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Summer's Bay

Homecoming Part 3

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Chapter 338


Six days later


Emotional background music


Hanson Residence- New York

James looked at the dark haired woman snoring in the bed and he smiled to himself. He couldn't even remember her name. He shook his head and got up from the bed and reached for his dressing gown. He put it on and tied the waist. He put his slippers on and walked out of the bedroom of the long island mansion towards the stairs. James smiled to himself as he remembered a joke, he heard last night. He shook his head and laughed at the punch line as he walked towards a room protected by double doors. James opened the doors with both hands and walked towards the desk. He opened the curtains which let a bright light into the room and sat down. He looked at the neat desk and picked up a key which opened the first drawer. He pulled out a folder and looked at some names listed on a piece of paper…he ran his finger down the list remembering each person then his finger stopped at one name. James exhaled…then he picked up the phone and began to dial…“Larry..I think its about time that you take care of that outstanding problem..good” James said then he put the phone down and again looked at the name on the list and put the folder on the desk and walked out of the room…


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Alf stared at the ceiling. He didn’t know how long he had been awake, but he knew it was morning because the sun was shining through a gap in the curtain. He looked down at Ailsa, she was still asleep. Alf sighed silently. It had been a long tense week. He didn’t know what Michael saw..he was too scared to ask…it meant he would have to face reality about what he was doing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 “Hmmm good morning” Alfs thoughts were disrupted “Morning love” Alf  said and Alf reached up and kissed him“Its been so good having you home this week “Yeah” Alf said. He knew it wasn’t a good idea to see Debra..he wanted to cool things down…have time to think in case Michael said anything. He had to admit, it felt good being at home, not having to lie about staying out..but Debra felt like a drug…one that he had to have…


Lawrence residence- Summer Bay


Debra- Do you think he saw anything?

Alf- I dunno but I think we need to cool it, just until I have a chance to figure things out

Debra- I cant believe it, we have always been careful

Alf- I know love…look, nothing has changed

Debra- I know, its just that I am going to miss not seeing you

Alf- I know, me too

Flashback ends

Debra spread her arm out on the empty space next to her on the bed and sighed. She knew it was wrong…she knew that eventually something like this was going to happen…something to keep them apart…she was just hoping it wouldn’t happen now…not now that they were starting to be a family....like they should be...


Lawrence residence- The City

“Yes, start the necessary paperwork…ill be there on Monday to sign..thank you” Dennis said then he put the phone down as he heard footsteps

“Good morning love, you are up early” Dennis said as Karen walked into the living room

“I couldn’t sleep…think about going back to Summer Bay” Karen said then she burst into tears. She had been crying any chance she got, hoping that it would persuade her father to keep her in the city

“Oh love, don’t cry..everything will be ok” Dennis said and he got up and hugged Karen. He hated the fact that his daughter was so upset at her new school but he was going to do something about it.

“Now go and get ready, there is still a few days before you and your brother go back..ill take you shopping” Dennis said and Karen wiped her face

“Thanks Dad, I love you so much…you are the best dad” Karen said then she wiped her face and kissed her cheek and walked back upstairs as Dennis smile disappeared. He was going to get his children back….


General Hospital- Summer Bay

“So what do you think you are going to do?” Craig said and Steve shrugged his shoulders. He had just finished telling him about his aunts offer of going to live in England

“I wish I had an Aunt who wanted me to come and live in England” Craig said and he sighed

“When are you going home?” Steve said

“Tomorrow if my test results are alright” Craig said and sighed. He wished that he wasn’t going home…back to the realty of who he is..back to the reality of what he did

“Do you think you will come back to school on Monday?” Steve said and Craig shrugged

“About what Karen said” Steve was interrupted “I don’t want to talk about it” Craig said

“Sorry…I just wanted to say that..its alright with me…if that is true..im still your friend” Steve said and Craig turned to look at him and smiled “Thanks” Craig said and forced a smile….


Summer Bay

“Oh no” Marilyn said and turned the engine off and got out of the car as smoke escaped from under the bonnet. Marilyn sighed. She only had the car for a few days and already she had a problem with it. Even though the beach house wasn’t too far from the resort, she wanted to drive to work this morning. Marilyn bent down and tried to figure how to open the bonnet to let the smoke out but she didn’t know anything about cars, only how to drive them…slowly. Marilyn walked back to the car and took out a scarf and began fanning the smoke away

“Need some help?” Marilyn jumped and turned around to see a man jogging towards her. She had seen him around but she didn’t know his name

“Yes please” Marilyn said with a smile as the man walked over to the drivers door, bent in the car and pressed something to make the bonnet open. Marilyn coughed as the smoke over powered her.

“Can it be fixed?” Marilyn said as he man looked into the car. He touched a few things

“Yeah, its just overheating…have you got some water?” He said

“Yes, I do” Marilyn said as she quickly went to the car and pulled out a water bottle from her bag and gave it to him. He opened the bottle and poured some into a tiny hole in the car and the smoke started to cool down

“Thank you…my name is Marilyn” Marilyn said with a smile

“Adam” Adam said and Marilyn smiled


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Whats that for?” Pippa said as Carly put the money on the table. Carly noticed her pushing a yellow paper into her pocket.

