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Friday 28 January 2005 - "Things/Ppl Who Make Your Skin Crawl&quo

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Things/Ppl Who Make Your Skin Crawl

(Ep screened in Australia on Friday 28 January 2005 -

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

As the ep begins, Flynn is preparing a V nice breakfast for sally (as a "return of serve" for sally's ruined special dinner last night).

Colleen enters - looking for her mail. She asks Flynn if he?s is doing this (breakfast) because of recent issues that sally & Flynn are having. Flynn looks V concerned that sally's been "blabbing" and colleen can see that Flynn isn't in the best of moods so she decides to bail.

Sally then arrives in the dining room and sees what a great breakfast Flynn has prepared. She compliments him for doing so - but Flynn is more interested in talking about how colleen knows about their issues. Sally responds by saying that colleen must have overheard her talking to Leah at the diner. Sally then insists that she HAD to talk to someone about =- after all, she hasn't been able to speak to Flynn of late - but Flynn?s still upset that sally has been doing so. Sally then suggests that they at least try to enjoy the meal Flynn has prepared. (Note - I have to say that Flynn?s been annoying me these past few days - and saying that sally's in the wrong here is really annoying).

Later, sally goes to the diner, where she tells Leah what occurred that morning i.e. esp. how colleen "blabbed" to Flynn. Leah & sally then talk some more before Leah asks sally to be the matron of honour at her weeding (note - just before sally arrived at diner, Leah & Dan decided to have their wedding on the date of his birthday - Leah was surprised that Dan had, earlier that morning, already told his parents that he plans to wed Leah).

After sally accepts Leah?s offer, Irene won't take no for answer when she suggests the all interested parties (sally, Leah, Dan, Hailey, colleen etc) should come to the beach house tonight - for a "wedding arranging" night.

When sally goes home, she tells Flynn that they've been invited to the beach house tonight, and sally is somewhat annoyed when Flynn says that he has to work tonight (last minute change). Sally is V annoyed with this - and tells flying that he's hiding from his homely responsibilities at work. This angers Flynn, but sally responds by saying that she's all but bringing up baby pippa on her own at this point. Flynn then tells sally that he needs to get ready for work - and exits room (note -= we don?t see it often, but sally/Flynn arguments are always great - maybe because they don't happen often).

Hayley returns to beach house after morning run and she talks to Irene for a bit. Hayley then goes into the bathroom - she screams and quickly exits - followed by the plank, who NOW has a towel covering his private parts. Hayley is way embarrassed, but plank thinks it's a just a bit of fun.

Later, Plank is working at gym when Hayley asks him for the money is the till - so she can take it to bank. Plank gives her the money (in a bag) but it slips from hayley's hand when he gives it to her/ Hayley then begins the pick up all the money that fallen on the floor. Plank offers to help but Hayley says that he can handle things herself. Plank decides to help anything - and asks Hayley if she was embarrassed by the situation. Hayley is clearly uncomfortable - but says somthing akin to "it's not like I haven't seen naked guys before".

Also at the gym, Dan finds peter. Dan then asks peter to be his best man. Peter accepts but wonders how things will go when Dan tells their parents his choice of best man (things must not be so good between peter & their parents). Dan however insists that is his weeding, and therefore her decision.

That night, at the wedding planning get together, the like of Leah, sally, colleen & Irene discuss various things like the colour of bridesmaid dresses - and during the night, plank returns to the beach house. He tells Hayley that he has a present for her - a doorknock sign saying "naked boy inside". Hayley and the others laugh about it - and Hayley tells plank that he must always use the sign in future.

Just before, Leah & the others leave at the end of the night, Leah makes its clear to all - incl. Hayley that she thinks Hayley should get together with Plank (notes - Hayley & Plank = YUCK, and Leah suggesting that it should happen makes thing worse - if that's even possible)

When Sally arrives home from the beach house, we is surprised that Flynn is home from work already - he tells her that things were "slow" tonight. Flynn then wonders how baby pippa was at the wedding plan party - and sally says that pippa slept right through it. Sally then says she is going to bed - and asks Flynn to join her, but Flynn says no (as he mindlessly channel surfs),

Gus goes to diner and orders a strong cup of coffee. When Irene enquires, Gus says he didn't get too much sleep. Whilst he is at diner, Gus' phone rings several times and he comments to Irene that he thought ppl should ring at a more sensible time of day.

When Gus exits diner, he goes to the surf club. When he is outside, his phone rings again. Gus answers and insists that he'll have the money he owes within in a week - but it sounds like Greg can't wait that long, i.e. Gus takes offence to the thought of Kane being harmed.

AT the diner, Irene is rather surprised when Kane orders a strong coffee, and tells Kane what Gus had said earlier.

Soon after, Kane is working at Noah's when Gus enters. They begin to talk - but then Kane breaks off the conversation when he sees Hayley. Kane asked her if she can arrange more shifts for him and Hayley says she'll try to arrange something with Josie & Jesse. Meanwhile, Gus is seriously thinking about taking the bar's takings that Kane had been counting. Thankfully, Hayley & Kane return to the juice bar counter and Hayley asks Kane to hand her the money. Kane is then surprised when Gus says that be has to be somewhere, because Kane was enjoying their conversation.

Later, Gus returns to Noah's bar. He tells Kane that he's scored a job up in Queensland. When Kane enquires, Gus tells him that he needs to leave for up north today. Kane seems disappointed that his father needs to go - but offers to drive his dad to the bus station ands to see him off. Gus is reluctant to let Kane do so - but he eventually agrees.

When they're at the bus stop, Gus suggest to Kane that he doesn?t want to be there when the bus arrives - as Gus doesn?t want to deal with all the mushy good bye stuff - but Kane insists on staying.

Gus & Kane then see the bus approaching and Kane hold out his hand - preparing to shake Gus' hands - but Gus surprises Kane by hugging him. Gus then moves towards the bus - whilst Kane gets in his car and drives off.

Gus then indicates to the bus driver that he's not getting on the bus - and Gus heads unto the bushes, where he phones (presumably) Greg and tells him that Gus will get the money tonight.

When Kane returns to the beach house, He tells Irene what?s happened (job offer). Kane tells Irene that he kind of annoyed that Gus has just "up and left him" again ? but Kane adds that at least Gus says that he?ll keep in touch this time.


Next week, Kane is arrested, Leah insists to Hayley that she and Plank would be great together, and Marc isn't keen on Josie telling him that their 1 night stand was a mistake.

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