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Homecoming Part 3

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Hello Friends,  I cant believe we are on part 3! I am so excited for you to read what I have in store!


Here is a link for part 1


Here is the link for part 2

 Story Title:  Homecoming Part 3

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Frank, Bobby, Roo, Floss, Aisla, Carly, Sally Pippa, Alf, Nev

Background Characters  Most of the characters who appear in the early years, Mr Greyson, Andy and a few others to be added later

BTTB rating: G/A

Genre: Romance/Drama

Does story include spoilers: No unless you have not watched any episode before 1992

Any warnings: Sexual content, 

Summary:  The aftermath of Tom Fletcher's death prompts a former Summer Bay resident returns home and the impact this return has on the lives of the people he left behind.



Chapter 272





The Bistro- The City


“NARELLE! NARELLE!” Narelle opened her eyes as she heard her name. She looked around and realized where she was. She looked at the desk and quickly put everything on the table into her bag. She also wiped her nose and face, grabbed the bag of change on the desk and got up and walked towards the door and opened

“Sorry I took long, the safe door was stuck…you know how it is” Narelle said with a smile

“Here is the change” Narelle said and she handed the assistant the bag of money as she walked out of the office

“Narelle” The assistant said

“Yeah” Narelle said

“Your nose is bleeding” The assistant said and pointed to Narelles nose. Narelle immediate put her hand up to her face and touched her nose. She looked at her hand and saw some blood then she rushed to the bathroom and shut the door. She walked over to the sink and wet some tissue and wiped her nose then she used a dry tissue to stop the blood. This had been the second nose bleed she had recently…she knew the reason why but it didn’t matter. Narelle removed the tissue from her nose, the bleeding had stopped. She threw the tissue away and walked towards the door. Bobby was leaving soon and then she would be able to have a good time with Jeff. Narelle smiled to herself…she couldn’t believe that she had been chasing love and Jeff had been right under her nose all along. This was the happiest Narelle had been and she couldn’t wait for the future…


Waldorf Creek Court- Waldorf Creek

As Laura walked into the courthouse, her heart beat fast…she didn’t know if this was the right thing to do….being here meant she would have to relive what happened that night. Laura stopped walked and sighed…she would have to relieve what happened that night. Laura turned around and began walking back to the entrance but as she started to walk her body froze. She wanted to walk but she couldn’t. Laura sighed then she noticed a bench and walked over and sat on it. She suddenly felt hot. She fanned herself with her shirt and took deep breaths. After she exhaled the last one, she got up then walked towards the court. Laura quietly peeked into different court rooms until she found the right one. She knew it was the right one because she saw Alf seated next to a police man. Lauran opened the door quietly and sat in the single seat at the back. It was as if that seat was specifically meant for her. It was secluded and away from everybody. Nobody saw her come in as they were all fixated with what was being said by the barrister.


“So there you have it. Alf Stewart is a murderer” The Barrister said as he addressed the courtroom. From her seat, Laura could see Alf. He had his head down, he looked like a broken man. As the Barrister continued with his final address Laura watched as Alf kept his head down….


High School- Summer Bay

Steve took his bag out of his locker and closed the locker door

“Do you want to come with us?” Sandra said

“Im going home” Steve said as Sandra and Viv looked at each other

“Were going to Craigs house to see if he is alright…do you want to come?” Sandra said

“No” Steve said and he began to walk away

“Can you pick up Sally and Tammy?” Viv said

“No” Steve said and he walked away as Sandra and Viv looked at each other. As Steve walked around the corner, he bumped into Adam. After he and Dodge stole the money from the boat, he felt guilty aytime he saw Adam because Adam didn’t know he was involved

“G’day” Adam said

“Hi” Stev said and he walked around Adam

“Hey, Im looking for Mr Fisher” Adam said

“His office is down there” Steve said and he pointed

“Right, thanks” Adam said and he walked in the direction that Steve showed him. Adam looked around the school. He was happy that Mr Fisher gave him the job but annoyed that he would be spending his time picking up cans of cokes and papers. Adam knocked on the door that said headmaster a few times but nobody opened. He began to walk away when he almost bumped into a woman coming around the corner

“Oh, Im sorry…Im looking for Mr Fisher” Adam said

“He isn’t here, I am Ms Lawrence, the deputy head, can I help you?” Debra said

“I suppose. I am the new caretaker. Mr Fisher told me to come today to fill out some forms” Adam said as Debra looked at him.

“Come with me” Debra said as Adam followed her into her office. Debra picked up the forms from her desk and gave them to Adam.

“As it’s the end of the school day, you can fill those out and bring them with you on Monday morning” Debra said

“Right” Adam said as he looked at the papers

“Please be here at 8am as there is a lot of work to do” Debra said

“Ok” Adam said as he smiled at Debra who had a straight expression on her face

“Ok, ill see you on Monday morning bright and early” Adam said hoping the joke would make Debra smile but she didn’t. Adam looked at Debra then he walked out of her office…



The City

Bobby looked at the traffic ahead. It wasn’t usually this busy. The cars in front of her had barely moved. Bobby sighed then she turned the dial on the radio until she heard some music


You can reach me by railway, you can reach me by trailway
You can reach me on an airplane, you can reach me with your mind


Bobby looked out of her driver window, the traffic was still not moving. Bobby sighed then she rested her head on the car seat.


You can reach me by caravan, cross the desert like an Arab man
I don't care how you get here, just get here if you can


“Oh this is ridiculous” Bobby said then she indicated left and took the firs turning on the left. She didn’t know where she was going but she had to get out of sitting in the traffic. She  drove a head for a little while then she turned left and got stuck in some traffic but it wasn’t as bad because the cars were moving


You can reach me by sailboat, climb a tree and swing rope to rope
Take a sled and slide down the slope, into these arms of mine
You can jump on a speedy colt, cross the border in a blaze of hope
I don't care how you get here, just get here if you can


As Bobby slowly moved forward, she looked up and realized that the Macklin Office was right ahead. She signed



Frank- Sorry im late home…say something

Bobby- Why do you always have to work late?

Frank- Its my job

Bobby- Tom gets to go home for his dinner

Frank- Tom is higher in the ranks than me..look it wont be for long…just until I can get to a good position in the company then I will be home all the time…Ill get home before you..even cook you dinner and have a bath ready for you

Bobby- Frank its not funny

Frank- I know…it wont be for long

Bobby- I know…I just miss seeing you

Frank well Im here now

Bobby- Ill heat your dinner up

Frank- I want to heat you up first..

Flashback ends


There are hills and mountains between us
Always something to get over
If I had my way, surely you would be closer
I need you closer



Bobby wiped the stray tear that fell down her cheek and sighed then she pressed gently on the gas and stopped at the traffic light. As Bobby looked at the Macklin building, she moved her head forward and saw Brett get out of his car. Bobby smiled. Maybe this was a sign. She hadn’t seen him lately…maybe she would stop and say hi… Bobby pulled the sun visor down and checked her face. She wiped her face and pushed the visor up. As the traffic light turned to amber, Bobby noticed a woman get out of Bretts car. The woman walked quickly to catch Brett up and she help onto him. The traffic light turned green and Bobby sighed and indicated left and drove away…


There are hills and mountains between us
Always something to get over
If I had my way, surely you would be closer
I need you close


Morgan Residence- New York

Frank put his arm around Roo as she rested her head on his bare chest. This was the first time that they had made love in weeks. Roo smiled to herself, things felt like old times. After eating together and talking, they were where they needed to be. Frank stared at the ceiling as Roo snuggled under his arm as he thought about the letter he didn’t send and how much he missed his best friend….


You can windsurf into my life, take me up on a carpet ride
You can make it in a big balloon, but you better make it soon


Waldorf Creek Courthouse- Waldorf Creek

Morag sat down after giving her final address to the court then looked at Alf who gave her a slight smile and a nod. Morag had done all that she could. She let her brother down…just like she let Bobby down…and her grandchild down. Morag reached for the glass of water she had on the table. She drank some then she sighed. She put the glass on the table. Pippa reached over and held Ailsas hand. Ailsa looked up at Pippa and smiled. She was happy that her friend was here. She tried to keep it together but inside she was falling apart. The jury walked back into the court and sat down. Laura watched as the jury took their seats. Her heart was beating…

You can reach me by caravan, cross the desert like an Arab man
I don't care how you get here, just get here if you can


“Alfred Stewart please stand” The court clerk said and Alf stood up. He looked directly at Ailsa and gave her a wink. If the court found him guilty, he agreed to take a deal of 10 years for accidental manslaughter. Alf exhaled as he waited. Al smiled to himself, just a few minutes more then he can collect his money and buy his one way ticket. He couldn’t believe that he pulled this off.


I don't care, I don't care
I need you right here right now


In the case of Alfred Stewart” The court clerk said


“WAIT” Laura said and stood up. The entire court room looked at her with a surprised looked on their face..



I need you right here right now right by my side yeah yeah
Get here


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay


Knock on the door


Debra put her briefcase on the table. She looked around the house, there was still so much to sort out.


Knock on the door


She let the door knock again. She wasn’t expecting anyone but this time the knock was louder. She walked over to the front door and opened it


“What are you two doing here, youre not supposed to be here until sunday?” Debra said with a shocked look on her face as she looked at her son and daughter


“We decided to come early” Karen her daughter said and smiled..



I don't care how you get here, just get here if you can.


Background music ends



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13 hours ago, Sunny Girl said:

What twists and turns does Laura have up her sleeve? Looking forward to seeing where this goes. 

I love this fan fiction, Summer Bay - I am a very keen long term reader and the Early Years delighted me. ☺️

Thank you for reading,  I am happy that you are enjoying. I am excited for you all to read what I have in store!

Who are your favourite characters from the early years?

13 hours ago, Kristen said:

Great chapter

oh what is Laura about to do?

Debra's kids have turned up early.

Update again soon :)


Thanks for reading ☺️



 Chapter 273



Barnett residence- Summer Bay

Craig bit into the sandwich and sighed. He was thinking of a way to tell his father that he wagged school and when he did go back, was told to go home

Knock at the door

Craig got up and walked towards the front door and opened it to see Sandra standing at the door and smiling. Craig didn’t say anything, he just walked back towards the kitchen. Sandra closed the door and followed him.

