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Homecoming Part 4

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5 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Is Bob leaving town then? Hopefully Michael will keep his promise to Celia. Julie seems to be moving forward but still likes Nick. Carly drinking again is probably not going to help things with Ben. I can't blame Roo that much for not being glued to Frank's bedside every night, especially with Pippa there.

Bob is leaving for a little while..



Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 360




Two days later

Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Background music- Carly’s theme

“Pippa wouldn’t make me do this if she was here..Im supposed to be on my school holidays” Steve said as he filled a bucket with soapy water. For some reason Carly was being really mean to him and making him do chores that she normally wouldn’t

“Well Pippa isn’t here, just do what you are told” Carly said annoyed and walked out of the kitchen

“Im going to ask Bobby if I can go and live with her” Steve said as he walked out of the kitchen

“SEE IF I CARE” Carly said annoyed as she wiped the table then she threw the towel on the table and sighed. Ben was still not speaking to her and for some reason had gone off, an she hadn’t seen him for the last two days. It was Steve’s fault and he was going to pay for it


Steve sighed as he began to wipe the windows of the caravan as he saw Ben drive up and park his car. Ben and Steve looked at each other then Ben walked towards his caravan and went inside. Ben took his shirt off and laid on the bed. The last two days were amazing. He was bored of Summer Bay and Carly and took off. He met a girl called Penny in Wollongong and spent the last two days in a motel having fun, until he woke up one morning and Penny disappeared with his cash and watch. That is when he realized it was time to come back to Summer Bay. Ben looked over to the side table and picked up the letter and read it. It was the same letter that he had been reading for a while. Ben exhaled and put the letter on the table. He got up from the bed and picked up a t shirt from the chair. He quickly sprayed some deodorant and left the van. Ben looked around, and when he noticed that Steve was looking in another direction, he plucked a flower from the garden and walked towards the house.

When Ben got to the door, he could see Carly sitting on the couch reading a magazine. Christopher was sitting on the floor playing with an ugly toy. Ben knocked on the door and Carly looked up

“Ben” Carly said and rushed to the door

“Hi” Ben said with a smile then he leaned forward and kissed Carlys cheek.

“Ben I am really sorry about everything, I wasn’t sure if you were going to to speak to me again, or come back” Carly said as she opened the door for Ben to enter the house

“Im sorry, I had some army obligations to attend to, I didn’t have time to let you know I was going…but Im back now..this is for you” Ben said as he gave Carly the flower. She smiled

“Im glad you’re back..I missed you”  Carly said as she kissed Ben passionately

“I was just about to make brunch..are you hungry?” Carly said

“Starving” Ben said and smiled then he noticed the smell of alcohol

“Bit early for you to be drinking” Ben said as he followed Carly into the kitchen

“I wasn’t..Bobby asked me to taste a desert she made..I guess she put too much alcohol in it” Carly smiled…hoping that Ben would believe her.


Background music ends


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“Ill take care of it tomorrow” Bobby said as she washed her hands. Things were still frosty between her and Ailsa since Ailsa admitted she was siding with Alf about Bobby becoming a foster parent. Ailsa hated that their relationship was fractured, but somehow, they always managed to sort things out.

“Ok well, I am off to deposit the takings. I wont be long” Ailsa said and she smiled at Grant and walked out of the diner.

“Is everything alright boss?” Grant said as he watched Bobby quickly taking ingredients out of the fridge

“Fine, I just need to hurry and make these sandwiches. My study group will be here later on. We are working on a project and I thought it would be nice to do it here, instead of some boring library..but I need to hurry because I have a meeting at the sands soon” Bobby said as Grant looked at her. She was always very busy. He was concerned for her because he knew she wasn’t happy but he didn’t want to overstep the mark.


Lance wiped down the tables outside, and bent down and picked up the napkins from the floor and put them in the black bin bag he was holding. As Lance wiped the tables he looked up then stopped. In the distance he could see Marilyn and Adam walking on the beach holding hands. Lance sighed. He couldn’t help it, he was still in love with Marilyn, and shouldve taken the second chance to be with her but he couldn’t trust that she wanted to be with him, and wouldn’t leave him again. Lance watched as Marilyn smiled, she was happy and looked like she was in love. Lance sighed then put the towel he was holding down, and reached inside his pocket and took out the opened envelope. He looked at the folded up letter inside…the letter from Martin, his best friend who left some months back to join the army. Lance sighed. He really missed Martin and now that he didn’t have Marilyn…he felt all alone…


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

“Do you now?” Alf said and smiled on the phone. He and Barbra were trying to make plans for later tonight

“So I get two massages do I? Alf said and smiled as sexy thoughts crossed his mind. Alf was so deep in thought and conversation that he didn’t heard the shop door open and Ailsa walking towards him.

“Ill call you back” Alf said and quickly hung up the phone

“Hello love, I’m just going to the bank and wanted to know if you wanted me to make a deposit?” Ailsa said

“No thanks love, Ill do it later” Alf said

“Are you sure?” Ailsa said

“Yes love” Alf said

“Any requests for dinner tonight?” Ailsa said

“I cant love, we have a meeting at the club tonight, I was on the phone trying to get out of it” Alf said

“Really? Based on the smiling you were doing, if I didn’t know better, I would think you were talking to another woman” Ailsa said

“Leave off love, the rotary club secretary is a 6ft 2 hairy bloke…just not my type” Alf said and they both laughed

“I was only joking love, I trust you..anyway, Ill save you some dinner anyway, incase you don’t run too late” Ailsa said and she leaned forward and kissed Alf

“Thanks love, see you later” Alf said as he watched Ailsa walk out of the shop then he exhaled. He picked up the phone and began dialing

“Deb..sorry about that Ails came in…where were we?” Alf said and smiled


Country Club- The City

Donald hit the tennis ball over the net. Barbra moved back the she hit the ball back over the net. Donald smiled and rushed forward to hit the ball but it was too late. Barbra smiled and began celebrating. “I think I won that game” Barbra said as she walked towards the net

“I think you did” Donald said and walked towards the bench. He picked up his towel, put it around his neck and used one side to wipe his forhead

“I think I forgot how good of a tennis player you are” Donald said as he reached for a bottle of water, opened it and drank some

“Yes, I think you did” Barbra smiled and reached for her bottle of water and drank some.

“So, do you want to redeem yourself with one more game?” Barbra said as she playfully hit Donald with the racket. They were spending the day together. For the last few months things had been going really well between them, like how they were when they first met. They had so much in common and  spent hours talking about literature and current events. There always seemed to be some unfinished business between them. Barbra knew that she always loved Donald, and he felt the same way

“I really am enjoying myself with you Barbra” Donald said

“Me too” Barbra said

“No subject change…do you want to redeem yourself?” Barbra said

“Sure…why not” Donald said defeated

“Ill be sure to go gentle on you” Barbra winked and walked back to the court. Donald smiled and followed her. Maybe it was time to take their relationship to the next level…


Sands Resort- Summer Bay

“So ill put the reports on your desk” Jonathan said as he and Bobby walked towards the entrance of the resort, but stopped in front of the salon.

“Great thanks..ill be in tomorrow, ill go over them then” Bobby said

“Sounds good, I better rush, I have a meeting with the area banqueting manager” Jonathan said as he looked at his watch

“Ok, good luck” Bobby said

“Im going to need it” Jonathan said and he rolled his eyes and winked at Bobby

“See you later ladies” Jonathan said and smiled at Bobby then at Marilyn who was now standing by the door

“I think he likes you” Bobby turned around to look at Marilyn and shook her head

“No he doesn’t” Bobby said

“Ive seen the way he looks at you” Marilyn said

“No you haven’t..and I have to go, I am meeting my study group in 15 minutes” Bobby said and began to walk faster

“I still think he likes you” Marilyn said and Bobby shook her head and rushed towards the door. As Bobby walked towards her car, she noticed one of the young waiters get into Jonathan's car. Maybe he was giving him a lift somewhere Bobby thought and shrugged her shoulders. She had to rush, she didn’t want to be late in meeting her study group.



New York Presbyterian- Manhattan

“Don’t you think you should have discussed it with me first” Roo said as she stood by the bed and folded her arms

“What is there to discuss, I want Pippa to stay in the flat with us” Frank said

“There is hardly any space for us much less bringing in another person” Roo said

“We can make it work, remember the couch folds out into a bed” Frank said as Roo sighed. There was no doubt that she was losing this argument

“I guess I have no say in this” Roo said and walked over to the window. She hated when Frank was selfish

“Look, it wont be for long, just a few weeks..it saves you having to stay off from work to help me get around” Frank said. Roo thought about what he said, he was right. Things would be different when they got home, Frank would need to be cared for until he could be left on his own. Roo signed and turned around

“I guess you’re right” Roo said and she looked at Frank then the door opened and Pippa and Sam walked into the room

“Hello stranger” Frank said

“Hey, how are you? You're looking much better..I thought I’d pass by on my way home” Sam said and smiled. Roo looked at her watch

“Anyway, I better get going, I have a very early start tomorrow” Roo said

“Oh, sorry to interrupt, we can come back later” Pippa said

“No, its ok” Roo said and she put her bag on her shoulder. She walked over to Frank and kissed his lips then his forehead

“Ill see you tomorrow..i love you” Roo said and smiled

“I love you too” Frank said and smiled as Sam watched him.

“Bye” Roo said and briefly made eye contact with Pippa and Sam. Roo smiled and walked out of the room and closed the door. Roo stood behind the door for a second and could hear Sam, Pippa and Frank enjoying their conversation. Roo sighed then she fixed her bag on her shoulder and walked away


Jackson Residence- Taree Australia

Emma lay on the towel and put her headphones on and closed her eyes. She hated school holidays, it meant she had to be at home in the day time, but the weather was nice today so she was laying outside enjoying the sun.  Most of the people she knew didn’t come out until night time. As Emma turned up the volume on her Walkman she could feel a presence near her. Emma opened her eyes to see her step dad Barry looking at her. Emma quickly turned off the Walkman and grabbed her cover up.

