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Homecoming Part 4

Summer's Bay

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Chapter 350


Summer Bay

“Yoohoo, Ailsa” Ailsa turned around just before she got into her car to see Celia riding towards her on her bicycle.

“I thought you didn’t hear me” Celia said as she stopped riding and Ails got into the car

“Celia, I cant stop, I have to get over to the babysitter and pick up Duncan. He is running a temperature and I want the doctor to give him the once over” Ailsa said as she closed the car door

“Oh, Im sorry to hear that..is everything else alright?” Celia said

“Yes…why?” Ailsa said confused

“Ailsa…over the years I think that you and I have grown quite close..I confide in you…and I hope you can confide in me” Celia said as she looked at Ailsa

“Confide in you about what?” Ailsa said

“Anything…that is on your mind” Celia said

“There is nothing on my mind except getting Duncan to the babysitter” Ailsa said

“How is Alfred?” Celia said

“Fine” Ailsa said

“What about Sandra, im sure it cant be easy having a teenager in the house again” Celia said

“Celia, is there something going on that I don’t know about?” Ailsa said as she started the car engine

“No, nothing at all….cant I inquire about my family?” Celia said and Ailsa laughed and shook her head

“I have to go Celia, Ill see you later” Ailsa said and she drove off

“Oooh drats” Celia said as she sighed. She got on her bike to go home then she stopped and turned around and began riding towards Alf's shop


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Carly took all the pegs off and put them in the little container then she took the sheet of the line. Her arm still hurt from when she made Ben angry and he grabbed her arm and pushed her out of the van.


Background music- Carly’s theme

“Here…let me help you” Carly turned around to see Ben grabbing the sheet and folding it up .He smiled at her as he out the sheet into the basket on the floor

“What are you doing here..I thought you would be at work” Carly said as she took the pegs off some socks

“We finished early, and I wanted to see you” Ben said as Carly smiled shyly

“Im really sorry Ben…I shouldn’t have made plans to go to the beach without asking you first” Carly said

“No, its my fault” Ben was interrupted

“No, its my fault, I should’ve asked you if it was alright…and I am really really sorry” Carly said

“Its alright…I forgive you…lets go for a walk on the beach” Ben said

“I cant…Christopher is having a nap” Carly said

“Well..how about we have a nap too” Ben said then he kissed Carly's cheek and she smiled then he kissed her lips and they hugged. Carly smiled to herself. She was happy that Ben forgave her and things were perfect again….


Background music ends


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

Alf put the box on the counter and began to remove the cans to put them on the shelf. When he heard the bell above the door sound, he turned around to see Celia coming into the shop

“Yoohoo, Alfred” Celia said as she walked to the counter

“G’day sis….what are you doing here?” Alf said as he picked up three cans and and walked over and put them on the shelf.

“I didn’t know that I needed an appointment to see my own brother” Celia said

“Hmmm” Alf said and continued what he was doing

“So, is everything alright?” Celia said

“Fine” Alf said

“Everything alright with Ailsa and Duncan?” Ailsa said

“Yes” Alf said

“Well I just saw Ailsa and she said she was taking Duncan to the drs” Celia said

“So if you already know, why are you asking me? Alf said and he shook his head

“I thought maybe something else was wrong” Celia said

“Whats wrong is you coming here asking me all these questions when I got all this unboxing to do” Alf said

“Alfred…you sound very stressed..are you sure there is nothing else the matter…at home?” Celia said and Alf froze and began to panic….” She knows something” Alf said to himself

Alf turned to look at Celia and began to smile

“ Sis, I appreciate your concern but everything is alright…Im alright, Ails is alright, Duncan is alright and Sandra is alright” Alf said

“But you would tell me if there is something wrong? We are family after all…we can help each other through any crisis” Celia said and Alf tried had to not fall apart

“I know sis and thank you” Alf said then he gently gave Celia a kiss on the cheek and smiled

“I better be going then” Celia said and she waved and walked out of the shop. When Alf saw her close the door his smile disappeared then he picked up the phone and began to dial

“Deb, its me…” Alf said and he sighed


Gibson Residence- Yabbie Creek

Julie carefully filled out the application form. It was an application for a design program at the local adult education centre. After getting her HSC, Julie wanted to go to uni to become an interior designer but her parents didn’t think that she would able to cope so they found her a reception job at a local business, but unfortunately the business went bankrupt and Julie was out of work.

Jenny walked into the kitchen and saw her daughter still filling out the application form

“I don’t know why you are bothering with that love” Jenny Gibson said

“I have to do something; I can’t just stay at home all the time” Julie said

“I told you that Peggy has a job for you” Julie said

“At the bingo hall?” Julie said annoyed

“It’s a job, it pays alright” Julie said

“I told you I don’t want that job …I want a career..a life..maybe one day a family” Julie said then she stopped talking. Jenny sighed then she sat opposite her daughter and grabbed her arm

“Love, we have already spoken about this, you know you are not like everyone else…you cant have what other girls have…you are different” Jenny said as Julie looked at her and sighed. Her mum was right…she was different. She would never be able to have the career..husband and family she wanted

“Yeah…you’re right” Julie said defeated

“I know love…how about we forget all this, and Ill call Peggy and ask her if that job is still going” Jenny said and smiled and Julie nodded

“Oh by the way, your brother said he hasn’t heard from you” Jenny said as she walked over to the phone

“Ill write him later on” Julie said as she wheeled herself over to the bin, ripped up the application form and threw it away…


High School- Summer Bay

Debra sighed as she put the phone down. Alf just told her that he suspects his sister knows about them, so it would be best to not see each other tonight…but it didn’t matter…he still loved her.  Just as Debra was about to get up, she noticed the corner of the unopened letter in her bag.  she opened her bag and took out an envelope and opened it. It was a letter advising her of a court date for the custody hearing. Debra read the letter a few times then she exhaled. Dennis wasn’t going to get her children…especially not now that her and Alf and the children were a family….


Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay

Michael looked up from his invoices to see Alf walking towards him. “What can I do for you?” Michael said

“Did you say anything to Celia?” Alf said then Michael picked up an engine part and walked over to a boat

“About what?” Michael said  

“You know what about” Alf said

“What you do with your life is your business” Michael said as he continued to fit the part into the engine

“So why did Celia come over to the shop asking me questions?” Alf said

“You know what your sister is like, she cant keep herself from gossiping” Michael said

“That’s only when she has something to gossip about” Alf said


“Alfred, I didn’t expect to see you here” Alf and Michael turned around to see Celia walking towards them

“Yeah, I was just asking Michael if he can take a lot at the yute..I think there is something wrong with the engine or something” Alf said and he looked at Michael

“Anyway, I better get going..just pop around anytime you like Michael…Ill see you later Sis” Alf said and he rushed off as Celia looked at him curiously

“What did he want?” Celia said when Alf was far in the distance

“He just told you” Michael said

"Do you think he looks stressed?" Celia said

"I dont know" Michael said

"Did he sound stressed?" Celia said

"I got work to do" Michael said and he walked back into the boat shed as Celia turned and looked at Alf walking away…there was something going on…and she was going to get to the bottom of it…

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Chapter 351


Two days later

Presbyterian hospital- New York


“Well if there is anything else you remember, here is my card” The detective said then he nodded and put his card on the side table. Frank watched him walk out of the room and close the door as he silently exhaled. He lied to the detective…he couldn’t tell him the truth about what really happened to him…that would potentially get him into more trouble than he was already in..then he would also have to admit the truth to Roo..and to Pippa. Frank looked at Roo as she finished her cup of coffee and put the cup into the bin and sit down on the chair by the bed.

“You havnt said much to me” Roo said which was true. Even though Frank hadn’t said much since he regained consciousness, anything he did say, he said it to Pippa. Frank looked at Roo, she was right. He hadn’t said much to her..he didn’t know what to say to her….he wanted to talk to her…tell her everything that had been going on…everything he was doing for their future..but he couldn’t…she would probably say it was his fault. Frank sighed, sometimes he thought that she never understood him..not in the way that Bobby did..Frank looked at the door when he heard it opening

“I thought you got lost” Frank managed to say. His face was still swollen, he has had stitches in his mouth but he was able to talk with pain. Pippa smiled. She was trying to be brave. Even though the doctors said that Frank will make a full recovery, seeing him the way she did still made her sad that this had happened to him

“Sam told me about a little garden just around the back of the hospital, I just sat there for a little while, had a coffee and listened to the sounds of New York” Pippa said

“Very different from Summer Bay” Frank managed to say

“You can say that again…how are you love…were you able to give any information to the police detective?” Pippa said as she stood next to franks bed

“No…I can’t remember much from that night” Frank said

“Hopefully you will” Roo said a she looked at Frank and smiled. Frank looked at her. He did remember, he remembered everything that happened that night

“These flowers are nice” Pippa said as she walked over to a big bunch of flowers in a vase by a table near the window

“Yes, they arrived not long ago, from the Macklin cooperation” Roo said as Pippa arranged the flowers in the vase which annoyed Roo since she thought she did a good job at the flower arranging. Pippa stared at the flowers as she arranged them…she remembered the bunch she was sent by the Macklin’s after Tom died…they were very extravagant just like the bunch Frank was sent. Pippa sighed then she turned around and picked a chair up and walked back to the bed and placed the chair next to the bed and sat down. Roo was sitting on the other side of the bed. Pippa gently stroked Franks cheek

“Glad you’re here” Frank said as he struggled to smile at Pippa. She smiled at him then gently held his hand

“Yes, thanks for coming” Roo said and smiled at Pippa. When Pippa turned away, Roo’s smile disappeared…She was annoyed that Pippa was here..she was giving up her work to be here with Frank, she was Mrs Morgan..she had to look after him..it was her job..this is what she had to do…


Sands Resort- Summer Bay

“Ok bye” Marilyn said to the salon manager and closed the door. It was her time to tidy up and lock up. Marilyn sat on the nearest chair and exhaled. She took her heels off and looked at her toes. She had been on her feet all day. Since the salon opened they were busy non stop. Marilyn was proud of herself. She enjoyed living at the beach house and Bobby and Grant had become like family to her. She really enjoyed her job and met some amazing customers

“Knock on the door” Marilyn looked up to see Adam at the door. He waved at Marilyn. Marilyn put her shoes on and walked to the door. She unlocked the door and opened it

“Adam hi” Marilyn said

“Hi…I was just…going for a run and wanted to see if your car was working alright” Adam said. It was the best excuse he could come up with. He had been thinking about her all day and trying to come up with a way to ask her out. Marilyn smiled.

