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Homecoming Part 4

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Chapter 379




Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Bobby kissed the top of Sam’s head he was fast asleep before she finished the story. She put the book on the book shelf, turned the light off and closed the door. Bobby yawned as she walked down the stairs. She still had the ending of her assignment that she wanted to finish.

“The kettle is still hot…do you want a coffee?” Grant said as Bobby flopped herself down onto the chair

“Yes please…I need all the caffeine to get this last bit of the assignment finished” Bobby said and picked up her pen. She read over what she had done already

“I know I've said it already, but I want to say it again….thank you for what you are doing for Viv and Tammy…I really appreciate it” Grant said as he put a cup of coffee on the table for Bobby

“No worries..I like them….this situation sort of reminds me of me when I was growing up.  My dad, well the man who raised me didn’t care about me and only pretended when he needed to. I always promised myself that when I had my own children…I would raise them in a house full of love, no arguments no fights..just lots of love. That’s what I hope I am doing with Sam” Bobby said and she picked up the cup and drank some tea while Grant looked at her concerned about what she just said

“I guess I have to go and see Mr Fisher and Ms Patterson about getting the girls back in school" Grant said

“Thanks…I really don’t want to face my dad at the moment” Bobby said

“You two haven’t patched things up?” Grant said

Every time I think we are moving a step forward, we end up moving five steps back because he feels he needs to run my life, because I am constantly doing something he disapproves of” Bobby said

“Maybe that is his way to prove he cares” Grant said and Bobby shook her head no

“Hes always been that way..there were times when I really needed his support” Bobby paused and sighed “its just too much at times you know..” Bobby said and Grant gave Bobby a reassuring smile

“Don’t worry, It will all sort itself out for the best. Anyway, I better let you get on with your studying…is Marilyn asleep already?” Grant said

“Yeah, she said earlier she had a headache, and was going to go to bed earliy” Bobby said

“Well you know what that is code for?” Grant said

“What?” Bobby said confused

“Her and Adam probably had a falling out” Grant said and raised his eyebrows twice, and Bobby laughed and shook her head


Cameron Residence- Summer Bay

Emotional background music

Cameron threw the ball up in the air and caught it. He did this repeatedly, and each time watched as the balled went up and down. Adam sighed. He knew that he was wrong to shout at Marilyn and would probably have to grovel to get her to forgive him. Adam put the ball down then got up from the bed and walked over to a shelf on the boat. He picked up a photo album, and sat on a chair. He opened the photo album and looed at the photos of him mum. As he turned each page, he smiled at his mum’s beautiful smile…how she would teach him how to cook…how she would play catch with him in the garden. As Adam continued to turn the pages, a tear ran down his cheek and he closed the album, leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes…


Fisher Residence- Summer Bay

Nick parked outside the house and turned the engine off. He turned around to look at Lucinda who had not said a word during the journey from the cinema to her house.

“Lucinda …you really are a great girl, and lying to you about how I feel..I just couldn’t do that to you… I really didn’t mean to hurt you” Nick said

“Well its too late, you already did” Lucinda said then she got out of the car and closed the door behind her. Nick signed as he watched her walk around the front of the car and up the path to the front door. He waited for her to go inside and close the door then he started the engine and drove away..


Lucinda closed the door behind her and sighed. She was still in shock after what Nick said

“Oh Lucinda, you're home..how was the film?” Donald said walking out of the living room

“Yes…fine..it was fine…well i'm just going to bed” Lucinda said

“I was about to make some hot chocolate…would you care to join me?” Donald said

“No..no thank you” Lucinda said and began to walk towards her room

“Ok, well goodnight” Donald said and walked towards the kitchen

“Goodnight” Lucinda said and walked quickly to her room. She opened the door and closed it behind her just in time for a tear to run down her cheek…


Background music ends


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

Karen waited for her mum to close the bathroom door and for the shower to start running then she got out of the bed and rushed out of the room. She quickly walked into her mum's room and turned the bedside light on. She sat on the bed and opened the drawer. She pushed her arm inside but noticed that the photo album that she saw yesterday was gone. She opened the other drawers and searched, however it was nowhere to be found. She looked around the room and opened the drawers in the chest of drawers but still couldn’t find it. Karen heard the shower stop and she rushed out of the room and into her room and closed the door. Debra wrapped the dressing gown around her and turned the bathroom light off. She opened the door and walked to her room, turned on the light and closed the door behind. Debra sighed then reached under her pillow and pulled out the photo album. She opened it and smiled as she looked at the photos of her and Alf….the man she loves…


Gibson Residence- Summer Bay


Emotional background music

Nick turned the engine off and exhaled and the adrenaline was giving him a rush. He knew he had to be here tonight. As Nick opened the car door, his heart was beating fast. He felt like ti was taking him forever to get to the front door even though it was only a few feet away. Nick looked at his watch, it was after 11pm. He knew that if he knocked the door, he would wake everybody up…he only wanted to wake one person up. Nick walked around the side of the house….he knew that Julies room was around the side. He walked up to her window, and was able to see that she wasn’t in there. Nick walked back to the front of the house. He looked through another window and noticed that Julie’s mum was in the living room watching TV. Nick inhaled then he exhaled the he went back to the front door and knocked on the door. He could hear footsteps coming towards the front door.

“What do you want?” Joanne Gibson said as she looked at her watch and noticed the time

“I want to see Julie” Nick said

“I thought I told you to stay away” Julie said

“I don’t want to” Nick said and Joanne sighed

“You don’t understand what you are doing to her…please…if you had any decency, you would just go away right now and leave her alone" Joanne said

“Mrs Gibson, I love your daughter…I want to be with her” Nick said

“No you don’t…Julie is not what you want, she will never be what you want” Joanne said

“Why are you trying to run her life for her?” Nick said

“I'm her mum..I know what is best for her, and I'm telling you, a life with her is too much responsibility for a young man like you” Joanne said

“Mum who is at the door?” Julie said as she wheeled herself into the living room from the kitchen

“Julie its me” Nick said which surprised Julie

“Nick, what are you doing here? Julie said as she wheeled herself to the front door

“I want to see you” Nick said

“No he doesn’t Julie…please just go away” Joanne said

“Mum what is going on?” Julie said confused

“Nothing…Julie just go back into the living room and watch the film” Joanne said

“No, I want to know what is going on” Julie said

“well…are you going to tell her, or should I?” Nick said looking at Joanne then she sighed…


Background music ends dramatically

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Chapter 380



Fisher Residence- Summer Bay

Background music- Fishers theme (the one that played after Alan died)

Lucinda turned over to her side. She knew she had to get up for work, she didn’t want to face her uncle, not after he suggested that Nick might be asking her to marry him. She felt like such a fool, and now she had to tell her parents that they were not coming there for the weekend. Julie sighed then she got up out of the bed and walked towards the bedroom door

“Oh good morning, there is a fresh pot of coffee in the kitchen” Donald said as he passed Julie in the hallway

“Thanks” Julie said and she walked into the kitchen

“Are you alright..are you ill?” Donald said walking into the kitchen behind her

“Im fine Uncle Donald” Lucinda said

“Oh..right..anyway, I was thinking that you should invite Nick over for dinner sometime this week…I wanted to speak to him regarding some community watch items since his uncle is not here” Donald said

“I wont be able to do that” Lucinda said

“Oh? Why ever not?” Donald said confused

“Nick and I will no longer be seeing each other” Lucinda said

“Oh, that is sudden..why ever not?” Donald said

“He is in love with someone else” Lucinda said trying not to cry

“Oh, Im sorry” Donald said

“Well at least he was honest with me” Lucinda said

“Yes..yes I suppose that honesty even though it can be inconvenient is the best policy..well..if there is anything I can do” Donald was interrupted

“No..ill be fine..ill just go and get ready for work” Lucinda said walking out of the kitchen

“Ill give you a lift if you want” Donald said

“No its fine, ill walk” Lucinda said and she walked out of the kitchen and into the bathroom as Donald sighed..



Donald- Bobby don’t upset yourself like this

Bobby- I cant help it dad..he looked me in the eyes and told me that he was still in love with Roo..that hurts dad..I love him so much and it hurts

Donald- Oh Bobby, this will pass..hurt is just temporary..you’ll see

Bobby- No dad..you don’t understand..I gave up my life for him…and it was for a lie..I don’t think I can ever get over this

Flashback ends


Donald felt very sorry for Lucinda, she was very happy , and now that has all come crashing down…just like it did for Bobby. Donald starting feeling guilty..even though he was happy that Frank left because he knew that Frank was no good for Bobby, seeing how hurt Lucinda was made him realized that he completely dismissed Bobby's feelings…and maybe it was time for him to make amends…and do what is right..


Background music ends


Gibson residence- Yabbie Creek

“Julie love, I made you some breakfast” Joanne said as Julie carefully rolled herself into the kitchen with one arm. Julie ignored her mother and went to the fridge, she opened it and took out a small carton of orange juice, and closed the fridge.

“Is that all your having love, come on and have some breakfast” Joanne said walking behind Julie. Julie ignored her and rolled herself to her bedroom and closed the door. Joanne walked back to the dining table and sat down and sighed.

“She doesn’t even want to talk to me” Joanne said and rested her elbow on the table, and her head in the palm of her hand. She really thought she was doing the right thing…she didn’t want her daughter to end up getting hurt..and now she was hurt, and it was her fault.

“You have no one to blame but yourself” Alec said then he got up from the table and walked towards Julies room. Julie threw herself onto the bed. Even though her arm was still saw, she was still able to roll off from the chair and onto the bed. As she pulled herself up to sit down, she heard a knock on the bedroom door

“Julie love, its me…can I come in?” Alec said

“Ok” Julie said and pushed her hair behind her ear and opened the carton of orange juice as her father opened the door


Emotional background music


“You not going to have any breakfast love?” Alec said

“No, i'm not really hungry” Julie said

“I'm really sorry about last night..what your mum did…I know she didn’t mean to, she was trying to protect you” Alec said

“No she wasn’t, she was just trying to control me…all these years, I believed her when she said I was different…that I couldn’t be normal….that was all a lie…I am not different dad..ok, I have to sit in a wheelchair but that doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings..that I don’t feel love” Julie said and she started to cry

“Love, don’t get yourself upset about it” Alec said

“What else can I do dad? All the time I really thought Nick wasn’t interested in me…all the time I laid here and cried because I believed mum's lies…and it was all one big lie..why would she do that?” Julie said then she reached over to her bedside table and took a tissue out of a pink tissue box

“Shes really sorry love…she just wants the best for you…so do I” Alec said

“If you want the the best of me, let me live my life” Julie said

“You know I've always done that love..you know i've always supported you” Alec said

“No you haven’t…when I said I wanted to go to uni to study design you agreed with mum that I shouldn’t go..that I should just stay here..that really hurt me dad” Julie said and Alec sighed. She was right, he wasn’t happy about her wanting to go to uni. She was a bright girl but he thought that she wasn’t ready to step into the big world

“Ok..I’m sorry…I just thought that you wasn’t ready..some people in the world can be really mean..I just didn’t want them to be mean to my baby girl” Alec said the he sat down next to Julie and hugged her

“I'm not a baby anymore dad..I just want to be treated like an adult..for once” Julie sand and began to cry again

“Come on love…no more tears..whats Nick going to think if he sees you in here crying like this?” Alec said and Julie began to laugh then she wiped her face with the tissue

“I really like him dad” Julie said

“I know love..and I think he likes you too to drive all the way out here in the middle of the night” Alec said and Julie smiled

“What about your mum…you have to try and patch things up” Alec said

“No dad….I cant forgive her for doing this to me…no way” Julie said and put her head on her fathers chest and he sighed


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Nick yawned as he opened his eyes. It was a good thing that he had the day off work, otherwise he was going to be late. He was about to get out of bed then a sweet memory came to his mind and he laid back down, smiled and stared at the ceiling



Nick- I’m really sorry about all this

Julie- Don’t be..its not your fault

Nick- I know but if I didn’t come here then none of this would've happened

Julie- Im glad you came

Nick -Me to..,don’t be angry with your mum..I don’t think she meant any harm

Julie- Shes always been like this…treating me like a child

Nick- I guess that is a parent’s job

Julie- Well she was going above and beyond the call of duty…its not like shes going to get paid extra

Nick- I know but still, she is your mum

Julie- I got to ask you something…what about your girlfriend?

Nick- My ex girlfriend..well she wanted things to go to the next level..meet her parents and stuff and I had to be honest with her…I had to tell her that I was in love with someone else and I would be lying to myself and to her if we continued our relationship

Julie- Really? Who are you in love with then?