“I just wan to see if everything is alright” Sandra said as Craig sat down. Sandra put her bag down and sat opposite him at the dining table

“Everything is fine” Craig said as he bit his sandwich

“So why did you wag school then?” Sandra said

“Because I wanted to” Craig said as Sandra looked at him

“What are you going to say to your dad? Sandra said

“Look, I don’t know why you are here, just rack off and leave me alone” Craig said to Sandra who looked surprised

“Why are you being like this…I thought we were friends” Sandra said and sighed. She really did they were friends. When she was living with her old foster parents they still kept in touch. Sandra thought that maybe she could like he more than a friend..but she couldn’t. Craig didn’t respond

“I guess ill see you later then” Sandra said and she got uo and began to walk away

“Wait” Craig said and he got up and followed Sandra. Sandra turned around and looked at him. Before she knew it, ,Criag was kissing her.Sandra pulled back

“Craig, what are you doing” Sandra said with a shocked look on her face. Craig sighed, he didn’t know what he was doing

“Just rack off and leave me alone” Craig said and he walked towards his bedroom and shut the door. Sandra walked out of the house and closed the door. Craig lay back on the bed and closed his eyes when he heard Sandra lose the door. He was feeling so confused….he probably lost a friend today because of the way he was feeling…he needed to know…he needed to know if what he was feeling was right….


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

“How did you get here? Debra said as she looked at her children

“By the bus” Karen said and Debra stared at her

“Honest mum, we took the bus here” Blake her son said

“So whats it like around here?” Karen said as she looked out of the window

“Its fine…and you are both going to behave yourselves” Debra said

“We always do” Blake said and smiled

“Come on Blake, lets go and take a walk around town” Karen said

“Not until you pack your things away in your bedrooms” Debra said

“We can do it later, come on Blake” Karen said and before Debra could protest, the children were already out of the door. Debra sighed and looked out of the window as she watched them walk down the road.



Waldorf creek court- Waldorf creek

Emotional background music

The judge dropped the gavel twice “Order in the courtroom” He said as the people in the court Quietened down and sared at Laura as she walked towards the judge. Alf looked at Laura…he didn’t understand why she was here…Morag stared at Laura…Al stared at Laura..he didn’t know what she would have to say..

“I I am sorry your honour…I have something to say…something about this case…something I should have said a week ago when Morag came to see me” Laura said


“Your honour as this last minute we don’t need to hear any more testimony, Alfred Stewart is guilty” The prosecution barrister


“Youre honour, If Ms Brenan has something to say, I believe the court has a right to hear it” Morag said as she looked at Laura. Her heart beated fast…she knew that Laura had something to say

“Ok, I will allow it, please step forward into the dock and be sworn in…” The judge said as Laura walked to the dock and was sworn in by the court cleark

“Be seated” The court clerk said and everyone sat down excluding Morag

“For the purpose of the court, please state your full name” Morag said

“Laura Marie Brenan” Laura said and exhaled. She couldn’t believe she was here…about to relive that night. She rubbed her palms on her knees, they were sweaty…she was uncomfortable as Morag stared at her.

“Ms Brenan, on the night in question, what do you remember” Morag said and Laura inhaled deeply then exhaled


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Carly, Carly” Carly opened her eyes when she heard her name, it was Sally back from school. She looked at her watch, she had slept for a little while. The hot water bottle had cooled down and she wasn’t in as much pain as she was earlier.

“Are you alright?” Viv said as she walked over to the couch

“Fine” Carly said and sat up

“There is a letter over there for you” Carly said and she pointed to the desk. Viv looked confused, she wasn’t expecting any letters. She walked over to the desk and picked up the letter

“Im just going to get changed and do my homework before dinner” Viv said

“Ok” Carly said and she put the hot water bottle on the seat next to her

“Check on Christopher when you get upstairs” Carly said as Viv walked up the stairs with Tammy following behind her

“Where is Pippa?” Sally said

“Shes not back yet” Carly said and she got up and walked towards the kitchen

“What time is she coming back?” Sally said

“I don’t know…later” Carly said and she opened the fridge and took out some milk

“Did she say what time she would be back?” Sally said

“LOOK STOP ASKING, I SAID SHE WILL BE BACK LATER” Carly said and sighed. Sally looked at her in shock and ran towards the stairs. Carly rushed after her

“Sal, im sorry” Carly said as she heard Sally run up the stairs. Carly sighed and walked back to the kitchen. She was angry at herself for making Ben angry and took it out on Sally. Carly put the milk on the table and sighed…She was ruining a really good relationship, but she was going to make it up to Ben…


Chambers Residence- Yabbie creek

“Ben…stop..please stop youre hurting me” Marilyn said as Ben wrapped his hands tightly around her neck

“Im sorry” Marilyn said in between coughing and trying to catch her breath then Ben let go and sat down on the bed as Marilyn out her hands up to her throat and coughed. All she asked him was if they would consider living together since she had to move soon and he didn’t like the idea. Marilyn put one had on Bens arm

“I am really sorry….I just thought that since we both like each other, it would be a good idea to live together” Marilyn said

“Well its not a good idea” Ben said

“Ben, I really love you…I want a future with you” Marilyn said

“I said stop going on about it” Ben said and he removed Marilyns arm from his. Marilyn sighed. She didn’t understand why she always made him angry by saying the wrong things but she loved him and was going to make sure she said the right things because she didn’t want to lose him…


Waldorf creek court- Waldorf creek



Laura- Oh no

Dave- Whats wrong

Laura- I think my water just broke

Dave – Are you sure…it’s a few weeks early

Laura- Well I guess the baby wants to come out now

Dave- Ok hold on let me get your bag…do the breathing exercises

Laura-We are going to have a baby soon

Dave- Ok I got your bag, lets go

Laura- Whats wrong with the car, why wont it start

Dave- let me just check under bonnet

Laura- Well?

Dave- Keep breathing love, it wont be long now

Laura- This stupid car, I told you to get rid of it years ago

Dave- Fair go love,  Its just a small problem with the engine

Laura- Stupid engine, stupid car

Flashback ends

Laura stopped talking, she looked up at the people in the court room staring at her.

“Would you like some water?’ Morag said and Laura shook her head no. Al shifted in his seat as he thought back to that night trying to think of what Laura would say. He remembered everything that happened that night but he didn’t know what she would say.

“Are you ready to continue?” Morag said and Laura nodded yes



Laura- Why isn’t the car working

Dave – Im trying everything I can love just keeping doing your exercises

Laura- Cant you just push the car down the hill or something?

Dave- Just keep doing your breathing exercises

Laura- stop telling me what to do and just fix the bloody car

Alf- Gday , off somewhere?

Dave-  Do you know anything about cars, I cant get the car started and Laura has gone into labour

Alf- I think I know a few things, let me have a look

Dave – What are you doing up here anyway?

Alf- Hunting with my brothers in law


Alf- I think I figures out the problem, try the engine now

Dave thanks mate


Dave- What was that?

Alf- Dunno, hopefully nobody fell off the point

Dave- What was that…sounds like someone running away..maybe we should check it out

Alf- No you go quickly..you don’t have time

Dave- Thanks mate

Laura- Come on Dave or ill have this baby in the car

Dave- Thanks Alf

Flashback ends

Al’s face turned to shock as he listened to Laura….then he started to panic…he didn’t know what else she was going to say. He looked at the people in the court, everyone was looking at her…Al looked at the exit, There was a police man standing by the door. Als heart beated, he calmed himself down and stood up. As he did the policeman looked at him. Al smiled then the policeman opened the door for him. Al casually walked out of the court house. With every step his heart beat. Alf got to the exit and once he got through the door, he rshed to his car and fumbled with the keys and finally got in and shut the door. Sophie jumped when she heard the car door close ad the tires skid. She jumped again when she heard Al bang his hands on the steering wheel. He was in a bad mood and she hugged herself tight and kept quiet under the blanket…




Doctor – Im sorry the baby was born still born

Laura- Please…please do something..he was kicking me…please

Doctor- Im sorry, its too late

Flashback ends


Morag looked away as Laura described having a still born baby…it reminded her of the night that Ailsa told her that her grandson had died


“So you see…Alf couldn’t have been responsible for the murder…he was with me and my husband when we heard the scream and someone running away” Laura said and Alf exhaled. It baffled him that he didn’t remember that night until Laura mentioned it.

“OBJECTION, this is a clear fabrication. Until now nothing was mentioned about this encounter. This is nothing but a ploy from Ms Bellingham to save her brother” The prosecution barrister said

“Do you really think I would come here and tell everyone about losing my baby…do you know how it feels to bury something only to be reminded of it” Laura said as a tear ran down her cheek. Morag sighed…she knew what Laura meant

“Youre honor, this woman walks off the streets and tells the court this story..why didn’t she come with her husband” The prosecution barrister said

“My husband cant come” Lura said and she looked down

“That’s because he probably doesn’t exist” The prosecution barrister said

“We heard she killed him” Celia whispered to Ailsa

“OBJECTION” Morag said

“Go on, ask her where her husband is” The prosecution barrister said sarcastically

“I will allow the question…Ms Brenan where is your husbands whereabouts” The judge said and Tears fell from Lauras eyes

“He….he…after our baby died, he felt guilty….he blamed himself for not fixing the car fast…he blamed himself for us not getting to the hospital on time…he…started acting funny…he wasn’t normal anymore..they took him away..he is at Gladesville hospital” Laura said and there were a few gasps in the court and the judge banged the gavel

“Silence in the courtroom” The judge said and the court became quiet

“Ms Brenan, I am sorry about the loss of your baby, and I thank you for being brave and telling the court. I hope you find peace…please return to your seat” The judge said and laura smiled and before she left the dock, she looked at Alf who smiled. Laura smiled then she walked back to her seat looking at Morag.

“Court is on break for 15 minutes” The judge said and banged the gavel and walked out of the court room. Alf looked at Ailsa, they didn’t know what was going on. Morag drank some of the water on the desk and sighed.


