the sky

“Thank you Tom” Pippa said and smiled and got into her car and drove away…


Background music ends….

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 395




Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

Alf looked up as the bell on the door indicated that someone was coming into the shop

“Alright sis..ill take care of it…what’s his name….alright…no everything is fine….yeah they are doing fine…alright sis…ill let you know…righto…bye” Alf said then he put the phone down as Celia walked towards him

“Who was that?” Celia said

“Morag..shes rented Blaxland house to some doctor from the city and I’m suppose to meet with him on Monday and give him the keys” Alf said as he looked at the details that Morag just gave him

“I was wondering what she was going to do with that place…did you tell her about  you and Ailsa?” Celia said

“No..there is no point going on about it until the divorce is final” Alf said

“Nonsense…stop saying that” Celia said

“Well its true…Ails told me to expect that her solicitor will be contacting me, so she definitely wants a divorce” Alf said

“But that is not what you want…Alfred if you want your marriage back, you have to fight for it” Celia said

“Sis what is the point, she doesn’t even want to talk to me..I went to Bobby’s and Grant wouldn’t even let me see her or my son” Alf said

“You have to keep trying Alfred..you have to keep trying…you have to do whatever it takes” Celia said Alf sighed

“Look, Ailsa is working at the diner today..go and see if she will talk to you” Celia said and Alf looked at her

“Alfred if you really want your marriage back…don’t stop trying” Celia said and Alf nodded

“Do you mind looking after the shop for a little while?” Alf said as an idea came to his mind

“That’s fine, I can look after the shop” Celia said as she slowly walked to the other side of the counter

“Thanks sis..I wont be long” Alf said as he rushed out of the shop and Celia smiled….


Sands Resort- Summer Bay

“Come in” Bobby said without looking up from her desk

“I hope I’m not disturbing you” Pippa said and looked up

“No come in…hi Chris” Bobby said and she got up and hugged Pippa and gently stroked Christopher’s face

“I tried the diner and Ailsa said you would probably be here” Pippa said

“Yeah, there is usually so much to get through when I get back from the city” Bobby said and she went back to sit at her desk

“Can I get you a drink…a coffee or anything? Bobby said

“No..no…I wont be staying long” Pippa said and she picked up Christopher and put him on her lap. Bobby picked up a small toy on her desk and gave it Christopher who smiled


Background music- Fletcher family theme

“Chan-choo” Christopher said and Bobby smiled

“Bobby, why did you go and pay the tuition for the nursing course” Pippa said and Bobby looked at her surprised

“You wasn’t supposed to find out…it was supposed to be anonymous” Bobby said

“Bobby, I told you I didn’t need you to help…you’ve already done so much with giving me money for the caravan park and paying for me to go and see Frank” Pippa said and sighed

“Pippa that is nothing compared to what you and Tom gave me…you gave me a home…a family…and if it wasn’t because of you, I never wouldve met  and married the man I dreamt about every day before I met him” Bobby said and she sighed

“He asked about you..and I told him about how hard you're working and your business” Pippa said

"Is he alright?" Bobby said

"He's going to be just fine...I will pay you back” Pippa was interrupted

“No…I don’t want you to do that…what I want is for you to be happy, and get your qualification. That’s all I want from you” Bobby said and she smiled

“Thank you Bobby” Pippa said

“You’re welcome” Bobby said and smiled

“I also qualified for the grant so they gave me a cheque for $10,000 that covers all the  text books and my uniform…and ill be able to use the rest for the caravan park” Pippa said and Bobby smiled

“Good, im glad” Bobby said

“Have you made up your mind about the job yet?” Pippa said

“No, I’m still thinking about it” Bobby said and Pippa looked around the office

“Why have you got all the buckets of paint in here” Pippa said

“Well the general manager is trying to bribe me by saying I can redecorate this office any way I want” Bobby said and laughed

“Oh before I forget, I spoke to the creche supervisor and they said from Monday there will be a spaced available for Christopher so if you want to sign him up, you should go for it” Bobby said

“I don’t know Bobby…its probably going to be really expensive” Pippa said

“No, don’t worry about it, ill take care of it” Bobby said

“Bobby, you have been very generous..but I think I want to do this myself…its fine..I put the ad in the paper, ill get a good person” Pippa said

“well the offer is still there if you want it” Bobby said

“Thanks…well we better get going” Pippa said and stood up. Bobby walked around her desk and went up to Pippa and gave her a big hug and closed her eyes.

“What was that for?” Pippa said

“Oh nothing…just that I’m proud of you Nurse Pippa that’s all” Bobby said and smiled

“Thanks…ill see you later” Pippa said

“Bye bobo” Christopher said and waved with his toy in his hand. Bobby smiled and waved as she thought about the future and went back into her office and closed the door…


Macklin Coperation- New York

Background music- have you ever been alone

Frank smiled as he continued to read the letter from Pippa

So I should be starting the programme next week. I am excited and nervous but I am looking forward to everything. Please tell Samantha thank you for the encouragement. I really enjoyed our conversations and her talking to me about some of the basics that I needed to know. When I got home I was greated with lots of news. Carly got married to Ben, her boyfriend, or I should say husband. It was a bit of a shock, but shes really happy. They are staying in a van for a while until they save up enough money for a flat. Sometimes I wish you were all still young and living at home fighting over whose turn to do the washing up. Some other news, Bobby recently became a foster parent, shes currently looking after a little boy, shes really happy. Hopefully one day soon we will hear the pitter patter of tiny feet in New York. Anyway, I hope you are keeping well and doing your exercises. Please write back and let me know how you are getting on. I miss you all my love..Pippa  


Frank was shocked to read that Carly was married, but he was happy that she found someone. He knew she was down after the situation with Matt. He was also happy to read about Bobby. When they were married they both decided that when they had their baby, they would move to the city, and while Bobby was at uni, they were also going to be foster parents. Frank inhaled and exhaled. Even though it was bitter sweet, he was happy that Bobby was still doing what they dreamed


Phone ringing


Frank jumped when the phone rang. He looked at the phone. For the last few days, he had been getting silent phonecalls. He knew who it was but yet he had no money to give Mr James so he thought it would be best to just ignore the calls until he had put some money together.

