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Summer's Bay

Homecoming Part 4

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Hello Friends, 

I cant believe we are on part 4! I hope you are still enjoying reading as much as I am enjoying writing. I am so excited for you to read what I have in store!


Here is a link for part 1


Here is the link for part 2


Here is the link for part 3



Story Title:  Homecoming Part 4

Type of story: Not sure how long this fanfiction is going to be, this is my first time writing a fanfiction

Main Characters: Frank, Bobby, Roo, Floss, Aisla, Carly, Sally Pippa, Alf, Nev

Background Characters  Most of the characters who appear in the early years, Mr Greyson, Andy and a few others to be added later

BTTB rating: G/A

Genre: Romance/Drama

Does story include spoilers: No unless you have not watched any episode before 1992

Any warnings: Sexual content, 

Summary:  The aftermath of Tom Fletcher's death prompts a former Summer Bay resident returns home and the impact this return has on the lives of the people he left behind.





Rivière d'amour Restaurant- The City

“Cheers” Donald said as he and Barbra clinked glasses. Donald then lifted the glass up to his lips and drank some of the white wine then he put his glass on the table and looked at Barbara. He had to admit to himself, he had fallen in love with her all over again.

“What are you thinking?” Barbra said

“Oh nothing, I was just wondering how Rebecca is getting on at school” Donald said

“Very good. Hopefully you will be able to attend her recital next week” Barbara said and smiled. She never thought that after all these years, she would fall in love with Donald again. So much had happened in the time they were apart, but spending this time together had brought them closer.

“Yes, it has been a while…it will be good to hear her play again” Donald said and smiled

"Yes..we will be a family again" Barbra said and smiled...


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Ben kissed Carly’s lips then began to kiss her neck then he began to unbutton her blouse

“No” Carly said softly and pushed Bens hand away and sat up on the bed

“What’s the matter…you are acting like you don’t want me to be here…I can go if you want?” Ben said

“No….don’t do that..its just some family stuff that’s all” Carly said as she looked at Ben trying to smile then she turned away. She felt trapped because she didn’t know how to help Pippa without her being annoyed or embarrassed. She thought about calling Frank but that would make it worse. She also thought about just paying the bills but if she did that, she knew that Pippa would be upset that she went searching for them. “I need to go and get ready for work” Carly said and she stood up

“What are you going to do?” Ben said

“I might just go home since you don’t want me here” Ben said annoyed

“Im sorry..im sorry…I do want you here, I just have a lot on my mind” Carly said and sat down on the bed

“Well if you want me here…show me” Ben said as he looked at Carly and she forced a smile then began to unbutton her blouse..


“You are more than welcome to stay for dinner Sandra” Pippa said as she stood by the bedroom door

“Thank you Mrs Fletcher, if you don’t mind I will” Sandra said and smiled

“Steve you are on table setting duty, ill let you know when to come down” Pippa said and smiled then she went downstairs. Sandra wrote down some more notes on the project they were working on then she looked up at Steve who was staring at his pen

“It is alright if I stay for dinner?”  Sandra said

“Hmm?” Steve said then he looked at her

“I said is it alright if I stay for dinner?”  Sandra said

“Yeah, Pippa said you could” Steve said

“Is there something wrong? Sandra said and Steve sighed

“No” Steve said

“So why are you being like that?” Sandra said and Steve sighed. He didn’t want to tell her that he got a letter from Rebecca saying that she found a boyfriend in the city and his aunt was hinting about the move to England. Outside of the Fletchers, Rebecca was the only other person he would be staying for

“Lets just get on with the project ok” Steve said as Sandra looked at him and sighed. Even though she knew he didn’t feel the same way, she was still in love with him…even if she pretended that she wasn’t…


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Alf sighed as he turned the engine off. He slouched back in his seat and stared at his house. Usually on a Saturday night, he saw Debra under the guise of going to a rotary club meeting. However since he wasn’t too sure of what Michael saw, he was home tonight. Alf sighed again then he got out of the car, and walked towards his house. As he got closer he could smell the Ailsa had been cooking. Alf put his key into the lock and opened the door

“Hello love, I wasn’t expecting you this early” Ailsa said as she looked at her watch

“Yeah, the meeting has been cancelled tonight” Alf said as he walked into the kitchen behind Ailsa and played with Duncan's hair as he sat in his high chair

“Well Sandra is over at the Fletchers so it looks like its you me and Duncan tonight” Ailsa said and smiled as she walked into the kitchen as Alf stared into space

“Have you?” Alf jumped when he heard Ailsa

“Sorry love its been a long day, what did you say?” Alf said as he turned around and looked at Ailsa

“I said have you seen Celia today?” Ailsa said

“Yes, she came by the shop earlier, she was in a funny mood” Alf said then Ailsa sighed and sat down next to Duncan

“She asked me a question out of the blue today… what I would out if I found out you were having an affair” Ailsa said and Alf froze

“W..why would she as that?” Alf said trying to sound calm

“She thinks Michael is having an affair” Ailsa said and Alf silently exhaled

“An affair? With who?” Alf said

“Pippa” Ailsa said

“Pippa Fletcher?” Alf said surprised

“I was just as surprised when she said that” Ailsa said

“I thought you said Pippa and Rev Jones were a bit of an item?” Alf said

“Well Pippa hasn’t said it, but I think there is an attraction there” Ailsa said

“Why does Celia suspect the affair?” Alf said

“She says its female intuition after seeing them talking on a few occasions” Ailsa said

“So, what did you say?” Alf said

“Well I convinced her as much as I could that I don’t think Pippa would do that and besides, from what I have seen her and Michael make a great couple and she shouldn’t jump to conclusions..what do you think?’ Ailsa said

“Right…yes..it was probably all innocent anyway” Alf said

 “Im glad you agree..anyway I think cheating is the absolute worse thing someone can do to their spouse” Ailsa said and she got up

“Fair go, we know Pippa and agreed that its all innocent” Alf said

“Yes I know, but in general..the trust is completely gone..I mean how can you go to bed at night knowing the person you are lying next has been lying to you all the time? I don’t know how some women take back the cheaters..its beyond me …” Ailsa said then she walked out of the dinning room into the kitchen as Alf sighed.


Stewart/Ross Residence- Summer Bay

“AN AFFAIR? WITH WHO?” Michael said. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Pippa Fletcher” Celia said

“What are you talking about?” Michael said confused.

