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Homecoming Part 4

Summer's Bay

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Thanks for reading. :)


Chapter 369



Stewart/Ross Residence- Summer Bay

Haydn dropped his school bag on the floor and walked into the kitchen

“Hello Haydn, how was school?” Celia said as she took her head out of the oven and stood up from the floor after cleaning the oven. Haydn opened the fridge door ignoring Celia.

“Haydn, I told you that you have to ask an adult if you are going to take something out of the fridge” Celia said. Hadyn took out a can of coke and slammed the fridge door and walked towards his bedroom door.

“Haydn..Haydn” Celia said as she rushed out of the kitchen following Haydn. Haydn slammed his bedroom door then he heard a crash

“Ow ow ow” Celia said as she grabbed her ankle. Haydn opened the bedroom door to see that Celia had fallen over his school bag. Haydn picked his bag up from the floor then slammed the door shut again. Celia sighed. Even though she had been married to Michael for almost a year, things were still not getting better with Haydn. Celia had tried so much to make this home feel like his, but nothing she ever did was good enough. Celia slowly got up from the floor and hobbled over t the couch and sat down

“Ouch” Celia said as she grabbed her ankle. It was probably twisted or sprained Celia thought to herself. Just as she was about to lean back in the chair, she noticed their wedding photo on the mantle piece and sighed. Celia struggled and managed to get up and limp towards the mantle and picked up the framed photo. Celia stared at it, she remembered the day like it was yesterday. She was so so happy that she finally found someone for herself..someone who loved her. She was hoping by now that maybe they would try for their very own baby, but Michael was often tired when he got home from work and didn’t want to be intimate.  Celia sighed and limped towards the kitchen to get some ice to put on her ankle before it started swelling…


Bayside Diner after dark- Summer Bay

“Look, I know you don’t want me here, but Bobby asked me to cover tonight” Grant said as he put his apron on. Carly sighed. Lance was sick, so she asked Bobby to cover tonight, but Bobby didn’t want to work

“Whatever…just stay out of my way” Carly said and walked out of the kitchen. Grant sighed

Carly returned and took the black rubbish bags out and walked outside with them. Carly threw the rubbish away and turned to walk back to the diner when she felt someone grab her arm. Carly turned around


Background music- Carly’s theme

“Ben…hi” Carly said and she hugged him

“I wasn’t expecting to see you here tonight” Carly said

“I bet you didn’t” Ben said

“What is that supposed to mean?” Carly said smiling

“It means you are seeing other blokes behind my back” Ben said

“No, im not” Carly said confused

“Im not an idiot Carly..I saw you with that bloke this afternoon” Ben said

“You mean Andrew? He is Bobby's social worker, he used to teach us when we were in high school” Carly said

“Why are you lying?” Ben said

“I’m not…there is nothing going on. He just hugged me to say goodbye” Carly said

“So why didn’t he hug that scrag bag Bobby?” Ben said

“I don’t know..hes just a friend that’s all” Carly said

“Youre lying” Ben said in an angry tone

“Im not..there is nothing going on” Carly said attempting to hug Ben then he pushed her away and slapped her face. Carly inhaled vocally then put her hand up to her face

You're a liar” Ben said then he turned around and walked away. Carly felt like such a fool. She didn’t know why she even allowed Andrew to hug her. Carly rushed back to the diner. She rushed past Grant and rummaged through her bag then took it and walked past Grant

“Is there something wrong?” Grant said as he watched Carly walk into the office and slammed the door

Carly ignored Grant as she opened the bottle of whiskey and made a face as the liquid burned the back of her throat

“Carly, you left one of the bags, i'm just going to throw it out” Grant said behind the door. Grant tied the bag and walked outside. He throw the black bag into the rubbish skip, and just as he was about to turn around he looked up to see Ben driving away. Grant sighed…he was able to figure out what just happened. He wished that he could do something about it, but he couldn’t…it was up to Carly to realize that she was in a dangerous situation…and until she did, nobody could help her.


Carly drank some more of the whiskey and made a face as the liquid burned the back of her throat. She exhaled then put the top on the bottle and screwed it close. She always found a way to get Ben angry….she wasn’t going to lose him…she was going to make it up to him…and they will be happy again…


Background music ends


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

Debra smiled to herself as Blake told her and Karen about the driving lesson with Alf.

“He said he would teach you as well Karen” Blake said as he turned to Karen and put some peas im his mouth

“No thanks, Dad is going to teach me, and his car is better than that ugly ute that Alf has” Karen said

“Its Mr Stewart” Debra said looking at Karen who rolled her eyes. Debra looked at her then got up from the table

“Oh, Im not going to Dad this weekend, Mr Stewart is taking me fishing and camping” Blake said

“That’s nice, maybe we can all go” Debra said walking back towards the table

“No thanks” Karen said

“You will do as you’re told” Debra said

“I don’t know if there is going to be room, because Mrs Stewart, Duncan and Sandra are coming too” Blake said as he put more peas in his mouth. Debra felt crushed hearing that Ailsa would be spending the weekend with Alf

“Maybe you should go another time…you know weekends are your time with your dad” Debra said

“No, I promised I would go. Mr Stewart is going to teach me a new fishing technique”  Blake said as Debra looked at him wanting to go too....


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Ailsa looked at the list she had made, she was hoping she had written everything she needed for the camping trip. When Alf mentioned he was going Camping, Ailsa jumped at the chance to go as a family since they hadn’t done much together. Ailsa walked into the living room to see Alf reading a news paper

“Love, don’t forget to get extra batteries for the torches” Ailsa said

“Crikey love,  we are only going for two days” Alf said shaking his head

“I know, but this is our first family camping trip..I just want to make sure we have everything” Ailsa said as Sandra walked into the living room

“Are you alright Sandra, you’ve been really quiet” Ailsa said

“fine, im just going to do some homework” Sandra said then she smiled at Ailsa and walked to her room and closed the door and sat on the bed. She hated what was going on at School, but she didn’t want Karen telling the school about the way she felt about Steve, Sandra sighed and laid back on her bed.



“Do you think shes alright love?” Ailsa said

“Who?” Aif said

“Sandra, shes been really quiet” Ailsa said

“They get quiet that that age…Ruthy used to do that all the time” Alf said and Ailsa shook her head then she put her arms around Alf

“I cant wait to be under the stars with you” Ailsa said then she kissed Alfs head and smiled to herself excited for the weekend…

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 370




Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

Alf and Debra kissed passionately until Debra pulled away and signed

“Whats the matter?” Alf said looking at her her

“Nothing…I just wanted to be with you think weekend” Debra said and she put her arms around Alf

“I know, but I couldn’t tell Ailsa no when she said she wanted to come along and make it a family trip” Alf said as he kissed Debras forehead

“I know” Debra said and sighed again

“Don’t worry, Ill organize something for next weekend” Alf said and he winked at Debra who smiled then they began kissing again until they heard the bell above the front door

“MR STEWART” Alf and Debra looked at each other in shock…it was Blake

“What are we going to do…hes going to come back here” Debra said. Alf looked around then he grabbed six cans of tuna from the stockroom shelf and began walking out

“Youre lucky these were the last six” Alf said as Debra walked behind him

“G;day…Blake..Karen” Alf said as Karen looked at him

“What do you want me to do first Mr Stewart?” Blake said as he put his school bag behind the counter

“We just got a delivery of can vegetables, you can put them on the shelf…have you told your mum about how good the diriving lessons are going? Alf said

“Hes doing very well…we’re going to have him on the road in no time at all” Alf said and he winked at Blake who smiled

“Why are you buying tuna, you hate the stuff” Karen said as she looked down at the cans in her mums hand

“I thought I would give it another chance” Debra said trying to convince herself. Karen was right, she didn’t like tuna at all, but they had no choice

“Mr Stewart is going to show me how to park the ute” Blake said excited as he came out of the stockroom with a box of cans. Karen rolled her eyes. Soon you’re going to be driving on your own” Alf said as he pointed to a set of keys having on a hook behind the counter


“Just these thanks”  Debra said  “and this”  Karen said as she put a chocolate bar on the counter. Debra looked at Karen as Karen looked at Alf. Debra gave Alf some money. He gave her the change and smiled

“We better get going…see you for dinner” Debra said to blake then her and Karen walked out of the shop as Alf exhaled quietly about another close call.


Stewart/Ross residence- Summer Bay

Ailsa gave the cup of tea to Ceila and sat down with her cup in hand

“Thank you Ailsa…the doctor said I should spend less time on my ankle” Celia said. Her ankle was still very sore and bruised. She told Michel that she fell after mopping the floor. She didn’t want to tell him the real reason

“Did the doctor tell you how long it will take to heal?” Ailsa said

“Well he said I twisted my ankle so I should be better by the weekend” Celia said as the font door slammed shut and Haydn walked into the house

“Hello Haydn..how was school?” Ailsa said with a smile

“Ok” Haydn said to Ailsa then he looked at Celia and her ankle and walked into his room and slammed the door

“Teenagers” Ailsa said and rolled her eyes and Celia attempted a smile

“Well, I do hope the doctor is right about you being well by the weekend. Alf and I are going camping…sort of like a family trip since he has been working so much lately…and you know with the club, we hardly get to see him. “Ive just had an idea. Maybe you and Haydn can come along too? I am sure we have a spare tent” Ailsa said

“That sounds like a wonderful idea” Celia said as she clasped her hands together and smiled. Maybe this would help her get closer to Haydn

“I need to make a list” Celia said as she tried to get up

“Hey, where are you going, the doctor said you need to stay off your ankle” Ailsa said and smiled. This weekend was going to be excellent, and she couldn’t wait


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Background music- Stewart family theme

Sandra closed the front door, the house was quiet. She walked the short distance to her bedroom and closed the door. Sandra put her bag down and walked over to the little dressing table. She opened the draw and took out a framed photo of her and her mother. Sandra traced her fingers along the photo and along the lips of her mums smiling face. Sandra sighed as she looked at her mum. She promised herself that she would never let anybody treat her the way her father treated her mother…and now she was allowing it to happen. Sandra sighed again then she put the photo in the draw, closed it and made her way out of the house.