Frank watched the phone as it rang until it eventually stopped ringing. Frank exhaled and put the letter he was reading in his bag. Shortly after, there was a knock on the door

“Frank, a call came through to the switchboard for you on line one” The receptionist said

“Who is it?” Frank said immediately

“Its your wife” The receptionist said

“Ok, thanks” Frank said and he picked up the phone and pressed star 1

“Hello” Frank said

“Hi Frank, its me…what's wrong with your phone I was directed to the switchboard” Roo said

“Yeah, sorry about, I've been having problems all day” Frank said

“I know I suggested we go to the movies tonight” Roo was interrupted

“But you have to work?” Frank said

“Yeah..sorry..its really short notice..maybe we can go after or something” Roo said

“No, its alright, I have a lot of work to do here, so I might as well stay and get it done” Frank said

“Oh, alright then..I’ll see you at home then” Roo said

“Ok…bye” Frank said and he put the phone down. Uusally he would be annoyed when Roo told him she would be working late but for some reason it didn’t matter anymore..like he was used to her saying it. Frank sighed then he remembered how much trouble he was in and took a note pad from his desk draw and tried to figure out he would be able to pay all the money back….



Bayside diner- Summer Bay

Ailsa picked up the rubbish and cleared the tables. She put them in the black bag that she was holding and put the bag on the floor. Shewiped down the tables with the damp clothe and fixed the chairs properly. She was happy that she had made the decision to come out today. She had nothing to be ashamed of because she wasn’t in the wrong

“Ails” Ailsa turned around to see Alf standing behind her holding flowers. Ailsa began to walk back towards the diner entrance


Background music- Stewart family theme


“Please wait” Alf said and Ailsa stopped walking and turned around and looked at him

“I know you don’t want to speak to me..but I wanted you to know that I decided to move into the flat above the shop so you can move back into the house…so that you Sandra and Duncan can be comfortable..I thought that would be easier for you” Alf said and Ailsa thought about it. Even though she liked living at Bobbys place she did miss the comfort of her own home..her own bed. It would also give her time to gather the things she really needed before she left.


“When are you moving?” Ailsa said

“Today” Alf said excited that he was making some headway

“Right, we’ll be in the house tomorrow” Ailsa said and she was just about to turned around

“One more thing” Alf said and she looked at him

“Is it alright if I take Duncan for the weekend..I really miss him” Alf said and Ailsa looked at him. She was going to say no but Duncan had been asking for him

“Ill have him ready on Friday” Ailsa said then she turned around and walked towards the diner Alf smiled to himself but what he didn’t see was Debra watching them together as she drove by…



Three days later


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Ailsa opened her eyes. Being back in the house felt weird without Alf. Technically it wasn’t her house but it had been her home for the last few years. Ailsa turned to the side and looked at the empty space next to her..where Alf would be. Ailsa stretched out her arm and touched the empty space and a tear ran down her eye and onto her nose. She was so angry at Alf…how could he do this to her. She thought that she had finally stopped running when she met Alf…Anyway it didn’t matter now, her marriage was over. Ailsa got out of bed and walked into the living room. It was still really early and Sandra and Duncan were asleep. Ailsa walked over to the phone. She picks up the receiver and dials a number

“Graham..its me…I hope I didn’t wake you up” Ailsa said and she sighed….


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

Alf drank his coffee. He didn’t know what time he woke up but he was fixing the spare room for Duncan. All the future he purchased was now assembled and the flat looked nice. Alf exhaled. He knew that giving up the house was the right thing to do, and it appeared to get him in good with Ailsa. Alf smiled to himself…


Background music ends


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Background music- Fletcher family theme

Pippa put her cup of tea on the dining table and opened the file she got from the hospital. She woke early still excited that she was going to be starting her course in two weeks. She looked at her classes schedule again and the list of books that she had to get. She noticed that some would be available from the hospital but the others she would need to get from the city. She made a note to see if Bobby would be able to get them for her next week. She noticed that there was some pre class reading that she had to do and she would be taking a test which made her anxious.

Pippa looked up from the folder when she heard the door open

“You’re up early” Pippa said as Carly came in yawing

“I wanted to go and look at a couple of flats today” Carly said

“Sweetheart, there really isn’t any rush..you are welcome to stay in the van as long as you want” Pippa said

“I know, but it doesn’t feel like im married if I still live at him” Carly said

“I understand..what time will you be back? Im interviewing another potential nanny today” Pippa said

“I thought you liked the one from yesterday?” Carly said confused

“I did, but she lives in Waldorf Creek. I asked her if she would board and I didn’t get the impression that she wanted to, so ill see what the one today says” Pippa said

“What time is she coming? Carly said

“She should be here at 11am” Pippa said

“Ok, ill try to be back by then” Carly said then she walked towards the stairs as Pippa smiled and looked at the pre class reading she had to do….