Nick- You you and you

Julie- I love you too…but I feel guilty, I don’t want her to be hurt

Nick- Its not your fault..well it is your fault, if you wasn’t so charming, brilliant, funny and beautiful…I wouldn’t have fallen in love with you

Julie- Oh I can fix that, the next time you come here, Ill be sure to be in my pyjamas unwashed with my hair all over the place

Nick- And I would still love you

Julie- Thank you for loving me

 Flashback ends


Nick smiled to himself then he looked at the clock, he had to get up and get dressed..he was spending the entire day with Julie…and he couldn’t wait..


Phone ringing


Nick got up from the bed and walked to the hallway where the phone was

“Hello” Nick said as he answered the phone

“But its my day off sarg…I have plans for today…ok..ill get ready and be there as soon as I can” Nick said and he put the phone down and sighed


Gibson Residence- Yabbie Creek

Julie looked in her wardrobe. Her and Nick were going to spend the whole day together, and she wanted to look nice.

“Julie love…phone for you” Julie heard her dad say then she slowly rolled herself out of the bedroom and into the living room where the phone was. Her dad had gone out into the yard and her mum was watching the TV

“Hello…I was just thinking about you..would you like me to make a packed lunch or something…oh…you have to work..no its ok..if you have to go into work, you have to go in…its ok..honest..ill be home, so you call me if you get a break or something…ok..me too…bye” Julie said and put the phone down then she sighed. She was really looking forward to being with Nick today and being away from her mum and was disappointed. When she looked up she noticed that her mum was watching her…probably thinking in her head "I told you so” Julie turned herself around and rolled herself back into the room and shut the door. Things were going to work out with Nick, she knew in her heart they would, and she would prove her mum wrong. Julie smiled to herself and picked up her art book and began to draw a picture of Nick..the man she loved…

Background music ends


Sands Resort- Summer Bay

“Yeah, that’s fine, I’m just going over the menus, ill be there shortly..ok..bye” Bobby said and put the phone down. She had half day at uni so she spent the afternoons working at the Sands. She was really tired of the driving back and forth, but it was all for a good cause and she would be finishing her degree soon. Bobby double check the menu and got up from her desk and as she opened the door, she was greeted by Donald who was just about to knock.

“Dad what are you doing here?” Bobby said

“I was hoping to see you if you don’t mind” Donald said

“I am in a bit of a hurry, I need to go and give these menus to chef” Bobby said

“I can wait if you don’t mind” Donald said

“You can wait by the creche, Sam is in there, I was just going to check on him anyway” Bobby said as she pointed in the direction of the sign indicating the direction of the creche

“Right, Ill make my way over there” Donald said and smiled as Bobby walked away

Donald followed the signs for the creche and looked around. There were maybe 10 children in there, probably children of people who worked in the resort

“HELLO GRANDPA DONALD” Donald looked around to see Sam waving at him. He was surprised that Sam remembered him. Donald smiled and waved back and shortly after Bobby came in and stood next to him.

“I cant believe that he still remembers me” Donald said

“Yeah, he is a really smart boy” Bobby said then shortly after Sam ran over to them “Bobby look, I got them all right” Sam said as he showed Bobby his paper

“Yes you did, good boy” Bobby said and ruffled Sam’s hair. For doing well, you can have a treat for dinner….what would you like?” Bobby said and Sam pretended to think about it

“ummm Pizza!” Sam said

“Pizza it is!” Bobby said smiling as Donald looked at her

“Yeah” Sam said excited

“Go and do some more numbers, and ill come and get you when I finish working ok..be a good boy” Bobby said

“Ok” Sam said and ran back over to the table where he was sitting.

“So, what do you want to see me about?” Bobby said as she turned to look at Donald


Background music- Fishers theme


‘Lucinda and her gentleman friend Nick have broken up, and she is very heartbroken..he told her he was in love with someone else” Donald said

“What does that have to do with me?” Bobby said

“Well..it reminded me of how heartbroken you were about Frank and Roo…and how I dismissed your feelings..just like I dismissed your feelings when baby Tom died” Donald said as Bobby stared at him

“What im trying to say is that…I haven’t done a very good job of supporting you when you really needed me..and I am sorry about that..I know you must think that every time we make progress, we end up right back to the beginning” Donald said and Bobby smirked because she was just saying the same thing to Grant.

“I’ve already lost a child…I don’t want to lose another one…Bobby I’m sorry…im really sorry...can we start again” Donald said and Bobby noticed that there were tears in his eyes. Even though he had done this routine several times, Bobby felt like  that maybe he really meant it this time.

“Do you want to join us for pizza?” Bobby said

“Yes..yes, I would very much love to…thank you” Donald said and pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his eyes then Bobby leaned forward and hugged him and Donald breathed a sigh of relief..he was happy..he got his daughter back


Background music ends


Summer Bay

“I know, he’s such an idiot” Karen said as her friends laughed while they walked home from school  “I cant wait for the new surf club to open, all the spunky guys are going to be there” one of the girls said as they walked past the sign for the surf club “None of them are going to want you anyway” Karen said and the other girls laughed except the one who was the target of the joke. As they walked Karen noticed that there was a car parked outside the surf club building that had the licence plate ending 924. She noticed that boot door was open, so who ever was driving the car was nearby. Karen bent down to pretend to tie her shoe laces and all the girls stopped walking

“Go, on, ill catch up” Karen said and they all began to walk away. Karen stayed bended, because she didn’t want any of the girls asking her what she was doing. She was getting annoyed because whoever the driver was, was not coming out to the car and her friends where far ahead. Karen sighed then got up and just as she was about to walk away, she heard the boot door shut and she turned and got a shock when she saw Alf Stewart get into the car and drive away….

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 381



Morgan Residence- New York

Roo inhaled then exhaled and opened the front door. Pippa must've cooked dinner because the house smelled nice Roo admitted to herself

“Hello, just in time for dinner” Pippa said as she walked out of the kitchen with two plates

“You really don’t have to keep cooking” Roo said as she put her bag down

“It’s the least I can do since you welcomed me into your home” Pippa said and she put the two plates on the table.

“How was work?” Frank said as Roo sat next to him

“Yeah…good…busy” Roo said

“That’s probably going to be me when I go back to work on Monday” Frank said and inwardly he sighed. In a few days he was going to be going back to work..going back to the debt..

“I bet you will be happy to get back to Australia” Roo said as she put some of the spaghetti on her plate in her mouth. It tasted really really good. Much better than any she had ever made

“Well it was nice to be here with you both…and getting to spend some time with my son, but home is definitely calling me” Pippa said as she put her plate on the table

“Besides…I think I want to leave you too newlyweds alone” Pippa said and she pulled a chair up to the table and smiled at Frank and Roo who smiled back awkwardly…both knowing that things will be difficult when Pippa goes and it will be just them two…to face the reality….


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

Background music- Stewart family theme

Karen lay awake staring at the ceiling. She was still trying to process why Alf Stewart was coming to her house very late at night. As Karen continued to wonder she heard a car pull up outside the house. She got up quickly and stood by the window. This time it was just her mum alone arriving. Maybe it was a mistake, maybe she didn’t see the number plate properly…maybe just happened to be driving by…yeah maybe that is what it was…he was just driving by…


Blake tossed and turned and eventually opened his eyes. For some reason he was excited for the weekend. He was going on a camping trip with the Stewart's. Even though he had been camping with Mr Stewart before, he was always excited to be with him…it was strange because sometimes he felt he had more in common with Mr Stewart than with his own father. Even though he loved his father, he also felt love for Mr Stewart. Blake exhaled and smiled to himself then he closed his eyes and was reminded that Mr Stewart said he could drive some of the way because he was doing really well with his driving..…


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Ailsa put some insect bite cream into the suitcase and crossed it off her list. She scanned up and down the list to make sure she had everything for the camping trip and smiled. She had been camping before, but this trip felt special because they were going as a family, and this was Duncan’s first campaign trip.


Sandra sighed. She had been listening to Mrs Stewart packing for the camping trip this weekend. In a way she was excited because it meant time away from Summer Bay, but it wasn’t permanent. Sandra sighed…she had thought about it…she wanted to leave, and when they got back..she was going to tell Mrs Stewart that she wanted to go to a new foster home…


Cameron Residence- Summer Bay

Adam sat outside on the deck and stared at the still water…the moon was bright and Summer Bay was quiet. Sometimes he wished that he didn’t dock in Summer Bay in the first place…then he never would've seen what he saw at the school…never would've been reminded of the pain…never have been reminded of his mum. Adam sighed as a tear ran down his cheek….


Gibson Residence- Yabbie Creek

“Its ok…you don’t have to apologize..you had no choice, you had to work” Julie said as she held the phone to her ear

“I know I don’t, but this was going to be our first date as you know…boyfriend and girlfriend…and I wanted it to be special” Nick said

“It will be special” Julie said as she felt the butterflies in her stomach

“Ok, so what about tomorrow night, what time do you finish work?” Nick said

“There is no bingo tomorrow, so I finish at five” Julie said

“How about I pick you up after work, and we can go for dinner” Nick said

“That sounds great…I cant wait” Julie said

“Me too” Nick said

“Its getting late…and you have to go to work early in the morning” Julie said

“Are you trying to get me off the phone?” Nick said

“No..I just want my boyfriend to have a good nights sleep thinking of me” Julie said and laughed

“How do you know ill be thinking of you?” Nick said

“Well you better be” Julie said

“Ok ok ok, ill be thinking of you” Nick said

“Good..” Julie said

“I love you” Nick said

“I love you too” Julie said and she smiled to herself. She couldn’t believe that she now had an amazing boyfriend who loved her

“Goodnight” Nick said

“Goodnight” Julie said then she put the phone down and sighed

“Julie love, do you want some tea?” Joanne said as she noticed that Julie had put the phone down. Julie didn’t respond. She rolled herself to her room and closed the door..


Fisher Residence- Summer Bay

Lucinda stared at the photo of her and Nick. She remembered when he first came to Summer Bay and was interested in her, at the time, all she could think about was Matt…then she was interested in Adam which didn’t go anywhere. When her and Nick tried for a second time, she thought it was fate…fate bringing them together…but it appeared that wasn’t true. It always seemed to end up this way, Lucinda thought. Anytime she was interested in someone they went away…Shane..Matt..and now Nick. Lucinda sighed then she turned to her side and closed her eyes before a tear fell….


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Ben opened his eyes, he looked over to see that Carly was fast asleep. He slowly got up from the bed and walked over to her bag. He quietly rummaged through it and took out her purse. He opened it and took out the $50, closed her purse and put it in his shirt pocket on the chair near the bed then he got back into bed with her, smiled to himself and closed his eyes..

Background music ends


Next day….


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

“Blake come on, you’re going to be late” Debra shouted as she put a folder into her briefcase. When she looked up she noticed that Karen was looking at her

“Is there something wrong?” Debra said angrily as she looked at Karen

“No” Karen said as she put some cereal into her mouth

“Well make sure you are home on time because your dad is coming to pick you up” Debra said as Blake put his suitcase by the door and walked over to the table and sat down

“I thought Mr Stewart was coming to pick you up from here?” Debra said curiously

“He is, but I thought it would be easier to put the suitcase by the door” Blake said as he poured some cornflakes into the bowl

“Why are you so excited, its only camping” Karen said and rolled her eye

“So? I like it that’s why” Blake said

“Its boring and so is Mr Stewart” Karen said and laughed

“Get out and go to school” Debra said angrily

“I was only joking” Karen said

“Get out” Debra said again annoyed. Karen rolled her eyes and got up from the table, picked up her school bag, walked towards the door, opened it and slammed it shut

“She can be such a brat sometimes” Blake said

“Just eat your breakfast” Debra said

“What campaign trail are you going to…I might come and visit” Debra said and smiled to herself…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Don’t look at me” Steve said as he walked into the kitchen with his cereal bowl as Carly sighed

“I had $50 in my purse…great, that was the shopping money for this week” Carly said

“Check your bag again, maybe it fell in there” Steve said

“I already did that” Carly said annoyed

“Why are you getting angry with me, I don’t know what happened to your money…..maybe youre boyfriend took itcome on Sal” Steve said as he picked up his school bag from the floor. Sally put some toast in her mouth and rushed to the kitchen to put her plate in the sink

“That’s not funny Steven” Carly said annoyed

“Carly we are practicing the school play after school today” Sally said

“Steve will pick you up” Carly said annoyed that the money was missing from her bag

“Ok…bye” Sally said and she rushed out of the house as Ben was coming in

“Good morning” Ben said as he tried to kiss Carly

“Whats wrong?” Ben said looking at Carly

“$50 is missing from my purse” Carly said and Ben looked at her in shock

“Really? Who do you think took it?” Ben said

“I don’t know..that was money for the shopping” Carly said and sighed

“I would give you the money myself if I had it” Ben said

“I know you will..thank you” Carly said and kissed Ben

“Anyway, I better get going to work” Ben said

“I cant believe you still have to work there and they haven’t paid you yet” Carly said