Sands Resort- Summer Bay

Jonathan looked at the schedule for this weekend. There were two events. He picked up a clip board and looked at the staff who were going to work

Knock at the door

“Come in” Jonathan said and the door opened. Jonathan smiled

“I I I wanted to find out if I am working this weekend” Craig said as he closed the door

“Let me check” Jonathan got up from his seat while holding the clip board. He walked in front of Craig and sat on his desk opposite where Craig stood. Jonathan looked at the names on the clip board

“Yes, it looks like you are working this weekend” Jonathan said and Crfaigs heart beated as he looked at Jonathan. He started feeling those feelings again as he stared into Jonathans eyes.

“Thanks” Craig said and stared at Jonathan

“Is there something else? Jonathan said as he stared at Craig

“Nnno, thanks” Craig said and he turned to walk away and before he got to the door, Jonathan was standing behind him. He could feel his breath tickling his neck

“Are you sure there was nothing else?” Jonathan whispered in Craigs ear as Craig closed his eyes and exhaled as Jonathan kissed his neck. Before he knew it, Craig turned around and pressed his lips on Jonathans. This was a completely different feeling than kissing Emma or Sandra..this felt fight Craig thought to himself as Jonathan locked the door and they explored each others mouths with their tongues….

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Chapter 274




Waldorf creek court- Waldorf creek

The police man closed the door as Morag sat down

“Alfred why didn’t you tell me that you saw Laura that night” Morag said

“I dunno, I sort of think I remember but it cant be…I was shooting in the woods when I heard the scream..I wouldn’t have forgotten something like that” Alf said and he shook his head trying to remember what happened

“I knew she was hiding something but not to this extent” Morag said with a confused look on her face.

“So what happens now?” Alf said

“Well, obviously the judge wanted time to think so we just have to wait” Morag said as she thought back to Lauras testimony. Alf coughed then he felt a pain behind his shoulder

“Ouch” Alf said

“Are you alright?” Morag said

“Yeah, its just indigestion” Alf said as the door opened

“Court is back in session” The policeman said and Alf looked at Morag and exhaled then he got up and followed behind the policeman



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Viv read the letter and sighed. She couldn’t believe it. She read the top part again then she looked at Tammy who was putting away her books.

“Tammy” Viv said and Tammy looked around. Viv motioned for her to come and sit on the bed

“I got this letter today, from Dad” Viv said

“How did he know that we are here?” Tammy said

“he found out from someone at the church what happened” Viv said

“What did he say?” Tammy said

“He wants to come and get us” Viv said

“But we are happy here and we get to see Grant everyday” Tammy said

“I know but fostering is only temporary” Viv said

“What does that mean? Tammy said

“It means that we cant stay here forever, and we have to go with him if he comes to get us “ Viv said

“But I don’t want to go” Tammy said

“I know, I don’t want to go either” Viv said

“What are we going to do?” Tammy said

“I don’t know” Viv said

“I don’t want to go Viv…he just left us.” Tammy said and she began to cry

“I know, don’t worry, everything will be alright” Viv said and she hugged her sister and sighed


Barnett residence- Summer Bay

Craig flopped onto his bed and smiled. For the first time I a long time he was happy, what he was feeling was real. He had known for many years and tried to hide it but today after being with Jonathan, he knew… Craigs thoughts were interrupted when he heard the front door open. He looked at his watch, it was probably his Dad. Craig sighed. He still didn’t have an excuse so he quickly took off his clothes and got into bed

“What are you doing in bed?” Bob said

“Im noot feeling well” Craig said

“Well you looked alright this morning” Bob said

“Yeah I was then I felt ill” Craig said

“Oh, I guess I need to give you a note for school” Bob said

“Yeah” Craig said

“Ill get started on the dinner” Bob said and walked out of the bedroom as Craig breathed a sigh of relief and smiled to himself….


Waldorf creek court- Waldorf creek

“All rise” The court clerk said as the judge took his seat

“Be seated” the court clerk said and everyone sat down

“Mr Stewart, I would like you to take the stand” The judge said as Alf looked at Morag

“Youre honour, I request to know why you want Mr Stewart to take the stand” Morag said

“We have heard from everyone else but not him about what took place that night..Mr Stewart, take the stand” The judge said and a policeman escorted Alf to the dock and the court clerk swore him in.

“Mr Stewart, I want you to tell the court what happened that night” The judge said as Alf looked at Morag then he sighed…



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Sandra walked into the bedroom and noticed the bottle of vodka on the floor. Emma was probably asleep under the covers. Sandra picked up the bottle and put it in a nearby plastic bag as Emma started to move around under the covers. Sandra looked at how untidy the room was and began to tidy up a little then Emma took the cover off her head

“I guess you couldn’t be bothered to come to school” Sandra said

“Rack off” Emma Said and she put the covers over her head.

“You treat this place like a,hotel, why don’t you ever clean up after yourself” Sandra said and she began to fold clothes

“Just leave my things alone, ill do it” Emma said

“How can I when they are all over my things” Sandra said

“I SAID LEAVE MY THINGS ALONE” Emma said and her voice broke as if she was about to cry. Sandra stopped what she was doing and walked over to the bed and kneeled down

“Are you ok?” Sandra said

“Just rack off” Emma said as she cried

“There is something wrong if you are crying” Sandra said

“Go away” Emma said and Sandra got up and walked out of the bedroom. Emma took the covers off her head as the tears ran down her cheeks…



Waldorf creek court- Waldorf creek

Alf looked at the judge. He had just finished giving his account of what happened that night

“Is there a reason why you don’t remember helping Ms Brenan?” The judge said

“I have no idea your honour. I just remember all I told you” Alf said

“During the break, I contacted the hospital where Ms Brenan’s husband is staying and was able to corroborate her story” The judge was interrupted

Objection! Your honour, this has all been carefully planned, Alfred Stewart is a killer…he said it himself, he doesn’t even remember seeing the woman on that night” The prosecution barresiter said

“A woman sat in the dock and gave a heartbreaking testimony, she has shunned society after suffering a terrible tragedy and her husband since suffered a mental episode . She took a brave step today to tell the truth of what happened on a day she would like to forget. I would like to address you, Mr Wilson. I know that you was hoping today to get some closure for yourself and for your family. Unfortunately today is not that day. The evidence presented in accordance with Ms Brenans testimony concludes that it was nothing more than a very unfortunate accident,  and I am very sorry for that and for your loss. Mr Stewart, based on the testimony we have received today, all charges against you have been dismissed and you are free to go” The judge said then he banged the gavel . Alf exhaled and looked at Ailsa who was hugging Pippa. Alf looked around the court room, laura was gone. Alf exhaled. The last week had been hell, but now he was going home. Before the policeman led Alf out, Alf looked up at Matt who was staring at him. Alf felt guity for a lot of things, guilty that he even went hunting that night…guilty that he wasn’t found guilty…guilty that he got to go home to his family and guilty that he was thinking about Martha…


Nowra- Australia

“Damn it, damn it damn it damn it!” Al said as he banged the steering wheel. He couldn’t believe it, he had just lost out on $19,000. He put his hand in his pocket, he pulled out $20. He looked at the petrol tank, he had just under half left. He looked in the rear view mirror at Sophie who was scratching herself

“You dirty tyke, always scratching yourself. I should’ve been on a plane to tahiiti by now..get out and don’t come back until you got some money” Al said and Sophie nodded then she got out of the car and shut the door. Al sighed. He couldn’t go back to Summer bay now because he didn’t know what Laura said. He just had to lay low for a while..he had one more ace card up his sleeve…one that was definitely going to work. Al smiled to himself and made hims elf comfortable in the chair while he waited for Sophie to get back


Waldorf creek court- Waldorf creek

“Hang on, your gonna squeeze my insides out” Alf said as Ailsa hugged him tight

“I just cant believe that you are coming home” Ailsa said as they walked towards the exit

“I know..me neither” Alf said

“I cant believe that you didn’t remember what laura said” Ailsa said

“Yeah, it’s an odd thing. Ive been going over and over in my mind what happened and I don’t remember it at all” Alf said

“Well its all over with…lets just go home” Ailsa said as they got to the car Alf saw Matt walking to  his car

“Just a minute love” Alf said and walked over to Matts car

“Matt” Matt turned around to see Alf standing in front of him. Matt didn’t say anything, he just looked at Alf

“Mate, I am really sorry about what happened” Alf said. Matt looked at him then got into his car and drove away. Alf watched Matt drive away as Ailsa walked towards him

“Lets go home love” Ailsa said as Alf nodded

“Where is Morag? Ailsa said

“I don’t know” Alf said as he put his arm around Ailsa and they walked towards the car


Waldorf Creek

Morag slowed her car down as it got to the traffic light. She left the court as soon as the case ended.she didn’t want any long goodbyes with her family. As Morag waited for the light to change, she watched a young woman cross the road as she pushed her baby. Morag watched the woman until she got to the other side of the road. She put her hand inside her handbag and pulled out the little white hat and put it in her shoulder and sighed as she drove away…



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“I guess its good news about Mr Stewart” Carly said as Pippa sat next to her on the couch and hugged Christopher. Carly watched as Pippa hugged him

“I saw Matt there” Pippa said and Carly didn’t respond

“Why didn’t you tell me that he asked you to go today ?” Pippa said

“I don’t know, but anyway you asked me to babysit” Carly said

“Yes but I could’ve made other arrangements for Christopher” Pippa said

“Anyway it doesn’t matter now” Carly said and she tried to get up

“Ouch” Carly sid and she grabbed her stomach. The pain had come back

“Are you alright?’ Pippa said as she looked at Carly

“Yeah fine, just a bit of a stomach ache” Carly said

“Well make sure you take something before we go to the diner” Pippa said as Carly sighed and walked up the stairs..


Beach- Summer Bay

Karen looked at the beach then she looked at her brother

“I hope this place is not as boring as it looks” Karen said

“I hope the school is not full of dropkicks..like that one over there” Blake said as he pointed to a young man walking on the beach. Steve was in his own thoughts..he didn’t notice Karen or Blake looking at him.

“He looks kind of cute” Karen said as she looked at Steve

“We better get back before Mum sends a search  party out for us” Blake said

“You go…ill just sit here and look at dropkick” Karen said

“Nooo, lets go” Blake said and dragged Karen up and they began to walk home.