Background music ends




Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“You sure you have enough stuff” grant said as he watched Bobby put a suitcase into the back of her car

“Well you can never be too careful” Bobby said and she smiled

“yeah but for a weekend it looks like you’ve packed the whole house up” Grant said looking at Bobby who laughed

“anyway, we better get on the road. I have to go over to the resort first before we head off” Bobby said as she got into her car

Bobby looked behind her to make sure that Sam was strapped in his booster seat

“Do you have a number of a hotel I can call in case of emergencies?” Grant said

“No, ill call when I get there” Bobby said and smiled as Grant looked at her

“I better get to work before the boss fires me..have a good time mate” Grant said as he looked into the car. Sam smiled and waved at him

“See you later” Bobby said and smiled then she drove off. Grant sighed as he watched Bobby drive away. Something didn’t feel right to him…something felt off


Bobby smiled as she drove away. She looked in rear view mirror and smiled at Sam..the future was going to be amazing and she couldn’t wait….



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Pippa put the laundry in the washing machine as she tried to remember the physiology terms she was learning earlier when she heard a knock at the door. She walked towards the door

“Hello can I help you?” Pippa said and a young woman turned around

“Hello I’m looking for Mrs Fletcher please” She said

“I’m Mrs Fletcher” Pippa said

“Hi Mrs Fletcher, I’m Finlay, I’m here for the interview about the nanny position” Finlay said and smiled at Pippa


Sands resort- Summer Bay

Bobby walked out of the creche holding Sams hand. She had finished everything she needed to to, and now her and Sam were going. Bobby walked out of the resort and inhaled the air. It wasn’t too cold but not too warm either

“Grant what are you doing here? Bobby said surprised to see Grant standing by her car.

Grant looked at Bobby then he exhaled “I came to see you” Grant said

“Is there something wrong? Bobby said as she looked at Grant confused

“Bobby…I know what you’re doing” Grant said as Bobby opened the car door and Sam climbed in the back

“Doing? I'm not doing anything” Bobby said. Just as she was about to reach for the driver door Grant stood in the way

“The last few days you said a few things that didn’t add up..and today I noticed that you packed quite a lot of things” Grant said

“So? Like I said I wanted to make sure we had everything we needed” Bobby said looking at Grant..

“You’re trying to run away…with Sam… because he has to go back to his mum” Grant said hoping that his hunch was right. Bobby looked up at him and sighed….



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Here you go” Pippa said as she put a cup in front of Finlay.

“So, tell mem about yourself” Pippa said

“I'm 19 I finished high school  in Townsville and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I most recently worked in the city for a year for a British family as a nanny, but they are relocating back to England next week. I was actually passing through Summer Bay and saw the ad in the paper just before I called you” Finlay said. Pippa noticed how pretty she was and how she was very engaging with Christopher

“As I explained on the phone, I wont be able to pay much, but you can have one of the vans, and you are welcome to have free food as well” Pippa said

“That sounds like a great offer Mrs Fletcher” Finlay said

“The job will be Monday to Friday 8am- 5pm and the weekends are yours” Pippa said

“Thanks….how far is the beach from here?” Finlay said

“About a 10 minute walk” Pippa said

“Do you have any questions for me?” Pippa said

“Does Christopher have any special dietary requirements?” Finlay said which impressed Pippa

“No he pretty much eats anything” Pippa said

“Does he have any allergies?” Finlay said

“No, not to my knowledge” Pippa said

“I have all had all my vaccinations” Finlay said and she took out a small folder from her bag. Pippa opened it and saw that she was correct

“Did you bring the details of your references?” Pippa said

“Yes I did” Finlay said and she took out a piece of paper with two numbers on it

“ I worked for two families in the city, The first number is the first family I worked for” Finlay said

“Why did you leave there?” Pippa said

“The little girl I was looking after started kindergarten” Finlay said and Pippa nodded

“The second number is the family who are relocating to England” Finlay said

“Ok..Do you have a contact number for yourself?  Pippa said

“I am staying with my cousin in the Yabbie Creek, but she just changed her number recently, and I don’t know the new number…can I call you in a couple of days if that’s enough time to contact the references?” Finlay said

“Ok” Pippa said

“Mrs Fletcher when does the position start” Finlay said as she passed Pippa the paper

“Well I start my programme Monday week but I would want you to start Wednesday so that Christopher can get used to you” Pippa said and Finlay smiled

“Does that mean I got the job?” Finlay said excited?

“Well I would need to speak to your references first….and if they are good..the job is your if you want it” Pippa said

“Yes please Mrs Fletcher “ Finlay said and Pippa smiled…she knew that she was making the right choice…


The Beach- Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobbys theme


Bobby smiled as she watched Sam building a sand castle

“I guess I wasn’t thinking straight” Bobby said as she put her head down and stared at the sand

“Everything I’ve ever loved has always been taken away from me…my mum…Frank..Thomas” Bobby said and she looked up and into the ocean “I just didn’t want it to happen again” Bobby said and Grant sighed

“When I got Sam…I thought that this was finally my chance to be happy….have someone of my own who needed me…who wanted to be with me…who wasn’t going to leave me” Bobby said as a tear ran down her cheek

“But the deal with fostering…its temporary…you know that” Grant said

“I know…I just thought that maybe….maybe Sam’s mum wouldn’t want him back…maybe her life was better without him and he could stay with me” Bobby said as she wiped a tear from her cheek

“I was so lonely Grant…I just want someone of my own” Bobby said as more tears ran down her cheeks. Grant leaned forward and put his arm around Bobby to comfort her. He liked her a lot..she was like a little sister to him. When the town turned on him, she was the only one who was there for him…gave him a home and a job. He wished he could do more to help her.