“Yeah, I know…they said this week, so hopefully it will be today” Ben said

“Don’t forget to ask Mr Stewart about the surf club” Carly said

“Yeah, I might do that on my way home from work” Ben said

“Oh,.I forgot, hes going away this weekend, so it will have to be Monday” Carly said

“Right, ill ask him then” Ben said and kissed Carly

“Ill see you later” Ben said and Carly smiled

“See you later” Carly said and smiled as she watched Ben walk out of the house then she sighed when she thought about the lost money. Ben whistled as he walked to his car, he opened the door and got in and put the key in the ignition. Before he drove off, he put his hand in his pocket and took out the $50 and smiled to himself then started the engine and drove away…

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 382




High School- Summer Bay

Adam mopped in front of the girls locker room. The hallway was quiet since the kids were all in class which

Allowed Adam to do his job in peace.  However as he got closer to the door he could hear shouting. He stopped mopping and slightly pushed the door open

“Why don’t you just leave me alone” Sandra said

“Why? This is fun…maybe you might off yourself like that idiot Craig” Karen said and laughed

Sandra sighed and tears started forming in her eyes

“Aww are you going to cry? Go on then…see if I care…nobody cares about you..not even your own parents…didn’t your dad shoot your mum? I bet she was just as annoying as you” Karen said and Adam put his head down and closed his eyes

“Don’t say that about my mum?” Sandra said

“What are you going to do about it?” Karen said then she pushed Sandra into the toilet door

“You better have my money on money or im going to shove your head into the toilet” Karen said and laughed. When Adam heard foosteps he let the door close and began to mop the floor as the door opened

“Careful, its wet over there” Adam said

“Maybe I should fall over then you can pick me up” Karen said and winked. Adam didn’t respond and continued mopping as Karen walked away. A few minutes later the door opened and Sandra came out.Adam looked at her, her face was red

“Are you alright?” Adam said and Sandra ignored him and walked away. Adam watched as she walked away and for a split second he felt some guilt…then he shook his head no “Its not my business anyway” Adam said trying to convince himself then he continued to mop the floor…


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

“Now are you sure you don’t want me to ask young Steven to come and help you?” Alf said

“Oh Alfred, ive minded the shop several times..I’ll be fine” Celia said

“Yes but you still have a dodgy leg” Alf said as she looked at walking stick that Celia was holding

“Well if you insist…Im going to head off now, a few things to do before we head off tonight” Alf said as he walked towards the door

“Well have a good time” Celia said

“Thanks sis..we will” Alf said he walked out of the shop. Celia waited until he got into his car then she walked around the counter and picked up the phone

“Hello Betty…its me” Celia said as she pulled the chair over to the phone and got comfortable…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“So everything is set?” Ailsa said to Colleen

“Everything is right as rain, now you head off home and get ready for your little family holiday” Colleen said and smiled

“Thanks” Ailsa said and she walked into the kitchen

“So Viv will be ok to come in tomorrow? Ailsa said

“Yes, thank you…shes really looking forward to it” Grant said

“Good..right I better go and get Duncan from the sitter…and ill see you all on Monday” Ailsa said and she grabbed her bag that was hanging up, waved and walked out of the diner

Colleen wiped the counter as she watched Ailsa walk out. Grant walked out of the kitchen and put some napkins on the counter. “Alf and Ailsa as such a lovely couple…it was a bit rocky at the beginning but since they had Duncan, they are the perfect little family..Yes love, what can I get you” Colleen said to a customer and Grant smiled


Bingo Hall- Yabbie Creek

Julie took the little mirror out of her bag and looked at herself. She woke up extra early to curl her hair and she had to admit it looked very nice. She was nervous and excited because Nick was going to be there at 5pm, and she wished the time was going faster. Julie smiled to herself and then put the mirror in her bag as Jim walked into the office

“Hi Julie” Jim said

“Hi” Julie said without looking up

“You look really pretty today?” Jim said

“Thanks” Julie said and looked up at Jim

“If youre not doing anything after work, do you want to go and watch a movie?” Jim said

“No thanks…im going out with my boyfriend” Julie Said. Saying that made her have butterflies in her stomach

“Oh…right..well have a good time then” Jim said disappointed

“Thanks” Julie said and watched as Jim walked out of the office.


Phone ringing


Emotional background music

“Hello, administration office” Julie said as she answered the phone

“G’day beautiful” Nick said

“Hi…I was just talking about you” Julie said excited

“Really, hope you were saying you love me” Nick said

“Do you remember Jim? Well he asked me out tonight and I said I couldn’t go because I am going out with my boyfriend” Julie said and smiled to herself as Nick sighed

“Nick..is there something wrong?” Julie said concerened

“Im really sorry that I have to do this again… I have to work overtime tonight…some of the guys called in sick… so I have no choice” Nick said and Julie felt her heart crush

“Julie…are you there” Nick said

“Yes..im here” Julie said

“Im really sorry, I tried to get out of it, but I couldn’t” Nick said

“No, its alright, if you have to work, you have to work” Julie said

“I really am sorry” Nick said

“Its alright..its not your fault” Julie said dejected

“I will make this up to you..I promise….do you still love me?” Nick said

“Yes, of course I do” Julie said trying to smile

“Listen..I got to go…ill ring you tonight when I get a chance” Nick said

“Ok” Julie said

“I love you..bye” Nick said

“I love you too” Julie said then the line went dead. Julie sighed then she put the receiver down. It wasn’t supposed to be like this…maybe he is having second thoughts Julie thought to herself…maybe her mum was right. Julie shook her head no. Nick loved her and she loved him and they were going to make it work. Juli inhaled then exhaled and continued to pack the files into the box..


High School- Summer Bay

Lucinda typed the letter then she stoped and sat back in her chair. Today had been tough. She brought sandwiches from home so she wouldn’t have to go out and potentially see Nick. She felt horrible about what happened and wondered if it was time to leave Summer Bay…maybe it was…


Adam sat in his favourite spot on the roof. He was having a late lunch. He took the sandwich out of the bag and bit into it. He chewed it and swallowed. He was about to take another bite when he suddenly felt like he had lost his appetite. Adam sighed then he put the sandwich in the bag and headed back downstairs. As he got downstairs, the school bell rang and the kids were rushing in the corridor to get their belongings from their lockers and go home for the weekend. Adam chucked the half eaten sandwich into his cart and began to push it around the corner to his utility room where he kept his tools and other things he needed for the school maintenance. He was just about to walk out of the utility room when he heard some girls talking

“Do you really think shes going to give you the money?” One girl said

“Of course she is” Karen said

“What if she tells her parents?” the girl said

“What parents, her mum is dead and her dads in jail, shes only living with the stupid Stewarts because Ailsa felt sorry for her…nobody wants that girl and nobody cares. Shes a loser and im going to make her pay until she kills herself like that drop kick Craig” Karen said and laughed along with the other girl. Adam waited until they walked by. This time the guilt he was feeling was strong. As he walked towards the boys locker room to wash up to leave he saw Sandra standing by her locker. He could tell she looked really sad. She turned to look at Adam then she locked her locker and walked away. Adam sighed then he went into the bathroom and closed the door


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Duncan giggled as Ailsa attempted to close the suitcase

“I think your mummy has packed too many things” Ailsa said and she struggled once more and ended up falling on top of the suitcase which made Duncan giggle even more. Ailsa laughed right along with him. For some reason she was happy…really happy. Sandra was going to be home soon then they were going to wait for Alf to pick up Blake then they were all going to leave from here. Ailsa exhaled with happiness, she was so excited and couldn’t wait…


High School – Summer Bay

Knock at the door

“Yes come in” Donald said when he heard the door knock. When he heard the door opened, he looked up

“Yes, what is it?” Donald said

“Mr Fisher... I need to tell you something” Adam said and exhaled as Donald looked at him


Background music ends dramatically

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 383




Background music- Stewart family theme

Yabbie Creek

Alf shut the boot of his car and got into the driving seat. He had to go to the Yabbie Creek to get a few things for the camping trip. Al started his car engine and thought about how he was actually looking forward to the trip. Even though Duncan was too young to understand anything, he was happy that Blake was coming. He had grown very fond of Blake, at times he felt like he was his own son because they had a lot of things in common. Alf smiled to himself then he indicated right and drove away.


High School- Summer Bay

Donald stared at Adam as he spoke. He had been teaching for what seemed like forever and felt that he had seen everything possible, but he was actually lost for words as he listened to Adam. For the first time in his career he felt like a failure...he felt responsible…


Barlow Residence- Summer Bay

Sandra sighed as she stood outside what used to be her old home. She could remember it like it was yesterday…the fighting..the beatings…the bullying. Sandra wiped a tear from her eye. She thought that when she left this home…that was it…and it was until she met Karen. In a way she did go through some with Emma but not like this. She felt helpless even though inside she knew she was strong. Maybe she felt weak because Karen was going to tell Steve how she felt. Sandra sighed, it wouldn't have made a difference anyway…and it wasn’t going to make a difference now because she was leaving.  Sandra looked at the house again and wiped the tear from her eye and began to walk away. As Sandra made her way along the road she turned around when she heard the police siren. She noticed that it was PC Parrish and he appeared to be in a hurry. Sandra turned around again and continued to walk home..


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

Karen packed all the things she was going to need for the weekend at her dads place. She couldn’t believe that Blake would prefer to go to a cruddy camp site instead of being in the city with their dad. Karen shrugged her shoulders and picked up her top from the bed and folded it and put it in her bag. She always had a close relationship with her dad, and Blake was closer to their mum. Karen smiled as she thought of all the times she got in trouble with her mum, but her dad always made it better. Although she had no choice in the move to Summer Bay, if things went well with the court, she would be back home…in the city with her dad. Karen smiled to herself..


Blake picked up the fishing magazine from his bed, rolled it up and put in inside his backpack. He then remembered he needed his camera and walked out of his room

“Mum have you seen my camera?” Blake said as his mum who was in the kitchen

“No sweetheart, have you checked your room? Debra said

“Yeah…let me ask Karen” Blake said then he walked into his sisters room

“Have you seen my camera?” Blake said

“I told you to knock before you come in” Karen said annoyed

“Well? Have you seen it?” Blake said

“What do you need it for..let me guess…you want to take photos of the stupid Stewart” Karen said and laughed

“Don’t say that..have you seen it?” Blake said annoyed

“No…I haven’t” Karen said and Blake began to search her room because he knew she was lying


Knock at the door


“Why are you going through my stuff..i don’t have your stupid camera” Karen said and she pushed Blake onto the bed

“Hello Ms Lawrence…sorry to disturb you at home, but there is a very serious matter that I have to discuss with you. Do you mind if myself and Pc Parrish come in? Donald said as Debra looked at him confused

“Yes…come in” Debra said

“Get off me” Blake said as Karen tried to wrestle him

“Shhh” Karen said as she heard Mr Fishers voice

“What?” Blake said as he watched Karen slowly go and stand behind the bedroom door. Blake looked confused and got up from the bed and stood behind the door next to his sister. Karen's mouth dropped as she heard Mr Fisher telling her mum everything…about Craig and about Sandra. Karen turned and looked at Blake who had a look of shock on his face. He knew his sister was bad sometimes but he never knew that it was because of her that Craig killed himself. Karen started panicking..she thought that she had gotten away with the Craig situation. Her mum once told her that if she got into trouble again, she was going to boarding school..maybe even worse since the police were there


”I have to get out of here” Karen said and she began to walk around the room thinking about what she was going to do

“You cant…you didn’t kill Craig…ti wasn’t your fault” Blake said for the first time feeling genine concern for his sister. He could see the fear in her eyes

“I have to get out of here…if I get into trouble again, mum said I have to go to boarding school” Karen said

“KAREN” Karen and Blake looked at each other when they heard their mum call. Karen rushed over to the window and began to clime out

“Karen this is stupid..you’re just making it worse for yourself..where are you going to go?...just go and talk to Mr Fisher, its probably not as bad as you think” Blake said as Karen jumped out of the window and began running

Blake sighed as he watched his sister run off down the road until she disappeared. A few moments later the bedroom door opened

“Didn’t you hear me calling you?” Debra said angrily when the door flew open. She was so mad..she knew that her daughter was trouble sometimes…but not to this extent

“Where is Karen?” Debra said as Blake turned around and looked at his mum

“I don’t know” Blake said and sighed then he turned back and looked out of the window..


Summer Bay

Karen ran as fast as she could. She didn’t know where she was going, but all she knew is that she had to get away and fast. As she ran, different images came into her mind…when she was a little girl and her family used to go on holidays..when her dad would put her on his shoulders…when her parents divorced and she had to move to Summer Bay….Craigs face…Sandra’s face. A tear ran down Karen’s cheek as she ran…then an idea came into her head…she knew where she was going…and she knew how she was going to get there..