“Its working fine…since you fixed it” Marilyn said

“Oh, right” Adam said and Marilyn smiled

“I better be going then” Adam said

“Ok, thanks for checking…goodnight” Marilyn said and smiled and closed the door. Adam sighed then inhaled deeply and knocked on the door again. Marilyn turned around confused to see Adam still standing there

“Is there something wrong?” Marilyn said confused

“Yeah…well…no…well yeah..I was wondering if I can take you out to dinner or something..when you are free” Adam said to a shocked Marilyn. She thought he was cute, but she never thought he would be interested in her…”Ok” Marilyn said and smiled

“We can go now if you want” Adam said

“I have to tidy up and lock up the salon” Marilyn said

“Yeah…right..sorry..how about Friday?” Adam said

“Ok..you can pick me up from here at 8 o clock..if that’s alright” Marilyn said

“Ok..ill be here” Adam said and smiled

“Ok, good night” Marilyn said and smiled then Adam waved and began to walk backwards. Marilyn smiled and locked the door as she watched Adam walk away. Neither would stop looking at the other until Adam turned around and bumped head first into a pillar. Marilyn gasped and put her hand over her mouth. Adam winced and put his hand up to his head. He couldn’t believe he just did that …he hoped Marilyn wasn’t watching. Adam looked back to see Marilyn watching him. He waved again and smiled. Marilyn waved back then Adam rushed out of the resort as fast as he could as Marilyn smiled to herself….she was going on a date…


Fisher residence- Summer Bay

“Cheers” Nick said as he and Lucinda clinked glasses. Nick drank some of his wine and put the glass down then he picked up his knife and fork and continued to eat the meal that Lucinda had prepared

“This is really good, you are a great cook” Nick said as he ate the last bit of salmon on his plate. He had to admit, he really did enjoy spending time with Lucinda. She was smart, beautiful and they had good conversation

“Thanks” Lucinda said and smiled. Things were going really well with Nick. She really liked him

“Where is your uncle?” Nick said

“He is attending a board of education meeting” Lucinda said as she put some potatoes in her mouth

“Hmm that was delicious” Nick said then he wiped his mouth with a napkin and smiled at Lucinda

“I hope you left some space for dessert…strawberry cheesecake” Lucinda said and smiled

“Yum, my favourite” Nick said and smiled….


Bingo Hall- Yabbie Creek

Julie opened the bag of pens on her lap, wheeled herself to each table and placed a few on the table. She had only been working here a few days and already she hated it. This is not what she wanted in life…she wanted to be a interior designer…she wanted a handsome husband and children…Julie smiled to herself as she visualized the life she wanted… the life she thought that maybe she could have.... A noise outside brought Julie back to reality. Julie looked around the bingo hall, there was no one but her..no handsome husband…no children..no interior design career. Julie signed then she rolled herself to the next table, took some pens from the bag on her lap and placed them in the centre of the table as a tear ran down her cheek..


Fisher residence- Summer Bay

“Hmmm, I don’t think I can eat another thing for the rest of the week” Nick said as Lucinda sat down next to him on the couch. She half filled his glass and hers and put the bottle of wine on the table.

“This has been a really good evening” Lucinda said as she looked at Nick

“Yeah, it has” Nick said as he looked at Lucinda then he leaned forward and they began to kiss passionately



Nick- Hmm is that cherry lipgloss

Julie- Haha how can you tell?

Nick- Your kisses are so sweet

Julie- Are they?

Nick- Yes, and I want more

Flashback ends


Nick pulled away from Lucinda. “Is there something wrong?” Lucinda said

“No..I have to go”Nick said and he put the wine glass on the table and stood up

“If your worried about my uncle, he isn’t coming back yet” Lucinda said as she looked at the clock on the wall

“No, its not that..I just have an early morning tomorrow” Nick said

“Ok..ill walk you to your car” Lucinda said

“No…its alright…thanks for dinner” Nick said and smiled as Lucinda walked closer to him

“Call me tomorrow?..maybe we can have lunch” Lucinda said and she put her arms around Nick

“Yeah, ill see..I got to go” Nick said and he turned his head and Lucinda kissed his cheek then he smiled and rushed out of the house and closed the door.

Nick got into his car as quickly as possible and closed the door and exhaled. He couldn’t believe that just happened. He couldn’t believe that at that moment he was thinking about Julie....there was nothing between them anymore..he had moved on..


Lucinda picked up the glasses and  wine and walked towards the kitchen. It had been a great night even if Nick had to rush off. Lucinda put the rest of the wine in the fridge as she heard the front door open and footsteps to the kitchen

“Hello Uncle Donald, I wasn’t expecting you back so soon” Lucinda said

“I am surprised too. Usually those meetings last way longer. I thought I was going to be interrupting you” Donald said

“Nick just left” Lucinda said

“I am glad that you two are friendly again, he is a good young man” Donald said wishing that Bobby could find someone like Nick..someone dependable and reliable

“Yes, I agree…goodnight” Lucinda said and smiled and walked to her bedroom and closed the door. Her Uncle was right. Maybe she had finally found her Mr. right…

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Thank you for reading...

Chapter 352


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Emotional background music



Craig- I want to be a policeman just like you dad

Bob- Are you sure?

Craig- Yes..I love you dad

Bob- I love you son

Flashback ends


Bob looked around his sons’ room as the tears ran down his cheek It was exactly the same as he left it..dirty socks on the floor..posters on the wall. He drank some of the whiskey in the bottle and winced as the liquid burned the back of his throat. This was starting to become a nightly routine….sitting on his sons bed drinking alcohol and trying to figure out why this would happen…why his son would want to kill himself. He still had no answers, and his superiors were saying that they to withdraw from interviewing the students because none of them had any answers, or as Bob thought none of them wanted to talk. Bob sighed as he heard the from door close. Nick was home. He heard him put his keys down and walk into the kitchen. Shortly after he walked out and as he was walking to his room, he stopped in front of Craig's room and saw Bob sitting on the bed

“Uncle, are you alright?” Nick said. Bob didn’t respond, he just drank more of the whisky. Nick sighed and he walked into the room and pulled the chair next to the bed and sat down. He was worried about his uncle. some of the other officers had commented on smelling alcohol on him, but nobody said anything to his face. 

Every time I sit here, I rack my brains trying to figure out why…why my son would want to take his own life…what is it that pushed him over the edge…maybe it was me..I know I was hard on him sometimes..but I didn't mean to be..he was a really clever boy, I know he had a bright future” Bob said

“Uncle Bob, it wasn’t your fault” Nick was interrupted

“Then whose fault is it? Nobody else is standing up to take the blame” Bob said as he looked at Nick. Nick sighed. He knew that his uncle got the news that the superiors were saying  to withdraw from interviewing the students because none of them wanted to talk. There were no leads and from the looks of it, they were never going to find out what really happened. This also meant the investigation into the case was over. 

“He was my boy…my only boy” Bob said then he began to cry “He was my boy...this is not over..this is not over..I need to know what happened to my boy” Bob said as  he cried…

Background music ends


Two days later


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

Alf and Debra kissed in the stockroom then Debra pulled away and hugged Alf tight and sighed

“Stop worrying about the court hearing, everything will be fine” Alf said and he kissed Debra's head. As much as he said he wanted to stay away from her, he couldn’t.

“I don’t know why he is doing this…we agreed that the children will stay with me. I thought things were ok between us” Debra said and she sighed then she looked at Alf

“Ive really missed you Alf” Debra said and she meant it. She had really missed Alf. He was the love of her life, and he came back to her…now they were like a family

“Yeah, me too love” Alf said and he looked at Debra and smiled

“I want to see you tonight” Alf said and he kissed Debra’s cheek as she smiled then Debra looked at her watch “ok…I better go, I don’t want to be late” Debra said then they heard the bell over the door make a noise

“ALF” Alf looked at Debra with a shocked look on his face, it was Ailsa

“Its Ails” Alf whispered and Debra sighed…it was at this moment that she realized that she was tired of hiding away..sneaking around like a little girl

“Alf” Debra was interrupted when Alf poured some water on her blazer then picked up some tissue and began to wipe it

“JUST COMING LOVE” Alf said as he pushed Debra out of the stockroom

“Here you go, hopefully I was able to get it all out” Alf said then when he looked up he saw Michael standing next to Ailsa

“Thanks Alf” Debra said and she took the tissue from Alf and continue to wipe her blazer

“What happened?” Ailsa said

“I got some coffee on my blazer and Alf was helping me get it off” Debra said as Michael looked at Alf then he looked at Debra

“Anyway, Ive got to go…I don’t want to be late for court” Debra said

“For court? Sounds serious” Ailsa said

“Well, I hope not. My ex husband is petitioning to get physical custody of the children, meaning they will be staying with his full time in the city” Debra said

“Oh, Im sorry to hear that, well I hope all goes well” Ailsa said

“Thanks” Debra said as Ailsa smiled

“Maybe you and the kids can come over for dinner one night, its been a while since we had you over, and with all this going on, you definitely need some support from your friends” Ailsa said and Alf looked at Michael who had a sarcastic smile on his face

“Thanks…Ill let you…bye” Debra said and she rushed out of the shop

“This must be a nightmare for her..” Ailsa said

“Yeah” Alf said feeling uncomfortable

“Anyway, can you look after Duncan, the babysitter is not well” Ailsa said as she looked down at Duncan who was asleep in his pushchair

“Ill be back to get him at lunch time” Ailsa said and she leaned forward and gave Alf a kiss, then she turned around and smiled at Michael and rushed out of the shop.

“Just this thanks” Alf said and he put the tape on the counter and took some money out of his pocket

“Look, about” Alf was interrupted

“I told you, I don’t care what you do with your life as long as you tell your wife to stay out of mine” Michael said then he put the money down and picked up the tape and walked out of the shop. Alf sighed as he picked up the money then he looked at Duncan sleeping in the pushchair and smiled. He knew what he was doing with Debra was wrong…he had to stop…but he just couldn’t stop himself..as long as he was able to keep Ailsa away from Celia and Michael…everything would be alright…Alf smiled…”yeah, everything will be alright” Alf said to himself and smiled then he picked up the phone and dialed “Hello yes, id like to make a reservation for a room tonight” Alf said and smiled to himself..