“I saw the two of you together today..and I saw you together a few weeks ago” Celia said which annoyed Michael. He hated that he was being accused of something he didn’t do and he hated that he wished that he was having an affair with Pippa.

“There is nothing going on between me and Pippa. I just saw her as I was coming out of Alfs shop” Michael said. He hated that he was explaining himself, but he had to…he had to keep Celia onside with his ex trying to get full time custody of their son.

“Look, Celia” Michael said and he waked towards her

“You are my wife…I am not having an affair. In a town as small as this where everybody knows everybody’s business, do you think I would be stupid enough to have an affair knowing I would be caught?” Michael said and Celia looked at him and sighed

“You do have a point” Celia said and Michael took a hold of her hand

“I am not having an affair…you are my wife…and I love you” Michael said and smiled. Celia looked into his eyes…she could see that he was telling the truth and she exhaled

“I need to know that you believe me” Michael said and Celia nodded

“I believe you” Celia said and Michael leaned forward and kissed her then he hugged her and Celia exhaled

“I am glad I spoke to you about it…When I mentioned it to Ailsa, she said cheating is the worst thing a husband can do do his wife….and I needed to confront you when I have proof” Celia said and Michael pulled away and looked at her

“Why were you discussing this with Ailsa?” Michael said

“I went over to get a Pyrex dish and she could see how upset I was” Celia said

“Ailsa is the last person who should be giving anybody advise about cheating husbands” Michael said annoyed

“She meant well..” Celia said

“In future, what goes on in our relationship is between us..ok? Michael said and Celia nodded as Michael sighed. Happy that he was able to keep Celia onside then he made a note of a visit he was go to make tomorrow…


Manhattan- New York

Frank yawned as he walked the short distance from the Macklin office to the train station. He really should be going to give Mr James his money, but he simply didnt have it. It had been two weeks, and the interest was mounting. As Frank walked, he thought about how he was going to pay for the bill and provide food on the wages he just got paid in addition to gathering money to pay Mr James. He couldnt come up with an answer, but he knew that he needed to. Frank sighed then he took his train pass out of his pocket and walked into the station. As Frank walked got to the station, he was oblivious to the fact that a car was following him....



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Great chapter

hmm Carly is on edge with Ben.

Steve seemed a bit off.

Celia asking Michael if he is having an affair that was close he could of ruined it all for Alf.

Update again soon :)


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Chapter 341



Summer Bay

Bob parked his car outside the butchers. He wanted to get some food in, make something special for Craig when he came home. He knew there was an elephant in the room…they had not discussed, but he just wanted his son home. Bob closed the car door and walked to the shop while looking at the list in his hand

“Oh sorry” Bob looked up to see that he had bumped into Debra. He hadn’t seen her for a while. He thought they were getting on, but she didn’t once come to the hospital to see how Craig was…how he was

“Hello Bob” Debra said.

“G’day” Bob said and looked at Debra…waiting to see if she would say anything that he hoped. There was an uncomfortable pause as they looked at each other..she never said anything. Bob sighed. 

“I better go” Bob said and walked into the shop. Debra sighed and walked towards her car, got in and closed the door. She knew that he was fond of her…the least she could’ve done was ask about his son but she didn’t. Not because she didn’t care, but the fact that she had not seen Alf all week except for a phone call was making her miserable. She didn’t know how long this was going to go on for, but what she did know is that she loved Alf…that was her priority…and she was not going to let go off him…


General Hospital- Summer Bay

Craig stared at the ceiling. He knew it was late because the hospital was quiet. Now that he was better, he convinced his dad that he can go home and after much protesting he did. His test results came back ok, so he was going to be discharged from the hospital…back home…then back to school. Craig sighed…he knew what going back to school meant…the other kids laughing and whispering behind his back. Craig sighed then he heard the door slowly open…when he looked in the direction of the door he got a shock to see Jonathan coming in. Craig sighed then he looked at the ceiling as Jonathan pulled the chair over and sat next to him


Emotional background music


“How are you?” Jonathan said with a smile

“Ok” Craig said

“You really had me worried there” Jonathan said then he gently held Craig’s hand. Craig looked down at his hand then up at Jonathan

“When I heard you were here, I came to see you but you were still out of it” Jonathan said as he looked at Craig. He knew what he had to do but he had to do it in a way that wouldn’t make things worse

“You are really important to me…I don’t know what I would have done if “ Jonathan said then he stopped talking. Craig stared at him…all he could see in his eyes was Jonathan having sex with the female waitress then he turned his head to face the window

“What did you dad say about all this?” Jonathan said

“We haven’t talked about it” Craig said and Jonathan breathed a sigh of relief

“Ive been thinking…about us…and I think that..maybe we should take a break” Jonathan said then Craig turned around to look at him

“We can still be friends…I think you are a great guy…I just don’t think I am ready to..you know..settle down…and I don’t want to waste your time…you are young…with a bright future ahead of you” Jonathan said and smiled then his smile disappeared as Craig moved his hand away

“We had some good times..great memories” Jonathan said. Craig didn’t move, he just stared at the window

“I better go then…let you get some sleep” Jonathan said then he got up

“I guess ill see you when you can come back to work…if you ever need anything,,,let me know” Jonathan said then he walked out of the room and closed the door.

Craig slowly turned his head when he heard the door close then a tear ran down his cheek…


Emotional background music ends


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

Background music- Jukebox

I used to think that love was just a fairy tale
Until that first hello until that first smile
But if I had to do it all again I wouldn't change a thing
Cause this love is everlasting


“Thank you Grant” Marilyn said as Grant gave her the order.

“When are you guys opening?” Grant said

“Next week” Marilyn said and smiled and Grant smiled

“I better get home before this gets cold. Ill see you later” Marilyn said and she rushed out only to bump in Ben as he was coming in. Marilyn felt her heart beating. Ben was about to say something to her but he looked up to see Grant looking at him. He moved out of the way and Marilyn rushed out of the diner.


Suddenly life has new meaning to me
There's beauty up above and things we never take notice of
You wake up suddenly you're in love


Grant walked into the kitchen to see Carly standing by the pantry deep in thought. Grant touched her shoulder and she jumped then turned around

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you” Grant said as he looked at Carly.

“Is everything all right? You have been really quiet tonight

“Everything is fine” Carly said and she walked over to the sink and washed her hands

“Ben is here” Grant said

“Thanks” Carly said then she wiped her hands and walked out of the kitchen and watched as Carly and Ben greeted each other, kissed and smiled at each other..


