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Summer's Bay

Homecoming Part 4

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Chapter 347



Two days later


Yabbie Creek Inn- Yabbie Creek

“Mmmmm” Ailsa said as Alf kissed her then he put his arm around her and she snuggled into his chest

“I wish we didn’t have to go home” Ailsa said  “Its been so wonderful being here..just relaxing…not thinking about anything other than I'm glad that we fell in love” Ailsa said and Alf kissed her head

“Yeah, the break has been alright” Alf said

“I know its stupid to say but for a while, I thought I was losing you” Ailsa said

“What do you mean?” Alf said immediately

“I felt like we were growing apart…after your heart attack…you seemed really distant…as if you couldn’t talk to me anymore” Ailsa said

“No love, its all in your head..I suppose I had to get used to what happened to me…I needed time to wrap my head around it” Alf said feeling slight guilt

“I'm glad to hear it..I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost you” Ailsa said as she hugged Alf tight and kissed his chest. Alf sighed then he looked at he ceiling. He had enjoyed his time alone with Ailsa…but he still couldn’t get Debra off his mind…he needed to see her..her wanted to see her…he had to see her…



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Bobby smiled as she watched Christopher eat his toast.

“Sal, you not going to eat your breakfast?” Bobby said as she looked over to see Sally playing with her food as Carly walking into the kitchen

Sally shook her head no

“Are you not hungry?” Bobby said and Sally didn’t respond. Bobby sighed then she walked into the kitchen and looked at Carly

“Is she alright?” Carly said

“I don’t know..shes been really quiet since Pippa left” Bobby said

“Yeah I know..I think I have an idea that might cheer her up” Carly Said

“Sal…how about me you Ben and Christopher go to the beach today” Carly said and she said down next to Sally who didn’t respond

“Ben is bad at making sandcastles maybe you can teach him” Carly said

“And how about some chocolate cake for the teacher” Bobby said and Sally looked up at Bobby and smiled

“Ok” Sally said

“But only if you eat your breakfast” Bobby said pretending to be cross and Sally laughed and took a bite of her toast.

Bobby smiled as she put the milk and juice back into the fridge. When she closed the fridge, she noticed a drawing on the fridge door. It was of two people and “I love you Bobi”

“I love you too, Sal. Can I take this picture to my house”   Bobby said as she took the photo from the fridge door and walked near to the dining table.

“I didn’t draw it” Sally said as she chewed her toast

“Yes you did..you even spelled my name wrong” Bobby said and smiled and turned the picture around so Sally could see it

“I didn’t draw it, your sister Sophie drew it” Sally said and Bobby turned the drawing around looked at it

“How do you know she drew it Sal?” Bobby said

“I found it in the van..the one that Sophie and your dad stayed it” Sally said as Bobby walked back into the kitchen and stared at the drawing..


Woolgoolga- Australia

Sophie picked up the half eaten sandwich off the floor and wiped the dirt. She took a small bite from the corner and chewed. She was really hungry. She turned the tap on and picked up the cup next to the sink and placed it under the faucet until it was half way full. She put the cup on the side and turned the tap off. She drank some of the water then she walked over to corner and sat on the floor of the caravan. She could hear children playing outside but she dared not open the curtain. She ddint want to be hit again. Sophie bit off a little more of the sandwich and chewed as a tear ran down her cheek. One day Bobby would find her, Sophie thought to herself and Bobby would make her a nice sandwich and buy her an ice cream. Sophie drank some of the water in the cup as more tears ran down her cheek…


 Presbyterian hospital- New York

Background music- Fletcher family theme


Pippa’s heart beat fast as the elevator door closed. She had to go to the 6th floor. She watched as the numbers moved up. She was tired. She didn’t sleep much on the flight. She only wanted to get here quickly and see Frank. When the lift got to the third floor, the door opened and someone got in. Pippa smiled and moved over as the woman got in next to her. Pippa exhaled and felt anxious as the elevator door opened at the sixth floor. She stepped out of the elevator and looked around. She looked ahead at the sign pointing to the nurses station then suddenly she started feeling anxious again and her heart was beating fast. She rushed in the direction of the nurses station.