Bobby sighed then she wiped her face with the back of her jacket

“Anyway..it was a stupid idea…I don’t know why I should ever expect a happily ever after…it’s never written in the stars for Bobby Simpson” Bobby said shaking her head and looking at Sam

“It will happen for you Bobby…I promise…it really will happen for you” Grant said and Bobby shook her head “I learned a long time ago that promises are meant to be broken” Bobby said and she wiped her face again


“Bobby look” Bobby turned around to see Sam pointing at what was supposed to be a sand castle

“Great job Sam” Bobby said smiling…trying to hid from Sam the pain she was feeling…the pain of knowing that she was going to be alone again..


Background music ends

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Chapter 395


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Stewart family theme


Graham put his hand on Ailsa’s and sighed “Everything will be alright” Graham said

“I feel like I’ve been here before..I honestly thought that this time it really would be it...no more running” Ailsa said

“You say it like you and Alf are completely over” Graham said

“Graham how can I go back to him after this?..he violated my trust and our vows” Ailsa said and sighed

“But this time its different…you have Duncan and Sandra to think about” Graham said

“I’ve already made up my mind” Ailsa said

“Do you still love him?” Graham said

“Of course I do, and that’s what hurts the most” Ailsa said as a tear ran down her cheek


Knock on the door


“Ill get that” Graham said as he got up. Ailsa got up and wiped her face. She knew it would be Alf, and she didn’t want him to see her crying


“Hello little fella” Graham said and he patted Duncan on the head as he walked towards the front door

“Alf smiled as he heard the door open then his smile disappeared as he saw a man he’d seen before…a few years ago open the door

“Alf is it?” Graham said

“Yeah” Alf said

“We havent been properly introduced, I’m Graham, a friend of Ailsa’s” Graham said and he put his hand out. Alf looked at his hand and he shook it

“Right…I’m here to pick up Duncan” Alf said as he tried to look in the house

“Yes of course, let me get out of the way” Graham said and he walked into the living room

“Duncan look whose here” Graham said as Duncan turned around

“Daddy” Duncan said and he got up and ran over to Alf. Alf picked him up and hugged him

“Hello mate” Alf said as Duncan rested his head on Alfs shoulder

“There is a bag around here with his things…ahh here it is” Graham said and he picked up a bag from behind the chair and gave it to Alf

“Thanks” Alf said. He could hear Ailsa in the kitchen but she didn’t come out

“We better be off then” Alf said as he began to walk to the door

“Have a good time Duncan” Graham said as he followed Alf to the front door. Before Alf opened the door, he turned around one more time to look at the kitchen, he still didn’t see Ailsa. He sighed then opened the door and stepped out of the house

“See you later” Graham said then he smiled and closed the door. Alf sighed as he looked at the closed door of his home then he walked away to his car.


“Thanks for doing that” Ailsa said as she walked out of the kitchen

“You’re going to have to do this yourself  you know” Graham said

“No, I wont, ill be going soon” Ailsa said and sighed as Graham looked at her…


Background music ends


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“She's really nice” Pippa said as she told Carly, Steve and Sally about the nanny she just hired

“Finlay what kind of name is that?” Sally said

“Sal that’s rude” Steve said

“I believe it might be Scottish” Pippa said

“When is she starting? Steve said

“On Wednesday hopefully. I need to check her references tomorrow” Pippa said

“Does she have experience?” Carly said

“Yes, she was working with a family in the city who are relocating to England, that is why she is looking for a new job…and Mr Christopher appeared to like her which is a good sign” Pippa said

“Yeah because he usually doesn’t like anybody” Carly said and Pippa shook her head and laughed

“How did you get on with the flat hunting?” Pippa said as she walked into the kitchen and Carly walked in behind her

“They were all more than we can afford” Carly said and she folded her arms and leaned on the sink

“I told you, you are more than welcome to stay in the house…we have space…you can fix up the downstairs guest room” Pippa said

“I’m married now, I can’t be living at home” Carly said

“Its not forever” Pippa said

“I know but” Carly was interrupted

“Ok, how about you stay in the van for free…in exchange for Ben doing a bit of work around the caravan park?” Pippa said and Carly smiled

“Thanks Pippa” Carly said

“You're welcome” Pippa said and she smiled as Steve came into the kitchen

“I better get going…I don’t want to miss the bus” Steve said

“Are you sure you don’t want to go tomorrow morning?” Pippa said

“No, me and Reverend Jones are going hiking in the morning” Steve said

“Alright…I made you some sandwiches for the journey and these are some scones that Alex loves” Pippa said and Steve picked up both items and put then into his rucksack.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to take you half way at least? Pippa said as Steve put his rucksack on his back

“No, I just want to go on my own” Steve said

“Alright then…call me when you get there” Pippa said

“Can I go with you Steve?” Sally said as she came into the kitchen

“No” Steve said

“Its not fair..I never get to do anything exciting” Sally said and folded her arms and stormed off upstairs as Pippa shook her head. Steve kissed her on the cheek