High School- Summer Bay

Adam picked up the papers from the floor.  He looked at the students sitting on the grass and shook his head. He couldn’t understand why they were never taught to put things in the bin. Adam sighed then he smiled. Tonight was his date with Marilyn. He had it all planned out, he was going to take her out to dinner at the diner after dark then after he was going to take her for a walk on the beach. Adam smiled to himself.

“Finally the police have gone” Karen said as she put her folder into the locker and pulled out another one

“Yeah I know, it creepy that they were still here hanging around…you know after Craig offed himself” a student said

“Well his dad is a copper, so I guess they had to do their job” another student said

“Im just glad they are gone ” Karen said as she took a folder out of her locker and closed the door. This meant that she didnt even need to go through with her plan..they police was gone..the case was closed and she was free. Karen smiled to herself...this was easier then she thought it was gong to be...

“Why, do you have something to hide?”  Karen turned around to see Steve staring at her. Suddenly she felt faint and her heart started beating fast

“No, do you?” Karen said faking confidence as Steve stared at her then the bell rang again

“Alright alright, get to class” Donald said as the students began to walk towards the classrooms. Karen turned around and opened her locker again and took out her pencil case and closed her locker. She was now alone on the corridor with Adam

“Don’t work too hard” Karen said and she gently ran her hand over Adams arm. He didn’t respond when she winked at him and walked away. Adam signed. It had been a long morning and he put his hand in his pocket take out a handkerchief as something else fell out of his pocket. He wiped his forehead and bent down and picked up the card that fell out of his pocket, and turned it over…it was the card of PC Nick Parish. Adam sighed then he pushed it into his pocket…it wasn’t his business…he wasn’t going to get involved. Adam pushed his handkerchief in his pocket and looked at his watch…only a few hours left before he went on his date with Marilyn…


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Sorry for the delay in updated, but I have been very busy. Thank you for reading



Chapter 353




Two days later


Sands resort- Summer Bay

“I thought you were going out on a date tonight?” Marilyn turned around to see Bobby standing at the door of the salon

“I am…he is picking me up at 7…well he was supposed to pick me up at 7..he is late..maybe he isn’t coming” Marilyn said worried then Bobby looked at clock on the wall

“Its only quarter past..im sure he will be here soon…anyway, I got to go..have a good time” Bobby said then she smiled and walked away as Marilyn closed and locked the door. Marilyn sighed, maybe Adam wasn’t coming. She looked up at the clock again and began to turn the lights off in the salon…she was going to go home. Marilyn walked to the back and picked up her bag. She looked at herself in the mirror, she did her hair and makeup extra nice tonight. She didn’t have the best luck in relationships…Lance..Ben and now it was over with Adam before it had even started. Marilyn inhaled then exhaled then turned the light off and walked back in to the salon. When she looked at the door she smiled and exhaled as she noticed Adam looking through the window. Marilyn walked towards the door and opened it

“Hi, sorry im late, Mr Fisher wanted me to finish off some painting before Monday” Adam said with a smile. He looked at Marilyn, she looked great

“That’s alight, I just finished serving a customer” Marilyn said not wanting Adam to know that she was anxiously waiting for him

“We better get going…Is the diner alright?” Adam said as Marilyn locked the salon door

“Yes” Marilyn said and smiled…she didn’t care where they went..as long as they were together. Marilyn smiled to herself as Adam held her hand as they walked out of the resort.


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Bobby emptied the spaghetti bolognese from the container into her plate. A benefit of working at the resort is she always had food prepared for when she didn’t feel like cooking. Bobby carried the plate over to the table and put it down. She took her folder out of the bag on the chair and sat down as she licked her finger that had some sauce on it. Bobby opened her folder and took out the assignment she received back from the lecturer, she got an A grade. Bobby smiled to herself, she worked really hard for the grade…she worked really hard for all her grades, she needed to because she was on an accelerated program and was attempting to finish her degree faster.


Background music- Frank and Bobbys theme


Ailsa- Are you sure this is what you want to do?

Bobby- Yes, I thought you would be glad i;m coming to work with you

Ailsa- I am, its just that I don’t want you to do anything you will later regret

Bobby- What do you mean?

Ailsa- What I mean is I hope you are doing this for you, and not for Frank

Bobby- Of course I am doing this for me

Ailsa- Frank gave me the impression that he wasn’t too thrilled about the idea

Bobby- You got it wrong, its fine…its what we both want

Ailsa- I hope so because I would hate to see you throwing away the opportunity to have a future

Bobby- I have my future, Frank is my future

Flashback ends

Bobby sighed as she looked around the house. It was quiet, Grant was at the diner and Marilyn was on a date and Bobby was alone. She looked at the food in front of her and suddenly lost her appetite. She was alone…she felt alone. The future she wanted was gone and it was something she had accepted, but sometimes…when she was alone…when she heard how well other people were doing, how happy they were in their relationships she wondered why it never happened for her.  Bobby picked up the assignment and read the feedback from the lecturer as a tear ran down her cheek…


Presbyterian hospital- New York

Roo watched as Sam took Franks pressure and temperature and wrote them down.

“It looks like the antibiotics are working” Sam said and smiled. Roo looked at Pippa who was standing by the bed, She was always there..fussy around Frank like he was a baby which annoyed Roo, because she was supposed to be doing that. Roo rolled her eyes as she listed to Sam tell Pippa about her role and its association to her studies which  for some reason Pippa found fascinating.

“So I basically get to do all the things a nurse does under their supervision”  Samantha said as she removed the stethoscope from her ears and rested them around her neck

“Let me have a quick look in your mouth” Sam said and she put her glove on and gently lowered Franks lower lip to check inside his mouth

“So how long will you be working here for ?” Pippa said

“They move us around , so next week ill be in the neonatal intensive care unit which is my favourite because I want to be a pediatrician, so its nice to be around the babies” Sam said with a smile

“Tell Pippa what you want to do” Frank said as Roo looked at Frank

“Oh, my goal when I become a pediatrician is to heal children with art therapy” Sam said with a big smile on her face

“Sam we have a group consultation now” Sam turned around to see another student at the door

“Ok, Ill be there in a minute” Sam said then she took off her glove and wrote some notes on Franks hospital chart

“The doctor will be here later on to see how your leg and arm are healing and to check out your ribs too” Sam said as she hung the chart on the end of the hospital bed

“Thanks” Frank said. He really enjoyed Sam being around

“Oh, I better take this and get you some clean sheets” Sam said as she walked over to the fold away bed in the corner of the room that she arranged for Pippa to sleep on

“You don’t have to do that, its fine” Pippa said. She hadn’t left the hospital since she arrived

“Please let me, its no trouble at all. Ill bring some clean sheets after my shift” Sam said as she picked up the sheets and smiled

“See you later” Frank said and Sam smiled then she left the room. The door closed then there was an awkward silence. Pippa looked over at Roo who was looking out of the window

“Im going to go out for a bit of fresh air then I am going to phone home, make sure everything is alright…I wont be long” Pippa said and smiled. Frank smiled and watched as Pippa walked out of the hospital room. Frank turned his head to look over at Roo who was looking at him. He still hadn’t said much to her. Not intentionally, he just felt guilty about what he did…he also didn’t want her to tell him that she blamed him.

“You can go to work if you want to” Frank eventually said

“No its alright” Roo said She felt conflicted because she wish she was at work, because she wasn’t needed here

“I don’t want you to get that sack or anything like that” Frank said

“I spoke to Helen, she said I can take as much time as I needed” Roo said

“Yeah but you don’t need to be hanging around here all day..not while I spend half the day sleeping” Frank said. He lied, he didn’t really sleep, he just closed his eyes and pretended…that way he wouldn’t have to talk or think about the amount of trouble he was still in.  Roo walked over to the bed and stood next to Frank

“Are you sure you wouldn’t mind if I went back to work? I can just go for half that day” Roo said trying not to sound to happy. He was right, there was nothing for her to do except for listen to Pippa go on about Summer Bay

“Its ok, you can go all day…besides, with me not working, we still have to pay the bills” Frank said

“I thought we had some money saved” Roo said and Frank felt his stomach drop

“Yyyyeah but that is to buy our house. We cant use that for bills can we” Frank said hoping that Roo believed him

“I guess so” Roo said then she bent down and kissed Frank

“I love you” Roo said and smiled at Frank

“Yeah, me too” Frank said and smiled

“Ill just go and phone Helen and tell her ill be in on Monday” Roo said and smiled. Frank watched her walk out of the room as his smile disappeared


Background music ends


Diner after dark- Summer Bay

“The food here is actually really good” Adam said as he tucked into his shepherds pie. Marilyn smiled and nodded. She agreed.

“Thanks for getting these” Carly said as she took the box of napkins from Lance

“Sees you later” Lance turned around then he locked eyes with Marilyn. Lance stared at Marilyn then at Adam.

“What about you, what do you think of the food?” Adam said and he looked up to notice that Marilyn was not responding to him. He looked to his right to see Lance standing near looking at them.

“Is there a problem?” Adam said to Lance who looked at Marilyn then he walked out of the diner. Adam looked at Marilyn. “Is there something wrong?” Adam said

“No, nothing is wrong” Marilyn said and smiled then Adam looked down and continued to eat his food as Lance looked back at Marilyn before he walked out of the diner.


Police station- Summer Bay

Nick sighed and picked up the pen and continued writing his reports


Lucinda- I was thinking of getting tickets to go and see that play in the city I mentioned for Sunday

Nick- That’s great but I have to work

Lucinda- Can you not get someone to cover for you

Nick- No, things are a bit busy here

Lucinda- We haven't seen much of each other

Nick- Yeah I know, i've just been really busy

Lucinda- Ok, well things are getting busy here at the diner so I better go, will you call me?

Nick- Yeah, I will

Lucinda- Ok bye…have a good shift

Flashback ended

Nick put his pen down and exhaled. He was confused. He liked spending time with Lucinda, but he couldn’t get Julie out of his mind. He knew that things would never work out with Julie. Nick was so confused. He couldn’t talk to his uncle because he was still grieving. It wasn’t anybody else's problem..it was his problem, and he had to deal with it. As far as he was concerned it was over with Julie. Nick picked up the phone and dialed

“Hi Lucinda…its me..yeah, I got someone to work my shift..I can go to the play on Sunday…alright, ill talk to you later…bye” Nick said and smiled then he put the phone down. As he picked up his pen his smile disappeared as he wondered if he had made the right decision….


