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17 Jan 05 - "Predator Becomes Prey"

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Predator Becomes Prey

(Ep screened in Australia on Monday, 17 Jan 05

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

Kane & Gus are talking on the beach. Gus tells kane that he was the ?king of the hill? in prison - other inmates feared him, as he wasn?t afraid to use a shiv (knife) that he kept under his willow. Gus tells kane that his whole attitude changed the day that another inmate used that shiv on him. Gus said that this made him realise just what kind of feelings that kane, Scotty & Ma Phillips must have had when Gus was physically etc abusing them. Gus tells kane that he?s not looking for forgiveness, but he hopes they can reach some kind of understanding etc. As Gus finished talking about this latest point, he placed his hand on Kane?s shoulder. Kane wasn?t expecting Gus to do so, and kane immediately moved away from Gus. Gus wonders why kane reacted this way - and kane responds by lifting up his singlet. Gus is now able to see the scars that he (and Scotty) inflicted on kane (note - the scars look different / more ?defined? than they were on the 2 previous occasions that we?ve seen them).

AT the beach house, Kane tells Kirsty that he talked to Gus. When Kirsty enquires as to what will happen now, kane says that now that hes? spoken to Gus, nothing further will occur - and that Gus can now catch the 1-st bus out of town.

(Note - the expression of Kirsty?s face suggests that she?s not keen on kane leaving things that way they are).

Later, at the diner, Kirsty encounters Gus. They talked about what happened earlier between kane & Gus. Gus then asked Kirsty if she would talk to kane again - to try and convince him to speak to Gus. Gus says that he can see the rage in Kane?s eyes when they?ve talked - and gus thinks that that kane should have some resolution to what?s happened even if this means that kane has to yell & scream as Gus to vent his frustration. It?s clear that Kirsty isn?t sure that she should be talking to Gus like this, but she tells Gus that she will try to speak to kane about what Gus has said.

Soon after, at beach house, KK are having a baby name discussion (the somewhat obscure name of Gwenyth Platrow?s child, apple, is mentioned). Kane notices that Kirsty is more subdued that usual and comments that Kirsty usually wants to rave for hours about this topic. When kane enquires as to why Kirsty is acting the way she is, Kirsty is forced to admit that she spoke to Gus at the diner. Kane isn?t pleased with this - but Kirsty goes ahead and tells kane what Gus suggested to her. Kane wasn?t impressed when he heard Gus? plan - and once again asked Kirsty to stay away from Gus.

Later, also at the place, Hayley talks to KK about the fire at the place. The police told Hayley the some of the same accelerent that was deliberately used to begin the bush fire has been found near the palace. Hayley tells KK that she still believes that the old fan she bought recently is the cause of the fire, and that she wishes the police hadn?t told her that the fire was deliberately lit - as the prosect (fire caused by arsonist) is REALLY unsettling her.

AT the hospital, Flynn talks to Leah & Dan. He is concerned that Leah still appears to be in pain. He schedules her in for some more tests.

Soon after, Flynn talks to nurse Julie, who complains that the hospital?s new nurse (Zoe Callister) is late for work on her very 1-st day. Julie then hands Flynn the x-ray that was taken of Leah (as part of the tests than Flynn ordered).

Flynn then shows Leah & Dan the x-ray. He tells them that, during the operation, THAT swab was accidentally left inside Leah.

Leah & Dan react differently to the news - Leah is merely interested in knowing what?s got to happened next (flynn says that another doctor will perform surgery to remove swab) whilst Dan is V annoyed about what?s happened, ie Dan is all but baying for Flynn?s blood.

Flynn exits Leah?s room. He looks deeply concerned - and he can also hear Leah & Dan talking about what?s happened.

A little later, Nurse Julie approaches Flynn. She tells him that the head of the hospital wants to see Flynn at 10am tomorrow morning.

That night, we flynn returned home, he told sally about what he?d done and Flynn added that he wouldn?t expect a 1-st year intern to make such a stupid/basic error that he had. The scene ended with a down beat Flynn saying ?just what kind of a doctor am I ? ?

Next morning, Sally is surprised that Flynn is leaving for work so early. She is SHOCKED when Flynn tells her that he?s going to RESIGN from the hospital (before the meeting at 10am). Furthermore, sally voices her concerns that Flynn didn?t talk to her about his decision - because his decision affects the WHOLE family. Flynn responds by telling Sally that that is HIS decision alone to make - he then exits the house leaving Sally V frustrated (end of ep)

AT the hunter house, Tash & Beth are talking about Robbie?s recent attitude - and the reason for it. Robbie enters the room and tells Tash & Beth that he is NOT pleased that they are talking about him behind his back. Beth then ?suggests? that Robbie should go to the hospital and actually get test done - to confirm/deny if he is actually infected with anything. Robbie is reluctant - but he eventually agrees

(note - throughout this scene, and virtually the whole ep, Robbie continued to speak in an angsty way).

AT the hospital, Flynn tells Robbie that he?s just given Robbie the inoculations for things like Hepatitus, but when Flynn says this, Robbie responds by saying that there?s nothing Flynn can do IF Robbie has HIV. Beth then enquires how long those tests will take. Flynn responds by saying that he?ll have to test Robbie (for HIV) in a few weeks, with a 2-nd tests for the disease 6 weeks for now.

Outside the room where Robbie & Co. were, Beth talks to Flynn. She thinks that Robbie isn?t really dealing with what?s happened to him. She asks Flynn if he can suggest a counsellor - as she thinks that Robbie might open up to a person that he has no (family or friendly) connection with. Not surprisingly, Robbie hears Beth & Flynn talking. He?s not impressed, once more, with ppl talking about him behind his back.

Son after, Robbie goes for a walk. He?s not pleased that Tash has decided to join him. When they are arguing about this, the continually walking Robbie just crashes into the seated Gus. Robbie goes off at Gus (?watch where you?re going? etc) and this further dismays Tash.

Later, Tash goes to the diner where she talks to Irene. Tash tells Irene about the way Robbie has been acting but doesn?t tell Irene about the needle stick injury - Beth made Tash ?swear? that she tells no one about it.

Irene tells Tash that she should perhaps let Robbie at least try to sort this out himself, and as Irene says this, we see Robbie alone on the beach - it?s night time and Robbie is shedding a tear or two.


Are Flynn?s career, AND his marriage, OVER ???????

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