“Hello, please can you help me…Im looking for my son” Pippa said as the nurse looked up and smiled

“Ok, what is his name?” The nurse said

“Frank…Frank Morgan” Pippa said as she tried to calm herself down. The nurse looked at her file

“Yes, he is in room 202 just down the corridor and on the left” The nurse said and Pippa nodded

“Thank you” Pippa said and she rushed down the corridor. She was tired but that didn’t matter. She stopped when she got outside Franks room and took a deep breath. She wiped the stray tear that had run down her cheek then she pushed the door open. Pippa put her hand over her mouth in shock as she entered the room. She put her things on the floor and walked closer to Frank. His arm and leg where in a plaster cast, his face was bruised and he was connected to a heart monitor. Pippa gently ran her finger along his cheek as tears ran down her cheek “my boy” Pippa said as she cried. She wasn’t sure what to expect, but she didn’t think he would be like this.  “my boy” Pippa said as gentle raised Franks hand and rested it on her cheek

“Mrs Fletcher” Pippa turned around to see a shocked Roo standing by the door….



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Steve rested his hands on his on the back of his head and lay down and stared at the ceiling. The house was quiet. Everyone had gone out



Steve- I’m going to miss you Frank..I wish you didn’t have to go

Frank- I wont be going forever…ill be at the other end of the phone

Steve- I know..its just not going to be the same

Frank- Im leaving you in charge…you are the man of the house…take care of everybody

Steve- I promise, I will

Frank – I know you will mate, I trust you

Flashback ends

Steve sighed. He was supposed to look after everybody but he let Sally get kidnapped and Bobby lost the baby. In a way, he also let Craig down.  Even though Frank wasn’t his biological brother, he loved him just as much. He let Frank down. Steve moved his hand and picked up the letter on his bed…the letter from his aunt reminding him that he had a home in England. Steve stared at the letter then rested it n his chest. He put his had back under his head and stared at ceiling.

Background music ends


 Presbyterian hospital- New York


Background music- have you ever been alone

“Thanks” Pippa said as Roo handed her a plastic cup of coffee. She took a sip then she looked over to the bed where Frank was lying

“I know I should’ve been the one to call you” Roo said as she sat on the on the chair next to Pippa

“Its alright” Pippa said sipping her coffee and not taking her eye off Frank. If she was honest, she was a bit disappointed that Roo didn’t call her

“Do you know what happened?” Pippa said

“No…all I know is I was in Boston working and got the call from the hospital that Frank had been attacked” Roo said and Pippa sighed

“He is going to be alright…the Drs said it looks worse than it is” Roo said and laughed. She trying to convince Pippa but also herself. Pippa turned around and looked at her

“I hope so” Pippa said and smiled

“Is there a phone around? I need to let everyone at home know that I got here” Pippa said and she stood up and put her cup of coffee on the table by Franks bed

“Yes, its just out of the door and on the left” Roo said and Pippa smile and looked in her bag for some money. She didn’t know how much she would need

“Hold on, I have a calling card” Roo said and she grabbed her bag and opened her purse and took the calling card out and handed it to Pippa

“Just ring this free number at the bottom and follow the instructions” Roo said and smiled

“Thank you” Pippa said and she walked out of the room as Roo's smile disappeared. She was annoyed that Pippa was here..she was Franks wife…she could take care of him..she had to take care of him…she had no other choice now…


Background music ends

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Bobby finally remembers Sophie. Awkward between Pippa and Roo. I can't see Ben being pleased to play babysitter.

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Great chapter 

Bobby remembers Sophie

A bit awkward between Roo and Pippa

Update again soon :)


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I can just see Ben playing babysitter with a massive s***-eating grin on his face as if to say "You will pay for this, Carly!"

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Chapter 348




Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

“Be reasonable Debra” Dennis said

“I am being reasonable” Debra said with a raised voice then she realized that the children could possibly hear so she sighed but it was to late…Karen was standing in her room with the door slightly opened

“We both agreed that its best for the children to live with me full time” Debra said

“Well I changed my mind. I want my children with me full time, and considering Karen is not happy here, I think it makes perfect sense” Dennis said

“What do you mean Karen is not happy here” Debra said surprised

“You are obviously too engrossed in your work to realize that your daughter doesn’t want to be here…maybe you should be paying close attention” Dennis said

“Don’t patronize me Dennis” Debra said then she looked at her watch and folded her arms. Alf was coming home tonight and asked her to meet him later on at the shop.