“Ill call you later” Steve said

“Alright…travel safe” Pippa said as she walked to the front door with Steve and watched him as he walked away


“What did you agree to that for?” Ben said as he looked at Carly annoyed

“I don’t want Pippa to give us a handout..besides that other job isn’t going to pay you…just leave it” Carly said

“So you are making decisions for me now?” Ben said

“No, I’m just saying that job is a waste of time..like I said before the surf club is opening soon, Mr Stewart might need some work or something” Carly said as Ben looked at her

“I just want us to be happy” Carly said and Ben smiled

“Ok…Ill go and see Mr Stewart on Monday” Ben said

“Great…I better go and get ready for work” Carly said and she kissed Ben and walked out of the caravan…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“Bobby,  you sure you don’t want to come with us?” Grant said. He was taking Sandra, Viv and Tammy out for a Pizza

“No thanks…I just want to do some homework and get an early night” Bobby said and smiled

“Are you alright?” Grant said

“Fine” Bobby said

“Alright…well we’ll see you later” Grant said and began to walk to the door


Background music- Frank and Bobbys theme


“Grant” Bobby said and Grant turned around

“Thanks for helping me see sense today..I don’t know what I was thinking” Bobby said

“You’re welcome boss” Grant said and smiled then he walked out of the house

“Alright Sam, looks like its just you and me tonight…what do you want for dinner?” Bobby said as she sat next to Sam on the couch

“Um um um um burgers!” Sam said excited

“Alright, get your coat, lets go and get some burgers” Bobby said

“Yeah!” Sam said and ran up the stairs. Bobby sighed as she thought about what she nearly did today and thinking about it, she felt foolish. She was going to run away with someone who wasn’t even her son. Bobby sighed then she grabbed her purse as she heard Sam run down the stairs with his jacket. When he got to the bottom of the stairs he put his jacket on

“Ready?” Bobby said

“Ready” Sam said and Bobby held his hand and they began walking to the back door when there was a knock on front door

“Great timing” Bobby said and she walked towards the front door. When she opened it she got a surprise


“Hello Bobby..I don’t know if you got my message” Andrew said

“No, I didn’t get any message, are we due for a visit?” Bobby said confused to see him

“I left a message saying that plans have changed, and I am coming to pick up Sam today instead of Monday” Andrew said and Bobby felt her heart sink…


Background music ends

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Chapter 396



Washington Diner- Manhattan

Frank looked up and smiled at Sam, she was saying something but he wasn’t listening. He looked down at his milkshake and continued to stir it. He was happy when she called to grab some dinner. Roo was working late, and he didn’t feel like being alone

“Frank” Sam said and Frank looked up

“Hmm” Frank said

“Is everything ok?” Sam said

“Yeah, why?” Frank said and smiled

“It’s just that you seem really far away” Sam said

“No, I’m fine” Frank said and smiled. Sam knew that he wasn’t telling the truth..she could tell that he hadn’t been fine for a while, but she didn’t feel that she had the right to challenge him..not after she called his foster mum to tell her he was in the hospital

“Have you spoken to Mrs. Fletcher?” Sam said

“Yeah, she got home safely, she actually starts the nursing programme in a few weeks” Frank said

“That is awesome, way to go mom!” Sam said and Frank laughed

“Yeah, I think all your advice did the trick…I think it will definitely be good for her. She gave up nursing to take care of me and my brothers and sisters, so its nice that she gets to do something for herself” Frank said

“How many kids did your parents foster?” Sam said

“I was the first…then there was Carly, Sally, Lynn” Frank said as Sam noticed how his eyes lit up as he spoke about his foster siblings

“Then Steve…then Bobby” Frank said and ate his burger. Sam looked at him as he chewed and she remembered that moment in the hospital when Frank said “I love you Bobby”

“Must’ve been fun growing up with a full house” Sam said

“Yeah it was” Frank said and smiled

“Your family live in Summer…” Sam tried to remember the name of the town

“Summer Bay” Frank said

“What is it like?” Sam said

“Summer is Christmas time, so there is definitely no snow. The beach is nice, it’s a small town, where everyone knows everyone’s business” Frank said and continued telling Sam about all the great things about Summer Bay.  Sam smiled and nodded as Frank spoke and noticed that his eyes were once again excited as he told her about his home in Australia.  

“Sounds like a great place. Ill love to go and visit one day” Sam said and Frank smiled

“Frank….why did you call me Bobby at the hospital?” Sam said then she noticed that Frank was looking out of the window behind her and his facial expression had changed

“Is there something wrong?” Sam said as Frank looked at the black car parked outside the diner that eventually drove off

“No ” Frank said and smiled and took another bite of his burger

“You were saying something?” Frank said

“No..nothing” Sam said and smiled…


Beach Summer Bay

Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme

Bobby ran as fast as she could on the beach then she slowed down and stopped. She wiped her sweaty forehead with her t- shirt and exhaled deeply. She didn’t know what time it was but she knew it was early because she saw the sunrising when she first set out on her run. Bobby slowly walked on the beach then she stopped and sat down on the sand. She grabbed some of the sand in her hands and let it trickle out through her fingers. The beach had always been her place of refuge..her place of peace


Doris- Bobby get me some water will you

Bobby- There is some in the cup

Doris- I want some water with ice

Bobby- Ok…I won’t be long

Doris- hey

Bobby- Yeah

Doris- I love you Roberta Lily Simpson

Bobby- I love you too…I won’t be long

Flashback ends


Bobby grabbed some of the sand in her hand again and let it trickle out through her fingers.