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“I had a really nice time Adam” Marilyn said. She was telling the truth. Apart from seeing Lance, she really enjoyed the evening. They sat in her car which Adam drove back to her house.

“So you’re not going to invite me in for coffee?” Adam said and smiled. He really enjoyed himself with Marilyn. It was probably the best time he had since he arrived in Summer Bay.

Emotional background music

“Its getting late and I have to be at work tomorrow” Marilyn said as Adam leaned closer to her. Before Marilyn could say anything again, Adam had leaned forward and was kissing her. It was unexpected .Adam put his arm around Marilyn and as she tried to pull away, he tightened his grip. This made Marilyn panic and she got a flashback of the time that Ben grabbed her. Marilyn began to get frightened as she couldn’t push Adam off. “Adam…stop” Marilyn said and Adam ignored her as he lifted his hand up towards her face. Marilyn thought he was going to hit her, and her heart started beating faster then with all her strength she pushed Adam off and quickly got out of the car

“What’s the problem?” Adam said confused as he rushed out of the car. He thought they were getting on well

“I don’t want to see you anymore” Marilyn said

“Why? I thought we were having a good time” Adam said as he rushed behind Marilyn who quickly unlocked the door and went inside and locked it leaving Adam outside confused. Marilyn rushed up the stairs as she tried to catch her breath. She tiptoed past Bobby’s room and rushed to close the door behind her when she got into her room. Marilyn put her bag on the bed and sat down then she slowly laid on her side curled up and began to cry…

Background music ends

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Chapter 354


Simpson residence- Summer Bay

“No, shes not here” Grant said as he looked at Adam standing at the door

“Oh..I went to the salon and the woman there said Marilyn was sick” Adam said

“Well shes probably gone to see the doc” Grant said as he stirred the coffee in his hand

“Tell her I came over when she gets back” Adam said. He wasn’t sure if he believed Grant but he had no choice

“Right, will do” Grant said then he closed the door. He stood at the window and watched Adam loiter around outside the house for a little while then he watched him walk off. Grant walked towards the kitchen


Emotional background music


“Hes gone” Grant said and Marilyn opened the bathroom door and came out

“Thanks” Marilyn said and smiled at Grant

“Here, I made you a coffee” Grant said and he gave Marilyn the cup and she sat down at the dining table

“Is everything alright?..I mean I thought you like Adam” Grant said and sat opposite Marilyn who began to cry

“Hey..whats wrong? Did he do something?” Grant said and he got up and kneeled beside Marilyn and put his arm around her

“Its just that…last night..when he drove me home..he started to kiss me…at first I didn’t mind then he began forceful..I told him to stop….I thought he was going to get angry…so I pushed him off and ran home…Grant I was so afraid…I thought he was going to hit me…like Ben did..I was so afraid” Marilyn said and cried as Grant hugged her

“I’m sorry” Grant said and Marilyn wiped her face with the arm of her dressing gown

“Its not your fault..maybe I was just over reacting. I mean he wouldn’t come here this morning if he did something wrong” Marilyn said

“After what you went through with Ben, you have every right to be afraid” Grant said

“What do I do Grant? I can’t go through this every time I meet a new guy, ill probably end up being single for the rest of my life” Marilyn said

“You will be fine” Grant said and he kissed the side of Marilyn’s head “Its just going to take some time” Grant said

“What do I do about Adam? Apart from the end, I really enjoyed myself with him” Marilyn said

“Well, maybe you should tell him how you feel” Grant said

“I cant..not after what I did last night” Marilyn said

“Well, he wouldn’t have gone to the salon and come round here if he didn’t care about you” Grant said

“Yes, I suppose” Marilyn said

“I have to go and pick up a few things from the wholesalers….will you be alright?” Grant said and Marilyn nodded

“Alright then, ill see you later” Grant said and he began walking towards the door

“Grant” Marilyn said and Grant turned around

“Thank you” Marilyn said and smiled. Grant and Bobby felt like family to her and she loved that he was here when she needed him.

Grant smiled and winked and left the house. Marilyn inhaled then exhaled as she thought about what she was going to do about Adam..


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“What time are you coming back?” Carly said as Steve washed his plate in the sink

“Some time in the afternoon” Steve said. He was going to the city museum with a few of his classmates

“Well don’t make it too late. I have to work tonight and I don’t know if Bobby is going to come straight here, or go to her place” Carly said as she changed Christopher’s shirt

“Alright…see you later” Steve said

“Hey Steve, maybe we can go hiking or something tomorrow” Ben said with a smile on his face as he ate his eggs

“Yeah, maybe” Steve said and he walked out of the house as Bens smile disappeared

“What’s the matter with him?” Ben said

“You know how teenagers are” Carly said

“He’s an ungrateful brat..that's what he is” Ben said as Sally came down the stairs

“Sal, Kim’s mum will be here soon” Carly said then a car horn blew outside

“See, she is here now” Carly said and she rushed out of the house to tell Kims mum that Sally was coming.

“When Carly came back into the house, she saw Ben helping Sally with the zip on her sweater that was caught in her hair

“Come on let me do it, Ben cant do it” Carly said and she pulled Sally towards her and quickly took her hair out of the zip

“Ok, here is your packed lunch…ill see you later” Carly said as Sally rushed out of the house. Carly sighed and she leaned on the wall

“You really think I am stupid don’t you” Ben said and Carly looked at him surprised

“What are you talking about?”Carly said

“Embarrassing me in front of Sally” Ben said and he stood up

“I didn’t embarrass you” Carly said confused and she walked towards the kitchen sink as Ben walked behind her. Just as Carly was about to turn around, she felt Bens arms around her neck pushing her head in to the sink and he turned the tap on

“Don’t you ever dare embarrass me again” Ben said as Carly struggled to catch her breath. Ben eventually let go of her neck and Carly raised her head up then she turned the tap off as the dripping water dropped onto her blouse. Carly heard the door close and she knew that Ben was gone. Carly sighed. She looked at Christopher who was looking at her and felt angry with herself. Again, she was provoking Ben and ruining the best relationship she ever had. Carly picked up the kitchen towel and wiped her hair. She had to find a way to make it up to Ben…


Background music ends


Marina- Summer Bay

Adam closed the door to the boat. After going to Marilyn’s house, he went for a walk on the beach before coming home. As he walked, he played over and over in his mind what happened last night. He tried to think of what he might have said or done that would frighten her so much. Adam sighed; he couldn’t think of anything but it was obvious that Marilyn didn’t want to see him. Adam sighed again and dropped down on his bed. Since moving to Summer Bay last night was the best time he had..well other than being with Emma, but she didn’t count because she lied to him. Adam sighed then got up from the bed he had nothing else to do, and he had two weeks over due washing to do. Adam got up from the bed and walked over to the pile of dirty clothes on the floor. He emptied the pockets and put the cloths into a laundry bag. When he got to his overalls he felt something in the pocket, it was the card of Constable Nick Parrish


Nick- Well if you know anything or saw anything please be sure to let me know

Adam- I don’t know anything

Nick- Well take my card in case you do


Flashback ends


Adam stared at the card as he remembered something he saw



Craig- Look I don’t have anymore money

Karen- You better get more from your boyfriend or i'm going to tell the whole school that you are a poof

Flashback ends


Adam put the card on the side table. It wasn’t his business, he didn’t care what other people did with their lives…as far as he was concerned all he was interested in was how he was going to get Marilyn back..not why some kid killed himself....

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Thank you for reading


Chapter 355 :)




Macklin Offices- The City

Bobby wiped down the table and put the empty tray into her trolley. She had finished catering for a last-minute breakfast meeting for the Macklin corporation. At first she thought things were going to be awkward with Brett after she turned down his marriage proposal, but after the phone call they had, he was very good at separating business from personal and if Bobby was honest with herself it was nice to see him again after the way she had been feeling lately especially with Pippa in New York. Bobby looked around the room, the men in casual attire were still eating their breakfast and talking.

“Thanks again for doing this last minute” Bobby turned around to see Brett standing behind her and smiling

“No worries” Bobby said and smiled. Brett looked really good and Bobby began doubting whether she had made the right decision to turn down his proposal. Brett had everything, a nice place, a good job and money…he could’ve given her anything she wanted in life….maybe there was still a chance..

“I hope you closed lots of deals” Bobby said with a smile

“You are my good luck charm” Brett said and winked


Background music Frank and Bobbys theme


“Darling, sorry I'm late” A woman said as she walked up to Brett who smiled and he turned to face the woman and kissed her on the cheek. Bobby looked at the woman as she made small talk with Brett. She was beautiful, tall, she looked like a model.

“Please excuse my manners, Melanie this is Bobby Simpson, she catered the event for us this morning” Brett said and smiled

“Hi” Bobby said and smiled

“Bobby this is Melanie” Brett was interrupted

“His fiancée” Melanie said with a big smile on her face as she waved her ring in front of Bobby. At the moment Bobby felt like she wanted the floor to open up and swallow her. She tried her hardest to mask the disappointment she was feeling and smiled

“Congratulations..nice ring” Bobby said as she looked at the ring…it looked familiar…it was familiar…it was the ring Brett used to propose to her

“Thank you” Melanie said with a big smile as she stared at Bobby and looked down at what she was wearing. She had seen Bobby before..she remembered seeing Bobby and Brett in the newspaper…that was the day she realized that she wanted him..that she wanted to be Mrs Macklin.

“We are just tying up a few things here, you can wait in my office, I wont be long” Brett said to Melanie as Bobby put the last tray in her trolley. Normally she just supervised and she didn’t cook, but since this was last minute, she had been up making bread rolls and mini quiches.

 “I added a little extra for catering this breakfast at last minute..as usual the food was superb” Brett said

“Oh you didn’t need to do that” Bobby said as she took the envelope from Brett as there was an awkward silence.

“Congratulations on your engagement” Bobby said trying to sound upbeat. She wasn’t sad…she was just disappointed that she didn’t have the courage to accept Brett's proposal…or the courage to try to love him

“Thanks…I probably should’ve told you when I called” Brett said

“Its ok, I'm happy for you” Bobby said and smiled at Brett

“Bobby I asked you first” Brett said with some hurt in his voice. When Bobby turned him down it really did hurt, and it probably will still hurt because it never made any sense to him why she turned him down.

“I know….I think the right woman got the ring” Bobby said and smiled trying to convince herself.

