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Little did we know that Marilyn and Don would later become a couple. I think it was a ratings ploy, as they were the most mismatched couple in soap history I think. I suppose Maz wanted a well off much older headmaster as a husband for status, and Don could have someone to keep house for him. Both had very different personalities.

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Long time lurker but didn't see this posted anywhere... In a very unexpected move, the entire 1988 season has been uploaded to Amazon Prime today. I don't know if that paves the way for future se

It certainly is a great thing for UK fans of the show, and it's definitely a step in the right direction! Of course it would have been nice to see a terrestrial television repeat so that it's free for

Episode 200-399 ADDED TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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One of the most fascinating but chilling scenes was when Miss Molloy told Tom and Pippa that Bobby's past is not what she thinks it is. Goes to show how even fictional TV shows can capture the heart of viewers, something that is only pretend.

And Bobby's real father was very close to home, her headmaster, whom they both despised when the show begun.

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