Bobby- Here I got your water and I made sure I put lots of ice in it..mum…did you fall asleep….mum…mum wake up…mum wake up…please wake up…mum please wake up…

Flashback ends


Bobby wiped the tear that was running down her cheek. She felt like it just happened yesterday..trying to wake her mum up even though she knew that she was gone. Bobby inhaled deeply and exhaled



Frank- I didn’t mean to hurt you

Bobby- Well its too late for that

Frank- If you need anything..Pippa has the number

Bobby- No thanks Frank…I can look after myself…I’m used to it

Flashback ends


Bobby picked up some more sand in her hands and let it trickle through her fingers as more tears ran down her cheeks. She waited until the sand had fallen through her fingers then she wiped her face with the back of her hand and put her hand on her stomach



Bobby- Thomas this is your daddy’s favourite sandwich….from all the kicking this must be yours as well. I love you Thomas and I can’t wait to meet you

Flashback ends


Bobby picked up some more sand in her hands and let it trickle through her fingers



Bobby- Do you have all your toys

Sam- Yes Bobby

Bobby- Alright, now you be a good boy for Mr. Andrew ok

Sam- Ok..bye Bobby

Bobby- Bye sweetheart


Flashback ends


Bobby stared into the water and began to cry. Everything that she ever loved had been taken away from her. She wrapped her arms around her legs and cried. She cried for her mum…she cried for Frank..she cried for Thomas..she cried for losing Sam…and she cried because once again she was going to be alone..


Gold Coast- Australia

“Sign here mate” The foreman said

“Righto” Greg Marshall said taking the pen and signing his name

“So where are you headed to? The foreman said

“I have another trip to Brisbane” Greg said

“Alright mate, see you later” The foreman said giving Greg a receipt

“Yeah, see you later” Greg said as he looked at the receipt he just received. He walked over to his truck and got inside. Just as he was about to start the engine something poking out of his sun visor caught his eye. He pulled out the envelope and took the photo out. It was of a little boy with blonde hair. Greg stared at the little boys smiling face and sighed then he put the photo back in the envelope, pushed it into the sun visor, started his truck and drove away..


Woolgoolga- Australia

Sophie opened her eyes and rubbed her eye. It was quiet and she could hear her dad snoring. She tried to move but her arm hurt. That was pain from her dad hitting her with his belt. Sophie’s stomach began to rumble so she used her other arm to hold it so that it wouldn’t make noise and wake up her dad. She didn’t want to get in trouble again. Sophie felt cold and pulled the thin blanket up to shoulder and closed her eyes..one day, Bobby was going to find her and buy her a pretty dress and ice cream. Sophie opened her eyes and a tear ran down her cheek. It was going to happen Sophie thought trying to convince herself. She closed her eyes and thought of how happy she will be when it happens..


Background music ends


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Sandra exhaled and she opened her bedroom door. She walked into the living room and saw Mrs Stewart sitting on the couch putting some papers in an empty box. Even though she hadn’t told her, Sandra knew her and Mr Stewart were getting a divorce, which meant she would have to leave Summer Bay. Sandra sighed and quietly walked towards the kitchen

“Morning love” Ailsa said as she heard Sandra walking past

“Good Morning” Sandra said and she walked into the kitchen. Sandra opened the fridge to get some milk to have some breakfast before she went to the diner. She took the milk out then she heard Ailsa walk into the kitchen

Background music-Stewart Family theme

“Do you mind if we have a chat” Ailsa said and Sandra put the milk in the fridge, closed the door and sat opposite Ailsa on the dining table

“I haven’t been very fair to you..probably because I’m trying to understand everything that is going on…but it does look like me and Alf will be getting a divorce” Ailsa said

“Yeah I guessed that would happen” Sandra said

“Me and Alf love you very very much..you are part of our family” Ailsa said and tears filled Sandras eyes..she knew what was coming next…she would have to leave

“Duncan and I will be leaving Summer Bay..after I sorted out a few things..and I want to give you the option..you can either leave with us…or you are more than welcome to stay here with Alf and continue going to school and have you friends” Ailsa said and Sandra quietly sighed. It wasn’t as bad as she thought, but it was still bad because she would have preferred to stay with Mrs Stewart.

“I know its not the best decision to make, but I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I sent you away” Ailsa said

“I want to stay with you…but I like it here too” Sandra said

“I know sweetheart, but that isn’t an option” Ailsa said as she saw a tear drop from Sandras eye

“Come on, come here” Ailsa said and she got up. Sandra got up and Ailsa hugged her

“Im sorry that you have to make this decision..and that things turned out this way” Ailsa said trying not to cry herself

“When do I have to let you know?” Sandra said

“You have a little while to think about it..but not too long..ok” Ailsa said and Sandra nodded

“Everything will be fine” Ailsa said and Sandra hugged her again as Ailsa sighed


Background music ends



Hiking trail Newcastle- Australia

“This is a nice place to stop for lunch if it is alright with you” Reverend Jones said

“Yes its fine” Steve said and he took of his rucksack. Reverend Jones took out the blanket from his rucksack and laid it on the floor as Steve looked at the view

“The view is wonderful up here” Reverend Jones said as he sat down and took the sandwiches out of his bag

“Yeah, its really nice” Steve said as he sat down and took a can ok coke and a can of ginger ale from his bag


Background music- Fletcher family theme


Reverend Jones watched as Steve opened the foil and bit into his sandwich. He too bit into his sandwich and looked at Steve