Girl you're everything a man could want and more
One thousand words are not enough to say what I feel inside
Holding hands as we walk along the shore
Never felt like this before now you're all I'm living for


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


Bob smiled as he looked at the pictures of Craig when he was young. He flipped through the photo album until the end. He looked around the bedroom. He didn’t know what he was going to do, but what he did know is that he loved his son and whatever was going on…they were going to get through it together. Bob exhaled then he put the photo album on the bed, got up, turned the light off and closed the bedroom door


Each day I pray this love affair would last forever


General hospital- Summer Bay

“We have a pulse…lets rush him down to emergency” The doctor said as he and the nurses picked up Craig’s lifeless body

from the bed and onto a stretcher and rushed him out of the room..


There's beauty up above and things you never take notice of
You wake and suddenly you're in love


Background music ends

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Great chapter

Oh a bit awkward between Bob and Debra.

Jonathon visiting Craig to break up/take a break.

whoa at the last part.

Update again soon  :)

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Chapter 342




Four days later


High School- Summer Bay

Donald nodded his head and the entire room of students and teachers stood up. He looked at one of the teachers standing on the stage who stepped forward and began to ring a bell


First bell ring


St Peters church- Summer Bay

“Amen” Pippa said and sighed as she watched Craig's coffin slowly lowered into the grave. It brought back the memories of burying Tom. Pippa sighed then she looked over at Bob. He hadn’t said much which was understandable.

Bob stared as the coffin was lowered into the grave. He was numb.  He couldn’t believe that his son was gone. He thought that he was getting better…that is what the doctors said. He knew that he shouldn’t have left the hospital but he listened to Craig..he was tired, he wanted to sleep..he wished he never left the hospital..he wished he knew why this happened..


Second bell ring


High School- Summer Bay


Steve bent his head down and exhaled silently. His friend was gone. He felt guilty just like when baby Tom died. He had a chance to protect Bobby and he didn’t. He had a chance to tell Fisher what Karen did, but he was too chicken to do it…now it was too late…or maybe it wasn’t. Steve looked up and to his left and kept staring until he locked eyes with Karen. She looked at him blankly..no sarcastic smiling like she normally did…just a blank face..


Third ring of the bell

Karen turned away from looking at Steve and silently swallowed the build up of saliva in her mouth. Things were not supposed to go this far…it was all supposed to be a joke with Craig…just having a laugh. She suddenly felt faint as she remembered when she found out yesterday that Craig had died. She didn’t mean to do this..she really was sorry…but non of that mattered now, she had to go…leave Summer Bay..before it was too late.


Fourth ring of the bell


Blake turned and looked at his sister. He knew the part she played in Craig’s death..but she was his sister..how could he dob her in..he wanted to make Mr Stewart proud..he wanted to take his advice, but Karen was his flesh and blood. She wasn’t a bad person, she sometimes made bad decision…


Fifth ring of the bell


Sands Resort- Summer Bay

Jonathan threw his head back in ecstasy and smiled then he looked down at young male waiter orally pleasing him. He smiled as he caressed his hair. The waiter looked up at him and Jonathan smiled then he leaned his head back and closed his eyes…


Sixth ring of the bell


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Carly sighed as she looked at the recent overdue bill that Pippa stuffed in the drawer. She looked down at the desk at all the bills and all the pawn shop receipts. Carly picked up her bank book and looked at the balance. It was her trust fund money. Money that she didn’t want to touch..technically she wouldn’t be using it for herself…however the account was set up so that her father would know if she took the money. Carly sighed…she wanted nothing to do with her father, however she had to decide if helping Pippa was more important than having to face her father again…


Seventh ring of the bell


High School- Summer Bay

Debra was lost in thought. She had a phonecall from her ex husbands solicitor stating that he had filed a motion to have full time custody of the children. She couldn’t understand why he was doing this now when he agreed for them to live with her full time. Debra sighed..if only she could see Alf…he always made her feel like everything was perfect…soon they were going to be together…maybe forever…

The teacher ringing the bell stepped back and went to sit down as Donald stepped forward towards the podium as the students sat down. “If I didn’t make it clear before, I am making it very clear now. You will continue to have detention every day until the bully is identified and expelled from the school.” Donald said as some of the students gasped “This type of behavior will not be tolerated in this school, and as you go about your day, I want you to take a moment to remember Craig Barnett and what it means to be keeping information to yourself that protects the person whose behaviour led to all this” Donald said as he looked at the students sitting down to see if any gave a hint of knowing something “Dismissed” Donald said and the students and teachers began to leave the room. Karen didn’t know what to say..she was numb after hearing that she could be expelled. She had to think of a plan to get out of Summer bay…and fast…


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

“Alfred not coming?” Celia said

“He had to get back to the shop” Ailsa said “I still cant believe it…Craig was so young” Ailsa said

“I know..teenagers have it hard these days..not like when we were growing up…” Celia said as she watched Pippa walk over to Bob


“Bob, I have to head home now..is there anything you need?” Pippa said as she put her hand on Bobs shoulder

“No, thanks for coming Pippa” Bob said

“Well if you do need anything, please let me know” Pippa said and smiled

“Thank you” Bob said and tried to smile


“By the way, how is everything about..you know” Ailsa said

“I couldn’t wait..I confronted Michael about it” Celia said

“Celia…” Ailsa was interrupted

“He assured me that there is nothing going on” Celia said

“See, I told you..Michael loves you. We are both fortunate enough to have great husbands” Ailsa said and smiled


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

Alf  let the phone ring a few more times then sighed and put the phone down. Debra was not in her office. Apart from sneaking a phone call here and there, they had not seen each other at all and he really missed her. Alf was lost in thought when the shop door opened. He sighed when he saw Michael entering the shop.

“G g’day Michael, what can I get for you?” Alf said


Dramatic background music

“Just some engine oil” Michael said then he watched Alf walk around the counter pick up the engine oil, come back and put on the counter. Michael looked at him then he put his hand in his pocket and took out some money. Alf could feel the tension in the shop..just like before

“Anything else I can get you?” Alf said and he smiled

“Yeah..you can tell your wife to keep her nose out of my  business” Michael said

“Hang on, what is this about?” Alf said

“Putting ideas into Celia’s head that I am having an affair” Michael said annoyed

“Ails never said that” Alf was interrupted

“So where did Celia get a stupid idea like that from?” Michael said

“I dunno” Alf said confused

“Well Celia never got that idea from the air..Im going to say this once…tell your wife to mind her own business and stop trying to ruin my family” Michael was interrupted

“Now, you wait a minute” Alf was interrupted

“Wait for what? Your wife is the last person who should be giving advice about cheating husbands..isnt she?” Michael said and Alf froze as Michael stared at him..this was confirmation that Michael knew.