“Anyway I better get going” Bobby said

“Still friends?” Brett said and smiled

Of course..Ill see you later” Bobby said and playfully hit Brett on his arm and she pushed her trolley away. Brett watched Bobby walk away and get into the lift. She smiled at him as the door closed. When Brett could no longer see Bobby, his smile disappeared…Bobby exhaled as the lift door closed. She looked down at what she was wearing a black shirt, black trousers and a white apron with bake beans sauce on it as she thought about Brett’s fiancée and how elegant she looked…how that could’ve been her..how she could’ve been his fiancée if she had the courage to say yes…but she didn’t…she knew she could never love him…like how she loved Frank. A tear ran down Bobbys cheek and she sighed…once again, she was going to be alone…


Background music ends


 Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

The banging on the door woke Marilyn up. She didn’t know how long she had been asleep but she knew that after Adam left, she cried herself to sleep. Marilyn got up from bed and stood by the door, the house was quiet which meant that nobody was home. Marilyn slowly walked down the stairs and stood behind the door which knocked again. Marilyn inhaled and exhaled

“Who is it?” Marilyn said

“Lance” Lance said and Marilyn exhaled and opened the door

“G;day” Lance said

“Hi Lance” Marilyn said and smiled

“We need some baking trays at the diner…Bobby has them” Lance said

“I don’t think Bobby is here, but I can check in the kitchen if you like” Marilyn said as she looked at Lance

“Its alright, I can check myself” Lance said and he walked past Marilyn and went into the kitchen. They were on the counter. He picked up the two trays and walked back to the front door as Marilyn watched him

“You found them” Marilyn said

“Yeah” Lance said as he looked at Marilyn then he walked out of the house

“You and that Adam bloke…is he your boyfriend” Lance said as he turned around

“No..he just asked me out to dinner..why?” Marilyn said

“Nuffin” Lance said and he walked away. Marilyn sighed and she shut the door. She walked towards the kitchen. She took a cup from the cupboard and put it on the counter then she reach for the kettle and walked over to the sink to pour water into it then she heard the door knock...maybe it was Lance again. Marilyn put the kettle down and walked over to the door smiling. Without thinking Marilyn opened the door and was shocked to see Ben standing in front of her…


Stewart Residence- The City

Donald thrusts a few times then he exhaled and rolled onto his back. Barbra exhaled and pushed her hair away from her face and behind her ear. She rested her head on Donald's chest and pulled the sheet under her arm. Barbra used her index finger to make small circles in the hair on Donald's chest as Donald put his arm around her shoulder and played with a stand of hair on her head.

“I must admit…this does feel like old times..like when” Donald was interrupted

“We were married” Barbra said and she looked at Donald and rested her chin on his chest

“I was actually going to say when we were courting” Donald said

“Ahh yes..I remember those days, when you first started teaching, and I was young free silly girl taking all the risks in the world” Barbra said and smiled. Those were really good times then she got pregnant with Alan and they had to get married quickly..then things began to change…she had Rebecca then she began to change…she started seeing things in Donald that she didn’t notice before, or maybe chose not to notice.

“The good old days? Donald said and smiled to himself. He remembered those times, he had just taken up a teaching position at the school, and Barbra was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on. She was different….she was smart..she had plans and was a fantastic conversationalist. He loved everything about her…however she began to change after they had Rebecca.

Donald looked at his watch, it was almost evening, and he needed to head back. He didn’t want Rebecca to catch them this way.

“Why are you looking ta your watch?” Barbra said

“I want to head back..before Rebecca gets home. I don’t think its appropriate for her to see us like this” Donald said

“Why not? Its not like we didn’t have to do this to conceive her” Barbra said confused

“I know, but things are different now” Donald said

“Come on..stay a little while longer, there is plenty of time before she gets back” Barbra said then she kissed Donald's chest. Donald looked at Barbra..he had to admit to himself, he had fallen in love with her all over again. Barbra looked at Donald..she had to admit to herself that things were different this time, its like they were getting to know each other all over again and she had deep feelings for Donald..just like she did before. Donald leaned forward and kissed Barbra then she smiled as he rolled on top of her and continued to kiss her passionately…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“Wwwhat do you want” Marilyn said as her heart began to beat fast

“I was just passing and I wanted to say hello…and give you this” Ben said as a single rose appeared from his back. Marilyn looked at the rose, it was pretty and one of her favourite flowers

“I cant accept that” Marilyn said

“Oh come on Marilyn…its just a rose” Ben said and smiled. Although Marilyn was still afraid, she took the rose because she didn’t want to make Ben angry

“Thank you” Marilyn said

“Can I come in?” Ben said

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, Bobby and Grant will be home soon” Marilyn said. Bobby didn’t know that she knew Ben and she didn’t want to jeopidize her living arrangement

“I dunno how you stand Bobby, she’s such a drop kick” Ben said and shook his head

“Shes my friend” Marilyn said quietly as Ben walked into the house

“Shes a loser” Ben said

“This is still her house…I think you better go” Marilyn said

“Give me a kiss first then ill go” Ben said and he smiled at Marilyn

“I cant…you have a girlfriend” Marilyn said. She didn’t know if that was the right answer..maybe if she did kiss him he would go away

“Shhh come on” Ben said and he stood in front of Marilyn and kissed her cheek. He moved her hair away from her face and kissed her neck. Although Marilyn was frightened for a split second she was enjoying what Ben was doing…she knew he had a girlfriend..she knew he hurt her

“Ben please stop…you have to go now” Marilyn said as she came back to reality  and she tried to move away but Ben was gripping her neck

“Ben please stop…you’re hurting me” Marilyn said as Ben squeezed her neck while attempting to kiss her mouth. Marilyn began to panic she didn’t know what she was going to do. She tried to pull away as Ben pushed his tongue into her mouth, she tried to pull away but he was too strong. As Marilyn struggled to get away from Ben they both heard a car pull up in the back and the car door shut. It was Grant because he was the only one who parked his car around the back. Marilyn could hear him walking to the house as she struggled to get Ben off her. She was hoping that he would hurry up and save her. Marilyn could Grant whistling but she couldn’t scream, she was numb, she couldn’t breath. Just as the back door was about to open Ben let go of Marilyn, grabbed the rose and she fell to the floor and Ben rushed out of the house. Grant walked in to see Marilyn on the floor holding her neck

“Marilyn, what happened..are you alright” Grant said as he kneeled on the floor

“Did something happen?” Grant said as he looked at the open front door. He got up and went to look outside he couldn’t see anybody then he shut the door and helped Marilyn sit on the couch.

“Are you alright?” Grant said and Marilyn shook her head no and cried into his chest..everything was such a mess, and it was all her fault..


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Bobby sipped her tea and put the cup on the table. She looked down on her lap to see Christopher fast asleep. Bobby sighed, she was tired. It had been a long day and the day still wasn’t over, she was going to the diner tonight to do some paper work

“Are you ok?” Carly said as she walked over to the chair near the desk and sat down

“Yeah” Bobby said

“Must be hard seeing the guy who asked you to marry him, engaged to someone else” Carly said

“Not like its my first time” Bobby said attempting to make a joke of the situation. Carly smiled awkwardly. She felt bad for Bobby especially now that she was really happy with Ben. Although she was stupid sometimes and did things to try and ruin the relationship, being with Ben was the happiest she had ever been.

“G’day” Carly looked up to see Ben at the door and  smiled. Bobby looked at the door and rolled her eyes. There was something about Ben that she didn’t like, and she was sure that he knew it too. Since the argument this morning, Carly had not seen Ben but she was happy that he was here which meant he forgave her.

“I think ill go upstairs” Bobby said as she got up and picked up Christopher and slowly walked up the stairs

“This is for you” Ben said and gave Carly the rose he took from Marilyn

“Thank you…im really sorry about this morning” Carly said

“No it was my fault” Ben was interrupted

“No it wasn’t..I’m always saying stupid things when I shouldn’t” Carly said and she hugged Ben just as the door knocked

“Its open” Carly said and the door opened

“G’day” Grant said

“Hi” Carly said

“Ben, can I have a quick word please” Grant said as Carly looked at him confused. She didnt even know that Grant and Ben were friends.

“Yeah…sure” Ben said then he smiled at Carly and kissed her on the forehead and walked outside

“What do you want?” Ben said and before he could blink, Grant pinned him against the sided of the house

“You stay away from Marilyn and you stay away from our house..otherwise im going to tell everyone what you have been up to” Grant said as Ben struggled

“You don’t know what you are talking about…anyway...shes a tease” Ben said as he struggled

“Don’t give me that..I know everything…how you beat her up and put her into hospital…Carly would be very interested to know all about that wouldn’t she” Grant said as Ben struggled then finally got Grant off him

“Im serious…stay away from Marilyn” Grant said. He also wanted to tell Ben to stay away from Carly but he had no evidence that Ben was hurting her too. Grant stared at Ben one more time then he walked away. Ben watched him walk away and felt himself getting angry and he walked back into the house


“What was that about?” Carly said

“None of your business” Ben said

“Do you want to come over to the diner tonight for dinner?” Carly said with a smile

“You are really annoying” Ben said and he walked out of the house. Carly sighed, she always found a way to make Ben annoyed, but now it was Grant who had done it. He was ruining her relationship with Ben…and he was going to pay for it…

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Chapter 356





Edison Agency- Manhattan

Roo chewed her sandwich as fast as she could. She had only ten minutes to finish her lunch before she had to go into a meeting with Helen and a client  It felt so good to be back.. Roo took another bite of her sandwich and chewed as she picked up a notepad and reviewed the to do list that she as half way through. Roo put the note pad down and picked up a pen and quickly made a note of something else that she needed to do. As she put the pen down, her eye glanced to the photo of Frank on her desk. Roo picked up the photo and stared at it. It wasn’t a new photo of Frank, it was taken when he was still working in Macklin’s in Australia. Roo smiled as she remembered how much she loved him…how much life was perfect when she moved to the city to be with him…Roo exhaled as some guilt came over her as she thought about Frank in the hospital still healing whole she was here working…and if she was honest, she hadn’t thought about Frank at all today until now.

Most nights she got to the hospital really late as she spent a lot of time catching up on work she missed, and Frank was usually almost asleep, or  there wasn’t much to talk about so she left to go home. With Pippa there, they couldn’t really talk…or maybe they didn’t have anything to talk about. Roo put the photo down on the desk and exhaled and she pushed the last bite of the sandwich into her mouth and wiped her face with the napkin. Things will get better she thought to herself…when Frank gets home…things will get better Roo thought again to herself..besides, Frank encouraged her to come back to work. Roo then she picked up her note pad and file and walked towards Helen's office for the meeting.