“Go and get me a beer” Barry said. Emma jumped up and walked towards the kitchen. She didn’t know why he was home at this time. As Emma opened the fridge she could feel Barry standing near her. Emma took the can, opened it and gave it to Barry

“I want you to give it to me properly…in a glass and on a tray” Barry said and walked over to the chair and sat down. Emma sighed and grabbed a glass and tray. She poured some of the beer into the glass and put it on the tray and walked over to Barry and put it in front of him. Barry picked up the glass and drank some of the cold beer as he watched Emma walking away

“I didn’t say you can go yet” Barry said and Emma froze. No one was home, she knew what this meant. She didn’t want this to happen anymore, but she knew that no one would believe her

“Come here” Barry said and Emma exhaled and turned around. Barry put the glass down and got up and began walking towards Emma. She started stepping backwards then Barry leaned forward to grab her, he missed and Emma ran as fast as she could into her room. She closed the door and when she went to lock it, she noticed that the lock had been removed. Emma tried to push the door but Barry was too strong. Emma had no choice but to give in and the door flew open

“Now what did you go and do a silly thing like that for” Barry said as he walked slowly towards Emma. Emma walked backwards and tripped on her shoe and fell on the bed. She cursed under her breath. If she had put her shoes away like she was supposed to, she wouldn’t have fallen over. She tried to get up from the bed but it was too late, Barry grabbed her and pushed her down. Emma closed her eyes as she felt all his weight  on top of her. It was day time and nobody was home so he didn’t have his hand over her mouth like he usually did. Emma wanted to scream, but she couldn’t..she couldn't move...she couldn't fight back...her body was numb just like it always was. She didn't know how long it was going to go on for but she closed her eyes and hoped it would be over soon..


Bayside diner- Summer Bay

“Make yourselves comfortable over there and ill bring over some drinks” Bobby said as the three members of her study group nodded and made their way to the empty reserved booth.

“Don’t worry boss, ill get the drinks” Grant said as he walked over to the booth

“Thanks, This is Grant, Grant this is Brett, Janine and Andrew from Uni” Bobby said

“G’day” Grant said and smiled as he took the drink orders.


Butchers Market- Summer Bay

“Oh sorry” Ailsa said when she turned around she noticed that she had bumped into one of the wives of the rotary club members.

“Hello Ailsa” Louise said

“Hello Louise how are you?” Ailsa said

“Rushing to get home to make some dinner” Louise said

“I know what you mean. I think we need to start our own club with the amount of time our husbands spend away” Ailsa said as Louise reached for some frozen chicken

“Sorry Ailsa, what did you say?” Louise said

“I sad we need to start our own rotary club for the wives, have the husbands stay at home for once” Ailsa said

“Oh I know what you mean…tonight we are having a family dinner because my husband is at home, on time tonight” Louise said

“Oh, is he not going to the meeting tonight? Ailsa said

“Meeting? I don’t think there is a meeting tonight” Louise said and Ailsas expression changed

“Anyway Ailsa, I have to rush..see you later” Louise said and left Ailsa standing in the frozen chicken aisle…


New York Presbyterian- Manhattan

Frank stared at the ceiling. It was late and Pippa was asleep. Frank exhaled. The thought of going home made him have insomnia. He wished he had someone to talk to..he felt like there was so much he needed to say. He couldn’t speak to Pippa because he didn’t want to worry her. He didn’t want to speak to Roo because he didn’t want her to blame him..he missed his best friend so much…he wanted to speak to her..she understood him better than anybody else…he had to speak to her. Frank gently pushed the covers back and managed to get up and swing himself onto the edge of the bed. His arm and leg were still in plaster but he was able to ease himself into the wheelchair that was next to the bed. Frank leaned over and opened the draw next to the bed. The door creek and he looked back to make sure that Pippa was still asleep.


Frank pulled out his bag and reached into the side pocket. He knew he had a calling card in there. Frank searched a bit more. He didn’t want to turn the light on to wake Pippa up. He finally reached the card and pulled it out. He was feeling excited, in a few moments he was going to talk to his best friend. Frank put the bag on the floor and slowly used his good arm and leg to assist the wheelchair to roll forward. Frank gently opened the door and wheeled himself out and pushed the door closed. Even though it was night time, there were plenty of doctors and nurses on the floor. Frank knew there was a pay phone around the corner, he had seen it when Pippa pushed him around to get some exercise.


Frank rolled over to the pay phone and exhaled. He picked up the receiver and put the card details in and rang Fishers house. Nobody answered. Frank put the phone down and tried to think of where Bobby would be. Maybe she was at the diner. If she wasn’t there, he knew that Carly worked there, she would tell him where  Bobby was. Frank picked up the phone and began to dial again..


Bayside Dinner- Summer Bay

“This place is really cool Bobby” Janine said as she looked around the diner

“Thanks, after 7pm we change to a dinner menu and have live music on Friday and Saturday night..you should come done” Bobby said and Janine nodded.

“Ill just get the sandwiches” Bobby said to her study group The four of them were doing a group project together and she got up from the booth and walked into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and took out the already prepared sandwiches and began to walk towards the counter, she was just about to go back the booth when the phone rang.


Background music- Jukebox


And I like cream in my coffee
And I like to sleep late on Sunday
And nobody knows me like my baby



Bobby put the tray of sandwiches on the counter and answered the phone on the wall

“Hello, bayside diner” Bobby said. She couldn’t hear anyone on the line


And I like eggs over easy
With flour tortillas
And nobody knows me like my baby


New York Presbyterian- Manhattan

Frank smiled to himself, it was Bobby who answered the phone


Bayside Dinner- Summer Bay

“Hello, bayside diner” Bobby said again and waited.

“Dr Jefferson, please report to the nurses station”

 Bobby heard in the background…the accent she heard was American…she froze..it sounded like a hospital…whoever it was, was ringing her from the hospital..it wasn’t Pippa because she called in the morning..Bobby’s heart started beating fast and before she could stop herself..

“Frank?” Bobby said


And nobody holds me
And nobody knows me
Nobody knows me like my baby


New York Presbyterian- Manhattan

Frank exhaled and smiled to himself…she knew it was him…just hearing her voice made him feel calm.  He closed his eyes as he plucked up the courage to say something

“Brett you can take these sandwiches over to the table” Frank heard in the background  and his smile disappeared and his heart dropped..


But it was a dream made to order
South of the border
And nobody knows me like my baby


Bayside diner- Summer Bay

Bobby waited on the phone…she didn’t know if she should say anything something…Pippa said Frank was getting better..but maybe there was something wrong. She didn’t know why he was calling her, but none of that mattered as she waited for Frank to say something


And she cried man how could you do it
And I swore that there weren't nothing to it
But nobody knows me like my baby


New York Presbyterian- Manhattan

Frank went numb..he didn’t know what to say, he started the call wanting to tell his best friend everything.. 

“You have one minute remaining” The voice said advising Frank he had one minute left on his calling card but it didn’t matter now…Bobby was with Brett..


And nobody holds me
And nobody knows me
Nobody knows me like my baby


Bayside diner- Summer Bay

Bobby heard the announcement that Frank had one minute left…so many things can be said in the one minute, but Bobby didn’t know what she had to say, what was important to be said. She was racking her brains trying to think of something to say..usually she would have something to say but the call caught her off guard. After a few seconds the line went dead…he was gone. Bobby sighed


And I like cream in my coffee
And I hate to be alone on Sunday
And nobody knows me like my baby

New York Presbyterian- Manhattan

“You have no more credit” Frank heard then he put the receiver down and sat back in his wheelchair and sighed..


And nobody holds me
And nobody knows me
Nobody knows me like my baby


Bayside diner- Summer Bay

“Who was on the phone” Grant said as he walked into the kitchen and looked at Bobby holding the phone in her hand and staring at the wall

“Hmm what did you say?” Bobby said then she looked at Grant

“I said who was on the phone?” Grant said and Bobby looked at the receiver in her hand

“Nobo..wrong number” Bobby said and she smiled then she hung the phone up and walked back to the booth where her study group were.


And nobody holds me
And nobody knows me
Nobody knows me like my baby


Background music ends


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

“Good night love” Ailsa said as Sandra walked towards her room and closed the door. Ailsa opened the door and checked on Duncan who was fast asleep. She smiled then closed the door. Ailsa walked into her room and closed the door. The conversation she had earlier with Louise was still on her mind. Maybe Louise got it wrong…maybe she got it wrong. Maybe Alf didn’t say he was going to a rotary club meeting…maybe he meant he was going to another meeting. Ailsa sat on the bed and stared at the wedding photo of her and Alf. She trusted Alf..maybe it was just a misunderstanding Ailsa thought as she took off her dressing gown, and put it on the chair next to the bed. It was probably a misunderstanding…Alf loved her too much, he had proven it many times Ailsa thought to herself. Then she climbed into bed and turned the light off.

Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

Debra giggled as Alf tickled her. He kissed her neck then she put her arms around his neck and kissed his lips. She loved him so much…everything was just perfect..


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Background music Frank and Bobbys theme

Bobby stared at the ceiling as she heard the front door close. It was probably Marilyn getting in late after spending time with Adam. Bobby exhaled as so many thoughts were going through her mind. Even though he didn’t say it, she knew it was Frank. She tried her hardest to concentrate at the diner after the call, and even though the group got the work done, Bobby just kept going over and over in her mind what happened.

She knew that Frank was never coming back, so she felt hurt that he would even need to call her.,,there was nothing left to say. Bobby picked up Alan's bear and held it close to her chest. “Thomas look after your daddy” Bobby said and a tear ran down the side of her eye into her ear. Bobby heard Marilyn slowly walk up the stairs and close her bedroom door. At that moment Bobby was reminded that she was alone…and probably will be alone even though she craved to love someone. Bobby closed her eyes and turned on to her side and hugged the bear…she just wanted someone to love..


Nicholls residence- Goulburn

Jackie wiped her face as she packed her son’s things into a back

“Mummy, how long will you be gone for?” Sam said as he picked up his favorite toys and put them into the bag. His mummy just told him that she was going on holiday and some nice people were going to look after him

“Just a little while sweetheart” Jackie said as she struggled to fight the tears. This was all her fault; she knew that it would end up with her son being taken away…she had been warned many times. Jackie zipped the bag and she helped Sam put on his little back pack and she knelt down and looked at him

“You be a good boy ok, and mummy will see you soon” Jackie said and she leaned forward and kissed Sam’s head and held onto him tightly as she cried. She didn’t want him to see her cry so she wiped her face with her sleeve

“We have to go now” The social worker said as she stood by the door. Jackie exhaled and kissed Sam again on the forehead then she looked at him and caressed his face and smiled.