Michael looked at Alf and smiled sarcastically then walked out of the shop without taking the engine oil. Alf stared at Michael as he got into he car and walked away. Alf suddenly felt lightheaded. He walked over to the chair near the counter and sat down. The reality was sinking in. He was having an affair…and now someone else knew his secret..someone who could maybe tell his wife. Alf began to panic…this was real..what he was doing was real….he had to find a way to stop..or he was going to lose his family…something he never thought of before…he didn’t want to lose another wife…not this way..he didn’t want to lose another wife..


Dramatic music ends dramatically

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Great chapter

oh so Craig killed himself :(

Karen feeling bad well she should but will anyone tell Don who the bully is.

Michael  confronting Alf.

Update again soon :)


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Chapter 343


Two days later


Bayside diner after dark- Summer Bay


Background music- Carly’s theme

Carly stood in the pantry and stared at the wall. She was so angry with herself. Angry that she was still afraid of her father that she chose not to help Pippa. She was angry that she couldn’t tell Pippa how much she knew; she was angry that she couldn’t tell anyone what was going on.

“Carly we are getting busy” Carly jumped and she turned around to see Grant standing by the doorway.

“I’m coming” Carly said and she reached for the can of tomato sauce on the shelf. She winced as she stretched her arm out. Grant stared at her. Her arm still hurt, but it was her fault. She was always saying something that made Ben angry. She had to make it up to him now that he was on leave and chose to be with her in Summer Bay. Grant moved out of the way and let Carly walk out of the pantry and sighed. He knew that Ben hurt her again. He wanted to say something but he thought that if he did, it would make things worse for Carly. Grant sighed then he walked out of the kitchen to see Ben standing at the counter and looking at him.


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Pippa!” Sally said and Pippa looked up from all the past due letters on the table

“So can I have one?” Sally said

“Have one of what?” Pippa said

“A puppy” Sally said

“Sweetheart, you already had a dog” Pippa said

“But Dag dog ran away” Sally said

“Not now sweetheart” Pippa said and she sighed

“But when? Denna popadopolous got a puppy for her birthday and her mum brought it to school” Sally said

“I said not now sweetheart, maybe when you get older” Pippa said

“That’s not fair, I don’t get anything new” Sally said

“THAT’S ENOUGH OUT OF YOU…I SAID YOU ARE NOT GETTING A PUPPY AND THAT IS THAT” Pippa said and Sally looked at her with a shocked look on her face then she ran upstairs. Pippa sighed. She knew she was wrong for shouting but getting a puppy was the last thing she was going to buy. Pippa picked up the letter and looked at it. It was from the mortgage company. She already missed a payment on the house. Another and they were threatening to take the house away. Everything was falling apart..she was drowning in debt and she didn’t know what to do…she felt like such a failure. The only thing she needed right now was a miracle…otherwise they were going to lose the house…

Background music ends


Edison Officer- Boston Massachusetts

Background music- Have you ever been alone


Roo sighed as she watched Mandy, the new office manager interview for a receptionist. The office was officially opening next week then after that she would be going back home…permanently. Roo sighed again because she knew what that would mean. Frank constantly asking her why she isn’t pregnant. Aside from that she was also annoyed that Frank asked her again for money to pay a bill because the Macklin payroll was down. She didn’t mind but she worked hard for her money, and Frank did promise that he could take care of her

“What did you think?” Mandy said as she walked into the office and sat opposite Roo

“She was ok” Roo said trying to sound happy

“Yeah, I like her too, I think I am going to give her the job” Mandy said and smiled

“I am so glad I got the job working here, its going to be so great” Mandy said

“If you need me to stay here…you know to help you get up and running. I will be glad to” Roo said

“Thanks, but you have already done so much. I cant keep you away from your work. Thank you very much for everything” Mandy said and smiled and she got up and walked out of the office as Roo sighed and put her head down. Sometimes she wished that Frank just wasn’t here…


Manhattan- New York

 “Thanks for dinner” Sam said and she smiled

You're welcome” Frank said and he sighed. He knew that he shouldn’t be eating out especially when he couldn’t afford it.

“You are still very quiet” Sam said as they walked down the road. It was late but the weather was still warm

“Nah, Im fine” Frank said. He wasn’t fine…there was no point talking about it because there was nothing that anybody could do. He got himself into this mess and he had to get himself out of it.

Sam sighed " I know you don’t want to talk about whatever is going on…but I am here if you do” Sam said and Frank smiled. He thought it was sweet of her to say that, but he didn’t want to talk to her..he wanted to talk to his best friend.

“Thanks” Frank said as they continued to walk. He knew things were not going to get better. He had not seen Mr James for three weeks. He was hoping to gather all the money and give him more when he saw him, Sam looked at her watch

“I better get going, my shift starts in 15 minutes” Sam said. She was on rotation in the emergency department. Not by choice but it was part of her study program

“Will you be working all night?” Frank said and Sam nodded and made a sad face. Frank smiled. Don’t worry, it will be worth it all in the end” Frank said trying to really convince himself then Sam stopped walking and turned to look at Frank who also stopped walking.

“Everything will be ok” Sam said as she gently held Franks hand. He looked into her eyes…he didn’t see her, all he saw at that moment was Bobby. Frank smiled then he nodded his head.

“Ill see you later” Sam said

“Ok, have a good shift” Frank said and smiled

“Thanks” Sam said then she crossed the road and rushed towards the hospital. Frank walked ahead and turned the corner. He was going to take the short cut route to the station. one he had taken before. The street lights were dim and he was the only person on the road. Frank sighed. He couldn’t believe he managed to get himself into this mess. He couldn’t believe that he had to ask Roo for money again. Ask Frank walked his path was illuminated with the headlights of a car behind him. As he continued to walk from the corner of his eye, he could see the car driving along side of him. Frank looked at the car from the corner of his eye. The windows were tinted so he couldn’t see anybody but he started to walk faster. As Frank walked faster, the car driving along side him also began to move faster then the passenger side window rowed down

“Hello Frank” Frank slowed down and turned then his heart skipped. It was one of the men that was always with Mr James. Frank stopped walking

“Hi” Frank said as his heart began to beat fast

“We haven’t seen you for a while” The man in the car said

“Yeah I know…I been really busy” Frank said

“Mr Hanson thought it was something like that” The man in the car said and smiled which eased Frank and he smiled too.