Steve stopped walking and threw the pebbles in his hands into the water and sighed. No matter what he did, the guilt would not go away..he let his family down and he couldn’t shake the feeling…he didn’t know what to do…but he knew that he had to do something…


Brenan Residence- Summer Bay

Laura opened the photo album and turned the pages. Pages full of memories and promise. Laura wiped the stray tear that fell to her cheek and exhaled. She was proud of herself…for helping alf….for finally accepting what happened. Laura felt a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Laura closed the photo album and walked towards her room. She reached under the bed and pulled out a bag. She opened some drawers and pulled out some clothes and put them m the bag. She sighed then sat down. She reached out to the photo on her bedside table and ran her finger down the faces of the two people who stood in it. Laura smiled then she put the photo back and closed the bag and smiled then she looked around the room, picked up the bag and made her way to the front door…


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Ailsa felt the bed next to her, it was empty. She lifted her head up then she sat up. She reached for her dressing gown and got up and walked to the bedroom. She saw Alf seated on the couch and walked over and sat next to him.

“You cant sleep love” Ailsa said as she put her head on Alfs shoulder

“Yeah..just thinking’ Alf said

“What about?” Ailsa said

“Trying to understand why I didn’t remember what Laura said” Alf said

“Love, its all over now..lets move forward” Ailsa said

“I know but I was in the bushes when I heard a scream…I remember that clearly..I heard the scream after I shot my gun” Alf said

“Hey hey…its all over now love. Its one of those things that cant be explained…I am just happy you are home…lets go to bed ey” Ailsa said as Alf kissed her

“You go…I wont be long” Alf said and Ailsa kissed his cheek and got up while Alf sat in the dark thinking about what happened in the courtroom.


Smart Residence- The City

“Right…I guess ill be heading back later today..ok, bye” Bobby said and she put the phone down as Narelle opened the bedroom door

“Hope I didn’t wake you up” Bobby said and Narelle shook her head no. She had a headache

“Are you alright, you look like hell” Bobby said

“Thanks a lot” Narelle said and sat down on the couch

“Im going to head back home today…get out of your hair” Bobby said

“You know you can stay here as long as you want” Narelle said

“Yeah, I know but I was just talking to Pippa..Alfs case is over…the charges were dismissed…Morag has gone” Bobby said

“Poor Matt” Narelle said

“Yeah, I know…anyway, thanks for letting me stay” Bobby said and smiled

“Are you alright?” Narelle said

“Yeah why?” Bobby said

“You know..after seeing Brett with that woman” Narelle said

“Course…Brett and I are just friends..Im going to take a shower” Bobby said and smiled as Narelle watched her walk away..


Stewart Store- Summer Bay

Debra parked the car. She had to start familiarizing herself with the area since they were going to be living there for a while. Her children were still asleep so decided to use the opportunity to get some groceries. Debra got out of the car and walked towards the door

“Be with you in a minute” Debra heard as she picked up a basket and began to look around as she got closer to the counter then she looked up and her heart jumped

“Debbie..is that you?” Alf said with a shocked look on his face

“Hi Alf…yes its me” Debra said as she looked at Alf

“Strewth….I didn’t expect to see you..its been a long time” Alf said as he looked at Debra

“16 years” Debra said

“Yeah…a long time…well what are you doing here?” Alf said

“I started as the new deputy headmistress at the high school” Debra said

“That’s great love…you always said you wanted to be a teacher” Alf said and smiled. Debra couldn’t believe that he still remembered.

“So did you move here with family?” Alf said

“Well just me and my two children” Debra said

“No husband?” Alf said

“No, we divorced a few years ago, we share custody of the children but they will be living here with me, seeing him at the weekend” Debra said

“It really is good to see you” Alf said. He genuinely meant it and smiled as the shop door opened and Ailsa walked towards Alf

“Im running late love, can you watch Duncan, the babysitter is sick” Ailsa said as she handed Duncan to Alf

“Love, this is Debra, an old friend who has moved into town. Deb, this is my wife Ailsa and my son Duncan” Alf said

“Hello” Debra said and smiled

“Hello, welcome to Summer Bay…Im sorry I cant stop but when you get a chance, pop into the bayside Diner for a coffee, its just a few kilometers down the road..i better go love” Ailsa said and she kissed Duncan and Alf and rushed out of the store. Debra stared at Duncan as he smiled

“Yeah, Ailsa co owns the diner, they have been really busy lately“ Alf said and Debra smiled

“It really is good to see you Deb” Alf said and Debra smiled

“Yes, it is good to see you too” Debra said and smiled as she walked around the store collecting her groceries..


Lawrence Residence- Summer Bay

Debra closed the front door and walked towards the kitchen and put the groceries on the table. The house was quiet, her children were still asleep. Debra began taking the cans out then she stopped. She walked towards her sons room and slowly opened the door. He was fast asleep. Debra walked over to him and bent down. She looked at his face and gently ran her finger through his hair then she sighed and quietly closed the bedroom door. She walked into her bedroom and opened the bedside table and pulled out a photo album. She sat on the bed and and turned the pages until she stopped at one photo of Blake as a toddler. Debra sighed as she looked at his smiling face in the photo…it was the same smiling face she saw today. Debra sighed and put the photo album away and walked out of the bedroom…

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Chapter 275




Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Emotional background music

Alf slowly closed the door. It was really late and he didn’t want to wake Ailsa up.he didnt want her asking him questions. Alf went to his bar and poured himself a whiskey then went and sat on the couch. Of all the people to turn up in Summer Bay…he never expected to see Debbie again



Debra-  I made you the chicken you like. Have a seat and ill get it

Alf- thanks love

Debra- There is a movie on tonight..I was thinking we could go and see it after dinner

Alf- Deb, there is something I have to tell you

Debra- I know what veg you like

Alf- No, its not that

Debra- Well what then?

Alf- I haven’t been honest with you

Debra – About what?

Alf- I don’t know how to say it

Debra- say what?

Alf- Im married

Debra- Youre what?

Alf- I should’ve told you…but I never expected things to go this far.. didn’t know how to

Debra- How about “Im married” That’s usually a good place to start

Alf- I know, I am stupid. I should’ve told you..Im sorry

Debra- Youre sorry? It’s a bit late for that don’t you think?


Flashback ends

Alf drank some of his whiskey and sighed. Even thought he and Debra were together for a short time, he really did care for her deeply. At one point he did think about leaving Martha but he just didn’t know how to..he also knew he couldn’t leave Ruth. Alf sighed and drank more of his whiskey…



Six days later.…

Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“PIPPA” Bobby said as the door closed behind her. She walked into the kitchen, Pippa wasn’t there. The house was very quiet probably due to the kids being at school. A few minutes later Bobby heard footsteps and Pippa walked into the living room

“Hi” Pippa said as she walked closer to Bobby. Bobby put her arms around Pippa and hugged her

“What was that for?” Pippa said and smiled

“I don’t know…I just missed you” Bobby said and smiled. “Oh by the way, this is for you” Bobby said and gave Pippa an envelope “Thanks for helping out with the diner last week, and sorry its taken me so long to get it to you” Bobby said as Pippa took the envelope.

“Anytime…Do you have time for a cup of tea?” Pippa said

“Oh yes please” Bobby said as she walked over to the desk


Background music- Bobby and Franks theme


Bobby picked up a Fletcher family photo. She smiled as she remembered the day the photo was taken. It was like yesterday that Nev was lining all the family up to take a phot. Bobby looked at each person in the photo as she remembered something about them during those times. Bobby stared at Frank. She didn’t know at the time that he was everything she was dreaming of…she also didn’t know that he would be the source of so much heartache. More than she thought she would ever go through.

“Reminiscing?” Pippa said as she put two cups on the table. Bobby turned around

“Yeah…something like that” Bobby said then put the photo down and walked over to the table and sat down. She pickedup the cup and drank the tea…it was just how she liked it, a little milk and a little sugar.

 Pippa looked at Bobby as she stared into the cup

“Is everything alright?” Pippa said then Bobby looked at her

“Yeah..I didn’t just come over here to give you the cheque…I also wanted to ask you a favour” Bobby said

“Ok” Pippa said and she picked up her cup

“When I was in the city last week…I made a decision…well I sort of went through with the decision” Bobby said

“What decision?” Pippa said

“I submitted an application to become a foster parent…and they needed me to give two references and I put you down as one…do you mind?” Bobby said and she looked at Pippa. Pippa had a shocked look on her face.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting that…I thought you were going to say were moving to the city and needed some help packing or something” Pippa said and Bobby smiled

“No” Bobby said

“Sweetheart…being a foster parent is a huge responsibility” Pippa said

“I know…I thought about it…hey guess what, Andrew Foley works at the department. We went over everything and I think this is the best decision for me” Bobby said

“I want to say something…and I hope you wont be cross” Pippa said

“I know what you are going to say…you think I am trying to replace Thomas” Bobby said and Pippa nodded her head.

“Honestly its not…” Bobby was interripted

“So why this sudden urge to foster?” Pippa said

“Its not sudden…Frank and I talked about it…if you and Tom didn’t do such a good job then I wouldn’t be talking about it now” Bobby said and laughed

“It was a good job because there were two of us…you are on your own” Pippa was interrupted

“So you don’t think I can take care of a child?..If my baby didn’t die I would have a child” Bobby said

“That’s not what I am saying” Pippa was interrupted

“Sounds like it to me…just forget it, I shouldn’t have said anything” Bobby said and she stood up

“Bobby, wait..please” Pippa said and she stood up next to Bobby who had tears in her eyes..

Pippa…Im lonely..I just want someone for me..my own family…the way its suppose to be” Bobby said and Pippa hugged her.

