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Thursday 3 February 2005 - "Leah, you EVIL Match Making COW!&

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Leah, you EVIL Match Making COW !!!!!!!

(Ep screened in Australia on Thursday 3 February 2005 - Episode # 3889)

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

At the van park house, Sally appears to be V flustered. Flynn enters the house and she enquires why he is home so late (she?s about to go to school), and flynn responds by saying that he had work issues and that he can?t just go home when the bell rings. Sally is not impressed by this, and is rather snappy when she says that she?s got some free periods today, so she?ll be home for the afternoon.

Later, Flynn is lying on the floor of the lounge, and it?s clear from the toys around him that he?s been playing with baby pippa. However, right now, flyyn is getting very tired and he eventually succumbs, ie he falls asleep. Meanwhile, pippa has made her way into the kitchen at the point.

Later, when sally returns to the house, she sees flyyn asleep. She doesn?t seem partic bothered by this, until she can?t see pippa anywhere. Sally searches for her child - and finds pippa on the BACK PATIO. Sally is shocked and the loud sound of Sally?s voice wakes Flynn. Sally quickly re-enters the house and tells Flynn where pippa was. Sally is totally annoyed, and tells Flynn that saying sorry certainl7y is NOT going to fix this - she then rushes upstairs

AT the very moment, Zoe arrives at the van park house. She is surprised to see that Flynn runs the place (Tash hasn?t employed a manger for the place yet). Zoe tells Flynn that she?d like to rent a van (after an earlier chat with Leah & Colleen - see below). Flynn quickly gives Zoe the key to van # 4 - which Zoe thinks is cooool (aslo see below). Zoe then tells Flynn that she heard most of what had just occurred between Flynn & Sally, and she suggests that Flynn should give sally a surprise. Zoe adds that the surprise doesn?t have to be expensive, ie it could merely be a nice gesture etc. Soon after, Sally finally comes downstairs, and she sees a note of the dining room table. In the note, flynn tells her that he shouldn?t have let things get this bad, and that he is at the hospital right now - doing something about those dreaded night shifts. When Sally finishes reading the note, it?s clear that Zoe?s suggestion to Flynn was a V good one.

AT the diner, Colleen is complaining to Leah about the way Irene spoke to the likes of peter (about kane) yesterday.

Zoe then comes to the counter and asks Leah if she can put up a notice in the diner about herself getting a 2-nd part time job - Leah says she definitely can.

Zoe then asks Leah & Co for suggestions about accommodation in the bay. Leah & colleen suggest the Van Park - colleen ads that she lives there as well. Zoe thinks that the Van Park sounds cool, so colleen says that she should avoid van # 1. Zoe responds by saying that she always avoids things to do with that #, and adds that her fave # is 4. Leah responds by saying that Zoe was sitting at table 4, which Zoe thinks is cool. Zoe then goes to the van park house - see above (note - this is the 1-st time we?ve seen Zoe out of uniform. She?s wearing a green & white halter dress, and has her longish hair "out").

Hayley was in the diner when Zoe was saying all this "lucky" stuff, and then she goes outside where she see Scott, who suggests that they really should have that meal together that they said they would. Hayley takes heart when she see a ladybug on Scott?s shirt, and comments that she thinks they *ladybug) are a symbol of good fortune. Scott then suggests that they should have a picnic lunch together today - and Hayley agree.

Scoot then goes to the wharf and alf notices that Scott is feeling better that usual. When Scott mentions the picnic, alf responds by asking whom the "ladybird" is that Scott is going to lunch with. Scott laughs (ladybird / ladybug) and tells alf that he is further encouraged by those words.

Alf subsequently tells that the couple who were booked for a romantic cruise on the Blaxland tonight have had to cancel, so Scott had have the pretty expansive hamper that was for the romantic booking. Soon after, Hayley arrives by the sea (where the 2 planned to meet). She is pleasantly surprised by how much trouble Scott has gone to. When Hayley drinks some of the red wine that was part of the hamper, she comments that she doesn?t usually drink during the day - as she gets really light headed. Hayley adds that the last time she drank alcohol during the day was the day she got married. This comment brings out a further revelation from Hayley - she says that usually any thought of noah brings a touch of sadness (even happy memories like the wedding) but THIS time she didn?t feel that usual unhappiness. Hayley says that maybe Leah & Irene are right and now she can move on with her life, but she cautions that by saying that she wants to take things slowly.

Scott was, of course, encouraged by the "move on" comment, but he didn?t tell Hayles how he feels because of the "take it slow" line.

Later, Scott is working on the Blaxland when alf returns to the boat. Alf comments that lunch obviously didn?t go well - and Scott well & truly concurs.

Josie & Jesse are on their usual morning run when Jesse comments that there must be something distracting Josie - as she had a 10 minute head start on him (and he?s now, of course, caught up to her). Jesse tells Josie that she shouldn?t let Tasha?s problems with Robbie concern her THIS much.

Josie the launches into a speech about how truly great their (Jesse/Josie) relationship is, eg she thinks that there relationship can survive anything. Jesse responds by saying he agrees, and this encourages Josie, ie you get the felling that she now thinks she can tell Jesse about her indiscretion with Marc, BUT Jesse then says that a realtionship can?t survive if someone is cheating on the each other. Not surprisingly, Josie is disheartened - and quickly abandons her plan to tell Jesse.

Soon after, Josie encounters marc near the trees by the Blaxland wharf. She says that she?ll give him the money at this place at 4pm this afternoon.

Later, Jesse is at Noah?s when Josie?s mobile rings. He goes to answer the call but in the process he knocks her purse onto the ground - and the "hush" money falls out. Josie then approaches the bar - and when Jesse mentions the cash, she says that she hasn?t done the banking today. Josie then exits Noah?s with the money.

Soon after, she meets with marc near the wharf - and she give him the cash.

Things get worse a little later, when marc arrives at Noahs and tells Josie & Jesse that he?s come into some money, which he?ll use to rent a place in town, marc adds that he?s also scored a job with the local fire brigade - to say Josie is annoyed is an understatement (end of ep)

At the diner, Dan tells Leah that he?s got to go as he?s arranging a surprise for her. Dan then leaves the diner.

Soon after, the mail arrives at the diner, and Leah opens an envelope, which contains 6 tickets for a scenic plane flight around the bay.

When Dan returns, both Leah & colleen thank him for the tickets - but Dan said that they?re not from him,

Leah shows him the accompanying card (which says, "enjoy the ride") - whilst colleen arranges a shift sap with one of the diner?s "extra" staff - who must have been at the diner on her day off. Colleen then talks to Dan about how her ex (Les) always got sick on planes, and colleen reacts as though she really surprised when they formally invite her on the plane trip. Leah & Dan then has to rethink their other choices fro the tickets - as sally & flyyn (off screen) say they can?t come and Dan says that peter will be still in the city. Leah asks Hayley to join in and she accepts but Hayley is NOT impressed when Leah aslo invites the plank.

(Note - Leah says that she wants Irene to have the last ticket, but Leah actually hasn?t asked Irene as yet. Leah?s suggestion of asking Irene at least lends some kind of logic as to why Tash is on board the plane when it crashes, ie Irene must say that she can?t and Leah goes for the closest option to Irene, ie Tash)


It looks like marc is going to continue making Josie (literally) pay for her actions AND, coming soon, the plane crash

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