Jackson Residence- Taree Australia

Emma sighed as she closed the front door. She hated her school. As much as she didn’t like Summer Bay, it was way better than being here. The only half way decent thing was she had half decent friends. As Emma walked towards the kitchen she heard a noise in the sitting room…this meant that her step father was home. Emma signed as she opened the fridge to get a can of coke out. When she shut the frudge door, her step father was standing in front of her. Emma looked at him then she turned around and began to walk away. He grabbed on to her school bag and pulled her back.

“I was waiting for you to get back..how was school?” Barry said

“Fine” Emma said as she shrugged her shoulder which forced Barry to release his grip from her bag.

“That’s good….your mum is working late tonight” Barry said as he moved closer to Emma and gently caressed her face. Emma turned away

“That’s not nice Emma” Barry said as he reached forward to try to kiss Emma. Emma pulled away and began to walk backwards which began to anger Barry

“Where are you going?” Barry said as he followed Emma

“I said where are you going?” Barry said with a little anger in his voice which began to startle Emma. She looked at Barry, she could see in his eyes that he was getting angry then Emma turned around and ran as fast as she could to her room. When she got inside she closed the door and looked it.

When Barry eventually got to the room, he tried to open the door then he began banging on the door

“Open the door” Barry said

“Go away,, leave me alone” Emma said standing behind the door

“Youre going to have to come out sometime” Barry said with an evil laugh and Emma sighed. She didn’t know how long she would be able to take this…she had to escape…she had to find a way to leave….


Beach- Summer Bay

Adam yawned as he walked home via a short cut on the beach. He smiled to himself as he thought about seeing Marilyn later on in the evening. He was picking her up from work, and they were going to watch a movie. Adam looked at how still the ocean was and thought maybe he would bring Marilyn for a walk on the beach, because she liked it.Just as Adam was about to turn away, he noticed someone sitting on the beach. The girl was in school uniform. As Adam walked he recognized who it was.


Karen- I want double next week

Sandra- I dont have it

Karen- Yes you do, you must make a lot of money in tips at the diner

Sandra- I dont

Karen-  Don’t lie….why don’t you ask that old hag you work for

Sandra- Mrs Stewart isn’t an old hag

Karen- yes she is…oh I forgot, shes your foster mum because your dad killed your real mum hahaha

Sandra- Just leave me alone

Karen- I said I want double next week or youre going to get it

Flashback ends

Adam sighed as he watched Sandra get up from the sand, wipe her cheek and began to walk away. For a split second, Adam felt some guilt, hearing that Sandra’s mum had died resonated with him as his mother died a few years ago, and thinking about it hurt  as much as the day it happened. He knew what was going on..he was the only one know knew…but it wasn’t his business and he wasn’t going to get himself involved. Adam inhaled then exhaled and continued to walk home…



Stewart/Ross Residence-Summer Bay


“I said no” Michael said as he put some of the beef pie in his mouth

“I already told Ailsa that we would go” Celia said

“Well you can tell her that we are not going” Michael said

“I thought it would be a nice idea for us to spend time as a family…Alfred is a very good fisherman, maybe he can teach Haydn some of the family secrets” Celia said as she smiled at Haydn who had no response

“Im sure he has a lot of secrets up his sleeve to teach” Michael said with a smirk

“What do you mean by that?” Celia said said curiously

“Nothing..If I want to go fishing I can take my son myself. I don’t need Alf Stewart teaching him any bad habit” Michael said

“But” Celia was interrupted

“I said no..and that is the end of the conversation” Michael said and Celia sighed and looked over at Haydn who was giving her a smirk..


Background music ends



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Thank you for reading :)


Chapter 371



Manhattan- New York

Frank watched as Pippa walked back towards him from the pay phone near the entrance of the park. They often came to the park in the afternoons to walk around. Frank was doing much better with his physiotherapy, and was now only using a walking stick to get around as opposed to the crutches.

“Everything booked?” Frank said as Pippa sat down next to him

“Yes..all booked for Sunday” Pippa said and she smiled and Frank sighed


Background music- Have you ever been alone theme


“I was hoping the plane would be packed and you would have to stay here a bit longer” Frank said looking at Pippa then smiled. Even though he meant it as a joke, he was really serious. Having Pippa in New York had been amazing. Pippa smiled. She wished that she was staying longer too. Even though she missed her family and regularly spoke to him, Frank was her first son, and she knew that being with him right now was what he needed….besides, being in New York took her mind off the financial problems she had back in Australia.

“I don’t know..I would expect you and Roo would be happy to see the back of me” Pippa said and smiled and Frank didn’t respond. He stared at the flowers in front of him. Pippa going home wasn’t the only thing happening in his life, he was ready to go back to work on Monday..and he was dreading it. The Macklin co-operation had been good to him, they continued to pay him a partial wage but none of that was going to be enough to take care of the debt that he still owed…the debt that caused him to get attacked in the first place.

“Tell me how everyone is doing” Frank said and he turned himself around to face Pippa. Even though he had previously asked..just hearing how they all were made him happy

“Well, Carly is good, she is still the manager for the diner after dark. She seems to be doing a good job and she is really happy with Ben, her boyfriend” Pippa said “And Steven, he is working hard at school” Pippa said

“What about Rebecca, are they still together?” Frank said

“I don’t think so…well he doesn’t really talk to me about it. When he has “guy questions” he talks to Alex” Pippa said

“Oh why doesn’t he talk to me?” Frank said feeling jealous.

“I guess he doesn’t want to bother you, besides Alex is closer” Pippa said. Hoping that her excuse was good enough. She really didn’t want Frank to know the truth

“Christopher is growing…I think he has forgotten you, but he still plays with the toy you sent last Christmas” Pippa said and Frank smiled. He really missed Christopher. It was as if Christopher was his own son.

“Sally is good” Pippa was interrupted “Why doesn’t she write me anymore..I really miss her” Frank said and Pippa felt her heart break. She wished she could tell Frank the reason why but she knew she couldn’t

“You know how kids are” Pippa said and smiled at Frank hoping that wouldn’t ask any more questions about Sally. Frank stared at Pippa as she talked about how some of the other Summer Bay residents were

“Well she appears to be happy and at least now that shes married she can keep her nose out of other peoples business” Pippa said about Celia as Frank smiled

“Pippa…how is Bobby?” Frank said and Pippa sighed. She had been waiting for Frank to ask about her

“Yeah, she’s fine..shes still working at the diner, at the resort and going to Uni. She also started her own catering company” Pippa said

“Sounds like she is doing better then she was when she was with me” Frank said and Pippa looked at him

“I bet Fisher must be happy…Im sure every night he mentions over dinner how lucky she must be to be away from me” Frank said and he turned away and looked at the flowers on the ground

“She doesn’t live at Donalds place anymore” Pippa said and Frank looked at her

“Is she back living at the caravan park?” Frank said

“No, Towards the end year, a solicitor contacted Bobby and told her that her grandma had left her something in her will” Pippa said

“Alfs mum?” Frank said confused

“No, her adopted grandma” Pippa said “Oh right” Frank said

“Well Bobby met with the solicitor and it turns out her grandma left her a house on the beach..you can imagine how shocked she was. Im not sure if you remember but its that really nice one just on the corner, number 15” Pippa said and Frank sighed and turned away and sighed.

“She always wanted to live on the beach…im happy her dream came true” Frank said as he remembered the times they would walk on the beach and he promised Bobby that he would buy her a house on the beach…just like he promised to buy Roo a house and he got attacked for it

“Do you mind if we head back to the flat….im a bit tired” Frank said and he got up

“Yes of course” Pippa said and she handed Frank his walking stick which he used to get up

“Do you think Roo will mind if I made dinner tonight?” Pippa said

“No…I insist, I only have a few more days of your cooking” Frank said and he gently grabbed Pippas hand as they walked out of the park


Edison Agency- New York

“You are very welcome…hope to work with you again soon..bye” Roo said then she put the phone down and smiled. She loved when her clients were happy with her work.

“Ruth sorry its short notice but we have a meeting with the Macys LA reps tonight, and I have double booked myself. Will you be able to take my place?” Helen the manager said

“Yes, of course..no problem” Roo said with a big smile. Anything was better than being at home

“Nancy, I wont be able to make it tonight, but Roo will be going in my place” Helen said then she walked away

“That’s great, I feel like we haven’t worked together for a long time…hold on” Nancy said then she picked up her phone and Roo smiled as her stomach rumbled. She looked at her watch and realized that she had not had any lunch

“Here is the file so you can get up to speed with the contract” Helen said

“Oh right…thank you” Roo said as she picked up the file that Helen put on her desk

“Hey Ruth..I was wondering, after the meeting, do you want to come out for drinks with Donavan and I?” Nancy said as Roo’s stomach dropped.