“I know sweetheart..I know” Pippa said as she stroked Bobbys hair then exhaled

“Ok…I will be your reference” Pippa said and Boby looked at her

“Are you sure?” Bobby said and Pippa nodded

“Thank you” Bobby said and she hugged Pippa again

“You are going to be a great mum” Pippa said and Bobby exhaled and smiled as Pippa looked unsure…

“Looks like the kids are back from school” Pippa said and Bobby wiped her face as Sally walked in followed by Steve

“Bobby” Sally said and she hugged Bobby

“Hello squirt, how are you?” Bobby said and smiled

“Ok” Sally said

“Hi, Viv and Tammy are with Grant, she said you know” Steve said and Pippa nodded her head

“Sal, go over to the desk, there is a letter for you” Pippa said and Sally looked excited and ran over to to the desk. She picked up the envelope and ran back over to where Pippa was.

“Who is it from?” Pippa said and Sally turned the envelope over and her smile disappeared then she dropped the letter on the floor and ran upstairs as Pippa sighed

“What is that about?” Bobby said

“It’s a letter from Frank” Pippa said as Bobbys stomach dropped and Steve sighed…


Morgan Residence- New York

Frank opened his eyes and smiled. Roo was taking her jacket off

“Hi” Roo said when she noticed that Frank was awake

“Hi..where have you been?” Frank said

“I went to do the laundry” Roo said. Frank smiled. Roo had been trying. This was the second weekend in a row that she had been home and they were getting on better

“You mustve went really early, I didn’t want to wake you up…what do you want for breakfast” Roo said

“Just some toast and coffee” Frank said as he got out of bed

“Ill put this lot away” Frank said as he yawned and began to take the clothes out of the laundry bag

“I was thinking we could go and take a walk in the park later” Roo said as she put some water in the kettle

“Sounds like a good idea” Frank said as he folded a t-shirt

“Are you sure you only want toast” Roo said

“What the hell?” Frank said and Roo looked at him

“Whats wrong” Roo said with a confused look on his face

“My socks…they are ruined” Frank said

“You can get some more” Roo said and she put some bread in the toaster

“Im talking about the socks that Pippa sent me..look, they are ruined” Frank said and he walked over to Roo in the kitchen.

“Frank its only socks” Roo said and laughed

“NO, they are not only socks” Frank said annoyed

“What is the big deal?’ Roo said and she shook her head and opened the fridge



“I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU BEING A SELFISH SPOILT BRAT…ANYTHING TO KEEP ME AWAY FROM MY FAMILY. YOU KNEW HOW MUCH THESE SOCKS MEANT TO ME” Frank said and walked out of the kitchen and went and sat on the bed as he looked at the socks…they were ruined…he could barely make out the names that were supposed to be there. Frank sighed…


Background music ends



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“There you go” Ailsa said as she put three milkshakes on the table

“Thanks Mrs Stewart” Grant said as Ailsa smiled and walked away

“So how was school? Grant said as he looked at Viv

“Ok” Viv said

“Is there something wrong?” Grant said as Viv looked at Tammy who was sitting next to Grant

“No, nothing” Viv said

“Come on…spill it” Grant said and smiled

“My dad..he wrote to me…he wants me and Tammy to go and live with him” Viv said.

“Oh” Grant said. That wasn’t what he expected

“You don’t look happy about it” Grant said

“Well..Tammy and I are really happy here living with Mrs Fletcher and seeing you” Viv said

“I don’t want to go” Tammy said and she put her shoulder on Grant as he sighed…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Emotional background music

“Sweatheart..dont you want to read the letter” Pippa said as she sat down on the bed next to Sally. Sally shook her head no and wiped her face

“Please, we have to talk about this” Pippa said and Sally shook her head no

 “Im sure Frank is really sorry” Pippa said as she put her arm around Sally as she began to cry..



Stewart Store- Summer Bay


Bobby exhaled as she walked into the store. Things were still tense between her and Alf

“Gday love, what can I get you?” Alf said as Bobby walked into the store

“Just a bottle of conditioner, ill get it” Bobby said and walked around to the hair section of the store and picked it up then walked back to the counter and put it down. She took the money out of her pocket as Alf put the conditioner in a bag

“Err..Ailsa was telling me about you wanting to be a foster parent” Alf said and Bobby sighed.

“Yeah” Bobby said

“I didn’t expect that you would want to be tied down…not now that you are doing your studies and very successful…who knows you could end up going to the city” Alf said

“Its something I want to do” Bobby said with an annoyed tone. She was annoyed that she had to justify herself to Alf.

“Youre young..a baby at this age is going to tie you down” Alf said

“Is that what you told Roo when she got pregnant?” Bobby said as she stared at Alf

“That was different..besides…what if some bloke comes and wants to whisk you aware to see the world…you cant up and leave if you have foster kids” Alf said

“Things like that don’t happen to me…do they” Bobby said and put the money on the counter

“Keep the change” Bobby said and she walked out of the store before a tear fell from her eye…


Background music ends

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Chapter 276




Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Carly yawns then opens the door

“Hello boss” Grant says and smiles

“Hi” Carly said and smiled. She liked hearing that. Even though the diner after dark wasn’t officially her business she was glad that Bobby let her run it

“Is Mrs F around?” Grant says

“Yeah, Ill just get her..come in” Carly said and Grant walked into the house. Carly walked over to the stairs

“PIPPA GRANT IS HERE TO SEE YOU” Carly said and she walked over to Grant

“Have a seat..Pippa will be down shortly, Im just heading out” Carly said

“Off to somewhere nice?” Grant said

“im going to the diner to fix a shelf in the pantry” Carly said

“I can do that” Grant said

“No its alright…living here we all had to become really handy…and not by choice..Ill see you later” Carly said as Grant smiled and she walked out of the house. A few seconds later Pippa came down the stairs and into the living room

“Hello Grant how are you?” Pippa said as she walked over to the table

“Gday Mrs F…sorry for just dropping in” Grant said

“Don’t be silly, you are always welcome here…now can I get you a drink?” Pippa said

“Oh no thanks” Grant said and Pippa sat down opposite him

“I wanted to talk to you about Tammy and Viv” Grant said

“Is something wrong?” Pippa said with a look of confusion on her face

“I guess it will depends..Viv told me that she got a letter from their dad…he wants them to go and live with them” Grant said as Pippa looked at him

“Oh right..she didn’t mention anything” Pippa said

“Yeah, they are both scared…they don’t want to go” Grant said

“Unfortunately that’s the case with fostering, children are only temporarily placed in a foster home until it is suitable for them to return to their parents.” Pippa said and Grant sighed

“They went though so much with their mum and their dad didn’t do anything about…what does that say about the kind of bloke he is” Grant said

“From my understanding, his wife was also abusive towards him” Pippa said

“That is why I cant shake the feeling that this is all some kind of plan by the mum to get the children back” Grant said and Pippa sighed

“I will make a phone call to Alex…Reverend Jones and see what he knows” Pippa said and Grant smiled

“Thanks Mrs F…I knew you would know what to do” Grant was interrupted

“Grant…I want to warn you…if this is some kind of plan and Reverend Newton can prove to the department that everything is well in the home, there s a chance that the girls will be legally required to return home to them” Pippa said and Grand stopped smiling

“Im sorry” Pippa said and Grant sighed…


Summer Bay

Alf looked at the time, he had to get back to allow Colleen time to have a break. As Alf drove, he noticed a woman standing by a car..it looked like the woman was having trouble. Afl indicated left and pulled up behind the woman and got out of the car
“Gday” Alf said as he walked up to the woman, when she turned around, it was Debra

“Oh , Gday Deb…I didn’t know it was you…I saw someone who looked like they needed help

“Thank you” Debra said and smiled

“Let me have a look” Alf said and Debra moved out of the way. Debra watched as Alf touched and turned a few things on the engine. Shortly after her some got out of the car

“Are we going to get to the city any time today? Blake said then he looked at Afl

“Blake, this is Alf Stewart, he is just  seeing if he can help get the car started

“G’day” Alf said and Blake nodded his head.

“Try the engine now” Alf said and Debra went to the car and started the engine and it started

“Youre a life saver…thanks” Debra said and she smiled at Alf



 Debra- Thank you so much, you saved my life..what do I owe you

Alf- Nothing, it was my pleasure

Debra- Can I at least by you a coffee or something?

Alf- Actually a cold drink wouldn’t be a bad idea

Debra- I can manage that…my name is Debra

Alf- Nice to meet you Debra, im Alf

Flashback ends


“Mr Stewart, do you know of any jobs around here?” Blake said

“Jobs, what kind of jobs?” Alf said

“Come on, get in the car Blake, I said I will ask some of the teaches at the school if they needed any window cleaning” Debra

“Well, its funny you should say that…Im actually looking for someone for my shop, just putting cans on the shelf…that kind of thing…a couple of hours after school and on Saturday if youre interested” Alf said and Blake smiled

“Yes..yes I am interested” Blake said

“As long as its alright with your mum” Alf said and looked at Debra…she didn’t really like the idea

“As long as it doesn’t interfere with your school work” Debra said

“It wont..I promise” Blake said looking at his mum

“Ok” Debra said and Alf winked at her and Blake rushed back into the car

“You don’t have to do this you kow..” Debra said

“Like I said, I was looking for someone anyway” Alf said

“Well thank you…I better get going” Debra said

“Where are you off to?” Alf said

“The kids are seeing their dad this weekend” Debra said

“Oh right… come by the shop before you go to work on Monday…sort out the hours and pay for Blake” Alf said and stared at Debra

“Ok I will” Debra said and smiled then she got into her car and drove off.



Debra- Well thanks again for fixing my car

Alf- Thanks for the coke and sandwich

Debra- you saved me $100s of dollars that’s the least I could do

Alf- Ok

Debra- I better go, I don’t want to be late for class

Alf- What are you studying?

Debra- Well my degree is in History and English…Ill be finished in a few months

Alf- So what do you want to do?

Debra- I want to be a teacher

Alf- good on you

Debra- Anyway, here is my number…just incase you want to keep in touch or something

Alf-  you never know…I might just do that

Flashback ends

Alf watched the car until it was in the distance then he got into his car and drove off



“Why are you pushing me” Karen said and she opened her eyes

“I just scored a job..haha!” Blake said

“So what “ Karen said and she closed her eyes again and turned to her other side.

“This place might not be so bad after all” Blake said and smiled to himself as Debra looked at him in the rear view mirror…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

Bobby looked at the accounts for the diner and diner after dark. Both were doing well, especially the after dark. The degree she was doing was definitely helping her understand how to analyze and review the books.