“I am not patronizing you, I am clearing making an observation” Dennis was interrupted

“There is no observation to make. Karen and Blake are both well adjusted here…they like it here. Blake enjoys his job at the shop and Karen has friends” Debra said

“Look its getting late and we appear to be going in circles” Dennis said

“So what happens now?” Debra said and sighed

“I will see you in court..” Dennis was interrupted

“You are not having my children” Debra said

“They are my children too” Dennis said as Debra stared at him

“Goodnight” Dennis said then he opened the front door, walked out and closed the door behind him. Debra sighed. This was all she needed right now. A fight with her ex about the children, and not knowing where she stood with Alf. Karen slowly closed the door and smiled to herself. Her plan was working. She spent most of the weekend crying to her father about how much she hated it in Summer Bay. Soon she was going to be back in the city where she belongs and away from the Craig drama at school….


Stewart/Ross residence- Summer Bay

“I thought I said you should put your clean clothes in the drawer” Celia said as she stood in Haydns room. Haydn looked up from his video game at Celia then he continued his video game.

“I am speaking to you Haydn” Celia said again to which Haydn ignored her. Celia was frustrated. She thought that by now they would’ve developed a better relationship but all she got was talking back and disrespect.

“HAYDN!” Celia said with a raised voice

“Youre not my mum, you cant tell me what to do” Haydn said and laughed

“I WISH I WAS SO I CAN GIVE YOU A SPANKING” Celia said and paused. She couldn’t believe that she just said that

“What the hell is going on here?” Celia turned around to see Michael looking at her with any angry look on his face


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Grant closed the door behind him. He noticed Bobby in the kitchen cleaning. He knew that when she was cleaning, it usually meant that something was wrong

“Hi” Grant said as he walked into the kitchen

“Hi…did you and Megan enjoy the movie?” Bobby said

“Yeah it was ok” Grant said

“Do you want a coffee or something?” Bobby said as she put the cooking pots in the lower cupboards

“Is everything alright?” Grant said


Background music- Frank and Bobbys theme


“Yeah, fine. I just made some dinners for this week for the mob at the caravan park” Bobby said and smiled

“You not staying there tonight?” Grant said

“No, I wanted to do the cooking and clean” Bobby said

“Have you heard from Mrs F, did she arrive ok?” Grant said

“Yeah….she called earlier..she got there fine…you sure you don’t want some tea or anything..I was just about to make one” Bobby said

“No, im fine…going to head off to bed” Grant said and he looked at Bobby

“Alright then, I probably wont see you in the morning, I have to drop this lot off then head into the city for a class” Bobby said as she poured the hot water into her cup as Grant watched her

“Are you sure everything is alright?” Grant said

“Of course…why?” Bobby said as she poured some milk into the cup

“Its just that when you clean an already clean kitchen I know something is on your mind” Grant said

“Honestly nothing is wrong…anyway Im going to have a bath while this lot cool down…goodnight” Bobby said and smiled then she picked up her cup and walked up the stairs as Grant watched her go. Bobby walked into her room and closed the door. She put the cup on the side table and sat down



Bobby- Pippa! How are you? Where are you?

Pippa- Im fine Bobby..Im just here at the hospital

Bobby- how is Frank?”

Pippa- The doctors say he is critical but stable…but they are optimistic that he will pull through.

Bobby- Sally is here she wants to talk to you

Pippa- Ok

Bobby- Pippa…

Pippa- I will tell him..

Flashback ends


Bobby picked up the bear that was laying comfortably at the end of the bed and she held it tight

“Thomas look after your daddy” Bobby said as a tear ran down her cheek then she closed her eyes and rested her chin on top of the bear and sighed..


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Carly slowly closed the bedroom door. Christopher was fast asleep. She sighed then walked into her room and closed the door. She took her shorts off and put her pyjama bottoms on. As she unbuttons her blouse she winced in pain as she moved her left arm to take off the blouse. Carly took off her blouse and put her pyjama top on and sat on the bed then slowly laid back. It was nice to hear from Pippa. She didn’t have much to report about Frank other than he was critical but stable which was good news. The best news she had all day.



Ben- Don’t you think you should ask me before you make decisions for me

Carly- Its just the beach, I didn’t think you would mind

Ben- So you’re a mind reader as well?

Carly-No, I just thought you would want to spend the day with me

Ben- You and those brats

Carly- Ill look after them you don’t have to do anything

Ben- No

Carly- Come on, it wont be that bad..


Carly- Ok Ben..Im sorry.


