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Monday, 10 Jan 05 - "Angry Jesse .... and the Stalker"

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Angry Jesse .... and the Stalker

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

(Ep screened in Australia on Monday, 10 Jan 05)

The ep began with Flynn & sally talking on the beach about how hot it's been lately. Sally then tells Flynn that it's totally ok with her that Flynn is going on a "manly" trip away with Jesse & Dan.

When Flynn walks away (to meet up with Dan & Jesse), sally talks to Alf near the surf club. Alf tells her that there's still no sign of Dalby. Alf continues by telling sally that Morag is still in the city chasing up leads etc. He also tells her that what's making things more ironic at present is that the police have told Alf that Dalby won't be charged - as his father died of natural causes (heart attack) !!!!!

As Alf & sally are talking, Alf yelling at a car that is speeding by - with loud music blearing. Not surprisingly, the car in question is driven by the Plank (aka Kim my) - Robbie is in the vehicle as well.

Soon after, Robbie & the Plank arrive at the beach house. Irene is WAAAAY sceptical about tasha's claim that she'll be going away with a responsible adult (plank has only been 18 for a week). Irene is further not impressed when the plank (jokingly) answer a simple road rules question V incorrectly.

Soon after, we see the trio travelling towards their campsite - once more, music is blearing and Robbie & Tash have their arms flailing out of the windows (memories of Gypsy being photographed - by a red light camera - with all of the upper half of her body through the sun roof of Irene's then boyfriend's BMW).

When they arrive at the campsite, Robbie, Tash & plank decide to go for a swim - and we see them get in the water through the "eye" of the unknown stalker. After a while, Robbie & plank get out of the water (Tash stays in) and they talk about plank & Kit. Plank says that he & kit don't officially have anything going on at present - which he's coo with. Plank however is eager for kit's return to Oz soon. Robbie then gets a tad sheepish as plank begins to talk about kit in non-sisterly ways. Not surprisingly, as the boys talk, we see part of this scene from the perspective of the stalker.

Soon after, Tash gets out of the water - and the trio decide to play Truth or Dare. When asked, Plank is indecisive about which option he'll choose. He eventually picks truth - and has to admit that yes, he did plagiarise several Avril Lavigne songs to write a love songs for Kit.

Next, it's Robbie's turn. He picks Dare - and Tasha tells him that he has to do a lap of the campsite NAKED. Robbie isn't keen - but then tries to turn this to his advantages. He says he'll do it - if plank lets him drive part of the way home - plank says no deal. Robbie finally totally undresses and begins run - during which he goes behind a big rock (and is unsighted by Tash & Plank). AT this point, Robbie steps on THAT syringe - and painfully pulls it out of his foot.

That night, as the trio sit by a campfire, Robbie hardly talks at all - and when he does, Robbie is V snippy. We also see Tasha & Co. from the stalker's perspective - before this unknown person (no clue if male or female) reaches into Plank's "new" car - which looks like a 1970s Toyota to me.

AT Leah's place, Dan, Jesse & Flynn meet up before embarking on their trip - and reports that Dan has an esky the size of Tasmania are pretty accurate.

When the trio gets close to the cliff where they'll be abseiling, Jesse is being V snippy towards Dan - and this continues when they reach the cliff that they're going to abseil down, eg Jesse has a V different opinion to Dan as to where they should secure the ropes. The aggravation continues father between the pair - to the point where Jesse accidentally kicks/drops some of the equipment of the cliff (note : I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this snippy/angry Jesse - it's certainly a great change from all the lovey-dovey stuff towards the end of 2004).

When Jesse returns from getting the equipment form the bottom of that cliff, he hears Dan is talking to Flynn about Jesse's behaviour. Jesse then tells Dan why he's been acting this way - it's because Dan has made Leah happy/content within "3 seconds" of arriving in the bay whilst Jesse slaved away for 2 years with Leah trying to do just that (with the Leah happiness thing). Jesse adds that he thinks that Dan has been "rubbing his nose in it" (so to speak) - but when Flynn agrees that Dan hasn't been doing the rubbing thing, Jesse is forced to back down - and "make light" of things. (Note - I wish this Jesse/Dan aggravation had continued longer, but, having said that, if Jesse is snippy this year for other reasons, that will be OK by me).

AT the diner, things aren't going well - the fridge/freezer needs repairing, which forces Irene & co to cook everything in there (and Colleen to try to get customers to order extra food) and the air conditioning system also isn't working that well. Irene, Colleen & Alf try to convince Leah to go home - after she feels several pains in the stomach - but Leah is keen on soldiering on (so to speak).

Next day, the still in pain Leah still something on the floor of the kitchen at her own house. She then has a bit of a fight on her hands - with Peter - as to who will clean the mess up. BTW< you can tell that Peter WAAAAAAAY still has feelings for Leah. He even offers to pick up VJ for childcare - to give Leah more time to relax etc - but Leah insists on doing it herself.

AS he is driving, Leah double overs when she feels a massive pain. This forces her car to veer to the right - onto on V handily placed dirt track. Leah is able to stop the car in time before she hits anything - but when she exits the vehicle, she immediately collapses !!!!!!! (end of ep)


Peter finds Leah - and rushes her to hospital, where Flynn is the only chance for her survival !!!!!!!

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