“Maybe you can ask your husband to meet us and we can all go together?” Nancy said

“He..he wont be able to make it, he is taking my mother in law to watch a show” Roo said hoping the lie was sufficient enough

“Oh that’s a shame, anyway never mind…you me and Donavan can have a few drinks after the meeting” Nancy said and before Roo could protest, Nancys phone began to ring. Roo sighed. She hadn’t seen Donavan for a while, but anytime she heard his name, it made her heart skip a beat. She hoped that when she saw him, the way she felt had all gone..it had to go…he was going to marry Nancy…and she already had a husband…a husband that she loved Roo thought to herself as she picked up the phone to let Frank know she was going to be home late…


Cameron Residence-  Summer Bay


Marilyn drank some of the wine in her glass and put the glass on the table. It was a nice night and her and Adam were seated on the boat having dinner

“I didn’t know you were such a good cook Adam Cameron..what other talents are you hiding from me? Marilyn said then she put some of the spaghetti on her fork and put it in her mouth. As she chewed she looked up and noticed that Adam was staring into the water and was far away in thought

“Adam” Marilyn said and Adam looked at her

“Hmm didn you say something?” Adam said

“I was just saying this food is delicious and I didn’t know you could cook like this” Marilyn said

“My mum taught me to a make a few things…its no big deal” Adam said as he loked down at the food on his plate

“Well I think she did a fantastic job of teaching you” Marilyn said and put some more spaghetti in her mouth. Adam watched as Marilyn ate her food then he looked out in the water as he remembered his mum and being in the kitchen as she taught him how to cook. Soon a tear came to his eye and he quickly wiped it before Marilyn could see…


Background music ends

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Thank you for reading :)


Chapter 372



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“Sam you have to hurry up and eat your toast” Bobby said as she put her folder into her bag.

“I feel like I just crawled into bed an hour ago” Grant said as he walked into into the living room yawning

“Had fun with Megan, did you?” Bobby said and smiled

“We went to watch that new Stallone movie at the drive in theater” Grant said again and yawned

“Oh yeah?” Bobby said and started laughing and Grant playfully tapped her on her head and Bobby laughed

“I’m finished” Sam said then Bobby looked at him

“Oh no, you got jam all over your face” Bobby said pretending to be annoyed and Sam began to laugh

“Go and wash your face quickly before we go”  Bobby said

“Ok” Sam said and he got up from the chair and rushed to the bathroom as Grant watched him

“you know…you are doing a great job with Sam” Grant said and Bobby looked at him

“Thanks..he’s a great kid..I'm really lucky to have him” Bobby said as she picked up her text book and put it in her back. Shortly after, Sam came out of the bathroom

“All clean” Sam said

“Good boy…lets get going” Bobby said as Sam grabbed her hand

“See you later” Grant said as he watched them walking away

“Bye” Sam said walking and turning around waving.

“Bye” Bobby said

“Bye Bobby” ,Marilyn said as she got to the bottom of the stairs

“See you later Marilyn” Bobby said then she closed the door

“The kettle is still warm if you want to make some tea” Grant said as he sipped the tea in his cup

“Honestly, I don’t know why you drink the tea here when you work at the diner” Marilyn said pretending to be annoyed

“I know the owner of the diner that’s why” Grant said and winked then he walked back to his bedroom while Marilyn laughed


High School- Summer Bay

“You can pick that up next time” Adam said to the student who just dropped the can of coke on the floor and began to walk way. Adam shook his head then he bent down and picked up the can. As he stood up he heard loud laughing and looked ahead to see Karen and her friends walking into school. A few seconds later he saw the other girl who he saw at the beach. He didn’t know her name but she was walking quickly. He watched as she walked passed him but not quick enough for him to notice that appeared to have been crying. Adam turned around and looked at Karen again as she laughed with her friends, then back at the other girl who had disappeared. He inhaled then exhaled and put the can in the bin. It wasn’t his business, and he wasn’t going to get involved.


“Yes, of course. I will cover your class myself, I will be free” Donald sat to Debra as she sat across from him in his office

“Hopefully this custody hearing will be over soon, so we can all get back to normal life” Debra said as she looked at Donald.

“I can imagine this is a terrible time for all of you...if you ever need to talk” Donald said out of concern. He knew what it felt like having to give his children up to live with Barbara, so he could sympathize with Debra.

“I better be getting on with my day..thank you” Debra said ignoring Donald’s comment and getting up from the chair and and walking out of the office. Donald watched her as she walked out. She was always very serious and showed no emotion. Donald signed then he looked at his watch and picked up the phone

“Barbra, I hope I didn’t wake you up…I just wanted to say good morning..” Donald said and he smiled to himself..


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Well I wanted to talk to her” Sally said then she crossed her arms and sat back in her chair

“It was really late when she called Sal, and anyway, she'll be home next week ” Carly said annoyed as she put some toast in front of Christopher then walked into the kitchen.

Shortly after, she felt arms around her. When she turned around, Ben was kissing her. Things were so great between them. She was happy that she was able to give him some money to get his car fixed

“How about I take the day off, and we go somewhere, just the two of us” Ben said as he kissed Carly's neck. She smiled

“I cant…Sally has teacher training today, so I have to stay at home and look after her and Christopher” Carly said as Ben kissed her ear

“Maybe we can all go out to the beach or something” Carly said

“Im not going anywhere with those two brats” Ben said

“Come on, they’re not that bad” Carly said as she hugged Ben tight

“Yes they are…they're brats. Christopher is always dribbling and Sally cant shut up complaining” Ben said

“I cant do anything about it…they are my family”Ben said

“Technically they're not..are they” Ben said as he kissed Carlys ear

“Your family are rich…they don't live in a cruddy caravan park” Ben said

“Ben, this is my family” Carly said as she gently pushed Ben away and looked at him

“Yeah, a family of losers…I still don’t know why the department gave Bobby a kid..she’s such a loser..make me some breakfast before I go to work” Ben said laughing as he walked out of the kitchen. Carly sighed. She didn’t like when he spoke negatively about her foster family..but he probably didn’t mean it so it didn’t matter. She still loved him anyway….


Diner- Summer Bay

“ I was a girl scout, so I remember all the necessities..besides, this isn’t the first time ive been camping, but it is Duncan's first time and he is really excited” Ailsa said to Colleen who was washing the dishes

“Aww I bet he cant wait for the little family holiday” Coleen said

“Alf and I have been really busy lately so a few days in the bush is better than nothing” Ailsa said

“I suppose it wont really be a family holiday with Blake Lawrence going with you” Coleen said inquisitively

“Blake is a nice young man. Alf is very fond of him. I think he sees him as a son to do all the things that he cant do yet with Duncan” Ailsa said

"Oh, so they spend alot of time together then...what about his real father?" Coleen said

"He sees his real father...he lives in the city" Ailsa said 

"I dont think its right...you know...keeping a child so far away from his father....anyway…I am sure it will be a great time” Coleen said and smiled as Ailsa smiled  confused about what Coleen said then remembered she had to get some bite cream…

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18 hours ago, Kristen said:

Great chapter 

Nice moment with Sam and Bobby
is that girl Emma or another character In the story?

Ben is so nasty still Carly puts up with it.

Coleen sticking her nose in Ailsa’s business 

update again soon  :)



Its Sandra that Adam saw walking into the school.


Thank you for reading :)



Chapter 373


Wilson Residence- The City

Dawn Wilson looked at the time as she heard the door open

“Back already?” Dawn said as her son Matt came through the door. “I forgot the staff schedules” Matt said as he walked into his room. He walked over to the bed and picked the folder up and just as he was about to walk out of the room, he noticed the photos on the bed. He stopped, and sat down and picked up the photos. As he looked at the photos he began to smile as he remembered the different times in his life. The photo of himself and his brother…the a photo of himself his brother, Roo and Lucinda…then a photo of Carly…then Matts smile disappeared as he looked at a photo of a Barbra when she pretended to be pregnant. Matt sighed as he remembered how upset he was when found out that Barbra was pregnant, because things were going so well with Carly and he knew they had a future, however he knew he had to do the right thing and stand by Barbra, only to find out that she lied. He wanted to hurt her the way she hurt him so he slept with Rebecca, her daughter but that didn’t make things any better. He wasn’t mourning the death of what would've been his child, but the end of a relationship with Carly, the woman he could’ve loved…that he did love. Matt sighed then he got up and put the photos in a drawer and walked out of the room

“Will you be home for dinner love?” Dawn said

“No, don’t worry, I’m working late tonight” Matt said

“Is everything alright?” Dawn said

“Yeah…just busy at work” Matt said

”Why don’t you take a holiday…maybe go and see your grandparents and then your friends in Summer Bay” Dawn said

“Work is getting really busy now...maybe another time…I have to go, ill see you later” Matt said as he left the house. He walked the short distance then got into his car and sighed. There was nothing in Summer Bay for him anymore…and he just had to accept that. Matt started the car engine then drove away…


Marriott Hotel- New York City

Roo smiled as Nancy spoke to the LA Macy’s representatives about a new campaign, they wanted work on. Nancy was the more experienced PR rep, so she didn’t want to interrupt of be rude. If Roo was really honest with herself, she was dreading seeing Donavan, who would be joining them shortly after the meeting for drinks. It had been a while since Roo saw Donavan, but she was hoping that when she did see him, the feelings she had were all gone…they had to be gone..she already had a husband.

“Please excuse me” Roo said then she got up from the table. She had to go to the bathroom and gather herself together. Roo put her napkin on the table and smiled then she made her way out of the hotel dining room to try and find a bathroom. After a short while, Roo located one. When she opened the door it was empty but decorated really nice. The stalls had fall doors like a properly toilet and also had a seating area. She walked over to the sink and splashed some water on her face. Even though the air conditioner was on in the hotel, she still felt warm…it was probably nerves. Roo wiped her face with some tissue and reapplied the light lipgloss that she retrieved from her handbag.