“Is everything alright my child?” Reverend Jones said and Steve stopped chewing and looked down

“When Pippa got back we had a family dinner and Carly’s new husband sat at the head of the table and I had a right go at him” Steve said and he looked at Reverend Jones who was looking at him

“Why were you angry?” Reverend Jones said

“Because he isn’t allowed to sit there”..only Tom and Frank can sit there" Steve said

“Then what happened” Reverend Jones said

“Carly and I had an argument and I stayed in my room for the rest of the night” Steve said

“Oh dear” Reverend Jones said

“I guess I wasn’t really angry at Ben, Carlys husband, well I was because he is not very nice, but I was angry because I miss Frank and Tom, and they are allowed to sit there, not him” Steve said

“Have you and Carly made amends” Reverend Jones said and Steve shook his head no

“Don’t you want to?” Reverend Jones said

She's really up herself lately” Steve said and Reverend Jones shook his head and laughed

“Why don’t you call Frank if you miss him?” Reverend Jones said

“I cant..not after what happened…I still feel guilty” Steve said and Reverend Jones looked at him

“And what makes it worse is that he asked Pippa to ask me to write to him..I just felt so claustrophobic, that’s why I called you and asked if I could come here” Steve said

“Steven..running away is not going to make the way you feel go away..at this age I know you need Frank more than ever” Reverend Jones said and Steve sighed.

He knew that Reverend Jones was right, talking to him was cool, but he really wanted to speak to his brother but he couldn’t do it, he couldn’t call Frank

“Look, I’m not trying to take the place of Frank or your foster father Tom, but I am always here if you need me….day or night. You don’t even have to call..you can just come here..anytime” Reverend Jones said and Steve smiled. He had really liked Reverend Jones

“Thanks” Steve said

“You’re welcome my child” Reverend Jones said and smiled

“By the way, how are Aviva and Tamara?” Reverend Jones said

“Yeah, good. They love living over at Bobby’s place and Viv works at the diner with her best friend Sandra” Steve said

“That is wonderful news” Reverend Jones said

“What do you think will happen to them?” Steve said

“Hopefully something that will make them happy” Reverend Jones said and smiled

“Come on…eat up, we have some more walking to do” Steve said and Reverend Jones laughed…


Background music ends


Stewart shop- Summer Bay

“He’s going to be really tall” Colleen said as she watched Duncan in the corner playing with his toys as Alf smiled

He had missed his son so much and was glad he was spending the weekend with him

“Alf why don’t you take Duncan to the beach, its nice out” Colleen said

“Yeah you’re right, I don’t think he likes being couped up in here…let me just go upstairs and pack a few things..I wont be a tick” Alf said and he went upstairs.

“Whose going to the beach today” Colleen said as she bent down to play with Duncan then she heard the bell above the shop door ring and she stood up to see Blake walking towards her

“G’day, is Mr Stewart around”  Blake said

“Yes…he’s just upstairs packing a bag for Duncan, he will be down in a minute” Colleen said as Blake looked around the shop. He knew what he would be doing now, if he was working. Colleen could hear Alf coming down the stairs

“Alf you got” Colleen was interrupted

“Blake” Alf said and Blake turned around. It was strange seeing Blake now that he knew he was his son

“I want to talk to you..if that’s alright?” Blake said and Alf felt guilty and excited. He knew that he shouldve made the first move

“Yes..yes..of course..Im just taking Duncan to the beach…would you like to come with us?” Alf said

“Yeah ok” Blake said

“Alright colleen, I wont be long” Alf said as he walked to the door

“Take as long as you need Alf” Colleen said as she watched Alf, Duncan and Blake walk out of the shop then she rushed over to the phone, picked up the receiver and started dialling

“Betty…its me” Colleen said then she pulled over the chair and sat down…

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Chapter 397


Beach- Summer Bay

Matt ran onto the beach with his surf board and set it in the sand. Shortly after his cousin Simon ran out of the water and did the same. Matt picked up his towel from the floor and began drying himself. His cousin lived in Waldorf Creek. They moved there shortly after his father, Rex Wilson who was a councilman had a heart attack.

“You almost took me out there” Simon said and picked up his towel and began to dry his hair

“Sorry about that, I just haven’t surfed in so long” Matt said then he unzipped his wetsuit and took his arms out

“You should move back then” Simon said and Matt laughed then he stopped laughing

“What's the matter?” Simon said then he looked behind him to see Alf Stewart walking in their direction

“I cant stand the sight of him” Matt said

“You haven’t heard what he's been up to lately...Mum heard the latest gossip from Betty Fulwell"” Simon said and smirked.

Alf, Duncan and Blake walked by as Matt stared at Alf. Alf nodded his head to Matt but Matt ignored him which Blake noticed

“Come on..lets go and get something from the diner” Simon said and Matt nodded and picked up his surfboard and they walked away


Background music- Stewart Family theme


Alf sighed as he walked past Matt and Simon as he remembered the time he was in jail after being accused of killing Shane Wilson

“Who was that bloke, and why was he staring at you like that?” Blake said

“Ohh it’s a long story…one ill save for another day” Alf said then they walked in silence

“Look Blake..I want to say I’m sorry…” Alf was interrupted

“What for?” Blake said

“First of all, I should’ve been the one to come and see you…as you know, my wife and I are separated, but that wasn’t an excuse for me not to come and see you…find out how you are feeling about all this” Alf said

“To be honest, I don’t know” Blake said

“I never knew about you and your sister…if I had known, I would have done the right thing, and been in your lives..I swear to you” Alf said

“Yeah, I know” Blake said. He really did believe it. After knowing Mr Stewart for the time that he did, he knew that he was a good man

“Ive made some stupid mistakes in my life…and not being there for you and your sister is one of them” Alf said

“You didn’t know about us so its not your fault” Blake said

“I want to make up for that...now…I  know you have a dad …but..i’m your dad too.” Alf said and Blake felt a bit of guilt come over him. He wanted to get to know Mr Stewart, but he didn’t want to hurt the man who had raised him.