“Ive been meaning to come by” Frank said

“Between me and you, Mr Hanson is not very happy with you Frank” The man in the car said

“I can imagine. I just needed some time..to you know…get the money together” Frank said then the back two passenger doors of the car opened and two large men got out. Frank looked at them then he put his focus back on the one who was talking to him

“P P Please tell Mr James that I promise…I will have all the money. I  just need a little time” Frank said as the man he was talking to got out of the car. Frank looked at all three men and began to walk backwards…

“Well, Mr Hanson gave me a message that he wanted me to deliver” The man who was in the car said as one of the other men cracked his knuckles. Franks heart was beating fast…he knew what was coming…he had to get out of there. He began to walk backwards faster then just as he was about to turn around, he felt a strong grip on his bag that pulled him back and spun him around. The first punch dropped him to the floor. He was still conscious but when he tried to shout for help…he made no noise. With every kick and punch he could feel himself fading….soon he couldn’t feel anything anymore..

Background music ends


New York Presbyterian hospital- Manhattan

Sam washed her hands and dried them then walked out of the bathroom. She didn’t mind being in the hospital but the emergency room rotation was the one that everyone disliked. Sam walked over to the nurse’s station and rubbed some sanitizer in her hands. She looked at the chart on the wall of all the patients who had been admitted so far and why they were admitted. From the corner of her eye she could see the paramedics rushing from the entrance. As Sam continued to look at the chart on the wall she glanced over to the person on the stretcher then she got a shock and turned herself around “Frank” Sam said as she looked at him lying unconscious on the stretcher will blood all over his face. She rushed over to the room where he was taken just as the paramedic came out

“W..what happened to him?” Sam said

“Do you know him?” The paramedic said as he came out holding Franks bag

“Y..yes, he is a friend of mine” Sam said

“He’s been beaten up pretty badly..I would suggest you alert the next of kin” The paramedic said and he gave Sam the bag.  She couldn't believe it. She saw him a few hours ago As Sam took the bag, an envelope fell out.  She bent down to pick it up. When she turned the envelope, it was a letter to Mrs Pippa Fletcher in Summer Bay, Australia…


Sam- Sounds like a great place to live

Frank- Yeah..it is

Sam- So you don’t know your real parents

Frank- No, not really. Tom and Pippa raised me. As far as I am concerned they are my real parents

Flashback ends


Sam stared at the envelope then she put the envelope in her pocket and walked towards the nurses station…she had to let the hospital inform Franks next of kin….


Marriott Hotel- Massachusetts

Background music- have you ever been alone



Phone ringing


Roo opened one eye, she thought she heard the phone ringing. She closed her eye again


Phone ringing


Roo sighed. It was probably a wrong number as she wasn’t expecting anyone to be calling her at this time.


Phone ringing


Roo sighed then she reached out her hand and picked up the receiver

“Hello” Roo said and yawned

“Yes..this is Mrs Morgan” Roo said and she slowly sat up as she listened to the person on the other end of the line..


New York Presbyterian hospital- Manhattan

Sam listened as she heard one of the nurses mention that she called Franks wife and she was going to get a flight tomorrow. Frank mentioned previously that she was working out of state. She didn’t know where but she knew the name of the place she worked in, in new York and they must have tracked her down.  

She wished that she knew how Frank was but he was taken into have emergency surgery. He had become like a big brother to her..a good friend and they were both far away from home. She looked at her watch, it was time for her break. She walked into the staff room and made herself some coffee. She sat down and picked up a magazine but she couldn’t concentrate. She sipped her coffee and reached into her pocket and pulled out the envelope that fell out of Franks bag, She couldn’t get it out of her mind and believed that everything happens for a reason….she didn’t know the reason, but she had a strong feeling that she had to make a phone call. Sam put her unfinished coffee cup on the table and rushed out of the staff room.


Caravan park- Summer bay

“Look if you don’t want me to be here, just say so” Ben said

“Sorry, its not that…its just a lot of family stuff going on” Carly said

“You already said that” Ben said annoyed

“Im sorry..Im also a bit tired” Carly said  looking at her watch and she kissed Ben's cheek.

“I was thinking about picking up some work while I am here” Ben said

“Can you do that…you know being in the army” Carly said

“Yeah, I can do whatever I want” Ben said

“Maybe the resort has something” Carly said

“What about the diner, you lot always look busy” Ben said

I don’t know…Bobby might not go for that” Carly said

“Why not? You said the other day you had to hire someone” Ben said

“Yeah but” Carly was interrupted “But what?” Ben said

“With us being together..she might not agree with us working together” Carly said

“Shes a dag anyway… …I can do some jobs around here and you can pay me with your trust fund money” Ben said and smiled then he leaned forward and gave Carly a kiss and a hug as her smile disappeared.


New York Presbyterian hospital- Manhattan

After 20 minutes of begging the switchboard for help, Sam finally got the number she wanted. She walked along the corridor until she found an empty consulting room. She looked left and right then entered the room and locked the door behind her. She turned the light on and sat at the desk and pulled the number and envelope out of her pocket and exhaled. She didn’t know if she was doing the right thing…but in her heart she felt like this was the right thing to do. Sam picked up the phone and began to dial..


Caravan park- Summer bay

Carly walked the short distance from Bens van to the house. She felt like being alone tonight. She had so many things going on in her mind and she didn’t want to make things bad between her and Ben. Carly reached into her bag and took out her key. She slowly opened the door and could see someone sitting on the couch. Carly closed the door behind her and locked it. The light in the hallway was on and as Carly got closer, she could see Pippa sitting on the couch

“Pippa” Carly said and she slowly walked over to her. She turned on the lamp on the desk

“Pippa, whats wrong” Carly said as Pippa stared at the wall with a tear running down her cheek. Carly could see that she was holding onto a framed photo



Sam- Hello, sorry to bother you, may I please speak to Mrs Pippa Fletcher

Pippa- Yes this is Pippa Fletcher, who is this?

Sam- Well you don’t know me..and I am not sure if I should be even calling you but I am a friend of Frank Morgan in New York

Pippa- Frank? Is there something wrong?