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

Blake looked at PC Parrish who was writing notes in his notebook then he looked at Mr Fisher who was staring at him. He then looked up at his mum who had a mixture of shock, annoyance and disappointment on her face. Blake sighed. Karen was his twin…his sister…he didn’t want to dob on her, but Mr Stewart taught him that it is always best to tell the truth. Blake sighed as he told PC Parrish what he knew


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

“Really? Are you sure?” Celia said with one hand on the phone and putting a can on the shelf

Celia heard the door to the shop open

“I have to go Betty, a customer just came in” Celia said and pressed end call

“Yes Karen, what can I get for you”  Celia said as she slowly began to walk back to the counter. Karen looked at Celia as she breathed heavily as she tried to remember. Then she looked behind ceila and saw the keys on the wall. She walked behind the counter and picked the key from the wall. She remembered the key because of the keychain

“What are you doing, you cant take those keys” Celia said but she was too slow and grabbed her walking stick and began to walk fast towards the door

“Come back here, you cant take those keys” Celia said but Karen was already out of the door. She looked around for the ute, the one that Alf was teaching Blake to drive in. It wasn’t parked at the front of the shop. Karen went around the back and saw the ute. She rushed over and opened the door and jumped in. As she tried to start the engine Celia came around the corner

“What are you doing? Im going to call the police!” Celia said as Karen started the engine and began to drive forward

“What are you doing…stop” Celia said and tried to move out of the way but was too late, the side of the car hit her and she went flying and landed on the floor. Karen didn’t car that she just hit someone, she had to get out of Summer Bay and fast.


Alf was just about to turn to pick up Blake when he remembered he had forgotten to take yesterday takings out of the safe. He turned right and continued on to the shop. As Alf got closer, he noticed that there were a crowd of people there. He looked confused as he tried to figure out what was going on. He parked his car and got out and walked to the crowd. When he got there, he opened his eyes wide when he noticed Celia on the floor with blood on her forehead

“Sis…sis are you alright?” Alf said as he bent down

“Alfred…it was that girl…Karen Lawrence..I tried to stop her” Celia said and she closed her eyes and swallowed

“Somebody call the ambulance!” Alf said

“Their on their way Alf” Someone responded

“What happened?” Alf said as he held Celia's hand

“Karen…she came into the shop…she took…the keys for the car…and as I was trying to stop her…she hit me with the car” Celia said as the ambulance pulled up

“Ok folks out of the way” The paramedic said as Celia went into and out of consciousness

They're going to take real good care of you sis..ill see you at the hospital”Alf said

“Please get Michael” Celia said as the ambulance attempted to put her on the stretcher.

“Ok sis” Alf said angrily. He always knew that Karen was a brat, but he never knew she would go this far. Alf got into his car reversed and drove off screeching his tires. 


Summer Bay

Karen didn’t know how to drive well, but she was trying her best. She noticed that as she tried to go fast, the car was going slow…and eventually the car stopped. Karen tried several times but the car wouldn’t start

“Great” Karen thought to herself. She had no money and no other way to get out of Summer Bay. Then she had the idea to go back home. By now Mr Fisher and the police would've left. She would be able to sneak back into her room, get her money and go. Karen smiled at the great idea she thought of, got out of the car and began to run home


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

Debra sat on the couch just staring into space. She has so many emotions running through her mind..she was angry, hurt, disappointed…embarrassed…she didn’t know how they could continue living in Summer Bay..not after what had happened..it would be too embarrassing…having to go to school and face all the teachers and children. Debra looked at her sons closed door and sighed. She felt sorry for him, he was always trying to be good, but now his sisters actions were going to affect his life too.

Blake stared at the closed door. He didn’t even feel like going fishing anymore, because the whole day was ruined”

Knock on the window” Blake got up from bed when he heard the window knock. He opened the curtain to see Karen. He smiled in relief and opened the window to let her in

“Im glad you came back” Blake said

“Im not staying, I just came to get some money..has everyone gone?” Karen said

“How much trouble am I in?” Karen said and Blake sighed


Knock at the door


Karen and Blake looked at each other as they heard a loud banging on the front door

“That’s probably Mr Stewart…I don’t even feel like going camping now” Blake said disappointed

“WHERE IS SHE?” Alf said as Karen opened the door


“Alf what are you talking about?” Debra said confused


“Shes not here Alf..im sure she didn’t mean it, Celia will be ok..im sure of it” Debra said

“NO, SHE STOLE MY CAR AND NEARLY KILLED MY SISTER, IM CALLING THE POLICE” Alf said as he looked around and saw the phone on the all by the kitchen and started walking towards it

“Please Alf..dont do that…we have a situation going on..I don’t think she meant to do that…please lets just talk about it” Debra said


Knock on the door


Debra rushed to the front door and opened it to see her ex husband and sighed

“Debra, are the kids ready?” Dennis said

“Alf, please don’t call the police” Debra said as Alf got nearer to the phone. Blake and Karen stood behind the door listening

“What is going on?” Dennis said confused

“Your daughter stole my car and ran over my sister nearly killing her” Alf said as he picked up the phone

“There must be some kind of mistake” Dennis said dismissing what Alf said

“No its not a mistake, and the police are going to sort it out right now” Alf said as dialled the first 0 of the three 0’s of the emergency number

“Alf..please stop..dont call the police” Debra said as she pleaded with Alf

“No Deb, ive put up with her attitude and rudeness but she stole my car and she nearly killed my sister..she needs to be taught a lesson” Alf said as he dialed the second 0

Dennis was shocked by what was going on, his daughter was a little trouble at times but was always a sweet girl

“Alf, please stop…you don’t know what you are doing…please…lets just talk about it” Debra said panicking. She already knew how much trouble her daughter was in, and didn’t want any more

“Give me one bloody good reason why I shouldn’t call the police” Alf said staring straight at Debra

“Just as I thought, you cant give me one” Alf said then he dialled the final 0 and before Debra could stop herself she closed her eyes

“SHES YOUR DAUGHTER!!!!” Debra said and Alf froze...and let the phone fall out of his hand..then he turned around to look at Debra. Debra sighed then she turned around to look at Dennis who looked at her shocked…shortly after she heard a door open and Blake and Karen came out of the room and stared at her…Debra closed eye eyes and sighed...she couldn't believe what she had just donw


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 384


Sands Resort- Summer Bay

Marilyn was sweeping the floor, she just finished cutting a customer’s hair when she heard the bell above the shop make a noise. When she looked up she saw Adam at the door

“G’day” Adam said as he closed the door behind him

“Hello” Marilyn said and continued to sweep the floor. There was an awkward silence

“How are you?” Adam said

“Fine” Marilyn said

“Look..i’m sorry for what happened the other day” Adam said and Marilyn ignored him

“Im just going through a few things right now..I guess I should been more open  instead of pushing you away” Adam said and Marilyn sighed then she stopped sweeping, and looked at Adam. She had made up her mind that she wasn’t going to forgive him, but he appeared to be remorseful

“Is everything alright now?” Marilyn said as she walked towards Adam

“Yeah…it is” Adam said and smiled. He knew he made the right decision telling Mr Fisher…he just knew it…


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

Karen began shaking her head no. She was in shock about what had just heard..Alf Stewart was really her father…maybe her mum was lying..maybe she was just saying that so he wouldn’t call the police

“Mum…what do you mean?” Blake said as he looked at his Dad then at Alf then at his mum

“Sweetheart, Im sorry…you wasn’t suppose to find out like this” Debra said as tears ran down her cheeks. She rushed over to Blake and hugged him. He didn’t move. She tried to reach for Karen who shrugged her off but stared at Alf

Alf was in shock. He slowly walked over to the dining table and pulled the chair out and sat down. He couldn’t believe what he just heard…he had two children that he never knew about…why wouldn’t Debra tell him she was pregnant. He remembered vividly the day he told her he wanted to end things and concentrate on his marriage. If she had said something, he would've made sure he was there for the children

“So…all these years…you lied Debra” Dennis said and Debra sighed

“Dennis…I didn’t mean too…you came along after Alf left..I wanted to tell you, but when you found out I was pregnant..the joy in your eyes..I couldn’t tell you..I'm really sorry” Debra said

“Karen..Karen please say something” Debra said as she gently touched Karen’s arm. She was still staring at Alf

“It all makes sense now…the license plate…the sneaking out..you two were also having an affair” Karen said and Alf looked at her in shock. All the colour drained out of his face as reality set in. His secret was out in the open with another secret he never knew existed

“Is that why you insisted that we come to Summer Bay…because you wanted to have an affair with Alf? Or is that the reason why you and dad got a divorce…YOU WERE GETTING IT ON WITH HIM” Karen said annoyed and pointed at Alf

“HOW CAN YOU DO THAT TO DAD?” Karen said as a tear ran down her cheek then she walked over to her dad and hugged him. Dennis didn’t even know how to feel. He just found out that the children he loved more than life were not even his children

“No, it wasn’t like that..Dennis, I wasn’t having an affair” Debra was interrupted

“But youre having one now…and YOU’VE JUST RUINED MY LIFE” Karen said looking at her mum as more tears ran down her face. Blake didn’t say much…he was hurt…but at the same time, it made sense now..all the things he had in common with Mr Stewart…he thought it was just a coincidence…but it wasn’t…Mr Stewart was his dad.

Alf looked at Blake then he looked down at the table. He felt so ashamed…all the time he spent with Roo, he could’ve also been spending the time getting to know his son and daughter.

Karen looked at Alf..he was looking down at the table…he didn’t appear to have any remorse or reaction…maybe he already knew and was pretending..yeah he probably knew and was pretending

“I bet you knew all along Alf” Karen said and Alf looked up at her

“Love..im just finding out all this now” Alf said

“DON’T CALL ME LOVE” Karen said

“What kind of man are you anyway? Sneaking behind your wifes back having an affair” Karen said and Alf couldn’t respond because Karen was telling the truth. There was nothing he could say that would be acceptable. Karen let go of her dad and she walked closer to Alf

“Since you ruined my life…im going to ruin yours” Karen said and smiled sarcastically then she rushed out of the house slamming the door behind her

“What does she mean…KAREN WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” Dennis said as he walked towards the window but Karen had already gone. It took Alf a few seconds then it finally registered

“Oh no….I think shes going to my house..shes going to tell my wife” Alf began to panic

“Maybe its best that everything is out in the open” Debra said and she walked towards Alf

“Shes going to tell my wife…my son is there..I need to go..right now” Alf said getting up from the table

“We need to talk about this Alf..about what we are going to do” Debra said and Alf rushed towards the door

“ALF!” Debra said as Alf rushed to his car, got in and drove off. Debra sighed. Everything was a mess…everything was ruined. She always dreamed of things being out in the open, and now that they were..it was not how she imagine. Debra closed the door and turned around. Blake stared at her with disappointment on his face then he walked into his bedroom and closed the door

“Selfish as always…getting what you want at the expense of others” Dennis was interrupted

“Dennis, im really sorry” Debra said

“Don’t you dare say anything to me…How could you?..you lied to me..made me think they were mine and you knew they weren’t..you really are a wicked woman…and all this mess you’ve made, I hope it was all worth it.Blood or no blood, I’m still taking you to court and getting my children back…I’m their father and don’t you forget it” Dennis said and he walked towards Blakes room, knocked, opened the door went in and closed the door behind him.

Debra walked into her room and shut the door.  She felt weak..drained…nothing was supposed to be like this. She sat on the bed …she knew she should’ve been honest at the beginning but one lie turned into another..turned into another and she couldn’t stop, and now..it was all gone Debra thought and she gently laid her head on the pillow and began to cry..


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

“Oh drats, I knew I forgot something” Ailsa said as she put her hand on her hip

“What?” Sandra said

“I forgot some extra plasters for the first aid kit” Ailsa said

“I can run down to the store and get some” Sandra said

“Thank you love” Ailsa said and she walked over to her purse and took some money out

“Get a few different sizes just in case” Ailsa said

“Ok, I wont be long” Sandra said then she put her jacket on and left the house…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“I cant believe you still have all this energy” bobby said as she walked into the house

“Sounds like someone had a good time” Grant said as he tied the apron around his waist. Even though technically Carly fired him, Bobby insisted he still work at the diner after dark

“I think he did..Sam tell Mr Grant about what you saw” Bobby said

“I saw the animals and and the bouncy castle..it was big!” Sam said opening his arms wide as Bobby and grant  laughed

“Now go upstairs and put your things away” Bobby said

“Ok” Sam said and he ran upstairs

“Where is everyone?” Bobby said

“Viv and Tammy are over at the caravan park. Steve said he will bring them over later, and Marilyn is out with Adam” Bobby said

“Sounds like all is well in paradise” Bobby said and smiled

“Anyway..I better get going..I don’t want to be late…the boss is already angry at me” Grant said and he winked and went out of the house. Bobby sat on the couch and exhaled. It had been a long day but fun.