Roo put the gloss back into her bag and inhaled and exhaled as she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. “I have a husband…I love my husband..he is who I wanted…and our marriage is going to work” Roo said out loud then she inhaled and exhaled once more, smiled at herself and walked towards the bathroom door. As Roo opened the door someone bumped into her and her bag fell to the floor. Roo and the person both bent down at the same time to pick the bag up. As Roo reached for her bag, she noticed another hand reach for the bag and she looked up…it was Donavan. Roo instantly felt butterflies as she stared into his blue eyes.

“Donovan…hi” Roo said as they both stood up. She put her hand on her stomach stupidly hoping this would settle the butterflies in her stomach. He looked good…even better than she remembered. Donavan looked at Roo, he had to admit that she always looked gorgeous and had an innocence that he really liked. Donavan leaned forward “Go inside the bathroom” He said then he kissed Roo's cheek. She wasn’t sure if she heard correctly…for a split second she was hoping that she heard correctly. Roo looked around then she slowly backed into the bathroom as Donavan followed her. He pushed open the door to one of the empty stalls and walked in then he motioned for Roo to follow him. She didn’t hesitate. He closed the door behind her and they stood in the spacious toilet. Before Roo could say anything, Donavan was kissing her passionately and she was doing the same. Soon he was kissing her neck and Roo didn’t care that she was just sitting at the dinner table with his financee..what they were doing was dangerous and she loved it.


Yes we will definitely be able to do that… I can definitely plan a trip to come to LA  and discuss the details” Nancy said and the Macy reps agreed. Nancy drank some of her water and looked to her left and realized that was not back. Maybe she wasn’t feeling well, she hadn’t said much throughout the dinner

“Please order some desserts, I won’t be a moment” Nancy said and smiled. She liked Ruth, and wanted to go and find her to make sure she was alright


Roo inhaled vocally as Donovan thrusted in and out of her. She held onto the toilet wall as she struggled to catch her breath. She was feeling excited,  nervous and the danger of it all was giving her a rush of adrenaline.

“I can tell you’ve missed me” Donovan whispered in Roo’s ear as he thrusted as she smiled to herself

“Tell me you've missed me” Donovan said in a whisper

“I…I …I’ve missed you” Roo said. Making love with Donovan was nothing like it was with Frank, this was exciting and she loved that he knew what to do to her body…

Donovan pushed Roo onto the floor on her back and entered her again while kissing her passionately. Roo wrapped her legs around Donovan and her arms around his neck.


“Ruth…are you in here” Roo’s eye widened as she heard her name. Donovan stopped kissing her and put a finger up to his lips while still thrusting. Roo was trying hard to be quiet but she was filled with so much lust and emotion. She put her hand over her own mouth so as not to make a noise


“Ruth” Roo heard again after the light tap on the toilet door

Donovan looked at Roo and winked. Shortly after, they heard footsteps and the bathroom door close. Donovan took Roo's hand from her mouth and kissed her again. Roo knew that what they were doing was wrong…but she needed him…she wanted him…and nothing mattered….


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

“I left my jacket at Dads, can you bring it back with you” Blake said as he burst into his sisters room

“Knock next time” Karen said and she quickly picked up her money from the bed

“Where did you get all that money from?” Blake said curious

“Its my pocket money” Karen said as she folded the money and put it into her draw

“Don’t lie..I know how much you get…and you better not be in my draw taking my money” Blake said

“Go away you loser, what do I want your money for” Karen said

“Tell me where you got the money from or ill tell Dad” Blake said

“Which dad? Alf stewart?” Karen said and she began laughing

“Why do you hate him so much, hes been good to us, he gave me a job and offered to give you one too” Blake said

“I can’t stand him, he’s a creepy old drop kick” Karen said

“No hes not, hes my friend” Blake said

“No hes not, hes my friend” Karen said mimicking Blake then she started laughing.

“Where is mum?” Blake said

“She’s doing something at school…now get out of my room” Karen said and Blake shook his head and walked out of her bedroom.


High School- Summer Bay

Debra panted and smiled to herself as Alf thrusted. In excitement she flapped her arms and a tin of pencils on her desk fell to the floor. She didn’t care, she wrapped her arms around Alf’s neck

“I love you so much Alf Stewart” Debra said as Alf grunted and panted


“Knock on the door”


Alf froze and he stared at Debra. They both looked as the door handle moved

“Ms Lawrence” Debra and Alf looked at each other

“Just a minute” Debra said as Alf slowly climbed off her and looked around trying to find a place to hide

“Stand in the corner behind the door” Debra whispered and quickly pulled her skirt down and buttoned her blouse. She threw Alf's shirt at him in the corner and composed herself as she walked to the door. She unlocked the door and opened it

“Oh, I wasn’t expecting anyone to be here, but I heard something fall on the floor. Donald said. He looked over Debra's shoulder to see the mess on her desk

“I was just looking for a letter, I thought I might have left it here. I didn’t realize that I looked the door” Debra said hoping that Donald would go away and stop asking questions.

“Oh…right…well, ill see you tomorrow” Donald said

“Yes, goodnight Mr Fisher” Debra said and smiled

“Goodnight” Donald said looking at her then he walked away. Debra silently exhaled and closed the door and locked it. She looked at Alf whose face was red with the shock of almost being caught

“I I I think I better get going” Alf said as he put on his shirt

“You cant go yet…Donald hasn’t left yet..he might see you” Debra said and she wrapped her arms around him “Besides…we haven’t finished yet” Debra said and smiled “No, we haven’t” Alf said and winked as he slid down onto the floor…


Morgan Residence- New York

Background music- Have you ever been alone theme

Roo slowly opened the door, stepped into the apartment and quietly closed the door behind her. She stepped into the bathroom and closed the door. She quietly took her clothes off and put on her pajamas that were hanging behind the door. She turned on the tap and washed her face and neck and brushed her teeth. She turned off the tap then wiped her face. As she put the towel on the towel rack, she looked at herself in the mirror


Nancy- Oh there you are Ruth, I went looking for you

Roo- Sorry, I was feeling a bit unwell so I went to the bathroom

Nancy- I hope you are feeling better

Roo- Yes, I think I was just feeling really hot. I guess Im not used to the heat in this country

Nancy- I can imagine… never mind, we wrapped things up, and will be going forward with the campaign…oh, there is Donovan just in time..Hello darling…you got here just in time, we just finished

Donovan- Good- Hello Ruth..nice to see you again

Roo- Hi

Flashback ends


Roo sighed as a wave of guilt rushed over her. She couldn’t believe that she just slept with Donavan…something she was hoping she would never do again. Roo turned off the light and walked towards the bed. It was late, and Pippa and Frank were asleep. Roo quietly got into the bed and covered herself with the thin sheet as it was a little chilly now. Roo closed her eyes and began to think of the day she got married in the hopes that the guilt would go away. Frank opened his eyes as he felt Roo gently tug on the sheet. He looked ahead of him at the clock, it was 1am. Frank sighed then he closed his eyes…


Background music ends



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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 374




Bingo Hall- Yabbie Creek

Julie attempted to pull herself up from the floor but she couldn’t. When she fell out of the wheelchair, she fell onto her arm.

“The police are on their way” Jim the maintenance man said as he walked towards Julie

“Let me help you up” Jim said as he attempted to reach her arm. He was very fond of Julie and they had been out once. He knew that Julie wanted to just be friends, but he knew they could be more

“No, just leave me alone” Julie said out of frustration, then she sighed. She knew she shouldn’t have taken it out on Jim but she was just annoyed by what happened. She was working late doing the admin and two men attempted to rob the bingo hall. Unfortunately, there was no money on the premises and when Julie attempted to confront them, one of the men pushed her and she fell out of her wheelchair.

“I can hear the police, ill just go outside” Jim said and he walked out of the office. Julie looked around, there were papers everywhere and it was probably going to take her all night to clear everything up. The only reason she was there was because the bingo hall was moving to a new location and she needed to start packing up the paperwork in the office.


“Julie” Nick said as Jim opened the door and immediately, he rushed over to her and knelt down on the floor

“Are you alright?” Nick said as he looked at her. Julie nodded her head. She didn’t expect that she would be seeing Nick.

“Let me get you into your chair” Nick said and gently lifted Julie up from the floor. Julie exhaled as Nick put his arms around her. She put her arms around his neck as he lifted her up and gently sat her on her chair.

“What happened?” Nick said as he pulled a chair close to Julie and sat down

“One minute I was packing some files in the box and next minute two blocks rushed in here asking me for money” Julie said

“Did they hurt you?” Nick said and Julie shook her head no

“Only when I fell out of the chair, I fell onto my arm, so it might be bruised or something” Julie said as she rubbed her sore arm. Nick took his notepad out of his pocket

“If youre up to it, I want to get some details” Nick said

“Im just going to take a look outside..do you want to show me the way” Nicks partner said as he looked at Jim

“Righto” Nick said


“Ok” Jim said as he looked at Nick and Julie on the floor and walked out of the office with Jim

“You're a long way from home” Julie said

“I was asked to do some overtime over this way” Nick said as Julie looked at him. She was hoping that he couldn’t hear how fast her heart was beating or the butterflies running around her stomach

“Did you get a good look at the blokes?” Nick said and Julie sighed and shook her head no. “They were wearing balaclavas” Julie said trying not to stare at Nick. There was an uncomfortable tension in the air…like they both wanted to say something but neither wanted to be the first to say it

“I think we better get you to the hospital to get checked out” Nick said

“I don’t think its anything serious” Julie said

“In cases like this its always advised to go to the hospital” Nick said looking at Julie. She was so beautiful Nick thought to himself..

“There was nothing outside” Nicks partner said as he walked into the office

“ok, call an ambulance, I want Ms Gibson to be checked out at the hospital” Nick said and his partner nodded and began speaking into his radio as he walked out of the office. Nick wrote a few more details on his notepad as Julie tried hard not to look at him

“So how have you been?” Julie said

“Good…just  busy with work…you?” Nick said

“yeah..the same…and almost being burgled” Julie said and laughed. Nick smiled and looked at her/ That was one thing he missed about her, she found a way to make a light-hearted joke about her circumstances.

