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Wednesday, 11 Jan 05

Guest Di

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(Ep screened in Australia on Wednesday, 11 Jan 05)

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

At the palace, Scott tells Hayley & KK that he's really feeling the affects of this heatwave - esp. because it snowed when he with in Paris. Hayley & KK said that they it was excellent that Scott had a white Christmas.

Scott enquires about Kane's situation - and Kane responds by saying that he's got to go to hospital tomorrow for more tests (on the state of his cancer) and he'll get results back a few days after that. Scott turns his attention to Kirsty. He asks her how she did on her school exams. Kirsty responds by saying that she got a much better HSC score than she expected. Kirsty also tells Scott that she's 14 weeks pregnant - with NO signs of morning sickness as yet.

After KK exit the palace (and head for home), Hayley tells Scott that she's found it nearly impossible to get any sleep upstairs lately - because of the heatwave - but a jetlagged Scott is really keen to just "crash".

The next morning, Scott comes downstairs and he finds Hayley sleeping on the couch. She then wakes - and comments on how uncomfortable that couch was to sleep on. Scott suggests that, since he's about to go for a surf (and then go to work), that hayley should try to get some more sleep. Scott adds that there's a cool breeze blowing today so upstairs won't be as stiflingly hot as usual. Hayley decides to "go with" Scott's plan (note - Hayley is wearing a V nice matching pink top & skirt).

As hayley sleeps, a fire slowly begins downstairs - it starts with some lit paper that's right in front of an electric fan - that's on at time (end of ep)

At the hospital, Flynn is looking V nervous/distracted as he scrubs up for Leah's operation. Nearby, an anethnatist asks Leah if she knows if she's allergic to anything. Leah says that she doesn't think so. The anethnatist then asks Leah to begin to count backwards from 10 - she's out to it by the time she reaches 7 (I think).

Flynn & Leah etc are now in the operating theatre, and Flynn still seems nervous - indeed, he seems to take forever to give his 1-th instruction to one of the nurses (when he asks for a scalpel).

After Flynn makes the initial incision, he realises that because of the position of Leah?s appendix, he'll have to widen the incision.

During the operation, there are many complications. It takes Flynn a while to discover where all of excess blood (that hampering the operation) is coming from - he thankfully able to find and stop this bleeding. Another "minor" concern are the phone calls the theatre receives, wondering what time the operation of Leah will; be finished, as the theatre is required for other purposes (a AAA - whatever that is).

Flynn is finally able to fix Leah?s problems - or so he thinks - because as he is preparing to finish up, Leah's condition takes another dive. Flynn then is able to save that day (again) - but not before he asks one of the operating team for THAT swab.

Scenes of the operation are inter cut with those of Dan, Peter & sally anxiously waiting in the corridor. Dan is V muchly "on the edge" and things get V heated between pater & Dan when sally mentions that it was a pretty decent amount of time before peter contacted Dan to inform him what was going on with Leah. This leads Dan to get REALLY angry. He tells peter that he was trying to steal Leah off Dan, just like he did with Amanda (Dan?s estranged wife). AS the argument continues, their voices get louder AND they begin to push each other. Sally tries to break them up, just as a nurse arrives. She tells peter & Dan to either calm down or take their argument outside.

When Flynn finishes the surgery, he talks to Dan, peter & sally. Dan is keen is seeing Leah. Flynn says that it will take a while before she?s conscious again - but, when Dan insists, Flynn tells Dan what room she's in (Dan intends to wait outside Leah?s room).

When peter & Dan have walked away, Flynn tells sally that this operation on Leah could have some V serious implications for his career - because of the ethics etc. Sally then hugs Flynn - it's all she CAN do in a time like this.

AS Dan & peter wait outside Leah?s room, they have another (GREAT) verbal clash. Dan continues on form their earlier argument his estranged wife. Dan vehemently accuses Peter of ruining his relationship with Amanda. Peter tells Dan that yes, he DID sleep his Amanda but this happened only AFTER Amanda seemed to make it V clear to him that she & Dan were completely over. (Note - I have to say that I?m LOVING how Dan has "come out swinging" so to speak this year. His arguments with peter in this ep were EXCELLENT).

A nurse tells Dan & pater that Leah is now awake, and whilst Dan goes into her room, peter goes elsewhere (see below).

When Dan enters the room, Leah tells that she is V pleased to see him - and Dan reciprocates the comment.

When Peter returns to Leah?s place, he seems to take particular notice of a piece of mail that they got today. He then packs his bags, and leaves a note, which he places next to that mail that he took note of earlier. Peter then (bags in hand) leaves the house.

A little later, when Dan goes to Leah?s house, he reads Peter?s note. In the note, peter thanks Leah for all she's done. Peter also says that he'll be in touch, and he congratulates Dan (suggests that he should look at letter).

Dan opens the letter, and looks V joyful as he reads it. He then goes to hospital - and tells/shows Leah that his divorce has officially come through. Dan then proposes the Leah (like he said he would - once the divorce is official) and Leah gleefully accepts.


Will Hayley escape the fire? and Kane?s past returns to haunt him - he angrily tells someone (I assume Gus) that he's built a good life for himself, and NO ONE is going to stuff that up !!!

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