Presbyterian hospital- New York

Pippa smiled as she helped Frank go from the bed to the wheel chair. His ribs were healing and the swelling on his face had gone down even though his jaw was still wired to help the healing. He was starting to look like his old self even with some bruising still. His arm and leg were still in a plaster cast, but the doctors said that would be able to go home and finish his healing at home.

“I'm very proud of you” Pippa said

“Thanks, it feels like a holiday to finally get off from that bed” Frank said and tried to smile. Now that he was getting better he knew what that meant. It meant he was going to go back to face the consequences of what his gambling did to him..face the consequences of trying to figure out how to pay back money he doesn’t have.

“The nurse said not to over do it” Pippa said

“Yeah I know, I know” Frank said and smiled. Pippa walked behind Frank and pushed the wheelchair to the open door. She pushed him over to the elevator and they got in. Frank looked at the numbers going down then finally the elevator stopped and the doors opened. Pippa pushed Frank to the doors which automatically opened into a garden. Frank inhaled deeply and exhaled. It felt good to finally be outside after spending so long in the hospital bed. Pippa pushed him near to a bench. She put the break on the wheelchair and sat on the bench next to Frank.

“It feels really good to be out here” Frank said as he looked at the sky. It was hot outside, but Frank didn’t care, he was just happy to be outside.

Pippa smiled then she opened her bag and took out some leaflets

“Whats that?” Frank said

“Well, since you are going home soon, I thought I better find a hotel nearby to stay in for a few days before I head back home” Pippa said

“You don’t have to do that..you can stay with us” Frank said immediately as she looked at Frank

“Sweetheart, I know you and Roo don’t have much space and I don’t want to cause any trouble” Pippa said

“It wont be any trouble at all …it will be fine..no arguments” Frank said and Pippa forced a smiled


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Bobby zipped the overnight bag and looked around the empty bedroom. She sat down on the bed and sighed. She didn’t realize how much seeing that Brett had moved on had affected her.  She regretted turning down his proposal, but not because she was in love with him..she felt lonely and seeing everyone she knew in a relationship, or in love made her feel worse. Maybe they could’ve worked out, but it was too late to find out.

Phone ringing

Bobby got up from the bed and rushed down the stairs towards the phone

“Hello” Bobby said when she picked up the receiver then she smiled when she heard the voice on the other end of the phone

“Im so glad you called Reverend Jones..yeah, Im ok, its just been a long day..Im glad you caught me, I just came home to get a few things, I was on my way back to the caravan park” Bobby said and smiled. Just as she was about to sit down, Grant came through the door which confused Bobby as he was supposed to be at the diner. Grant sat down on the couch and exhaled as he ran his hands through his hair

“Reverend Jones, if you don’t mind, can I call you back…ok…thanks” Bobby said looking at Grant then she put the receiver down

“Hey…whats wrong?” Bobby said as she walked towards the couch

“Carly just fired me” Grant said

“She did what?’ Bobby said both shocked and annoyed as Grant looked at her and shook his head..


Cameron Residence- Summer Bay

Adam stared at the ceiling of the boathouse. He didn’t know how long he had been staring at it but all he had been doing was trying to figure out what he did to Marilyn that would make her say she didn’t want to see him again. In fact that was all he was doing since he got home from their date


Knock on the door


Adam wasn’t expecting anyone..he didn’t really have any friends in Summer Bay to be getting any vistors


Knock on the door


Adam sighed then he got up from the bed opened the door to see Marilyn

“Sorry to bother you” Marilyn was interrupted

“Come in” Adam said surprised, happy and anxious as he moved out of the way for Marilyn to come in

“No, I cant..I wont stay long” Marilyn said

“Oh..ok” Adam said then there was an awkward pause

“Grant said you came to the house” Marilyn said

“Yeah I did..I went to the salon first and the woman there said you didn’t go to work today” Adam said

“Do you mind if we go for a walk…the sun is still setting and the weather is nice tonight” Marilyn said

“Yeah sure…let me just get my key” Adam said as he went inside the boat. Marilyn exhaled. She didn’t know if he would be happy to see her but Grant was right, maybe he did like her if he was going to all the effort, and it wasn’t fair to blame him for what Ben did.

“Right lets go” Adam said and Marilyn turned to look at him and smile and they slowly began to walk away from the marina towards the beach…


Bayside diner after dark- Summer Bay

Bobby walked into the diner, it was busy as it usually was on a Saturday night. Bobby sighed as she noticed that the floor was messy and as she walked over to the counter, she picked up two empty plates that were on the edge of a table

“Its lucky that I didn’t go to the yabbie creek tonight, otherwise I don’t know how Carly and Lucinda were going to manage” Collen said as she walked toward the booth with two plates. Bobby exhaled and walked into the kitchen

“Why did you fire Grant?” Bobby said as she put the dishes into the sink then she folded her arms and waited.

“Ill just take these to the customer” Lucinda said and walked out of the kitchen

“Not now ok, we are busy” Carly said as she walked over to the oven and stirred the pasta sauce

“Yes now” Bobby said

“Hes a drop kick and I don’t want him working here that’s all” Carly said annoyed

“Don’t you think you should’ve spoken to me before making that decision?” Bobby said

“I thought you said I was the manager of the diner after dark” Carly said

“You are..” Bobby was interrupted

“and managers make managerial decisions and I had to make a decision and I did it…since youre here, you might as well help out since we are busy” Carly said and she poured the sauce onto the plate next to the pasta, and walked out of the kitchen as Bobby watched her walk away..


Smart Residence- The City

Narelle looked over towards the other side of the bed, Jeff was fast asleep. Narelle slowly got out of the bed and reached for her dressing gown to cover her naked body. She slowly tiptoed out of the bedroom and closed the door. Narelle walked into the bathroom, turned the light on and closed and locked the door.

 She stood in front of the sink and turned the tap on. She let it run for a while the she bent her head over and put some of the cold water on her face. Narelle exhaled as she splashed more water on her face then she reached for a towel hanging on the rail and dried her face. As Narelle removed the towel from her face she couldn’t recognize herself. She was back to where she swore she wouldn’t go again…the last time she said this, she did good..she managed to stay away from the cocaine..she even got Jeff to promise but somehow they were both back to doing it again. Narelle put the towel back on the rail and turned the bathroom light off and closed the door. She headed towards the kitchen when she heard a loud bang on the door which startled her. Narelle looked at the clock on the wall, it was late and she wasn’t expecting any visitors

Dramatic background music

“OPEN THE DOOR, IT’S THE POLICE” Narelle inhaled in shock as she head that the police were at the front door. Narelle walked towards the front door and opened it

“Are you Narelle smart” The office said

“Yeah, what can I do for ya” Narelle said

“We have a warrant to search this flat” The officer said and three more offices followed behind him

“Search it for what?” Narelle said confused

“Drugs” The office said and he gave Narelle a copy of the warrant as another police office entered the flat with a dog. Narelle read the paper the office just gave to her. She didn’t understand any of it…she didn’t understand why any of this was happening


Background music ends

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Chapter 357



Smart Residence- The City

Narelle looked around her flat, it was a mess. Magazines and papers that she had neatly pilled on the shelf were on the floor. She couldn’t believe that the police were just here, in her home searching for drugs. According to the warrant, they had an anonymous tip that she was a supplier of drugs and steroids. Narelle couldn’t believe it then as the shock died down, she started getting angry…there was only one reason this could’ve happened. Narelle looked at the door as Jeff used his key to opened the front door. Shortly after the police left, Jeff left the flat and was now returning. Narelle signed and got up from the couch and began to pick up the magazines and papers from the floor.

“Here, let me help you with that” Jeff said and he bent down and picked up a magazine from the floor

“I can do it myself” Narelle said and she snatched the magazine from Jeff and put it on the shelf

“Im sorry this happened, it was probably all just a mistake” Jeff said as he tried to hug Narelle and she pushed him away

“Why are you angry at me?” Jeff said

“Because the police don’t make mistakes like that Jeff” Narelle said

“What are you trying to say? Are you blaming me for this happening?” Jeff said

“I don’t know, are you to blame?” Narelle said

“No, of course not. Look, I don’t supply drugs or steroids or any of that stuff..come on…look at me” Jeff said and Narelle looked up at him

“I don’t do any of that stuff…it was probably a mistake” Jeff said as Narelle looking at him. He was probably right, Jeff had a good job at hotel and made loads of money in tips from all the training he did, it mustve been a mistake.

“Do you believe me?” Jeff said and he stroked Narelles cheek with his finger. Narelle felt her heart melt. She really liked Jeff and he treated her really well. Narelle nodded and smiled then Jeff winked at her and bent down and kissed her passionately then they hugged as Jeff smiled to himself….


Two days later


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

Alf thrusted as Debra held onto him tight. She kissed him passionately not wanting their time together to end. The kids were spending the school holidays with their dad in the city, he picked them up on Friday. As Alf thrusted, Debras mind drifted..soon they were going to court again..soon she could lose her children to their father…something she didn’t want happening..she never wanted that to happen..she had to find a way to not make that happen. Soon Debras mind came back to Alf making love to her and she continued to kiss him passionately as she thought about how they could be a family….


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Knock on the door

Grant bit into his toast as he walked towards the front door

“G’day” Adam said as Grant opened the door

“Is Marilyn here?” Adam said and before Grant could respond Marilyn started coming down the stairs

“Hi Adam” Marilyn said and smiled

“I thought I was going to be late” Adam said

“No, you are right on time Marilyn said as she put her jacket on as Grant watched her

“Adam offered to walk me to work this morning” Marilyn said with a smiled on her face

“Yeah, the school is closed for the holidays this week, so I don’t have to be in until later” Adam said as he looked at Marilyn and smiled

“Ok, see you later” Marilyn said and she picked up her handbag and her and Adam walked out of the house. Grant waited until the door was closed then he walked over to the window and watched Adam and Marilyn walk away. They were holding hands which meant that they had resolved whatever issue was going on. Grant smiled. Bobby and Marilyn were like sister to him and he felt protective of them..he wished he was able to do the same for Carly

“Thanks for doing the day shift” Bobby said as she came down the stairs

“Thank you for giving me a job..I know that Carly is your sister..I just didn’t want it to cause any problems" Grant said

“Its no problem…besides, how else are you going to pay your rent?” Bobby said and they both laughed

“So, how are you spending your week off from uni?” Grant said

“Week off? It never feels like a week off. Sometimes I kick myself for doing this accelerated programme ” Bobby said

“It will be all worth it in the end” Grant said and smiled at Bobby, he was very proud of her. He could sense that she was hurting inside, but was doing her best to get on with her life

“I also have some catering gigs this week, and some students from the accelerated programme in uni will be coming down later this week for us to work on an assignment together” Bobby said as she put the kettle on

“Anyway I better get to work before the boss fires me” Grant said and winked and rushed out of the house. Bobby reached for some coffee and smiled.It was going to be a busy week, but she like it when she was busy..that way it kept her mind off all the things she really missed…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Ok, bye” Steve said and put the phone down. It was Pippa. He really missed her not being home

“When is Pippa coming home” Sally said and she sat down on the couch

“I dunno, I guess when Frank gets better” Steve said and he stared at the new letter on the desk from his Aunt telling him about all the great things they would do if he decided to come and live in England. They had a car ready for him, one they didn’t use and said he could have it.