Phone ringing


Bobby dragged herself up from the couch and walked over to the telephone

“Hello” Bobby said

“Bobby, its Andrew Foley” Andrew said

“Hi, how are you?” Bobby said

“Good good, how are you?” Andrew said

“Doing great. Sam and I just got back from kids world in the city, I think he had a good time” Bobby said smiling to herself

“That is what I wanted to talk to you about…..I got good news…Sam’s mum has completed her programme and shes ready to transition back and have Sam live with her again” Andrew said and Bobby felt the wind knocked out of her

“Ok..thats good” Bobby said trying to sound upbeat

“Yes I know…she did everything that was asked. Im surprised she was able to complete everything so quickly, I thought it would take a few more months” Andrew said

“So when is Sam going back to her?” Bobby said

“Well hopefully in two weeks..but ill double check and get back to you…how are Tammy and Viv doing?” Andrew said

“Yeah..they are fine” Bobby said

“Ok well Ms Malloy will be handling things from now on, so expect her to be in touch in the next few days” Andrew said

“Ok..thanks” Bobby said

“Anyway I have to go, ill let you know about the transition dates for Sam..bye” Andrew said

“Ok, bye” Bobby said but the line went dead. Bobby put the phone down and sat at the dining table dejected. Just like clockwork…anytime she loved someone they would leave…first her mum…then Frank..then Thomas.. and now Sam. Bobby sighed as a tear ran down her cheek as she thought about the fact that once again she was going to be alone…


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Background music – Stewart Family theme


Ailsa put some mints in her bag and put it on the table. She looked at her watch. Alf was running late even though he was the one who wanted to leave as soon as possible


Knock on the door

Ailsa wasn’t expecting anyone, and Sandra had a key but she walked over to the front door and opened it

“Hello Karen…you just missed Sandra, she’s gone to the shop but you can come in and wait for her” Ailsa said as she walked into the house and Karen walked in behind her

“I didn’t come her to see Sandra” Karen said and Ailsa turned around

“I came here to see you” karen said as she stared at Ailsa who had a confused look on her face


Summer Bay

“Come on…come on” Alf said as the traffic light was taking long to change. Eventually it changed and he began to drive as he could. He really should’ve been going to the hospital to see if Ceila was alright, but that didn’t matter right now..he had to get home to his wife…to his son..to save his marriage..


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Karen closed the door behind her and smirked as she walked away from the house. As she began to walk away she felt some relief…Alf Stewart had completely ruined her life, and she just did the same to him

“STOP RIGHT THERE..HANDS IN THE AIR” Karen turned around to see PC Parrish get out of his car. Karen sighed, she completely forgot that she was already in trouble. Maybe if she ran she could get away. She looked  around trying to see if she could make a run for it, and she was just about to when she felt PC Parrish’ arm grab her

“Karen Lawrence, I am arresting you for theft of a car, attempted murder of Celia Ross and your involvement in the death of Craig Barnett” Nick said and he exhaled. It felt good to finally say the last part…He was so happy that he was able to say something to his uncle who was rushing back home

“I didn’t do any of that” Karen protested as she got into the back of the police car

“Tell it to some one who cares” Nick said and he slammed the door. As the car was about to drive off Karen saw Sandra who stopped walking and looked at her. Karen kept her head straight while Sandra tried to figure out what was going on.

Sandra continued walking home when she noticed Mr Stewart's car drive by her which meant they would be going soon. Alf got out of the car and waited for Sandra

“Sandra love, you wouldn’t mind going over to the see your friends, I just want to have a talk with Ailsa” Alf said

“Are we not going camping anymore? Sandra said confused

“Yeah, but probably later on…we’ll come and get you”Alf said

“Ok..im going to the caravan park” Sandra said

“Alright love” Sandra said and she turned around and walked away. The distance from the car to the house was only a few feet, but for Alf it felt like a mile. Eventually he got to the front door and put his key in the lock

“Daddy Daddy” Duncan said excited to see his dad

“Hello mate” Alf said as he playfully tapped Duncan s head who went back to playing with his toys. Alf looked in the bedroom, Ailsa was not in there. He walked into the kitchen to find her sitting at the dining table

“Ails” Alf was interrupted

“Is it true?” Ailsa said

“Love…please let me explain” Alf was interrupted as he sat oposite Ailsa

“Is it true?” Ailsa said again staring at Alf as all the reality of what he had been doing hit him like a ton of bricks

“Im sorry love” Alf said and put his head down as a single tear ran down Ailsa cheek…

Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 385




Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Ok, bye” Steve said and put the phone down

“Carly said it ok for you to the stay the night” Steve said and walked towards the dining table and sat down

“What do you think is going on?” Viv said looking at Sandra

“I really don’t know. We were all supposed to be going camping tonight, and Mrs Stewart asked me to go and get some plasters from the store. On my way back I saw Mr Stewart and he said to come over here for a while and they were going to come and get me” Sandra said

“I hope everything is alright” Viv said

“Yeah, me too” Sandra said looking at her


Knock on the door


Steve got up and walked to the door and opened it

“Hello Steve, do you mind if I come in for a moment” Donald said

“Ok” Steve said and he opened the door wider and Nick walked into the house taking his hat off

“Sandra do you mind coming with me to the station” Nick said

“Am I in trouble ?” Sandra said

“No, not at all…I just need to ask you a few questions” Nick said

“What is it about?” Sandra said

“We can talk about it at the station” Nick said

“Can we go with her?” Viv said as her and Sandra held hands

“Im afraid not..it wont be long, and she'll be back before you know it” Nick said and smiled as Sandra got up from the chair and walked to the door

“Ok, im ready” Sandra said

“She’ll be back soon” Nick smiled again and opened the front door and Sandra closed the door behind her. Steve and Viv stood at the window and watched Sandra get into the back of the car then they watched Nick drive away

“I hope everything is alright” Viv said

“Yeah…me too” Steve said and sighed as he continued to look out of the window as the car drove away…


General Hospital- Summer Bay

Michael sat on the chair and watched as Celia slept. Fortunately, her injuries were not too bad. She broke her arm and some ribs and had some bruising, but she was going to be fine. The doctors wanted to keep her in overnight because she also had some concussion from falling onto her head. Michael sighed and sat back in the chair. He admitted to himself that he hadn’t been treating Celia very well….considering he married her for all the wrong reason. However seeing her lying in the hospital bed, he felt some guilt. Michael looked up to see Celia slowly tossing about on the bed. Michael leaned forward and gently held Celias hand, and she opened her eyes

“Michal” Celia said

“Shh..Don’t try and talk. Just get some rest..you’ll feel much better” Michael said. Celia looked at him and smiled and for the first time she saw the man she fell in love with…she saw the concern in his eyes and smiled..maybe the accident was a blessing in disguise..maybe it will help bring her and Michael closer together. Celia closed her eyes and gently gripped Michaels hand and she drifted off back to sleep


Police Station- Summer Bay


Background music- Stewart family theme

“Don’t worry sweetheart, I will get the best lawyer, and everything will be alright” Dennis said. Karen nodded her head as she fought back the tears trying to escape from her eyes

“Is it necessary for you to have her in handcuffs? Deborah said

“Yes” The police officer said without looking up from the notes he was writing about Karen

“Karen Lawrence you are arrested for stealing a vehicle, the attempted murder of Celia Ross and manslaughter in the death of Craig Barnett…do you understand?” The police officer said and Karen nodded her head

“Please verbally acknowledge that you understand” The officer said

“Yes” Karen said

“Due to the magnitude of the case, you will be held here overnight, and tomorrow transported to Waldorf creek jail…do you understand” The officer said

“Yes” Karen said trying to fight back the tears

“Get up, im taking you to your cell” the police officer said

“Its ok sweetheart, don’t worry, you’ll be out soon” Dennis said and the police officer looked at Dennis and smirked then he grabbed Karen's arm and pushed her in the direction of the cells.

Debra sighed. She couldn’t believe that all this was happened…she couldn’t believe that only did she potentially lose her daughter..she also potentially lost Alf too.

The police officer stopped outside an empty cell and took off the handcuffs. Karen walked into the cell and the officer locked the cell door and walked off. Karen looked around the cell then she walked over and sat on the bed. She folded her arms and that is when the reality hit her…that she was in so much trouble…she didn’t mean for things to go so far…she was only joking around..Karen looked around the small cell again..it suddenly felt like the room was spinning then she couldn’t hold them any longer…the tears started running down her cheeks and she sat back on the bed, hugged her knees and began to cry


“Do you know what time Karen will be transported to Waldorf Creek?” Dennis said as the office came back to the desk

“Usually anytime between 6-7am” The office said

“Thank you” Dennis said and he turned around and looked at Debra

“You know this is all your fault” Dennis said

“Not now Dennis” Debra said dejected then she began walking to the door and bumped into someone…when she looked up it was Bob Barnett. Bob stared at Debra, and she could see in his eyes that he was angry very angry

“Bob…” Debra said but Bob didn’t respond. He just looked at Debra then he walked away. Debra sighed

Dennis looked at Debra then he walked out of the police station. Every step Bob took to the cell made him angry. He couldn’t believe that at one point he thought that Debra and her children could be family…not knowing that Karen was hurting his little boy. When Bob finally reached the cell he stopped. Karen had her head down and she was crying. Eventually she could sense that someone was standing there and she looked up to see Craig's father looking at her. She felt so embarrassed that she wished the floor wouldve opened up and swallowed her but it didn’t. Bob stood and stared at Karen for what seemed like forever then eventually he walked away. He opened his office door, turned the light on and closed the door. He walked over to his desk and sat down. He picked up the photo of him and Craig that was son his desk and he put it on his chest and began to cry…


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Alf poured some more whisky in the glass and drank it. He was still trying to process what had happened…the fact that all the lies and sneaking around came crashing down on him and he lost his family  Alf stared at the empty glass as he tried to replay the last few hours in his mind…..finding outhe had two children he never knew about...trying to convince Ailsa not to leave..trying to apologize and say he wasn’t going to do it again, but none of that mattered..she left anyway….


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

Blake opened the draw and took out the photo and stared at it. It was a photo of himself and Mr Stewart…well his dad tat they took on a fishing trip. He remembered that day well…he hooked the bait on the fishing rod, chucked it into the water and while he waited, he and Mr Stewart bonded over the army and Blakes aspirations of joining. He remembered how proud Mr Stewart was when he caught such a big fish for his first try. Blake sighed. He felt so conflicted about how he felt, or how he should feel. Blake put the photo into the draw and closed it. He didn’t feel like staying in the house and when his dad suggested going to stay in a hotel he thought it would be best. Blake walked to the door, turned the light off and closed the door behind him


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Bobby looked up from reading the book to notice that Sam was fast asleep. She closed the book and gently kissed him on the head. She was so in love with him, and couldn’t understand why he would come into her life just to leave like everyone else. Bobby gently stroked Sams face and exhaled then she put the book on the book shelf, closed the door and went downstairs. The house was quiet since everyone was out. Bobby sat on the couch and picked up the photo album on the coffee table and opened it. It was some photos she had taken of herself and Sam last week. Bobby smiled


Knock on the door


Bobby looked at the door confused. She loked at her watch, it was late and she wasn’t expecting anyone. Bobby put the album on the coffee table and walked over to the door


“Who is it” Bobby said

“Bobby …its Ailsa” Bobby heard and was very confused. Over the last few months, her relationship with Ailsa had been strained since she lied about how she felt about Bobby becoming a foster parent. Bobby opened the door to see Ailsa standing at the door with Duncan and holding a suitcase

“Im sorry…I didn’t know where else to go…Alf has been having an affair and I left him” Ailsa said  with tears running down her cheeks as Bobby looked at her shocked..


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

Debra couldn’t sleep so she got up from her bed and walked to the kitchen to make some tea in the hopes that would settle her mind, her guilt, and allow her to sleep so she could be up tomorrow to go and be with Karen. Debra sighed as she remembered Karen being questioned by the police and all the things she was saying. She knew that Karen was trouble sometimes, but never like this. Debra sighed as she walked to the kitchen there was a knock on the door. She walked towards the door and looked out of the window and sighed. She quickly opened the door to see Alf standing there

“Im really glad you came” Debra said and Alf walked into the house and Debra put her arms around him and hugged him tight…maybe things were going to be ok after all…


Background music ends


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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 386



Morgan Residence- New York

Frank opened his eyes and looked at the clock next to his bed, as usual he was unable to have a full nights sleep. The apartment was quiet because Pippa and Roo were still asleep. Frank looked up at the ceiling and sighed

Background music- Fletcher family theme




Pippa- Hello- I hope you don’t mind me coming in

Frank- No, come in

Pippa- I was just going through the pantry and wanted to bring you over a few things

Frank- Pippa you already brought some things over yesterday, and the day before

Pippa- ok..I confess.. I miss you…You are the first one to leave home and I admit I haven’t gotten used to you not being there

Frank- I haven’t really left have I?, you will still get to see me often

Pippa- I know..I just wish you were back at home

Frank- This is something I had to do

Pippa- But why now?

