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Luigi Severus Fletcher

Storylines you'd like to see in Home and Away

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Which story lines would you like to see in Home and Away? For me, I still want to see a storyline of a radical pastor who is extremely bigoted and him not being welcomed by Summer Bay (maybe he'll change or leave by his own accord) another story line I'd love to see would be a Munchausen By Proxy story (after watching "The Act" and researching the Gypsy Rose Blanchard/Murder of Dee Dee Blanchard story, on which "The Act" is based), a parent and child could move to The Bay and the parent could fake their child's illnesses, causing concern in The Bay and maybe even ending like the Gypsy Rose Blanchard case.

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Interesting, they'd have had religious whackos before but given how dangerous the Bay is these days, it could really culminate in something BIG.

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