Sally sighed when she heard Franks name. She was still very upset that he didn’t call her or come and get her when the horrible men took her, and that was because he didn’t love her anymore.

Knock at the door

Steve got up and walked over to the door.

“Who is it?” Steve said

“Sandra” Sandra said and Steve opened the door

“Hi” Sandra said

“Hi” Steve said and Sandra walked into the house.

“I hope I didn’t wake you up” Sandra said

“No, you didn’t” Steve said

“I was wondering if you wanted to do the assignment together..get it out of the way” Sandra said and smiled

“Yeah..ok” Steve said and shrugged his shoulders.

“Hi Sally” Sandra said

“Hi” Sally said and she got up from the couch and walked up to her room

“Is she alright?” Sandra said

“Yeah, just missing Pippa” Steve said

“I hope you don’t mind me coming over, its just that Mr Stewart is coming home later today from his business trip and I think Mrs Stewart wants to be alone with him” Sandra said and smiled


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Ailsa smiled as she put the groceries on the kitchen table. Even though Alf had only been away overnight with the rotary club, it felt like he had been away for a week. Ailsa missed waking up to being wrapped in his arms. Ailsa wanted to make him a special breakfast to welcome him home, as well as some romantic time together now that Duncan was at the baby sitter and Sandra was at the caravan park. Alisha rushed to the bedroom, it was tidy, she just had to make the bed. Alisa fluffed the pillows, they still smelled nice and clean. As she tucked the sheets under the mattress, she knocked over a book on Alf bedside table. Ailsa smiled because Alf had been promising to read that book but only read two pages. Ailsa picked up the book from the floor and put it on the table then she heard the door open. Shortly after Alf walked into the bedroom

“Hello love, you're early…I wasn’t expecting you for another half hour” Ailsa said

“There wasn’t much traffic this morning” Alf said which was true considering he only drove ten minutes to get home

“I hope you are starving, I wanted to make you a nice breakfast” Ailsa said

“That will be great love” Alf said and Ailsa walked over to him and gave him a big hug and kissed him

“Hmmm you smell great”Ailsa said

“Yeah, the hotel room I was in only had the girly smelling soap” Alf said

“I hope so, if I didn’t know better I would think you were with another woman” Ailsa said

“knock it off love, I love you too much for that” Alf said and laughed

“I know…I’m just joking… I love you too…now let me get you some breakfast after that long drive. Duncan is at the babysitter and Sandra is out so we have the whole house to ourselves” Ailsa said and smiled then she kissed Alf on his nose and walked out of the bedroom. Alf exhaled and sat on the bed and looked around the room. As much as he loved Debra, he couldn’t keep going on like this…he had to make a decision..he didn’t know how…but he had to make a decision….


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Chapter 358 :)


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Nick yawned as he closed the front door. He knew that working nights were a part of the job, but after many years of being a police officer, he couldn’t seem to get used to it. He walked towards the kitchen and opened the fridge. Just as he was about to take some milk out to make some tea he heard a crash. Nick shut the fridge door quickly and rushed down the corridor. He stopped at the first room he came to which was his uncles room. The door was open but the room was empty. Nick then rushed towards the second room. The room which once belonged to Craig. Nick saw his uncle lying on the floor. There was bits of shattered glass from a bottle next to him. Without a need to ask, Nick already knew what happened. “Uncle Bob” Nick said and he gently patted Bobs face and tried to lift him up from the floor.

“Hmmjhdbs weujhbwdw owid” Bob attempted to speak, but what he was saying made no sense because he was drunk.  “Come on lets get you up onto the bed” Nick said and pulled his uncle up and onto the bed. Nick sighed as Bob flopped backwards onto the bed. If anyone would’ve told him a few months ago that he would be picking his drunk uncle from the floor, he never would’ve believed it. It was sad to see his uncle go from a respectable sergeant to someone who spent all night drinking. Nick sat at the bed next to his uncle and sighed. The case with Craig had run cold. None of the students at the school said anything, and there was no definite reason for why Craig did what he did. Nick liked his cousin and wished that he would've confided in him. Nick felt that maybe there were signs that he missed…signs that could've helped save Craig's life.

“What time is it” Bob finally said “7” Nick said. Bob rubbed his face. His head was pounding. He opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling, sighed then looked at Nick who got up from the bed and bent down on the floor

“I can do that” Bob said as he realized that Nick was picking up the broken pieces of glass

“No worries, I can take care of it. Luckily” Nick was interrupted

“I SAID I CAN DO THAT” Bob said as he struggle to get up and sat on the bed and swag his legs onto the floor. Nick looked at his uncle with surprised. All the years he had known him, he had never known him to raise his voice in anger.  “Fine” Nick said putting the broken glass back on the floor . He looked at his uncle then walked out of the room.  He was tired but didn’t feel like sleeping so he headed for the front door and for a run on the beach. Bob heard the door close and signed. He wasn’t normally an angry man, and he knew that Nick meant well. He looked at the broken glass on the floor then around the room at the posters on the bedroom wall then tears filled his eyes. He missed his son so much, and all he alcohol he drank never helped to heal the pain. He wished he would know why Craig did what he did…if he knew, it probably would make things easier. Bob reach out and picked up a photo on the bed side table of Craig and hugged his chest and began to cry…


Beach- Summer Bay

Adam ran as fast as he could on the beach, slowed down to a jog then he eventually stopped. He wiped the sweat from his forehead with his t-shirt and smiled to himself as he remembered last night. He and Marilyn had a date last night. It wasn’t anything big, they just went out for hamburgers and walked along the beach. Marilyn wasn’t the sort of girl he usually liked, but she was different. She made him laugh with some of the things she said and she was gorgeous..more beautiful than any other girl he had known. Adam smiled as he thought about how nice and curly her hair was…how pretty her lips were in the red lipstick..how nice her figure looked in the dress sh…Adams thoughts were interrupted when he fell to the sand

“Oi, watch it” Adam said and when he looked up, he saw the police officer who came to the school, an who he had seen around town

“Sorry mate, I was miles away” Nick said and helped Adam get up

“Im really sorry about that” Nick said. He was so lost in thought about his uncle and Craig that for some reason he didn’t see Adam just standing in the way

“No, its my fault, I shouldn’t have been standing in the way” Adam said

“No really, it was my fault…I was miles away” Nick said

“I guess that happens sometimes” Adam said

“Yeah I guess…hey by the way, you haven’t heard anything about Craig at the school?” Nick said

“No, I haven’t” Adam said

“Oh well, I thought id ask..anyway…sorry about knocking you over…see you later” Nick said then he nodded and jogged away

“Yeah” Adam said and he watched Nick jog away



Craig – Why are you doing this to me

Karen- Because youre a poofter and I hate poofters

Craig – Ive given you what you want, why are you saying you are going to tell everyone

Karen- Because youre disgusting

Craig- Ok, Ill give you double next week. Please promise me you wont say anything

Karen- Just gove me the money and I wont

Flashback ends


Adam stared at Nick who was now far away in the distance then he sighed. It was none of his business what happened at the school anyway. Adam began to jog in the direction of his boat and smiled as he thought about Marilyn and how excited he was to see her again tonight.  


Lawrence Residence- The City

Karen smiled as she ate her toast. She loved school holidays. They meant no school, no homework and doing whatever she wanted at her dads house. Karen looked over at Blake who was reading a comic book and she leaned over and looked into the other room at her dad on the phone. Life was perfect now. The police were no longer asking questions about Craig.

“So what are your plans today?” Dennis said as he walked into the kitchen

“Im going to go over to Danny's house he has the new spider man comic book” Blake said with a mouth full of cereal Dennis smiled. He loved having his children with him, and seeing them happy.

“What about you sweetheart?” Dennis said as he kissed Karen's head and sat down.

“I dunno, I might just stay home by the pool” Karen said

“I don’t know if your mum told you, but the custody hearing is next week” Dennis said

“You don’t really have to go through all that now” Karen said. She had a change of heart since everything with Craig died down. She figured that she could find out secrets about other kids in her year and make money off them the way she did with Craig

“Oh sweetheart, I know you are trying to be brave, but I need to get you out of Summer Bay, away from the girls who are bullying you and back home, with me…where you belong” Dennis said and he smiled at Karen which annoyed her, because now he was ruining her plans…but then again, it wasn’t a bad idea to move back to the city

“You're right dad, thank you for everything” Karen smiled as Blake looked at her


Phone ringing


“I better get that” Dennis said and rushed towards the phone as Blake stared at her

“What?” Karen said

“If Dad wins then we have to move back to the city” Blake said

“Yeah, so?” Karen said

“I like it now in Summer Bay..I like my job at the shop with Mr Stewart” Blake said as Karen rolled her eyes

“What is your obsession with that man?” Karen said
“I like him, he teaches me a lot of things” Blake said with a smile. He really did like Mr Stewart. What he didn’t tell Karen is that Mr Stewart said he would give him his old yout when he gets his driving license.