Carly- Im sorry


Flashback ends


Carly sighed and turned over onto her side where her arm didn't hurt Ben was right, she had no right to make decisions for him…she thought it would be fun going to the beach..like a little family outing. Ben was the best relationship she ever had, and she was always doing something to spoil it. Carly sighed. She had to find a way to make it up to him..


Ben stared at the ceiling of the caravan then he looked at the letter on the side table. He had to apologize to Carly…he needed her…

Background music ends.


Stewart/Ross residence- Summer Bay

Celia opened her eyes when she heard Michael finally come to bed. The room was dark as he sat down on the bed then he reached for the lamp on his side of the bed and turned it on.

“I I’m sorry about what I said earlier” Celia said as Michael took of his trousers

“It shouldn’t be me you should be apologizing to” Michael said as he put on his pyjama pants

“I know..I will apologize to Haydn in the morning…I just got a bit frustrated that he wouldn’t listen to me” Celia said

“And do you blame him? Considering you want to spank him” Michael said as he sat down on the bed and took off his shoes

“Its just that I don think he likes me very much” Celia said

“So everything has to be about you?”Michael said and looked at Celia

“That little boy’s life has drastically changed. He has been uprooted to a new place, new school, new home what do you expect from him?” Michael said

“I know..its just that Ailsa said” Celia was Interrupted

“Ailsa said what” Michael said annoyed

“Ailsa said that he should have adjusted by now” Celia said

“What did I tell you about discussing my business with Ailsa?” Michael said

“Its not like she is a stranger…she is family…besides she was only showing concern after she noticed that I was upset about Haydn not warming up to me” Celia said

“She should be showing concern about what is going on in her own house and not worrying about what is going on in this house” Michael said

“What is going on in her house?’ Celia said curiously

“Why don’t you ask her! Im not going to tell you again, stop gossiping to her about my business” Michael said then he got into bed and reached for the cord of the lamp and turned it off. Celia sighed. The room was dark as Celia laid back and pulled the covers up to her chest as she thought about what could possibly be going on in Alf and Ailsa home….

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Great chapter 

What is up with Bobby?

poor Carly run run as fast as you can 
Michael almost exposing Alf to his wife Celia

Update again soon :)


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Sorry for the delay in update. I've been very busy, and probably cant update more than once a week for the Near future. Anyway, Thanks for reading


Chapter 349



Presbyterian hospital- New York

Pippa opened her eyes and yawned. She didn’t know how long she had been asleep in the chair for. Roo mentioned that she was going home to go home and have a shower and change, but Pippa didn’t want to leave the hospital. Pippa sat up and yawned then she folded her jacket up and put it on the chair next to her. Pippa looked at Frank, he was still unconscious then she sighed. It had been a while since she saw Frank, and she wasn’t expecting to see him like this

“Oh, Im sorry” Pippa looked up to see a young woman at the door. She had bright blue eyes and had her hair in a high bun.

Sam looked at the woman sitting down with the friendly face. She knew it wasn’t Franks wife

“Its alright, do you need me to leave the room?” Pippa said assuming that the nurse needed to perform some tests on Frank. As the woman spoke, her voice sounded familiar…different. She had an accent like Franks..then a lightbulb went off in Sams head

“Mrs Fletcher?” Sam said

“Yes” Pippa said confused

“My name is Sam…I called you about Frank” Sam said and smiled and Pippa smiled

“Yes…but you never told me your name” Pippa said

“Im sorry. I wasn’t sure if I should call you..I wasn’t sure how Frank would react” Sam said

“Thank you” Pippa said

“When did you arrive?” Sam said

“Yesterday evening” Pippa said

“You must be so tired” Sam said

“I dozed off for a few hours in the chair” Pippa said

“Can I get you some coffee or something?” Sam said as Pippa looked at her. She was very nice

“Yes that would be nice” Pippa said “Is there somewhere I can freshen up?” Pippa said

“Yes, I can take you to the staff restroom, we have a shower in there” Sam said

“Thank you, that will be fine” Pippa said and smiled


Police Station- Summer Bay

Nick looked up from the report he was writing to see his uncle seated at the desk. Nick sighed. He knew that his uncle wasn’t handling things well but he bottled things up. What was also making things worse is that they were no where near finding out who was bullying Craig at school


Phone ringing


“PC Barnett” Nick said as he picked up the phone

“Hi Nick, its me” Lucinda said and Nick slowly sighed

“G’day, how are you? Nick said


High School- Summer Bay

“I just wanted to say good morning’ Lucinda said as she smiled. She knew she wasn’t allowed to use the phone for personal calls, but things were going so well with Nick.