Flashback ends      


“Pippa, whats wrong” Carly said as she gently pulled the photo away from Pippa. It was a photo of Pippa, Tom and Frank when they first fostered Frank

“Pippa why are you holding this photo…whats wrong?” Carly said as another tear ran down Pippas cheek

“My son…is hurt…and I cant go to him” Pippa said

“What?” Carly said confused

“My…son…is hurt…and I cant go to him” Pippa said again then she grabbed the photo and pressed it near to her chest and cried as Carly tried her best to comfort her….

Background music ends…

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Great chapter

Carly dump Ben already

Frank got himself in to a spot of trouble and paid for it.

Update again soon :)


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New York Presbyterian hospital- Manhattan

Background music- Have you ever been alone

Sam slowly closed the hospital door and walked over to the bed. Frank was still unconscious and had a lot of bruising on his face but the drs said his surgery went well…so hopefully he would be awake soon. Sam opened the cupboard next to the bed, bent down and put the envelope inside the side pocket of Franks bag. Sam pushed the bag back into the cupboard and closed the door. She stared at the cupboard. She didn’t know why she felt she strongly needed to call Australia but she hoped it was for a good reason, and that Frank wouldn’t be annoyed. Sam sighed and she stood up and stood over Frank. She gently held his hand. The other was in a plaster because it was broken…so was his leg. She looked up at the heart monitor…it was beating normally which was a good sign. “Hang in there…everything is going to be alright” Sam said and she smiled then she gently let go of Franks fingers and quietly walked out of the room


Boston Logan International airport

Roo stared at the boarding pass in her hand with guilt. Yesterday she was wishing that Frank wasn’t in America with her and then she gets a call from the hospital that he had been badly beaten up.


Frank- Im glad you decided to come to the city

Roo- Yeah me too. I was kidding myself thinking I could stay in Summer Bay…without you

Frank- Nows its just you and me..I love you Roo

Flashback ends

Roo sighed as she remembered how good she thought things were going to be..not how they were now..anyway. none of how she was feeling mattered….Frank was her husband…she was his wife…and he needed her now…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Carly didnt know what time it was. It didn’t matter because she had not slept because all she kept on thinking about was how selfish she was…how she didn’t have the guts to stand up to her father to help Pippa…and now…the other man in her life..her brother, was hurt. Carly sighed as she wiped the tear that fell from her eye. It was another secret that she had to hold onto. Pippa didn’t want any one else to know what was going on. Carly sighed again as another tear ran down her cheek. She felt so helpless…She wished that things were how they were before….when they came to Summer Bay…when Tom was alive…when Frank was still here…when Matt was here…now it was all gone….and she had to keep this secret not knowing if things were going to be ok….


Background music ends

Beach- Summer Bay

Nick wiped the sweat from his brow and ran faster then he slowed down and stopped. He leaned over then straightened up as he tried to calm himself down. He had so much going through his mind. He couldn’t believe that his cousin was gone. He was an annoying brat sometimes, but that was his family and he couldn’t believe that he was gone. Things were a bit tense at home. He wished he knew what to say to his uncle to make things better but he just didn’t know…then seeing Julie. Nick sighed. He thought that he was over her…but seeing her again, he felt confused. He liked Lucinda, they had a lot in common. Nick started running again. It didn’t matter how he felt about Julie, her mum was right..it was never going to work anyway Nick thought then he ran faster to get home..


Gibson Residence- Summer Bay

Julie wheeled herself over to her dressing table and looked at herself in the mirror then she opened one of the drawer and took out a gold napkin and pressed it up against her face and exhaled. It was a napkin from the diner in Summer bay where her and Nick had their date. Julie looked at it then threw it on the floor. She was angry with herself…angry that she still had it even though Nick had moved on. Julie was going to run over the napkin then she stopped. She then tried to lean forward and reach for it. She leaned forward a bit more then she fell on the floor. She sighed then a few moments later her mum came rushing into the room

“What happened?” Jenny Gibson said

“I dropped something on the floor and was trying to pick it up” Julie said as her mother helped her back into the wheelchair

“I told you to let me or your dad help you” Jenny said

“I can do things myself you know” Jenny said and she crossed her arms. She was tired of being treated differently

“I thought we went over this already love…you cant do things yourself..thats why you always need me and your dad around” Jenny said as she looked at Julie who had tears in her eyes

“There there love…its alright…me and your dad will always be here to take care of you” Jenny said and the tears ran down Julies cheeks…she didn’t want her parents to take care of her..she wished it was Nick…but that was all gone now…her mum was right…she only had them to take care of her…


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

“Whats all this?” Ailsa said as she walked into the dining room to see that Alf had made her a special breakfast. Sandra stood by the table smiling

“I wanted to make you a special breakfast” Alf said and he pulled the chair out and as Ailsa sat down, he placed a napkin on her lap

“Any particular reason why” Ailsa said confused

“Only that I love you” Alf said and he kissed Ailsa on the cheek

“Im off to school, ill see you later” Sandra said and she picked up her school bag

“Alright love” Alf said

“Bye” Ailsa said as Sandra walked out of the house and closed the door. Alf sat down next to Ailsa

“Ive booked us into the Yabbie Creek inn for the weekend" Alf said as Ailsa drank some of her tea then smiled

“What about” Ailsa was interrupted

“Celia is going to look after the shop, and Sandra and Duncan are going to stay over at her place” Alf said. Ailsa smiled.

“What did I do to deserve all this?” Ailsa said

“I know that I have been really busy the last few months and neglected my husband duties, but I want to make it up to you and say thank you for being the best thing to ever happen to me” Alf said as Ailsa smiled

“I should be saying that to you. I never thought I would find anyone to keep me in one place until I found you..I love you Alf Stewart” Ailsa said

“I love you too” Alf said and leaned forward and kissed Ailsa then she hugged him and he slowly sighed. This is how it should be…and it was going to be like this forever..Alf thought to himself and he closed his eyes and hugged Ailsa…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Background music- Fletcher family theme


“But the letter says parent have to sign it” Sally said

“Well Pippa isn’t feeling to well, ill sign it” Carly said as she made sandwiches for Sally and Steve

“Why cant I go upstairs and ask Pippa?” Sally said

“Because shes not feeling well…look..ill sign it and when I pick you up after school, ill have a word with Mrd Patterson ok?” Carly said

“Ok, but its going to be your fault if I get into trouble” Sally said as Carly put the sandwiches in the sandwich bags then she took the pen from Carly and sighed the letter. She watched Sally walk away to put the letter in her bag. Carly sighed then she began to put the things she used to make the sandwiches in the fridge.