“Nick…I” Julie was interrupted

“Ambulance is here” Jim said as he walked into the office and behind Julie and began to push her out of the office while Nick Walked behind them trying to figure out what Julie was going to say….



Fisher Residence- Summer Bay

Donald walked into the house as Lucinda laughed at the television programme she was watching.

“I thought you were seeing Nick this evening” Donald said as he put a file and his keys on the desk

“He is working tonight” Lucinda said as she drank some of her hot chocolate

“Oh, that’s a shame…he is a nice young man” Donald said

“Yes he is” Lucinda said and smiled. She is glad that they tried a second time to make things work

“Maybe we will hear wedding bells soon” Donald said and Lucinda giggled “Well he hasn’t asked me yet” Lucinda said and smiled

“Right” Donald said and walked out of the living room. Lucinda put her mug on the table and looked at her ring finger and smiled. Things were going really well with Nick…maybe he was getting ready to ask her to marry him…she would definitely say yes..

Donald walked into the kitchen to make himself a hot drink as he turned on the kettle he thought about Nick and Lucinda. They made a nice couple he thought and Lucinda was very bright, she went to university, therefore she was at the right age to get married if she wanted to. Donald smiled to himself. Lucinda had always been his favourite because she had so much ambition. At times he wished she was his daughter. Donald sighed as he thought about Bobby his daughter. Their relationship was still strained because shee continued to make silly decisions. He didn’t agree with her fostering, just like he didn’t agree with a lot of things in her life..sometimes he wished she was Lucinda…or maybe even Roo…just someone other than who she was….


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“The end” Bobby said as Sam smiled

“Did you like that?” Bobby said and Sam nodded

“Ok mate…its time to say goodnight” Bobby said and she leaned forward and gave Sam a kiss on his forehead

“Ill leave the little light on ok” Bobby said

“Ok” Sam said

“Night” Bobby said

“Goodnight” Sam said and Bobby smiled and watched Sam close his eyes then she closed the door. Bobby yawned as she walked down the stairs. She had an assignment to finish before she went to bed.

“Sam enjoy the story?’ Grant said as Bobby walked into the kitchen

“Yeah, thanks” Bobby said

“Good, that was one of my favourites as a child” Grant said and Bobby yawned then walked over to the table and took her folder out of her bag

“You not going to bed?” Grand said

“No, got to finish an assignment for tomorrow…well its actually due at the end of the week, but I want to get it done now, so I have some time to take Sam to the bouncy castle” Bobby said and yawned then sat on the chair

“I'm sure he wouldn’t mind if you go next week” Grant said noticing how tired Bobby was

“No, its alright…ill do anything for him..he comes first now that he is part of my family” Bobby said and smiled as Grant found her comment odd

“Ok..i'm headed to bed…night” Grant said

“righto…night” Bobby said as Grant looked at her then he walked off to his room


General Hospital- Yabbie Creek

“Thanks doctor” Julie said and the doctor smiled and draw back the curtain. Nick leaned off the wall as walked towards the bed as the doctor walked away

“Well?” Nick said

“Like I thought, nothing broken, its just going to be sore for a few days” Julie said

“Good…Im glad to hear it” Nick said and Julie smiled

“Back at the bingo hall…you were going to say something” Nick was interrupted as Julies parents rushed into the room

“Oh love, we came as soon Jim told us..he was very worried about you” Julies mum said as she rushed over to the bed

"Im fine" Julie said

“Mr and Mrs Gibson” Julies mum looked around and noticed Nick standing by the wall.

“Officer Parish happened to be working overtime in Yabbie creek when it happened” Julie said

“Right” Julies father said “Do you have any idea about who did this?” Julies dad said

“No…but we will be working on it..I better get going” Nick said and he looked at Julie as her mum looked at him

“Thanks for everything” Julie said and smiled..even though deep down she wished Nick would stay

“No worries…ill be in touch if I need any more information” Nick said and smiled then he began to walk out of the room. Julies dad went to sit on the side of her bed and neither of them noticed Julies mum walking out of the room

“Officer Parish” Nick turned around to see Julies mum behind him

“Please don’t forget our conversation…” Julies mum said as she stared at Nick

“Goodnight” Nick said and he walked away. Of course he remembered the conversation…the one where she told him that Julie would never be what he wants…the conversation that he never forgot..the conversation he had replayed in his mind several times…but if he was honest with himself...he wished he could throw the tape away and start all over again..but now, he knew he never could..

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Chapter 375


High School- Summer Bay

“Lawrence why are you not in class” Karen jumped then she turned around to see Mr Fisher standing behind her

“I have to get my permission slip sighed by my mu..I mean Ms Lawrence..I forgot to do it this morning sir” Karen said

“Very well..hurry up and get back to class” Donald said then he walked away. Karen rolled her eyes and continued on to her mum's office. Karen turned the corner to her mum's office, and just as she was about to knock on the door, she noticed that the door was slightly open and her mum was on the phone. Karen stood quietly outside the door and listened

“Ill try and get away tonight….i know..I love you too…I have to go..bye” Debra said then she put the phone down. A confused look came across Karen’s face as she wondered who her mum was talking to..who she would be telling she loved. Maybe her parents were working things out and were getting back together. For a split second Karen was excited. Maybe if her parents got back together, they could all move back to the city as a family. Karen's excitement soon turned to disappointment as she remembered that her dad was on a business trip and wasn’t getting back until Friday to pick her up for the weekend.


“What are you doing standing there?” Karen jumped as noticed that the door was open and her mum was standing at the door

“I came to get my permission slip signed for Ms Woods school trip” Karen said as her mum looked at her with an annoyed look on her face then she snatched the paper from Karens hand

“Ill sign it and give it to Ms Woods…go back to class” Debra said. Karen was going to say something cheeky but judging by her mum's appearance she was annoyed, so she let it go, smiled sarcastically and walked away…


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

“You sure you’re up to it sis?” Alf said as he watched Celia hobble on crutches and sit on the chair near the counter

“Of course I am Alfred, I am feeling much better and the doctor said I will be right as rain in a few days” Celia said

“Well I was thinking of asking young Steven Fletcher to come in and help you while Ails and I are away this weekend” Alf said

“Oh Alfred, I will be fine. There is absolutely nothing to worry about..I can take care of the shop just like I have done countless other times…” Alf said

“Only if you're sure sis, I cant have you and your dodgy ankle scaring me customers away” Alf said and laughed

“Oh Alfred…really” Celia said and she rolled her eyes

“I bet Duncan is excited, his first camping trip” Celia said and smiled

“Yeah…he probably wont be able to understand it all” Alf said

“That doesn’t matter, its family trip…well family plus one since Blake Lawrence is going along” Celia said

“Yeah, he is a good kid, he is really excited…shame you and Michael and Haydn couldn’t come along” Alf said then he noticed a change in Celia’s demeanor

“Yes…ummm Michael has to go and pick up some very important boat parts this weekend” Celia said

“Oh well..maybe another time..now let me get these cans of beans out” Alf said as he walked away and Celia sighed. She hated lying to her brother, but she couldn’t tell him that Michael wasn’t really going to pick up boat part, he just was not interested in going…


Smart Residence- Summer Bay

Lance turned over to his side and picked up the envelope from the other side of his bed. He took the letter out of it and began to read it again. Lance sighed as he read about how good things were going for Martin in the army. Lance missed him so much. They had been friends for a long time and with Martin gone, he felt the void in his life. Seeing Marilyn around didn’t help either. She had moved on with another bloke even though he was still in love with her. Lance sighed then he turned over and laid on his back and turned the letter over and continued reading.


Smart Residence- The City

Narelle opened her eyes and the bright light from the sun sneaking through the curtains made her wince. She looked at the clock it was almost midday and she sighed. She was late to work again. Matt was cool with her being late because she worked hard but she knew she couldn’t keep going on like this. She looked to her left and noticed that the bed was empty, which meant that Jeff was in the bathroom or something. Narelle yawned again and began to get up from the bed. As she walked to the bedroom door, she could hear Jeff on the phone talking in a whisper.

“Yeah..ill get the stuff for you tomorrow…no not here..Ill meet you…yeah…same price..bye” Jeff said then he put the phone down

“Who was you talking to?” Jeff jumped then turned around to see Narelle standing behind him. Jeff walked towards Narelle and put his arms around her

“Just one of my clients, I told them I had to cancel because I woke up late with my gorgeous girlfriend…and I would need to reschedule” Jeff said then he kissed Narelles cheek.

“Well, I better phone Matt and tell him that im running late” Narelle said as she tried to move but Jeff held on to her tighter

“Whats the rush…we can have a little party” Jeff said and smiled and began to kiss Narelles neck

Narelle knew what that meant when he said that. She didn’t want to do any of that stuff anymore but she really liked Jeff, and thought that if she stopped he would break up with her

“Maybe at the weekend..I need to get to work” Narelle said

“Come on…just a little party” Jeff said as continued to kiss her neck. Narelle closed her eyes and sighed

“Ok..just a little” Narelle said trying to force a smile

“Good girl” Jeff said and winked as Narelle continued to force her smile.