“Good morning” Nick said as Lucinda smiled to herself

“Anyway I have to go..” Lucinda said

“Ill see you later” Nick said and Lucinda smiled


Police Station- Summer Bay

Nick put the receiver down and sighed. He liked Lucinda; they had been spending time together. He thought that maybe she can be the one considering he was immediately attracted to her when he met her…but he still couldn’t get Julie off his mind. That last time seeing her in the Yabbie Creek shopping centre, she looked so beautiful. He almost forgot that he was there with Lucinda. He felt that there was something unfinished between them. Nick stopped the rest of his thought and realized he was being silly There was nothing unfinished between them.. As far as he was concerned, it wasn’t going to work anyway. Nick thought then he picked up his pen and continued to write his report.


High School- Summer Bay

Adam swept the floor of the entrance as the school kids began arriving. He heard a loud laugh and when he looked up, he saw Karen and her group of friends walking towards the school. He continued to sweep as he heard them walking closer

“Oops, I dropped something” Adam turned around to see Karen seductively bending down to pick up a chocolate wrapper that she dropped on the floor then she put it in the rubbish bin as Adam watched her. Karen smiled at Adam then she looked at her friends and they walked away giggling. A few weeks ago, he wouldn’t have minded the flirting. Even though she was young, Karen was attractive…but know what he knew now…as far as he was concerned she was a bad seed, and he wanted nothing to do with her..besides…he had his eye on Marilyn, and if he played his cards right…she would be his. Adam smiled to himself and continued to sweep the floor.


“You really have the hots for him, don’t you?” Karen’s friend said

“He is such a spunk” Karen said

“He wont look at you” Karen’s friend said

“Maybe he already has” Karen said and winked and walked off as he friends looked at each other in shock and giggled behind her…


Presbyterian hospital- New York

Background music- Fletcher family theme

Pippa tied her hair back into a ponytail. She felt much better after having the shower. She folded the top she was wearing and put it into her back and zipped it. As she sat down, the door opened. Sam walked in with a tray and she put it down on the tray at the end of Franks bed

“Thank you for letting me use the shower” Pippa said

“Youre welcome..I wasn’t sure how you would take your coffee, so I got some extra sugars and milk” Sam said with a smile and Pippa got up and walked over to the bed

“I thought you would like something to eat as well” Sam said as she lifted the extra plate covering the plate. Pippa looked at the food on the plate and tray it appeared to be eggs and bacon on plate, and orange juice and a roll on the tray.

“Thank you” Pippa said as she opened a small cup of milk and poured it into the cup as Sam smiled

“Are you not going to have anything?” Pippa said

“No, I ate already” Sam said then she looked at the time.

“Oh, I need to get going..Ill be back later on before I leave, but if you need anything, you can ask the nurses to page me. Samantha Packard” Sam said and she smiled.  Pippa didn’t know her but she felt very comfortable with her...she also looked familiar

  “Before you go..I just want to say thank you again…for calling me” Pippa said

“I was in two minds about doing it” Sam said

“But im glad you did. Your call was the answer to a prayer that I very much needed…not just about Frank, but…anyway, thank you again” Pippa said and she reach out her hands and gently grabbed Sams hand. Sam smiled

“You're welcome” Sam said and Pippa smiled then she let go of her hand as Sam walked out of the room. Pippa put some sugar into her coffee and stirred it with the plastic spoon. She took a small sip then from the corner of her eye she saw Frank move his head. Pippa put the cup down on the bed tray and rushed over to his bed

“Frank” Pippa said and she gently caressed his forehead as he moved his head slightly then he opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something

“Shhh its ok, try not to speak” Pippa said as a tear formed in her eye. Frank opened his eyes..his mum was here

“Pippa” Frank managed to say as Pippa lifted his hand up to his cheek and breathed a sigh of relief. Frank looked around, he was in the hospital, he looked at his leg in plaster then he sighed as a tear ran down his cheek as he remembered what happen …..and all the trouble he was still in…

Background music ends

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Great chapter

So Pippa finally met Sam.

Glad Frank woke up.

Update again soon :)


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