“Is there something wrong with Pippa?” Steve said as he walked into the kitchen

“No, why?” Carly said as she shut the fridge door

“I don’t know..everything seems weird this morning” Steve said

“Nothing is wrong, Pippa is just a bit tired” Carly said as Steve stared at her. He knew she was lying. Even though none of them were blood relatives..he knew all his siblings very well.

“Just go to school, Im sure she will be alright when you get back” Carly said forcing a smile then she gave Steve his sandwiches and walked over to Sally and gave her sandwiches

“Bye” Sally said then she walked out of the house. Steven got to the door then he turned around to look at Carly who turned away then he turned around and left the house. Carly exhaled then a tear ran down her cheek. She didn’t know how much longer she could keep all these secrets in…


Pippa lay on the bed as she kept revisiting the conversation, she had last night with the young woman who phoned. She didn't say her name…just that she was a friend of Franks


Pippa- I hope you don’t mind me dropping in

Frank- Of course not

Pippa- I just brought you a few things..we had a few extra cans and I thought you might need them

Frank- Pippa, ill be alright

Pippa- I know..its just..you are the first one to move out..I haven’t gotten used to the idea of you not being here

Frank- Im not far..you can see me everyday

Pippa- I know…its not the same..but I understand, you have to have your life

Frank- Don’t worry…you will always be my family…wherever I go..you will always be my family

Flashback ends


Pippa hugged the framed photo tighter as a tear ran down her cheek. Her son was hurt and she couldn’t go to him…that hurt more than the fact that she was on the verge of losing her home….


New York Presbyterian hospital- Manhattan

Roo followed the instructions of the nurse and walked down the corridor reading the numbers on the door. When she got to Franks door she inhaled then exhaled and slowly opened it. She didn’t know hat she was going to expect but she inhaled with shock to see him so beaten up. He had a broken leg and arm and was hooked up to a heart monitor. Roo put her bag down and slowly walked over to him. She immediately felt guilty seeing Frank this way. She touched his fingers…he didn’t move

“Frank” Roo said softly but he didn’t respond. A tear ran down her cheek to represent all the guilt of feeling trapped…feeling like she needed to be alone. All that had to go…she was here..Mrs Morgan..she made the choice..and this was how it was going to be..


Background music end


High School- Summer Bay

Steve stared at Karen who was sitting with her group of friends. She seemed different..less sarcastic. That didn’t mean that she was sorry. Steve sighed. As the guilt came over him..that same guilt he carried about baby Tom was now the same guilt he felt about Craig. Steve got up from the bench he was sitting on

“Where are you going?” Sandra said

“I ..I have to do something…ill see you in class” Steve said then he got up and walked inside to the building. He knew that if he didn’t do it now..he would chicken out so he rushed as fast as he could until he reached his destination. Steve exhaled then he knocked on the door and opened it when he was told to come in?”

“What can I do for you Matheson?” Donald said

“Sir..I want to tell you something” Steve said as he started to feel nervous

“What?” Donald said as he looked at Steve


Knock on the door


“Come in” Donald said

“Mr Fisher, your signature is requested on these reports” Debra said as she looked at Donald then at Steve

“Never mind” Steve said and he rushed out of the office and sighed. He just couldn’t do it…he was a coward…he just couldn’t do it…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Pippa put the phone down and put the phone card in the draw and sighed. She tried to call the hospital, but they hospital wouldn’t give her any information. She also called Franks house but there was no answer. Roo was probably at the hospital….where she should be. Pippa racked her brain to remember if the young woman who called her said her name but she couldn’t remember. She felt so helpless. The young woman did say she was going to call again..but so far she hadn’t. Pippa looked at Christopher playing with the toy that Frank gave him and she smiled then when she heard the door open she looked up to see Carly walking in.

“Hi” Carly said then walked over to the couch and sat down next to Pippa

“Did you find anything out?” Carly said and Pippa shook her head no and Carly sighed

“They said they couldn’t give me any information because I am not immediate family” Pippa said and smiled

“But you are his mother” Carly said annoyed

“I guess in America that doesn’t count for immediate family” Pippa said and she looked at Carly who was visibly upset

“Thank you for taking care of the kids this morning..I just couldn’t” Pippa said

“You don’t have to thank me…we are family” Carly said

“Where is Ben?” Pippa said

"He said he is going to see if he can find some work while he is here, a friend of his knows of someone who might have some laborer work” Carly said

“Its nice that he is spending time here…we can get to know him better..he really is a good guy” Pippa said and Carly smiled

“Yeah..I am really lucky…Im just going to go up and get ready for work..i need to get there early..if you hear anything…will you let me know” Carly said and Pippa nodded. Carly forced a smile then she went upstairs. When she got to her room she closed and locked the door and sat on the bed. She put her bag on the bed next to her and opened it and took out the bottle of whiskey and looked at it then exhaled and opened the top and put the bottle to her mouth and swallowed a mouthful. It burned the back of her throat as it went down. Carly closed her eyes until the burning slowed down then stopped then she opened her eyes and exhaled….


The next day


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Debra sighed. It had been so long since she saw Alf…she wanted to go to the shop but she knew that he was concerned about his brother in law. Debra smiled to herself…it didn’t matter..Alf loved her and soon, they would be together

“Your dad said he is coming to pick you both up tonight” Debra said as she walked into the living room

“Yeah I know…I told him I couldn’t see him this weekend” Blake said

“Why not?” Debra said curiously

“Mr Stewart and his wife are going away this weekend and I volunteered to look after the shop with Mrs Ross” Blake said then he went back to looking at his magazine as Debra tried to figure out in her mind why Alf was taking his wife away…when he loved her...


New York Presbyterian hospital- Manhattan

“Hello..can I speak to Pippa Fletcher please…she’s not there…ok, please tell her that Samantha  called..hello can you hear me” Sam said then she sighed as the line went dead. She put the phone down, turned the office light off and walked out of the consulting room


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Sal who was that on the phone?” Carly said as she rushed down the stairs

“Someone for Pippa” Sally said as Pippa walked into the house

“What did you say sweetheart” Pippa said as she walked into the house wish clean laundry

“The phone, it was someone asking for you” Sally said and Pippa looked at Carly

“Who was it?” Pippa said and she looked at Carly

“I dunno, the phone cut off” Sally said

“Why didn’t you come and get me?” Pippa said

“The line cut off” Sally said

“NEXT TIME THE PHONE RINGS YOU COME AND GET ME…DO YOU UNDERSTAND” Pippa said then she rushed upstairs as Steve looked at Carly who sighed….