“Its for Bens van” Carly said

“Oh Carly, don’t be silly. Ben is a guest…he doesn’t have to pay” Pippa said

“I know, but he wouldn’t want to stay here for free…and I know the bookings are down” Carly said

“I cant take your money Carly..everything is fine” Pippa said as she walked over to the desk, took out the yellow paper and pushed it into the back of the drawer

“Pippa” Carly was interrupted

“No Carly, I wont take your money

“Come on Christopher, Sally…We are just going to the shops to get a few things..then to the beach for a while..want to come?I” Pippa said and she began to walk to the door

“No..thanks I have to do the wholesale order” Carly said and smiled

“Ok then, well see you later” Pippa said and smiled

Bye Carly” Sally said

“Bye Cally” Christopher said and waved and followed Pippa and Sally out of the house. Carly waited until she heard the car drive off then she walked over to the desk and opened the draw. She reached into the corner for the yellow crumpled up paper and opened it. It was a receipt from the pawn shop. Carly sighed. Just as she was about to close the draw she noticed some envelopes and letters pushed to the back, she took one out and opened it. It was a letter advising that Toms pension from the Macklin corporation was cancelled. Carly folded the letter and put it in the envelope and put it back in the drawer. She opened another envelope, it was an outstanding water bill. Carly sighed and she put letter away and picked up anther, it was an outstanding electricity bill. Carly sighed then she picked up another letter, it was overdraft fees from the bank. Pippa lied...everything was not fine..they were in so much trouble financially, but Carly knew she couldn’t say anything..

Knock at the door

Carly jumped then turned around

“G’day” Ben said and walked into the house

“Ben, hi, I wasn’t expecting you until next week” Carly said as Ben walked over to her

“I decided to come early, if that is alright with you” Ben said

“Yeah..fine” Carly faked a smile as Ben kissed her

“You don’t look too thrilled…I can go if you want” Ben said

“No..no, sorry..Im glad you are here” Carly said then she folded the letter and pushed it back into the drawer and shut it.

"Are you ok?" Ben said

“Everything is fine, Come on, I got a van ready for you..” Carly said and she smiled as best she could as she followed Ben out of the house..


Background music ends


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Chapter 339

Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

“Be with you in a minute” Alf shouted from the stockroom as he heard the door open. He put the box down and turned the light off. As he walked to the counter he brushed the dust off his hands and laughed as he remembered a joke that Blake told him. When Alf got to the counter his smile disappeared as he saw Michael standing at the counter

“G’day Michael” Alf said

“G’day…just some WD40 thanks” Michael said as he looked at Alf. Alf walked over to one of the shelves in the shop and picked up the can and walked back to the counter and put it on the counter and looked up at Michael. He didn’t know if he should say anything…he didn’t know how much Michael saw but the fact that he felt uncomfortable and there was an awkwardness, he knew that Michael knew something.

“Anything else I can get you?” Alf said with an awkward smile

“No..just this thanks” Michael said as he gave Alf some money. The atmosphere was very awkward

“I I am glad you popped in, I was meaning to come by your place. I spoke to the Rotary president since you are my brother in law, he will make an exception about your application” Alf said and Michael looked at him. He knew what Alf was doing…he knew what he saw.

“Well, thanks. That’s great news” Michael said as he smiled “Ill see you later” Michael said then he walked towards the door. Alf sighed as he watched him walk out of the shop


“Pippa I know which one to get” Sally said as she ran towards the shop and went inside. Pippa smiled as she took Christopher out of his seat and closed the door. The door wouldn’t close properly and Pippa sighed…this was another cost that she didn’t have money for.

“G’day” Pippa’s smile disappeared as she looked up to see Michael standing in front of her. This was the first time she had seen him face to face after he told her that he had feelings for her.

“Having trouble with your car?” Michael said

“No” Pippa said and she slammed the door and it closed.

“Pippa..look.. I can’t help how I feel” Michael said and put his hand on Pippas.  

“Stay away from me” Pippa said then she moved her hand and walked away. Michael turned around to see her walk away then he turned around and walked towards his car as Celia watched from a distance…


Shopping centre -Yabbie Creek

“Haha” Lucinda laughed as her and Nick walked through the shopping centre. They had just finished lunch and were on their way back to the car

“Thanks for lunch” Lucinda said as she linked arms with Nick

“Youre welcome…it was nice to get out of Summer Bay” Nick said. This was the first time he had visited the shopping Centre. He and Lucinda had been getting to know each other better. It had been going well, they actually had a lot of things in common. She even surprised him when she said at one point she did consider joining the police force. “Oh, I just remembered, do you mind if I just pop in there and get some shampoo?” Lucinda said “Sure, Ill wait for you here” Nick said and smiled as Lucinda went into the shop. He looked in the window of the shop next door. It was a camping shop shop. Nick put his hand in his pocket and his keys fell out. He bent to pick them up when he turned around he locked eyes with Julie who had just come out of the shop that Lucinda went into.