Frank- I just had to…it’s the right time. I cant live at home forever

Pippa- I know…I just wish we had some warning…to get used to the idea

Frank- I just…need to be on my own for a while

Pippa – Well if this makes you happy

Frank- Yes..it does

Pippa- As long as we get to see you often then I wont feel bad

Frank- I promise

Pippa- Good…I love you son

Frank- I love you too..


Flashback ends

Frank blinked as a tear ran from his eye backwards to his ear. He was really going to miss Pippa. Her being here made him feel like he was back at home…in Summer Bay. Monday he was going to be back to his old life…back to having to take responsibility for his actions..back to feeling alone…

Background music ends


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Bobby poured the milk into the cup and stirred the tea as Grant walked into the kitchen

“I cant believe it…I thought Alf and Ailsa were devoted to each other” Grant said

“I guess we never know what is going on in other peoples marriages” Bobby said as she picked up the cup from the table

“Is there anything I can do?” Grant said

“Right now no. Ill find out what Ailsa wants to do about living arrangements. If you and Marilyn don’t mind, I would live to offer for her to stay here” Bobby said

“Absolutely…I don’t think Marilyn would mind either..What about Sandra? Grant said

“Well Sandra is staying at the caravan park tonight..she doesn’t know. Alf called and asked her to stay there , and they were going to come and pick her up in the morning for the camping trip” Bobby said and Grant sihed

“This is all such a mess..poor girl, she seemed really happy to be back in Summer Bay, and now she might have to move again” Grant said

“Well hopefully it doesn’t come to that. Im going to take this up to Ailsa. If you are still up when Marilyn gets in, please let her know what is going on” Bobby said and she began walking towards the stairs

“Right will do” Grant said as Bobby walked up the stairs


Background music- Stewart Family theme


At times like these Bobby was really grateful that she had a big house where she could offer shelter to people that needed it. Bobby exhaled and knocked on the spare room door

“Come in” Bobby heard and opened the door

“Sorry I only have these fold out beds” Bobby said as she put the cup of tea on the floor next to Ailsa

“This is fine…thank you..thank you for letting me stay here…I know things haven’t been” Ailsa was interrupted

“That’s not important right now…how are you?” Bobby said and she sat on the floor

“Im angry…sad..disappointed..i want to cry…I want to scream…I just don’t know how to feel” As a tear ran down her cheek. "You know…what makes me angry the most is that I never once suspected a thing..all the late night meetings..spending all the time with Blake..nothing..I didn’t suspect anything” Ailsa said

“Maybe he really didn’t know about Karen and Blake being his kids” Bobby said

“That is what he said…but tonight, for the first time, I just noticed how much Blake looks like Duncan…all the time I tried to be friends with Debra….trying to set her up with Bob Barnett..and she was having it off with my husband” Ailsa said and shook her head

“I feel like such a fool” Ailsa said

“No Ailsa, you are not a fool..Alf is the fool for ruining his family” Bobby said and sighed. This situation felt very familiar to her…

“Yes I am..I let this happen…I should’ve never came back after the first time. That should’ve been a sign that this marriage was never going to work” Ails said

“Don’t say that…if you never came back, you never would’ve had Duncan” Bobby said and Ailsa turned and looked at Duncan who was fast asleep

“How do I explain to him…he loves is father..how do I explain why his father isn’t home anymore..how do I break his heart” Ailsa said and she began to cry. Bobby sighed and she got up and sat on the fold out bed and hugged Ailsa

“Everything will be alright Ailsa…you always said that to me..and for the most part it did. I promise everything will be alright” Bobby said

“No they wont.” Ailsa said and she leaned back. Im leaving Summer Bay. You can buy my share of the diner” Ailsa said and she wiped her face

“Ailsa…this is your home…you don’t have to run away” Bobby said and Ailsa shook her head no

“Not anymore” Ailsa said

“What about Sandra?” Bobby said

“ill give her a choice, she can either come with me, or stay with Alf” Ailsa said

“Ailsa that isn’t a fair choice” Bobby said

“That is her only choice” Ailsa said and Bobby sighed

“Its late and everything just happened,…don’t make any decisions tonight..wait until the morning to have a clearer head. You are welcome to stay here as long as you want. Sandra can stay here too, we will make space” Bobby said and Ailsa smiled

“Thank you” Ailsa said

“What for?” Bobby said confused

“For everything…a place to stay…a shoulder” Ailsa said

“This is the least I can do for all you have done for me” Bobby said and smiled

“Im going to head to the caravan park ..I know its late but I want Sandra to here this from me before she hears it from the Summer Bay gossip line. Ill take her over to your place to get a few things and bring her back here” Bobby said and stood up

“Thank you” Ailsa said and Bobby smiled and walked out of the room and closed the door. Ailsa laid down on the bed and looked at Duncan then began to cry…


Bobby grabbed her jacket from her room and walked down the stairs

“You going out boss?” Grant said

“Yeah, I want to go and speak to Sandra before the summer bay gossips get to her, I will probably bring her back here..if she wants. There is a spare fold out bed in the shed, she can stay with Viv and Tammy in their room” Bobby said as she grabbed her keys from the counter

“I wont be long” Bobby said opening the door

“Alright, Ill get that bed ready” Grant said

“Thanks” Bobby said and she closed the door behind her


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Steve opened his eyes when he heard a car pull up outside. He had fallen asleep waiting for Sandra to get back from the police station. He rushed to the window  and saw her getting out of the police car. Sandra closed it, and  walked towards the front door. Steve rushed to the door and opened it before Sandra could knock.

“I thought you got arrested or something” Steve said

“No…nothing like that” Sandra said as she walked into the house and sat down at the dining table. Carly yawned as she walked into the living room

“Is everything alright Sandra?” Carly said then she heard a car pull up and stood by the window. She was hoping it was Ben since he hadn’t been back from work but it was Bobby. Carly opened the door and shortly after Bobby walked into the house

“Is there something going on?” Bobby said looking at the clock on the wall then at Carly, Steve and Sandra.

“Well..yes” Sandra said and Carly and Steve sat down. Bobby closed the door and sat down next to Sandra

“I just came back from the police station because I had to give a witness statement” Sandra said

“About what?” Carly said

“About Karen Lawrence..she was arrested tonight and charged with the manslaughter death of Craig.. she was also charged with stealing Mr Stewarts car and running over Mrs Ross” Sandra said

“Oh no…is Celia alright” Carly said

“I don’t know, shes in the hospital” Sandra said

“I don’t understand…what did she have to do Craig's death?” Bobby said

“Somehow she found out Craig was gay and was blackmailing him to give her money so she wouldn’t tell everyone at school..I guess he couldn’t take it anymore and killed himself” Sandra said

“That poor poor boy..I cant imagine what he was going through” Bobby said dejected, and Steve felt guilty. He knew what happened, he had seen Karen taking money from Craig..he knew he should’ve said something..

 “So why did the police want to talk to you?” Carly said and Sandra sighed

“Well, Someone told Mr Fisher about everything..and they also told Mr Fisher that they knew that Karen was doing the same to me..apparently she said she wasn’t going to stop until I killed myself too” Sandra said and a tear ran down her cheek

“Oh you poor thing..I am so sorry” Bobby said and she put her arm around Sandra. Carly got up from the chair and picked up some napkins from the kitchen and gave them to Sandra who wiped her face

“Why was Karen blackmailing you?” Steve said

“Steve that is non of your business” Bobby said as Steve looked at her

“Sandra, I don’t mean to pile it on you but the reason I came here tonight is…well…Mr and Mrs Stewart are going through a rough patch at the moment…and Mrs Stewart is staying at my place for a little while” Bobby said

“I knew something was wrong when Mr Stewart said I should come over here” Sandra said and she wiped her face as more tears ran down her cheeks

“I want you to here this from me, so you know the truth…Karen and Blake’s real dad is Alf Stewart” Bobby said and Carly opened her eyes wide

You're joking?” Carly said

“I wish I was” Bobby said

“How long have you known?” Carly said

“I just found out tonight” Bobby said

“Does that mean Mr and Mrs Stewart are getting a divorce?” Sandra said

“I don’t know yet…its probably too soon to say right now” Bobby said and Sandra sighed. She knew what this meant..it meant she would probably have to leave Summer Bay again

“I know you are probably concerned about what is going to happen to you, but there is nothing to be worried about…for now, you are more then welcome to stay with us at the beach house if you want” Bobby said and Sandra nodded and smiled

“How about we go to the house and get a few things to take back..ok?” Bobby said and Sandra smiled and nodded

“I’m sure the entire bay will know by tomorrow…so if anyone asks you anything, please don’t tell them anything” Bobby said

And Carly and Steve nodded

“Alright, lets get going” Bobby said and she opened the door

“See you later” Steve said and Sandra turned around and waved.

“I cant believe it…I thought Alf and Ailsa were committed to each other” Carly said

“I guess you never know what is really going on in other peoples homes” Steve said

“I guess not..im going to bed…goodnight” Carly said

“Yeah, night” Steve said as he turned the light off and followed Carly up the stairs…



Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

Alf looked to the right of the bed, Debra was asleep. He slowly got out of the bed and pulled his trousers on. Grabbed his shirt and walked out of the room. He stood by the kitchen table and rested his hands on the table and sighed. This was probably the worst he had ever felt in his life. Even when he thought he was going to prison, he never felt as bad as this. Alf put his hand on his forehead, and staired at the wall. He had made such a mess of his life. He didn’t even know why he came here. He didn’t know where Ailsa was, but he should’ve been out looking for her instead of here…but he wanted to get some answers from Debra…find out why she never told him about Blake and Karen. Hearing that she was arrested for all the things she did, Alf felt guilty that he nearly called the police on his own daughter. Alfs thougths were interrupted when he felt Debras arms wrap around him

“Cant you sleep?” Debra said and she kissed his back

“No.not really” Alf said and he turned around to look at Debra

“I know its all been a lot to take in..but everything is out in the open now..we don’t have to hide anymore..we can be together and you can get to know your kids” Debra said with a smile

“Deb, this is all too much right now” Alf said

I know, im sorry..but you have to admit…no more secrets and hiding feels good…ill make some space and you can more your stuff in whenever you are ready” Debra said and she kissed Alfs neck

“Wait a minute” Alf said moving back

“I didn’t say anything about moving in” Alf said

“Well now that Ailsa left you, whats stopping us from giving it a go?” Debra said confused

You're not even asking me if this is what I want” Alf said

“I don’t understand, I thought you would've wanted this?” Debra said

“Deb…I don’t know what I want..maybe I shouldn’t have come here tonight” Alf said

“Ok, im sorry, I didn’t mean to pile it all on you…we can take things slow” Debra said and she put her arms around Alfs neck and smiled

“Deb…I still love my wife” Alf said and Debra smile disappeared

“What are you saying?” Deb said

“I don’t know what I am saying..look, I better go, I need time to think” Alf said and he removed Debra's arms from his neck and she watched him pick up his keys, open the front door and close it behind him as Debra stared at the door disappointed…



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Viv and Sandra hugged each other

“Are you alright?” Viv said quietly not wanting to wake Tammy up

“I guess so..im just glad its all over” Sandra said

“Why didn’t you say anything in your letters? I am your best friend” Viv said

“I know…I was ashamed

“Everything is going to be ok” Viv said and she hugged Tammy

“I hope so because I really don’t want to leave Summer Bay..ill miss everyone too much” Sandra said and she wiped the tear from her cheek and closed her eyes…



General Hospital- Summer Bay

Alf walked along the corridor quietly. He knew visiting hours were over a long time ago, but he didn’t care. He looked through the window and saw that Celia was asleep. He slowly opened the door and closed it behind him. He pulled the chair over to the bed and sat down. He gently grabbed Celia’s hand and with his hand he began to shake her gently. Celia tossed her head and eventually opened her eyes

“Alfred” Celia said

“Yes sis..its me” Alf said

“What time is it?” Celia said

“Its way past visiting hours” Alf said. Celia rubbed her eye with her other hand and when she looked over at Alf, she noticed that he had tears in his eyes

“Alfred…what is the matter?” Celia said with concern

“Oh sis..ive made such a mess of things..such a mess” Alf said as laid his head on Celia's leg and began to cry…



Background music ends

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On 04/09/2020 at 14:28, CaptainHulk said:

Seems like Bobby's got tons of room in that house!