New York Presbyterian hospital- Manhattan

Sam rubbed the sanitizer in her hand and walked down the corridor. She was going to try and call Australia later. She hadn’t seen Frank since yesterday since she was busy. When she slowly opened the door, a woman was sitting on the chair next to his bed

“Hi” Sam said and the woman turned around…it was his wife

You're franks wife..I'm Sam…we met at the fish and chips place” Sam said with a smile

“Yes” Roo said sarcastically...she remembered her..

“How is he doing today?” Sam said and she walked over to Franks hospital report and looked at it

“Are you a nurse?” Roo said

“Pre med…so I work here as part of the program” Sam said and smiled then she put the report back. She got the impression that Franks wife didn’t like her very much.

“Anyway I just wanted to check and see how he is doing…can I get you anything?” Sam said

“No…thanks” Roo said and Sam smiled then she left the room as Roo stared at Frank and sighed.


Bayside Diner After Dark- Summer Bay

Background music- The diner jukebox

I follow the Moskva
Down to Gorky Park
Listening to the wind of change
An August summer night
Soldiers passing by
Listening to the wind of change


Carly dropped another plate on the floor and Grant looked at her

“That’s the second plate tonight…are you alright?” Grant said

She wasn’t alright, nothing was alright right now and holding on to this secret wasn’t helping. She felt like a failure…a failure for not helping Pippa..a failure for drinking again.. There was still no news about Frank and it hurt her knowing that he was hurt…


“Fine” Carly said not looking at Grant


The world is closing in
Did you ever think
That we could be so close, like brothers
The future's in the air
I can feel it everywhere
Blowing with the wind of change


She felt helpless, they were a family but yet they couldn’t share the burden. As she picked up the broken plate a tear ran down her cheek, she couldn’t take it anymore. She stood up and put the broken pieces of plate she had in her hand and put them on the counter. She walked into the pantry and took a brown envelope out of her bag  and walked towards the office and knocked. She opened the door when Bobby said come in, closed the door behind her and sat down. Bobby looked at Carly, her face was red.

“What’s wrong?” Bobby said as she put the pen down and looked at Carly.

“Pippa said I shouldn’t say anything to you but I have to…she’s probably going to kill me for it but we are a family” Carly said as Bobby looked at her confused


Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow dream away (dream away)
In the wind of change

Walking down the street
Distant memories
Are buried in the past forever
I follow the Moskva
Down to Gorky Park
Listening to the wind of change


Background music ends


Mascot- Australia

The little boy walked in the dark. He didn’t know where he was going, he was just trying to find his mummy. “Mummy” the little boy sad and wiped the tears on his face. Suddenly he saw blue flashing lights and heard lots of noise. Then he saw a man walk up to him and bent down

“G’day mate..where are you going?” The policeman said

“Find my mummy” The little boy said said as tears ran down his cheek

"Whats your name mate?" The policeman said 

"Sam" Sam said

“Sam, Ill take you  somewhere safe and we can look for her ok?” The policeman said

“Ok” Sam said and the policeman picked him up and carried him to the car….


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Background music- Fletcher family theme


Bobby let herself into the house with her key

Pippa was sitting at the dining table altering Sally’s dress. She wasnt goint to go to bed..she was going to wait and see if Franks friend called her again.

“I wasn’t expecting to see you here tonight” Pippa said and smiled. Bobby closed the door. She sat down at the table and looked at Pippa

“I didn’t realize that not living here anymore meant I wasn’t part of this family” Bobby said

“Of course you are part of this family” Pippa said and she laughed…then she looked at Bobby’s serious face and sighed

“Carly told you” Pippa said and she put the dress and needle down on the table

“Pippa, if you were so hard up why didn’t you tell me?” Bobby said

“Things will be fine, just going through a rough patch at the moment…there is no need to worry” Pippa said trying to convince herself

“Pippa, please don’t lie to me…Carly told me everything” Bobby said then she reached into her pocket and pulled out the receipts from the pawn shop and put them on table and Pippa sighed

“I thought I could handle this myself…I don’t expect my children to deal with my problems…Carly and no right to tell you” Pippa said annoyed

"“…and she told me about Frank” Bobby said and Pippa looked at her trying not to cry

“Pippa, I thought we dealt with problems as a family” Bobby said and Pippa sighed. Bobby was angry and hurt that Pippa didn’t tell her but she also understood. Bobby reached into her back pocket and took out an envelope and she put it in front of Pippa. Pippa opened the envelope flap and could see money inside the envelope

“Bobby I can’t take your money” Pippa said

“Pippa, no arguments…please. There is a cheque in the envelope, that should be enough to cover the outstanding bills and the late mortgage payments” Bobby said as Pippa looked at her in shock. We will sort out what we are going to do about the caravan park when you get back” Bobby said

“Get back from where?” Pippa said confused

“The money is for you to buy a ticket to go and see Frank.” Bobby said and Pippa put her hand over her mouth and a tear ran down her cheek

“I checked, there is a flight leaving tomorrow night. I made a reservation for you so you just have to go to the travel agents in the morning and buy the ticket. Carly and I will look after this place, and take care of the kids” Bobby said as more tears ran down Pippa’s cheek

“Bobby…I dont know what to say” Pippa said

“Don’t say anything…just promise me…no more secrets” Bobby said

“No more secrets…thank you” Pippa said and her and Bobby both stood up and they hugged.


New York Presbyterian hospital- Manhattan

Sam watched as Franks wife got into the elevator with her bags. She was probably going home for the night. Sam put the inpatient report down and put some sanitizer on her hands and rubbed them as she walked towards Franks room. Sam opened the door quietly then closed it behind her. She went and stood next to frank and gently held his hands. His face was still bruised and swollen


Bobby- Frank…don’t you die on me Frank…I love you

Flashback ends


Sam watched as Frank moved his head then he slowly began to open his eyes and she smiled at him. She wasn’t sure if he knew she was there

“Hi Frank” Sam said softly then he closed his eyes and smiled slightly

“Bobby..I love you too..” Frank said in a whisper as Sam looked at him confused….


Background music ends…

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