Knock on the door

Bobby looked up to see Ailsa standing by the door

“Do you have a minute?” Ailsa said

“Sure” Bobby said and put her pen down

“You are doing a way better job with those books than I ever did” Ailsa said and smiled and sat down opposite Bobby

“Alf told me that he spoke to you” Ailsa said. Bobby didn’t respond

“I just want to say that I never asked him to say anything……I probably shouldn’t have said anything to him at all…I guess he automatically that about what happened with Roo and how she nearly got tied down” Ailsa was interupted

“Well shes not tied down now is she?” Bobby said

“I suppose she isn’t” Ailsa said and sighed

“Have you really thought this through…I mean with your studies, this place..the sands and your business…that’s a lot for someone to be fostering” Ailsa said

“How different would it have been if I didn’t lose my baby?” Bobby said

“A lot different” Ailsa said

“Ailsa if you don’t want to be a reference, that’s fine…just say so, and I will find someone else…I don’t need a lecture from you” Bobby said

“That’s not what I am saying..look..I know how you are feeling…I can’t pretend to say I understand…but I am sure losing Tom and everything you went through with Danny must not have been easy for you…I know you have always wanted a family” Ailsa said and she could see the tears forming in Bobbys eyes then she leaned forward and grabbed Bobbys hand

“This is important to you isn’t it?” Ailsa said and Bobby nodded her head

“Ok, I will be your reference” Ailsa said and Bobby sighed as a tear ran down her cheek

“Thanks” Bobby said and smiled


Stewart shop- Summer Bay

Alf stared at the photo of himself, Roo and Martha and smiled…it was taken a few days after Shane Wilson died. Alf sighed then he drank some of the whiskey in the bottle. He till couldn’t figure out what he didn’t remember what Laura said. Alf put the photo back in the photo album and remembered his conversation with Debra…



Debra- Thanks for dinner

Alf- Youre welcome

Debra- I honestly wasn’t expecting you to call

Alf- Why not?

Debra- I don’t know

Alf- Well I was a bit nervous

Debra- You? Nervous? I don’t believe it haha

Alf- Im  serious! I am really quite shy

Debra- haha!


Flashback ends


Alf smiled to himself then drank more of the whiskey and put the top on the bottle as he heard someone come in the shop

“JUST A MINUTE” Alf shouted and put the bottle down and opened the door

“Just the chocolates thanks Alf” Donald said and put his hand in his pocket and took out his money

“Whats the occasion?” Alf said as he came out of the back and closed the door then he wrapped the bottle of wine

“Im going to the city later, Barbra and I are going to watch a play and I know she likes these choclates” Donald said

“Really? Alf said

“Yes really” Donald said and Alf laughed as gave Donald the wrapped box of chocolate and took the money for the chocolate

“By the way, I am very surprised that you are going along with this fostering thing” Alf said as he gave the change to Donald

“Pardon me?” Donald said

“Yeah I was surprised when Ails told me…with Ruthy it was different, she had no choice but Bobby has her whole life ahead of her…she doesn’t need to be fostering right now” Alf said as Donald looked at him with a surprised look on his face

“Fostering? What are you talking about? Donald said

“Oh..I guess you don’t know” Alf said

“Youre right…I didn’t know..excuse me” Donald said then he walked out of the store….

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Chapter 277



The beach- Summer Bay

Grant ran out of the water and towards his things on the beach. He put his board on the sand and picked up his towel and wiped himself. He was hoping that having a surf would take his mind off Tammy and Viv potentially leaving Summer Bay.

“Hi” Grant turned around to see Megan standing behind him

“The waves look great” Megan said with a smile

“Yeah” Grant said as he wiped himself. Megan noticed that he seemed distant.

“Is everything alright?” Megan said. Grant didn’t respond

“Grant?” Megan said

“Hmm did you say something” Grant said

“Is everything alright?” Megan said

“Yeah…fine” Grant said and smiled. Everything was not alright but he couldn’t really trust Megan to talk about it

“How about I buy you a drink?” Megan said

“Maybe another time” Grant said and smiled

“Are you working tonight?” Megan said

“Yeah” Grant said

“I might see you later” Megan said and smiled then she walked towards the water as Grant looked at her then he picked up his board and walked away..



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Emma yawned as she walked out of the bedroom. Ever since her mother put the phone down she didn’t care. She hadn’t been to school much, she told her aunt that she wasn’t feeling well. She had to come with another excuse because she knew that her aunt wouldn’t buy that for long. Emma walked over to the bar. She walked around and bent down and picked up the half bottle of whiskey. When she stood up she got a shock to see Alf standing in the living room

“What are you doing with that?” Alf said as Emma looked at him

“Having a drink, what does it look like” Emma said

“Not in this house, Ill take that” Alf said as he took the bottle from Emma

“I thought you were supposed to be ill” Alf said

“I am” Alf said

“Look, your aunt is worried about you…Im not going to tell her about this but don’t ever let me catch you with grog in this house again” Alf said and Emma looked at him then she walked out of the living room. Alf shook his head when he heard her slam the bedroom door then he picked up a glass from the bar and pured himself some whiskey and drank it all at once. He poured himself another whiskey and walked over to the chair and sat down as his mind started to wonder to Debra..


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

Background music – Jukebox

I closed my eyes, drew back the curtain
To see for certain what I thought I knew
Far far away, someone was weeping
But the world was sleeping
Any dream will do


“You could’ve gone to the City with Steve and Viv” Ailsa said

“I know, but I didn’t want to let you down here…besides they are going to get the supplies for our project for me” Sandra said

“Oh that’s good then…I do hope that Emma is feeling better..lately she is different..like something is wrong…Ill pop home and see how she is doing” Ails said

“I can go if you want” Sandra said. She knew that Emma was probably at home drinking. She didn’t want Ailsa to catch her. They didn’t get on but she saw a different side when Emma cried.

“No its alright love…hello Donald” Ailsa said as Sandra went to pick up some empty plates

“Hello Ailsa, is Bobby here?” Donald said with an angry look on his face

“Yes she is in the back…is there something wrong? Ailsa said

“Well you can tell me…I just saw Alf and he mentioned something…however I am sure he is mistaken” Donald said and Ailsa sighed


I wore my coat, with golden lining
Bright colours shining, wonderful and new
And in the east, the dawn was breaking
And the world was waking
Any dream will do


“I guess he told you that Bobby has applied to be a foster parent” Ailsa said

“Of all the stupid things, why on earth would she want to be tied down with someboy elses child? Shes finally over that Danny Farnsworth mess, I thought by now she would be making smart decision. Everytime she takes one step forward she takes ten backwards” Donald said

“Donald, its not that simple…initially I wasn’t thrilled with the idea but I think it might be good for her” Ailsa said

“Good for her? Just like getting married to Frank was good for her and we all saw how that ended up…lets be honest Ailsa, she was not going to be able to take care of Tom much less take care of someone elses child…Im sorry butt this this is a terrible idea” Donald said

“Well it’s a good thing that this is my life and not yours” Ailsa turned around to see Bobby standing behind her then Bobby walked back into her office and sat down and sighed


A crash of drums, a flash of light
My golden coat flew out of sight
The colours faded into darkness
I was left alone

“A few seconds later Donald was standing in the office

“Ive already heard what you think and if that is all you want, I would like you to leave” Bobby said

“Bobby…you have your whole life ahead of you…why are you doing this?” Donald said

“Because its my life” Bobby said

“I suppose nothing I can say is going to stop you from throwing your life away again” Donald said and sighed

“Its MY LIFE...Nothing I do is ever going to be good enough for you….so why do you bother?” Bobby said

“Because you need to see sense…who put this idea into your head? I bet it was reverend Jones” Donald said

“I am capable of making decisions on my own…lI have work to do, please just leave” Bobby said as Donald looked at her. He was very disappointed in her and her constant bad decisions. Times like this he really wished she wasn’t his daughter. Donald sighed then walked out of the office.


May I return to the beginning
The light is dimming, and the dream is too
The world and I, we are still waiting
Still hesitating
Any dream will do

Bobby sighed as a tear fell down her cheek then she got up and closed the office door then sat down and picked up the phone and began to dial…”Hi Reverend Jones how are you?...oh, just the usual” Bobby said and she sighed as she listen to Reverend Jones whose soothing words always calmed her down…



A crash of drums, a flash of light
My golden coat flew out of sight

Caravan Park – Summer Bay

“You have both done a really good job” Pippa said as she looked around the caravan. Tammy and Sally had volunteered to help tidy the vans. I have a little treat for you in the kitchen” Pippa said and smiled as Pippa walked out of the van. Tammy followed. Just as Sally was about to leave, she noticed a piece of paper sticking out of the floor. She bent down and lifted a bit of the tile on the floor and pulled the paper out. Sally opened the paper and looked at it. It was a drawing of a little girl holding the hand of an adult.

“I lov u boBi” Sally said out loud. She folded the paper in half and put it in her pocket and walked out of the caravan’


The colours faded into darkness
I was left alone


Anna Bay- Australia

Sophie wiped her eyes and sighed. She opened a little of the blanket which gave her some light. Her arm still hurt from her dad twisting it really hard because she didn’t steal enough money.and she signed. She didn’t know where she was but she knew she couldn’t run away. Sophie covered her head with the blanket and closed her eyes as she dreamed of Bobby buying her am icecream as tears ran down her eyes

May I return to the beginning
The light is dimming, and the dream is too
The world and I, we are still waiting
Still hesitating
Any dream will do



Background music ends

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Chapter 278




Beach- Summer Bay

Background music- Frank and Bobbys theme

The sand felt warm under Bobbys feet as she walked on the beach. She walked a little further and sat down. She looked at the water and sighed. Although she felt a bit better after talking to Reverend Jones, she was beginning to doubt the decision she made to submit the application. Even though Andrew told her there was no guarantee that she would be approved, she was still holding onto hope that maybe it would happen…she was hoping that she would be a good mum…she was going to be a good mum to Thomas. Bobby sighed as a tear fell down her cheek. She pulled her knees up and rest them under her chin as she thought about what her dad, Alf, Ailsa and Pippa said about her decision. She knew what they really mean is that she wasn’t going to be able to take care of a child. Bobby sighed as she wrapped her arms around her legs…all she wanted was someone for her…not someone who belonged to or loved someone else…just someone to love her..