“So? You act like he is your dad or something. We already have a dad, ask him to teach you something” Karen said and rolled her eyes then she put the last bite of toast in her mouth and walked out of the kitchen. Blake ate his cereal and remembered the fishing trip that Mr Stewart took him on. Although he loved his dad, Mr Stewart was also nice..sometimes he felt like he had two dads because he had so much in common with Mr Stewart than is own dad…


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

Alf and Debra kissed passionately as Alf struggled to button his shirt

“Come on, I better get going, I told Celia I was only going to be long” Alf said as he finally found the button hole for the last button. Debra sighed and stopped kissing him

“When will I see you?” Debra said

“Tonight” Alf said

“See if you can get out, ill make us dinner. It will be nice to have dinner, just the two of us” Debra said as she stroked Alfs cheek

“Yeah, ill see what I can do…I better go” Alf said and he kissed Debra again and rushed out of the house. Debra smiled to herself as she heard Alf shut the front door. Debra fell back on the bed and smiled. She was more in love with Alf now than she ever was…just like it was supposed to be..


Caravan Park Summer Bay

Carly smiled as Ben kissed her neck “Where did you disappear to this morning” Ben said as Carly attempted to wash a plate

“I just woke up early that’s all” Carly said

“Lets do something today” Ben said

“I cant, I have to look after Chris and Sal” Carly said

“Why don’t you let Bobby do it?” Ben said

“She has to work” Carly said

“What about Steve, he can look after them” Ben said

“He has to go into the city today, get something for school. No, ill just do it” Carly said

“Are you saying you don’t want to spend the day with me?” Ben said

“No, im just saying I cant do it today..maybe we can do it tomorrow, lets just plan for tomorrow” Carly said and kissed Bens nose

“I said I want to spend the day with you today?” Ben said

“And I said I cant” Carly said and turned around to the sink and picked up another plate from the sink and began to wash it. Ben got angry and turned Crly around and grabbed her throat

“Don’t you ever speak to me like that again” Ben said and the plate that Carly was holding fell from her hand. The crash startled her. He let go of her neck when he heard footsteps

“What happened” Steve said as he rushed into the kitchen

“Oh nothing I just dropped the plate on the floor…butter fingers” Carly said smiling

“You better buy a new one before Pippa gets home..ill see you later” Steve said and left the kitchen

“You see what you made me do” Ben said then he looked at Carly and walked out of the house. Carly sighed. Again she was continuing to do things that made Ben angry. She didn’t understand why she was being mean to him when all he wanted was to spend some time together. Carly looked at the smashed plate on the floor…she really had to find a way to make this up to Ben because she didn’t want to lose him…


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Nick wiped his body with the towel and when he was satisfied that he was dry, he wrapped the towel around his waist and left the bathroom. The run felt good, and after some breakfast he was going to get some sleep. He was meeting Lucinda later. Nick was lost in thought as he bumped into his uncle who was completely dressed..as if he wasn’t drunk and lying on the floor a short time ago

“Sorry” Nick said and walked by his Uncle

“Nick…about this morning…I’m sorry” Bob said. Nick stared at his uncle “Its ok..I know all this is very hard for you” Nick said

“Yeah, it is…that’s why Ive decided to take a few weeks off..you know, go and visit your grandparents in brissy” Bob said

“Yeah I think that will be a good idea..just anything to get away for a while.. When are you going?”” Nick said

“Today..Im going in to see the superintendent. Im owed some leave anyway…might as well go today” Bob said and smiled

“Well have a good time, if you can. Ill look after this place” Nick said

“Thanks” Bob said and he stared at Nick then Nick leaned forward and gave his uncle a hug. He hoped that maybe this trip would be the first step of the healing process…if he wanted to heal.

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Chapter 359



Emotional background music- “Home and away “sad theme”

Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Bob put his suitcase into the back of his car and closed it. He inhaled deeply then exhaled as he turned to look at his house. A place that held bittersweet memories for him. A tear escaped and ran down his cheek as he remembered how he and Craig would play football in the front yard. Bob managed a smile as he remembered how much fun Craig had then he wiped his cheek and got into his car. As Bob drove through Summer Bay, he remembered all the different experiences he had growing up in this town. Now none of that mattered. As Bob drove past the caravan park, he smiled as he remembered Pippa and how kind she was to come and visit the hospital. As Bob got closer to the Debra’s house he signed. He thought that she was going to be his second chance at happiness. He didn’t have much luck with women, but Debra was different and he thought that maybe she was gong to be the one…


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

“I knew I left it here..I really need to go” Alf said as he picked up his watch from the floor. He was on his way home and doubled back to Debra’s house to get it. It was a present from Ailsa and he didn’t want her asking questions

“Try and get out tonight…I want to see you” Debra said as she followed Alf to the front door. Alf opened the door and turned around and looked at Debra

“Ill try” Alf said and leaned forward and kissed her


As Bob got closer he noticed the door to Debra's house opening. He thought maybe he would stop and say hello to her. As he looked closer, he saw two people standing at the door..as he got closer he got a big shock as he saw Debra and Alf kissing...


Stewart/Ross residence- Summer Bay

Celia sat and watched as Michael and Haydn sat at the table and planned the day ahead. Neither said anything to her as they talked about Haydn going to work with Michael, and going out for a burger afterwards. Celia felt like a stranger in her own home…in her own marriage. Celia inhaled and exhaled

“I can bring some lunch, we can have a mini picnic on the beach” Celia said trying to sound positive

“No, you don’t need to bother, we can grab something…come on mate, lets go” Michael said and got up from the table. Haydn turned around and gave Celia a sarcastic grin

“Well instead of a burger, how about I make us a nice family dinner?” Celia said and Michael turned around and looked at her. He knew that he had been keeping Celia at a distance and maybe he shouldn’t be since his ex was taking him to court again. Michael smiled at Celia

“Ok, that will be nice” Michael said and Celia smiled. Maybe she didn’t need to feel lonely after all..


High School- Summer Bay

Lucinda smiled as she typed the letter. Even though the school was on holidays, she wanted to get ahead and came in to type up some letters and get a few things ready before school opened again on Monday. As Lucinda typed, she remembered the date she had with Nick and how close they were getting. Lucinda stopped typing and sat back in her chair. At first she wasn’t sure about Nick because she had strong feelings for Matt. Things not working out with Matt were probably for the best, because she was having a great time with Nick..maybe he was the one. Lucinda smiled again and leaned forward and resumed typing.


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Nick stared at the ceiling. He was not surprised that he was wide awake. So many thoughts were going through his mind. He was glad that his uncle was taking some time away. He wished he could help more with solving the case but he couldn’t. Nick rolled onto his side and turned on the radio



Julie- I really like this song

Nick- Yeah?, we should go dancing…oh..im sorry I didn’t mean

Julie- Its ok..happens all the time

Nick- How can I make it up to you

Julie Hmmm I need to think about it

Flashback ends


Nick sighed then he reached out and turned the radio off. He and Julie were over..there was no need to be reminded of her anymore. Nick sighed then he closed his eyes to try and get some sleep


Bingo Hall- Yabbie Creek

Julie wrote down some of things that she needed to order. She had been working as an admin assistant at the bingo hall for a few weeks. It wasn’t what she wanted to do, but it was still a job.

“Julie don’t forget to order some cleaner for the floor, I'm almost finished” Julie looked up to see Dave, the cleaner standing by the door

“Ok, I will” Julie said and smiled as Dave smiled back and disappeared

“I think he likes you” Julie looked to her right to see Peggy the bingo owner smiling

“No, he doesn’t, hes just being nice” Julie said and smiled then  added cleaner to her list

“I think you should go out with him” Peggy said and got up from her desk “You never know” Peggy said and winked and left the office. Dave had hinted that he was interested but her heart was somewhere else…with someone else who she couldn’t forget…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Carly shut the bedroom door and walked slowly to her bed and sat down. She couldn’t believe that Steve almost ruined her relationship with Ben. Carly sighed then she bent down and opened the last draw in the table next to her bed. She took out the bottle of whiskey and closed the draw. She opened the bottle and put it to her mouth and let some of the liquid run down her throat. At first it stung the back of her throat as it went down. Carly wince as she swallowed. She drank some more of the whiskey and let it swirl around in her mouth for a while then she swallowed and closed the bottle and put it back in the draw. She had to make it up to Ben because this was her only chance to have a loving relationship…and she was going to make Steve pay for almost ruining it…


Background music ends



Edison Agency- New York


Background music- Frank and Roo’s theme

Roo quickly changed her blouse in the bathroom and folded the one she was wearing into the bag. She pulled her hair into a high ponytail and quickly took out the red lipstick in her bag and applied it to her lips. Rood grabbed some tissue and blotted her lips then she smiled to herself. She was please with how she was able to put herself together in such a short time. She looked at her watch and quickly put the lipstick back into her bag. She had to rush, she was meeting Helen and a new client for some drinks and dinner. Roo took one more look at herself in the mirror and smiled. She was so happy with all the success she was having at work, and couldn’t wait for the future. Just as Roo was about to close her bag she looked at her finger…her wedding ring finger and guilt came over her. She was supposed to be at the hospital with Frank..not going off to a fancy restaurant. Roo looked at herself in the mirror then turned away and leaned on the edge of the sink and sighed…times like this she felt really conflicted. She wanted to be happy…she thought she was happy…she didn’t know what to think anymore….


Presbyterian hospital- New York

“Is Roo not coming tonight?” Pippa said

“I told her not to bother, she has some work do tonight, and I said it will be too late to come here…she’s come tomorrow” Frank managed to say through his wired jaw

“Is everything alright?” Pippa said. She knew that Frank was going to say yes, but she knew him…she felt that something was not right

“Yeah, why?” Frank said

“I feel like I am in the way here…and will be when its time for you to go home” Pippa said

“Look, I already told you, you are not in the way, and I don’t want you going to spend money on a hotel…we will manage..Roo will be fine with it, don’t worry” Frank said and attempted to smile. Pippa wasn’t convinced but she let the subject go.

“Oh I forgot to say, Sam came by earlier when you were sleeping” Pippa said

“Oh did she? What did she say?” Frank said. Pippa noticed that Franks eyes lit up upon hearing about Sam

“Just that she was saying hello and she said she will pass by in the morning” Pippa said

“Ok” Frank said. He hadn’t seen her much since she moved to a different rotation, and had to admit that he missed her..looking into her eyes felt so familiar…

Pippa looked at her watch “I said I was going to ring Alex, I better try now before he gets too busy” Pippa said and got up from the chair and reached into her bag for the calling card

“I wont be long” Pippa said and she began walking towards the door

“Ok, tell him I said hello” Frank said and Pippa turned to him and nodded. Frank watched as Pippa closed the door and exhaled. Soon he would be going home…back to his life…back to trying to figure out how to get himself out of the mess he was in. He really wished he could talk to somebody about this…he really missed his best friend…


Background music ends

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