“Come on Sam, lets go” the social worker said and put out her hand and smiled. Sam reached for her hand and followed the woman towards the front door. Jackie walked behind them as she kicked away the mess on the floor

“Bye mummy” Sam said so innocently and waved. Jackie fought back the tears and waved back at him as she watched the social worker help Sam get into the car and put on the seat belt. Jackie couldn’t take it anymore, she closed the door and sunk down onto the floor and cried. She had made a complete mess of her life and she didn’t know where to start to begin to make things right

The social worker started the engine then turned around and looked at Sam who was oblivious to her looking at him

“We are going to find you a nice new home” The social worker said softly under her breathe then turned around, indicated and drove away…


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading


Chapter 361



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Ailsa opened her eyes. When she looked to the left there was nobody there. Ailsa looked to her right at the alarm clock on the bedside table. It was morning. Ailsa got out of bed and walked towards her bedroom door. She opened the door, the house appeared quiet. Ailsa walked towards the kitchen where she found Alf making himself some coffee.

“I hope I didn’t wake you love” Alf said as he poured some milk into the cup

“I didn’t hear you come in last night” Ailsa said

“Yeah I got home pretty late and didn’t want to wake you up” Alf lied as he put the milk into the fridge. He overslept at Debras house and managed to creep into the house a few minutes before Ailsa woke up

“You have some explaining to do” Ailsa said and Alf looked at her surprised

“What do you mean?” Alf said quickly

“Oh just that I bumped into Mike's wife at the butchers yesterday, she said Mike was home because there were no meetings…so where were you last night?” Ailsa said

“Alf filled his mouth with a large amount of coffee then swallowed it and tried not to react as it burned the back of his throat. He began to panic and was struggling to come up with an excuse

“It wasn’t a regular rotary meeting, so all the members were not invited” Alf said hoping that his answer would be sufficient

"Oh? What kind of meeting was it?” Ailsa said

“It was about finances” Alf said

“Oh, I didn’t know you were involved in finances of the club” Ailsa said

“Yeah, it was just a recent promotion, that’s why Mike wasn’t at the meeting. It was just for the finance officers” Alf said slightly relaxed because he knew he had Ailsa convinced

“I guess I should say congratulations” Ailsa said and walked forward and kissed Alf on the lips and hugged him

“Im sorry love…I didn’t mean to ask all those questions…its just that when Louise said there was no meeting..my mind started to wonder….and…well..it sounds stupid now that you explained it” Ailsa said and she looked up at Alf

“We have both been very busy, maybe we need to take another holiday soon” Ailsa said

“Yeah, I agree” Alf said

“Just the two of us..somewhere tropical” Ailsa said and she hugged Alf just as Duncan began to cry

“Oh, sounds like someone is awake” Ailsa said then she kissed Alf again

“I love you” Ailsa said and smiled

“I love you too” Alf said and smiled as Ailsa walked out of the kitchen. Alfs smile disappeared and he sat down on the chair and exhaled. He had to think about what he was doing because he nearly got caught out. He loved Ailsa but Debra also meant a lot to him too. Alf sighed and drank his coffee…he had to stop seeing Debra…but he really didn’t want to…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“What are you looking for Carly?” Sally said as she watched Carly open the desk draw. She had been looking in draws and opening cabinets for the last 15 minutes

“There was some money in an envelope, $200 I was gong to pay some bills and now the money is missing” Carly said

“I never took it” Sally said as Carly looked at her then she looked at Steve

“I don’t know why you are looking at me for, I never took it” Steve said as he ate some cereal

“Are you sure about that? That is an expensive watch you are wearing” Carly said as she looked at Steve and folded her arms

“My Aunt sent me money and I used some to buy this watch” Steve said and Carly leaned over and stared at Steves watch

“Funny that your watch looks about $200” Carly said

“Well its not and I didn’t take the money” Steve said and he got up and walked towards the kitchen with his empty bowl

“So who else took it them? Christopher?” Carly said following behind him

“I don’t know what your problem is but you’ve been really mean to me lately” Steve said

“Admit you took the money” Carly said

“No, I didn’t take it” Steve said then he put the bowl in the sink and began to walk away

“Where are you going, come back and wash the bowl” Carly said

“Im going to Bobbys, I don’t want to hear all this” Steve said then he walked out of the house and slammed the door. Carly exhaled vocally and walked over to the table and sat down. The money was missing which meant she would need to take her own money and pay the bills

“Great” Carly said and sighed


The slamming of the door woke Ben up. He yawned then rubbed his left eye. He looked at the watch on his wrist, he was late to his day laborer work anyway so there was no point going. Ben sat up in bed and scratched his head. He looked at the envelope on the bed side table and picked it up. He took the money out of the envelope and counted it…$200. Ben smiled to himself. It was more than he would have got if he went to work anyway. Ben yawned again and smiled to himself and laid back on the bed and closed his eyes..

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Thnk you for reading :)


Chapter 362




Four  days later



Lawrence Residence- The City

Karen flopped back on her bed and sighed. She couldn’t believe that the school holidays were ended and she had to go back to Summer Bay.

“Are you all packed love” Dennis said as he popped his head around the corner. Karen raised herself up on her elbows

“Yeah” Karen said and sighed.

“Come on, it wont be for long, if all goes well with the court case you will be back here, living in the city…where you belong” Dennis said and he leaned forward and kissed Karen’s head

“Thanks Dad” Karen said and smiled

“Come on, we better get going before it gets too late” Dennis said and smiled then he walked over to Karens suitcase, picked it up and walked out of the room. Karen inhaled deeply then exhaled and got up from the bed and walked over to the mirror… She pulled her hair back into a ponytail and reached for her jacket on the chair. She wasn’t really sure if she wanted to leave summer bay now that things had died down and the police had stopped sniffing around the school

She could easily find more stupid victims and make more money. She couldn’t really do that in the city because she had real friends here. Karen sighed then put her jacket on and looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. Nobody was ever going to know what she did..maybe she only had a few weeks left in Summer Bay, but she knew who her next target was going to be…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

Sorry folks, its time to close up” Grant said as he turned the jukebox off. He looked at his watch it was five minutes to closing time, and he needed to get the place tidy before he and Lucinda left

“Grant, will it be ok if we take our food away?” Marilyn said as Grant walked near their booth

“Sure” Grant said and smiled and picked up the two plates in front of Adam and Marilyn and took them to the kitchen just as Carly and Ben were walking in. Since Carly fired Grant from the Diner after dark, they didn’t have much to say to each other. Ben looked around the diner and locked eyes with Marilyn who quickly looked away as Ben gave her a smile

“ I really had a nice time with you” Adam said as he went to touch Marilyns hand, she flinched

“Is ther something wrong?” Marilyn said

“No..why? Marilyn said upbeat

“Its just that you flinched when I touched your hand

“Sorry…it as a shock that’s all” Marilyn said and smiled


The diner after dark was closed on Sundays so Carly decided to come in and pick up the wholesale order. Her and Ben were on the way to the cinema.

“I put the wholesale list here have you moved it” Carly said to Grant annoyed. Grant turned around and looked at Carly “No, I haven’t” Carly sighed as she looked around and went into the office trying to find her list.

“Did you find it?” Ben said from the counter

“No, I guess ill just have to make another one” Carly said and grabbed a pen and paper from under the counter and began compiling a list.


Grant closed the containers of food and walked towards Marilyn and Adam

“Here you go” Grant said

“Thanks, see you later” Marilyn said and smiled as she left the diner with Adam

“Lucinda, you and Grant might as well go, ill be here for a few minutes doing  putting this list together” Carly said

“Thanks…bye” Lucinda said as she grabbed her bag and rushed out of the diner. Grant took off his apron and hung it up in the pantry as Ben stared at him.

He looked around the kitchen, it was nice and clean. He made sure the ovens and cooker was turned off

“Goodnight” Grant said and nether Carly or Ben responded. Grant shook his head and walked out of the diner

“How long are you going to be” Ben said annoyed

“Just a few minutes” Carly said

“lets just go, do it tomorrow or something we are going to miss the movie” Ben said

“I’m nearly finished” Carly said which made Ben get annoyed at the fact that he had to wait for her. A few moments later, Carly walked out of the pantry

“See, im done” Carly said and smiled even though she noticed that Ben wasn’t smiling. Carly put the alarm on and they made their way out of the diner.


“Are you sure you are alright?” Adam said as Marilyn closed the card door

“Yes Im fine” Marilyn said and smiled

“I thought you were upset with me in the diner” Adam said

“No, im not” Marilyn said and smiled then Adam leaned forward and kissed her


“Im not sure if I want to go and watch the movie” Carly said as her and Ben walked towards his car

“Why not?” Ben said annoyed

“I dunno, maybe we can just go for a walk on the beach or something” Carly said

“I just wasted money on these tickets, we are going” Ben said

“Its ok, I can give you the money back” Carly said

“You think I cant afford it” Ben said annoyed

“I didn’t say that…I thought it would be nice if we walked on the beach and watched the sun set..come on, lets go”

“You don’t tell me what to do..do you understand me?” Ben said and he grabbed hold of Carflys arm really tight

“Ok ok..Im sorry Ben” Carly said

“You don’t ever tell me what to do” Ben said as his grip got tighter

“Ok ok..Im sorry, I promise I wont do it again” Carly said…disappointed at herself for making Ben annoyed

“Just get in the car” Ben said and he walked over to the passenger side and got in. Carlys arm felt numb as she attempted to open the car do. She had to use her other hand. Carly exhaled as she got into the car and as she was about to shut the door, she locked eyes with Marilyn who was in the car driving past…who saw everything that just happened…


Lawrence Residence- The City

Debra got up from the couch as her children walked into the house with their father behind them

“See you next week dad” Blake said in a hurry and he rushed to his bedroom

“Bye dad” Karen said and hugged her dad and carried her suitcase to her roon and closed the door

“Don’t forget the court appointment on Wednesday

“How can I forget..Dennis, whay are you doing this? We agreed that the children should stay with me” Debra said

“Well I changed my mind, I want them with me, in the city” Dennis said

“Theya re my children, they deserve to be with me” Debra said

“And they are my children and deserve to be with me” Dennis said back “Look im not going to argue with you…ill just see you in court” Dennis said then he walked out of the house. Debra sighed as she walked to the door and watched him get into his car and drive away as she thought about the court case on Wednesday...



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“You are really quiet, are you ok? Adam said as he turned Marilyns car engine off

“Yes I am fine…probably a bit tired. I have an early morning tomorrow we have a delivery coming in” Marilyn said

“As long as you are not tired of me” Adam said

“No, not at all” Marilyn said and smiled. What she just saw happen between Carly and Ben was still on her mind. It brought back memories of what Ben did to her…now he was doing the same thing to Carly. Marilyn sighed

“Can I meet you tomorrow after work?” Adam said

“Ok” Marilyn said and smiled then Adam leaned forward and kissed her then they both got out of the car

“Ill see you tomorrow” Adam said

“Ok, goodnight” Marilyn said and she kissed Adam then he walked away as she walked into the house


Phone ringing


Marilyn turned the lights on and quickly put her bags down, nobody appeared to be home yet, and rushed to the phone

“Hello…Bobby is not home right now…who should I say called…Andrew…ok…would you like to leave a message…ok, ill tell her to call you…ok..bye” Marilyn said and put the phone down. She look around for a pen but couldn’t find one. She made a mental note to tell Bobby once she saw her and continued to put her left over food in the fridge..


