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Tuesday 15 February 2005 - "A Match Made In HELL!"

Guest Di

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Home and Away : A Match Made In HELL !!!!!!!

(Ep screened in Australia on Tuesday 15 February 2005 - Episode # 3987)

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

In the kitchen of the beach house, Hayley is totally happy and this intensifies when Plank enters the room. They (YUCK) kiss, but they stop doing so before both Irene & kane enter the kitchen (as Hayley &^ plank don?t want ppl to know about their relationship as yet). Morag enters the beach house via front door, and asks KK if they are ready to go to the prison (to see Scotty P). Kane indicates that he?s as ready as he?ll ever be. Irene hugs KK, wishes them luck, before they exit the beach house.

Near the surf club, alf & Scott H are discussing ideas about how to promote their Blaxland business. Alf & Scott H encounter Josie & Jesse - and Josie suggests that flyers, pamphlets etc are great ideas. Marc then joins the discussion and alf comments that he?d know all about promotions as marc is the current local hero.

Alf & Scott then continue walking way from the surf club, as Josie & Jesse walk towards it, and Jesse offers marc a free juice at Noah?s - which Josie clearly isn?t happy with, and it doesn?t help that marc is underplaying his local hero status.

At the beach house, Irene reads out some of the newspaper article about the plane crash (which praises marc) to Hayley & plank. Irene comments that (because of Marc?s quote in the article) that the ppl who deserve hero status never want it. Irene then begins to go to the kitchen to wash her breakfast dishes but she is more than a little suspicious when Hayley & plank suggests that they?ll do those dishes for her. When Irene exits the room, Hayley & plank you know (I just can?t write the "K" word - this pairing is too disgusting for words) again. (Btw, sorry if there?s a distinct lack of detail during these Hayley/plank scenes - for the most part I could only hear what was going on, as I cerrtainly didn?t want to watch this DROSS. Also, may I say that I was wrong when I said, last year, that Plank & Kit were the worst pairing in H&A history - Hayley/Plank is FAR more EVIL. One more thing, this whole drug thing REALLY must be affecting Flynn - he "missed" the Dalby has diabetes, and he also hasn?t diagnosed Hayley with the MASSIVE case of brain damage that she obviously MUST be suffering).

Outside the jail, Morag tells kane to keep his calm whilst talking to Scotty p, but to keep on pushing him for info. Kane stops walking as they get really close to the jail entrances and he tells Kirsty that he?s REALLY not keen on facing his brother again. Kane, however, works up the courage, and enters the jail. He is taken to the visitor/prisoner meeting area and as he waits for Scotty p, he sees a young woman, with a baby, talking to her imprisoned husband.

AT Noah?s, Josie isn?t keen on using the valentine?s day decorations as part of her & Jesse?s wedding. Marc enters - just as Josie is having trouble with the cash register. Marc assists her by opening the register with a special "catch" on the underside of the register. Because of this, Jesse asks marc if he?s had some experience working in bars. Marc responds that he has, so Jesse offers him some shifts (because of Kane?s current woes). Josie agrees to the suggestion that marc can work there, but it?s clear (to we viewers) that she HATES the idea.

AT the jail, Scotty P approaches form behind Kane - and kind of surprises Kane because of this. When Scotty p suits down, he almost mockingly asks why kane was decided to visit him. (Note - Scotty p is V confidant as he asks this question).

At the beach house, Hayley & plank are kissing - but this time, Irene walks in the back door of the house and busts them. The look of shock on her face is PRICELESS !

At the prison, Scotty P says that it?s a "pity" that the police arrested kane for this robbery. Kane says that he?s innocent, and Scotty p replies with this "tell it to a jury".

Kane asks Scotty P to confirm if Gus visited him. Scotty p says that Gus did, but didn?t reveal anything about his whereabouts. Scotty p asks kane about life in the bay, esp. about "crazy" Tash and Kirsty. Kane tries to ignore these "cocky" comments form Scotty p, and insists that he NEED Scotty p?s help, but Scotty p says "you owe me, and shouldn?t be asking me for favours".

AT the beach house, Irene tells Hayley & plank than she thinks they are silly ? but then (annoyingly) follows this by saying that they are silly for trying to hide their relationship. Irene continues by saying that Hayley & plank should beat the town gossips to the punch and tell everyone themselves.

Hayley & plank go to diner, where colleen is V pleased for them, whilst Leah is TOTALLY nauseating as she says that she is glad that she gave Hayley "the push" she needed to go out with Plank. Scott enters diner and Colleen talks about his LEAST fave subject (Hayley/plank). Colleen then comments that she wishes a man would enter her life, and Irene responds by saying that, if colleen wants a man, she needs to get out & about - and colleen seems to take this advice to heart.

At the prison, kane is annoyed by Scotty p?s cavalier attitude to this meeting, and kane insists that this isn?t just about him, ie it?s about Kirsty & the unborn KK baby. Scotty p replies by saying that he & Kane survived without a father, but kane insists that Scotty p should REALLY remember what Gus did to them. Scotty p then tells kane that although Gus didn?t say where he was, but he did mention that kane "took the fall" for his latest robbery. When kane asks if Scotty p will say that in court, Scotty p says that Kane has to do something for him 1-st.

Outside the prison, Morag is NOT keen that kane has promised Scotty p that Morag will assist him with his upcoming parole board meeting. When KK asks about what Scotty p said about Gus, Morag says that she hopes to get an objection from the prosecutor - so she can get Scotty p into the witness box (which will put his "hearsay" comments "on the record")

AT Noah?s Jesse helps marc with a minor problem with the bar, and marc comments that he?s V disappointed when he hears that Josie isn?t working at the bar toninght.

Jesse then detects some of Josie?s apprehension about marc, but she responds by saying that she couldn?t have voiced her concerns right in front of marc, as that would have been rude". Josie however adds that there could be trouble (in the future) with marc.

Soon after, also at Noah?s, alf & Scott H are talking about a draft design for their advertising flyer that Scott has designed. Jesse & Hayley comment that they like the design so far, and then an all "dolled up" colleen enters the room. She tells alf & the others that she is going to a bowls club function, as she is interested in a recently widowed man. Marc wishes her luck - and colleen comments on how charming marc is. Colleen then exits, closely followed by Jesse & Josie.

KK are in their room at the beach house, and kane is apprehensious about Scotty p helping him. Kirsty insists that kane repeats the following "everything is going to be fine" - and he does. Kane adds that things always take a while for things to "sink in", and Kirsty resposnds (mockingly - but in a good way) that she "expected that". KK then hug BIG TIME (note - I?m not overly a fan of Kirsty, but I DO like her in "cutesy" scenes like this one).

At Noah?s, Scott H is working on the draft flyer - and Hayley suggest that she could do up some artwork for it.

AT Josie?s flat, Josie tells Jesse that marc is REALLY bringing all those memories (of the life she?s trying to forgot) flooding back - and Josie is WAY convincing when she says this. Jesse says that they have to find a way to let marc go (ie sack him from the bar).

AT Noah?s, Hayley continue to help Scott h with the flyer. She then kisses Plank before he leaves and Hayley also comments on the good job that marc is going (note - you can see the unfair dismissal claim that marc will raise coming). Hayley goes back to helping Scott h, but she senses the something isn?t quite right, so as he goes to leave, she asks Scott H what?s going on. He looks set to answer - but that?s where the ep ends !!!!!!!


Zoe is REALLY keen for Scott H to help her break up Hayley & Plank, as Zoe WAAAAY has "the hots" for Plank

(Zoe is DEFINITELY my new best friend - I say anything/anyone who splits up Hayley/Plank is

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