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Monday 7 February 2005 - "C is for Colleen & CLUELESS!�

Guest Di

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Home and Away : C is for Colleen & CLUELESS !!!

(Ep screened in Australia on Monday 7 February 2005 - Episode # 3891)

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

AT the crash site, Dan stumbles out of the plane. He then assists Leah as she gets out of the wreck. Once Leah is out, Dan concentrates on getting colleen out. Btw, all 3 gave bloodied gashes on their faces. Leah can see that Dan needs help with Colleen who appears to be pretty dazed so they (Leah & Dan) both assist colleen in getting out of the plane. Hayley is alert, but is worried about the seemingly unconscious Plank - indeed, it takes Hayley about 15 seconds before the Plank stirs (pity, I was REALLY hoping that he?d died). As Leah gets Colleen well clear of the plane, Hayley & Dan assist Plank as he gets out of the plane. Dan then notices that the pilot is dead. Meanwhile, Leah is WAAAAY emotional as Dan turns his attention to the REALLY unconscious Tash (yep, that?s what you need at a crash scene, a even more emotional than usual Leah).

AT Noah?s Marc is really keen on celebrating Jesse & Josie?s engagement, and suggests they all head to the city to really celebrate. Jesse suggests that wait for Hayley & Co. to return but alf is concerned bout those aboard the plane (as they?re an hour late - from their schedule return time - already).

AT the crash site, Dan & Hayley are REALLY concerned bout Tash - they can?t wake or even move her. Hayley is relieved when she can at least feel a pulse from Tasha (and that?s she?s breathing). Hayley and the others are majorly concerned that Tash is stuck though. Hayley is V relieved also when Tasha awakes - but she?s even more dazed and confused than colleen is.

AT Noah?s, Josie is looking V annoyed and guilty, as marc tells her that he thinks her engagement is fantastic - as she?ll be paying him a LONG time for his silence. Jesse arrives mid conversation and marc is forced to "make light" of a nasty sentence to Josie by telling Jesse that he?ll have to abandon thoughts of chaining Jesse up in the middle of nowhere on buck?s night- which Jesse laughs about.

Meanwhile, scoot asks alf if he?s said anything to anyone about Scott?s feeling for Hayley. Alf says that he hasn?t - and both their thoughts turn to those aboard the plane. Scott begins to ring Leah?s mobile.

AT the crash site, Dan & Plank remove the dead pilot from the plane, and then they try to, once more, remove the obstructions stopping Tash from getting out.

At Noah?s, Scott? having no luck ringing the mobiles of Leah & Co. (out of range), whilst alf is on the phone to air safety. Alf is totally shocked when he says "Oh God!"

AT the crash site, colleen is sitting alone and she comments on the covered body of the pilot that is in her visual range.

AT the plane, Dan asks Leah to find at BIG stick that they can use to pry Tash free, but as Leah goes do so, she sees the engine is beginning to spark. She runs over to Dan, screaming all the way about the engine thing. Plank urges Hayley to get out of the plane, but she won?t leave Tasha?s side.

Hyde enters the diner and he speaks to Irene about their recent date (both enjoyed themselves etc). Hyde suggests that they go to a jazz club next time and then the phone rings (it?s Jesse).

AT the crash site, Hayley, Plank & Leah are finally able to move the object which is preventing them from opening the plane door that Tash is closest to. Tash is waaaay delirious as Dan & Co. try to pry her free.

At Noah?s, Alf says that the pilot radioed a distressed call 15 minutes before he was due to land. Marc wonders if they can locate the plane via its e-perb, but alf says it?s not working. Alf suggests that one of them should go with the rescue helicopter pilot (retrace plane flight route) and Scott says that he?ll go. The likes of Josie & Marc are keen to begin searching on feet, but alf thinks that they should say at surf club, and continually try ringing mobiles of Leah, Dan & Co. until plane is located - then they?ll go in by foot or boat (depending which one is quicker).

At crash site, the battle to free tash continues. Dan & Co. are finally able to pry her free - and Dan carries Tash well away for the burning plane.

Robbie arrives at Noah?s and sees all the maps & radio equipment and comments "who needs DVDs when you?ve got all this action?" Irene tells him the plane clash, and a clueless Robbie asks "what plane?" and Irene tells him what?s happened - Robbie is shocked to hear that Tash is aboard.

AT crash site, Hayley & plank are V concerned about Tash, while colleen is really concerned that they?ll never be found. Leah is blaming herself for inviting everyone on the trip. She then asked Plank about Tash - he says that Tash is NOT looking good.

Dan tells the others that he?s going to go for help, but Leah & plank think that he should stay put, esp. since they?re got plenty of food ? and a flare if need be.

At Noah?s, Irene, Hyde & Robbie are V concerned. Irene even blames herself for Tash being aboard the plane, ie "it should have been me".

Meanwhile, alf gets a radio call from Scott. They?ve gone over the flight route wit no luck - and are now investigating other options.

At the crash site, Tasha continually calls out for Robbie, whilst plank realises that Tasha?s condition is getting worse. He thinks she?s going into shock, so they cover Tash with a blanket.

When Scott returns to Noah?s, he says that he wants to check something that he saw whilst in the rescue helicopter. Marc, Jesse & several others begin to move out of the surf club - and Robbie says that he wants to go with then. Alf thinks it?s a bad idea (Robbie not trained) but Scott says that Robbie still stick with him.

At the crash site, colleen begins to talk about the story of the ppl whose plane crashed in the Andes Mountains and were forced to cannibalise the dead passengers (the movie "Alive" was based on these events). Hayley & the others make it clear that this kind of talk is NOT appreciated.

AT Noah?s, alf gets a radio call from Scott, who says the object he saw in the helicopter was an old car body. Alf then tells Scott that the helicopter pilot has seen some smoke near where Scott & the rescue party are.

Soon after, Scott & Co see some smoke, but it?s just from the campfire on some bush walkers. Scott tells Alf this.

At the crash site (as night falls), Hayley make a rather large S.O.S. with tree branches whilst Plank sets off the flare. Both hope that someone sees their flare - and that they are rescued soon (end of ep)


Dan gives Leah the engagement ring, the search continues and there?s THAT V EVIL (Hayley/Plank) kiss !!!

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