Social services children’s home- The City

Andrew Foley put the phone down and walked out of the office. He stood in the hallway and watched  Sam playing with his toy fire engine truck and smiled. He knew that he was going to have a lot of explain to do to his superiors, but when he saw Sam..he instantly knew of the right foster home that he would be going to..he felt that this was right. He walked into the living room and sat down on the floor next to Sam and smiled…he knew he was doing the right thing…

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Chapter 363 :)



New York Presbyterian- Manhattan

Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Frank stared at the window at the end of the room. The sky was clear and beautiful. Roo was probably at work, and Pippa had gone to call home. Frank exhaled as he remembered the phone call he made a few days ago…the phone call he made to Bobby. He wanted to tell her so much…he wanted her to let him know that everything was going to be ok. Frank’s thoughts were interrupted when the door opened. Frank looked to his right to see Sam walking towards him

“Hi, how are you?” Sam said

“Good” Frank said defeated

“Cheer up, youre going home today” Sam said and she sat on the edge of the bed. She was right Frank thought to himself, this should be a happy time, he was going home in the afternoon, but he wasn’t happy. He stilled owed money and after the phone call to Bobby, he felt so much worse.

“I didn’t expect to see you here today, I thought you were on a different rotation” Frank said

“I am, I don’t start for another 15 minutes, I just wanted to come and say goodbye before you left” Sam said and smiled

“Thanks” Frank said and sighed then he looked away from Sam and at the window

“Frank…are you alright?” Sam said with concern. Over the period of time that she had known him, Frank had become like a big brother to her. She can admit that at the beginning she was really attracted to him but he was married and she knew that they could never be more, but considering their relationship now, she is happy that they were friends

“Yeah fine” Frank said without looking at Sam

“I really want to apologize for calling Pippa after your accident..” Sam said and Frank looked at her

“Why are you apologizing?” Frank said without looking at Sam

it was not my place or business to do that. When I saw you come in to the hospital that night, it really shocked me, and even though I told the admin to contact your wife, I felt it was a sign when a letter addressed to Pippa fell out of your bag…like I had to tell her what happened” Sam said. Frank turned to Sam

“Its ok…youre forgiven” Frank said and smiled then he looked again towards the window

“Sam could sense that there was something wrong with Frank.  he clearly wasn’t happy. Sam inhaled then she exhaled because she was about to overstep their boundaries of their friendship

“When you were unconscious, I came to see you..i could see you coming around because you were moving...i spoke to you and …you said I love you too Bobby” Sam said and Frank immediately turned and looked at Sam just as Pippa opened the door

“Hello there, we haven’t seen you for a while” Pippa said as she walked into the room

“Yes, unfortunately I only have a few minutes and wanted to come and say hello before Frank was discharged” Sam said

“How is the new rotation going?” Pippa said

“Yeah its going good” Sam said as Frank watched her and Pippa talking about medical stuff. They had gotten on well and often went for walks and coffee. Frank sighed and looked at the ceiling. He couldn’t believe that he said that to Sam.


“Anyway, I better get going….what time are you leaving? Sam said

“Well the nurse said sometime this afternoon, we just have to wait for them to remove the wiring from Franks jaw” Pippa said as Sam looked at her watch

“I wish I could stay and talk more but I really need to get going” Sam said and she looked at Frank

“Ill give you a ring when I get back to work or something” Frank said and Sam nodded

“Ok that will be fine…take care of yourself” Sam said and she gently squeezed Franks hand and smiled


“Ill walk out with you” Pippa said and she followed Sam out of the hospital bedroom

“I just want to say again, thank you for everything” Pippa said

“You have nothing to thank me for” Sam said

“Yes I do..that phone call you made changed a lot of thing, it was a blessing that I really really needed” Pippa said

“I’m glad I was able to help” Sam said

“Please stay in touch if you can, I would love to hear how you get on with your studies” Pippa said

“Ok, I will” Sam said and she smiled then her and Pippa hugged. As Pippa pulled away she stared at Sams eyes…they looked so familiar and felt so comforting

“Take care of yourself” Pippa said

“I will, you too…safe journey home” Sam said and smiled then she waved and walked away. Pippa smiled and she walked back into the room

“Sam is a very nice girl, she’s going to make a fine doctor one day” Pippa said and she walked over to the chair pulled out some clothes from a bag then she walked over to Franks bed and placed the clothes at the end of the bed

“Yeah” Frank said

“She has beautiful eyes” Pippa said

“Yeah..just like Bobby” Frank said staring at the window as Pippa looked at him

“Here are the clothes that Roo brought for you to go home in” Pippa said as she put the clothes on the bed as Frank continued to stare out of the window


Edison Agency- Manhattan

Roo smiled at Nancy as she spoke about the appointment she had with the wedding planner. Even though she shouldn’t have been, she was really jealous and for a split second, she was wishing it was her planning a wedding with Donavan. Instead she was going home to Frank…and Pippa in a small cramped flat. Roo exhaled

“Anyway I have a meeting with a client, ill see you later. I forgot to ask, how is your husband doing?” Nancy said as she got up from her desk

“Yeah really well, hes coming home today” Roo said trying to sound excited

“Aww that must be nice, maybe you should’ve taken the day off” Nancy said

“No, its ok, my mother in law is here from Australia, she’s going to take him home from the hospital, ill just see them later”

“Ok..well, ill see you later” Nancy said and she rushed off. Roo sighed as she sat back in her seat. She wasn’t too thrilled with Pippa coming to stay with them, they barely had enough space as is.

“Ruth” Roo looked up to see Helen her manager at her desk

“I know its short notice, but I double booked myself tonight, I know its short notice but will you be able meet with the Bergdof reps this evening?” Helen said

“Yes of course” Roo said without hesitating

“Are you sure, I know with your husband and everything, I can ask one of the others” Helen said

“yes I’m sure, it will be no problem” Roo said and smiled

“Great, When you have a minute  come into my office and ill give you a briefing” Helen said and walked away

“”Ok, ill be there in minute” Roo said then she picked up the phone and dialed her home phone

“Hi Frank its me…sorry but Helen asked me to fill in for her short notice..nobody else was available…” Roo said and closed her eyes as a wave of guilt came over her


Social services children’s home- The City

Andrew let the phone ring several times then confused he put the phone down. He wasn’t understanding why he was not getting any response. He looked at all the numbers he had and notes of all the messages that he had left.

“Andrew, I need the paperwork for that kid that came in last week” Andrews colleague said as he walked into the office

“Are you talking about Sam Marshall?” Andrew said

“Yes him, we have just approved a foster home for him”  Andrews colleague

“So did I, Im just waiting for the family to pick him up” Andrew said

“Really, we haven’t seen any of the paper” Andrews colleague said

“I was just going to bring it over to the office” Andrew said as he reached for a file on his desk and handed it to his colleague who opened the file

“This isn’t one of our regular foster parents” Andrews colleague said

“Yes I know…but considering the circumstances, I think this will be a good fit” Andrew said

“You know the protocol” Andrews colleague said

“Come on, give me a break…just this once” Andrew said and his colleague sighed

“ok…but this is your responsibility if anything goes wrong” Andrews colleague said

“Nothing will go wrong; I have a good feeling about this one” Andrew said and smiled


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :) 

Chapter 363




High School- Summer Bay


Karen tapped her pen on the table, she was bored, and didn’t particularly like the teacher Ms Woods because she thought she was up herself. She looked at the clock on the wall, the bell should be going soon. Karen couldn’t wait and began to gather her things in anticipation of the bell


Bell rings


"Ok, for homework, please finish reading chapter 10 and answer the questions on the sheet I gave you at the beginning of the lesson. Karen rolled her eyes and got up from her seat and made her way to the door as Ms Woods continued talking. She walked over to her locker and put her school books in. She opened her bag and looked at the sandwiches her mom made. She made a face then she put them back in her bag.

“Come on, lets go and get a pizza” Karen said as her friends gathered around the lockers.

“I don’t have any money” One of the school girls said

“Don’t worry…its on me” Karen said and she took out a ten dollar bill from her pocket and smiled. Karen closed her locker and just as she was about to walk away, she turned around to see Steve and Sandra walking towards the lockers

“Hi Sandy” Karen said and smiled

“What does she want?” Steve said




Karen- You follow him like a love sick puppy, its disgusting

Sandra- Its none of your business

Karen- Yes it is, you’re pathetic…running after a boy who already has a girlfriend

Sandra- Im not

Karen- I wonder what the whole school will say about it

Sandra- They wont say anything because you wont tell them…aww you’re hurting me

Karen- You’re right, I wont tell them because you are going to give me a reason not to tell them


Flashback ends


“Nothing” Sandra said and sighed “I'm not hungry, I'm going to the library, ill see you later” Sandra said then she walked away


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“Sorry I am late” Marilyn said as she rushed towards Adam who was waiting outside

“I just got here” Adam said and he gave Marilyn a quick hug. As they were walking into the diner, Carly was walking out pushing Christopher. Carly briefly looked at Marilyn then she walked away

Marilyn began to walk towards Adam then she stopped

“Adam, ill be right back” Marilyn said then she rushed out of the diner

“Carly…Carly” Marilyn said as she rushed behind Carly

“Carly” Marilyn said and Carly eventually stopped walking

“I just wanted to see if you are alright…after the other night” Marilyn was interrupted

“Im fine and nothing happened the other night” Carly said and began to walk away then Marilyn grabbed her arm

“Carly, I know what I saw” Marilyn said and Carly looked at her

“You didn’t see anything, and if you want to keep living at Bobby’s house, this conversation never happened..do you understand?” Carly said and she stared at Marilyn and she walked away. Marilyn sighed as she watched Carly walk away then she turned around and walked back towards the diner


“No, Bobby is not here right now…who should I say called…Andrew…does she have your number…ok, ill leave her a message..ok…bye” Colleen said then she put the phone down. She was just about to write the message down then she was interrupted

“I’m ready to order” Adam said

“Yes love what can I get for you?” Colleen said

“Ill just have a burger and chips and a coke…what about you Marilyn?” Adam said as he turned to Marilyn who was standing next to him