Morgan Residence- The City

The sound of the TV woke Roo up. Lifted her head up and looked at the clock on the other side of the bed and sighed then laid back down and put the sheet over her head. She felt like she had only been asleep for an hour. Roo sighed and closed her eyes as she remembered what happened with Donovan last night. Roo tried to replay what happened in her mind until she heard the water in the sink running which interrupted her thoughts and she opened her eyes. Roo took the sheet off her head and watched as Pippa walked to the couch

“Oh, I hope I didn’t wake you” Pippa said as she noticed that Roo was looking at her

“No, its fine..I have to get up and get ready for work anyway” Roo said

“Frank is taking a shower..I assume he wont be long…can I get you some tea or breakfast?” Pippa said

“No its fine, I usually grab something on the way to work” Roo said as she walked over to the wardrobe to take some clothes out for work

“Sorry, ill just get this out of the way” Pippa said as she rushed over to the wardrobe and moved her suitcase out of the way

“I booked my flight back to Australia for Sunday, so if you want me to take anything back for anybody, please let me know” Pippa said

“Right, I will” Roo said not taking her head out of the wardrobe. There was an uncomfortable silence then the bathroom door opened

“I made you some breakfast” Pippa said as Frank limped walked towards her with his walking stick

“Great…thanks” Frank said as Pippa walked into the kitchen. Roo closed the wardrobe door holding a skirt and blouse

“Ill just take a shower and get ready for work” Roo said and smiled briefly and walked towards the bathroom. Frank sighed as he heard the bathroom door close. Pippa would be going soon and it would be back to just the two of them….back to all the debt that he owed. Frank lowered his head and looked at his walking stick

“Everything alright love?” Pippa said as she put Franks breakfast plate on the table in front of the couch

No its not Frank wanted to say, but he didn’t want Pippa to know what was going on

“Yeah fine…this looks great” Frank said and smiled and sat down on the couch pretending that everything was alright..


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Chapter 376




Gibson Residence- Summer Bay

Emotional background music


Julie opened her eyes and looked at the bandage on her arm. She didn’t normally sleep late but they got home from the hospital sometime this morning. She sighed as she remembered what happened last night at the bingo hall. Not the fact that the bingo hall was almost robbed, but the fact that she saw Nick . As much as she tried to forget him…she couldn’t…she had to finally admit to herself that she was in love with him…she wanted to tell him last night that she missed him…that it hurt not being able to see him…it hurt her knowing that he would never feel the same way..and was with someone else. Julie sighed as a tear ran back into her ear. Julie tried to sit up in her bed but she was unable to lift her weight with one arm. Julie sighed then she began to cry even more as she though about how useless she was…nobody would ever want her…..she was a fool to even think that Nick would want her…this was going to be her life forever…regardless of how much she wanted her dreams to come true…


Police Station- Yabbie Creek

Nick looked at the report he finished typing. He had to brief the Yabbie Creek officers about the burglary last night before he went back to Summer Bay. As he finished reading one page to make sure it was accurate, he turned over the page to see Julie’s witness statement and he signed. It really hurt him to see her on the floor, he felt helpless that he wasn’t there to save her…but none of that mattered now. Nick turned the page over and read Jim’s witness statement. Jim had made it clear that he and Julie were dating..so it didn’t matter how he felt…she had already moved on…


Bayside diner- Summer Bay

Marilyn looked at her watch and looked around, she was supposed to be meeting Adam for lunch but for some reason he had not turned up. This was unusual because he was always on time, most of the time, he got to the diner before her. Marilyn looked at her watch again and began to walk back to the resort because she didn’t want ot be late back to work


High school- Summer Bay

Adam drank his coke and put the can next to him. He found a nice spot on the roof that nobody knew about. Once in a while when he was on his break he would sit up there and just look over the school and over summer bay. Adam sighed because he knew he was supposed to go and meet Marilyn for lunch like he always did, but for some reason he couldn’t today…his thoughts were all over the place. Adam took a bite of his sandwich and watched as the school kids walked around the school yard or sat in their little groups eating lunch and reading a book. As he looked around the school yard, he noticed the one girl that he was on the beach. She was sitting on her own eating her sandwich. He scanned the school grounds and also noticed Karen but she was with her group of friends and they were laughing and joking on the other side of the school grounds. He noticed the beach girl lift her head up from her book and look over at Karen. Then she put her things in her bag and walked away. Adam sighed then he looked into the sky as he stared at the clouds, a tear fell down his cheek then he wiped it with the back of his hand and inhaled and exhaled. It was none of his business and he wasn’t getting himself involved. Adam put the last bit of sandwich in his mouth and washed it down with the rest of his coke then he got up and made his way back into the school building


Gibson Residence- Summer Bay

Julie dried her hair with the towel and put it in the laundry basket and rolled herself out of the bathroom. She hated that she had to rely on her mum to help her take a shower and wash her hair, but she had no choice with her arm sore.

“I made some lunch” Julies mum said

“Thanks” Julie said and she rolled herself over to the dining table where her mum had made some sandwiches


Julies mum walked towards the door and got a shock when she opened the door

“What are you doing here?” Joanne Gibson said

“G;day Mrs Gibson, I was just heading back to Summer Bay and wanted to check on Julie” Nick said

“Shes fine” Joanne said as she stared at Nick. He could tell that she wasn’t going to let him see her

“can I see that for myself?” Nick said

“Why are you doing this..i asked you to leave her alone?” Joanne  said

“Mum who is it?” Julie said

“Julie its me..Nick” Julie felt her heart stop…she couldn’t believe it

“Mum let him in” Julie said trying to contain her excitement. Joanne sighed then she opened the door wider for Nick to step into the house

“We were just having some lunch, you are welcome to join us” Julie said as she pointed to the sandwiches

“No thanks, I  was on my way back to Summer Bay, and I wanted to see if you are alright” Nick said

“Im fine” Julie said and smiled. She couldn’t believe that he was here. Nick tried to contain himself but Julies smile melted him. He didn’t intend on coming to see her, but her house was on the ay back to Summer Bay and he thought the right thing would be to just check on her. There was an awkward pause as Nick looked at Julies mum and Julie looked at her mum who sighed.

“I just have to pop to the shop to get some milk..we’ve run out” Joanne said and sighed as she walked out of the house. She hated that Nick was there after promising that he would leave Julie alone..

Nick pulled out the chair and sat next to Julie. “I think I will have a sandwich if you don’t mind” Nick said and he picked up a sandwich and bit into it as Julie smiled. She watched as Nick chewed…he looked so handsome..being alone with him is something she had wanted for so long.

“So any leads on the blokes who tried to rob the bingo hall?” Julie said

“No, nothing yet, but Yabbie Creek police department are going to conduct a full investigation” Nick said

“Oh right” Julie said somewhat disappointed. She wished that Nick was still going to investigate the case.

“Don’t worry, I've asked them to patrol the bingo hall..and you have extra security with your boyfriend working there” Nick said

“My boyfriend?” Julie said confused

“Yeah…Jim” Nick said

“Hes not my boyfriend…we just went out once..thats it” Julie said and Nick felt himself getting excited at the news..then he felt disappointment as he remembered…he couldn’t be here…he had a girlfriend..


“Anyway, I better go before I hit traffic” Nick said and he stood up which disappointed Julie. She wished she could tell him to stay…but she had no right to because he already had a girlfriend


“Ok…well thanks for stopping by” Julie said feeling heart broken

“If you have any questions or anything get in touch with the police department and they will help” Nick said as he walked towards the door. Julie rolled her chair behind him

“Ok, I will” Julie said trying to stop herself from crying

“Nick..I” Julie was interrupted as Nick turned around and looked at her

“Yes?” Nick said as Julies heart beat. She wanted to tell him that she missed him..that she loved him…that a life with him was all she thought about

“Nothing, I just remembered one of the blokes from last night had a tattoo that’s all…ill let the police know” Julie said and smiled

“Oh..right” Nick said disappointed. He wasn’t sure what Julie was going to say…but he was hoping to hear something different.

“Anyway…take care of yourself” Nick said as he opened the door

“Yeah…you too, and thanks for coming by” Julie said and smiled as Nick nodded his head and walked towards his car. Julie closed the door just as a tear rand down her cheek. Nick opened his car, sat in it and closed the door. Coming here was a mistake…he should’ve just gone straight home. Nick started the engine and looked at the house one more time and drove away..


Background music ends


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Steve opened the door and walked into the house. He put his bag down and walked into the kitchen to see Carly and Ben in the kitchen. Ben was fixing something under the sink

“How was school?” Carly said as Steve opened the fridge and took some juice out.

“Ok” Steve said

“Where is Sal? Carly said

“She’s practicing the school play” Steve said as he poured some juice into the glass then began to drink it

“Oh I forgot that was today…can you go and pick her up?” Carly said

“Why cant you do it?” Steve said

“Because I have to go to work remember” Carly said annoyed

“So who is going to look after Christopher” Steve said

“Ill look after him” Ben said as he got up from the floor “All fixed” Ben said

“Thank you…you saved me having to get the plumber out” Carly said and she kissed Ben on the cheek

“Are you sure you don’t mind looking after Christopher? Its just until Steve get back from picking up Sal” Carly said

“Not at all..anything for you” Ben said and smiled then Steve rolled his eyes and gently patted Christopher on the head and walked upstairs.


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

Karen threw her school bag on the bedroom floor and fell backwards onto her bed. The house was quiet, Blake had gone to his part time job, and her mum was not back yet. School was so boring, Karen though to herself hopefully she was able to have some fun on the school trip next week even though it was going to be Ms Woods going with them. She was really up herself. Karen got up from the bed and just as she was about to take her school uniform off, she remembered the conversation she overheard at school between her mum and the mystery person on the phone. Karen had an idea, maybe she would find something in her mum's room to figure out who she was talking to.