Central Park- New York

Frank sighed as he started at the tree in front of him. He always knew that Roo was spiteful…he always tried to see the good in her  but he never expected her to go to these lengths that proved how jealous she is. They had argued in the past but this argument felt different… Frank put his hand in his pocket and took out one of the socks. It was completely ruined.





Roo- Look Im not insulting her, Im trying to tell you that I didn’t do it on purpose..it mustve been the machine or something

Frank- Yeah, its always everyone elses fault, never yours

Roo- I cant believe it, you are really arguing over a pair of socks?

Franks- That’s not the point

Roo- So what is the point?

Frank- Just forget it…you got what you want, the socks are ruined 

Flashback ends



Frank sighed…maybe the argument was not just about the socks..he didn’t know how he felt about Roo right now, and times like this he wished that he hadnt make the decisions he made…decisions which caused him to be stuck in a life he couldn’t get out of while wishing he was still living the live he had before…


Morgan Residence- New York

“Everything is fine Dad…I just wanted to say hello...honestly there is no problem. Ive just been really busy with going back and forth between here and Boston I realized I missed you and wanted to hear your voice….yeah Frank is fine…hes just gone out..ok…well say hello to Ailsa for me and Duncan…yeah maybe come and visit soon…alright Dad…I love you..bye” Roo said and put the phone down and sighed. Times like this she wished that she didn’t listen to her Auntie Morag…and stayed in Summer Bay. Working at the Macklin cooperation wasn’t that bad and eventually the town would’ve found someone else to gossip about. Roo got up from the couch and went and sat on her bed. She opened her bedside draw and took out the little blue box and opened it. She looked at the delicate necklace in it…the one that Donavan gave her. Roo closed the box and slowly lay back on her bed and wrapped her two hands around the box and closed her eyes as she remembered the times she spent with Donavan.


Background music ends..



Fisher Residence- Summer Bay

Donald fixed his tie and put his jacket on. He was happy that he was going to spend some time with Barbra, but he was still annoyed about the argument he had with Bobby. Donald sighed and walked out of the bedroom

“You going out Uncle Doanld” Donald turned around to see Lucinda walking out of her room

“Yes, Im going to see a play in the city” Donald said hoping that Lucinda wouldn’t ask him anymore questions. 

“Well have a nice time” Lucinda said

“Are you going out this evening?” Donald said

“Oh I am just working at the diner. Carly hasn’t hired anyone yet and asked if I could just work on Saturdays until she does” Lucinda said

“How are things going with you and Nick?” Donald said

“Oh well we have been out a few times, he is a nice guy” Lucinda said

“Yes, I think he is very suitable for you. I must say he is better than the riffraff around here” Donald said

“Uncle Donald!” Lucinda said and started laughing

“Oh I am very serious. You are fortunate enough to have found one of the very few decent men in Summer bay” Doanld said

“We are not getting married Uncle Donald, we are just friends” Lucinda said

“Yes I know…but I hope you do things the right way…the respectable way” Donald said

“What do you mean?” Lucinda loked confised

“Nothing, never mind…ill see you “ Donald said and he walked out. Lucinda waited until Donald closed the door then she walked over to the phone. She put her hand in her pocket and took out a small address book. She opened the pages until she found a number and began to dial

“Hi….can I speak to Matt please” Lucinda said as she waited…


Caravan Park- Summer bay

“Did you get everything you wanted?” Pippa said as Viv and Steve walked through the door

“Yes thanks, Ill just take these upstairs and help with dinner” Viv said

“Steve can take those upstairs, I want to speak to you” Pippa said as Steve looked at her. He took the bags from Viv and walked up the stairs. Viv smiled at Christopher as she walked over to the couch and sta next to Pippa

“Did I do something wrong?” Viv said


Emotional background music

“No sweetheart not at all..I just wanted to talk to you about the letter you got from your dad” Pippa said and Viv put her head down

“Grant  told you” Viv said as she looked at Pippa

“Yes but only because he was concerened” Pippa said

“Mrs Fletcher I really don’t want to go, I want to stay here with you and Grant” Viv said

“I know sweetheart but fostering isn’t permanent…once a parent can prove to the department that they are capable of looking after their child, the child has to go back home…that’s the law” Pippa said and Viv looked down and signed

“I know you want to stay here but why don’t you want to go and live with your dad?” Pippa said

“Because he knew what mum was doing and he never did anything to stop it. The reason he left is because she was doing the same to him. Instead of taking us with him, he left us” Viv said and started crying. Pippa moved closer and hugged her

“Im sorry sweetheart” Pippa said

“He said he is sorry but that doesn’t make up for him leaving us” Viv said

“It probably doesn’t but at least he wants to try” Pippa said

“He said we should call him and he will come here…I really don’t want to go…please don’t make us go” Viv said and cried as Pippa sighed

Background music ends


Yabbie Creek shopping centre- Yabbie Creek

Bobby closed the shop door and walked towards the exit of the shopping centre. After spending some time on the beach she decided to go for a drive and ended up in Yabbie Creek which was fine because she had to get some new aprons anyway. 

“Bobby” Bobby turned around

“Hi Marilyn, how are you? Bobby said

“I am great, I nearly didn’t recognize you, your hair is different…how are you?” Marilyn said

“Fine” Bobby said

“Doing some shopping?” Marilyn said

“Just a few things” Bobby said

“Me too, I graduate from beauty school and came to get a dress for the ceremony” Marilyn said

“Congrats” Bobby said

“Thank you. I cant wait to open my own salon, I already picked out the colours and everything. You should definitely come, Ill do you hair for free” Marilyn said excited and Bobby smiled

“Anyway, I have to go..my boyfriend is waiting for me..nice seeing you Bobby, bye” Marilyn said and rushed off. Bobby shook her head and smiled as she walked to her car


Marilyn rushed as quickly a she could and got into Bens car and closed the door. I am so glad we got here on time, the shop was about to close. Really wiered that they close early on a Saturday” Marilyn was interrupted

“That girl you were talking to, how do you know her? “ Ben said

“Who Bobby? Oh she lives in Summer Bay, it’s a town not too far from here” Marilyn said. She stopped talking because she didn’t want Ben to ask about Lance

“Did you say anything about me?” Ben said

“Only that my handsome boyfriend was waiting for me” Marilyn said and smiled

“Did you mention my name?” Ben said

“No…and even if I did, its not like she would know you anyway” Marilyn said

“Just don’t talk to strangers about me” Ben said

“Bobby is not a stranger, she is a really nice person” Marilyn said

“Look, I know a lot of military secrets, I can get in trouble so the less people who now me the better..do you understand” Ben said as he grabbed Marilyns arm

“Yes…yes..I understand Ben…I promise I wont say anything” Marilyn said concerned. The last thing she wanted was for ben to get in trouble with the army…


Just as Bobby was about to start the engine something caught  the corner of her eye. She looked to her left and saw a woman folding a chair. When she turned around, Bobby recognized her. Bobby started the engine and drove her car near to where the woman was

“Hey, I know you” Bobby said and the woman looked around

“I don’t think so” The woman said

“Yes…I rememeber you, I meet you just after Christmas in Shaolhaven” Bobby said

“Mustve been someoene else” The woman said

“No, it was you, you were charging $5 for a reading on the beach…you told me that new love would be coming into my life” Bobby said

“Well did it?” The woman said

“No” Bobby said

“I told you, you must be mistaking me for someone else…my reading are accurate” The woman said as she snatched a $5 reading sign from the table

“It was you, and that is what you said…you even told me to say goodbye to someone” Bobby said as the woman folded her table cloth

“Look, like I said you must be mistaking me for someone else ” The woman said 

“Why did you lie?” Bobby said and the woman looked  at Bobby

“Look, I need to leave now” The woman said and Bobby sighed and turned around. 

“Hey” Bobby turned around

“I am always accurate” The woman said and smiled then she got into her small van and drove away…

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Chapter 279





Two days later


Stewart shop- Summer Bay

Alf drank some of the liquid indigestion medication then made a face

“Alfred you really should be taking better care of yourself then you wouldn’t be getting

indigestion so often” Celia said

“Lay off sis” Alf said

“I am serious Alfred, more fruits and vegetables in your diet” Celia said

“Don’t let Ails hear you say that…she’ll make more of that rabbit food for dinner” Alf said and made a face of disgust as Celia shook her head

“Anyway, how is Michael getting on with that custody business?’ Alf said

“Well he is just waiting to hear from his solicitors” Celia said

“Are you not expecting good news? Alf said

“For Michaels sake I really hope so” Celia said

“What about your sake?” Alf said

“Well its going to take some getting used to, having a teenager living in the house full time” Celia said. She didn’t want to tell Alf that she was having problems with Haydn.

“Don’t worry sis, you will straighten him right out” Alf said then he felt a pain in his chest and made a noise

“You really should go and see a doctor Alfred” Celia said

“No, im alright, a drop more if this and ill be fine” Alf said as he reached for the indigestion liquid and drank some more…



High school- Summer Bay

“Youre late Jackson, hurry up and get to class” Donald said as Emma rolled her eyes and put her bag in her locker. She was able to take a week off school but she could tell that her aunt wasn’t going to allow more than that. Just as Emma was about to walk towards the classroom, she noticed Adam coming around the corner as he swept the floor.

“Hi” Emma said and Adam ignored her and continued sweeping.

“Please say something” Emma said and Adam ignored her

“Hi” Emma turned around to see Karen the new girl looking at Adam

“G’day” Adam said and smiled at her. Karen looked at Emma and smiled sarcastically and Emma walked away.



Boat shed- Summer Bay

“So what does that mean?” Micael said as he listened to his solicitor on the phone

“So when is that going to happen?...does that mean more money?...yeah I thought so…alright ill be there…thanks” Micahael said and put the phone down and sighed

“Michael you..hoo” Michael rolled his eyes as he heard Celia walk up behind him

“Not now Celia, I am really busy” Michael said and he picked up a screwdriver

“So why did you fire Adam?” Celia said

“I didn’t fire him, he got a better job…a more secure job at the school” Michael said and began screwing a nail into the engine.