“My dad..is really upset about all this” Blake said

“He has a right to be…this is affecting him just like its affecting the rest of us” Alf said

“I want…to get to know you more..but” Blake was interrupted

“But you don’t want to hurt your dad” Alf said and Blake nodded

“well, I’m not trying to take his place…he will always be your dad, so we can take this as slow as you want…both you and your sister” Alf said and Blake nodded

“Ok” Blake said and smiled

“So..since we’re family…I need to start telling you about the Stewart history in Summer Bay…and about all your relatives” Alf said and Blake smiled as he and Alf walked along the beach with Duncan in Alfs arms as Alf started telling Blake about his new sister Ruth.


Waldorf Creek Jail – Waldorf Creek

Karen stared at the food on the tray. She hadn’t touched any. She couldn’t remember the last time she ate, but she wasn’t hungry. The jail cell was cold and she sat right in the corner of the bed and covered herself with the light blanket. Tears ran down her cheeks as she remembered what life was like before she decided to bully Matt. By now she would be in the city with her dad enjoying the day and seeing her friends, but she was in a cold jail cell. A tear ran down Karens cheek, she didn’t know how much longer she was going to be able to take this and with the trial next week, she was scared of how much longer she was gong to have to stay in prison. Karen stretched her legs and laid down on the bed and covered her head as she cried hoping she could go home soon and promising she would be good if she got a second chance…


Background music ends


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

Background music- diner jukebox


Tongue-tied or short of breath, don't even try
Try a little harder
Something's wrong, you're not naive, you must must be strong
Ooh, baby, try

Hey girl
Move a little closer


“Hmm” Matt said as he chewed  his sandwich

“I’ve really missed these” Matt said

“You work in a bistro, don’t you make sanga’s?” Simon said

“Yeah, but not like these” Matt said as Simon shook his head

“Here are your drink” Viv said as she put the glasses of coke on the counter

“Thanks” Simon said and smiled at Viv


Cause you're too shy shy, hush-hush, eye to eye
Too shy shy, hush-hush, eye to eye
Too shy shy, hush-hush, eye to eye
Too shy shy, hush-hush


“No thanks” Simon said Viv smiled shyly then she walked away to the kitchen

“That guy out there he is such a spunk..who is that?” Viv said as Sandra poked her head out of the kitchen

“Who?” Sandra said

“The one with the curly hair” Viv said

“Oh that’s Simon Wilson, he used to live around here….his family moved…hes a few years older than us though” Sandra said

“He’s such a spunk” Viv said

“Who is a spunk?” Viv and Sandra jumped and turned around to see Bobby standing behind them

“Viv has got the hots for Simon Wilson” Sandra said


Modern medicine falls short of your complaint
Try a little harder
You're moving in circles, won't you dilate?
Ooh, baby try

Hey girl
Move a little closer


“Really, maybe I should go and tell him?” Bobby said and saw a look of shock on Viv’s face

“Relax..I wont say anything” Bobby said and she walked out into the diner as Sandra and Viv giggled in the kitchen

“Hello stranger” Bobby said

“Bobby” Matt said and got up and hugged Bobby

“What are you two doing in town?” Bobby said

“I just wanted a weekend off, so I came to see my grandparents, and catch some waves” Matt said


Cause you're too shy shy, hush-hush, eye to eye
Too shy shy, hush-hush, eye to eye
Too shy shy, hush-hush, eye to eye
Too shy shy, hush-hush


“How is Narelle? I was thinking of going up there next weekend for a break” Bobby said

“Yeah, she's good, she's working this weekend so I can be here” Matt said

“Bobby we need to change the wholesalers we go to” Carly said as she walked into the diner and she stopped when she saw Matt and his cousin sitting at the booth

“Hi” Matt said

“Hi” Carly said

“Well I better get back to work…see you later” Bobby said and she walked away

“How are you?” Matt said and Carly stared at him. He looked really mature…and much more good looking than she last saw him

“Fine…how are you?” Carly said

“Good..you remember my cousin Simon” Matt said

“Yeah, hello” Carly said then she felt butterflies in her stomach as she looked at Matt


You're too shy shy, hush-hush, eye to eye
Too shy shy, hush-hush, eye to eye
Too shy shy, hush-hush, eye to eye
Too shy shy, hush-hush


“G’day” Simon said

“I don’t think we have been introduced” Carly turned around when she heard a voice behind her. Ben put his arm around Carly

“No we haven’t” Matt said as he looked at Ben then at Carly

“I’m Ben…Carly’s husband” Ben said and smiled at Matt looked at Carly in shock


Too shy shy, hush-hush, eye to eye
Too shy shy, hush-hush, eye to eye
Too shy shy, hush-hush, eye to eye
Too shy shy, hush-hush
Too shy shy, hush-hush, eye to eye


Background music ends

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