“I’m not hungry, just some lemon water thanks” Marilyn said and she looked at Colleen. Colleen gave her a disapproving look as she always did because of her leaving Lance. Marilyn walked over to the empty booth and sat down. She was joined shortly after by Adam

“Are you alright?” Adam said as he noticed that Marilyn's mind was elsewhere

“Sorry, did you say something?” Marilyn said as Adam gently touched her hand

“I asked if you are alright” Adam said

“Yes, fine…im just not really hungry that’s all” Marilyn said and sighed then she looked out of the window

“There is definitely something wrong..you can talk to me” Adam said and Marilyn sighed

“If you saw something..or you know about something that is really wrong…maybe you know someone is being hurt…would you tell?” Marilyn said and she looked at Adam. His stomach dropped because that question felt too familiar considering he knew all about Karens involvement in Craigs death and witnessing her again bullying one of the other students. Adam exhaled

“You cant get involved in other peoples business” Adam said not only trying to convince Marilyn,  but also trying to convince himself

“Bu what if the persons life is in danger…what if they are hurt really badly…I don’t know if I would be able to forgive myself” Marilyn said

“You still cant get involved..its nothing to do with you…im going to see if my order is ready” Adam said and he got up from the booth. He didn’t want to start feeling guilty…as far as he was concerned, other peoples problems where not his…


Morgan Residence- Manhattan

Background music- Have you ever been alone

“Let me take the crutches” Pippa said and Frank handed them to her and eased himself down onto the couch

“I’m just going to go downstairs and get the bags” Pippa said and smiled

“Thanks” Frank said and watched Pippa walk out of the apartment. Even though he had been in hospital for a few weeks, he felt like he didn’t recognize his home. Maybe it would feel like home when Roo got home from work in a short while. Frank sighed as he looked around the small apartment then he noticed that the light on the answering machine was flashing. Frank leaned forward and pressed the play button. Pippa stopped at the top of the stairs to catch her breath then began walking towards the front door  

“You have one new message….Hi Frank its me…sorry but Helen asked me to fill in for her short notice..nobody else was available…I’m really sorry…I know its your first night home…ill try and get home as soon as I can…I love you…bye…you have no new messages”


Frank sighed then he pressed the deleted button.


Pippa stood quietly and sighed as she listen to the answering message. She inhaled and exhaled then she walked into the apartment put the bags down and shut the door as if she never heard anything.

“This is a very nice place” Pippa said as she looked around the apartment

“Yeah its just temporary until I save up enough money to get a bigger place then you can all come and visit” Frank said trying to convince himself..he knew that was so far off in the future.

Pippa smiled as she looked at Frank.

“How about I make us a nice cup of tea” Pippa said as she felt awkwardness in the air

“ok..Im just going to use the bathroom…can you pass me the crutches” Frank said and Pippa grabbed the crutches and helped Frank up and watched as he walked towards the bathroom and shut the door.

Frank turned the light on in the bathroom and stood at the sink staring at himself. Moving to America was supposed to be a fresh start. Moving to the city from Summer Bay was the first step, but moving to America was supposed to be the icing on the cake…by now he and Roo should be living in a nice house with their children and a swing in the background for Sally, but he had made a compete mess of things and he didn’t know how he was going to fix it..he didn’t know how he was going to pay of the debt he owed..he didn’t know how he was gong to tell Roo..he had no one to talk to..he didn’t know how long he could go on like this. As Frank stared at himself in the mirror, a tear ran down his cheek…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“Bobby love, I didn’t expect to see you here at this time” Colleen said as Bobby walked into the diner

“I have half day today” Bobby said and she walked into the office, she picked up the mail and a file for the invoices and walked out of the officer

“You not stopping?” Colleen said

“No, I have some work to do at the resort” Bobby said and she began to walk away

“Oh Bobby love, before I forget, you had a phone call” Colleen said

“Yeah, who was it?” Bobby said turning around immediately as her heart began to beat fast…maybe it was Frank calling again

“Oh I think I wrote it down somewhere hold on” Colleen said and began to look through the papers in her apron pocket. Bobby looked at her and began to get impatient

“Oh..I remember, I was just about to write it down then we got busy again..it sounded like someone official though” Colleen said and Bobby sighed

“Well next time someone calls, try and write it down” Bobby said annoyed and walked away…



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Carly looked at Christopher asleep on the couch and got up and walked towards the kitchen. She walked into the pantry and stretched her arm then she winced and used her other arm and reached for the bottle of whiskey. She looked at the bottle and unscrewed the top and drank some of the brown liquid. She closed her eyes as she felt the liquid burn the back of her throat. Carly opened her eyes and swallowed. She sighed and took two more mouthfuls before she closed the bottle and put it back. She was so disappointed in herself…disappointed that she was still finding ways to ruin her relationship with Ben. She hadn’t seen him since the other night but she needed to make it up to him when he came back…


Social services children’s home- The City

Andrew watched as Sam played happily on the floor with his toys as he let the phone continue to ring. When he realized there was going to be no answer he sighed and put the phone down. He tapped the desk with his pen then an idea came into his mind….he knew what he was going to do..


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 364



Courthouse- The City


Debra sighed as she looked her watch. It felt like she had been at the court house, and sitting in the mediation room for longer than a day. Her solicitor was saying something to her but she wasn’t paying attention. She looked over to her ex husband and he was staring at her. She sighed then she looked at the ceiling as she remembered the day she met him..it was sort of by accident and everything between them appeared to happen really quickly…she wasn’t perfect…she made mistakes…but she didn’t deserve to have her children taken away from her. Even though her and Dennis divorced, she thought they were amicable and at some point down the line be friends


“Well since we cannot come up with a suitable compromise, I suggest we move on to the next stage and let the judge decide” The mediator said and got up from the table

“You will receive a letter from the court administrator of the next available date…good day” The mediator said then he walked out of the mediation room. Debra sighed as she watched Dennis whispering something to his solicitor and then started laughing.

“Dennis…can I speak to you please” Debra said and Dennis looked over at her

“Ill wait for you outside” Debra’s solicitor said and followed Dennis’ solicitor out of the room

“I can’t believe it has really come to this Dennis” Debra said and Dennis looked at her

“When we divorced, we decided…both of us decided that it would be best for the children to stay with me” Debra said

“We did, but now I’ve changed my mind” Dennis said

“”With your work, you cant possibly have the time to care for them during the week” Debra said and sighed as she looked up at the ceiling.

“You talk as if they are babies Debbie…besides, living with me, with give you more time to spend with your fancy man” Dennis said and Debra immediate looked at Dennis

“Fancy man” Debra said immediately..her heart started beating fast…what did her ex know

“The kids told me that you were seeing someone…a police man I believe” Dennis said and Debra quietly exhaled

“I don’t think that is any of your business” Debra said

“Look, I don’t care anyway, all I want is my children…and since you dont want to play nice…ill see you again..in court” Dennis said then he walked out. Debra sighed then she sat down on the nearest chair. Although she had a good wage at the school, her husband had a bigger house, a better reputation and the court would probably agree that he would be in a better position to take care of the children. Debra sighed. Maybe if she had the courage 17 years ago…things would be so different now..Debra sighed again then got up from the chair and began to walk towards the door…then she smiled to herself…as she remembered that she still had Alf..and was seeing him tonight, so the day wasn’t going to be completely ruined…


Stewart shop- Summer Bay

“Im sure I had $20 in my purse” Celia said as she rummaged through her bag that sat on the counter

“What did you say sis?” Alf said as he looked up from the invoice he was reviewing

“I said I’m sure I had $20 in my purse” Celia said as she opened her purse again

“Its alright sis, I trust you, you can pay me later” Alf said looking down at the invoice

“Celia put her purse in her bag and sighed as she tried to figure out what she might have spent the money on. Then shrugged her shoulders. Maybe she did spend it but forgot


“How is Ailsa? I feel like we haven’t seen each other lately” Celia said

“Shes fine..you know…busy at the diner” Alf said as he circled some items on the invoice

“Maybe we should have dinner together tonight” Celia said and Alf immediately looked up at her

“err..its a bit short notice sis…and I have a meeting “ Alf said. What he really meant is that he and Debra were meeting up tonight

“Oh that’s a shame, maybe another night” Celia said

“Yeah…ill speak to Ails about it” Alf said

“No bother, im going past the diner, ill see her then….bye” Celia said

“Righto” Alf said faking a smile then when Celia closed the door he sighed

“Flamin’ Celia” Alf said. He was going to tell Ailsa later on that he had a meeting tonight and now Celia was going to do it for him. Alf picked up the phone and began to dial the diner

“Colleen..its Alf…is Ailsa there…no…where is she…alright, have her call me back..righto…thanks” Alf said and he put the phone down and sighed…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Grant yawned as he came through the door, the diner was very busy today. He was just about to walk into his room when he saw Marilyn sitting on the couch

“G’day” Grant said and Marilyn ignored him. Grant looked at her then walked over to the couch

“Marilyn” Grant said and touched her shoulder. Marilyn jumped and Grant stepped back

“Sorry Grant..I was miles away” Marilyn said

“Are you alright?” Grant said and he sat opposite her

“Yes..fine why” Marilyn said trying to convince herself

“You almost flew through the roof when I touched you…is everything alright with Adam” Grant said

“Yes, everything is fine..its just that..well…what would you do if” Marilyn said then she stopped talking when the door opened.

“Hi boss” Grant said as Bobby walked into the house

“Hi” Bobby said and she put her bag on the chair

“Im just going to go to my room…excuse me” Marilyn said and smiled

“I brought home some lasagna” Bobby said

“Im not really hungry…excuse me” Marilyn said then she walked up the stairs. Bobby and Grant watched her go then heard her bedroom door shut

“Whats wrong with her?” Bobby said

“No idea..” Grant said when Bobby walked towards the kitchen as Grant tried to figure out what was wrong with Marilyn…



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Stewart theme

“You didn’t mention anything about a meeting” Ailsa said as Sandra picked up the plate from the table and took them to the kitchen

“I know, it was sort of last minute, I did call the diner and ask Colleen to ask you to call me” Alf said

“No, I never got any messages from her” Ailsa said as she walked into the kitchen then returned with some dessert bowls and put them on the table

“I feel like that rotary club sees more of you than I do!” Ailsa said

“I wish they didn’t” Alf said and rolled his eyes

“Its alright love, I know its important to you…we can have dinner with Celia and Michael another night” Ailsa said and smiled at Alf as she put a bowl of dessert in front of Duncan and smiled. As Alf looked at them, a wave of guilt came over him…the same one that often came over him when he was leaving his family to go and spend time with Debra…but for some reason…he just couldn’t stop….