Haha yes she has five rooms.



Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 387



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Stewart family theme

Ailsa couldn’t sleep. She stared at Duncan and watched his chest rise and fall as he breathed. He was so innocent, he didn’t know what was going on. Ailsa sighed as she thought about how life was going to be now…beign a single parent..haing to find a way to cope with moving on. Although she promised Bobby that she wasn’t going to make any decisions, she knew that she couldn’t stay in Summer Bay..be the topic of conversation again..maybe this time she was the last to know. Maybe everyone else knew that her husband was having an affair. She had to go..she had to leave..


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

Debra covered herself with the blanket, it was a little chilly. She was also a bit tired after everything that happened…she knew that she wanted Alf to know about Blake and Karen, but she never expected it to be like this…she also never expected that her daughter would be currently sitting in prison. “Maybe I never should’ve come here” Debra said out loud and in a way she meant it…however she never would've found love again with Alf. Since he left, Debra knew that staying in Summer Bay would be humiliating when people found out about Karen..but she loved Alf, and they still had their secret…he loved her and she owed her children the right to get to know their father even thought Dennis was still trying to get custody. Debra sighed. Everything was such a mess…but she knew now that things were out in the open…they could only get better.


Morgan Residence- New York

“You sure you don’t want us to wait for you to get ready?” Pippa said as she reached for her hand bag

“No, its ok…besides I have to do some laundry and stuff” Roo said as she smiled at Pippa

“Ok..well is there anything we can get for you?” Pippa said as Frank came out of the bathroom

“No no, thanks” Roo said

“Right, are you ready” Frank said as he grabbed his walking stick

“Yes” Pippa said and smiled

“I guess we will see you later” Frank said to Roo who forced herself to smile. Roo watched them walk out of the house and close the door. She exhaled and went to sit back on the bed


Phone ringing


Roo got up and walked to the couch and sat down then picked up the phone receiver

“Hello” Roo said

“Ruthy love…its me” Alf said

“Dad, how are you” Roo said and she picked up her watch on the table and looked at the time

“Is there something wrong?” Roo said

“No love…I just wanted to hear your voice..that's all” Alf said

“Are you sure? Roo said

“Yes of course I am sure…so tell me how you are, how is everything?” Alf said


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

“That’s great love” Alf said as tears ran down his cheeks. As he spoke to Roo he felt so guilty..how could he tell her that he had an affair when he was married to her mum…how could he tell her that she had a brother and sister she never knew about…how could he tell her that he had also been having an affair

“Sounds like you are doing really well love…I'm very proud of you” Alf said

“Thanks Dad..I know Ive made some stupid decisions, but thank you for sticking by me when I said I wanted to leave Summer Bay and start a new life in the city” Roo said

“You know I will always support you love” Alf said

“And Im proud of you too Dad, and I am happy that you are happy with Ailsa and Duncan” Roo said and more tears ran down Alf's face

“Thanks love…anyway I don’t want to keep you..give my best to Pippa and Frank” Alf said

“I will Dad, please give Duncan a big kiss and my love to Ailsa..hopefully you can all come again in December for Christmas” Roo said

“Yeah…we can plan on it” Alf said

“Alright Dad…take care, and ill speak to you soon” Roo said

“Alright love…take care of yourself…bye” Alf said

“Bye Dad” Roo said and before Alf could respond the line went dead. Alf held the phone receiver in his hand for a few seconds then he put it down. He looked at the half bottle of whisky in front of him and the glass. He picked up the photo of Ailsa and Duncan on the desk and stared at it. He smiled as he looked at Duncan. He remembered the day the phot was taken and how Duncan was really happy. Alf put the photo down he couldn’t look at Ailsa, he felt so embarrassed for what he did. He got up and began to walk around the house, when he finally got to the bedroom he sat on the bed. He looked around and got up and reached for Ailsa’s dressing gown that was on the chair. He sat back down and raised the dressing gown up to his face…it smelled just like Ailsa. Alf breathed in the dressing gown as more tears ran down his face. He didn’t want to be alone…he wanted his wife back..he wanted his family back..he made such a mess of things but he was going to make it right…he was going to get his wife back…


Background music ends



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Ailsa opened her eyes when she heard the bedroom door knocking

“Come in” Ailsa said as she sat up in the bed

“Morning…can I come in?” Bobby said as she poked her head around the corner

“Yes” Ailsa said and smiled

“I wasn’t sure if you were awake” Bobby said

“I didn’t get much sleep last night” Ailsa said

“Yeah…I know how that feels” Bobby said and smiled

“I just wanted to let you know that you are going to have the house to yourself…oh except for Grant…he is still asleep. The kids are all coming with me to the diner, and Marilyn has gone to work” Bobby said

“Thanks Bobby…for all of this” Ailsa said and Bobby smiled

“No worries…I hope you haven’t made any decisions yet” Bobby said

“I couldn’t think of anything else” Ailsa said

“Do you want to talk to Alf?” Bobby said

“We did all our talking last night..there is nothing left to say” Ailsa said and Bobby sighed

“Just give yourself a little time before you make any decisions…this is your home, I don’t want you to feel like you have to run away…you will be missed…I will miss you” Bobby said and Ailsa smiled

“I think you better get to work young lady” Ailsa said

“ok ok..im going” Bobby said

“If you see Alf..” Ailsa was interrupted

“Im sure he will figure out that you are here” Bobby said

“I know…I just don’t want to see him yet” Ailsa said

“Don’t worry, I wont say anything to him” Bobby said

“Thanks” Ailsa said

“You're welcome..ill see you later” Bobby said and she smiled and walked out of the room and closed the door. Ailsa sighed and she laid back down on the bed. Today was the beginning of her new life…


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

“Safe and sound at home” Michael said as he helped Celia onto the couch. She had a broken arm and her ribs were still very sore but the doctors agreed that she was ok to go home.

“Now I have to get back to work..ill try and get back early tonight” Michael said and Celia smiled

“Are you alright? You don’t look happy to be home” Michael said

“I am, my ribs are still sore” Celia lied

“Ok…well take it easy, ill bring a takeaway home so you don’t have to cook” Michael said

“Thank you” Celia said and smiled

“Ok, ill see you later” Michael said and he walked out of the house and closed the door. Celia sighed when she heard the door close and she rested her head back. She was still sore but she was trying come to terms with what her brother Alf said last night. She couldn’t believe it that he would do such a thing..have an affair. Celia pushed herself up and got off the couch and walked to the phone. She picked up the receiver and began to dial

“Hello Alfred…how are you?...yes I am at home…do you really think it’s a good idea going to open the shop…I know..have you tried to talk to Ailsa…oh Alfred…you cant give up..you have to fight for your marriage…let Ailsa know you are sorry…she has to forgive you for having an affair..and what about poor Blake and Karen…yes I know she ran me over..but that was before I found out she was my niece…your daughter…ok…well if you need to talk..ill be home..oh Alfred, I would never tell anyone about all this…ok..bye” Celia said and she put the phone down and walked into the kitchen and shortly after Haydn opened the door and smiled to himself then he walked out of the house and slammed the door shut while Celia shook her head…


Manhattan- New York

Frank stared at his drink it was getting closer and closer to the time that he would be going back to work…and back to his debt. He wished that he had one more week..he wished that Pippa would be staying.


Background music- Fletcher family theme


“Frank” Pippa said as she lightly touched Franks arm. Frank looked up at her

“Sorry…I was miles away” Frank said and smiled

“Is everything alright?” Pippa said

“Yes, why?” Frank said

“Sweetheart…I know I am not your biological mother but I can tell when there is something wrong with my son” Pippa said

“Honestly there is nothing wrong..I guess I'm just going to miss you that’s all, its been great having you here” Frank said

“Are you sure that is all?” Pippa said and Frank nodded “Yes, so stop worrying” Frank said and smiled. Pippa stared into his eyes and she knew he was lying but she didn’t want to push the subject.

“Thank you for coming here” Frank said. She was like an angel that came to him when he really needed someone. Pippa rested her hand on Franks “You're welcome” Pippa said and smiled.


 Background music ends 


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

Alf turned the closed sign to open and closed the door. He picked up the letters from the floor and walked to the counter and put the letters on the counter and sighed. He knew that coming to work was a silly idea but he didn’t want to be locked up in the house all day with nothing but memories of Ailsa and Duncan. Alf looked up when heard the door open and Colleen walked into the shop

“Oh, I wasn’t sure if you were going to open today..Bobby said Ailsa and Duncan are sick, so I thought you would be too” Colleen said

“No, im fine” Alf said then he realized that Ailsa and Duncan must be staying with Bobby

“Oh right…just these tights…I ripped mine on the corner of the table” Colleen said as she grabbed some tights from the rack and quickly walked back to the counter

“Here is the right money…give my best to Ailsa…bye” Colleen said and she rushed out of the shop. Alf watched her walk out and exhaled. He looked at the money on the counter then sat on the chair and sighed…


Waldorf Creek Jail- Waldorf Creek

The police woman unlocked the handcuffs and Karen walked into the cell. She jumped when the door slammed shut. When she turned around, the police officer was walking away. She walked over to the bed and sat on it. She pulled her knees up to her chin and hugged her legs and closed her eyes and began to cry…


Dennis Lawrence walked to where Debra and Blake were standing

“Well what did they say?” Debra said

“Shes going to be here until Monday, that is when she will go before the judge and hopefully she will be granted bail..My lawyer will be here on Monday morning” Dennis said

“Did they say what time? I have to be in school?” Debra said

“Work always comes first for you doesn’t it” Dennis said and shook his head

“What choice do I have Dennis?” Debra said then Dennis walked off with Blake following behind leaving Debra standing on her own…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Ailsa smiled as she watched Duncan tucking into his egg and soldier toast. He looked so happy because he really didn’t know what was going on in the adult world.

“Good morning” Ailsa looked up to see Grant walking out of the bathroom using the towel to dry his hair

“Good morning…the water in the kettle is still warm..can I get you some breakfast or something” Ailsa said

“No thanks, its too early for breakfast” Grant said and Ailsa smiled. He walked into the kitchen and made himself some coffee then he walked over to the couch and turned the tv on

“I appreciate you all allowing, Sandra, Duncan and I to stay here” Ailsa said

“No worries at all…stay as long as you want” Grant said and smiled and drank some of his coffee


Knock at the door


“Ill just get that” Grant said and he put his cup on the table as Ailsa walked into the kitchen

“G’day Grant” Alf said when Grant opened the door

“G’day Mr Stewart” Grant said

“Daddy daddy” Duncan said and Ailsa rushed over to him and picked him up and walked back into the kitchen as Alf watched

“Ails..” Alf said as he tried to step into the house and Grant blocked him

“I just want to see my wife” Alf said

“I don’t think now is a good time Mr Stewart” Grant said

“Please, I wont be long, I just want to speak to her..Ails..please” Alf said trying to push in but Grant was blocking the door

“Why wont you let me in?” Alf said confused

“She doesn’t want to talk to you right now..just let things calm down for a little while and let her decide when she wants to speak to you” Grant said and Alf looked at him dejected

“I want to tell her im sorry..please” Alf pleaded

“Not now..ok” Grant said and eventually Alf realized that what he was doing was not helping the situation then he nodded

“Ok…please tell her I’m sorry, and I love her” Alf said and Grant gave him a sympathetic smile then he watched him walk away. Grant closed the door and went back into the house. Duncan was playing with his toys on the floor and Ailsa was standing in the kitchen.

“Im really sorry that you had to be a part of that” Ailsa said

“Its ok..I gathered that you didn’t want to talk to him right now” Grant said

“You are right…the nerve of that man to come here and expect me to talk to him when he is the one who did wrong” Ailsa said

“Well for what its worth, he told me to tell you that he is sorry and he loves you” Grant said

“Well he should’ve thought about that when he had an affair” Ailsa said then she started crying. Grant walked over to her and gave her a hug

“I cant believe he would do this to me..this is all my fault” Ailsa said and Grant sighed as Ailsa cried in his arms...