 Karen walked out of her bedroom and towards her mum's room. The door was halfway open, so she pushed it open and walked inside. She looked around the room, it was nice and neat as usual. Karen opened her mum's wardrobe and gently ran her hands along the clothes that were neatly hanging. She looked around the room again then sat on the bed and looked at the baby picture of her and Blake that was on the table. Karen rolled her eye  and opened a draw. She ran her hands over a few things but nothing looked suspicious. Karen opened another draw and just as she was about to close the draw, she noticed something in the back of the draw. Karen pulled the draw open a bit more and noticed that it was a photo album. One she had never seen before. She was just about to take the photo album out when she heard a car door slam shut. Karen quickly pushed the photo album back and closed the drawer. She quickly got up from the bed and made the sheets smooth then stepped out of the room closing the door half way. Just as she rushed into her bedroom and fell back on the bed, she heard the front door open. Karen quickly looked around and picked up a magazine that was on the corner of her bed and opened the pages

“I hope you are not going to sit in there and read that magazine when you have homework to do” Debra said. Karen lowered her magazine and looked at her mum. She didn’t respond as her mum walked into the bedroom.

Debra opened her bedroom door. She put her bag on the chair and sat down on the bed and kicked off her shoes. She rubbed her neck and undid the pin that was holding her hair in place. It had been a long day. Debra rolled her neck around to try and remove the stiffness from the day then she began to smile to herself as she thought about seeing Alf later tonight at the shop. Debra opened the second draw and pulled out the photo album. She opened the first page and smiled at the old photo of her and Alf. She closed the photo album and put it back in the drawer and closed it. She loved him so much and couldn’t wait to see him tonight….


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“SHUT UP YOU NOISY LITTLE BRAT” Ben shouted as Christopher sat in his high chair and cried. Ben didn’t know how long he had been crying for, but it was starting to get annoying. He didn’t even know why he told Carly he would look after the brat, but he had to keep her on side because he needed more money to get more work done to his car since he was sacked from his job. Ben turned the TV up to drown the noise of the crying when he heard some voices and turned the TV off fast and rushed over to Christopher and took him out of the high chair

“Good boy” Bobby said to Sam as they walked into the house. He was learning the meaning of new words. Bobby looked at Ben holding Christopher

“What are you doing here?” Bobby said

“Carly has gone to work, and Steve has gone to pick up Sally from school…so its just me and Christopher” Ben said with a smile

“Why is Chris crying?” Bobby said as she walked closer to them

“I think he is tired….there there Chris” Ben said as he pushed Christopher’s head into his chest

“Chris” Bobby said and Christopher immediately pushed his head back

“Bobo bobo” Christopher said as he cried. Bobby looked at Ben then at Christopher

“Give him to me” Bobby said and she pulled Christopher from Ben.

“Its ok sweetheart” Bobby said as she sat on the chair and gently patted Christopher on his back as he appeared to calm down.

“Well since you are here, I better get going..have a good night” Ben said and smiled as Bobby didn’t respond “Bye Sam” Ben said and waved

“Bye” Sam said and waved back. As Ben walked out of the house, his smile disappeared. Out of al the family, he hated Bobby the most. She was an irritating little drop kick. As Ben walked to his van, he noticed Bobby's car parked. He walked over to the car and took his keys from his pocket and opened the pen knife. He looked around to make sure no one was looking then he punctured the car tire. As he walked away he could hear the air coming out of the tires and laughed to himself.


Stewart Residence-Summer Bay


Emotional background music

Sandra heard the front door close, Mr Stewart was inside the house. She couldn’t really sleep and just stared at the stars in the sky. She wished that things would go back to how they were…even though they wrote to each other, she missed her best friend Viv…even though she never told Viv how she felt about Stephen…in her own way she even missed Emma. She hated what was going on in school with Karen, but made a decision, she was going to tell the department she wanted to go to a different foster home…she didn’t want to be in summer bay anymore,,she was going to miss the Stewart's..and Steve..but she had to get away…



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Knock on the door”


Steve opened his eyes he though he heard someone knocking on the door. He looked towards the window and noticed that it was raining and windy outside. Steve closed his eyes and turned over to his side.


“Knock on the door”


Steve opened his eyes. This time he was certain that it was a knock on the door. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the clock on his bedside table, it was 12:30am. Steve yawned then he got out of bed and began to walk down the stairs


Knock on the door”


Steve reached the bottom of the stairs and turned the light on then he walked to the door

“Who is it” Steve said as he yawned

“Steve…its me…Viv” Steve heard and opened his eyes wide in shock. He opened the door as fast as he could to see Viv and Tammy soaking wet

“What are you doing here?” Steve said as he stood out of the way to let them in

“Im never going back there again” Viv said. Her face was red as if she had been crying then Tammy held onto Steve and began to cry…


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading  :)

Chapter 377


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

Background music- Stewart family theme

Karen opened her eyes as she heard two car doors close. She rushed out of her bed and ran to the window and just before she got there, she tripped on her shoes and fell on the floor

“Oww” Karen said. He mum always told her to clean her room, and for once she wished she had listened. She forgot what she was doing then when she heard the car do close again, she rushed up to the window but it was too late, the car was going and also she saw was 924 which was a partial license plate, and her mum was opening the front door. Karen sighed as she limped back into bed.


Debra closed the door behind her quietly and smiled as she took off her shoes and slowly walked to her room. When she got there she closed the door and began to undress. She put her dressing gown on and tied the waist and yawned as it was very late…but it didn’t matter..she got to spend time with the man she loves so it was worth every minute


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Alf closed the door quietly and took off his shoes and smiled to himself as he thought about the great evening he had with Debra. Alf quietly opened the bedroom door walked inside and closed it. He took off his trousers and put it on the chair and picked up his pyjama bottoms and put them on. He sat on the edge of the bed and unbuttoned his shirt and looked over his shoulder as he heard Ailsa began to move around. Alf thre his shirt towards the chair but it missed and hit the floor. Stood up and pulled the blanket back, and got into bed. Ailsa turned around and wrapped her arms around him

“How was the meeting love” Ailsa said have asleep”

“It was good love…go back to sleep” Alf said as he covered himself with the blanket

“Night…I love you” Ailsa said and for a split second Alf felt guilty

“Night” Alf said and rested his head on the pillow hoping to go to bed soon, so his guilt would go away


Background music ends


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Background music- Fletcher family theme

Grant gently put Tammy on the couch and covered her with a blanket. He bent down and kissed her on the forehead and smiled then he walked over to the table where Viv, Steve, Bobby and Carly were seated

“I’m really sorry for coming here…but we had no other place to go to” Viv said as she wrapped both her hands around her cup of tea. As she sipped it, she could feel the warm liquid running down her throat. Grant sat next to Viv and she rest her head on his shoulders. She had missed him so much…she had missed them all so much.

“Its good you came here…this is your home” Bobby said and she gently squeezed Viv’s hand

“So what do we do?..should we call the police or something” Carly said

“No…please no Carly…you don’t know what it was like…the police will just make us go straight home” Viv said then she put the cup on the table and began to cry into Grants arms

“Its ok…we wont do anything about it tonight” Grant said looking at Carly who rolled his eyes at her

“I think that is a good idea…ill call Andrew Foley in the morning, and hopefully we can figure something out” Bobby said as Carly immediately looked at her when she heard Andrews name.


“Can we stay with you..please” Viv said looking up at Grant. Grant looked at Bobby who smiled and nodded

“Ok, just for tonight, then we will figure out what to do” Grant said and Viv closed her eyes and hugged him.

“Its getting late, we better get back to the house” Grant said and walked back to the couch and picked up Tammy who was still asleep

“Do you think we should tell Pippa?” Steve said

“No, leave it for tonight…besides there is nothing she can do about it until she gets home next week” Bobby said

“Are you coming to school tomorrow?” Steve said  and Viv shrugged her shoulders

“Ok, me and Sandra will come over to Bobby's place after school” Steve said

“Ok…thanks..please don’t tell anyone else i'm back yet” Viv said

“Ok” Steve said

“Right lets get going” Grant said and he began to walk outside the house

“Night” Steve said and he walked up the stairs. Bobby was just about to walk out of the house then she turned back

“Why was Ben looking after Chris?” Bobby said

“Because he volunteered…that’s why?” Carly said annoyed

“When I got here, Chris was crying” Bobby said

“So? you know he can be a brat sometimes” Carly said

“Carly” Bobby said

“What? He can…anyway I'm going to bed..good night” Carly said looking at Bobby who looked at her then walked out of the house. Carly locked the door smiling to herself and as she walked up the stairs to go and get ready to see Ben…


Background music ends


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


Background music- Jukebox

The victims we know so well, They shine in your eyes, When they kiss and tell
Strange places we never see, But you're always there, Like a ghost in my dream
And I keep on telling you, Please don't do the things you do, When you do those things
Pull my puppet strings, I have the strangest void for you


Nick looked down at the sandwich on his plate. When he ordered it, he was hungry..but now he wasn’t. Everything just seemed confusing since he got back from Yabbie Creek…and seeing Julie

“Is there something wrong with your sandwich?” Lucinda said as she notice that Nick hadn’t touched any of his food. She bit into her sandwich and then looked at him

“Hmm did you say something?” Nick said lokoing up at Lucinda

“I was asking if everything is alright with your food” Lucinda said

“Yeah, its fine” Nick said then he picked up a fork, and put some of the potato in his mouth


We love and we never tell What places our hearts in the wishing well
Love leads us into the stream, And it's sink or swim, Like it's always been
And I keep on loving you, It's the only thing to do, When the angel sings
There are greater things, Can I give them all to you


“So what do you think?” Lucinda said then she looked up to see Nick looking out of the window absent minded

Nick..what do you think?” Lucinda said and she gently tapped Nicks hand

“What? Nick said

“What do you think about what I said…about meeting my parents” Lucinda said and smiled