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

Debra sat on her bed and looked at the photo on the bedside table, it was of her children when they were younger. She loved that photo because they were so young and innocent. Debra looked up to make sure her room door was closed then she opened the draw of the bedside table and took out a photo of her and Alf that they took together. She was smiling just like everytime she did when she was with Alf. She looked into his eyes and could see how happy he was with her. This was what her life was supposed to be like…and she was going to make sure that it stayed this way. Debra then walked over to her wardrobe and took out some clothes to prepare to go and meet Alf at the shop…

Background music ends


Morgan residence- Manhattan

Background music- have you ever been alone

Roo exhaled as she got to the top of the stairs. She looked at her watch, it was past midnight. She stayed out a lot longer than she had anticipated but Bergdorf were an important client so it was important that she was professional. Roo quietly opened the door and closed it behind her. She noticed that Pippa was asleep on the couch that opened up into a spare bed, and idea that she really wasn’t happy with. Roo walked into the bathroom, closed the door and took her clothes. She hung them on the back of the door and put on her nightshirt. She opened the tap slightly and washed her face. She dried it then exhaled. She turned the light off and quietly closed the door. She walked towards the bed and got in next to Frank and covered herself. Frank opened his eyes then slowly turned his head and looked at the clock on the bedside table and slowly sighed.


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Marilyn stared at the ceiling, she felt so guilty. She knew that Ben was hurting Carly…she was sure of it.  She really wanted to tell Grant but Bobby came into the house and she didn’t want to risk being wrong even though she knew she wasn’t. Marilyn turned to her side as she remembered all the times Ben hurt her even though she was so much in love with him. She sighed and a tear ran down her cheek at the thought of holding on to the secret she knows but cant tell anybody…Marilyn closed her eyes and shortly after drifted off to sleep.


Bobby lay awake looking at the ceiling thinking about who could’ve possible called her at the diner. She was still secretly hoping it was Frank even though she knew it wouldn’t be. Bobby reached over to the other side of the bed and wrapped her arms around Alan’s bear. She wished that she was holding someone who was hers…someone who was holding her back…she wished she had that someone..someone to love.


Knock at the door


Bobby thought she heard a knock at the door. She looked over at the clock, it was late and she definitely wasn’t expecting anyone. It was raining earlier and windy, maybe the branches were banging against the door


Knock on the door


This time the knock was a little bit louder. Bobby got up from her bed and put her dressing gown on and began to walk down the stairs.

“Who is it?” Bobby said as she turned the light on and stood behind the door


“Bobby, its Andrew Foley” Andrew said and Bobby stepped back surprised. She was not expecting Andrew at this time. She opened the door

“Sorry its so late…but Ive been trying to get ahold of you for the last few days…I was hoping you would help me” Andrew said and he slowly took the blanket from his shoulder and showed Bobby a little boy asleep in his arms….


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 365



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Andrew walked down the stairs and into the kitchen where Bobby had made him a cup of tea

“Are you sure that its ok that I just turned up like this?” Andrew said as Bobby gave him the mug

“of course!…to be honest I thought that my application was denied, so I just forgot about it” Bobby said as she followed Andrew into the living room and they sat down

“Can I ask you about Sam’s parents?” Bobby said as she sipped her tea. She didn’t even want the tea, she had butterflies in her stomach so much that she thought she was going to start jumping up and down

“I cant really tell you much other than she’s not in a position to look after him right now” Andrew said

“What about his dad?” Bobby said

“We have no record of him” Andrew said

“That poor little boy” Bobby said

“I want you to be aware that this is only a short term placement, Sam’s mother is going through a program and trying to complete the necessary steps to have him home” Andrew said

“Oh of course, I hope it works out for her” Bobby said and she suddenly felt a little sad that one day he would be gone.

“Andrew looked up when he saw the door back door open

“G’day” Grant said when he walked into the living room

“Andrew this is Grant, I mentioned earlier that lives here as well” Bobby said

“G’day” Andrew said and shook Grants hand

“Im just going to head to bed…goodnight” Grant said then he nodded his head. When Grant closed the door, Bobby sighed…her dreams were about to come crashing down

“I have to tell you something…and ill understand if you want to take Sam away” Bobby said and Andrew looked at her confused

“What is it?” Andrew said

“Well….Grant…he used to be a teacher at the high school…however he didn’t disclose that he was fired from another school because one of the students alleged that he was being inappropriate with her” Bobby said and Andrew sighed”

“And he was fired from Summer Bay high because of it “ Andrew said and Bobby nodded

“How was he found out?” Andrew said

“You know this town, everybody knows everybody’s business” Bobby said and Andrew smiled…he knew all too well how the gossip mongers in Summer Bay were

“Well..as long as there were no legal charges brought up against him…I wont tell if you wont tell” Andrew said and he winked. Bobby looked at him and smiled

“No…no legal charges” Bobby said

“Then we don’t have a problem then” Andrew said

“So what happens now?” Bobby said

“Well, I will come and visit in two weeks to see how everything is going then we will be meeting every month, as I hear about Sam’s mum’s progress, and we will put together a plan to transition him back to her” Andrew said then he looked at his watch

“I need to get back on the road…thanks for the tea” Andrew said then he drank some of the tea and got up and began walking towards the door

“I want to say…thank you for giving me this opportunity…I promise I will make it work..I will take good care of Sam” Bobby said as she walked behind Andrew

“I know you will…I know you have a great support system with Pippa…but you have my number. Call me anytime if you get overwhelmed or you think you cant cope…” Andrew said

“I will…thank you” Bobby said as Andrew opened the door.

“ Ok, I better be off now…see you later” Andrew said

“Drive safe..bye” Bobby said as she watched Andrew get into his car and drive off. As Bobby closed and locked the door, she felt the butterflies in her stomach again. She turned the light off and walked up the stairs


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Bobby walked into her room and picked up the bear from the bed then she walked over to the room that Sam was sleeping in. Bobby quietly opened the door. The little boy was sound asleep on the single bed. Bobby walked over to him and gently stroked his hair…as she looked at him, she noticed that he looked familiar…like she had seen him before…it didn’t matter…she had already fallen in love with him. Bobby smiled and pulled the cover up to his shoulder then she went and sat on the floor opposite the bed and hugged the bear tight. As she stared at Sam, a tear ran down her cheek…this was her opportunity Bobby thought to herself…the opportunity to be happy. Bobby inhaled then exhaled as another tear ran down her cheek

“Thank you” Bobby said then she kissed the top of Alan’s bear and smiled to herself as she watched Sam sleep…


Woolgoolga- Australia


Sophie opened her eyes. She was crouched on the floor of the truck. She lifted the cover from her head to hear her dad snoring in the front seat. Sophie took more of the cover from her head just enough to look up and see the stars in the sky. She was hungry and really tired, She scratched her arm and couldn’t remember the last time she had a bath. Sophie sighed as she looked at the stars in the sky…one day Bobby was going to find her and they were going to have sandwiches and icecream and be really happy…really happy. Sophie sighed as a tear ran down her cheek. She heard her father move and quickly put the cover over her head. She didn’t want to get into trouble and get hit again…one day Bobby was going to find her and she would never get in trouble again…


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading


Chapter 366


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby Marilyn and Grant stood in the kitchen as they watched Sam eating his cereal

“Aww he is soo cute” Marilyn said and smiled

“Are you sure you both don’t mind him being here? Bobby said

“Of course not, this is your house” Grant said

“Yeah but its your home too…and this is only temporary, his mum is working on the steps to get him back anyway” Bobby said

“Well I am happy he is here” Marilyn said

“Me too…maybe ill take him down the beach and throw a ball around or something” Grant said

“Oh Grant, that would be great” Bobby said and smiled

“Anyway, we have to get going” Bobby said

“You not going to uni today?” Grant said

“No, I have the day off so, I am going to the caravan park first, then into Yabbie creek, to get a few things for Sam’s bedroom. I want to paint it as well” Bobby said as she walked out of the kitchen

“Come on Sam, we have to go now” Bobby said

“Ok” Sam said and he ate the last of his cereal then he got up and stood next to Bobby

“See you later” Bobby said then she held Sam’s hand and they walked out of the house

“Its will be really nice to have a little one around the house” Marilyn said and smiled then she looked at her watch

“I better get going, I don’t want to be late” Marilyn said and she drank some of the tea in the cup she was holding

“Before you go…the other night you were trying to tell me something then Bobby walked into the house. Marilyn's smile disappeared as she looked at Grant then she sighed and sat down


Emotional background music


“If I tell you this, you cant tell anyone” Marilyn said

“Sure, what is it?” Grant said concerned then he sat opposite Marilyn

“My ex…Ben…I think he is doing to Carly..what he did to me…I am pretty sure about it…the other night I saw him grab her really hard outside the diner…silly me thought it was a good idea to ask her if she was alright…but she…well she denied that anything happened, and said if I wanted to continue living here, I shouldn’t say anything” Marilyn said then she sighed and looked at Grant who was shaking his head

“Why do you think I got fired from the diner after dark” Grant said and Marilyns eyes went wide

“You…you know…?” Marilyn said and Grant nodded

“Well, ive never actually seen Ben be violent towards her, but ive seen the cuts and bruises and when I told Ben to watch it…Carly fired me” Grant said

“Grant, what can we do? I feel so guilty that he is doing this to her, she doesn’t deserve it” Marilyn said and tears formed in her eyes

Grant sighed “There is nothing we can do...she doesn’t want to admit that there is a problem and if we push, she is going to get deeper in with him” Grant said

“I think the best thing we can do is to hope and pray Carly wakes up and realizes what is going on before its too late” Grant said and Marilyn sighed


Background music ends



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Carly opened her eyes and immediately put her hand on her forehead. She rubbed her eyes and attempted to sit up then immediately lay back down again…She had a headache. She looked at the empty bottle of whisky on the floor and sighed. She had a hangover. She leaned forward and picked up the empty bottle then she put it in the bottom draw of the bed side table. Carly exhaled then sat up and rubbed her forehead. She yawned then got up and walked into the bathroom. It was late which meant that Steve and Sally were already awake and getting themselves ready for school. Carly brushed her teeth and swished some mouthwash in her mouth and made her way down to the living room

“Look Carly, this is Sam, he is staying with Bobby…hes her foster son” Sally said excited

Carly smiled sarcastically and walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge

“Guess who dropped him off last night?” Bobby said as Carly took some milk out of the fridge

“I don’t know…the tooth fairy?” Carly said sarcastically

“Andrew Foley” Bobby said then she smiled sarcastically at Carly and walked out of the kitchen as Carly froze. That is a name she hadn’t heard in a while. Carly put the milk down and walked out of the kitchen

“Did….did he say anything about me?” Carly said

“Why would he?” Bobby said

“Bobby can you give us a lift to school?” Steve said

“Sure, but only if we leave right now” Bobby said as Steve walked over to the kitchen and put his bowl in the sink

“You better wash that bowl” Carly said annoyed. Steve sighed then he turned the tap on and began to wash the bowl

“Sam…don’t mind your Auntie Carly, shes miserable in the morning..Stevo we’ll wait for you in the car..come on

“Bye” Sam said and he waved at Carly…she just stared at him

“Bye Carly…Sally said as followed behind Sam. Steve dried his hands on the towl and walked out of the kitchen and picked up his school bag. He just stared at Carly then he walked out of the house and closed the door. Carly signed then she looked at Christopher in his high chair eating his toast and rolled her eyes…then suddenly she started having a strange feeling in her stomach..then she rushed over to the sink and began throwing up….



Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

“Mind how you go love” Alf said said to the customer as he gave her her change. She smiled and picked up her bags and headed for the front door.

“G’day Don..what can I do for you?” Alf said

“Just these shoe laces please” Donald said as he put the laces on the counter and began to count the money in his hand

“Shoelaces, i'm surprised you're not  buying new toys” Alf said

“New toys?” Donald said confused

“Yes, for your new grandson” Alf said

“New grandson? Alf I haven’t the faintest idea on what you are talking about” Donald said

“Oh…I guess you haven’t heard” Alf said

“Heard what?” Donald said

“Bobby was approved as a foster parent, the department turned up with a little boy late last night” Alf said as Donald stared at him and sighed….



Yabbie Creek shopping centre

Bobby thanked the shop assistant and she picked up the bag from the counter. She smiled to herself then she looked down at Sam who was hold her hand and she felt butterflies in her stomach. She couldn’t believe that she had only known him for a few hours yet she had fallen in love with him…he was hers…she was taking care of him..Bobby was lost in thought when she heard someone call her name, she turned around to see Julie, the young woman in the wheelchair

“Hi”  Bobby said as Julie rolled her wheelchair over to her

“Hi, how are you?” Julie said

“Good” Bobby said

“And who is this handsome little man” Julie said and she gently taped Sam on the head

“This is my son Sam” Bobby said

“Your son? I didn’t know you had a son..” Julie said

“Sorry…hes my foster son…I'm a foster parent” Bobby said with a hint of sadness in heart

“Oh ok.. nice to meet you Sam” Julie said and Sam smiled

“Doing some shopping?” Julie said

“Yeah, just a few bits for his bedroom…how are you” Bobby said

“Ahh..i’m still rolling along” Julie said and smiled

“You should come by the diner some time” Bobby said

“Yeah..I might just do that…thanks for the invitation” Julie said and smiled then she looked up to see her Dad

“Dad, this is Bobby, she owns the diner in Summer Bay…this is my dad” Julie said

“Hi” Bobby said and smiled

“I wont keep you…enjoy your shopping” Julie said and smiled

“Ok, see you later” Bobby said and smiled then she walked off with Sam. Julie turned herself around and sighed. Anytime she was reminded of Summer Bay, she was reminded of how much she still missed Nick…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


Nick stirred his coffee and concentrated on the circles he was making in his cup. Lucinda was sitting opposite him talking..but he really wasn’t tlistening to her

“Do you think I need to take over a gift or something” Lucinda said

“Hmm..what did  you say?” Nick said and looked up

“I said do you think I need to take a gift or something” Lucinda said

“A gift to who?” Nick said

“To Bobby” Lucinda said

“Is it her birthday?” Nick said confused

“Noooo. She applied to be a foster parent and last night she got her first placement” Lucinda said

“I guess you can take over something for the foster child if you want” Nick said

“I shouldn’t have bothered to ask you” Lucinda said annoyed

“Sorrfy, I just have some things on my mind” Nick said

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have snapped at you” Lucinda said

“Should we have dinner tonight?  I can come over to your place and cook”  Lucinda said

“Im working tonight” Nick said

“Oh, I thought you was on day shift” Lucinda said

“I am but one of the blokes at work asked me to do his shift and I agreed” Nick said

“Ok..well maybe tomorrow night..Lucinda said as she drank her jucie in a hurry

“I need to get back…will you call me when you get a chance?” Lucinda said as she stood up from the booth

“Ok” Nick said unconvinced then Lucinda leaned forward and kissed his cheek and rushed out of the diner. Nick sighed then he leaned back on the booth. He looked at the seat next to him and remembered with Julie was sitting next to him as they enjoyed the live music…he sighed again then drank some of the coffee and walked out of the diner..



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“The wheels on the bus go round and round all day long” Bobby sang along with Sam as she stirred the spaghetti in the hot water then she walked out of the kitchen and over to the couch where Sam was watching a children programme on the TV

“The horn on the bus goes Beep, beep, beep” Bobby sang

“Beep, beep, beep” Sam sang

“Beep, beep, beep” They both sang

“The horn on the bus goes Beep, beep, beep All through the town” They both sand


Knock on the door

 Background music- Frank and Bobby's theme

Bobby turned the tv down a little bit then she walked over to the front door. She opened it to see her dad standing there and she sighed. They were still not on good terms and had not spoken to each other much

“I guess you heard the news” Bobby said and she folded her arms.

“I come in peace…I just wanted to welcome the boy to Summer Bay” Donald said holding a toy tracker

“His name is Sam” Bobby said

“Oh right…can I come in?” Donald said and Bobby looked at him and opened the door wider and walked back to the kitchen and turned the spaghetti off

“Hello Sam…I’m Bobbys dad…so I guess I am your foster grandfather Donald” Donald said as Bobby watched from the kitchen

“Hello” Sam said and he smiled at Donald

“I have a little present for you” Donald said and he sat next to Sam and showed him the toy truck.  Sams eyes widened as Donald unwrapped it and began telling Sam about all the different function. Bobby sighed..Although they were not getting along, Bobby was grateful that her Dad was actually making an effort

“We are about to have dinner…you can stay if you want” Bobby said

“That would be wonderful…thank you “ Donald said then he gave the truck to Sam and walked towards the kitchen.

“It mustve been a surprise when you got the call” Donald said

“I didn’t even get a call, Andrew Foley turned up last night out of the blue…well he said he had been trying to get in touch with me, but I never got any messages” Bobby said as she dropped the meatballs she made into the sauce.

“The best things often come as a surprise they say” Donald said

“I reckon” Bobby said as she tasted the sauce

“Yes….its going to be a big adjustment for you” Donald said

“I know…but ill manage” Bobby said as she stirred the sauce

“I mean, its going to be a big adjustment for you…with university…and all your jobs…are you sure this is what you want?” Donald said and Bobby sighed and shook her head

“You never cease to amaze me..everytime I think you are making an effort, you start again” Bobby said

“Im not starting, Im just pointing out the reality of this situation” Donald was interrupted

“For once, I wish you would just support me…just once” Bobby said and shook her head and began pouring some spaghetti onto a plate

“Bobby this isn’t about support, its being practical” Donald was interrupted

“Do you know what…I don’t want to have this conversation right now…I would like you to leave please...Sam, come on, time for dinner…go and wash your hands” Bobby said

“Ok” Sam said and he put his new truck down on the floor and rushed over to the bathroom

“Bobby” Donald was interrupted

“Please go” Bobby said looking at Donald who sighed then he walked towards the door and left. Bobby sighed then she put some sauce on the spaghetti and some meatballs and the plate and put the plate on the table. Shortly after, Sam walked out of the kitchen and sat behind the plate.

“Thank you” Sam said then he looked up at Bobby and smiled. Bobby smiled and she gently patted his head..”you’re welcome sweetheart…its just me and you from now on” Bobby said and smiled and she sat down opposite Sam and began to eat her dinner

Background music ends

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 367



Two weeks later


Background music- Have you ever been alone theme


New York Presbyterian- Manhattan


Pippa smiled as the doctor removed the plaster from Franks leg. He would still need to walk with crutches until he was completely healed. She was happy to see that he was making so much progress with his arm and now hopefully with his leg. Pippa had really enjoyed her time with Frank in New York. With Roo at work, they spent most of the afternoons in the park talking about old times, and the sights of Manhattan. Pippa sighed when she realized that sooner or later, she was going to have to go home. Even though Bobby had made things easier for her financially, she was still going to be in the same situation with the caravan park…struggling to make ends meet…unless things changed...


Edison Agency- Manhattan

Roo put the last of her salad in her mouth then wrote down some of the things she had to do later on. Today had been really busy as she was gearing up for a new client launch, and she had to get things ready. As Roo chewed she smiled to herself. She really loved her work and was very proud of everything that she had achieved. Roo looked up and noticed Helen her manager going into her office and remembered she had something to tell her. Just as Roo was about to say Helens name, she noticed the photo of Frank on her desk and she sighed. It had not been very easy with Pippa staying with them, often times Roo volunteered for work meetings just so that she didn’t have to come back to the flat early. When she was there, Frank hardly spoke to her and she hardly spoke to him but with Pippa there, it wasn't obvious that there was tension...that was going to change when Pippa left... Roo sighed then she got up and walked towards Helens office…


Simpson residence- Summer Bay

Bobby looked up from assignment and smiled as she watched Sam singing along to play school. She couldn’t lie to herself; these last few weeks had been really challenging but fortunately she managed to get Sam into the creche at the Uni so he went with her on the days she went, and the other days he was at the creche at the Sands resort. All this would be until he turned five and able to go to kindergarten. Even though it had been a challenge, this was the happiest Bobby had been in a very long time. Every time she looked at Sam, her heart skipped a beat, even though he wasn’t biologically her son, she had fallen in love with him and she could see in his eyes that he felt the same way. Bobby smiled then got up from the table and went and sat next to Sam and started singing and dancing along with Sam as they watched the handsome playschool presenter…


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

“I wish you’d told me love, I wanted us to spend some time together tonight” Ailsa said

“I know love, you know how these things are..when the club wants to have a meeting they want us all to drop everything” Alf said

“Ok..well, I’ve put your dinner in the oven” Ailsa said

“Thanks love…ill try not to get in too late” Alf said

“Ok..ill see you in the morning..I love you” Ailsa said

“Alright..me too..see you in the morning” Alf said

“Bye” Ailsa said and she put the phone down and turned the light off and walked towards her bedroom


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

Alf put the phone down and walked back into the stock room where Debra was sitting on the blankets on the floor

“Where were we?” Alf said and knelt down on the floor as Debra smiled, she put her arms around his neck and they began to kiss passionately…