“But why…that doesn’t make sense” Celia said

“Celia, Im really busy” Michael said

“Oh, I just popped over to bring you some lunch” Celia said and she took the bag of book out of her basket

“Thanks, just leave it over there” Michael said without looking up

“Did you hear from the solicitor? Celia said

“Yes, he said Cynthia has agreed to mediation” Michael said

“Oh, what does that mean?” Celia said

“I don’t know” Michael said

“Didn’t the solicitor tell you?” Celia said

“No he didn’t” Michael said

“Really! With all the money he is being paid he should at least tell you what is going on” Celia said and Michael didn’t respond

“Honestly, we really should’ve used Morag…she has her faults but she didn’t get to the judge seat if she wasn’t good…ill call her” Celia was interrupted

“No, just leave it. I  don’t want to change solicitors at this stage

“Why not, Morag is good and” Celia was interrupted

“LOOK, I said I don’t want to change solicitor and that is final” Michael said finally looking at Celia. He could see that she was upset then he remembered that he still needed her so he put the screwdriver down and walked over to her

“Im sorry…I didn’t mean to yell…im just under a lot of pressure at the moment and this custody case isn’t helping” Michael sid the he put his arms around Celia and she smiled..


High school- Summer Bay

Emma took the sandwich out of her locker then she felt someone bump into her and the sandwich fell on the floor. Emma turned around to see Karen and three other girls from their class standing behind her

“Ooops” Karen said and put her hand up to her mouth. Emma looked at her then just a she was about to bend down and pick the sandwich up, Karen put her foot on the sandwich. Emma sighed and stood up

“What did you do that for? Emma said

“Because I felt like it…what are you going to do about it?” Karen said then Emma pushed her backwards. Karen walked forward and pushed Emma. Into the lockers Just before Emma was about to push her Adam came around the corner

“Hey whats going on here?” Adam said

“Nothing..” Karen said and smiled

“Do you wan to come to lunch with us?” Karen said

“No thanks” Adam said

“Maybe next time” Karen said and winked at him then she looked at Emma and smiled then she walked away.

Adam looked at Emma. She had a small cut on her head “Are you alright?” Adam said and Emma looked at him

“Yeah” Emma said as she looked at Adam

“Youre head is bleeding” Adam said as he pulled Emmas hair away from her face

“Ok, Ill go to the bathroom…thanks” Emma said and Adam smiled then he walked away…



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“Here you go Nick” Ailsa said and gave him a bag with his sandwich in it

“Thanks” Nick said

“I should’ve asked you this already, but how are you settling in Summer Bay? Is it everything you dreamed off?” Ailsa said

“It has its moments..but its much better then where I was in the city” Nick said

“That’s genuinely  the idea” Ailsa said and smiled. Nick smiled

“Thanks, Ill see you later” Nick said and he walked out of the diner and almost bumped in to Lucinda

“Hi” Nick said

“Hi” Lucinda said and smiled

“I was about to send a search party out for you” Nick said

“Sorry, ive just been a bit busy” Lucinda said

“Is that code for you don’t want to see me anymore?” Nick said

“No, its just that thinks are a bit hectic with work and family stuff” Lucinda said

“Ok, well how about we go out on Friday?” Nick said

“I would love to, but I am going to the city to see some friends” Lucinda said

“Oh, right..what about one day this week?” Nick said

“Can I call you?” Lucinda said

“Yeah ok” Nick said

“Thanks” Lucinda said then she kissed Nick on the cheek and walked into the diner..Nick walked up to his car, got in and sighed. He enjoyed spending time with Lucinda but he could tell that she wasn’t as interested in him. Nick sighed. He was disappointed…yet another relationship going nowhere. Nick sighed again then started the engine of the car and drove away and before he knew what happened, he swerved out of the way because he almost hit someone…


Sands Resort- Summer Bay

Craig and Jonathan kissed passionately in the locked office. Craig felt like he was in heaven as Jonathan kissed his neck and ear. It had been fantastic this weekend as every moment they got alone, they were exploring each other. Craig felt happy…he felt free…all those years of not feeling himself, he finally felt like himself. Jonathan looked at his wrist

“Hmm you better get going otherwise youre going to be late back to school” Jonathan said

“Jonathan are you in there? My key is stuck” a voice said from the otherside of the door

“Yeah, just a minute” Jonathan said then he unlocked the door and opened the door

“Dorry about that Bobby. We need to get maintainace to look at this door. Ive been having trouble all morning” Jonathan said as Bobby walked into the office

“Craig what are you doing here?’ Bobby said

“Oh he just came to pick up his wages. Probably going to take a young lady out..i did at that age” Jonathan said

“I can imagine” Boby said and smiled

“Thanks” Craig said the he walked out of the office and smiled….

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Chapter 280



Summer Bay

Nick rushed out of his car and over to the young woman in the wheelchair

“I am really sorry, are you ok?” Nick said in a panic

“Yes I am fine” The young woman said

“Do you want me to take you to the hospital or something?” Nick said

“No, I am fine, it was my fault, sometimes these wheels have a mind of their own” The young woman said with a smile. Nick noticed that her smile lit up her face and she was beautiful

“Im Julie” Julie said

“Nick…Nick Parrish” Nick said

“Nice to meet you Nick Parrish” Julie said with a smile

“Are you sure I cant take you to the hospital or call somebody?” Nick said

“My dad will be here in a minute; he has just gone to get us milkshakes at the diner. We usually do that when we come this way. I like to just park here and look at how beautiful the water looks” Julie said

“So youre not from Summer Bay?” Nick said

“No, Yabbie Creek” Julie said

“Julie are you ready” Julie turned around to see her dad walking towards her with two tall cups

“Yes, Dad this is constable Nick Parrish” Julie said

“Im really sorry sir, I almost run your daughter over…I wasn’t looking. I am really sorry” Nick said

“She looks to be still in one piece to me…” Julies dad said and smiled

“Ok…well I better be going them…it was nice to meet you…and again, I am sorry” Nick said and he smiled

“Ok, bye” Julie said and smiled as Nick got into his car and drove off. As he drove off he looked in the rear view mirrior as Julies dad picked her up and put her in the car

“He seems like a nice bloke”  Julies dad said

“Dad!” Julie said and playfully his her dad then they drove off..


High School- Summer Bay

Emma walked out of the school and sighed. Today had been the worst. She hated this school…she hated the people here, but she had no choice since her mum didn’t appear to care where she was.

“Hey, Jackson” Emma looked behind her to see Karen and two other girls

“Wanna finish what you started?” Karen said

“Rack off, im not in the mood, besides, I didn’t start anything” Emma said then she turned around and continued walking and before she knew it, Karen had pulled her hair. Emma dropped her back to the floor and jumped on Karen and they began to fight. Soon after some of the students leaving school began cheering. Sandra and Viv rushed over to see what everyone was looking at

“Emma, stop, youre going to get into trouble” Sandra said as she attempted to pull Emma away

“Hey break it up” Adam said as he rushed over and attempted to pull Emma and Karen apart but was struggling

“STOP THIS AT ONCE” Donald said as he rushed to help Adam stop the fight. Eventually they pulled them apart

“The two of you, in my office NOW” Donald said as he watched Emma and Karen pick up their bags and walk back to the school



Two days later


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Emotional background music


Martha- Is that you Alf?

Alf- Yes love, sorry to wake you

Martha- I thought it was Ruth again. She wasn’t feeling well earlier.

Alf- Whats wrong with her?

Martha- She said she had a tummy ache

Alf- Did she now? Probably been drinking too much of that lolly water. How was the dance?

Martha- Good, I think her and Bobby enjoyed themselves

Alf- Youre a saint, keeping an eye on that girl…shes trouble if you ask me

Martha- Oh Alf, she is a sweet girl

Alf- Sweet  my eye.

Martha- Oh leave her alone…Busy day?

Alf- Yeah, sorry I didn’t get home for dinner. The supplier in the city was taking long, he wanted to go over the contracts and new products

Martha- That’s alright. I left your food in the oven…I can warm it up for you if you want

Alf- No, Im alright love. I had a sandwich on the way home

Martha- Alright then I just pop the food in the fridge

Alf- You go to be love, Ill do that

Martha- Thanks love…night

Alf- Martha, I love you

Martha- I love you too

Flashback ends


Alf sighed then he drank some of his whiskey. It was turning into a nightly routine, he would come home from work late then sit in the dark drinking whiskey…thinking about Martha and Debra. Since the court case things didn’t make sense to him…he didn’t understand why he couldn’t remember seeing Laura the night Shane was killed and now he was feeling distant from Ailsa…from his own son. He never thought he would see Debra again or be confused about the way he feld

“Are you not coming to bed love” Ailsa said as she walked towards Alf, turned on the lamp and sat next to him

“You go back to bed love, ill be in, in a minute” Alf said and drank more

“Is there something going on? Ailsa said

:No, why?” Alf said

“Its just that lately you get home from work and youre drinking more than you usually do” Ailsa said

“Its just been a long day..you know, catching up with everything after the case” Alf said

“Are you sure that’s all it is?” Ailsa said

“Yeah…no go back to bed” Alf said then he leaned forward and kissed Ailsa on her cheek. Ailsa smiled then got up

“We need to figure out what to do with Emma. Fighting in school, I don’t know what is wrong with her…I thought she was settling in” Ailsa said

“Maybe she wants to go home” Alf said

“No, its not that…Ill talk to Sandra tomorrow, see if she told her something” Ailsa said and Alf didn’t respond

“Oh, how is Blake getting on? Ailsa said

“Yeah, hes a good kid” Alf said

“Since his mum is an old friend, maybe we should have them over for dinner one night” Ailsa said

“Yeah, we’ll see…night”  Alf said

“Night love”  Ailsa said as she walked to the bedroom. She closed the door and sat on the bed. She felt some distance between her and Alf but he assures her ther was nothing wrong. Ailsa smiled then she got into the bed and covered herself and closed her eyes…



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