Emotional background music


Julie silently sighed. This was the first time she had seen Nick. She didn’t know what to say…well she did, she wanted to ask him why he ignored her..she wanted to ask him what she did wrong..

“G’day” Nick said. Julie was the last person he expected to see.

“Hi” Julie said

“How are you?” Nick said

“Good, you?” Julie said

“Yeah, good” Nick said. It was awkward, they both felt it. Nick didn’t know what to say…he had to admit that seeing her was good.

“Sorry I took long” Nick turned around to see Lucinda walking out of the shop

“No its fine…Julie this is Lucinda” Nick said

“I remember you, from the diner in Summer Bay” Julie said and smiled. She did remember her…the night that Nick took her to the diner she remembered that she worked there

“Yes, hi” Lucinda said and she linked her arm into Nicks as Julie watched

“We better go” Nick said “It was nice to see you” Nick said

“Yeah, bye” Julie said and smiled

“Bye” Lucinda said and they began to walk away

Julie sighed as she watched them walk away. She thought she was over Nick..she tried..she thought he was different..that it was going to be different this time…

“Ready to go love” Julie looked up to see her mum

“Yeah” Julie said and smiled and began to roll herself forward. Julies mum sensed something was wrong but she began to walk behind Julie then she turned around and locked eyes with Nick and noticed that he was with a woman. She turned around and began to walk away…it was for the best anyway…


Ross Boat Shed- Summer Bay

“I thought you was a mate…when thanks for nothing” Michael said and he put the phone down. He threw the notepad in his hand down and walked out of the boatshed and put his hands on his hips. Business was really slow and all his suppliers wanted their money right away. In addition, his ex wife was taking him to court again to try and get the decision reversed and Haydn back with her full time…which meant more money he needed to spend…money he didn’t have. Michael sighed then he though about Celia..he had a plan..when he got his son, he was going to divorce Celia…but now he couldn’t because he needed her…being married and in a stable home gave him an advantage with the court. Michael sighed. He hated that he had to lie…but if it meant keeping his son…lying is what he was going to do…


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

 “Here you go..I know I had one” Ailsa said as she gave Celia a large Pyrex dish

“Thank you, Ill be sure to return it” Celia said and she sighed

“Is everything alright?” Ailsa said as she looked at Pippa

“Yes, fine” Celia said faking a smile

“No its not…come on, sit down..ill make you a cup of tea” Ailsa said and she pulled the chair out for Celia who sat down and sighed then she walked. Celia watched Ailsa take cups out of the cupboard and milk from the fridge then she walked back to the table with two cups of tea. Ailsa put one in front of Celia and sat down. Celia stirred the tea then she stopped and stared into the cup

“Celia” Ailsa said and Celia looked up at her

“Are you having problems with Haydn again?” Ailsa said and Celia shook her head no

“What is the matter? Ailsa said

“What would you do if you thought Alf was having an affair?” Celia said and Ailsa started laughing

“An affair?” Ailsa said and Celia nodded

“Well, I don’t know..Ive never thought about it…why?” Ailsa said with a smiled

"What would you do?" Celia said

"I suppose I will confront him about it..then decided if I thought he was telling me the truth...but I would need to play detective and have some evidence first" Ailsa  said with a smile then her smile disappeared when she noticed that Celia was serious

"Why are you asking me this?" Ailsa said and Celia didnt respond..

“You think Michael is having an affair?”Ailsa said and Celia nodded

“..I don’t believe it, you and Michael are a great couple… I mean with who?” Ailsa said in shock. It was true, she was happy that Celia finally found someone, and got the family she always wanted

“Pippa Fletcher” Celia said and Ailsa opened her eyes wide



Summer Bay

Nick stared at the sand as Lucinda walked next to him. He wasn’t listening to what she was saying. His mind kept going back to earlier when he saw Julie. She looked so pretty without making the effort

“So what do you think?” Lucinda said which brought Nick back to the present

“Im sorry, what did you say?” Nick said

“I was asking what you think about me moving into my own place” Lucinda said

“Why? Don’t you like living with your Uncle anymore?” Nick said

“I do, but I have a job now..I feel bad living there and not paying my way. Anytime I try to give him money he doesn’t take it” Lucinda said

“Lucky you, my uncle knows how much I earn so he definitely takes it from me” Nick said and Lucinda laughed

“How is your cousin?” Lucinda said

“Better..he should be coming home in the next few days” Nick said

“Im really sorry about what he went through” Lucinda said

“Yeah…he doesn’t want to talk about it..neither does my uncle so the house is going to be pretty interesting…you might actually have a good idea about moving out” Nick said and sighed as they continued to walk on the beach…






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