The Marina- Summer Bay

“Is there something wrong with the pasta?” Adam said as he noticed that Marilyn hadn’t eaten much of her food

“Hmm..did you say something?” Marilyn said then she looked up at Adam

“I was asking if there was something wrong with the pasta” Adam said then he pointed at the food on Marilyns plate

“No, its fine…im just miles away…sorry” Marilyn said and smiled then she put some of the pasta in her mouth and chewed. What she was really thinking about what Ben and Carly and how she couldn’t do anything about it. As Marilyn chewed, she looked up at Adam then she reached over and grabbed his hand and they both smiled at each other. She was really lucky to have him, he treated her well. Even though they hadn’t been together for long, Marilyn felt that maybe she could fall in love with him. Adam smiled at Marilyn, he really liked her..she wasn’t his usual type but he really liked her and was excited for the future…



Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Nick smiled as he drank some of his beer. Lucinda had made him dinner tonight and he watched her as she spoke about some of the ingredients that he used. He liked her and should be focused on her, but his mind kept drifting..drifting away to Julie. Lucinda looked at Nick as he took another sip of his beer. She was really happy that they were giving their relationship another chance. Lucinda smiled to herself…maybe she was going to ask her to marry him soon…something she couldn’t wait for…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Even though it was late, and Steve had school tomorrow, he couldn’t sleep. He turned the light by his bed on and opened the draw. He took out the envelope from England and took out the photo of himself and his aunt. She looked so much like him mum. When he was with her, he felt that he was still with his mum. Steve put the photo back in the envelope  with the money that his aunt sent hims and took out the letter. He had already read the letter and was reading it again. His Aunt was telling him about the recent weekend adventure she went on with her husband and how he could go with them when he made the decision to go and lived with them. Steve sighed then he put the letter in the envelope. He was so confused, he didn’t know what to do. He wanted to stay in Summer Bay, this was his home, but Donna was his auntie…his blood relative. Steve sighed then he turned the light off and stared at the ceiling…he had to make a decision…and make it soon…


Carly smiled as she counted the money and put it into the envelope. She promised herself that she would never touch any of her inheritance money, but now that she was old enough, the bank didn’t alert her father when she withdrew the money. When Ben said he needed a engine for a car, Carly felt that it was only right that she helped him. The last two weeks their relationship had been amazing and Carly felt that she also had to do her part. She loved Ben more than anything and knew that he was definitely the man for her…


Background music ends

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On 27/07/2020 at 06:43, CaptainHulk said:

So in this universe, Sam's had the  odometer rolled back in age terms ala Soph, Haydn and Sal?

The Stevo scene could play out on screen, pretty emotional. It is 1991-ish and he's reaching the end of his school life... is this is a sign of things to comr

Ben is sucking the life outta Carly.


Yes haha. Right now, 


Sam is four

Sally is six

Sophie is five

Haydn is 12

However I am sure they will get younger as this progresses lol



Thank you for reading :)


Chapter 368


High School- Summer Bay

Sandra fell on the floor hitting her head on the locker

“Whats going on here?” Adam said as he came around the corner

“Nothing, Sandra fell on the floor and I am just helping her to get up” Karen said with a smile the she bent down and tugged on Sandra’s arm to get up

“Are you alright?” Adam said as he looked at Sandra then at Karen. Sandra nodded her head then bent down again to pick up her glasses

“Anyway, I better get to class” Karen said and smiled again at Adam and walked away

“Are you sure you’re alright? Adam said looking at Sandra who had tears in eyes as she wiped her glasses with the edge of her school dress

“I’m fine” Sandra said then she put her glasses on and walked away. Adam sighed. He knew what was going on…it’s the same thing that was going on before…but it wasn’t his business…he wasn’t going to get involved,…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“Youre supposed to eat it, not get it all over your face” Bobby said and Sam laughed. Andrew Foley smiled then he drank some of his milkshake. He was in Summer Bay doing his check up meetings with Bobby and Sam, and so far he was happy with what he was seeing

“So how are you managing?” Adam said

“Good..Sam goes to the creche at Uni, so I get to see him in between classes. When I’m working, he goes to the creche at the resort” Bobby said as she helped Sam wipe the milkshake from his face

“How have you been able to manage working and studying and looking after Sam?” Andrew said

“Ok, I do most of my studying when Sam is asleep, or Grant plays with Sam…he takes him to play ball on the beach when I have to study” Bobby said. , it had been a struggle, but she was determined to show Andrew that she could make it work.

“Good…well sounds like you have everything under control” Andrew said and Bobby smiled. She was happy that Andrew was happy with her.

“Well, some additional good news, Sams mum is doing really well with her programme, and soon he will be making the transition back home” Andrew said and he gently tapped Sam on the head. Bobby felt her heart crush when Andrew said that Sam would be going back home. Even though she knew this was only temporary, she was hoping that Sams mum wouldn’t want him back.

“Anyway, sounds like everything is going well here…therefore, I need to get back on the road” Andrew said and he drank the last of his milkshake

“Are you sure you don’t want anything to eat?” Bobby said as Andrew stood up

“No no, Im trying to watch my waist line” Andrew sad patting his stomach

“So, ill see you in two weeks…see you later mate” Andrew said to Bobby then he gently tapped Sam on his head

“Bye” Sam said and looked up and waved

“Ok, bye” Bobby said and slowly exhaled. Just as Andrew was about to turn around he bumped into someone

“Oh, Im sorry” Andrew looked up…it was Carly

“Come on Sam, lets get you cleaned up” Bobby said looking at Carly then her and Sam walked into the diner


Background music- Carlys theme


“Hi, how are you?” Andrew said

“Good” Carly said nodding. It had been a long time since she had seen Andrew. At one point she thought she was in love with him…and was going to marry him…but eventually realized that it wasn’t love..not true love like she had with Ben

“How are you?” Carly said

“Good, just really busy with work…Bobby tells me you manage this place” Andrew said pointing to the diner

“Only at night when it turns into a bistro” Carly said

“That’s good. Im proud of you” Andrew said

“Thanks” Carly said and smiled

“Anyway, I better get going…it was nice to see you” Andrew said then without thinking he leaned forward and hugged Carly

“Yeah…nice seeing you too” Carly said and smiled as Andrew pulled away from the hug. Andrew smiled back then he walked towards his car. Carly watched him as he walked away…so many memories came to her mind like the time she was rehearsing the school play…that was the time when she fell in love with him….but none of that mattered now, she was with Ben…and she loved him. Carly began to walk away…not realizing that Ben was driving by and had seen the whole thing..


Background music ends


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

“There you go” Alf said as he stuck the L sticker on the back of his old ute. Blake smiled he was excited because Mr Stewart was teaching him how to drive. Now it was official since he got his provisional license and now the L sticker.

“Thank you so much Mr Stewart” Blake said as he got into the ute next to Alf.

“We’re going to have you passing your test very soon” Alf said as Blake started the engine and began to drive away. Alf smiled. He really enjoyed spending time with Blake. His parents divorcing must not have been easy, and since Alf had strong feelings for Debra, he always tried to help her with the kids as much as possible. Karen was never interested. Alf laughed to himself because she sometimes reminded him on his daughter, Ruthy.



Summer Bay

“You sure you don’t want to come in?” Alec Gibson said to his daughter

“No, I just want to look at the beach” Julie said and smiled. It had been a while since she had been to Summer Bay. She had no intention of coming, but it was her day off from work, and her dad persuaded her to go with him to the city to get some part. Initially Julie didn’t want to go…she didn’t want to bump into Nick.

“Hi” Julie turned herself around

“Hi Bobby…Hi” Julie said as she saw Bobby with her foster son

“How are you?” Bobby said

“Good, just waiting for my dad, he’s gone into the diner to get some milkshakes

Just as Bobby was about to respond, she noticed that Nick was parking his police car. Julie noticed that Bobby was looking elsewhere so she turned around and saw Nick then sighed. Even though she was trying to be brave, she was hoping that she wouldn’t see him. Bobby looked at Julie and noticed that she appeared to be upset. As Nick walked towards the diner, he noticed Bobby talking to someone in the wheelchair. Could it be Julie Nick though to himself suddenly feeling excited. Nick felt his heart beating faster with every step towards Bobby

“G’day” Nick said to Bobby then to Julie.

“Hi” Bobby said

“Hi Julie” Nick said

“Hi” Julie said looking up and forcing herself to smile

“I better get going…it was nice to see you” Bobby said and smiled

“Ok..see you later” Julie said and waved at Sam and watched as Bobby walked away


Emotional background music


“How are you?” Nick said as Julie turned herself around and started wheeling herself towards the beach so she could get a better view of the water

“Yeah…good..how are you?” Julie said as Nick walked along next to her

“Good, just really busy with work….what about you?” Nick said

“I said I was good” Julie said

“Yeah…you did…sorry” Nick said

“Its fine” Julie said then when she got to as far as she could, she stopped and put the break on her chair. There was an awkward pause as Nick struggled to find something to say and Julie felt her heart beating fast as she stood next to the man she really really couldn’t get over.

“The beach here has always been beautiful…day or night…its always beautiful” Julie said

“Yeah, it is” Nick said as he remembered the date they had at the beach where they kissed as the sun set. There was so much that Julie wanted to ask Nick…like why he stopped liking her, but she couldn’t...none of that mattered now. Nick wanted to say something…he wanted to tell Julie that she was all he thought about…he was lying to himself..he missed her more than he thought


“JULIE” Julie turned around to see her father waving at her

“I guess its time for me to go” Julie said and she took the break off  the wheelchair

“Wait” Nick said and Julie looked up and stared into his eyes. This was his moment, Nick thought to himself…his moment to tell Julie that he had been thinking about her..that he had missed her


“Officer Parrish, please return to base” the voice said through Nicks radio. Nick sighed then he pressed the button on the side of the radio

“I’m on my way” Nick said then he released the button and looked at Julie

“JULIE” Julie looked ahead to see her father calling her over

“I better go” Julie saidthen she wheeled herself away. Nick sighed then he got into the car Maybe the interruption happened for a reason…he had Lucinda….maybe he needed to focus on her. Nick sighed then he started the engine and drove away. Julie put her seat belt on and waited for her father to put her chair in the back. Shortly after he got into the car and closed the door

“What did he want?” Alec said as he put his sear belt on

“Nothing, just saying hello” Julie said

“That better be all..I don’t want him anywhere newar you breaking your heart again” Alec said and he started the engine

“Of course not” Julie said and laughed then she looked out of the window as a single tear ran down her cheek


Background music ends

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