Fulwell Residence- Summer Bay

Betty looked out of the window to see her son Nathan and Haydn Ross playing football outside. She opened the window “Nathan, I need you to go to the shop” Betty said and Nathan sighed and went into the house. A few minutes later he returned

“I have to go to the shop further down the bay because Mr Stewarts shop is closed" Nathan said

“No its not, its open” Haydn said

“My mum said they have gone camping” Nathan said

“No they didn’t…Mr Stewart was having an affair with Ms Lawrence from school so him and Mrs Stewart are getting a divorce” Haydn said

“Stop lying..Ms Lawrence is really up herself” Nathan said

“Its true..I heard Celia talking about it on the phone…and guess what, Blake and Karens dad is Mr Stewart” Haydn said

“Now you're lying” Nathan said and he kicked his ball and ran after it. Betty closed the window and put her hand over her mouth. She couldn’t believe what she heard..she couldn’t believe that Celia never told her. Betty quickly rushed to the phone and picked it up and began to dial

“Colleen? Its me” Betty said…


Summer Bay

“Are you alright?” Viv said as she looked at Sandra who wasn’t eating her sandwiches. Bobby gave them an hour lunch break so they can go to the beach. Tammy, Sally Steve and Sam were making sand castles.

“Yeah” Sandra said

“Everything will be alright..im sure of it” Viv said and Sandra smiled

“I hope so” Sandra said then she smiled and looked at Steve and sighed….


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

 Ben sighed as he read the paper

"Why is he always crying?" Ben said as he looked at Carly hugging Christopher

"He's teething, and I think he misses Pippa..its alright Christopher" Carly said

"Shouldn't he have all his teeth by now?" Ben said annoyed

"Its the back teeth that are coming through" Carly said and she put some teething gel on his gums

"I cant stay here, hes annoying" Ben said then he threw the newspaper on the floor and walked out of the house as Carly sighed


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“I guess this place is going to have to do” Debra said as she got out of the car. She had never eaten at the diner before but since Dennis and Blake wanted to eat here, she had no choice. The diner wasn’t particularly busy but Debra noticed that as they walked in, people were looking at her and whispering.

Colleen could hear footsteps but she was bent down picking up some pennies that had fallen on the floor. When she stood up she saw Blake, Debra and a man she had never seen before

“Hello, we would like to order and eat in please” Dennis said and smiled

“Get out” Colleen turned around to see Bobby walking out of the kitchen

“Excuse me?” Dennis said confused

“I said get out…do you honestly think you are welcome here after what you did to Ailsa?” Bobby said as she stared at Debra. Debra sighed. It made sense now, everyone knew about her and Alf

“Come on, lets just go” Debra said Dennis looked at Bobby and walked out of the diner.


“That woman stealing hussy had some nerve coming in here after what she did. I’m glad you told her where to go” Colleen said

“Alright Colleen, lets just get back to work” Bobby said and walked back into the kitchen. Colleen waited until she head Bobby go into the office then she picked up the phone

“Betty..its me..” Colleen said…


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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 388



Gibson Residence- Summer Bay

“Its ok” Julie said trying to sound excited. It really wasn’t ok. Anytime her and Nick made plans, he had to cancel. She was trying to be sympathetic because he had a really good reason with everything going on with his family. Julie sighed, she felt guilty that she felt jealous and wanted to be with Nick

“I promise, I will make it up to you” Nick said

“I know you will” Julie said

“Why do I feel like you don’t believe me?” Nick said

“I do believe you..its just…I really wanted to see you that’s all but I know that family is important to you and everything that is going on” Julie said

“Yeah, it is a bit of a rough time..I better go” Nick said

“Ok…well call me when you can” Julie said

“I will…I love you” Nick said

“I love you too” Julie said

“Bye” Nick said

“Bye” Julie said and the line went dead. Julie exhaled then she put the phone down. She turned her self around to see her mum standing there

“Since you're not going out tonight, do you want to come down the bingo hall love?” Joanne Gibson said. Julie ignored her and wheeled herself into the room and closed the door as Joanne stood by the wall and sighed.


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Carly tried to move away as Ben kissed her

“Ben, Ive got to go” Carly said and she giggled

“I just wanted to say thank you again for the money..I can finally get this engine fixed” Ben said as he kissed Carlys neck

“Youre welcome. That boss of yours is a real jerk, he owes you a lot of money” Carly said

“Yeah I know. Some of the guys are thinking of filing a court case” Ben said

“It’s a good idea if you ask me” Carly said and she got up from the caravan bed

“Can you get a babysitter for Tuesday?” Ben said

“Why?” Carly said confused

“I want to take you somewhere special” Ben said

“I cant..Pippa is coming home on Tuesday and we are having a family dinner” Carly said

“Well if its dinner, we can go in the day time” Ben said

“Ok..Ill see if I can arrange something..now I got to go” Carly said and she kissed Ben and smiled then walked out of the caravan and closed the door. Ben picked up the envelope of money and smiled then he sat down on the bed and began to count it…


Ross/Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Colleen knocked on the door again and waited. She was just about to go and look through the window when the door started to open

“Hello Celia, only me..I wanted to see how you are” Colleen said with a big smile on her face

“Im doing well Colleen, thank you…would you like to come in” Celia said

“If its not too much trouble..I don’t want to intrude” Celia said

“Not at all…come in…would you like some tea?” Celia said

“No no..Im not stopping, I just wanted to see how you are doing…you know” Colleen said

“Well I thank the lord that there are no life threatening injuries…please sit down” Celia said and sat on the couch. Colleen sat in the chair opposite.

“Thank you..so you must have been surprised to see who knocked you over” Colleen said

“Well fortunately I saw Karen and tried to get her to stop” Celia said

“Terrible…I mean if she knew you were her aunt, I doubt she wouldve done what she did” Colleen said and Celia's eyes opened wide

“What did you say?” Celia said

“I said if she knew you were her aunt, I am sure this never would've happened in the first place..it must be a shock to you all finding out like this” Colleen said

“Who told you that? Celia said

“Its all around the bay..and that poor Ailsa..finding out your husband is having an affair…I know what it feels like. When my Les ran off with that floosy, I never thought I would get over it” Colleen continued talking and Celia stopped listening. She couldn’t believe it, everyone knew. Alf told her to keep it a secret but somehow everyone knew. Celia sighed as she looked at Colleen still talking. Alf was going to hate her and she didn’t know how she was going to fix this…


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Background music- Stewart Family theme


Alf opened the can of beer then he sat on the chair. He sipped some them he  picked up the framed photo that was on the table in front of him. Alf smiled as he stared at Duncan and Ailsa as they smiled. Alf put the photo on his chest and closed his eyes. He thought back to the time when Ailsa first moved to Summer Bay. He instantly knew that she was special and tried everything to get her to date him. Alf smiled to himself as he remembered when they renewed their vows and how much they were in love


Knock on the door


“Ails” Alf said and he opened his eyes to hear the door knocking again. Alf put the can of beer on the table. Ailsa was home he though to himself and began smiling as he walked towards the front door. Alfs smile disappeared when he opened the door to see Debra standing there.

“Hi..can I come in?” Debra said and smiled. Alf sighed and he walked back to the chair. Debra closed the door and walked over to the couch and sat down. Alf sat down and picked up his beer. He sipped some and leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Debra inhaled then exhaled and looked at Alf

“The town knows about us” Alf immediately opened his eyes and looked at her

“I received a room full of glares and a very frosty welcome in the diner by Donald Fishers daughter” Debra said and Alf sighed. This was all he needed. He was hoping that this would be a secret

“Alf…maybe this is not such a bad thing…everyone knowing” Debra said and she leaned forward and grabbed Alfs hand

“We are in love..we don’t have to hide anymore Alf..we can make a life together…you me and our children” Debra said and Alf moved his hand away put the beer can down and got up and slowly began walking around

“Alf..ok, I should’ve told you about Blake and Karen, and I am wrong for that. However I didn’t expect to come here and fall back in love with you…but it happened” Debra said and she rested her head on Alfs back and hugged him when the door opened

 Alf turned around to see Ailsa looking at him and Debra in shock

“Ails…”Alf was interrupted

“I just came to get a few things for Duncan” Ailsa said and she walked into the room trying not to cry. She was mad at herself that she had to come back, and mad that she had forgotten the items she needed for Duncan.

Alf stood by the door as he waited for Ailsa to come out

“Ailsa..please stay..lets talk” Alf said as he followed Ailsa to the front door

“Everything that needs to be said has already been said” Ailsa said as she walked over to the desk, opened it and took out some paperwork she needed. She closed the draw and looked up at Debra who was staring at her. Ailsa exhaled and she put her door key on the table, looked at Alf one more time then walked out of the house and closed the door behind her. Ailsa held her breath as she rushed to her car, got in and closed it. She exhaled and put the bag in the seat next to her and locked the door. She started the engine and drove away as a tear ran down her cheek…


Alf closed the curtain after he saw Ailsa drive away

“Well that was awkward” Debra said  and she walked over to Alf and put her hand on his shoulder. Alf shrugged her hand off and walked away

“Alf…I know its hard right now…but you know what small towns like this are like, soon they will find something else to talk about” Debra said then she kissed Alf's neck

“I love you Alf” Debra said and she hugged Alf. He exhaled. He felt hopeless. Ailsa coming was unexpected and now she was gone. Alf looked down at Debra as she continued to kiss his neck then she began to unbutton his shirt and take her jacket off. Alf aggressively tore open Debra blouse and she smiled at him as they aggressively took each others clothes off and began to make love on the living room floor as the phone rang


Ross/Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Celia let the phone ring a few more times then she put the phone down as Michael opened the door

“What are you doing walking around, I thought you were supposed to take it easy” Michael said as he took his jacket off

“Oh Michael, something dreadful has happened” Celia said as she walked slowly to the couch with her crutch and sat down

“What? Where is Haydn?” Michael said in a panic

“Haydn is fine…he is in his room” Celia said

“So what happened then?” Michael said

“Well you might as well know since the whole town knows” Celia said

“Alfred and Ailsa have split up” Celia said

“So she finally found out about Alf sneaking around with that sheila from the school” Michael said and laughed

“How did you know?” Celia said shocked

“I saw them together” Michael said as he walked into the kitchen and put the pizza box on the table. Celia grabbed her walking stick and tried to rush behind him

“And you never told me?” Celia said when she got into the kitchen

“Why? Its none of my business” Michael said as he began to wash his hands

“So I suppose you know that Karen and Blake are his children” Celia said

“Really?” Michael said and he began to laugh “When it rains it pours for the Stewarts” Michael said

“Oh Michael, its not a joking matter” Celia said annoyed

“So what? Its life, things like this happen” Michael said and he wiped his hands

“It was supposed to be a secret. I was the only person that Alf told..now he is going to think that I told everyone” Celia said

“You probably did…you know how you're like when you get on the phone with that gossip circle” Michael said as Celia looked at him annoyed

“I didn’t say anything, I promised Alf I wouldn’t” Celia said

“Who cares, its all out in the open anyway. If he didn’t want gossip spreading he shouldn’t have cheated on his wife” Michael said and Celia sighed

“HAYDN I GOT PIZZA” Michael said

“Maybe I should go and see him..explain that it wasn’t me” Celia said

“Just leave him alone..I doubt he wants you getting in the way” Michael said as Haydn came into the kitchen. Celia sighed as she looked at Haydn who looked at her and smiled sarcastically as he thought about what he had done..


Background music ends



Morgan Residence- New York

Background music- Fletcher family theme

Frank exhaled as he watched the taxi driver put Pippa’s suitcase into the boot of his car. Pippa walked over to him and stood in front of him

“I guess this is it” Pippa said and smiled

“Do you have everything?” Frank said

“Yes” Pippa said and she pointed at the ticket and passport in her hands. She was trying really hard to hold in the tears but she couldn’t help herself and she grabbed Frank and hugged him really hard. Frank closed his eyes to stop the tear running down his cheek.

“I’m really going to miss you” Pippa said

“Me too..call when you get back” Frank said and Pippa nodded and wiped her cheek

“I love you” Pippa said

“I love you too…I don’t know why you didn’t let me come to the airport with you” Frank said

“I don’t think I would be able to handle it..this is fine” Pippa said and the taxi driver honked his car horn and they both walked over to the car. Frank opened the door and Pippa got in

“Say hi to everyone for me…ask Steve and Sally to write…and Carly” Frank said with excitement in his voice. Pippa smiled and nodded as Frank closed the door

“Take care of yourself” Pippa said as she touched Franks hand. Frank smiled and nodded as the taxt driver started the engine

“Safe journey” Frank said and Pippa kissed her hand and blew the kiss at Frank and waved as the car drove away. She turned around and looked at Frank and waved at him. He waved back then watched as the car drove away. Pippa sighed and turned around and wiped the tears from her face and smiled.

Frank wiped the tear from his cheek as he watched the taxi drive away then he exhaled. Tomorrow he was going back to his life..all the things he didn’t want. Frank sighed again and made his way back into the apartment building. Roo closed the curtain when she saw Frank come back into the building. Now that it was just back to being the two of them, they were back to reality..she felt back to being trapped but she this was her life now…she had to live it….Frank loved her and she loved him….they only had each other and they had to make things work.…


Background music ends

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