“Sorry, what about it?” Nick said

“Well, I've been telling my parents about you and they want to meet you, if you can get next weekend off” Lucinda said and Nick silently sighed


Oh, hmm, Pull the strings of emotion, Take a ride into unknown pleasure
Feel like a child on a dark night, Wishing there was some kind of heaven
I could be warm with you smiling, Hold out your hand for a while
The victims we know them so well, So well


“Adam Cameron you are in so much trouble” Marilyn said as she rushed behind Adam as he walked out of the diner. Adam turned around to see Marilyn behind him and he remembered that he hadn’t called her since not turning up to lunch

“Yeah, sorry about yesterday..I was going to call you but got busy” Adam said

“What you really mean is you forgot..I waited here al” Marilyn said

“No, I got really busy at the school, and by the time I got home I was tired and had an early night” Adam said

“That’s not an excuse, I waited here for almost an hour” Marilyn said

“Look, I said I got busy, get off my back” Adam said and he walked away as Marilyn looked at him shocked…


Ah, ah, Ah, ah, The victims we know so well, They shine in your eyes when they kiss and tell
Strange places we never see, But you're always there like a ghost in my dream
And I keep on telling you, Please don't do the things you do, When you do those things, pull my puppet strings, I have the strangest void for you


“We can leave on Friday..early so we don’t hit the traffic. Ill see if my uncle will let me leave work early” Lucinda said then she drank some of her coke. Nick could hear what she was saying…she was making plans and he had not even agreed to it. He so many thoughts going through his mind…he didn’t know if he was coming or going..he felt claustrophobic...

“I got to get out of here” Nick said and he got up from the table

“Is there something wrong?” Lucinda said surprised

“No..I just have to go” Nick said as he grabbed his hat from the chair in the booth and took some money out from his pocket and put it on the table

“Ok, well don’t forget we are going to see the movie tonight..ill be ready by 7pm” Lucinda said as Nick walked away..



Show my heart some devotion, Push aside those that whisper never
Feel like a child on a dark night, Wishing we could spend it together
I could be warm with you smiling, Hold out your hand for a while,

The victims we know them so well, so well


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 378


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“Hi” Viv said when she opened the door. Sandra leaned forward and gave her a hug

“I’m really happy that you're back” Sandra said as they walked into the house. Steve closed the door behind Sally and followed Viv and Sandra  to the dining table

“Hi Tammy” Sandra said as she gently patted Tammy’s head “Hello” Tammy said and smiled then turned back to the TV to watch playschool as Sally sat next to her.

“Steve told me what happened…Im really sorry things didn’t work out with your parents, but why didn’t you say anything in your letter? Sandra said as she sat down opposite Viv . Viv sighed then she shugged her shoulders

“I don’t know..I guess I didn’t want to accept that things were getting bad again” Viv said

“What about your dad?” Steve said

“He doesn’t say or do anything” Viv said

“Well at least you are back here” Sandra said and smiled. She was genuinely happy that her friend was back.

“Yeah…but I don’t know how long for though” Viv said

“What do you mean?” Steve said confused

“Well I don’t know if Bobby wants to foster any more children, and Grant isn’t allowed to foster us..and Mrs Fletcher is not here” Viv said defeated

What did Andrew Foley say?” Steve said

“I don’t know, Bobby hasn’t come back from Uni yet” Viv said

“What if I ask Mr and Mrs Stewart? You can share my room, and Tammy can have Roo’s old bedroom” Sandra said excited

“Do you think they will say yes?” Viv said

“I don’t know, but I can ask them” Sandra said then Grant came through the door with some some shopping bags

“I think I might have bought everything in the shop” Grant said as he put the bags on the floor. He took a small bag out and walked over to the couch

“I may have got something for you two” Grant said and he opened the bag and pulled out two lollipops, and gave on to Sally and one to Tammy

“Thank you” They both said and Grant winked and got up and walked over to the dining table

“One for the lady, one for the lady, and one for the gentleman” Grant said giving a lollipop to Steve, Viv and Sandra and Viv sighed

“Whats wrong?” Sandra said

“I still cant believe it about Craig..I mean he was our friend…and we didn’t even know” Viv said. As she continued Sandra became quite, as she remembered her interaction with Karen in school earlier. She wished she had the guts to tell, but she didn’t want to be a dobber.

“So, what’s new in school today?” Grant said

“Just the same, were going on a school trip with Ms Woods next week…can you come…are you coming back to school?” Steve said and Viv shrugged her shoulders

“Yes she will be coming back to school” Grant said

“That will depend on what the social worker will say…he might make us go back home” Viv said

“Hey” Grant said and he walked over to Viv and bent down and put his arm around her

“Everything is going to be fine”” Grant said as Viv looked at him

“You promise?” Viv said

“Yes, I promise” Grant said and Viv smiled and hugged him


Summer Bay

Karen laughed and drank her coke as her and her friends walked away from the school. As usual it has been a boring day, but she did get some money from Sandra so that was a good thing

“Hold this let me tie my shoe laces” Karen said as she handed her coke to her friend and bent down to tie her shoe laces. As she stood up a car drove past and before the car was too far in the distance, she was able to make out that it had the license plate 924. The same one she saw outside her house late last night. It looked like a lady driving but she wasn’t sure.

“Hey, do you know whose car that is? Karen said as she took her can of coke back from her friend

“Didn’t see it” Her friend said

“Well you’re blind anyway, four eyes” Karen said and all the girls began to laugh except the one she was speaking to…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Carly watched as Ben counted the money “You don’t have to count it, its all there” Carly said sarcastically

“I know…its just something we were taught in the army..anytime we are given something we always have to check that it is what its supposed to be” Ben said

“Great, so that means anything I give you, you have to check” Carly said

“Not everything” Ben said and he leaned forward and kissed her

“I cant believe that guy hasn’t paid you yet…what a creep” Carly said

“Yeah..I know. I'm thinking of leaving that place anyway, maybe get something around here” Ben said

“I thought you were going back to the army soon?” Carly said

“Why? Don’t you want me around?” Ben said

“No, that’s not what I meant, I just thought you were only on leave for a little while” Carly said

“I am, but I asked for an extension..I wanted to be here with you” Ben said and smiled and Carly felt butterflies in her stomach

“Maybe I can ask Bobby if there is anything going at the resort” Carly said

“I don’t want to work anywhere near that drop kick” Ben said as he put his arms around Carly

“Or maybe you can ask Mr Stewart, I heard the surf club is opening soon…maybe they need a manager or something?” Carly said

“Yeah I suppose..what about doing odd jobs around here?” Ben said

“No…the caravan park isn’t doing too well financially, and I don’t think Pippa would want to pay any extra money out right now” Carly said as Ben kissed her neck

“I'm so glad you're here…I really love you” Carly said as she rested her head on Ben's chest..Ben looked at the money in his hand “Yeah…me too” Ben said and smiled to himself…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“Go and put your things away, wash your hands and come and eat your dinner” Bobby said

“Ok” Sam said and he ran up the stairs as Bobby walked towards the kitchen with a silver container

“One of the perks of working at the resort, dinner is always served” Bobby said as she put the silver container on the counter

“I hope Lasagna is alright” Bobby said as Viv got up from the couch and walked to the kitchen where Grant was washing the dishes.

“Its my favourite” Grant said sniffing the air as Viv smiled

“Bobby…did you speak to the social worker?” Viv said

“Yes, I did and he said if you want to, you and Tammy can stay here temporarily until we figure out what we can do” Bobby said and Viv smiled

“Oh thank you” Viv said and she nearly knocked Bobby over by hugging her tight

“See, I told you everything was going to be alright” Viv smiled and nodded, but she still wasn't sure that her and Tammy were safe....

Drive-in cinema- Summer Bay

Nick stared at the steering wheel of his car. He looked at the clock on the dashboard, the movie would be ending soon. He didn’t really care because he hadn’t been paying much attention. He sighed when he heard Lucinda laughing. She appeared to be enjoying the film and had occasionally gently tapped Nicks arm to confirm if he was watching. Nick would say yes just to appease her but really, he wasn’t watching. He felt so conflicted. He had grown to like Lucinda, but Julie is who he wanted. He knew that her mum didn’t want her to be with him, and he knew that people would probably laugh about him being with a woman in the wheelchair..Nick’s thoughts were interrupted when Lucinda gently put her hand over Nicks and continued to laugh at the movie.

“That was a really good movie..what do you think?” Lucinda said

“Yeah, it was alright” Nick said

“I told my mum that we are probably going to make it up there this weekend…shes really excited to meet you” Lucinda said and Nick sighed


Emotional background music

“I spoke to my Uncle and he said I can leave school an hour early, so ill just take my bags to work and you can pick me up from there..Nick?” Lucinda said

“Hmmm did you said something?” Nick said

“Is everything alright? You’ve been absent minded all day” Lucinda said and Nick sighed then he turned to her and took a deep breath

“Lucinda…I’m not being honest with you” Nick said

“What do you mean?” Lucinda said confused

“I think you are a great person, but I cant continue on like this” Nick said

“I don’t understand what you are saying” Lucinda said and Nick took a deep breath and exhaled

“I…I am in love with someone else” Nick said and sighed. It felt good to say it…to admit it to himself

Lucinda felt her heart sink….after the talk with her uncle and making plans to go and see her parents, she really though that this time, things would work out. Lucinda sighed and she turned herself to face the front

“I'm really sorry…I didn’t mean to hurt you…I just knew that if I went away to meet your parents, it would all be a lie…I lie I couldn’t keep up with” Nick said

“Please drive me home” Lucinda said and Nick sighed then he started the engine and began to drive away…



Emotional background music ends

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